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Finger Pointing – March 31st

31 Mar

The end of the month and it is one that filled the galleries with amazing pages.  I have to come right out and say, how much I enjoy this Finger Pointing gig! It is a personal joy to see your memories, art and pure hearts on the pages in the gallery. The community of digiscrapping is amazing. I am going to begin with a double page PL page that makes me squeal. I want to be able to take colors and transform them into PL pages and just struggle so, but Duniascrap makes it look so breathtaking on her Project LIfe Week 12:


Jacqueline has a touch on this page that makes me want to smile along with her fabulous photo, and grin with the color combo.  The shadowing is a unique style that works so well on this page, A Boys Life.


As one who has taken the Art Journaling Caravan journey many times, Billizetti has a style all of his own, and he has a way that makes me so happy! I just enjoyed this page so much I wanted ya’ll to experience Billzetti and Ocean Creature. Don’t try to understand it, just enjoy it, that is the joy!


Here is another page that makes me want to look and look..the touches of the photo blended, along with the plane, word art and title flow so wonderfully. maureenreynolds, thank you for your page, Milan Centrale!


A picture is worth a thousand frames!!! Cause I adore how she took the memories of the adventure and cropped it perfectly for an intense and so original page! I am inspired by it so much.  Adventure in Nami Island by swastinadia is magnificent!



This page, I lost it.  I mean seriously, I closed the tab and went nuts…I could not remember what gallery it was in! I thought it was called Girl in Green, tried Googling that, nada.  I went back thru each gallery to find it, because it has such a freshness to it that I had to feature krizo’s sweet girl into the green today:


Woot! I made it before today is over!! whoosh, and remember tomorrow for me and now for others is April 1st! April Fools Day!! bhahhaahahhahahwhahah




Finger Pointing – March 29

29 Mar

I know I am posting rather early but it’s my dads Birthday and my sis just called that she wants to take both him and my mom to a fancy shmancy diner before the festivities start. I hope you can forgive me for wanting to attend that diner rather then posting an hour or 2 later…teeheee

As always I feel the need to say that there’s many, many more pages there that deserve a spotlight but I had to make choices and here’s my selection for today:

A Little Rain Is Good For The Soul by ttt83
I adore the combination of black and white and happy, bold colors in this page. Super cute elements, beautifully clustered, fantastic shadow work and great photo crop. The whole page screams fun and hapiness to me and just looking at it puts this big smile on my face. Well done! Love it!


Local Quickies by talivstouwe
And here’s another page screaming fun and good times. I love the real paper feel of this page, the border of angled photos and all the cute little embellishments stuck in between them, that handwritten blurb and the fab journaling font. It’s just perfect in every little detail! After reading the journaling I realize I realy, really, really need to take a trip like this too!


Guinea Pig’s 1st Birthday by Ozegirl
And how about this beautiful krafty page? Did you see that cake with the guinea pig on top? I mean….how cute is that? And I just adore that photo in that tilted frame and I love the paint splatters underneath it that draw your eye to it and add dimension!


recharge by sucali
What I love about this page, apart from that ADORABLE and BEAUTIFUL photo that immediately drew my attention, is the perfect element placement. I also love that the base of the design is formed by what seems to be 2 journal cards and the subtle painted circles and splatters underneath the cluster add great energy!


SRC by ~jak
What a fantastic combination of colors! Mainly black, white and yellow and some beautiful pops of pink, orange red and turqouise! Love, love, love that beautiful stack of paper bits, all the numbers and knick knacks, cute photo and banner and awesome flow of the page. The perfect tribute to an amazing achievement!


We Ride! by Katydid
The colors of the papers and elements match the photo’s to a T, truly amazing! Love the titlework and brilliant layering, it’s almost a puzzle! Love that!


And that was my last one again. Time flies when you are having fun right? Hope you like my picks for today. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and Happy Scrappin’!


Finger Pointing – March 28th –

28 Mar

Good evening/morning/afternoon wherever you are :) Here I am again to share with you some of the awesomeness of the galleries. Tonight every page I fell in love with has some amazing journaling: little or a page completely covered…never mind how much, the story is being told and my heart sings with these pages. So here there , my picks for today :)

Hello April 2014 by Natascha : Love love & love journaling a bit ,more. Here every thing comes together so harmoniously, the tilted composition and layering an amazingly beautiful work as usual!!! Again, I’m not sure what the journaling is about but I certainly love everything going around it!


Genuine Love by dianeski has a lot less journaling than natascha’s but this little paragraph is enough… no love as honest and powerful than mother’s love. The take on the template is beautiful, her shadows impeccable…I use a lot of B&W photos and this choice here just crown the page …


Not Your Damsel by nietis speaks for itself…the strength here matches the beauty, the journaling has edge and I love the fact that in  here the words are so strong, almost beligerant but the whole compostion with flowers and colors balances it all in the best manner. I am also a lover of deep dark shadows & I think they work amazingly well together with every word…


[un-named] by Isa marks. Here is the one page of tonight that does not have a journaling but I fell in love with the delicacy of the whole page, super elegant . The clusters & little details come together perfectly here & the monochromatic is delightful, and every time one looks will find another detail…


Backyard Visitor by teachermom is an absolute pleasure, filling my place with light & spring coming out of those photos, framed by her gorgeous skills to make it into a garden so beautiful! Love the layering going on, without disrupting the images, and the journaling simply making the record for the years to come….absolute delight!


To say Good Night, I have a wonderful page with an amazing touch of fun: Girls Making the Most of it by Justagirl is one of those pages that paints a smile in my face…love vintage images and a page combining textures and such perfect skills, those stitches which I almost missed…there is so much so beautiful here, I think more words would spoil it…


Hope you enjoyed your time with these. The original gallery is accessible by clicking on the high-lit name of the author of each LO. Have an amazing weekend, see you next week!


Finger Pointing – March 26th

26 Mar

Hi all! Paula here with today’s Stand Outs. I’m going to keep it very short today! Hope you enjoy my pics!

AnnaChallenge (Splatter It!) – lennon by Adryane

OMG…What a fantastic page! I don’t know why I’m obssesed by glasses, but I fell in love with this page the moment I saw it. Perfect blending, brush work and the the quote repeated at the midle is so clever!


I#12 Expanding Our Imagination by jessema

This is amazing in every way! The fantastic artistic design really caught my eye. All the messy artsy! Love the brushes and how she used them to make the dress !!! The colours are so vibrant and luminous!


Everything’s Gonna Be Alright! by joamosatcharterdotnet

This is so perfectly scrapped, so cool. There is SO much fun stuff to look at here, so many details. Love the dool, the message and the elements mix here! It was love at first sight.


 Photo Swap for Mollie aka readstoomuch by rache77

What a cute page! Love the big cute photo and all the effects here, everything here flows beautifully! I really like the word art overlay on the left and the cute girly ellies on the right!


Hippie Chic by marinapj

Do I need to say anything here? The photo is amazing, the treatment is just superb, not to mention the beautiful little girl. The crop and perspective so creative. There is so much to see in this page. Great shadow work and elements choice. Gorgeous, absolute delight of a page!!!


Stop Waiting by cyranoscrap

Wow, I love this retro page! I just love the vintage colours in this page. I love Doralisa’s creativity, it’s just awesome. She always amazes me with her talent! Everything works so well together here, super well done.



Finger Pointing – March 25th

25 Mar

Hi! Hope everyone is well. I’m here to share with you, as usual, some of the amazing gems in the galleries. I know I keep saying this, but it isn’t an easy task to choose only 6 pages of all the talent around, and after spending over an hour debating as how to take the 25 I had picked to only 6… here they are.  Most of the pages I picked today are from artist that are no stranger to these posts, I can assure you I went through many pages in many galleries, but I was unable to resist sharing these with you, so here they are:

A compassionate world by misslovescraps

…this is just perfection in every sense of the world, This girl’s talent knows no limit, but the thing doesn’t stop on the visual thing… she pours her soul out in each page, and this one took my heart to a higher level (not that I needed an excuse to love Li Li more) The page is made for the Digi Dare of this week, and the message she conveys here is one I know many of us would love to see happening…. a 100% stand out. No discussion here.


 Both Sides Now by sbpoet

Another outstanding, talented artist whom, as Li Li, needs no introduction if you visit us often, with a page that took me back some years & at the same time fits so much the present time. I am a huge fan of Joni Mitchell, and one of her most amazing songs is, like Sharon tittled her page, Both Sides Now. The page could very well illustrate that song and still can be fitted for so many things …. our duality is in every little thing we live and this page puts it in such a beautiful, incredibly beautiful way…there is light & darkness, and the page so perfectly balanced, love the fact that she did not divide it in half, the flowers so well combined with the brushes and stamps, I’m sure Joni Mitchell would be delighted to see this. Another outstanding page.


Obsessed by Daniele 2012

Love everything here, from the amazing perspective to the journaling, the textures mixture and the fact that she has a photo of a paper LO blended into the page…everything is gorgeous here. Love white backgrounds and in her journaling she talks about her scrapping in a simple yet so familiar to all of us way, journaling is in Portuguese, she is basically telling us how her scrapbooking started and how her making daily pages is not only a way to make a record of her memories but also a therapy that helps her express herself…like most of us. gorgeous page all over :)


Never too Late by chocochoco

Again one of my most admired scrappers here. This page is full of beauty in every possible way, amazing choices of brushes/paints and elements, everything is harmonious and her shadows are so perfect! Plus the journaling is so truthful, inspiring and refreshing, perfect page!


Soar by christellevandyk

As much as I love Art Journal/photo-less pages (which I do a lot of both & is an amazing therapy indeed) what got me into scrapbooking was the need, the wish to preserve my family memories, the every day life turn into magic moments by putting art & soul in them…and I think this fits that description like a glove. A gorgeous, beautiful family page, the pictures are so beautiful and give so much happiness ….the tittle work is gorgeous and so is the way she broke the composition with the vertical cluster from the top, and, of course, the journaling, simply making a record of an every day outing, children at play, family happiness. Scrapbooking in it’s finest.


Last but not least, is Do your best by SeattleSheri.

Here again, scrapbooking in the most delightful way, this page is so full of color and different textures, the photo is amazing and so are the shadows, LOVE the way she did the tittle work, love the layering…love every little detail here, plus being a mum of a performer who started very early in life…I know the feelings in the journaling so well. What a gem of a page for the years to come. Absolutely awesome page!!!


I’ll say goodnight now, hope you enjoyed today’s choices, remember you can reach the original galleries by clicking in the name and author of the LO high-lit, I’m sure even a couple of words go a long way into the heart of these amazing artists! :)  Thanks for sharing with us !



Finger Pointing – March 24

24 Mar

Hello! Thanks for coming out to check out today’s GSO!  I hope you enjoy my choices!

2014 Week 9 by Stacia Hall

I adore Stacia’s pocket scrapbooking pages! When you just take a moment to look at them, she really does a fabulous job at packing her pockets full of colorful and fun elements, word art and photos! Great combination of fonts and writing! I really like how she combines alphas to build her own meaningful pockets. Just as in a real pocket scrapbooking page, we tend to combine different alpha stickers / elements to build our own word art. I love her random documentation about everyday going ons – such a bright and inspirational pocket page to look at! Awesome job Stacia!



Enjoying the little things by SOCO

And I love enjoying looking at this page! TRIANGLES! YUM! I adore the focus on the geometric shapes and beautiful paper patterns strewn across the page as it is. What I really love is the photo is also triangle but instead of stacked up, it’s cutout! The colorful paint scatter accents are perfect and love those beads too!


Bright Side of Life by MaryH

And another beautiful geometric focused page. First – the photo’s are to die for! Beautiful treatment and the purples and blues look amazing together! Love the right amount of blue / green / yellow pops to edge this page from a feminine angle to a masculine one since these are pictures of boys. So well done and drop dead gorgeous! The triangles are so lovely down the page! All in all – I love that the focus stays on the photos and the photo’s are brought out and accentuated by the papers and elements!


John Bike 1964 by AZK

What a yummy combination of papers and elements! I just love that paper and the color pops of peachy red, greens and blues! What an adorable vintage photo to go with this layout! I really like the paper stacking and the stitched box holding it all together! I also like how that flower is weaved under and over the stitching:) Great page!


Self Portrait by Hey Jude

I am one of those folks who are SCARED of purple. I find myself more and more drawn to purple in the last while – though I find it difficult to scrap with, I sure do admire those who can use it and pull it off in a beautiful way! Here is a perfect example! Purples, blues and greens. JUST YUM! First, I have to say I admire this portrait shot – beautiful lady! I love the white frame on white page! The splatters and swirls combined with tiny flowers  and beads in the combining colors are such a page popper! I just heart this! And again – those triangles get me every time! Beautiful page!


Standout by Lauracw

What a fun and yummy page combined with wood (double yum) and colorful fun papers! I really love how the photo matches well to the papers (and that photo is super cute too!) And that word art is TOO perfect! ‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out!’. What a great mood to set for the page and the combination of papers and photo and word art certainly comes together awesomely! High Five!



Finger Pointing – March 23

23 Mar

Hi everyone! Jeanine here with the choices of my tonight’s tour through the galleries!

Spring tea party by Ann06 Ohh, this makes me feel as if I am at the royal English horseraces at Ascot. As if I ever was there (no I was not…LOL). I love the blending and all the sweet romantic colors here as well as the treatment of the great picture and the placement of all the transfers. Gorgeous page!!

Spring_tea_party Ann06 oscraps

Create by IntenseMagic A beautiful page, filled with artistic elements. I totally adore the doodled leaves here. Love the clustering and the diagonal setup leading to the girl creating art! Very well done!

Create6 intensemagic tlp

White by Evadraga Wow!! How gorgeous is this!! Totally!! Love all the white space here, wish I could scrap like this! And am I right seeing a rubber duck there?? Love everything about this page, the use of the swirl holding everything together, the treatment of the picture, the coloring…just love all of it!!!

aARekus_fotobol evadraga oscraps

Disaster & chaos by Natascha This is sooo funny!! Could have been me making a page like this, I am not born to do my house I guess, like Natascha isn’t… the funniest one, I think,  is the one of the to do lists having to do lists…LOL!! Love it!!

disaster_and_chaos_natascha p&co

Digidare #359 by oldvwblues This one is stunning!!! I don’t know how Vicki does it, there are so many things to see and read on this page and yet it is not a chaos! Everything fits together like the pieces of a puzzle. Wonderful page, great work!!

Digi-Dare-359-oldvwblues vicki oscraps

Just fly by Jaye Here the colors drew my attention, they fit so well together with the birds on the picture.  I love how Jaye combined all the grungy-ness with the soft and relaxed drinking birds. A beautiful artistic page!!

20140321-jaye sbg

I have come to the end of my post today! Hope you like my choices. And please remember to leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries. See you next time!