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Finger Pointing – October 31st

31 Oct

It is all hallows eve here in America.  I am sitting in the dark, scrapping.  My kids are out going from event to event filling pillowcases with calorie laden candy.  I am waiting for them to get home, so I can check it before they eat it. YES! I admit it I also make them pay a tax! All Reesee Peanut Butter Cups belong to me! I went to through the galleries today and had great plans of filling this post with ghouls and ghastly pages…but there was more talent and outrageously awesome pages of ALL kinds I couldn’t keep it to one genre!!

Starting off with Anja_77’s page Only for Boys.  I love how she took the ribbon and it feels almost like a street! The circles all over to include the frames that shine so spectacularly, and the lights all come together for a top notch page!


RED! I love RED! I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame! This is beyond amazing, I want to print and frame it HUGE on my wall! LOOK at the way cool out of bounds in the round frame! wow, oh wow and add ten more wows.  I don’t know what I love more, the composition of the page or the dynamic photographs by Timounette on her in Red page!


I Have a Story to Tell You by Iowan.  This has to be a photograph of a page, I just know it…look at the shadows, the depth, I want to look and see if there is glue behind these layers.  Her work on this page screams, I had fun MAKING THIS PAGE! Can’t you feel it??


Project Life. I could just type those two words and walk away. You see I am petrified and at the same time mesmerized by those that keep the pages going. I keep trying to pump myself up to do it. I give up, and then…a page like this one makes me want to try it again.  The cropped photos, make this page even more stunning.  Justagirl (really I am not stalking you, just love your view on life) page Mudgeeraba Show 2014(which I had to google, because the word is just a giggle on my lips!  oh oh and how cool are the apps squares? I don’t know for sure what they are called, but I know they do something with a smart phone!


This is something I believe EVERYone should try! Black and White a photo and then plop (although I believe that bao didn’t just plop) a frame and keep the color on the framed cropped part of the photo.  Isn’t is marvelous? I think the page Art’ by bao is fascinating, and as one of the commentators said it is clever! Her soft fade on the photo is phenomenal too!


The last page is another fun technique that I forget about, selective color! This photo is hilarious and perfect with the color selection! Quirky by Justme Trace is what scrapping is about to me, taking a photo and  when this page is printed and looked at conversation will blossom and laughter of that memory lives again!


oooooooooooooh the candy collecting children are home…and I need to feed on chocolate! Enjoy the picks tonight and laugh when you take pictures, giggle when you scrap them, and

~never lose your joy!




Finger Pointing- October 29

29 Oct

Hello, everyone! Carrie here. I’ve spent my day wearing a headset and listening to sounds, so getting to browse the galleries was a welcome and inspired distraction. Oh, the eye candy… It’s amazing… Now for some standouts:


Thankful For by azrood

This layout has a great split composition. It’s a great strategy for presenting a list and adding context. The kraft background sets off all the great colors and journaling. There’s great depth and texture in her clusters… and the yellow border at the bottom unifies the design.

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 |    Thankful For by azrood


I Photograph Colors by RaeClevett

The colors pop off the white background. The photos are gorgeous… I love the saturated red leaves against the light green paper. That small script journaling font really matches the mood of this piece. The arrows add a subtle focus while the leaves move our eye. And that shadow on the the well positioned word art just makes me happy.

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 |    Thankful For by azrood


Dance With Me by oldvwblues

Absolutely show stopping. There’s so much energy with the use of saturated colors and strong lines. She’s used the natural shape of the face to move our eye through the journaling and the page… but first, that yellow between the eyes pulls us right in! So amazing.

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 | Dance With Me by oldvwblues


Cozy Time by geek_girl

Another great white background… and great photo. If there is such a thing as crisp warmth, this page is that. It’s a loose composition, but the downward left to right diagonal flow gives it a solid foundation. And I love that it’s finished off with the red and blue flower. Simple, yet skillfully done.

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 | Cozy Time by geek_girl


Autumn by beckturn

I think I really like the firey red leaves… I really love the mix of warm neutrals the almost summery reds, pinks and oranges. The dark branch leads you right to the amazing photo. So much wonderful texture here that I want to touch the page. I love the damask (is that the right word?) pattern on the left… it really brings in a chic, but cozy feel to the page.

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 |    Autumn by beckturn


glamour girl by Tronesia

I just love the black, pink and golden palette. It’s perfect for the sassy photo. The “Z” flow gives the page the perfect amount of energy for the subject. I love the the flowers and the leaves along with the triangle pattern paper have an almost animal print. It really drives home the theme of the page. Great visual storytelling!

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 | glamour girl by Tronesia



It’s time for me to say goodnight and put my kitties to bed. I will see you next month. Have an awesome Halloween!!


Finger pointing – October 28

29 Oct

Aaaaaaaaaaah! I’m running late!!! With all the DSD excitement and preparations, I totally spaced and forgot to post my picks!! But maybe it is still October 28th somewhere in the world, isn’t it? lol I hope you’ll enjoy the pages I picked. Thanks for looking.

Because by kaphelps  – I love the clean look here. The soft grid paper with those splash of paint in the back, the neat title work and the balance of the page in general. Cute bits and pieces here and there too gives it a sweet look. The shadows of course. Can’t stop looking at the different shadows both on flat elements and 3D pieces. Great job!

My city by Design de Wild  – Simplicity and colors caught my eyes here. This is a beautiful way to feature one’s town. Perfect color match of the paint splatter and the photo, beautiful balance and white space. Makesme wanna scrap about my hometown ;)

The Bridge by helendubois – Here is another beautiful scenery page. Love the photo effect on the bridge and the the mix of text overlay, gesso and brushes. It has a kind of a vintage feel to it and it looks wonderful. The lines and angle in the photo too are beautiful!

Scrappy Tidbits by Traumelfe – Looks like I was going for a theme here because here is another beautiful scenery page. Wonderful work in the back with the grid, the brushes and paint splatter. I love how the photo is stitched to the page too and the cuteness of that heart button. The blurry effect on the photo makes the main subject, the lighthouse stand up even more. Great work!

Joy by oldvwblues – Here ends my buildings and scenery series ;) Look at this wonderful page! You can feel the joy of the moment. I love the messy background and the touches of purples that make the photo stand out so well. Those messy threads and the string are the perfect accents.

Paradise Art by stellamarie – GORGEOUS!! What else to say?! I loooove the fun and adorable photo and the work with the flowers and blending. Looks like the flowers are really ornaments in her hair and not on the page. the colors are fantastic and the mix of paper + blending in the background is delicious. WONDERFUL design!


Finger Pointing-October 26th

26 Oct

Hello!!!! Margje here with my choices from the galleries on this last Sunday of October! Delighted to be back today to share my finds in the galleries with you all. We have wintertime since last night and the extra hour of sleep was very welcome! So I’m really looking forward to bring you some wonderful pages !

To the edge by Tinkelbel  What incredible blending work! This layout practically glows with the beautiful  city evening light! Tinkelbel is a genius in creating the right feel and mood in a page! I feel like I’m standing there for the first time in a new place in a cool evening breeze! And the quote is finishing it all perfectly!


AnnaColor Challenge – 10.24-11.06-2014 by faby33  So much to see and enjoy, the beautiful dancers, the photo treatment, brushwork and placing of the elements. The coloring of the page is awesome and I love how the clock, word labels and loop really help move your eye through the page and give it some movement!


Bless this house by amandac What a stunning page! I love all the layers on the vertical design and the outlines round the Journal Card and Photo! Wonderful elements she used, the word strips and the hearts to give it all a happy feeling! Love the colors and border edge too! A really fine home is so important! I’m happy for her!


Halloween by jetje  I love the story she tells with her pages! And she does that in a very beautiful way, with heartwarming journaling! Those photo’s are saying it all and she used wonderful elements to illustrate everything! It is all placed with so much care! A joy to look at!


Manhatten by ValeJules  She has an amazing gift to blend photos and textures together to make an outstanding page! The way that the texture and the script frame the photo is so awesome! And the photo treatment makes the photo alive with all the relief on the windows! Looking at it I want to touch it with my fingers to feel it!


Cozy by pagefrocks  Love a white background with beautiful paint on it! Ad a beautiful colored heart and give us a few of your simple easily overlooked comforts listed, that make it cozy  for you and you got yourself an awesome page! I really love her list! (some are on mine too) And it is the simple things isn’t it????


This is all from me tonight, hope you enjoyed my picks!  Congratulations if you are featured, and, if you love the pages, leaving a bit of love to these awesome artists only takes a minute, each LO is linked to the original gallery, thanks for stopping by! See you next time!



Finger Pointing – October 25th

25 Oct

Hey everyone, here I am with my picks of todays artworks! I’ll keep it short, I had a busy day, I am feeling tired and my bed is calling very loud now ;)

Genuine by Zwyck A beautiful C&S page! Gorgeous how Zwyck used all the blocks of the template for the picture, it draws the attention totally to the girls eyes! Love it!

zwyck msa

Santorini by Jeanne Beautiful ‘painted’ effect on the picture here! I’ve been a lot to Greece when I was younger and it is excactly like this page show, blue sea, white houses, blue roofs and the sun shining all day! Love the borders used here!!

jeanne designer digitals

Stress free by Ga_L Another C&S page I love! Clipped, brushed, splattered, all in B&W with some touches of color make this page shine in the gallery! Wonderful!!

Ga_L msa

Let nothing stop you by Anne PC What a great photo and how well Anne treated it! Love everything here, the blending, the placement and size of the wordart, the brushes, simply beautiful!!


Pumpkin art by yellowpeep And a little Halloween is sneaking is ;). Only a short week to go! I think the galleries will get loaded with Halloween pages by then. I love the fun this page reflects, the children are painting on real pumpkins and the pictures are telling the story. Love all the little Halloween elements, drawings and paintbrushes.

yellowpeep tlp

Pretend by AmberR Love all the happy colors and patterns here and the sweet story of playing and pretending being someone, somewhere else after school. Children need that after a day of hard work! Love the little house and trees stamp! Lovely page!

AmberR tlp

That’s it for tonight! I hope you like my choices! Have a good Sunday!


Finger Pointing – October 24th-

24 Oct

Hi! Here I am again, this time slightly earlier than usual as I had a day full of doctors, so I am trying to make an earlier night, so I’ll try to be as brief as my latinity allows :)- There are some amazing pages in the galleries & I’m so pleased to be able to share with you all!

My first pick is by a lady I have been following for quiet a while (since late 2010) and whom I used to chat a bit more in the now extinct CatScrap- Who would have said that I will end up in teams with her, one of my most admired people all the whole industry, who is also admirable as a mother, friend, she is such a talented lady and I have seen her growing on art journal over the past couple of years …but I very very rarely come across her pages when I’m posting, so today my heart skipped a beat when I found this absolutely amazing page….which brings my most fav mantra of all: Thankfulness is one of the most beautiful feelings- as is this extremely beautiful creations of hers: I Thank- by hollyinjapan


Next page is by someone whom, I think, needs little introduction. Her artistic pages are always a stand out in the galleries, this particular one so beautiful and rich, love all the paints with the gesso texture, the image editing is gorgeous, and the smile in the little girls face brightens up the whole page… gorgeously beautiful bits of printed text and that flower crown… beautiful, strong and delicate page at the same time: She by LiLi (misslovescraps)


Last week we went into a shop with my daughter and could not understand why, oh, why, why do they put Christmas stuff so early? We haven’t had Halloween yet?!? But then I came across this page and my heart melted in the spirit of Christmas once again!!!! The lady in question is Helenne (buzinettescraps) a delightfully upbeat girl who always lifts my spirits, both with her pages and her beautiful ways…and in this page she brings one of my most favorite kits of all times….the kit that actually rescued me from my phobia of Christmas kits (after I scrapped 60 pages in less than two weeks in 2012…. I was ready to give them up LOL)  a kit made last year by one of my most dear, favorite people in the industry , Mirjam aka Pink Reptile Designs- The results are obvious: an elegant, happy, delicate but fun, perfectly layered, brilliantly shadowed… vraiment magnifique!!! ;)


And here is another super delightful page, by another much loved girl: One Cozy Kitty by Danica- aka weaselwatcher is joy:  little “boxes” of happiness in each piece of paper and that more than comfy kitty…. love her shadows, how she broke the very symmetrical square by gently offsetting the right side…..and how great those papers look all together!!!! The page may seem a bit empty (to the likes of me who wont stop until the page is completely buried in elements LOL) but there is so much and so beautiful here, one can see how wonderful her work is!!! Those stitches seal the deal to me….LOVE this page!!!!


I don’t think I know the scrapper of this next page, but I’m in LOVE with it!!!!!! LOVE love LOVE a full page and this one is right up my alley: Lots of text, precious composition, incredible shadows….and reading her journaling took me back some 15 years when I had my own lill wild toddler….an amazingly gorgeous page, beautiful memory record in the most amazing style! Today is Yours by msbamf2you


And to call it a night, I ll leave you with the joy, explosion of happiness that is Anne of Alamo- Her pages always provoke the most intense feelings- and I LOVE it when that humor of hers comes up in brilliant pages like this-After all, all of us mothers of teens ….we do know it can be quiet scary!!!! Hyper creative kit (gotta give it to Reneemarie, I NEED this kit now!!!!!) together with the brilliancy of Anne…it could only result in a stand up!!!!!! love that perspective so well used…everything in this page gives me so much joy-


Aren’t these ladies awesome? If you can spare a minute or two, you can click in the high-lit names or in the image to get to their original galleries- Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


Finger Pointing – October 23rd

23 Oct

Wild and Wonderful Thursday! I sit and go thru the gallery, while listening to the giggles of my boys on the Kindle! I love that sound! I get giggling at them.  One of my favorite type of pages are ones that make you laugh…don’t you ?

Iowan’s Fantastic Conner 2013 will make you burst into smiles and giggles! I love the eyeball paper, and that title and oh oh I am just seeing this..the hands reaching up are just so cool! This is one fun and fabulous page!Fangtastic_Connor_2013

I can’t fight the weather changing, the days getting shorter and sweaters being pulled out! Ania-maria’s Cozy Sweater & ETC is worthy to hang on a door and announce that Fall is here, and well…uhm Pumpkin EVERYThing! lol, I love the fun all over, but look at that leaf, and the shadow! Pure delightful!


Another part of the Fall season I love is Baseball, and AmberR’s Major Players pulls the whole spirit of the joy of going to a game! I love how she layers up the adventure of the park, and that ball comes right off the page in perfect HOMErun fashion!


I seriously cried.  I lost my little brother this year to cancer(hate hate hate cancer).  My brother fought it to the bitter end.  He was strong, watching my parents suffer thru his death and how they are still suffering. The scripture on this page has strengthened me.  I am touched by the artistic flair, using the chalkboard and the different alpha/fonts is just amazing. Thank you ouisiekelly’s for your heart on your page Nothing Worse. 


Then a page of pure wonder and what is all right in the world.  This little boys face is delightful, his eyes dance with mischief and adventure. I am in awe of the mixtures of b&w with the dynamic reds! That beatricemi journals about his struggles and happiness on the page Littlest is done with such a loving heart, it makes me want to cheer Jacob on!


Finally, a page that gives me fist pumping victory! I want to leave you with it, and thoughts to ponder…living without regrets, looking back! What a beautiful purpose! Aino’s  Right Track is artsy and still takes on strength and oh my gosh, I think that stem is real and I could touch it!


Bedtime for my giggling boys and I am close behind, but please

~never love your joy