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Finger Pointing – April 30th

30 Apr

Hello my friends! Paula here with my choices from the galleries on this Wednsday! I hope they inspire you!

No-Parental-Control-… by BushGirl

First I was attracted by the deep blue color, but after read the journaling I was hooked. Thanks for sharing your story with us! Posting on Facebook and other social networks is a favorite pastime for teens, along with benefits come some risks. Most social networking sites are open to all, which means that your teen could be exposed to harassment, bullying or sexual advances. I had once this kind of issue here but I sayed to the guy that if he talk to my daughter again I accuse him of pedophilia…Thanks God he never came in contact with her again!


Through Sunshine & Rain by PLM

There are a lot of layouts with really great photos out there today… But this page is so lovely and sweet! I love everything about this layout …This is just too adorable for words! I adore the colors. Plus that photo is so so precious. The brushes and ellies below the picture add just enough to make the picture shine.


Birds by hekas

This is outstanding. I love this layout for so many reasons…The energy in this page is fantastic! Also the message! So true! Love the brushes and all stuff blended here! Love the grungy effect too.


To INFINITY and BEYONd by joamosatcharterdotnet

Fell in love with this page the moment I saw it. This one,  just makes me smile. She always amazes me with her talent…I can’t help myself. There are so many fun things to look at…I can’t resist!

shootforthemoonupl (1)

Sky is the limit by kyky

Fabulous details here, so intricate! So much to look at. Love the little staircase with the girls going up it! Very creative and so deserving of a Standout!


Round 3 – Soul by zinzilah

This is such an amazing page, from the journaling down to the drawing of her that is absolutely stunning! I could totally relate to her journaling here. I love the color palette as well.



Finger Pointing – April 28th

28 Apr

I have been away from the scrap world for a little bit, and it felt so good to bepop around the galleries, see the new releases and once again be awed by the immense talent and abilities of all ya’ll! You should all be so proud of yourselves, each and every one that got a page done! Hip hip hoorah!

Cheers of victory go to this page by Romy(who I thought was vacationing a million miles away, but still manages to come up with stunning pages) men of strength.  It was for an ad challenge over at Mscraps, and I am just bamboozeled how she can make such a work of art and the bits of color (such an unusual color) for a sea page.  But perfect:


Wow! Simple but oh oh so wonderful. This page caught my eye and made me hit control + sign to make bigger, because I wanted to know more about the page.  The simple brush stroke of paint draws you in, the elegance of the silver alpha is just marvelous and the whole idea of the page Oh Five One Seven by WendyBretz is magnificent!


Double dipping with this fantastic water page by amandavanbeek, called Pool Waves.  Doesn’t it look just like a page torn out of a magazine?  I love all the journaling and have to admit to being divinely jealous of that pool! She blended the swimming photos so wonderfully, and really took advantage of the double page spread!


Kaboom by YBH! This page is an exclamation point in process! I mean KABOOM! I so love the cool photo treatment of her nephew, and all the fun all over! I mean super heros are da’ bomb anytime, but look at all the goodies! Pure delightful!


Printing books is one of my passions, and the cover always stumps me! I saw this and was so inspired and although I am not (YET) traveling to New Zealand (be on alert all my friends down under, one day I AM GONNA!!) This page is just so clean and fresh and it tells exactly what is going to be in the book.  I love love love the idea of using the map of where you will go, and the dates all on the cover. Brilliant tracerjamig, your NZ Cover!


One of the benefits to being a Finger Pointer here at the Gallery Stand Outs blog, is stumbling across a new to your scrap artist, and I found hdubois43 today. Her blends and pages thru out her entire gallery are breathtaking and I encourage you to go and see more of her work.  Her Super Cell Storm Over Kansas-the Power of Nature is one that is just wow. Tradewinds, and playball…oh just fantastic.  But the one that introduced me to her is The Post Modern Backyard. Just look at it and enjoy the tranquil and amazing scene she has recreated here. Aaah, that is a sigh of contentment.


That is it for me, I am inspired and off to have some ice cream with my family, and then come home and scrap a page or ten!

~never lose your joy





Finger Pointing – April 27th

27 Apr

Hey everyone, Jeanine here with my picks of this last day of the week! I will keep my comments short, because I have to get up early and it’s almost midnight over here. So here we go!

Oh the places by sharongrey8 Love the colorcombination here and the treatment of the picture! You should read the story. It is funny to read how this young boy is obsessed with dangerous animals and how mom doesn’t want him to go places where these animals live… never know what will happen in the future mom…;)

sharongrey8 designer digitals

I am not perfect by Eszter Great pictureless page by Eszter! Love the grid and all the brushwork here and totally agree with the statement! Love how Eszter put it on little paperstrips!

eszter scrapbookgraphics

ER – Broken collarbone by AnneofAlamo Such a sad event and Anne still knows how to make a cheerful page about it! Love the stitches here and of course the beautiful colorcombo again!

anneofalamo tlp

My mission statement by Lindzee another pictureles page! Great statement and lovely happy colors! Love the real look of this one, like Lindzee painted on watercolorpaper and added some elements.

lindzee tlp

Rose-Aimée birthday by myla this must have been a very funny and happy birthday! Congrats! The pictures show the joy and fun you had together! Totally love the placement of the frames!

myla2 oscraps

Bed buddies by Kim21673 Great page and beautiful memories for your son! Also love the colorcombo here, the red is gorgeous with the beige, grey and a touch of green here. The monkeys are super cute and I am a fan of this stampalpha! Have to get it!

kim21673 msa

Well I’ve come to the end of my post today! I hope you like my choices! See you next time and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you!


Finger Pointing- April 25th

25 Apr

Hello! Here I am again, in the very early hours of the morning with some gorgeous jewels from the galleries! As usual there is so much talent out there, so, if you find inspiration as much as I do with these amazing creations, you can click in the name & author high lit and get to their original galleries to leave them some love :) So, here they are:

inm by marnel- LOVE this! I accidentally closed the tab with this page and went back 20 something pages to find it…I had to share this with you all. I am so taken with the pocket scrapping “neautrals” I have been seeing for the past week or so…  I admit of being a bit of an element hoarder and love full pages…but there is such an elegance in the neutrals, especially when the artist is someone like Mary here…..her pages are always a delight…and this…well, lets say it was well worth going back lots of pages to find it again (even at 3 am LOL)


Easter Day by alahnasmommy: Another super page!!!! Love the multi photo, gorgeous take on the template, beautiful clusters and shadows, wonderful memory keeping here!


it by Ana.Paula: I’m so delighted to find her page today! I’m always in awe of how much this girl says with blank space scrapping…there is an art of making things simple but still tell a story, give a message…and this girl certainly has the skills for it. Love the photo treatment and the fact that is not a posed photo, beautiful framing and even journaling…gorgeous page!!!


ADHD by scrapsandsass is one of those pages with which I wish it was earlier in the day and I could read the journaling better… Love this page not only as visually is wonderful, with the different textures and gorgeous composition (also lots of stuff from one of my most fav designers ever) but also the journaling touches one of the most discussed conditions of this day & age….even though I couldn’t properly read it, I know in my heart what I will be reading tomorrow.


Smile by Laura ODonell is indeed making me smile! LOVE the photo crop, the composition and, here again: journaling. As you may have guessed by now, am having a blank space loving day! This is one amazing page, very rich in its simplicity, it goes a bit further than making me smile :) LOVE it!!!!


Weekend Getaway by Mother Bear: and I’m still in blank space paradise tonight!!!! I think I love it even more because most of her pages (at least the ones I come across) are fuller, and in here she still keeps that first class layering & shadows, this is just a little bit of that beach & sun coming through here…


I am going to extend my post to one more page tonight, and leave you with this fun, happy and extremely beautiful page: Sunshine by Intense Magic is in sync with the page above…though completely different, both bring me a bit of the holiday I’m so in need of, the sun, ohhh one can but dream, so thank God for these amazing ladies and her artistic skills bringing the holiday to me :) As usual with Jan…a perfect composition , beautiful choices and superb shadows, a happy page all over!


I hope you enjoyed these! have a great weekend! TFL!!!


Finger Pointing- April 24th

24 Apr

Good evening everyone! Hope ll is going well, the galleries certainly show a full range of colours & fun, amazing pages in sync with the season… I have some pages to show, I hope they inspire you as much as it does me! Here are my picks for today:

Blizard Beach by andrea4376

I have to admit not being a big fan of the PLife thing -for myself- but taking the amount of amazing pocket style Los I have seen lately that wOw me…I am considering! And if I was already being tempted. after this particular page I feel more inclined even!!!! LOVE the whole thing here, the grey tones with gorgeous little splahes of colors …there is so much to see here, but still delicate….the photos treatement …everything here is amazing!!!!!


Always being you by PLM

Love the layering, the super cute elements, the clusters and framing…in other words….perfect!!!


I’ll be there for you by Elitka has a feeling of wonderful fun & friendship, a super gorgeous page with a brilliant color explosion! And  here too amazing shadows!!!!


Another marvelous page, Sarah Positive by scrappingramma, whom I have been paying attention lately as I see her in my enabling routes…and I love her pages!  This is a little master piece, with the bits layered, the photo treatment & torn, love how the stitches come straight to the eye (and how can someone not love stitches? LOL) This page is beautiful in every pixel!!!


Every Picture has a Story by Conny S: love her pages, always….and her ability to interpret templates with such skill, to cluster with perfection, photos always gain another dimension with Conny, and this page certainly has all that…absolutely wonderful!


Last but absolutely NOT least: Tia with a gorgeous page: Capturing Life April. Love the blank space here, the amazing little photo and the whole perfectly vintage feeling is present, love all that blank space with the vertical circles…and those shadows!!!!!


So, here is me for tonight, thanks so much for looking, see you soon!


Finger Pointing – April 23

23 Apr

Hello! Paula here! I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your families!  Here in Brazil we use to present friends and family with a chocolate Easter Egg. And, not just any chocolate egg…Easter eggs average about twenty-inches tall and are filled, of course, with delectable chocolate surprises! Fat and sugar…Sigh. Ah well, this week is a fast week…

Board Games by EkaSyr

Everything here screams fun! Her take on the template is fantastic and the mixture of elements and fun colours is perfec! Love how she hide the background paper and the games behind the cutout circles! Adds depth to the page. That is so super cool.


Our Family by scrap-genie

What a stunner of a heritage page! Love the effect she created with the tree brush on the right.  The tones in the photo are complemented perfectly by the neutral color paper and touches! So simple and perfect.


(be inspired) by Marleen

There’s lots to love about collage! And there’s a such collage feel here… different pieces which create a new, improved, sometimes perfect look. I love the brush work around her shoulder and chest suggesting a dress and the red lips and neck just makes this pop right out of the gallery. Love the city image blended at the neutral  background, it makes the image pop. Also great photo treatment!


Random Challenge April 2014 by naughtsncrosses

Love all Edeena’s page!!!The combination of black and white  newsprint paper, photo and title is so cool!!!! The use of the monotones was such a good idea because it really draws you into the colored photo. Really well done!!


About a Bee by JenEm

The sense of depth in this page is really amazing thanks to the great shadow work.  Love the added colored paint bubble wraps and tiny confettis and how she matches the amazing bee pics with all elements here! The story behind the page put a big smile on my face! I just love to see the ordinary things in pages!


cupcakes3 by FarrahJobling

High Cuteness Alert! To say Good Night, I have this CUTE one! I love the sweet photo series!  The colors choice is outstanding. Very soft and delicate! Perfect for the pics! Love everything about this!



Finger Pointing – April 20

20 Apr

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. I am just hopping by to show you a selection of gems that I found in the galleries!

S_not-Good by Armygrl
Jawdropping! What an incredibly beautiful and creative page. It immediately caught my eye in the gallery. I love all the graphic elements, the handmade feel of it and the overal black and white color scheme with just a few splashes of pale colors.  I sure hope you are feeling better now Armygrl. It’s SO not fun to be sick but I do envy you for being able to create something as gorgeous as this page while feeling sick as a dog [yeah I spotted him catching the rain drops!]. I swear I wouldn’t be able to if they gave me a million dollars. Brilliant title too by the way!


Best Friends by Keley Lopes
I just love the happy and fun energy of this page! Of course those awesome pics are a big reason why but how about those fun wordstrips and bright colors and the cancan dancers and the funky trail of doodled flowers?! Such a great mixture of elements, styles and textures!


Graffiti by dianepsmith
I am in awe at how that incredible graffiti was blended and worked into this page! The paint splatters and swirls make it look as if the graffiti belonged there all along! I also love the title work!


back to the 80’s by misslovescraps
This page truly brings me back to the 80’s. Believe it or not but after seeing it I HAD to put on Level 42…hahaha. Of course it caught my eye because of it’s vibrant colors but once you get over the shocking pink you’ll see what a super fun cluster is up there. So much detail too with the tiny beads and buttons, tapes, word strips and cute little stars and how about that awesome photo!


He Shoots He Scores! by jesslynn0902
I just love the strong design behind this page that really is just a photo and a block of text when you brake it down to it’s basics. It’s the clever use of brushes, fonts and font sizes, colors and other shapes, like the ellips from the ball and the ‘triangles’ from the arrows, that makes this page into so much more! I also LOVE the photo and fantastic story. An amazing page in every way!


Life Is Beautiful by HeyJude
I love the ancient Roman statues in their heavily textured surroundings combined with paint, stitches and modern elements! The well placed pops of red add such great interest to the page and give it extra dimension. I agree that life is beautiful HeyJude and so is your page! Wowzers!


And that was the last one for today. I hope you like my picks and that these pages will inspire you. If so, then please leave some love for the artists that are so kind to share their work in the galleries!

Have a wonderful day and Happy Scrappin’!