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Finger Pointing- February 27th-

28 Feb

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well. I have been suffering from teeth problems which, to me, is the worse pain one can have…and trust me, I’m a pro when talking about pain LOL. Dentists on Monday, already on antibiotics so this house right now looks like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy -minus McSteamy & McDreamy- worse of all? I can’t eat or drink properly so I’m not in a very good mood, to put it mildly …once again, here come you all to my rescue…I spent the past couple of hours browsing galleries so that your talent gets my mind of the pains & worries…here are my picks for tonight.

Children’s Museum by Miranda Barten: This called my attention from the thumbnail and I was delighted with what I saw when I clicked on it: colors that lift your spirits up, a super fun capture of the children, a beautiful composition with blank space but allowing so many elements, all perfectly balanced with those tilted ribbons and the journaling making a bridge. Love it too (the journaling) the kids are indeed cute in those wanting to be scary faces!!!!! in love with this page!!!!!!


Happy Place by bcgal00: Love Rae’s pages- This lady has a versatility and is extremely talented on the blank space side…but each & every page of hers is a little treasure… this is one of them. The photo is beautiful, the whole composition is soothing and happy,  I’m not a huge fun of pink unless is very well done, and here is just perfect- the framing is great, the super beautiful elements layered with elegance…love the little cluster on the right hand side…an amazing page all together!!!!


20 Questions with Stella by Crystalbella77 : this is so perfect in each and every way possible! I love journaled pages, and here with the photo one can almost hear little Stella (awesomely cute photo too!!!) answering to her interview :) Love the fact that she chooses family as her most favorite in many of the questions! The layering of all the flowers, papers & other elements had me in awe of so much and so beautifully composed, perfect framing for the text. Awesome page, great capture of a treasured memory!


Wherever…. with you by jenn maccabe: this is another of my inspirational people. Her pages always have that “how didn’t I think of that” factor….meaning her creativity is delightful and always brings something new into her pages. This one is full of little treats like that: the way she used the vellums,  the circles made of the map one with those stitches, the photo -on top of the world- perfect composition allowing for lots & lots of stuff but never over filling the page…gorgeous tittle work…an amazing array of different kits and so much harmony in the page… such is her talent :) Absolute LOVE!!!!!


Quinzee by HeatherB: I am always jumping with joy when I find Heather’s creations. Here is one super talent in memory keeping, someone whom I keep going for inspiration, she reflects family life with so much skills, class, elegance…and on top of all there is fun. The boys are gorgeous and most of the time cooperating for photos, her pages always tell the story, even before reading the journaling you can more or less tell what was going on, and to me, is always learning something new. Love how she brings life to the templates, how every element is perfectly located…shadows are marvelous and everything all together makes that family love and fun come all the way to the other side of the world- Awesome double pager!!!!!




Last but not least, a super fun art journal page: I can see clearly now by Dale, love what she did with the art dolly & the glasses, gorgeous blending and so much fun with simplicity…awesome page!!!!!


This is all from me today, hope you enjoy these and , as usual, remember you can get to the gallery by clicking in the high-lit name of the LO & author, to leave them some love, even a couple of words can make the person’s day into a much better one :) Have a great weekend!!!!


Finger Pointing – Feb 26th

26 Feb

Hello everyone, Margje here with six gorgeous pages I stumbled upon ;) in the galleries this evening! How is your day going? Here in the Netherlands it’s a grey rainy day, and I wish it was spring already! But I found myself some color and sunshine in the galleries!

Let’s see what I found for you!

Think positive by motherbear   So much wisdom and positivity in this beautiful layout! And so much to see and discover! There are so many intricate details!  I think the color combination is also very beautiful! Together with the brilliant layering makes it a standout for me!


Us by Keely B  What a sweet photo of her with her dad! I love all the  paper squares in the page! So fresh and full of color! Also her shadow work and the brushwork under the papers is beautiful! A very lovely page!


So Happy by KatherineHansen   Such a cute series of photos of her dog “talking” to her when she wants attention, food, hugs, food …   And I love the color she added in the last one! I really like the simple, and clean feel of this page and the fact that your gaze is immediately on the last picture!


Fall In Love With Yourself First by carrie1977  I really love the brushes, painting and refreshing shades of yellows here and much more, I love the title! It’s so true and important to feel good about yourself! Love that her photo is in it too! And wonderful embellishments too!


Here comes spring by marijke  That sweet page looks awesome with the fresh green colors! Fabulous brushwork too!  It jumped out of the gallery and caught my eye immediately! It screems spring to me in every way!


Time by mugsbigsis   This is so very eye catching! The combination of the filled photos with the flowers spilling out, it’s so awesome! I have to scraplift this sometime! Beautiful page  and important thought too!


That’s it for me this time, see you all in the galleries and happy scrapping!

And remember to leave some love, just click on the high lit name of the author & LO!



Finger Pointing – February 25th

25 Feb

Hello!!! Paula (finally) here again my friends after a little break!!!
I need to be quick because we are at the middle of a Summer Storm…
Here are my picks from the gallery today, I hope you enjoy them!

Dolly Sisters by Roboliver

OMG isn’t this just adorable?!!!  I am a Blythe Doll lover so when I see one it always catches my eye. Love the colors, the amazing shadow work…everything!


 The Legend by Miki

What a beautiful tribute page!!! I love the message and all the blending. The neutral background is just beautiful to showcase the photos and elements used here. Awesome shadow work too!


Eyes by elitka

Eye contact can signal love, hate, intelligence, creepiness, persuasion, sarcasm—and sometimes lies…Whether eye contact is intimidating or even aggressive also depends on culture: The Japanese, for example, see the avoidance of eye contact as a sign of respect, whereas Westerners might interpret it as shifty or untrustworthy. Although there are cultural differences, people make all kinds of judgements about others based on their eye contact. I love to look at the people’s eyes. Love the hearth tones here and the placement of her elements frames the focus on the eye’s pic without being over powering.


Splat, Splash by hosanhelwa

Oh how sweet is this one? This page caught my eyes immediately!! The super cute colored big photo make my heart so happy! I am huge fan of big photos page, particularly when they are so beautifully executed.


Searching For Ice Bubbles by Heather Prins

Another fantastic big photo page! This grabs my attention in the gallery, not only I think that photo is amazing pic but look at the color scheme: fantastic and the blending soberb…Perfect in every detail if you ask me!


Prayer Journal 6 by AnnaDrozd

Last but never least, an amazing page. The shadows on the leaves are amazing! Love to see the gorgeous colors that she used. This is a perfect balanced page!! Wonderful message too!



Finger Pointing- February 24th-

25 Feb

Hello hello !!!! Here I am, even later than usual (maybe earlier for most of you!) with another super awards evening…wouldn’t it be great if we could make a GSO award night live? I think I’m overloaded by the media about who wore what at the Oscars  LOL- I’m still with my daughter trying to heal from the operation she had in January and my left side of my skull taken by some extended tooth ache…which hopefully will be dealt with later today as I’m seeing my doctor- So, illnesses and jokes out of the way, let’s get into the awesome marvels we find at the galleries!!!!

Edit to add: I have checked spelling & general “make sense” 3 times, but if you find errors, apologies as I’m a bit lacking concentration because of medication- Thank YOU!

Murmures D’antan by Audrey* is an amazingly beautiful page….I love a full page photo, and with the editing it has, illuminates the page and I’m on a sweetness overload….Gorgeous additions with those clusters everything has the feel of a wedding or some kind of wonderful celebration …amazingly beautiful!!!


NY Book: Snow by jenevang is another installment of her superb hybrid pages…this takes me back to my teens are early twenties in Brazil, where we would keep diary and stick photos, train tickets, concerts programs…and out life was there for the generations to come….this is so beautiful as Jen does…gorgeous photo, beautiful “mess” love the art word and the layering… absolutely awesome account of their day by day!!!


Torn by Elysah: This girl is undoubtedly, a source of inspiration for many of us, and I am so excited to see her scrapping again!!!! This page has all the punch am sure she intended, love how everything can be turn into a shout, how beautiful the pieces she used and the word art powering it all around even more…absolute amazement!!!!


I love You by chigirl: love the apparent simplicity here…love the triangles in the composition and how well she manages the color , a great take on the template, so beautifully complemented by the elements and the stitching, love the paints around the edges…awesome page all over!!!


Spinner by cfile is just another show of how her creativity knows no limits!!!! I love it that she also share all her knowledge straight away, be that she read it on a manual or some technique (like in this case) to make new & original changes into our pages….. When I first saw it in the thumb, I thought great photo angle, and then upon reading you realize how much fun there is to be had to get to this result….we need a selfie stick in this house too!!! Love how the other photos are not shown completely but make part of the story, great framing, love the GO thingy, which gives the start point sensation as you could really spin her!!!! love this!


Last but never ever least is  a Project Life page (or series of pages although I can’t bring all of them here, you can see all the rest HERE at her gallery) After the MOC at THe Lilypad, I got more and more in love with this style, and particularly love the pages which reflect real, 100% every day stories (as opposed to posed or more studied photos) and her pages all have that quality. The photo editing is superb, these are magnificent inspiration to everyone, even if not on PL…how important is to keep records of our every day life- Love the pocket protector (something else am mad about lately !!) and the little bits she added make it all into a perfect, delightful page!!! Here is Project Life- Memories- Page 3 by  gracielou


This is all from me today, Hope everyone enjoys, has a great day…and don’t forget you can click on the high lit name of the LO and author to leave them some love in their galleries… TFL!!!!


Finger Pointing- 23rd of February

23 Feb

Hi everyone!

Can’t believe we only have a few days before March. Time flies so fast. Hope you guys are having a nice evening and morning. I am very much inspired by the pages I’ve picked and I hope you get inspired too. This is Beth aka kewl_jive bringing you today’s gallery standouts.

This moment by Katherine Bley
Fell in love with her page the moment I saw it at the gallery. Love the big black and white photo and how she embellished it with a banner and word arts. Amazing use of stash from different kits. Did I say how beautiful her daughter is? The touches of red add more beauty to the page. Great work!

Do All Things with Love by AnnaDrozd
This is sooo amazing! I couldn’t stop looking at her page. Love the papers she used, the stitches and everything else. Love the photo less page with such a beautiful quote that deeply represent her page. Gorgeous!

Gingerbreadmen by Jetje
I just love the softness of the page. She looks serious in decorating her gingerbread. Love the clean design, perfect page, very neatly done. Love the flowers she added and the fonts she used. I also love the washi tape on the photo. I wish she could translate her recipe to English, so I could try. Hehehe.

Life is Like A Camera by Miki
This rocks! Great way to tell something positive, loving the quotes and how she put everything together. Love the added colors to accentuate the page with balance and beauty. Love all the brushworks, splats and blending modes to achieve a perfect page. Great work!

Happiness Project Life Layout – Azzari Jarrett
This is so amazing! Great pictures and shadow works. Love the angle on the photos and the conversion to b&w and how she arranged everything. Amazing PL project!

Hold me close by Atusia
Such a tender and beautiful page! I can feel the love on the page. Love how she blends everything here and the shadows on the flower bouquet.

Thanks for taking a peek at the pages I’ve picked for today. Should you have time, please stop by and give them some well deserved love in the galleries.

Beth aka kewl_jive


Finger Pointing – February 22nd

22 Feb

Good evening everyone! Or better goodnight, it is night over here in the Netherlands and I am at work, doing my seventh nightshift of eight. So I’ll try to keep my comments a little shorter than ususal, because work can get in between…I picked about 12 pages and have to narrow them down to six…not an easy job to do, because they are all worth showing and all beautiful works of art….sigh…so sorry for the ones that won’t make it tonight, maybe the next time!

My life by MiekSter Wow, a very impressive page, I fell for the illusion of water in this page …most of the pictures and elements seem to be under water (great blending) and some are drifting on it, I love it! Then I read the story and I was touched by how these two young families both had to deal with a big loss and came together to start a new chapter in their lives. Wonderful journaling!

miekster tlp

Live.Love.Hockey by Katie Pertiet Great page, great use of elements, wonderful blending and stunning shadowwork! I love all the little touches of green on the mostly grey page. Beautiful!

KPertiet des digit

State of mind by SonjaS I definitely want to try this technique! What a great effect it has!! Great quote and love the wordart! Love the idea of the sportsperson almost flying in the air, kicking some opponants.

sonja s pixelpress

Alzheimer by EllenC How beautiful this Dutch poem is! It tells about forgetting when suffering from Alzheimer and how the person/patient only wants some affection and be treated like a human being until the end….sooo beautiful and touching!! And yes, it is a horrible disease, my mother suffers from it also and she is forgetting more and more every time I see her…like maybe so many parents and sometimes sisters or brothers of you readers…..we have to deal with it and be happy for every good moment we are able to spend with them

ellenC dst

New York by Nickel Wow, gorgeous blending here, gorgeous repeated words, great treatment of the picture! Love everything of this page!!

nickel oscraps

Real me by Rarou47 As ususal Sylvie uses strong messages in her AJ pages. I love every singel one of them! Wonderful blending also, love the stains and stitches here. A true beauty!

rarou47 sbg

These were my choices fot today, I hope you like them and if you visit the galleries, please leave the artists some love! Have a great week!!


Finger Pointing- February 20th-

20 Feb

Hello!! Hope everyone is well and entering the weekend with a smile :) I’m in urgent need of a dentist, which couldn’t book today so tomorrow first thing in the morning as, to me, there is no pain as bad as a toothache….so, as my head is somehow taken by the painkillers and need to stop thinking, I will try to be brief, here are my picks for today!

Listen by hollyinjapan: every message in this is full of wisdom and the page is so beautifully put together…I have seen Holly transforming herself into a very first class art journaler and every little bit if this page is full of talent, little details that together form a master piece- Love the painting feeling this has…and those word strips…those shadows….speechless!!!!


Prompt: Comfort by Jeanet– There is so much to say here, I almost don’t know where to start… so I will by something that makes this page a superb one, and is the fact that, no matter how obvious the theme can be, she has translated or at least is telling us the thoughts that went into her mind, pre & pos making this, so we know and we (at least I do) learn, be inspired- She scrapped here for her PL something she wouldn’t have done if she had not had the challenge prompt, and what an amazing page this is- Amazingly clever on the colors contrast with the whites, amazing photos,I’m finding myself wishing I had colorful trainers to scrap something like this!!!!


I am here by Ga_L : a beautiful full page photo with some awesome blending & overlays going on, minimalistic on the elements side but not much needed really…the beauty of the photo with the added blends alone make it into a treasure!!!


love you more by y_baros: a symphony  of reds & pinks, this page has music to me…I can even hear it! I’m not all that drawn to Valentine pages in general, but this is such a family love declaration all over, not just in the journaling…the page is happy and delicate at the same time, clean but full of life, love the triangles  stitched to the side, the titling of the photo, the amount of elements all around….and of course, the sweet, beautiful honest from the heart journaling… this is one amazing treasure for the future in which those boys will be reading these pages with the hugest smile in their faces!!!!!


On the same page/vibe of this treasure of memory keeping, Right Now- The Park by AnneofAlamo. I admire this woman in so many ways, we would be here until next week if I was to tell you all…but lets talk about this page, her digi scrapping their family life with so much soul, fun and skills… this kind of thing was what got me into digi scrapping and I celebrate these kind of pages with a heart full of joy! Love the photo treatment, the background colors making the photo pop out, the layered doilly just supporting it and the pocket cluster…everything is topped by a gorgeous journaling that puts us all right there to share their adventures…..a whole lot of amazement!!!!!


Last but not least, Simple Pleasures by  craftytam– Love the photo here!!!!! an amazingly cleverly chosen photo which works perfect with the papers she chose, a great effect  on the photo angle with the layered papers …love all those layered flowers, a perfect photo fitting the perfect choices, gorgeous page!!!!


This is all from me tonight, hope you have a great weekend & enjoy these pages as much as I do…remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the high-lit LO name & author, all of us love a bit of attention!!! TFL!!!!!!