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Finger Pointing December 25

25 Dec

Hello everyone on this beautiful Christmasday! Jeanine here with a special Christmas GSO edition. I’m home alone, my kids are with their father, so I had enough time to stroll the galleries and bring you some Christmasyummies! While strolling I am listening to Radio2, a Dutch radiostation where every year they play the all time Top2000 hitsongs nonstop from today till the last minute of December 31. It’s great to hear all those hits from my youth (sixties and seventies) till now!! I know a lot of people all over the world are listening to the same station right now and enjoying the music they are playing!! So if you need some great music…google Radio2, or top2000! Then we will be listening to the same songs ;). I hope you are all fine and together with the ones you love! Tomorrow I will be with my family, so don’t worry, I won’t be alone both Christmasdays (we celebrate two Christmasdays in Holland ;)). I’ll keep my comments short today, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to say about them, but I want to see a Christmasmovie that will be on TV in a few minutes. Radio has to be silent for an hour or two ;). So here we go!

Wrapping presents by Amy L Beautiful wrapping, great blending, beautiful colors! Love this page!!

presentsW1 amy l designer digitals

The MeRR-y in-LAWs by joamosatcharterdotnet Funny and creative, read the story at the gallery!

The-Merry-In-Laws-upl joamosatchartdotnet deviantscrap

Grandma Stockings by Kayleigh Happy faces, great colors and a great shot of the photographer taking the picture of the children!

Dec2413_GrandmaStockings kayleigh designer digitals

Our first christmastree by weaselwatchr Lovely journaling and great use of the wordstrips!

first_christmas_lily weaselwatchr tlp

Celebrate by Ana.Paula Great picture! Lovely expressed Christmas excitement!!

celebrate_c_pia ana.paula tlp

Merry Christmas by Justjen Finally the whole family!!!! Ususally there’s one or two children on Jen’s pages, now we can see them all! Wonderful familypicture!! Love it!!

merry-christmas5 justjen mscraps

Well, coming to the end of my last post of this year I wish you all a very nice Christmasevening, lovely holidays and a very happy and creative 2014!!!!


Finger Pointing – December 20th

20 Dec

Hi! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the proximity of the holidays!It is very cold here in England and I caught my daughter’s cold, which adds to my existing mushed brain more confusion so I may not be as chatty tonight, I’m sure you will understand. So, here are my picks from today’s amazing talent in the galleries:

O Christmas Tree by Trista

Love this page/card! Amazingly clever use of the lights papers plus the centred composition so simple but so perfect, with equally perfect shadows. It definitely stands out in the galleries!


on adventure by justjen

This is another instant fall in love for me! I love this lady though I don’t come across her so often these days and, funnily enough, don’t think I have since started with the blog here, so I am delighted to share with you one of her awesome big photo pages. The image is a wonderful one on it’s own, and adding her perfect skills to the top and bottom of the page just turns it into a treasure of a page. Love the mixing of the alphas. Amazing.


2013 – part 1 by dagi

I love everything this girl makes,the clever use of this template is inspiring. The photos make me smile, love how perfectly balanced this is in general, awesome choice of doodles/elements , the font is gorgeous too, overall an amazing page with a well deserve place here :)


Smart by Natascha

Another amazing scrapper/artist, another master piece on memory keeping! LOVE this page in every little detail: perfect composition, amazing handling of color, so much to discover for the ones like me who love to look for different bits & pieces and here it has them all, the word art is beautiful and so is the use of paints…., put that together with amazingly perfect shadows and the journaling= perfect memory keeping hand in hand with creative artistic heart.


Be Brave by swastinadia

Another page to make my heart sing. Though I admire and get inspired by blank space scrapping, in here are the things I treasure most in scrapbooking:  like with Natasha’s page above, there is so much to see, so much story being told.This mother & daughter page is a gorgeous show of skills with the use of so much and still keeping  the page so neat, love the word arts and the framing of the photo plus the beautiful journaling…gorgeous all over.


Create your Dreams by chocochoco

Last but never ever least, this page combines, like all of the above, one of my fav scrappers with one of my fav designers, furthermore, this page is the best ever example of a statement I am on a quest to prove: Art Journaling does NOT need to be grungy, have paints or most of what I have been hearing and seeing for months  being said & showed, This very neat,  clean and amazingly creative art journal page takes the crown as it ticks positive every bullet point in my recipe for success…there are not enough words to praise and express my feelings here, just lots of happiness & music in my heart!!!!


Hope you enjoyed tonight’s post. As Jeanine wisely mentioned yesterday, this is a busy time of the year, so we may not be here every day, still, keep an eye here as some of us have more free time. If you yourself find a minute or two to spare, the original gallery LO’s can be found by clicking in the high lit name and author of each, and I am sure they all will appreciate a word or two.  Best Wishes to you & family , have a great holiday!!!


Holiday Break

19 Dec

Hello dear blogvisitors.

The bloggers of the GSO blog will have a little holidaybreak. Like you probably, we all have busy days ahead of us, some of the bloggers will go on a trip, others are preparing for some busy Xmasdays. But…there will be GSO posts now and then during the break.  So keep peeking in here every day and maybe we’ll surprise you with a post!

We wish you all blessed days and a very creative and inspiring 2014!

Amy, Beth, Crystal, Cynthia, Jaimee, Kate, Katherine, Laura, Mirjam, Paula, Sandra and Jeanine


Finger Pointing – December 18

18 Dec

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with tonight’s Standouts! I hope you enjoy my choices!

Up first tonight is this very lovely layout titled History by Jippo. I really love the graphic feel to this! All the white space, the color palette and the minimal use of embellishments really makes for an outstanding layout! And I LOVE the image! She’s really captured a remarkable expression on the little ones face.


Next up is You Did It!!! by Suzie Griffith. Love the muted palette here and the brush work behind the photo is absolutely spectacular!

You Did It

Next I have this STUNNER by LindyShay titled Holiday Project 2013 – Wish. love Love LOVE the Project Life like design here! The reds paired with the creams makes for a remarkable color palette! The brushwork is fabulous! And I adore the images! Such a sweet little one!

Holiday Project 2013 Wish

I really couldn’t pass up this next Standout titled Wish List by buzinettescrap when I came across it in the gallery. Love the design, the mix of traditional and non-traditional colors in the color palette, and all the little details.  A truly remarkable photo-less layout!

Wish List

I really LOVE the delicacy in this next Standout by tylertooo titled Winter Magic. The brushwork here is absolutely outstanding! LOVE how the text spills out of the frame! So absolutely gorgeous!

Winter Magic

Rounding out my choices this evening is this beauty titled Ice Skating by stevens89. The design here is nothing short of remarkable, as is all the layering! And I LOVE The color palette with the blues, greens, and pinks. A truly outstanding layout!

Ice Skating

Well, that’s it for me. Wishing all of you a truly blessed Christmas and a remarkable New Year!


Finger Pointing ~ December 16

16 Dec

Good evening everyone, Kate here with my picks from the galleries tonight – I hope you enjoy them!!

Snow by Fu-mom

Isn’t this beautiful? This page immediately caught my eye in the gallery with its beautiful soft colours, restrained composition and all that white space! The little pops of pink in the photo draw the eye straight away and the super clustering adds a touch of movement to the page. Gorgeous work!

fu-mom - snow

My wish for 2014 by jacinda

This is such a lovely quote and I really like the dramatic black and yellow colour scheme jacinda chose to use here to illustrate her photos and showcase the quotation. Excellent composition and balance combined with super shadowing make this stunning page a standout for me!

jacinda - my wish for 2014

Moments to Remember by laluna

I just love the wonderful, heritage, collaged feel this page has – it feels like we are peeking into a snapshot of family life through the decades! All the eclectic elements add to the collage feel and help to reinforce the idea of collected memories.

laluna - moments to remember

Ho ho holiday by Margje

The galleries are awash with red and green Christmas pages so this one immediately stood out with it’s tropical colours and sunny feel! That lovely blue background paper helps create the sunny beach side feel and the sepia effect of the photo echoes the bronze colours in the elements and paper strip – it makes me want to be in Florida right now too!

margje - ho ho holiday

Peace Love Joy by sucali

And speaking of green and red Christmas pages – here’s a stunner that I found on my walk through the galleries! I really like the light and airy feel of the papers especially when combined with the more richly coloured photos, all the cut out stars are fabulous too!

sucali - peace love joy

Hopes Float by Tinkelbel

This page just makes me smile with its happy colours and lovely painted bits and pieces, I really like the combination of blended and painted pieces with the more three dimensional elements. Beautifully done!

tinkelbel - hopes float


Finger Pointing December 14

14 Dec

Hi everyone, Jeanine here on my usual Saturday ‘GSO’ evening. I’ve been strolling the galleries and found some beauties to share with you! I am late so I will try to keep it short.

Photography by Jenn7 Maybe this is not the best picture Jenn took ;) (it’s not critisism by me, but Jenn’s own words; her story is on the layout), but the page she made with it is wonderful! I love the geometric lines and together with the elements added, the shadow picture and the story it is a true beauty to me!

0313_Photography Jenn7 mscraps

Expand your horizons by Lingovise Love this one! The tiny elements floating around give the suggestion of thoughts and possibilities. All information that has to go into the young boys head now and in the future. The colors of the picture fit very well with the colors of the chosen papers and elements. Great page!

LPB lingovese msa

Stay happy by Lynne-Marie It’s hard to read the words on the tag in the right bottom corner, but the statement ‘think happy, be happy’ is very appealing to me! For me it is the power of the mindset over the things that overcome us. Don’t let yourself get overdrawn with things that are happening in your life. Take over control yourself! Choose to be happy and you will be most of the time! Love the brushes, the confetti and the stars. The colors are a real support to that attitude I think yellow and orange are happy colors, the touches of blue make the page more vibrant. Love this one!

StayHappy lynne-Marie tlp

December Daily Dec 9 by Katherine Hansen A very relaxing winterpage. I love everything about the winter, the cold, snow and even ice on trees and power lines, but…over here in Holland the main power lines don’t break because they are made of thick iron and the rest of the electricitycables are in tubes in the ground (we barely have rocks, we live on sand mainly). The few elements fit perfect to the pictures. Great DD page!

wm_normal_dec9-Katherine Hansen P&co

Genius at work by Lizzy257 Usually I don’t pick two pages made with the same kit, but I couldn’t resist this one! So I hope you forgive me! The colors work so perfect on the striped grey background! The story is lovely and the shadowwork is brilliant here! Wonderful page!

genius_lizzy257 sweetshoppe

Imagination by Hekas This is imagination expressed!! The words, the lady and the many brushes are added together to a dreamy page of ideas may come true. Great blending too, love the neon coloreffects on the legs! Exquisite artjournalpage!

Imagination_hekas msa

These were my choices for tonight dear readers! I hope you like them and if you visit the galleries, please don’t forget to leave the artists some love! Have a great Sunday!


Finger Pointing – December 13th

14 Dec

Hello! Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to the holiday time. I have some pages, as usual, of the beauty galore found in the galleries, hope you like these as much as I do! We are already in mid December and the galleries are in full festive swing, of course this reflects well around digi-land, now with the added reflections onto the new year, so much so amazing, difficult to choose as usual, but needed to be done, so here are my picks for today:

Magic Winter by Zotova

Love the “happy green” background, the dynamic with the trees shape and the happy photo, something in here makes me smile and it gives out a happiness feeling, which is what we want at this time a year, right?


Awesomety by EllenT

Though I’m always trying to find people who are not often featured here, there are artists that are almost impossible not wanting to pick…and Ellen is one of those, no matter what style she chooses to scrap in, blank space, full page, template or not, middle of the way…every page shows amazing skills & creativity. Love the layering here, the perfect balance on the elements use and the fab work with the patterned backgrounds plus inks/paints…gorgeous boy/male page with amazingly perfect shadows (as usual!) The detail of the stitching makes me completely fall in love with the page, gorgeous all over!


Winter 2013 by amandascraps

Another absolute delight of a scrapper & page, this has so much to stop and discover, so much beauty and skills, one of those pages that makes winter be a precious delight (instead of a draining of my bank account with heating bills LOL) The whole page photo blended to perfection with the beautiful texture of the paper, the gorgeous clusters and the cut out bits, everything combined to perfection playing with the kit’s palette….it gives an overall result that one would want to frame and have on the wall!


 Make a Wish by TeaWithLemon

LOVE this page! I was in love and almost obsessive for a while with wrinkled textured papers, then I lost the taste and recently I have seen so many of these so well used, it has come back as a delight in my favourites. I love the way the whole thing is done: the stacked papers with perfect shadows, the gorgeous treatment and blending of the photo combined with drawn elements that give the feel of a paper page… & that tittle! Love scrabble type alphas, and sometimes there is a lot of work involved in making the shadows look well in them, but here is, once again, the feel of a paper page, and the detail of the ripped but of paper is awesome. The ink splatters, subtle doodles, everything coming together in one beautifully scrapped page!


I AM what I choose to become by kpmelly

What a wonderful blocked page! I love this kind of page, especially when, like here, there is so much detail & movement to keep the eye amused….the word art & photos are gorgeous, and the choices she made with the colors around the page make this into a beauty. The journaling is something I am sure most of us having been there in some degree in our lives, love the simplicity of this page and the message within.


 December Journal Calendar page, lined by bethr

If you follow our blog, you may have read about my thing about art journal pages: they need to mean something to me (my pages) and in choosing other’s, I need to find something that also could either mean something to me or I can see means to the author. In this case, I love the general thing on the page, and the fact that I would have this printed to use either on my calendar/agenda or for my hand written diary, love the seasonal colors and the elf’s renaissance air, the whole page is a cross of vintage with light and I see it as a very useful thing, would love to fill those lines with some journaling so I maybe adding this to my list of scrap-lifts! Gorgeous page all together!


I hope you like my picks for the date, this is all from me today. If you have a minute or two, I would ask, as usual, to just click on the high-lit name & author of the LOs and leave them a word or two in their gallery, we all know how far a bit of recognition can do to our hearts :) Thanks for sharing time with us, hope these inspire you! Have a great weekend :)