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Finger Pointing-June 29th

29 Jun

Hello everyone, Margje here after watching a very exciting soccer game (in the last half hour), and again the Dutch team won the game!! Woot woot!!!

I have six gorgeous pages I stumbled upon ;) in the galleries today! And believe me when I say there’s a lot more to be found, but these are the ones I picked to show to you. I hope you had a great weekend and that you are looking forward to a wonderful inspirational week.

I thought I’d start with this lovely and magical page Disney Tokyo  by Lindzy   I have some wonderful memories of  Disney, and they come alive again when I see this page! I love the big photo, and how she grunged it up! And then the accent of the frame that takes your eye right to the castle! I just love, love the overall look of this! Just as an illustration of a fairy tale.


The Big Switcheroo by Bellerose  is a page, I was attracted to by the perfect color match, and the whole series of adorable photos. I love the journaling and how she did the title. The photo processing is pretty awesome too! I love the beautiful embellishments! It all looks so sweet and yummy! Makes me want some ice-cream right now!


I can so relate to Love hate summer from sue.falstaff  She starts sneezing and has itchy eyes as the weather starts to warm up! Hayfever!! It really can take a lot of fun away from the summer! I love how she tells about it in this page, with 2 photo’s catching her right into the sneeze! The colors and the design are beautiful too! Hope it gets better soon!


I love the soft and a bit neon colors and the artsy approach of  AnnaChallenge | Numbers 06.16 – 06.29.2014 by faby 33   I admire that she can keep it so tiny and yet so interesting to look at! The gorgeous design!, and that wonderful blended photo says it all!  A beautiful romantic memory! I could look at this a long time and still not be bored at all!


Shopping Iceland Style by katie pertiet had me stopped for a while! What an inspiration!! There’s just so much to see! From an awesome watercolor effect to a beautiful halftone effect! This page is way cool! I love the beautiful colors and all the paint effects! And the frame tucked into the background is so cool! I have never been in Iceland, and i sure would love to go see it!  This sure must be a wonderful memory!


The last one for today is pogo-stick by readstoomuch  This boy is having crazy good times! The fun is coming of the page!! I love the angle of the extracted photo in the foreground, and the placing of the other 2 photo’s!  The design with the blocking of the black and the white striped paper, and the stars and the stripes makes it all together a very beautiful page with lots of energy!


I hope you like my picks and that these pages will inspire you. If so, then please leave some love for the artists that are so kind to share their work in the galleries! See you next week!!!!



Finger Pointing – June 28th

28 Jun

Hello everyone!

Chantal here with today’s “Oscars”! ;)

It was so hard because I saw so much beautiful layouts today! Here they are:


First I want you to look at this beautiful ocean of water(color), titled AnnaLIFT 6.28.14 – 7.4.14 by Traumelfe. Personally I love blue, so I saw it immediately. The blending is absolutely perfect! The blue from the water flows into the blue of the watercolor splatters. And the placement of the frame is just right. I think Traumelfe has to print this one!

Splash by Traumelfe

Hold the pen by Nikki Epperson caught my eye because of that big beautiful cluster in the middle. I find it very difficult to create clusters, so I think that Nikki did a wonderful job!  I love the meaning of the words and that she doesn’t include a photo. Only the words (on a card) and the cluster.  And again I love the blue colors.

Hold the pen by Nikki Epperson

I have to confess something… I have a weakness for layouts with big photos. So I must pick Sherbet summer templates by Veer. The photo itself is beautiful but I fell in love with how she used the template from HeatherT. Yes, just take a look at the template and now look at the layout again! I don’t have to explain more!

Serbet summer templates by Veer

A cup of coffee in the morning, or in my case a cappuccino, ensures you that you start your day well. I think Lilly-10, who made Relax-25, agrees with that. Her layout fits well in a magazine. It looks so professional to me. I love the text on the watercolor background, the arrows pointing to the coffee and the written words “Coffee, yes please”. I think I’m going to make a coffee for myself. After that I come back with the rest of the layouts ;)

Relax25 by Lily-10

This is such a inspiring page made by Dawn Inskip, titled no regrets. The text is so motivating. Maybe I should print it and look at it every morning when I wake up. It stimulates you to give everything and appreciate what you have. But not only the words are beautiful, I like the composition too! Did I mention that I love blue? And I love that she used a pattered background. It makes the layout complete!

No regrets by Dawn Inskip

Now it’s time for the embodiment of creativity. This artwork, titled Seahorse, is made by Skinospot. WOW how did she made that seahorse? Isn’t that artistc, ingenious and original?! Absolutely stunning job! And yes, this one is blue too! LOL

Seahorse by Skinospot

I hope you like my picks!

And please leave these awesome artists some love in the galleries. You can click on the layouts to go to the gallery.

Have a great weekend!

Hugs Chantal








Finger Pointing – June 27th –

27 Jun

Hey people!!!! Hope you are well! It’ll be a week in a few hours that my baby girl (18 years a baby LOL) left for Canada to work for two month leading children’s summer camp, I am extremely proud of her but miss her like CRAZY!!!!!! I have been very emotional this week, many things coming together to make me feel one of the luckiest, most blessed women on earth. I don’t have much in the material sense, as a matter of fact I am in very ill-health, but the love of family and friends and the support I get from people all around has been showing so much  this week…I thank God every day for each & every one of you who bless me also with your art (both designers & scrapers) So this post tonight will be a bit more extended , and I will start with a little story of how I came to scrap publicly….

I started in an online free program, which had everything there, therefore no need to go out searching for stores… after a couple of years the site closed, and someone direct me to freebies. It was then that I saw two pages that made me fall in love with these people’s galleries, one of them was Trista Ree whom I am sure you all know, the other was a lady called Danyale. Yes, the same Danyale that came a couple of years after to be Etc by Danyale. I know you may know her designs well, but we rarely see pages from her these days…. and this page for many reasons has even more dimension than any other to me. So here is my first pick, Danyale’s page for the Digi Dare#372 : Childhood Favorites: Carol Burnett Show. Every bit of this page speaks elegance, style, class, and the feel of the childhood is so there….I love, LOVE this lady, and all that makes her so lovable is in this page, I m not quiet sure how to translate that into English, the perfect combination of colors , the composition so flawless, those clusters and so many of one of my most favorite element: arrows! Love love LOVE this page!!!!!!!


The next couple of pages are also for the Dares, and I honestly couldn’t make my mind up as to which one to pick….so they are both here. This week’s Dare is so beautiful & simple…asking us about to scrap a love song….scrapping such a beautiful page translates these two equally amazing women as artists as much as people… I’m honored to be working alongside them!!! So, for The Digi Dares# 373 by Paula Kesselring is this marvelous page, which makes me sing this song along…love the eye so powerful taking hold of the page, and so simple & at the same time so charged with feelings …the 2 alphas tittle couldn’t be more perfect here.


The other page for the Dare#373 is by Jeanine (natchmol) with She Comes in Colors, and in colors she indeed comes….the most beautiful colors, superbly played in the page like the song plays…. those circles give so much movement one can almost make the lady dance …love the blending all over…. I’m amazed with the pages that come out of the Digi Dares….gorgeousness and so much intensity in this one!!!!


Still on the artsy kind of scrapping & related to music too is this next page, Challenge 4 by Nickel. The word art here is so much fun, the centered composition fits the subject so well, and the way she complemented that central eye caller….what a gorgeous skirt she gave to the dancer!!!!! All over in this page the feeling of freedom and dance makes my heart sing!!!!


Next page is also on an artsy feel, and I’m taken by the fact that she went hybrid with this….  LOVE that alpha, the summery feeling with the cloud and the super cute bee!!!!!! I have been dipping my toes into the hybrid thing inspired by a few people, and this makes me even more excited about going for it!!! gorgeous work!!!! Life is Good (planner cover) by sushimommy (don’t you just love her nickname too? )


Next page is as much fun as the artist who made it: The Catty Look by Agnes (purlz76) is everything Agnes is …bubbly and fun, gorgeous in every sense!!!! I LOVE the fact that she took an allegedly pet kit to scrap something completely out of theme…. I do that a lot and love seeing people’s creativity to make another theme of the a completely un-related kit…. Gorgeous paper in the background, you would think on first look that the kit is indeed some kind of sight/optician/glasses kit…so perfectly adapted with the circle doodles….the photo is absolutely amazing as she is SO serious in it…when the whole page wants to make you smile! amazing shadows, layering fun, love the tittle in the speech bubble… (and I just got 2 pair of new glasses and they are “catty look”!!!) Brilliant page!


Next page is from a girl I have a soft spot for:  ashleywb is mainly what you could call a blank space scraper, and I remember talking to her quiet a lot last year….so many gorgeous pages, so much beauty expressed with little in the page…which is NOT just dropping a photo and an element and calling it clean….this girl’s pages speak to me…. As it goes, this is not such a blank space page… but it has the perfection of all her pages: simple but with that special touch that puts Ashley in the stand out people to me…I’m sure you will agree…The map in the background  (I NEED that map LOL) with the awesome detail that she incorporated the stitches as almost being part of the map, everything is so amazing….love the alphas she used, the tittle in the paper strips also is a great detail….I’m SO glad to have found your page tonight Ashley!!!!! Here is Ashley’s page : Adventure Indonesia-


Last (but I assure you, NOT least) is this page Just having fun by liahra. I did a challenge in which we had to lift her…I didn’t know this girl much, so browsing through her gallery was an amazing adventure filled with pleasure and awws and ohhhhs! This page is done with a collab from two of my most fav designers too…. The paper in the background with the texture brings up the photos cleverly treated in black & white, and all those little elements with perfect shadows continue the fun … I’m always a bit lost when I see blank space templates…then I look at a page like this and fall in love with them!!!! Gorgeous page!!!!!!


And now, finally, I will leave you tonight. As usual, if you click in the name of the LO/author highlighted you will get to these amazing artists’ galleries and can leave them a bit of love… I know it will be greatly appreciated! Have a GREAT weekend!!! :)



Finger Pointing – June 26

26 Jun

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with today’s gorgeous Standouts! Having done this for awhile now, I keep thinking that it will get easier, but it never does … just way too much talent out there! Out of the hundreds I could have easily selected, I hope you enjoy the six I narrowed it to. =]

Starting us off this evening is this super lovely summery layout created by lcpereyra so appropriately titled hello sunshine. Absolutely love the summery feel here, the layout artist has really captured the whole sunshine-y feel so well. Love the combination of patterns in the digital papers and the stitching is the perfect compliment!

hello sunshine

Next I have this very striking Project Life layout titled 2012 Week 25 by mrphoto (just the first page is linked). LOVE the clean feel to the overall composition in this two page spread, and the mix of pocket cards and various typefaces complements those STELLAR images perfectly!

2012 Week 25 A

2012 Week 25 B

Up next is this beauty by Heather Prins appropriately titled Surfer Boy. love Love LOVE the design, the masking and blending, the color combination, her use of word art and text … ALL of it, every stinking bit! A remarkable Standout for sure!

Surfer Boy

I really couldn’t help choosing yet another Project Life layout this week … this one by LindyShay titled FotoInspired Project Life Week 25A and B (side A is linked). So reamarkable. The softness in the greens and blues provides the perfect backdrop to the overall delicate feel in this lovely artsy-traditional design. And I really LOVE the pairing of the color and black and white images.

FotoInspired Project Life Week 25A

FotoInspired Project Life Week 25B

Up next is this super lovely, very simple work of art titled Find your bliss … by ritacica.  Love the masking and the message is nothing short of wonderful.

Find your bliss ...

In leui of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday here in the United States next week and rounding out my choices this evening is this outrageously spectacular layout by sm_amber titled July 4, 2012. LOVE the composition and the patriotic feel here. The layout artist’s layering is absolutely sublime and the little cluster in the lower left hand corner balances everything perfectly!

July 4, 2012 - Left

BUNCHES of thanks for stopping by, many blessings to each one of you!


Finger Pointing – June 25th

25 Jun

Hello!! Happy Wednesday everyone! Paula here bringing you today’s Standouts! I hope you all LOVE my choices as much as I do!

 You and Me Baby by mimisgirl

What a awesome page! I meet Erin, this amazing scrapper when she began to participate in DigiDares and fell in love with her pages! Love how she used the numbers here to tell her story. The soft pastel colors fit very well with the withe background, black words and the doodled photo frame!


Live It Well by RaeClevett

I love the super cool photo. I really love the linear way the elements and journaling in the middle of the page draw your attention to and around the photo and word bits.


Me…right now by hollyxann

This one just grabbed me from the start…Love to see other layout capturing a part of life in numbers! Such a clever take on the challenge, very creative and I love the big pic with awesome eyelashes…very pretty and cool page! This is a true standout!


Not Afraid of a Little Adventure by staciahall

When I first saw this page in the Facebook, I immediately fell in love and then totally fell for it’s message. The picture is fantastic and so is the blend work and setup of the page. All the artsy mixed with just the right amount of traditional is perfect!


Be Kind To Yourself by AnnaDrozd

Love all the messy brushes and textures and all the different written and typed words here. Not to mention the perfect soft colors, flowers, buttons and stitches perfectly well placed. Could stare at this one forever!



I love these kind of layouts! This one has a great mix of a fabulous quote and elements! Great play with the brushes and the color palette is simply delicious!




Finger Pointing – June 24

25 Jun

Laaaaaate!!! I’m running late!!!! I’m sooo sorry. We had a bit of a crisis but I’m here now! All is fine!! lol

Oh and by the way, thank you to all the comments you left last time I posted. It was very nice to know more about the pages I picked and I’m very grateful you took the time to answer my questions! Now on to today’s gorgeous pages!!

Never Too Old by AnikA – Look at this amazing burst of colors! Looove the watercolor effect on the photo and the wonderful mix of brushes. In my opinion perfect bright colors to illustrate that titling. Isn’t age only just a number? OK, the body might at times feel old (ouch my back!) lol, but most of the time it’s what we decide to do that makes us younger, isn’t it?

Flower Car by Marleen – Here again, some fabulous colors and great effect on the photo! Love how the stitches are placed under the car, makes it look like it’s moving fast… and furious? lol And the clean look with the white background, yum! Wonderful and creative design! Wouldn’t you want to have a car like this?! I would!! I would love to see the look on people’s face when I ride the streets of my town with this!

By Networka  – Look at this fairy tale-like page. How sweet is this?! The sketch effect on the photo and the brushes/elements added to the picture are pure delight. Actually I couldn’t honestly say what is the photo and what are the elements/brushes added. It look all like a real picture but with jut a sketch effect on it and nothing more added. Am I being clear here? lol Not sure but hopefully you’ll get what I mean. Wonderful page!

This Moment by Misses M – Look at that layout!!! The girl has some serious skills, or what? I know I wouldn’t be able to do that. The gorgeous brush work in the back and that amazing cluster! I also love the fresh colors mixed with a little of black that brings us back to that beautiful portrait.

Moment Captured by lcpereyra – Back to something more clean & simple. Much much more. I love that style even if I don’t always and exclusively scrap in C&S, I will always admire it. I love the peacefulness in this page. The perfect color match to that gorgeous sunset photo. You would think it’s easier to make a C&S page because of the lesser things, well I can tell you it is not. The photo has to stand out in the page and even if you use only a few things, it can be heaven as much as it can be… well while not being as bad as hell lol it can be not pleasing to the eyes. ;) Not the case here, you will agree I think.

Day 7 Vacation by Marla – And for last today, a page that caught my eyes because lately, I am trying to scrap my photos of our year spent in France (we go back to Japan end of August) and I was naturally drowned to this kind of page because I use a simple layout too to put the accent on my photos, also I don’t want to stress over the design. I love the colors here of course, the cork background that makes the whole thing look like a real board. The little accents here and there but not too much that it would hide the beautiful photos. And the shadow work! Wow! I think that’s the first thing I noticed when looking at that page… after the pizza lol And no! I didn’t pick this page because of the pizza!! Honest!!… I do LOOOOve pizza but I try to stay objective lol


Finger Pointing – June 22nd-

23 Jun

Hello everyone, hope you are well & had a great weekend! I had 5 amazing days with one of my most favorite scrappers visiting us here in London from the Netherlands. Natascha spent 5 days at ours, left yesterday hence my being late with what should’ve been last night’s post… We had an amazing time all along, so some pages coming from both of us should tell the story, I will now get straight into sharing your amazing work in the galleries!

Just Relax by staciahall makes me go awww all over :)  I love blocked pages and cats, the photos are amazing, and the combination of word arts & journal cards makes this into such a gorgeous pet page!!!


I’m always trying to come up with good tittles for my pages, so when I saw seas the day by eve11ne, not only loved what I saw visually, but the tittle completes it all. Love the take on the template, the whole combination of clusters with the circular centered composition is wonderful!


Eat my Bubbles by domad:  another fabulous summer page! love the subtle blending and the gorgeous framing of the photo, the mixture of textures keeps the eye discovering, also love the fact that she is telling us these are her children…sometimes just a word or two of explanation makes the page even more beautiful!


my life in numbers by Diamndprincz: Love love LOVE this idea! I’m gonna have to “steal” it and make a page on this! I love “about me” pages from scrappers as it gives us a bit more of an insight on their lives, gorgeous paper stacking here and amazing use of page accents!


Last but not least is this gorgeous art journal page by pajamarama, Potential (prompt #22). Everything about this is uplifting, amazing colors- lots of them too, which makes an even bigger statement- the word arts, quote & so many fun elements come together to give the message… a page I most certainly would hang in my wall to look at every morning!


This is all from me today, as usual, you can click on the high-lit LO name & author to get to their original gallery, if you could spare a minute or two, leave these awesome artists some love! Have a great week!