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Finger Pointing – May 31

31 May

Hey everyone, Jeanine here from a sunny Holland today! Unbelievable it’s already the last day of May! I found you some gorgeous pages, found a lot so I had to narrow my choices down to the six we post. Let’s go and see what I have found!

This Moment by Amanda Resende Amanda always manages to touch me with her pages. This one is no exception. I love the pink paint behind the other parts of the page. Love all the textures here and the warm red of the patterned paper. The B&W picture shines and is a real eyecatcher! Lovely!

amandaresende tlp

True friend by Meibritt Another pink/multicolored paintsplash wich drew me in together with the painted black wordart. A few stars, a twine, a lovely picture and some pieces of paper, this page needs nothing more to shine!

mei britt tlp

Once upon a time by Scrapsandsass the combination of traditional elements and the artsy scribbles and stamps together with the cardboardpaper are the ingredients to make me drool! No picture needed to make a wonderful artpage like this!! Love it!

scrapsandsass tlp

Words to live by…love by Secima Loveee that Pooh quote!! It’s such an artsy, whimsicle and sweet page!! The lines, the splatters and the placement of the bookpile give a homey sheltered feel. Gorgeous!

secima oscraps

{heart) Reading by KimR A beautiful clean page and also very colorful. Love all the flowerpatterns here and the combination of the colors work perfect together! And take a look at that picture, its a great catch of the daughter reading!!

kim r designer digitals

Project Life 2014 week no. 16 by JA Long What a great PL page this is, the rainbowcolors jumped just right into my eye when I was scrolling through the gallery! It’s such a happy family page, LOVE!

ja long des digit

These were my choices of this last day of May. I wish you all a happy Sunday!


Finger Pointing- May 30th-

31 May

Hello! Good morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are! It is a glorious sunny morning here in London, a blessing after a grey week, and my room just got sunnier with all the beauties I found in the galleries! There is so much talent out there, so much beauty, history, emotions in each page! Here are some of the most beautiful pages from the galleries, hope they inspire you!

This page by Rachel/teachermom is a very, very special pick for me…not only I love the big photo pages, but also I have seen this young lady growing up through scrapbook pages for the past 4 or 5 years. The image is amazingly beautiful, and I know this is at a wedding so it gains more dimension. Love that Rachel allowed the photo to be the main focus, but still has done some amazingly great choices to make it into much more than the image…love the cluster at the young lady’s elbow…everything here screams beauty!


I have never been to Seattle, but here in this household, we are fans of Grey’s Anatomy….and in this page by Iowan the city is represented with so much beauty! Love each & everyone of her pages, and in here she shows so much combining the great photo with the elements layered so beautifully… if this is in a brochure for a travel agent, she would most certainly sell me the trip! Absolute delight of a page :)


Another brilliant travel page, and completely different almost in opposites is Museum Metropolis [Digi Dare 369] by emerson. Awesome tittle split, marvelous photo, the black background perfectly complemented by the shines of the gold, everything here is also convincing me that I need to go there!


Love a good story on memory record that looks into traits of personality more than focusing on events, I have always tried to make pages in this line of thought as I know my daughter will appreciate in the future…and love you more by stampin_rachel  is all that. The photos are great but what defines this page is the journaling, my smile grew wider as I read…I went through similar experiences with my daughter! Love how she kept the embelishments to a minimum and gave focus into the story with everything in the page!


Another one of my favorite ladies : Jan/ Intense Magic  with her page Sun. Such a happy page, bright and so perfectly composed, love her layering, the shadows are impeccable, gorgeous tittle work and the sunglasses in the corner just complete this into a master piece!


Last but not least, this amazing Hybrid Project from sushimommy: Day Clips: Dinner Planning. Great idea, one that can save us of food waste and make our cooking even more fun! LOve those recipe/ planning cards! Thanks so much for sharing this with us, inspiring!


This is all from me today, hope you enjoyed these, and got as much inspiration as I did! If you would like to leave them some love, clicking in the name of the page & author highlighted will take you to the original gallery. See you soon, have a great weekend!


Finger Pointing – May 29

29 May

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with your Standouts for this evening! I hope you are inspired by my choices.

Starting us off this evening is this gorgeous artwork titled if … by Shayenne. I really have no words for this other than it is absolutely stunning and I would LOVE to have a copy of it to hang in my work studio. =]

if ...

Up next is another gorgeous artwork, this one is by jcaruth910 and is titled Be Happy. Again I have no words other than I really LOVE the greens and browns and would LOVE to have it hanging in my work studio. =]

Be Happy

Really love the muted palette in this next Standout titled Happy and Carefree by stevens89. The composition is super cute and I love all the mixed patterns in the banner-like strips of papers.

Happy and Carefree

love Love LOVE the bold mix of color in Finding My Time by aussiekat. Love the painterly effect and her brushwork. A remarkable art journaling piece. Wishing you TONS of success in your endeavor, aussiekat as you find time for yourself!

Finding My Time

Next up is my Project Life/Pocket Page choice for this week … meeting minnie and meeting mickey by ashleywb (only meeting minnie is linked). A truly remarkable PL double page spread! Love the reds, yellows and blacks, and the images are nothing short of spectacular!

meeting minnie

meeting mickey

Rounding out my choice of Standouts this evening is this stunning work of art by cocodou titled Bad Boy. A really remarkable art work! Love the tonal palette and the blending is absolutely spectacular! Love the brushwork too!

Bad Boy

Well, Standout friends, that’s it for me this week! See you all in the galleries next week! Enjoy the rest of your week!


Finger Pointing – May 27

27 May

Hi everyone! Here I am again to pick some beautiful layouts and hopefully inspire you in your digi craft! It was very hard to stop at only 6 layouts, believe me! There’s a little of everything today again and I hope you’ll like what I found. Enjoy!

#soselfie Vellum Camera by JacLet’s start with some hybrid if you may. Look how cute this little camera is! I admire it even more maybe cause I know I don’t have patience when it comes to glue and paper, that’s why I like digi in the first place: no mess after me… because I’m messy lol Love the little heart in the lens. This is truly an adorable project!


Laugh Louder by lhanks. This is such an adorable yet elegant page. The cute photos makes my heart melt, no need to say. I love the multiple word tags and the stitches that hold the papers to the page. Doesn’t this page look like a paper scrap? Love the shadows! Beautiful page.

Carefree by lcpereyra. What a soft and pretty page! My eyes were drawn immediately to this page because of her simplicity and elegance. The wonderful use of the patterned papers, the delicate lace picking under the back paper. And the photo! Oh my! Gorgeous light and face.

Dreamer by hekas. Something more artsy now. I love the light, the focus on the word dreamer. The contrast with the dark borders and the sweet colors, the brush work in the middles caught my eyes. Very interesting effect and page.

My Kids by beszteri. I have always admired Eszter’s beautiful blendings and this one doesn’t break the tradition. The effect on the photo with lines accentuated like it was penciled,sketched over, is really beautiful. And here again, gorgeous shadow work. I love how one part of the grass has relief and the back part is blended in the paper. Very creative use of the elements!

Stop by Meibritt. And let’s finish this post with some bright colors and bold patterns! I looove backgrounds with big bold patterns and on top of that, arrows?! Well, no wonder my eyes were drawn to this. Add to this a cute little cluster to this adorable photo and you got a beautiful and bright page! OK, I forgot to say I looove clear pockets too! lol Need I say more?


Finger Pointing- May 26

26 May

Carrie here! I hope everyone in the States had an awesome holiday weekend even if you were like me and used to tackle some spring cleaning. Tomorrow is back to the hub-bub of everyday life. I enjoyed spending some time with the galleries around digi  land while sipping on a hot cup of coffee. Let’s take a look at the layouts that caught my eye:


Best Things by hoodsmom

The typography on this page is outstanding and you immediately want to know what this page is about when you see it. *totally worth the read, just click on the image*  I love the mix of brushes, sketch work and collage. The palette is unexpected and powerful. Stellar page all around!

Finger Pointing- Gallery Standouts May 26 | Best Things by hoodsmom



Halloween 2013 by Tronesia


I love the way Tronesia works color onto her pages and this is no exception.  The grid design is a perfect backdrop for those sweet photos. I love the mix of patterns, embellishments and tilts that keep the grid exciting. This a fresh take on a Halloween page that is total eye candy (get it? tee-he!).


Finger Pointing- Gallery Standouts May 26 |  Halloween 2013 by Tronesia



hello pick me by misslovescraps

When I first saw this page, I actually thought it was hybrid or paper, but then I realized it’s digi. My mind was blown. I want to live in this page. It’s fun, energetic and hopeful.  The visual story definitely makes this a standout for me.  I pick you! I pick you!



Finger Pointing- Gallery Standouts May 26 |  hello pick me by misslovescraps


Vincent by kyky

In my early 20s, I had a chance to see Van Gogh’s collection at the National Gallery of Art. Seeing this layout made that memory come rushing back. This page brings Van Gogh’s magic into our living rooms with its depth, brush work, texture and colors. Her journaling font and alpha are the perfect combination to complete this homage.


Finger Pointing- Gallery Standouts May 26 | Vincent by kyky



a journey by marijke

Finally, we have this simple, yet amazing page. The photo itself would have been superb, but the treatment elevates it to another level. I love how she’s incorporated the soft, textured sky with the dramatic colors in the foreground. Yet another page with depth as well. The simple bit of word art seals the deal. I hope this is on a wall somewhere. It’s so well done!

Finger Pointing- Gallery Standouts May 26 |  a journey by marijke


That’s it for me. I need to get some fresh evening air to rid myself of the bleach smell. (so if I seem off tonight, you now know why) Have a wonderful, scrappy week everyone!


Finger Pointing – May 25

25 May

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, I had computerproblems, my HD crashed without any warning. Fortunately I had a few hours to copy the most important files to my exHD, so nothing was lost what was not supposed to get lost. After that I had to organize my new HD again. And I can tell you it felt nice to start with a ‘clean’ computer! But…I’m not here to tell you about my computer, I’m here to show you the beauties I found in the galleries tonight! So let’s go!

Todays adventure by Juliette Perkins Wonderful use of the stitched paper. Love how the picture peeps out from behind. To me it feels like the couple has done something naughty in a funny way and they are kind of hiding now. Love the neutral colors with only the hard pink as an accent. Great page!

Juliette Perkins tlp

Selfie by Mugsbigsis Haha, this one is funny and clever made with the splatters behind the picture, suggesting the bubble splashed. Would have loved to see the picture of the splashed bubble also ;). Lovely page!

mugsbigsis designer digitals

Year 7 of the life of Abigayle by lgameau These are so precious memories, pages with pictures of a whole year! Your daughter will be greatful you made this when she’s older, I’m sure! Love all the colorful accents and great what you did with the tapes and the button!

lgameau ww

Soak up the sun by Heather Prins Ohh, this one makes me long for summer and a lazy vacation at the seashore! I can almost hear the sea! Love how Heather connected the two pictures, love the blending and the warm feel of the page!

heather prins msa

Hello sunshine by geek_girl This is such a cheerful page! All the colors of the stamps and brushes make me happy! And they just fit very well with the hatcolors! This page gives me the feel like everything is spread out on a table where  mom and daughter were being creative, painting on a wednesday afternoon. Gorgeous!!

geek girl msa

It hurts by dvHoward Ow…it hurts indeed, such a bad schoolyear with difficult students and not nice colleagues! I can almost feel your pain and anger and hope next year will be better for you! You expressed your feelings in a very lovely way, keeping the colortones muted and a little darkish and raindrops falling down like your tears…. Love it!

dvhoward msa

I’ve come to the end of my todays post! Hope you like my choices! Wish you a great week and see you next time!


Finger Pointing- May 24th-

25 May

Hello! Here I am again! a bit late again, so I will get right to yesterday’s most amazing pages!!!!

Though I don’t often blend myself, this is one technique I really love,  and in my experience isn’t an easy one to get right. A Self Portrait by lkdavis got it perfectly right, the crop on the photo is great, the blending superb with water feeling, also love the font in the tittle!


Enjoy by scrappydonna has so much so beautiful, still a very clean page!!! Love the card with the photos sequence, the images editing is fabulous, perfect with the golden in the card, the banner with the elements has enough but not that much that will distract the eye… gorgeous page!


If you know me, you know I may go to the corner shop or the supermarket in my pjs, but never without my rings and bracelets! Love the photo here and the brackets holding it, great tittle & journaling! Here is Rings on her Fingers by jalong


I would never think of  a “best” page in black, but absolutely love what AmyG did in her Best Time of Day page! I was a performer most of my life so nights were always when I was at my best. Love the photo and it’s framing/layering, and the journaling adds to the light in the picture, great balance.


To leave you with a super fun, colorful Sunday, I got two gorgeous, multicolored pages that each in their own way, mean a lot to me. I Got This by zakirahzakaria is such an amazing  about me page, the determination of the word art made fun by all the colors, love the amount of patterned papers so well combined, her clustering is marvelous, great take on the template!


I have been to many protests marchs, parades of all kind too in my life, but not even the Carnival in my beloved Brazil could top the feeling of the Pride parades. And in Miami Pride Parade, tanyadeskins got that spirit, that feeling I remember well. Love the punch here, colorful & full of beauties the clusters are so in sync & her shadows (as usual!) are perfection. The photos priceless…love this page all the way!MiamiPrideParade

I’ll leave you now (this time is for sure for a few days LOL) Hope you love these pages as much I do, remember to click in the highlighted LO tittle & author to get to the original galleries and leave these awesome artists some love! have a great Sunday!