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Finger Pointing – January 29th

29 Jan

OMG !!!!Can you believe it’s almost February? Time really passes by especially when you’re busy!!! So diving into the galleries and soaking up the inspiration is a great way to end a busy ( and hot – here is almost 96.8 °F –  I really really hate the summer) wednesday! I hope you are inspired by my choices!

Believe In Yourself by Petra Webb

The cool paper and the clustering above them are very eye-catching. I really love to see beautiful pages using those word arts,  there are so many intricate details to love on this page.


All About Me by jenn mccabe

This is such a good idea. I really like the background and layering of all sorts of speech bubbles and elements. I love how the black text and lines really pops off the page! So brilliantly creative!


Of All Time… by alb52

This is another scrapper and designer whose pages I could admire endlessly. This super cute page totally stood out in the gallery for me today!I love that fun repeated photo and the vertical design! Amy made a fantastic job with the title work and font work. They are SO realistic!!!! This is just a perfectly fun page!


Favorite Season by bcgal00

Holy cow – where to start?Love how the large pic got an extra dimension with the fisheye lens effect and the the colours she used.The selfie in the mirror, framed, and the clustering give a great direction to the bottom part of the page, where the elements are concentrated.


 my party hat by Romy

Really love all the white space in the design and the minimal use of digital elements. Great photo treatment. But what really drew me in after that was the flowers flowing  across the top of her head.A real beauty for sure!


ps by marnel

YES! I agree!!!Puberty sucks, but this page sure doesn’t !I am loving this lovely clean, geometric page with all the varietyof  triangles going in different directions. Sure, there’s bits and pieces here and there but directing your eyes only where they need to go.Absolutely fabulous composition as well!



Finger Pointing – January 28

28 Jan

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with four GORGEOUS Standouts from the galleries today! I hope you enjoy them!

I really love the creativity in this first Standout titled First day . . . by hekas. The tonal palette is nothing short of divine and I love the composition! The brush work is pretty stellar too!

FIrst day . . .

Next Standout up is by Leah titled Oh Snap! LOVE the pops of gorgeous color against the muted palette! The layout artist has done a phenomenal job working both a horizontal and vertical composition here. LOVE all the little details too!

Oh Snap

I fell head over heels for the simplicity in MOC 24 by Sondra. I really love this. All of it. Every simple little bit. Especially the look of the journaling. Yep, especially that (although I couldn’t quite make it all out).

MOC 24

And finally I have this gorgeous masterpiece by Margje titled This day this picture. Love the blued paired with the tan/brown. The masking is perfection and that shot . . . breathtaking!

This day this picture

That’s it for me, friends. I’ll see you all in the galleries again soon!


Finger Pointing-27th of January

27 Jan


This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s gorgeous gallery standouts. The gallery is full of beautiful pages and it was so hard to chose, wish I could put more than six. How was your weekend? Hope you guys had a great weekend as I did.

Without further ado, here are my faves:

Gift from above by kymt
This is soo beautiful, both the page and photo. Love the clean simple design. The pocket she used, the word art and papers are just perfect. Love that she picked a B&W photo as it stands out. Perfectly done!

A few things I love right now by mellybird
What a fabulous template! I just adore all the patterned papers here. Love the whole design, such a fun and happy page. Great to know more of the few things she loves. The stamps and splats are placed beautifully. Love the lace and pom poms she added on the right side, not to mention the doilies. A well balanced page!

The Whole life together by cizzy
Fell in love instantly with the adorable photo! Love the calmness of the page and how she blends everything here, from the flowers to the banners. Looks like she’s blowing bubbles. Love her gorgeous eyes which go well with the color of the page. Amazing work!

randomness…. by thimbleberrie
Love her take on the challenge. This a fabulous AAM layout. Love the stitches and the funky feel of the page. Her choice of a crumpled background adds a lot of beauty. I could see some adjectives about me. Awesome work!

be the light by mumure
What a great tribute to her boyfriend. I couldn’t imagine the pain this has caused her. Love the paper she used as it conveys both love and loneliness. The picture is just heartwarming and the quote she used is perfect. It reminds me of the Sunday homily about being the light of the world. He was the light that guides the children on their way home.

You are worth it by peculiar
Great composition! I always remind my daughters that they are worth it and to never feel that they are not good enough. Love the inky paper, brush works and punches on the background paper. Everything looks great here.

Thanks for taking a look at the layouts I’ve chosen. If you have time, it would be awesome to stop by and give them some well deserved pats in the back in the galleries.

It’s a good night in my side of the world :)


Finger Pointing – January 26

26 Jan

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a great Sunday so far! I had, because we finally got snow yesterday and I took some pictures today. This evening I was strolling through the galleries and I have found some lovely gems to show you! Let’s go!

Family today by Buzinettescrap This page drew my attention, because it looked like a renaissance painting from a distance. I totally love the mixture of sweetness versus grungyness. This page is done so beautiful!! The bold and grunge brushes, spots and messy threads work so well together with the soft father/baby picture! Love how Buzinette used the brushes and elements all over the page and even cover most of the baby. A true standout to me!

0065_TLPJanv26 buzinettescrap tlp

Hope by Eszter Another great page with gorgeous blendwork! Love how Eszter used the stitches to divide the page. The rule of thirds works here, like it always does! The sweet flowers seem to represent hope blooming up against the darker backgroundsilhouette. Beautiful!

EBaranyi_cewe243_eszter msa

Emotions by Dlw068 A very funny and neat page! All the smilies, words and faces made me smile!  This must be a very bubbly girl, confident and funny! The bold colors of the squares work so well with the purple background.

life_story_emotions dlw068 sbg

Shine by Mother Bear Seeing this page makes me think of springtime! All the flowers and butterflies give me a happy feeling! What took me in when I took a closer look was the shadowing. It is so real!! Wanted to make me grab some flowers from the paper and put them in a vase. Lovely!!


What I read in 2013 by Megscraps Wow, what an impressive list of books! Love all the wordpieces here and all the different fonts on them. Also love all the pieces of paper with all the different patterns on them. Very well combined!

readinglist2013 megscraps tlp

A new day by Crafty Kacy A very pieceful end of my six choices today. Love the dark splatters in front of the sunrise peeking over the horizon. This page reminds me of the message: There will always a new day with new opportunities! Love it!

A-New-Day1 krafty kacy mscraps

Well dear readers, these were my choices of today! Hope you like them and as always, please leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries! See you next time!


Fingerpointing – January 25

25 Jan

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday!
Let me embellish your weekend with these amazing works of art that I found in the galleries out ther.

flowers by Happy Mama

The combination of colors in this page is SO beautiful! As is the combination of patterns. I love the bold flowers in the background combined with the smaller flowers in the dark colored paper strip under that stunning photo! And how about that delicate embellishing! Such a pretty page!


Capturing: yesterday and always by ConnyS

Talk about pretty pages! WOW! Those photos immediately caught my eye, which I am sure will not surprise you one teeny bit. A beautiful stack of elements really makes them stand out and the colors and brushes give this layout a wonderful romantic boho feel that I absolutely adore! Stunning!


Strenght Tester by Sokee

I love the crispness of this layout and the playful design of slightly angled frames, swirly piece of yarn and the seemingly careless placement of elements. The bold green goes so well with the pink and red and really makes the photos stand out. The story behind the page put a big smile on my face! I just love to see the everyday things in pages!


2 moody teenagers by swastinadia

Another layout that made me smile. So funny the way these 2 moody teenagers are scrapped in kind of a comic book style with the text bubbles, word strips and other knick knacks. Did you notice that bomb at the bottom of the page?! Whahaha! Pure genius! I also love the beautiful background blend that adds great dimension and forms a whole other layer to look at!


Enjoy the snow by Hanazana

This page has such great sense of depth because of the stunning shadows. I am blown away  by the design, the clever placement of the pink flowers that make sure that photo get’s your attention all be it ever so subtle. Mesmerizingly beautiful layout!!


Reading by Joshgirl

The angled book shelf elements and photo are probably why Rebecca Bloomwood [main character of the book confessions of a shopaholic] looks a little panicky. She must be worried they will all fall down and I think that is just the cutest twist! I love seeing a little humor in pages in case you didn’t already know that. I am also in awe with how beautifully balanced this page is. Very well done!


And again I find myself at the end of my list of pages to show you. I hope you like my picks. If so be a sport and leave a little love with the artists okay?
See you nex time!


Finger Pointing – 23rd of January

23 Jan

Hi everyone!

This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s fabulous gallery standouts. Hope you guys are having a great time, the weekend is almost here so sit back and cruise with me as I present to you my pages for today.

Without further ado, here are my faves:

2014 My Mantra by hollyinjapan
Everything that is written here is amazing! Love every bit of this page. Great blending, the colors convey her emotions, the fonts she used are just beautiful and they really
go well with the theme. Love the placement of the lace and flowers. Love her OWL for 2014. Goodluck on her chosen words.

Selfie by Applechick
The photo is just as beautiful as the page. I love a selfie page and that arm that comes out of the frame really adds a great touch to the page. It makes the whole thing really special. Love the softness of the paper and photo treatment, not to mention all the beautiful brushes she used.

My favorite kind of day by Dalis
Love photo-less pages and this one is really fantastic. Love the coolness of the paper and all the doodles. Fell in love with this the moment I saw it, I couldn’t agree more on the snow thing because it really makes us happy too. Love those heart brushes and the arrows pointing to the hearts.

Better together by catgoddess
Very sweet and beautiful photo and page. Love the stacking of elements and the work on the shadows. It looks like a paper scrap to me. The cluster work on the left side is well done, those stitches are perfect additions and the background paper really makes everything pops out. Awesome work!

New resolutions by Mamiemoi
Great work! Love the white space, her extraction is perfect and the way she embellished the page. Love that he’s holding a clock and pencil, feels like his ready to make a new year’s resolution of his own. The paper is TDF too.

Beauty by pagamarama
Such a beautiful quote from Camille Pissarro. Beautiful art, I adore her use of vibrant colors. Love her nostalgic look, feels like she’s longing for something with that heart on the lips.

Thanks for taking a look at the layouts I’ve chosen. If you have time, it would be wonderful to stop by and give them some love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!


Finger Pointing – January 22th

22 Jan

Hi Friends!  Paula here and I’m a bit short on time, so I’m going to do a speed post tonight.  Here are some gorgeous layouts that grabbed my eye today.

 Blooming by EllenT

Great use of the soft and so beautiful colors here and amazing  composition!Love the watercolor touch with the messy and dots, but it was the the photo and the same flower blended in the background that made me take another look at this page!


2014 by mummyd

This one just grabbed me from the start. The vertical composition on this page really caught my eye…such a cool photo-less page! Amazing, amazing page!


All About Me by cfile

This next page is so cool. All the elements are so realistic and you know that I really love realistic pages! The crayons, tape and placement of the elements create a great sense of energy and the awesome shadows makes me want to touch it!


state of mind by Adryane

Another gorgeous color popping page! First I LOVE the multi-colored edges, 2nd I love what she did with the photo and 3rd I really LOOOOOVE the glasses! I have a crush on page with realistic glasses!LOL
Awesome choice of the bright colors against all the black & white and all the elements, the arrow stitched and the brushed paint and…OMG, everything!!!


Currently by Nixenkind

Love the colors here, the vintage photos, all the realistic datails…the carefully selected pieces, the shadows,makes me wanna just reach out and touch it!


SEE NO SENSE by pennyshilling

This is so eye popping… so delicate.Love the wonderful textures, the soft colors.This is such a joy to look at, with many details,  This just screams creative! I really like the addition of the eyes and the sketch style font.