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Finger Pointing – January 31th

31 Jan


Can you believe it’s almost February? Time really passes by so fast! A month ago we were starting a new year!!! Sometimes I have the feeling I’m on a fast train ! And I continue to try to stay the machinist! I have to stop it so now and then, and start thinking if I’m heading in the right direction! And if I didn’t had to stop at a another station, that I was to quickly passing by!

But hey, you didn’t come here for my thoughts about time and directions! You are here for the daily inspiration in some wonderful layouts! You are lucky!! I found us some gorgeous pages again! So let’s go!

a year of Destiny by Nikki Epperson  I get happy looking at this beautiful layout! I love all the photo’s and how she layered them! The colors are great and the embellishments she used are awesome too! What a great way to look back at past year! And it sure looks like it was a happy one!


You and me by SonjaS  What I really love about this page is the use of those ink spots… how clever of her! The page is so lovely and beautiful, I keep looking at it! The black and pink look wonderful together!


hope-and-dream by MummyD  Aah how sweet and cute this is! Love this dreamy and gorgeous page! It has all the magic in it! Love the light in it! Very beautifully done! We should never stop dreaming!!


Fabric of Love by swastinadia This is a page with humor in it! It’s so nicely made with those (kind of) caricatures on the bike! But everything written is so true! I love the colors and embellishments that she has used! It’s a wonderful and fun page to look at!


SouthCentralkopie by tinekereinders There are a lot of awesome pages made with this kit in the galleries! This layout touched me by the contrast of the innocent girl in a somewhat harder urban world! Quite intriguing and special! I had to look again and again!


Getting Lost by zlemon  I’m in Awe! Really love this page! The lines, the colors, the textures! Everything together works fabulous! And that beautiful font makes it outstanding even more! I didn’t mind getting a bit lost in this beautiful page!


And again I find myself at the end of my list of pages to show you. I hope you like my picks and found yourself a bit of inspiration! I wish you a wonderful weekend! See you next time! Happy scrapping!



Finger Pointing- January 30th-

30 Jan

Hello!!! Hope everyone is doing well! I’m here, late as usual, (3 am here in freezing London!) after getting lost in the galleries with so many awesome pages!!! We have been waiting for snow that was promised since we came back from seeing the family in December…but judging by the wind slipping through the windows here…we may have some soon….anyway, I have some gorgeous pages I would like to share with you!

This first page is by someone anyone who knows me knows I have huge love for. Everything she does, be that as a designer (she is the amazing talent that produces Pink Reptile Designs!!!) or as a scrapper…she rocks every kit & every page. I was a customer for years and for now (I think? LOL) 2 years? I have been blessed with being part of her Creative Team. It isn’t very often I come across her pages, so I am delighted to have this to share with you tonight. The photo is gorgeous with a perfect crop, the title dominating the page is done with so much elegance, everything works so perfectly well…I think the page speaks for itself: MOC challenge 29 by Mirjam-


I love love LOvE and love a bit more a good photo-less page, and this one is a delight: colors are happy and jump at the eye, the mixture in textures with brushed leaves and different type of elements, amazing alpha title and superb clustering, it all comes together in this superb composition with some rocking shadows!!! Life by scrappydonna


Another absolutely gorgeous page from the Month of Challenges (which I’m trying to catch up and failing LOL) This is such a beautiful page with the extraction, love the background with the paints and the quote with different word arts…. so truthful too, love it!!! MOC 29 Big Title by thimbleberrie-


My daughter keeps telling me I turn into jelly lately to the sight of babies… it maybe that I’m getting old, but I have to admit my heart sings with this page…such a beautiful baby scrapped with so much skill and taste….this is another one of my favorite ladies and I don’t see her featured here enough….the page speaks sweetness and love, and every bit in the composition makes me want to look a bit further…gorgeous layering and the shadows go with the soft feel of the whole thing….perfect! Love at First Sight Alex 2005 by Iowan-


Love a full page, and love Akizo….there is no going right with her, another designer who is brilliant in her designing as much as in her scrapping…and this page has my attention in every bit! love the black and white of the photo, the framing is great and the whole composition is full of little detail- absolute gorgeousness!!!! Love Never Ends by Akizo


Last but never least….I was almost jumping of delight when I found this page!!!! I started watching when we were away visiting the family, and finished in a week…(yes- all 6 & 1/2 seasons!!! LOL) here…I’m keeping an eye to the last half season and this just blew my mind! LOve the work she did to fit the characters, the feel of the page is in tune with the series…LOVE this!!!!! By the way, she is also another amazing designer who scraps and designs with top marks!!!! Mad Men by Rucola Designs


I hope you enjoyed these as much as I do- You know you can click in the page or title & author to get to their original galleries and leave them a bit of love, they will sure appreciate it! Have an amazing weekend!


Finger Pointing- January 29

29 Jan

Oh, hey there, it’s me, Carrie. Can you believe the first month of 2015 is almost over? I’m personally excited about my favorite month to scrapbook being just around the corner. Maybe it’s because I’m the only girl in the house, but I’m ready for copious amounts of pink and hearts and glitter. And pink heart glitter. (will someone please send me pink heart glitter? lol)  Anyway, before I meltdown into puddle of pink, let’s look at what I’ve finger pointed today:

jan-2015-artsy by zanthia

Not only is this a feat of artful blending, but the effect of looking through the lens is creative and outstanding. You’re immediately drawn into the pop of dramatic color. This is simply awe inspiring! I think I need this on my wall.




used to be by MamaBee

She’s created such a wonderful, cozy scene that has great dimension. The cluster at the top really heightens that warm and cozy feeling and makes a nice lead in for the eye. I really like how she’s the clock not just to create a visual triangle, but cue us in to the importance of time in her story.



hello friends by celeste

This page is so youthful and care free. I love the photo treatment, the gold doilies and the loose band design. She went the extra mile with her shadowing, which made me wonder at first if this was paper or digital. Also, LOVE the black bits with the light palette!



you are so so loved by msbamf2you

Bring on the lovey-dovey pages! The photo treatments are so interesting and unexpected. She’s included a candid family photo, which adds dimension to her story. Also, this is another example of black with pastels adding a certain something to the page. The journaling is so sweet, too!



My Baby Legs by mum2gnt

This page just has such great texture and dimension. I love the little bits of thread… and could this be an early selfie? What a great thing to document and a excellent way to capture her own story. Another clock to illustrate the meaningfulness of time in her story- notice how the doodle lines follows the curve of the clock, then swoop away? Brilliant way to show time has passed!



threenager by misfitinmn

It seems like a simple page, but the less on the page, the more balance and alignment matter. This is simply perfect!  The text treatment and pairing is stand in for embellishing. She used the right photo, did a wonderful extraction and created an memorable page with a title that you’ll remember. So wonderful!



I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks! Don’t forget to leave your love for these pages and your favorites in the galleries. I’ll see you next month!


Finger Pointing- 28th of January

28 Jan

Good evening everyone! Paula here from the warmest Summer over here in Brazil! I’ve never been a fan of summer…Some places here reached a temperature of 40 degrees Celcius… So I think for us Brazilians it’s okay to hate the heat. In fact, it’s even okay to hate summer…Winter is my preferred season, well, winter or whatever time of year allows me to wear sweaters instead of tank tops and shorts. LOL
Ready for today’s Gallery Standouts? Here ya go…

Life is colorful by zwyck

Ohhh, I love all the vibrant colors here! The big photo sucker here couldn’t resist this beautiful page! Don’t you just love the photo? I can’t stop looking at it! It is fabulous and technique that Ulla-May used too!


MOC 2015 day 28 by violaine

Génial ! C’est magnifique! I just love the elegant look to the page. Love all the masks, and the photo treatment. And how they are blended into background and the neutral kraft paper is genius. I think would be really fun to look back on a years to come!


 The O2 by dawn inskip

The blending and execution are just gorgeous. Love the  black and white colors of this page with the few pops of color. The brushes are so well used, the design, all of it…Well done.


The World Awaits by Roboliver

The strong focal photo really draws the eye. I love the photo treatment and angle. Those map papers and those travel doodles are just the perfect balance to the journaling. I feel like I take a little trip around the page. A perfect travel page!


The Shark-shank Redemption by Glenda

Love this super colored page!!! It’s a very fun page! It caught my eye right away. So creative!!!


 Learn 2 take pictures by AnneofAlamo

Ohh… pleeeease Anne keeping celebrating the little things in your life and making those amazing pages!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the tittle, the mess, the camera, the sparkles, the word art…everything is so beautiful! The pop of pink with the almost black background really catches the eye, a real great combination of colors and elements! Awesome!



Finger Pointing- 27th of January

27 Jan

Hi everyone!

Happy Tuesday! Hope you guys are having a nice time wherever you are right now. To our dear scrappers in the northeastern part of the USA, please stay safe and warm. Can’t believe we only have 3 more days for January and February is fast approaching. This is Beth a.k.a. kewl_jive bringing you today’s gallery standouts. Hope you enjoy my picks for today.

Without further ado, here are my top 6 for today.

Over Two Years by Rae
The page is just as gorgeous as her plans. I love the colors and elements she picked here and the shadow works, it looks like a hybrid page for me. I love the brush works and stitches and everything else. I am staring at the photo, it goes really well with the page and the photo treatment and cropping is just perfect. I wish her luck in her plans. Great job!

the third year by ovaltine
This is just the sweetest page, the colors are so yummy. I am loving all the details here with all the flowers around the sweet photo. I also adore the rubber bands on the frame, it really adds beauty to the page. I like how she balanced everything here and the strips of papers and stitches on both sides, not to mention the stitched elements around the photo. Gorgeous page and kit!

Epiphany by amystoffel
Wow! This is such a great page in every way. Fell in love with the page the moment I saw it, love the flow of the page and how it turned out. The font and kit are amazing and used in a beautiful way. The journaling is heartfelt. I have to agree, it’s never too late. This is a very inspiring page. I could only wish her good luck in pursing her career. You go girl!

AnnaLift 012415 (word for word) by Adryane
All I can say is well done! The processing is just beautiful as the page. Love how she blends everything here and the lace and stitches are just perfect addition to the page. Some conversations are timeless and scrapbooking is one way to preserve it. Great work!

Snowdrop Patch by magnolia2907
Love the softness of the page and how she embellished the page. It feels like the lace is really attached to the beautiful photo and the page just shines.

2015 week 3 by Denise Beatty
Pocket page/project life is really the trend now and I am loving the summary of the week concept. Although I couldn’t read the journaling it feels like an awesome week. Love the “Love” wordart and the button on the letter “O”. Awesome!

Thanks for taking a peek at the layouts I’ve chosen for today. Should you have time, please stop by and give them some well deserved love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!

Beth (kewl_jive)


Finger Pointing – January 25th

25 Jan

Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! I have been peeking in the galleries and I would love to show some of the layouts that really caught my eye. So let’s take a look!

Always-hybrid card by scrappy_donna   I love this gorgeous card! It would be a perfect Valentine card for the one you love! Nothing better than a self made one! If I had the time I would make more cards myself too! This one is perfect


Snowworld by Ayla   A wonderful winter page! What I love the most is the shape of the photo! That gives this page this icy look! All the colors work beautiful together in this page too! I feel the cold looking at it! Way cool page!


at the moment by Lynnette   This is  an art journal in a really elegant and clean way! But I love it! The large text is awesome! It’s really eye catching and strong and powerful! I sure want to try to make something like this some time!


Annemarie by jirsev  Wow ! Love this dreamy fairytale look of the page! Very sweet photo’s and beautiful design! Pure magic is the feel looking at it!


Catch some waves by mijo  Fabulous clusterwork! Love how she layered everything and gave the page a wonderful depth. Love all the blue tones!  Aah the summer! It’s far away but the days go by so quick, it will be here before you know it!


Remember by Ga_L What a precious photo and beautiful page! Love the grey with the red and the beautiful design! I’m sure this great memory will not be forgotten!


With this one I’ve come to an end of my todays post. I hope you like my choices. Please don’t forget to leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries! Have a nice week and see you next time!



Finger Pointing – January 24th

24 Jan

Good evening everyone! I have been busy reorganizing my kitchen cabinets tonight so I’m a little late with my post. But I found more then enough beauties to show you! Let’s go!

Artjournal challenge by Fruitysuet is a wonderful sweet and adorable page with lovely colors and a great quote also! Love the doll here, looking so innocent towards us.

fruitysuet tlp

Moodboard inspiration by Deekaa Love the empty upperside of the page and almost everything placed on the lower half. Totally love the big bold word COLOR here and its colors also! The picture is very funny, watch D’s look on his face, could mean anything…LOL.

Deekaa tlp

Little traveler by MissLovescraps What I love on this page is the fact that the girl seems to look into an aquarium, where all kinds of colored species live, but in reality she’s watching the planes through a window . Love the brushwork here and the the clustered elements making a visual interesting triangle. One thing puzzles me….and that’s  the date….25 march 1943??

misslovescraps dst

Spy by twinsmomflor This is funny, humorous (is that the right word?) and very, very stinking cute!! And achieved with only a few brushstrokes, some tapes, some elements and a backgroundpaper. Wonderful!!

twinsmomflor dst

Fearless by AnikA A summerpage in the winter! Whohoo!! Love the pleasure the guys have in the water, love to see them playing together in the waves. This will be a great memory! Lovely placement of the brushes and the circles! Beautiful page!

anika dst

Wonderful you by sucali I am very into black with pops of color lately and that’s why I got attracted by this page immediately. Love the placement of the papers and the bright colors of the elements. Wonderful shadowwork here! Great page!!

sucali dst

I’ve come to the end of my post, I hope you have a great Sunday and see you next time!