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Finger Pointing- 30th of September

30 Sep

Hi everyone!

Today is the last day of September and I am so ready to welcome October, my birth month. But before we bid our last goodbyes to September, let me show you my top six for today. This is Beth aka kewl_jive, bringing you today’s gallery standouts. Hope you enjoy my picks for today.

Buckeye Lake in the Morning by Miki
Perfect as it is. Fall has finally arrived and I am loving it. I just love how she framed the beautiful photo, the masking is beautiful as well as the blending. I love the process and glow of the page and the texture and word art. I will definitely try to do it the way she made the page. Make sure to check her layout as she mentioned how she created this wonderful page. This is gorgeous in every way.

best moments by doti40
This is simply amazing! I love the use of white space and how she pulled the design on the right side. Sometimes, you just need to whip a simple gorgeous design. Love the priceless photo and how she masked it, the overlay really helps the page to standout with the touches of colors. The wavy border on the right leads my eyes straight to the beautiful work she made.

Simple Autumn by anny-libelle
So much to enjoy on this page! Fabulous use of the kit, feels like I can touch the elements at the bottom. Beautiful composition, love how she combined all the brush works and word art to come up with a beautiful paper. It has a sense of balance and doesn’t look cluttered, everything looks perfect as well as the beautiful photo.

Just Call me Nanna by Carollee
Scrapbooking is all about preserving memories and I love when I see a page that expresses so much love on the photos and journaling. I love her story about being a first time “nanna”. I enjoy her story and her gorgeous design. I love the torn effects on the photo and how she showed an old photo of her grandma in sepia photo treatment and a color photo of her and her grandchild. Both photos are priceless! I can feel her deep love and I wish my mom can scrap about her grandkids. Great way to tell a beautiful story using an amazing design.


Autumn by Marleen
She could hang this on an art gallery’s wall, this is gorgeous in every way. The reflection and the glows are just fantastic. I couldn’t help but to include her page in my post since this is really creative. Great blending, love the brush strokes and softness of the page. I am speechless, a genuine artist indeed.

ruski standart by karbolik
It’s fun to learn a new language. Awesome freestyle designs used here. Love how she put everything together with all the doodles. I wish I could understand this. I’m loving the mixed media papers, splats and stitches here. Awesome work!

Thanks for taking a peek at the layouts I’ve picked for today. Should you have time, please stop by and give them some well deserved love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!

Beth (kewl_jive)


Finger Pointing – September 29

29 Sep

Long time no see! Yes!! I am still in the team lol but I have been so busy since end of August up until last week with our move back to Japan that I didn’t get to scrap, design, nor pick pages for the GSO blog. I also didn’t have internet at home until last Friday and had only my travel computer to connect outside the house. I’m glad I have now all back up and running. I hate using 1 finger on my iPhone to communicate!! lol I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the early stages of the beautiful season that is fall. One of my favorite season in Japan. Can’t wait to see the colors change. All right then! On to some wonderful pages that, I hope, will give you great inspiration!

First school photo by parr1983Look at this funky brush work and fresh set of colors!! I love the professional look of the photo with this messy yet cute background with all those little flowers! Love how real the shadows look too.

Playing on the beach by Timounette – It doesn’t get cleaner than this!! I love the fresh and flashy green that mirror the photo so well. I love the creative photo crop and the cute little hearts too!! Do you see how the photo goes outside the frame but in a watercolor effect? Awesome!!

Discovering the swimming pool by Sarah – More brush gorgeousness here too! I love the triangles and how the photo is displayed in two of them. I also admire the perfect color match with the water and the brushes behind. Very colorful and joyful page!

New York again by ValeJules – What an awesome photo effect!! I love the super clean look with this white background and only brushes to give accents to the photo. Could be in a magazine! Brilliant!

Bugs by mimisgirl – Couldn’t pass this one! I love big photos, as you may know by now. The accent is perfectly made on the bug in the cup but with a beautiful bokeh of her pretty face. Just the perfect amount of elements and journal to add a little accent to this beautiful photo and tell the story. Super sweet!

Falling for you by Chaos Lounge – We are in autumn now but my eyes keep going to pages with fresh colors like green or those beautiful blues. Have you noticed? But I thought I should finish this post in a more seasonal manner and I found the perfect page! look at the flow of elements here! Love the soft brushes in the back mix with scribbles. That would make an awesome autumn card!!


Finger Pointing- September 28

28 Sep

Good evening (or morning or afternoon depending on where you are in the world)! Carrie here bringing you today’s standouts. I’m going to try to make this quick since it’s been a long, long day for me and I’m still (grr…) under the weather.

hello autumn by Adryane

What an amazing twist for a heritage photo! I love warm colors on the cool white. The photo work is really quite stunning!

Finger Pointing- Sept. 28 | hello autumn by Adryane


 Noteworthy by LeeAndra

I love all the little bits and there’s something about that vertical stitching that makes me happy. Plus, that one mint word art piece… that’s an awesome way to pull your eye down the page.

Finger Pointing- Sept. 28 | Noteworthy by LeeAndra


Leaving Me… by ScrappinRae

She wins the day in my book! That “ghost” photo treatment is utterly perfect and wonderfully intriguing. I love the butterflies and background… so feminine and uplifting with a hint of nostalgia.

Finger Pointing- Sept. 28 | Leaving Me... by ScrappinRae


Choose to Shine by dlw068

I love that the page goes from purple to yellow purposefully. The mixed media effect is fabulous and I love the emphasis around the title with the stitching. Wonderful!

Finger Pointing- Sept. 28 |  Choose to Shine by dlw068



True Happiness by chocochoco

I’m in awe of how she used so many patterns without the page feeling overwhelming. It’s happy, girly and interesting. I just love the tiny butterflies and bit of lace under the papers!

Finger Pointing- Sept. 28 | True Happiness by chocochoco


nesting by mhreen08

I adore the layered background with rounded corners and the fact that she’s made an actual nest for composition. And the feathers are absolutely ideal for this page!

Finger Pointing- Sept. 28 | nesting by mhreen08



That’s it for me. Time to crawl into bed with tea… until next time, be scrappy!


Finger Pointing- September 26th-

26 Sep

Hi!!! Hope everyone is well! I’m on recovery from surgery as some of you know, getting better and being pampered by my daughter who has been cooking every day and making me watch amazing movies!!! I know- I can’t complain- Now- I’m here after a lot of gallery roaming and a bit of a broken heart every time I need to decide which pages….there is so much talent all over!!!!! I hope my picks will inspire you as much as they inspire- Here they are:

Toys by mimisgirl: Love love LOVE full page photos, and I don’t think it is easy to make a stunning piece like this, in which the message comes acrosss – and there is so much talent in every little bit- To start with, the photo angle is perfect- I used to get on the floor a lot to take photos (now the crutches get on the way LOL) and this one is just beautiful- Then there is the clever absence of color outside the photo- the gorgeous word strips/journalers with equally gorgeous shadows & an awesome tittle work…. just stunning-


To carry on the full page beauty, Happiness by Akizo– Now here you have the combination of Akizo’s talent, not only as a scrapper, but also as a designer and this page just makes me fall in love with every little bit!!! Love the little windows, the amazing coordination of color, perfect touch with the b&w pictures, shadows to kill for and every element perfectly placed giving the whole thing movement- Absolute delight!!!!


Now I found two wonderful art journal/photo-less pages by another two super admired artists of mine: Record Your World Cover by Elisah & Give your Thoughts Wings by EllenT.

Elysah’s page has me wanting to go do this project- What an amazing strength coming out of it, extremely skilled blending, her composition perfect, it actually looks like a very old book, love the key-hole idea…everything in here is impressive….


From the tittle to the combination of kit/word art through the amazing layering & shadows…. Ellen’s page makes my heart sing- I’m a bit short of words -this does NOT happen often to me- dreamy and hopeful page, love the way Ellen’s imagination layered over the word and…I would have never thought of a bird in the head, and it looks absolutely amazing!!!! Another super stunning master piece!!!


Getting back to stunning photos, we get to another super gorgeous page: August by Dagi captivates me- she certainly has an amazing model- the photo capture is beautiful and her work around it is perfect for a calendar topper! Love white background pages with passion, and here it works so well with those wonderful shadows giving depth… and if you look closely, the photo crop is so fabulous!!!!! Gorgeously gorgeous all together!!!!!


Last but not in the very least least is 1958 by jumlai– I was born in the year, and this page gives such a beautiful portrait! Love the sepia photo, the framing, how well all works with the pink… all that blank space….still a lot to look at – & the feel of ending of summer comes together with this…. Beautiful!!!!


And with this I leave you for tonight- Hope you love these pages as much as I do- If you can spare a minute or two, you can get to these super talented ladies’ original galleries by clikcing on the LO name & author and leave them some love- we all know how much one word can change our day!!! Have an awesome weekend!!!







Finger Pointing – September 24th

24 Sep

Hello everyone! September is almost over {WHAT!?}! I’m beginning to be happy because my birthday is next month!!!LOL
Paula here with Jeanine to show some gems that we found at the galleries today!
There are so many layouts out there to find inspiration!! I hope you like our choices!

keeping it low by Romy

This is uber FAB!!! Love the colors of this page, the brushes so well used, the design, the artsy,  all of it! I cannot stop looking at this, so simple, so beautiful and catchy.

romy mscraps

NY (AA ladder Challenge – DAY SEVEN) by ValeJules

C’est magique ta page! I love the Anna Challenges at Oscraps….Ohh, I mean I DO love challenges! LOL, they force you to try new things. And this page is so vibrant that I couldn’t resist. Love the photo treatment! What a fantastic colors! Love the deep electric blue with greens and the lavanda circular brushes at the background!


hummingbird by dvhoward

Love the perfect large photo and how she repeats it, but in a different angle with the polaroid frame. The elements,  the shadows…Some things just scream perfection… the two hours spent to capture the birds at the feeder totally worth it!!!

dvhoward tlp

Brave When You Need It by jaye

Oh my goodness!!!! I love this! This is an amazing piece of art! Just love the colours that she used and the way all elements goes together…The composition and use of wordart is really well done.

jaye tlp

‘Dark Romance’ by Songbirdy

This jumped out of the galleries the moment I saw it! I can’t stop looking at it! Love that she only used BW to make the page. This layout is absolutely so dynamic! So much to see!! I’m in love with every little detail here … so wonderfully done!


Your Light by lmgdonahue

WOW this one is just stunning and so creepy! Like I already said : Not all pages are happy,…The darkness totally grabbed me! Amazing how a monochromatic page can stand out like that! Besides I am sucker for large photos and this one is a superb example because  the picture tells a part of the story. Love all the scratches over the page and I Love the quote. I know what it is like to feel alone and afraid. I would think that many of us have experienced these feelings at one time or another, but we must remember that the suffering in our lives need not define us! Don’t lose hope.






Finger Pointing – September 23rd

23 Sep

Hi there!  It’s Farrah here again!  Who’s ready to see the layouts that I’m pointing my finger at for today?  I LOVE photos…I really can not help myself.  I’m just soooo drawn to today’s photo-centric themed layouts.

1. Life is good by lcpereyra – I mean WOW…really WOW….I love the photo and I especially love the misted alpha….life is good…yes, it certainly is.


2. aA ladder Challenge – DAY FIVE – family by jumlai- I love seeing family pics…I think this one is sooo sweet.  It really touched my heart.


3. Wedding night by Courtney Mervine-  Having just finished up a set of wedding photos myself, I’m totally in LOVE with this photo and the location.  The lighting is gorgeous and the whole layout really does it justice!


4- Porcelain by lizj-  Another GORGEOUS photo!  Great use of light and well scrapped!


5- You are my Favorite-test by dotcomkari – awww…such a sweet photo and I love how the layering leads my eye straight to the photo.


6- Surf by dady– WOZERS!  Ok…how cool is it that the surfer is coming right out of the page? Awesome!




Finger Pointing – September 22nd

23 Sep

Hi everyone! I’m late making my post. I was on a roadtrip to Hungary (1260 km) last weekend, left Friday morning, got back Sunday evening and fell asleep on the couch last night ;). Guess the driving wore me out a little more than I expected. But I found some wonderful pages to inspire you! Here we go!

Style by Adryane is soo creative! Adryane is experimenting with stitches and different ways to use them. Here she managed to tickle my imagination and let me think the stitches are the horizon and door to the ladies house. To me it is an awsome page with a whole story to dream about! A true standout!!

adryane oscraps

Progress by mimisgirl You should read the journaling here, it is a touching story about how she realized that being perfect and wanting your partner to be perfect is not the way things work in a marriage. Besides the story I love the mixed media background and all the stamps, brushes and warm colors here! They complement the story told! Great AJ page!

mimisgirl tlp

Utah Moonrise by SharLamb Sometimes seeing pages like this one I wish we had mountains also over here in Holland…these colors are breathtaking and what SharLamb did with the frame and here whole page is too!! Love the way she brushed the colors of the picture over the frame into the sky. Magic it is indeed!

sharlamb oscraps

Hang in there by Dawn Inskip A beautiful pictureless monochromatic page! Love the doodles and zentangle elements! The journaling about struggling with life sometimes and how to hang in is very touching. Love it!

dawn msa

Right here & Now by lynning Another AJ page! It caught my eye immediate when I was strolling through the galleries. Love the hidden journaling, love the messy feel, love the doodled flowerbursts giving a sence of rush (is that the right word?) of her way to embrace imperfection.

lynning tlp

Sea by YvonneH What a beauty!!! The porthole wich isn’t a real porthole, the tag, the sand behind it, the water at the bottom of the page, the shells, the piece of burlap, the wonderful shadowing, everything makes sence and takes me to the water, to our mother, the sea….Love, love, love!

yvonneH msa

I hope you like my choices and I hope you get inspired too! And please, if you are visiting the galleries today, please leave the artists some love! See you next time!