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Finger Pointing- August 31

31 Aug

Hello, everyone! It’s Carrie once again. I hope those of you in the States are enjoying the last hurrah of summer. Labor Day weekend is nuts here at the beach, so we are hanging around the house. Next week we’ll enjoy some quiet beach time. It’s a perfect time to browse the galleries, so let’s take a look at the pages that stood out to me tonight…

In Winter by evadraga

I must have stared at this page for a good ten minutes… I just want it to be hanging on *my* wall. There’s something about scenes with umbrellas I really enjoy. I love the stark white with the reds, pinks and blacks with just a few touches of yellow. I’m also a fan of thread that leads us into the scene. There’s a delicate restraint to this page, thanks to the palette and almost symmetrical design. I want this. :)

Finger Pointing August 31, 2014 | In Winter by evadraga



The Wall by Stefanie

Those photos really grab attention, especially on that charcoal background. This page is all about contrast telling the story visually. I love the way she edges the canvas with those gorgeous patterns. Sometimes I struggle getting patterns on the page and this is a great approach. Her clusters lead us down the page and the fact that she used four clusters instead of three really plays up the drama. What an intense page!

Finger Pointing August 31, 2014 | The Wall by Stefanie


Tea time by Jacq

I’m starting to think there’s a theme to my picks today… perhaps I’ve had just too much boy time this weekend? In any case, I fell in love with this charming layout. I love all the layering and patterns, with the scatter bursting out of the cozy cluster… While there is no journaling, we can tell exactly what’s going on here, which is no easy feat. Well done!

 Finger Pointing August 31, 2014 | Tea time by Jacq


natural beauty by LynnetteWilkins

Here the patterns to push you around the canvas. The line of sight on the photo is unexpected. Instead of looking at us, that precious girl is looking towards the cluster with the “love this” flair. She is as happy as can be in that very moment. The journaling and word art create a shelf to support all the other parts of the page. I love that she’s finished her page with sprig of lavender (don’t quote me, I have a brown thumb). It adds a little extra punch to the page.

Finger Pointing August 31, 2014 | natural beauty by LynnetteWilkins


All I Am by Sokee 

The split background using tone on tone papers really lends to the magic of this layout. I love the way she’s placed her composition right at their intersection. And those circles create a working machine, spinning cogs kinda feel… like we are in her head watching her thoughts. The finishing touch is that big, blue compass that pulls our eye to the cleverly cropped photo. This is lift-worthy!

Finger Pointing August 31, 2014 | All I Am by Sokee



RAK for Ren by hekas

The blending on this page blows my mind. It has an ethereal quality to it and an amazing depth. I love that it’s edged in yellow at the top because it grabs your eye immediately. The arrows direct your eye around the page. The butterfly is aligned with the edge of the face. And that butterfly is not just an adornment, but a symbol of transformation…or transformative words, since it’s near the ear. There’s just so much to love about this layout!



That’s enough out this chatty Cathy (er, Carrie)… I’ll see you next month!


Finger Pointing – August 30th

30 Aug

Hey everyone, Jeanine here with my picks to show of! And I found you some beautiful and I hope inspirational pages! I’m really tired and just woke up from falling asleep on the couch, so I’ll keep it short tonight.

Kitty love by Elseepe Wonderful colors here, very sparrly and bubbly. Love the clean feel the page gives me, love the splatters and the how Elseepe placed the frame on th picture.  Great shadowwork! A beauty!

elseep tlp

True love by Dotcomkari Very clever and creative use of the doodled frames in the paper here! With only a few words and pictures Kari tells a whole story! Love his!!

dotcomkari tlp

2012 week 36 left by Mrphoto A great PL page here, with the sweetest pictures of a weeks in her families lives, shared with us, the world! Love all the details here, the little words added to the pictures, and the owl is to die for!!

mrphoto mscraps

Life goes on by Roxanamdm as if I’m looking in the past, thats the feeling this page gives me and at the same time the feeling that I have to move on, give my life the shape I want it to have. Great blendwork and I love the cluster of elements in the left bottom corner!

roxanmdm sbg

Capturing the Sunset by Caapmum Ahhh, wonderful capture of the sunset here, and totally gorgeous use of the brushes, splatters and stitches. What Caapmum did with the frame is great! It is there, but very subtile.

caapmum designer digitals

Dance like a princess by ChantalS I love this piece of art by Chantal! Great composition, great blending! Sooo dreamy and so very strong also! Love the message!! Wonderful!!

chantalS digiscrap

This was it for tonight! I hope you like my choices! See you next time!



Finger Pointing- August 29th-

29 Aug

Good evening! Hope everyone is well and starting a great weekend! I have been through few pre- admission tests as I m having an operation soon…the week has been plagued with puzzle solving, tax return nightmares and hunting for better prices from groceries to foot wear, and I’m a bit drained so I will try to be fair but will be brief as it is already almost 2 am here in England!  There are some absolutely amazing pages in the galleries & as usual not an easy task to pick just a few, but here are some of the most beautiful master pieces I found!

One Cool Dude by Ellen T. On this one I think I don’t need to go on and on as how perfect I think Ellen is…am quiet sure we are all in agreement, and this page is just the perfect start for the evening….amazing composition, gorgeous clustering/layering and a happy feeling all wrapped up by amazing shadows….brilliant (as usual!!!)


Wisdom of Winnie the Pooh by teachermom. This girl I have a huge admiration for- She is quiet young, beautiful inside & out and an amazing mum, friend, team player…she disappears from time to time… but when we see her come back is with pages like this: awesomeness in the highest. Love the diagonal composition, the quote and the tittle…there is some soft, sweet magic in this page…I want this on my walls!!!!


Happywall by lorryfach is exactly what it says on the tin: Happy, beautiful, fun!!!!!! LOVE the colors in the photos superbly combined with the kit’s colors, the circles composition with so much movement in the page…and the ampersand…LOVE the whole thing here!!!! the arrows are the perfect detail to complete this into a superb page!!!


Amusement Kingdom by Dukuu is one of those dream pages, in which every little element is placed to perfection, the color jumps at us in an explosion of happy…another super dynamic composition with fun and lots of beauty!!!


My last two pages are both from the amazement that are The Digi Dares…. I could honestly not decide which one I should share with you so I HAD to show you both!!!! Head by Paula Kesselring is just so amazingly great!!!!! I love each & everything this woman creates, you know how I feel about designers who scrap (LOVE them!!!) and this one isn’t just a great designer, she is a superb scrapper too!!!! LOve how she always finds a unique way to express herself and this page needs time to sit and look and get lost in what’s in her head!!!!!!



Last but never least, is Digi Dare #381 by naughtsandcrosses…she is one of the most amazing commediennes brought into pages, none I think does humor like she does, and in creativity in any style or level, she is always spot on…this page is just (literally!) mind blowing! Love love LOVE love!!!!! amazing creativity, originality and lots of great fun!!!!


Hope you enjoy these- Please if you can spare a minute or two, you can get to these awesome ladies original galleries, leave them some very well deserved Love!!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!!



Finger Pointing – August 28

28 Aug

Hello, friends! Katherine here with my weekly pick of Gallery Standouts! Hoping you enjoy my choices!

Most everyone here in the United States has gone back to school this month, I started back this week, and I thought it would be appropriate to start my post off tonight with this adorable school layout by ashleywb titled kindergarten. I really love the clean feel of the design here. The text is perfectly placed and balances the entire layout really well. All the adorable little stickers really complement that precious image perfectly!


Next up is this beauty titled Food Cart Fest by bcnatty. Really love the design here, and those muted tones really makes my heart go pitter patter. The captures are absolutely fabulous and the scripty “bon appetit” word art adds just the right amount of whimsy. Such a fabulous Standout!

Food Cart Fest

I really LOVE the vertical design in this next Standout by kaphelps titled always. The greens paired with the yellows against the muted tone of the background really creates a dynamic feel to overall design. Love all the little paint splats and scattered bits, and that image is well beyond priceless, such a beautiful smile!


I couldn’t help but stop and admire this next beauty by Traumelfe titled Breathe when I came across it in the gallery. Absolutely LOVE the mix of traditional and artsy here. And that color palette, holy cats! Almost made me faint! Love the images too! The little one is absolutely ADORABLE!


Next up is this super lovely artsy layout titled Goodbye summer by Margje! So gorgeous and … serene! The perspective on that image is nothing short of spectacular, and the word art is the perfect addition.

Goodbye summer

Rounding out my choices this evening is this super fun art journaling layout by y_baros titled Flower. Really love all the dynamic color here with the greens and yellows, and the sporadic addition of the reds, along with the fun whimsical feel in the design. A really remarkable art journaling page on every level!


That’s it for me beautiful friends! Don’t forget to stop by the galleries to leave all the wonderful Standouts some love for the inspiration that they have provided in their amazing works of art! See you all next week! Blessings! XO


Finger Pointing- August 27th

27 Aug

Hello my friends!!!I hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday!
Can you believe it’s almost September? Time really passes by especially when you’re busy…and getting old!LOL  Here are six GORGEOUS Standouts from the galleries today! I hope you enjoy them!

Busy Sidewalks by EllenT

This is a outstanding piece of Art . I so love everything about this! From the NY photo blended into the background, bringing the perfect visual, to the text, the title, the brushes, ellies, colors, EVERYTHING! Amazing! Just amazing!


 Dreamer by JuliettePerkins

When I frst saw this page at the FB I was hooked! The photo treatment blended at the texturized background is just SO cool, it  really made this page stand out!


2014: She by Mrs.Peel

Such great use of colour, stamps-brushes, elements and elements here . The blending is amazing! Love how she repeats the photo three times, each one in a diferent way! Wonderful!


Quit Waiting for Your Ship to Come In by Ann

This just blows me away with awesomeness! What a cool and fun page! This page has so much in it that I love, Love the idea! Love the sea pic blended at the background, the boats, the swimmers and the mermaid tails…And the man’s head is the perfect finishing touch.


Grand Teton by connieg

This is a page so delightful, this has  the beauty of an advertising poster or in a glossy magazine. I can look at this for a long time! It really captures the magic of this beautiful place!


TREASURES by wombat146

This page is simply gorgeous!!  The colors, the design, the use of this sweet big photo, everything works together to make this page stand out for me!



Finger Pointing – 26th of August

26 Aug

Hello, everyone! Chantal here, with the Standouts of Tuesday 26th of August. It was a beautiful day in the Netherlands. The last weeks it rained so much! And tomorrow the weather is going to be even better. Love that!

Now my picks for today:

I love the Anna Challenges at Oscraps. They force you to be creative and to try new things. And I think this layout Girl on swing by Adryane is the perfect example. She made this layout for the Stitch it! Challenge. You have to use stitches to participate. But look HOW she used these stitches! I have never thought of that! So clever, so beautiful and so creative! I have no idea how she did this. Look how she made the hair with stitches and the dress of the girl with these beautiful colors.  The longer I look the more beauty I discover. Yes this is perfection!

girl on swing by Adryane

And I have another beauty selected from the same challenge. Sunny in Seattle by Casburry. I like how she used the stitches like a frame. But she didn’t “finish” the frame. She left one side open. That’s so creative! I love the photo she used, and it’s blending. The colors make me happy!

SunnyInSeattle by Casbury

And the next layout makes me so happy too! Every day love by Rarou47 (Sylvie), is such a happy layout. I know Sylvie, and I love it to see her shine when she talks about her love. The photo she used says it all! Love how she blended the colors, with that beautiful photo!

everyday-love by rarou47

I have another happy layout for you! Lovely Smile by Timounette. Less is more! I absolutely am going to lift that one! I love the bright green color combined with the black and white photo. She only used some brushes, a frame and some wordarts. That photo is perfect, the smile is lovely, so is Timounette’s whole page!

Lovely smile by Timounette

The next layout is not a happy one, but life isn’t always happy. I love layouts with lots of emotions in it. And Broken by Alegna is such layout. When I look at it I have to hold my breath. I feel the broken pieces. Angela made this so well. The journaling is great too! She says that she has been through a lot, but she still believes in magic! Me too!

broken by Alegna

My last pick has some feelings in it too. I am Enough by Dotcomkari. I like how she build the page. The beautiful splatters in the middle, some nice black brushes, and the cute girl on top of it. And I love the message of this layout ! We all have our imperfections and we make mistakes. Yes I do. But I am enough! 

I am Enough by Dotcomkari

That’s it for me! I hope these beautiful layouts inspire you! They absolutely inspire me! LOL

Have a nice day!

Hugs Chantal


Finger Pointing- 25th of August

25 Aug

Hello fellow scrappers!

Hope you guys had a great weekend and are ready for another week. I couldn’t believe this is the last week of August and next week it’s the start of the BER months already. Yay! I won’t keep you long, I know that for some scrappers, it’s back to school now. This is Beth aka kewl_jive bringing you today’s gallery standouts.

Here are my picks for today, hope you like it.

Streets of Barcelona by Lindsan
Love the clean and simple design. The white background is just beautiful to showcase the photos and elements used here. Love the doilies underneath the photos and the minimal use of flowers. Beautiful use of white space and the streets of Barcelona are amazing. Well done!

My thoughts by oldvwblues
Wonderful composition. This really caught my eyes in the gallery, but my heart aches after reading the journaling. Such a heartfelt tribute to her friend. Love the brush works, stamps and everything else. The monochromatic design really conveys the emotions of the page. May she find justice over this senseless incident.

so happy.. neener neener! by msbamf2you
One of my favorite quotes. “Hakuna Matata”. I just love the feel of the page, all the different flowers really make this page look gorgeous. I adore how she arranged the flowers, it doesn’t look overwhelmed. Beautiful photos, great design. Love the placement of black and white striped paper, it creates balance. So much to look at and I really love it!

chucks by sue.falstaff
I can relate with her, though I still try to wear heels, but I am more comfortable with flat shoes and sneakers. I love the black & white with selected color as it emphasizes the subject and the papers used underneath the photo. Love the splats added and the string which leads my eyes to the beautiful photo.

Princess by 3littleks

Such a fabulous princess! I always admire her work and this one is no exception. Love the background paper she used which adds beauty to the page. Love the vertical design and the use of stitches and doily that hold the photo and other elements. Great design!

riding by to say by LaurieW
This is such a beautiful hybrid project. Great use of papers and elements here. Anyone would be happy to receive such a beautiful card.

Thanks for taking a peek at the pages I’ve chosen for today. Should you have time, please stop by and give them some well deserved love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!

Beth (kewl_jive)

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