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Finger Pointing – June 30th

30 Jun

Hello, everyone! Katherine here on this beautiful Tuesday with today’s gorgeous Standouts! I spent quite a bit of time in the galleries this evening, and am really satisfied with the six that I ended up with. My hope is that you adore them as much as I do. =]

Starting us off is this lovely layout titled BEAUTY QUEEN by the very talented Wombat146. I so love the overall romantic feel in this stunning work of art. The colors are so soft, and so delicately striking, all the grungy-ness, the brushes and other elements that Ona has used so perfectly accents that really gorgeous image, LOVE the editing, too!

Beauty Queen

Up next is this super adorable layout by Rae titled Reading. Love the design here, all clustered up at the top like that! Being a stickler for realistic shadowing, the shadows here are beyond STELLAR! Truly, this is something I would probably lift. Wonderful work of art!


I couldn’t help but smile when I came across this next Standout in the galleries titled Sing Like Nobody Is Listening by Strettel. I am head over heels for the design here, the flow of elements from left to right and right to left is fantastic! Really LOVE all the pops of color against the muted background. And seriously, who could pass up that adorable little face with that gorgeous little smile!

Sing Like Nobdoy is Listening

Next up is this beauty by Donnabelle titled love this view. Again, the design/composition here is just wonderful! Really love how everything is so perfectly balanced! The color palette is stunning! LOVE the subtle greens and oranges, with that blue they’re perfect against the neutral toned background. The layering is exemplary, and the shadows … total PERFECTION!

love this view

Most people who know me know that I have a soft spot for blended images, so this piece of gorgeousness by gybogi titled postman L was a shoe-in when I came across it in the gallery! I absolutely LOVE the artistry here, and LOVE that gorgeous blended image in the background! The masculine feel, and all the grunge are so perfect!

postman L

Rounding out my choices this evening is this beautiful photo-less layout by Scrapaholic09 titled Little Things. This is just soooo gorgeous! I so adore the composition, and that color palette is AMAZING! Love all the different shades of blue with the white and tan, really makes those reds pop! Love the look of the text, too, really creates a lot of visual interest across the design.

Little Things

And that’s a wrap for me! Thanks for stopping by! I’ll see you all in the galleries again real soon! Many blessings to all of you! XO


Finger Pointing- June 28th

28 Jun

Hello everyone, Margje here with today’s Standouts. Today was the perfect day for  a bit of working in the garden. It’s going to be hot in Holland, for the next period they say! Tropical hot! So I did a bit of work today, thinking that it better can be done now before those warm days! We want to set up our pool in the garden! Now is the time to do it! We are not having heatwaves often!

Enough small talk… I found some real beauties in the galleries this evening!

Jurassic by liljatr

Whow  how exciting is this page? This has a perfect adventures/outdoor look and feel! My eyes were immediately drawn to the awesome photo, because of the central placement of it! And then the journey through this page begins! There is so much to look at! But it’s done just perfect! A real standout for me!


Old world now  by Ann06

What a masterpiece from Ann again! I love the beautiful water colored look! The warm colors and tones, the perfect blending and light in the page! She can create perfect dreamy scenes like no other! I love all the textures too! Yes bring me back in the old world Ann!


Sweetest thing by 4noisyboys

What a cute boy in the photo! This is such a cheerful page! All the colors of the stamps and brushes make me happy! And  the fun layering is pretty awesome too! Love the design of the page and all the gorgeous elements she used making him even more sweeter!


Con-GRAD-Ulations by trzyludki

Another very cute page! Looking simple, but it is very powerful! Love how he is sitting on top of the books with that beautiful little owl! The little framing work behind him is awesome too! And look at all the gorgeousness blended in the background! Together with that strong message makes it a wonderful page!


I’m OK by Vanessa R

Scrap isn’t always about the good things, the good days, but it’s also some kind of therapy and it can be about the “not so good” days.  Fortunately there is bit of hope, a spark of light in this page! Nevertheless, the layout is really beautiful and powerful! I can feel the depression and the mood! She expressed it all so well!


Our Home by  beszteri

Oh my this girls creativity blows me away! What an outstanding page! I just love the way she wrapped those houses around the globe, and hers is right on top! Can’t believe all the beautiful stuff she used! So much and it’s so great to look at! Great colors, great shadows, great everything! She should print this! I can keep looking at this for hours!


Amazing pages, yes? I hope you love them as much as I do, these ladies are an amazing inspiration to me and hope they will be for you too!!! If you can find a minute or two to leave them some love in the galleries, that would be great!

Well that’s it for now! Wishing you all a great week! Happy scrapping! Stay cool! See you next time!


Finger Pointing-June 27th

27 Jun

Hi Everyone! Jana here with another Saturday round of Gallery Standouts. It’s been a beautiful day and we’re enjoying cool breezes with open windows and taking a reprieve from the air conditioning. It’s a nice break from all the rain and humidity we’ve had this month. I’ve had  such a wonderful time going through the galleries this evening. They are overflowing with amazing layouts, which made it difficult to select only six! I have today’s standouts now and hope you love them as much as I do. I think you’ll see a nice variety in styles.

I love hot air balloons and this layout really caught my eye! It was created by marnie333 for the Anna Color Challenge. I absolutely love the reflection of the ballon and the painterly effects of the entire page! The blending is masterfully done, plus the blue and yellow is such a beautiful color combination. This could easily be a poster for a balloon fest.


All You Need is Ice Cream by ConnyS just makes me smile! It’s not hard to figure out this little girl is loving her ice cream and this page just screams summer fun! I adore the black & white photos with all the bright colors on the page. The little elements and paints splatters are the perfect sprinkles for the ice cream cone. I also love the loop that circles the photos and swirls down to the bottom of the page. Great summer layout!


I became somebody else by Lime…..This is a gorgeous layout with such an artsy feel to it! I love the blending of the large numbers at the top of the page and how they seamlessly drop into the focal area below. The title and the word strip on the page gives you the sense that the girl in the photo must be thinking changes in her life. I love the stitching on the frame and the textures on the background paper. The butterflies and the loop are  beautiful finishing touches.cvisions_ibecamesomebodyelse_limesm

The Kaiser’s Little Soldier by Miki…..Isn’t’ this just a wonderful old world layout? I love the little soldier standing at attention in his uniform and how this image is repeated three times. Excellent extractions! I think the various blending modes on all three images are very striking and certainly brings attention to this little soldier. The stitching, loop and other elements all compliment this layout beautifully. The banner is unexpected and the placement is just perfect. To read his fate was quite a surprise. Poor thing. Wonderful layout!


The best day of my life by redplaid3…..Can you say A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.? I love this darling little pig in her cute dress and her striped leggings! I’m so curious about the date at the top of this art journal page, but I’m sure it must have been a special day for someone. The beautiful, soft colors and the typography really add to the page without distracting the viewer from the pig.



Stars & Stripes by JenEm…..This is a fabulous layout and perfect for the upcoming 4th of July holiday here in the United States! There are so many wonderful photos of the Fife and Drum Corp. here and the red, white and blue really pop. I love the large blended photo supported by the smaller framed photos. Everything is perfectly balanced and the journaling is wonderful! I love this patriotic page!



That’s it for this Saturday’s Gallery Standouts! I hope you get inspired and get a chance to get a little scrapping done too. I’ll see you in the galleries! Have a great rest of your weekend!


Finger Pointing – June 26th

26 Jun

Hello all, hope everyone is doing well wherever you are- I don’t much these days read papers or watch the news, nor speak too much about world affairs, but tonight I would like to give my sentiments to all the families and friends of all the people who died or were injured in the three attacks. It is so saddening that things like these can happen, when in nor religion is the act of killing justified or supported… Anyway, to all the people in Tunisia, France & Kuwait, my deepest condolences and wish for a recovery to those injured- Now I went and submerged myself into the beauty of the galleries which, in a small but powerful way, makes a bit of a difference in our everydays :) As you know, you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the high lit name of the LO and author, if you can spare a minute or two to leave these awesome scrappers some love, that would be great :)

Jurassic World by Dawn Inskip: if I can say a page correspond completely to the “stand out” concept, then this one fits perfectly. Perfection comes to mind- I love her designs and she is also a prolific scrapper with a perfect memory keeper style. Love the ripped paper with the dino’s eye…it is an impact on the page, I’m not sure I have the right words but I can stop looking at this, the tooth/claw with the button, love the different textures, amazing tittle work, plus journaling…absolute perfect stand out.


Still on the Jurassic theme,in a completely opposite style but still a super stand out in the galleries, is this Dino Kisses by ~Cindy~ : absolute cuteness! Love the big photo on a lower opacity, the beautiful, cute composition insert, colorful and fun, this really came up to my eye from the thumbnail, love the shadows here too, a gorgeous page that speaks volumes without the need for journaling- Great page!


Another gorgeous memory keeping LO with be happy by *Celeste* , I love the layering , the colorful bits & pieces that play so well with the black & white photo which, by the way, is gorgeously treated. Every piece is so very well combined, brushes, paints, pieces of papers, all so perfectly layered and all together is so much fun!!!!!  Love those staples so amazingly well shadowed, every time I look I find some more stuff I love! Wonderful page!!!!


Carrying on down the memory keeping lane, this absolutely amazing page leaning on to the more artsy side, No Swan Song by scrapandsass captured me visually but what really made me grab it over the other amazing page she has here was the journaling. Her talent to re call stories is awesome, and I could feel like I was there, in that tiny bathroom watching her hair being done- Love the triplicated photo and the centered composition broken by the journaling in a very strong font …this is deep, whatever side you want to look at it…deep greens, deep meaning on the journaling, and even the photo seems to have her in an introspective moment… love it-


Being the end of June, justifiably we start seeing all those red, white & blue pages…and this one (no secret I am her number one fan!) is just what the tittle tells us: happy 4th by EllenT is so clean and straight lined, so beautifully crafted, love the photos, her take on the template is wonderful with that gorgeous background paper, every bit of this brings celebration to mind, a superb page from wherever I look at it!!!!! Gorgeousness perfection!


Last but never least, Sea Sprayed by Anny Libelle just brings cluster paradise into my eyes and heart…LOVE the photos, her girl is beautiful and that smile lightens up not only the page, but it travels all the way here and lightens up the whole screen. I love light houses and the marine./ beach theme here is so delightfully put together…gorgeous layering , amazing shadows…a fabulous page full of things to discover. Love the stamps mixed with  more corporeal elements, the text on beautiful text path almost hiding, impressive blending…another awesome, inspiring page !!!!


So, this is all from me today…I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, a little reminder, once again: take a minute or two and leave these great creative people a word or two in their original galleries: just click on the name of the LO and author, it will take you to their galleries- And, once again, my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by the Tunisia, France & Kuwait events, and  the so many who need it, everywhere in the world fighting everyday life-  To all of us who are a lot better than those …hope you have a great weekend!


Finger Pointing 25th of June

25 Jun

Hello everyone!

Can’t believe that we are half-way through 2015, the next thing you know it’s Christmas time. Time flies real fast and I am happy that digital scrapbooking is making our memories last forever. Hope you guys are enjoying your day or night and are happily scrapping or just cruising the galleries. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s amazing standouts. Please enjoy my top 6 for today. Hope you like it!

Sunny day by Hanazana
I am a fan of her work! This is another amazing layout. I always love her freestyle design and how she mixes the elements. I have to look closely at how well she balances everything here. The stitches, sprinkles and splats here and there are just as beautiful as the photo. I know you will all agree with my first pick. The dollie and bunting add flavor to this great design.

Luv2trvl by Chbo
I love the black and white conversion here, it goes perfectly on her choices of papers. Love how she stacked everything on under the photo and the flowers she added. Love all the bits and pieces, not to mention the patterned papers and red scalloped.

Ice creams by roxana
I scream for ice cream! One of my faves esp if it’s chocolate. I couldn’t help but add this to my fave the first time I saw it in the gallery. Such a fun and amazing page with all fun elements. The different flowers in yummy colors really add beauty to the page. I am sure my daughter will be delighted to see a page of her eating ice cream. This is just perfect for summer.

Staycation by mrsashbaugh
Beautiful photo-less layout, what makes it more beautiful is the story. Glad they had a great time celebrating their anniversary. I remember every time my mom visited us, that was the only time we could go for a date without the kids. I love her cluster work here. Amazingly beautiful journaling and page.

Beach strip by caapmun
Love her composition here, so wonderfully done. From brush works, overlays, blending of photos and framing. This makes me miss the beach. Beach days are indeed the best!

Perfect pear by Ann-Sofie

Awesome work on the card! Love the double ribbons in sheer and cotton and the color combi.

Thanks as always for taking a peek at the layouts I’ve picked for today. I would greatly appreciate if you could stop by and give them some well deserved love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!



Finger Pointing – June 24

24 Jun

Hello! Time flies pretty fast again lately. Here we go for a new round of beautiful pages. AT least, I hope you’ll find them as beautiful as I did. Enjoy!

April Showers by toniboy – Love the blues here and the fresh look of the page. Like a refreshing sparkling drink on a hot summer day ;) I love the mix of brushes as I often do and the association with water drops and the sweet flowers. The tiny yellow touch is very sweet. Very artsy and very elegant and light.

Every day is a dream by Dady – Let’s go with green now. I love the effect she added to the photo and the fun title work with the Eiffel Tower in place of the A. Great blend of the map paper and the brushes. The whole goes so well with the photo “empty spots” like the sky in the top left corner and the river in the bottom right corner. Very clever art in my opinion.

Grow with love by weaselwatchr – First thing that made me stop here is of course the adorable cat. I would be a cat lady if I wasn’t allergic to any kind of furry friends. I had cats in the past but since I’m in Japan and because I started being allergic in high-school or so, I can’t have one at home and that makes me sad indeed. Next thing that made me click the thumbnail is obviously the gorgeous colors and cluster on this page. I love how this cutie fits so well in the style of the page because of the sketchy effect on the photo. So adorable and full of energy. Perfect for a kitty!

You are loved by mijo – Colors here again that made me want to click but above all the amazing flow and cluster on this page. I love how the color touches are well balanced and the design splitting the page but not exactly horizontal. I like that it has a slight angle to it. Very sweet.

June 2015 by Melrio – What made me wanna click on this page was the colors but also the journal size and design. Which, if you know the kind of page I do, is a little contradictory because I barely journal. I usually stick to only a title or place name, add a date and that’s it lol But I think here the beautiful font she used made me wanna know more. It’s as simple as that. And then when you read you just keep reading until you get to the end… Does that make me a stalker? Wanting to know what the story is all about? lol It’s a sad and happy story but the design and display of the photos is so fresh and beautiful you kinda end up with a nice feeling that there is something after tragedy and that life goes on. Am I thinking too much? :giggle: Wonderful page anyway.

Happy by AlinaLove – Let’s end this post by a rainbow of colors! Look at this fun and happy design, like the tittle say by the ways!! I love the B&W photo with this burst of colors. Amazing cluster skills too! The little beads and stars all over gives it a great movement and make you want to look every single spot on the page to see what’s hiding in there. Great design!


Finger Pointing – 22nd June

22 Jun

Good morning! Vicky here with my picks for todays Gallery Standouts! Where has the last week gone? It’s great to be back with you all again xx  Here in the UK the weather is playing tricks on us, we go from sunny and very warm days, to grey skies, cooler temperatures and rain, sometimes it changes within the same day!  I’m counting down the days to our family holiday/vacation where we will have 10 days of sunshine and warmth in Turkey! I am excited to experience a Turkish Bath & also enjoy a massage or 2! My little man says he just wants to spend all day, every day, in the pool! This is the 1st year he will be swimming without water aids on holiday, all those swimming lessons have paid off! Well enough about my holiday, its still a few weeks away! I’ll get on with showing you the wonderful pages I found for you today in the galleries xx


Happy Fathers Day by mimisgirl

So yesterday was Fathers Day, I hope all the Dads in your life had a great day, and for those that have fathers no longer earth side, that you managed to celebrate the cherished memories of your loved ones xx I just had to feature a “Dad” page today, this was the first one I spotted and I fell in love! The black and white edits along with the colour photos are fabulous! The “Random facts” is such a neat touch, I think my husband would be in awe of this Dad’s hobby of brewing his own beer! How fun! What a great way to document memories, and a time in some ones life! I also  *heart* the colour scheme of blues with grey and orange too, those are colours that always call to me in a male themed kit! xx



Me and Jake by jackieclayton

Oh my, look at all the gorgeous layers right here! The patterns and colours all working so seamlessly together! It takes a real eye for design and an artistic mind to create such a beautiful eye-catching page, that is not too overbearing, with all these patterns, colours, textures and elements! I *heart* the tucked in string, tape and foliage, as well as the little word art snippets! I also love the small line of journaling that tells us everything we need to know about this page! An absolutely gorgeous photo too! The paint and stamping in the background is such a perfect finishing touch, there is so much to admire, praise and find in this incredible page xx



Worlds Greatest by sucali

Awww how cute is this little fella! I admire how sucali has drawn out the blue eyes of this little boy with the blue papers, paint and elements on the page, mixed with a little lime green and yellow, the page really pops in the gallery! Again I *heart* the tucked in elements, and the shadows are fabulous! I love the mixed types of elements, from a  doodled flower to realistic foliage, along with ribbon and metal, this has quite a eclectic mix of details! I’m a huge fan of adding stamping and paint to a page, and the touches of it here is striking. xx



Do The Crazy Thing by ptabbert

WOW! I’m sure you can see how this page drew me in, it stood bold and proud in the gallery, and rightfully so! Its stunning! So eye catching and high spirited! It really is a piece of artwork! I love the pops of red and blue, on a black background, also the rhythmic feel to the floating of the dress, like this should be a cover for an album or a poster for a west end show! I *heart* the message in the statements, reminding us to e a little crazy sometime, go out a seize the day, try our best, don’t be afraid, take that leap of faith! It can speak to us all, in many ways, in many times of our lives! Simply stunning! xx



Melbourne Open House pg16  by esther_a

I simply love how this page so beautifully reflects the subject matter in those stunning photos, see the watercolour paint, and washed paper background! How perfect is that with the photo of the umbrellas and the story behind the day documented! This project is such wonderful memory keeping! I *heart* the clean lines of the photos that are stapled to the page, the blue umbrella with stamped script work layered behind! If you visit Esther’s gallery, you will find a selection of pages from this trip to the city with her camera club. If you scroll down into the credits of each page, you will see each double page in all its glory! The other side showcasing extraordinary photography, in one large photo! Seriously, go look! WOW xx



Good Thorts – Sunbeam – Lovely by purlz76

This page by Agnes (purlz76) caught my eye in the gallery due to all that painty goodness! The colours working so well together. I really *heart* getting messy digitally and scattering around doodles, paint and stamps on a blank canvas! This page is fun, inviting and inspiring! Never be afraid to try this arty style, it can be so therapeutic! The bold stitching, layered papers and small cluster is all so very perfect on this page. The quote really finishes and suits this page so well, and I love the selfie!!  I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting Agnes, face to face, and believe me, sunbeams really do shine from her, she is such a beautiful lady inside and out! xx



Well that’s my 6 picks for today! I hope you enjoy and *heart* them as much as I do! If you have a few moments please click on the links and visit the pages to leave these wonderful artists some love in the galleries xx Hope you all have an amazing week ahead xx