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Finger Pointing – April 30th

30 Apr

Hello everyone, Margje here on this last day of April! Tomorrow it will be the lovely month of May! My al time favorite month! I love this month because of all the beautiful green, and flowers in the garden and in nature! And also because of the weather, that isn’t too hot, but  great enough to do  all kind of things outside!

But first let’s go and see what I found in the galleries this evening!

First bath in ocean by timounette 

What a striking page this is! So interesting with black and white photo’s only! The simple but awesome graphic design with the outstanding text makes it so wonderful to look at! Great crop of the photo’s too!


Happy day by Maja  

I love everything about this page! A wonderful photo masked perfectly, a gorgeous background, beautiful cluster work and great playing with text! All together  this makes  an outstanding page!


natural beauty by Melissa Hill

This page is a natural beauty indeed! Such subtle colors and a great, grid design. I like the little pocket cards as accents too, and the photo’s are really adorable! What a great smile this girl has!!!


Hello spring by Conny 

This is such a cheerful page! All the colors of the stamps and  ink brushes make me happy! But my eyes are still drawn to that cute little photo of the girl!


This Makes Me Happy by Zeneva 

I  love that she scrapped the child’s art! It is so cute! love the way  she did this with all the matching confetti and other goodies splattered across the page! The journaling is very lovely too! These are so precious memories!


Poppies by Miki 

This is a wonderful artsy page! Isn’t it great how she used the stains and created
OOB and white space with the inset frame and the lighter color! And those
poppies are really fabulous! And then there is also the stitching! What more to
say! A standout for me


This is all from me this evening, remember you can access the original galleries by clicking on the high-lit name and author. Thanks for sharing your pages with us. Have a great weekend! And happy scrapping!



Finger Pointing – April 29th

29 Apr

OMG! Did this month speed by for you too? iNSD is around the corner and I cannot wait to see the big sales and galleries full of new things!
I have found some great layouts to share with you today. Here are my picks, I hope you enjoy them.

Parachutes by LovelyMissKait

WOW. Isn’t this fabulous?  Super use of the big photo, effect and the blending! All grunge brushes, mask and textures works well. So brilliantly creative! And the photo is nothing short of spectacular! ( Is this a Thrill Ride? OMG!)


Pop Culture- Digi Dare 402 by thimbleberrie

This one  just blew me away with its amazing color. The vibrant color palette is simply breathtaking! And I love all the messy feel and funny feel here. I love the font and the alpha that she used and her big  bluried and colored photo. It look’s like an Andy Warhol’s Pop Art for sure!


big questions by Dawnfarias

Love this page, the tall and the handwritten fonts, colors, beautiful gir’s pics and the  journaling about “big questions”, it’s so important to record these moments… Just a really lovely layout!


Love And Coffee by staciahall

What a delight (literally) of a page this is….  I am quite a coffee addict myself…
All the different colors make me happy! From the wood background ( that I adore) with its fun dot title, there’s so much that’s on trend about this page. Ohhh…I can not forget to mention the fantastic shadow work! Perfect!


Cock n Bull AJ #1 by Amandac

First of all I love the colors here, these greens and blues with a touch of red and grey work so well together. This mess of BW images, brushes, colours and embellishments just puts a smile on my face!  I love all the different paper pieces and the different fonts that have been used here. A true standout!


Photographs by Arte Banale

Such an incredible design! And I love the tonal palette! Not to mention all the images,  really love how the photo is splited through the three frames. The word arts stamps are a perfect touch to really make this layout pop!




Finger Pointing- April 28th-

28 Apr

Hello hello!!!! Hope you all are well and enjoying life wherever you are! Here I am again, to share with you some of the gorgeous inspiration in the galleries-  I’ ll try to be brief as somehow I fell asleep and woke up at 3am not knowing where I was or what time of the day…only to remember I was to post …so chasing the date stamp in the blog (which I had no idea what way it works LOL) here are my picks for tonight:

Hello Love by Ferdy: she is one of these people whom I don’t see pages for a while and then all come at once…also one of those people I have to make an effort NOT to pick often as she was picked the day before or we want to be fair with you all…but this is just irresistible. Love the composition, the fun elements and the relaxed way all is almost “thrown around”, the colors are gorgeous and love the way the tittle is done, especially love those elements that look like embossed on the page- Now, I’m quiet sure you have heard me say I rather not pick pages where there is journaling not explained BUT not only here I reckon you guessed what is all about, the tittle is in English, & I happen to know Ferdy’s English isn’t fluent- As I said, I suppose you know is about nail varnish- Her journaling is delightful, not sure if the poetry of it will keep on translating, but it goes something along the lines of not knowing how many or which bottles she has in her box, having huge love for them and a beautiful line which describes them as full of sound & life-


A Little Princess in the Garden by lkdavis: This is so beautiful, love the photography and the blocked page with the journaling which comes together with another awesome page with one blended photo and tittle- Love this lady’s work, I know I found something from her a few nights ago and I am not sure why she didn’t end up in my post, but you can click here to see the other double pager- Love her particular style and how she builds her books, awesome art work and story telling! You can click HERE to see the double pager in her post-


Snapshots of me by Sabrina: I love blocked pages, and when they come with so many clever little things like this…well, they must be shared here! Love the splitting of the main photo into the block, the every day photos that tell so much of the story, love the shadow photo especially. great work with the tittle work done in word art, inspiring page!


Monday by JenEm: Here is another one of my most favorite ladies whom I haven’t been able to feature for quiet a long while as the girls in the team have discovered her now and beat me to it LOL- Love the softness of this, gorgeous photo and perfection in the blending, beautiful journaling, perfect shadows and completed perfection with the few elements and it’s shadows…if Mondays can feel like this, I want Mondays too!!


Hard Battle by Dalis: I’m not sure when was the first time I saw Dalis’ work, but I think it may have been some 4 years ago in a site which doesn’t exist anymore…one thing I know: this girl is one of the most amazing, creative, talented people in the whole digi-scrap-land. No matter what style she takes on (even blank space though she doesn’t think so LOL) she does so much beauty and joy. Her more story telling pages are full of her family life made into master pieces, I think we all know her little girl and have laughed and smiled with seeing her grow up in the past few years, and her Art Journal is so amazing, she has gotten all of us creating inspired not only by her pages but also by her wonderful challenges- Love this page as it has one of my most favorite quotes ever: no matter how unwell or difficult like seems to us…there is always another battle equal or even more drastic around us… gorgeous blending, wonderful color management, just perfect :)


And as we are on the art journal type of pages, I LOVE this page , Brick in the Wall by dogartist. She explains how she takes photo of almost everything she finds interesting (which I am sure we all identify with!) and I love the work she did to incorporate the photo into the page, perfectly chosen elements…the quote I think is part of the photograph (I though she has put the text there-) and I’m sure to my generation that automatically starts Pink Floyd in our internal sound system….. gorgeous page!!!!!


And with this I will leave you for tonight (morning almost to me!) Hope you enjoy these and get inspired as much as I do! If you can spare a minute or two, just click on the high-lit name of the LO & author and leave them a word or two…always makes someone’s day!!!! Have a great day wherever you are :)



Finger Pointing – April 26th

26 Apr

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing allright, cause I’ve got some eyecandy for you! Just sit down and take half an hour or so to see what I bring to you tonight!

Magic by Tinkelbel A magical page indeed! Could easily be a scene from the Narnia movies, where the children jump into the Narnia world. Love the extraction here, it is perfect done and so is the shadowwork! I adore the idea that magic is something you can make yourself. Very beautiful dreamy page!

tinkelbel tlp

Favorite photo by myssp Totally different from the page before, I love the angle the picture is taken from here. Love the combination of the creams and greys and all the textures and patterns are used wonderful on this page.

myssp des digitals

Introspective by ArmyGrl Wow, this is a gorgeous AJ page! I can’t read the journaling (yes I have readingglasses ;)), but I love the graphic setup of this page. Could be a page from a magazine or a poster. Love how ArmyGrl used the numbers and paintsplatters here. Beautiful!!!

armygrl sbg

Winter web_8 by geek_girl I’m a sucker for messy stitches and colors and in this page those two are combined great! Love all the patterns, the scattered confetti, the paint and glitters here. A page doesn’t have to be very complicated to be beautiful, less is more and that’s what you see on this page.

geek_girl dst

Dreams by chocochoco I’m in love with this kit and I know the day before yesterday there was a page picked made with the same kit. We usually try to avoid that, but I couldn’t resist showing this page. I’m in love with all the colors and brushes and also with the wonderful messy feel, as if one painted and didn’t clean up afterwards. The treatment of the picture fits perfect and I love the color chocochoco has chosen for it.  Great message also! A well deserved standout to me!


Ducks cruise by kathie02 A stunning page, outstanding blendwork here, wich creates a very artistic effect! Love the framework  and the wordart is placed perfect, like a cloud above the cityskyline. The watersplatters represent all the water on the picture and bring it closer to the viewer. Beautyful!!

kathie02 designer digitals

Well, that’s all for today folks!! Back to work, I have to order medication and bandages now. Have a great week and take care, whatever you do!



Finger Pointing- April 24th-

24 Apr

Hi! Hope everyone is doing well and starting the weekend in a relaxing note :)  So here I am again to share with you some of the gorgeousness from the galleries! We are on the process of clearing up some of the horrendous hoarding my daughter & I indulge so much on, so have not been online much all day, but have found some amazing pages to share with you, lets go straight into it! :)

Embracing Happiness by bcgal00: so much said with this image, fabulous blend, colors that bring happiness and beautifully crowned by the definition in wonderful fonts!!


A Mother by EllenT : no secret, right? I love everything she does and I haven’t shared any pages of hers in the past few posts, so this is just one of the wonderful pages she has posted today, and I decided to choose this one as it has a bit of herself , such a marvelous memory keep with this awesome photo of hers some years ago with her baby son (which we know is now a grown man!) Amazing, perfect composition, great take on the template, love how she combined all the different patterns, wonderful choices and, of course, impeccable shadows!!!!


EBMD by caliten: This is an impressive page…it caught my attention and I went to read the journaling which is the perfect memory keep, detailing the ordeal- I know how hard it could be to have to deal to misdiagnosed stuff or even needing to go from one hospital to another , so here is all my best wishes to you guys… the good thing about it is that a worrying, stressing time can be made into a beautiful page that will be hopefully just a chapter of life, gone and archived. Love how intense the photo is, the vertical composition with just very very few elements added so the focus is on the story- perfect page  :)


2015: Our Song by bestcee: Love this type of page, with the writing book as the centre piece, with such a delightful photo of them, amazingly beautiful capture with those smiles that seems to be in sync with the musical notes elements and make the sound track of the page! Love the layered border under the book, all the bits & pieces she added cleverly located, and though my sight isn’t all great to read it, I can very well have a guess and rounds the page into a jewel :)

SwL_ArtsyJournalTemplates; Laura Banasiak I made you a Mix Tape

Easy as 123 by Stacia hall: Another one of those prolific ladies one can fall in love with her pages. This is amazing from everywhere I look at it! her taking classes or doing some art work {and what an amazing art work it is!!!) the colors, those beautiful shadows…those stars give an extra dreamy touch to the page, everything in this page is wonderful!


and to day goodnight and great dreams, I will leave you with another piece of art work made actually with the same collection as above, Dream in Colour Hanging Hearts by Livelys, another lady who always shines in these galleries with her hybrid projects- Love the simplicity of this but at the same time so amazingly great and inspiring, I’m thinking doing a kind of dream-catcher putting some of these together would be something nice that my daughter will also enjoy! Amazing work!


Hope you all have a great evening /morning/afternoon wherever you are, have a great weekend!!!


Finger Pointing – April 23rd-

23 Apr

Hello my lovelies… hope everyone is having a great morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are. Here I am coming to rescue as our Katherine couldn’t be here, and I slept almost the whole day after spending the night chatting with my 19 years old daughter who came back home after a date a bit tipsy…we had a great laugh and even got her to admit that I am ALWAYS right! LOL So here are some of the most beautiful pages I found in the galleries:

Oh Happy Day by sarahbhb: so pleased to be able to start with this awesome work by Sarah, one of the most talented hybrid artists around. Love her pocket pages and the latest work with the art journal type of pockets is beautiful, fun and such a delight! This one I could most certainly have on my walls, love the quotes she picked and the light feel this has, with the amount of “undo” I use in digital, I’m not sure I could produce anything of this quality without going through $$$$$ of supplies…. Love all three pieces here, the butterflies super well located and the added ribbons & ricrac plus that cute cluster with the leaves- Awesome work all together!oh_happy_day3

Just Be You by Karen B: is not every day I come across British scrappers and Karen is one of my favs!!! Her photography is awesome, the way she tells us her family everydays, the gorgeous use of blank space…love the black & white here, the photo is impeccable, that background book-eh type of paper is perfect for the photo and her composition mixing doodles with the more corporeal butterflies & tag is perfect balance and makes for a great page, which is made even better by the fact that she always tells us what goes on in her creations, even when the page has no journaling, she does in the page description/credits….. I know you maybe tired by now to read/hear me say this but I have to say again: the page gains a whole new dimension, goes into whole new level if you tell us what is all about… superb page Karen and thank you for always telling us about the content of your pages!!!!


To somewhere far from now by karbolik is such a jewel!!!!!!!! The photos are amazing, her composition such an original, awesome one, with the overlapped photos with papers, the tittle done with the mix of the stamp and the word strips…gorgeous colors and that blur image of remembering the past when still in the present reflects perfectly her journaling. This page done for Pink Reptile Designs blog challenge is perfect, on the spot with the journaling done in different bits of paper and labels, there is a blog post before the challenge one about the three ways with journaling by JennMcCabe (another super fabulous artist herself) , and this represents the challenge so perfectly, plus gives me a full insight on this amazing scrapper…. the ferry trip turns into a travel back in time and a beautiful show of the bond of friendship …and shows one of the most amazing sides of Turkey’s Istanbul- somewhere I hope I will get to go back, I was there in 1991 and loved every minute of my trip! Amazing page, this ticks all the boxes for perfection in my books!!!!


Soul Cleansing by Elysah: a gorgeous art journal page by one of my top fav art journalers…. this girl has the gift putting her soul in each page and I love how she combined so many pieces in this page!!! the amount of blending here is in the background and the wonderful, uplifting use of the paints & gesso bits and the word arts…another piece to have on the wall, beautiful and happy , perfect page!!!


Black Caps by Debbie Hodge:  Another page that checks all the right boxes for me, this comes from my new found love: the Get It Scrapped site. I found this amazing place, funnily enough, through a GSO pick by our Jeanine, who has shown me some of my most loved pages in the past year or so, including her own ones. I clicked on that page and had a look around and that was it… I have found so much beauty and fun in their gallery!!! There are lots of amazing pages in all styles there, but I thought this one has everything that makes a scrapbook page be a treasure for me: gorgeous photos, beautiful elements, different techniques, a story told by photos & journaling, and that gorgeous title…everything here is perfect.  Love the big photo blend with a lower opacity, the perfect tittle font with the added red dot (LOVE!) and combination with a typewriter font of the journaling is so beautiful, a perfect page!!!!!


Last but never ever least, is this gorgeous page by Anita/apottinger, Point & Shoot. We were in some CTs together for a while until I had to step down as my health wasn’t helping, so I know her pages have that wonderful beauty of the family life and love each & everyone of them…and in this one love the absolute delight of the photo, her kids are gorgeous, her treatment of it that puts the image so in sync with the kit, and here  comes one of the most amazing bits of this page: I would not buy this kit if I saw the preview…but would run to the store after seeing this page-Amazing layering, gorgeous color management…absolute treasure!!!!


So, this is all from me until tomorrow (I think?) hope you enjoy these pages as much as I do, if so, please, take a minute or two to click on the name of the LO & author that will take you to the original gallery where the page is posted, and leave them some love, you all know even a word or two can make everyone’s day… :) Have a great one yourself!


Finger Pointing – April 22th

22 Apr

Hello, everyone! Paula here with a wonderful round of Standouts for you! I hope you are inspired by my choices and like them as much as I do!

City-scapes: Bangkok by Mimisgirl

OMG… I’m in love with this sketch alpha…This page has so much in it that I love! Fantastic use of the template. LOVE all those transparent circles here.The monochromatic color scheme really makes the photos stand out!


hike by Amber Ries

I’m not very good at combining patterned papers in a page, but Amber did this perfectly! Cleverly chosen photo which works perfect with the papers. The colors are perfect for the whole mood of the page!


FEELING LOST by wombat146

Ona is always making stunning layouts and this one is so COOL! I saw it at FB and love it! I love the messy feel and all the mixed brushes. The green eyes are so powerful, the colors match perfect and the wordart is placed just right.


I Believe in Love by catgoddess

A wonderful photo-less page!Love everything here! It’s like an explosion of joy! Love the shabby the wooden background paper. What amazing hard work to layer all the flowers , leaves and hearts and amazing shadow work. Really love to look at it! Fabulous spring page!


Take risks by Ga_L

Such a positive page and I love how Gaëlle blended the big photo at the background and how she uses that word art. Perfect placement of the title/journal. Vraiment très beau!


My Heart Melts by vinniepearce

I’m fan of her designs and her pages! Every layout she makes has something special.  The photo treatment blended at the texturized background is just SO cool, Love also how she placed the elements, especially the little birds flying out of the image!