Finger Pointing June 9th

9 Jun

A day of wonder going thru the galleries. I was absolutely inspired to scrap after the lovelies I saw today, I so hope it does the same for you!

Cupiennius_Getazi by Pheeebzzz– Spiders are not my favorite thing, but I do find a certain majesticness to them.  That is just one huge one! The circles and cut out are so simple and yet give this page one awesome feel:20140514-Cupiennius_Getazi

Tuba Outburst by Sarahorton: I love tuba players, they always seem to just exude charisma and personality.  She so captured that with the beyond awesome extraction, then ad the cool stamps and paint (be still my heart to see paint anywhere)! I agree with the comments, this needs to be blown up huge and put in his room! BEYOND way cool!sarahorton_tubamusic_outburst

Basket by brinic: This is such a phenomenal photo. The lighting and the subject being so dark.  Taking the extra frames both the long rectangular and the smaller one under give this page an artsy feel.  Then the blast of orange on the slant just is the bomb bomb diddly of wow! adore this!Sans_titre-1ds243

Punk by Roboliver: I love when a scraplift challenge inspires such a fantastic page! Going dark was exactly what this photo needed! The zipper element is AWESOME, giving a depth with a tangible feel! Sid Vicious would be so proud…lolpunk

Forever Young by MaggieMae; The artist to this page is going thru old slides and as one who was gifted with a childful full of memories of jpgs from slides, this is a treasure.  Maggie is reveling in the memories of long ago, when the kids were young, but she captured them to bring the forever of the memory. I got a bit of a lump thinking of this.  Our memories are made beautiful and as we make the page the events of that moment come flooding back and we can share them again and again. Oh how I love this craft!KPertiet_VintageLibraryPaperieNo3-5

Captain Jamie by Sam Ellis!!!!!!!I want to fill the page with exclamation points and then stand up and clap loud!! This is just so fantasic! The title that grabbed me immediately, that spectacular big photo(pure intensity) and the journaling so soft and perfect! I enjoyed this flight too!



I hope I leave you inspired and full of joy to scrap the memories you have made.  Thank you for reading and being a part of the Finger Pointing fun!

~never lose your joy!


3 Responses to “Finger Pointing June 9th”

  1. Pheeebzzz June 10, 2014 at 2:49 am #

    Oh, waow ! Thanks, you made my day :)
    Love all the other pages as well, lots of eye candy there :D

  2. Sara Horton June 10, 2014 at 11:31 pm #

    Oh my goodness. Thank you so much, Anne! You not only made MY day – you also gave my son a huge grin when he read your comment about tuba players. We totally agree about the tuba personality ;)
    I love your picks today and am very honored to be mentioned with all these beautiful pages. Thanks!

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