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Finger Pointing – July 31st

31 Jul

Hello!!! Hope you are doing well wherever you are! I’m a bit shocked at how fast this year is going, already end of July? I have mixed feelings about this…my appliances all (including my computer) decided to give up on me so maybe August starting isn’t such a bad thing…I can get a new  computer soon and we are on the process to get a new dishwasher….anyway, I ll try to be brief as I had the post almost half done but my computer refuses to cooperate and I just had a crash…and had not saved the post. So without much further, here are some of the most beautiful pages from today’s galleries!

First page is very special as  she was the very first GSO I picked, I remember this well as at the time I didn’t know her and I was surprised at how came to be that I had never come across her pages! Every page of hers is amazing, and this one is no exception. Love how she integrated the photo to her composition, the template is amazing and her take on it makes it even more so, everything here is done to perfection,  from the harmony in combining colors to her perfect shadows… this, outstanding page!!! Downsizing 2014 by Carol aka Iowan


Next is Be Amazing by Dana. She is an amazing scraper and this page is a great show of the talent… love how clean it is, how precise the composition, fresh feeling, the colors super well balanced (a fav combo of mine!) the B& W photo is precious and here again, the shadows are awesome!!!!


Enjoy Summer by Akizo is another one of the pages that jump at my eye tonight.  The template is marvelous, the choice of colors super well combined… those patterned papers look so perfect here, clean and not at all crowding the page, this is impeccable ! Love her little clusters, the title work is beautiful, shadows also perfect… I cannot resist an Akizo page!!!!!


This next page combine a number of things I love: Venice, The Digi Dares  and Paula Kesselring. One of our most passionate dreams with my daughter is to be one day wealthy enough or somehow be able to go to Venice in the Orient Express…though I don’t think we will…is extremely expensive, but of course this page takes us a bit closer. Always love Paula’s way to fill the page and always stick a bit of either humor, thoughts, emotions and there is always a story to them in the best way. Here with the facts about gondolas I even learned something new…absolutely gorgeous page!!!!!! Venice: The Digi Dares #414


These last two pages are both amazing scrapping therapy and both very different but with all the strength, emotion in both that makes them stand out. I most definitely love writing down what goes on in my life, even if I have to admit that these days I don’t share as much journaling as I used to a couple of years ago,  but I have seen so many of us, connected by the love for memory keeping & art journaling, so many of us who in one way or another live with chronic pain, and I have met so many people who have become, honestly, as important in my life as the people I have known and have strong friendships for many, many years, and these people in many ways help me heal of my own thing, even if we don’t always talk… in not so many words: these two pages, I think, are two different shows of the strength and emotion that is present in so many amazing artist/scrappers… and this is something I love and the reason I am able to continue to make a record of our lives for my daughter.

Shine in the Darkness by eve11ne: the title is already a treasure. Love how she made a template work in such artistic way. Love the deep purples & blues with the pops of color, which keeps the page shining, I like to think that can represent the hope she knows and hopes for things to take a turn for the better… an amazing page coming out of a not so amazing situation… I wish, when I see pages like this, that I had the magic wand that could sort something out with some magical spell…or at least that I lived closer to some of my scrapper friends that go through the same…thanks so much for the inspiration and courage on putting this out :)


and last but not least (absolutely not least!!!) Pain Sucks by Jana NJ– a page full of impact, with a punch, with all that tension and frustration and…well, I do know all these things too well. I have found an amazing page made  by Jana every day I have been to the galleries since founding Get It Scrapped…and each and everyone of her pages have the heart & soul… Here the visual is an impact that creates the dynamics with the words…having been a chronic pain sufferer for the past 12, almost 13 years, I understand the feelings behind the words…hope and determination to work through these things ( and making a  page like this is precisely that). I really really hope you find the answers soon Jana. Same as above, I wish there was something I could do…


So…as usual, I hope you love and get inspired by this as much as I do…please, do click on the high-lit name of the LO & Author to get to their original galleries and leave them some love- Have a great weekend!!!!



Finger Pointing – July 30 th

30 Jul

The last days of July are here again! Is this real? This summer, no this whole year is flying by! I sure hope you are using your camera’s  and make pages, capturing the memories of it all! This is Margje with tonight’s round of beautiful Standouts! I hope you enjoy my choices and get some inspiration out of them!

Rain in Amsterdam by kuba

I was born in Amsterdam the capital of the Netherlands! That’s one of the reasons I felt attracted to this layout!  kuba turned some ordinary grey  into something beautiful and i really like the umbrella photo blended in the upper right of the page paired with the water droplets! Also it has a great title and a wonderful use of word arts! Just love the whole feel of it!


Catch a wave by sarahorton

These beautiful photos really capture the wave action! The total look here is perfection! The layering, the shadows, creating a wonderful depth! Her choice of elements is awesome, love the little cluster on the left, love all the textured blues on the pie chart! Terrific page!


Flamengo by Tinisek 1978

A page full of passion! I love the energy and that warm atmosphere of a romantic summer (holiday) evening! It’s all in here! A beautiful blending in the background, that light swirl, the line art, beautiful clustering! A true Standout for me!


Dear 10yr old me by corrin

She had me already by the title! Love a page like that! Great journaling of her older me talking to her 10 year young me! I so loved to read it! And then also I like the design of her page! The sweet black and white photo’s and the colorful elements, it all goes perfectly together! It just makes me happy to see a  honest page like this!


I Heart My Furbabies by sarahwithers

Look at those sweet cats! Love them together on that photo! But what really grabs me are the fantastic colors in the beautiful background and the elements she used! They work so great together here! Also I love the hearts and the stamped title!


hello sunny days by Anne PC

This whole page is full of sun(shine)! Love the cute photo of the boy and the extraction! The layering and shadows are awesome and I love the borders around the page! Those strips of paper work great here! It has a sunny light hearted feel that makes you happy looking at it! Great white space too! Hello GSO!


There we go, please leave some extra loving for these pages, and be inspired to go and create an awesome page! Happy scrapping! See you next time!



Finger Pointing – July 29th

29 Jul

Hey everyone! I’m back from my camp vacation with my youngest son and a friend of him, they are 18 and 17 and we had great fun in the Belgian Ardennes! Unfortunately we could not canoe, there was not enough water in the Ourthe, so we would get stuck on the rocks if we would have tried to canoe there.  But we did other fun things and the weather was working with us, we only had one day with some showers. So we got a little tanned and I enjoyed the shadow in my hammock between the trees ;). But, back to serious business, let’s talk scrappages!

Living for today by Wombat146 I love the rainbow colors and the impression of floating or moving through the colors on this page! And then the happy and a bit naughty face of the harlequin, I just melted away looking at it! Wombat did a great job giving the page depth and a feel of mystery, walking through a land of butterflies, lace and paint.

wombat146 sbg

Secrets by Brownie13 Wow, I love city pages and there are some scrappers who make great pages and Brownlie13 is one of them as far as I’m concerned! Love how she blended different pictures together to make one skyline that fits the journaling perfect! Great job!

brownie13 dst

Great by Thimbleberrie A wonderful page with a great strong message! Love the drawn face here with the funny and slightly weird expression. Also love the burst of butterflies and the feel of freedom to be yourself, this page gives me!

thimbleberrie dst

Chess by TerryB This could almost be a Christmas page, the feel is soo cosy and warm! Great how Terry used the boys picture twice, the blending is so delicate! To me this is a perfect double pager telling a lovely story of being together and having a great time!

terryb oscraps

Harbour view by Caapmun And another perfect blended page and here I especially  love the frame drawing the attention to the empty and peaceful part of the page. Makes me want to travel right away to the nothern part of Europe to see the Aurora Borealis!

caapmum designer digitals

2015 There For Each Other [always] by MrsPeel And last but not least my dear friend Cynthia with this beautiful page about BFF. I love the diagonal angle here and the real feel the page gives me. I love all the wrinkles and imperfections in the paper and the delicate drawings on it. Like Cynthis just doodled a little and placed the pictures on top of it to make her page. Love the journaling alpha words and the little beads nd other tiny bits!

MrsPeel tlp

Well, these were my picks for tonight, I hope you like them as much as I do and if you visit the galleries, please leave the artists some love, it’s very much appreciated! See you next time!


Finger pointing – July 27th

28 Jul

Hello, hallo, bonjour, bongiorno, olá, selamat siang, hola &  大家好!

My family and I are home again after a short 2 weeks holiday to our friends in Scotland and our home country The Netherlands. It’s always nice to see our family and friends and breathe some nice fresh air.

Shanghai is always sweltering hot and humid during summer time and today was no exception with 35 degrees Celsius but it felt according to our weather app as 45 degrees. Hurrah for air-con and inside house activities. So what better way to combat jet lag with some browsing through the galleries and pick my faves for today.

My first page and pick is from one talented designer: I love to see pages scrapped by designers. Don’t you? The colours are gorgeous, the point of view of the photo amazing and the whole feel of the page is fabulous. This is one happy page for me!

1. Happy Photo by Karla Dudley


Another amazing page is this one by Deekaa. The graphic feel of this page is to die for. Love the black-white photo with the gorgeous treatment, the red barcode popping from the bottom of the page and the alpha just is the right pick. Gorgeous gorgeous page!

2- Colosseum  by Deekaa


This page is from another talented lady out here in digiscrap world. Down Town …. by Marleen is one gorgeous page. I love the treatment of the photo: it enhances the urban grunge vibe. Marleen’s blending, brush work and textures is as always outstanding!

3. Down Town …………. by Marleen


I am staying with awesome blending and brush work with this page by Cocodou. Love me some gargoyles in black & white. Again great blending, great photo with point of view. This is a great example of a c & s page greatly executed!

 4. Gargoyles by Cocodou


This page from beszteri is to die for! Wonderful photo, the textures and blending, the little element cluster with the subtle pop of yellow. The vertical flow of the text juxtaposing with the landscape photo. It’s a fave in my book and so today at the GSO blog!

5. The River – Beszteri


And my last pick for today is this awesome happy one. Love the point of view of the photo, the happy moment captured and gorgeously scrapped. The mood, the journaling, the title work it all just adds up!

6. Waves  by Justjen


Hope you all liked my pages. I had fun browsing the galleries again after 2 weeks holiday. Don’t forget to leave some love when you visit the pages from today’s finger pointing post.

Enjoy the summer and  happy scrapping!!






Finger pointing – July 25th

25 Jul

I’m never sure what I’ll find in the galleries, but I love the process of looking around at all the different sites noticing the styles and textures and stories and images and amazing talent that we share as scrapbookers. I go through each page that calls out to me and ask what it is about the page that speaks to me. Some people tell a great story, some are super artsy, some have wonderful photography skills. Many of the people sharing their pages in the galleries tell us their process, or what about the page is important. Some say nothing at all and leave it to the imagination. We all share a passion for this craft. It’s all wonderful! I hope you will enjoy the diversity in styles of my picks today. I wish I could pick more than six, because there were a lot of great pages out there today!

This is Liz, and these are my picks today:

little things by SirScrapsalot

This piece appealed to me (in part) because of the element placement. The tape on the edges, the pretty shadowed flowers, the sparkly bits and the gold foil doilies all worked so well together to showcase that great black and white photo. Nice horizontal line of elements here, and I liked the stacked papers with the tickets tucked under. Totally sweet page about someone he obviously treasures. He was able to convey that with just a bit of word art.


beauty by kristalund

This page is packed with patterns and journal cards and banners and flowers and word art and ribbons, and the combination all totally worked together. The photos are so wonderful, particularly the focal photo with the artfully blurred background. The balance of photos and elements is quite charming.


Perspective by lkdavis

There’s something so magical about summer pages that really capture the feeling of lazy, fun days. She really invited us into that summer afternoon with the combination of the masked focal photo and the vertical line of action photos. I like that she converted just one of the photos to black and white, such a small thing but it really created an interesting effect. The flower sprig looks so real you could just pick it off the page. I like that combined sticker and text title work. I enjoyed that she told us the story, it gives us the context.


It’s the little things by chastml

I like the stapled down heart and rectangle graphic, the use of the word art, and the simple adornment of this page. The placement of the heart, sprinkles and wire word leads us nicely through the page. Read the text, it will make you smile. I love a good love story.


Finn by jenn mccabe

The perspective on this photo is so fun! I’m not a pocket scrapper, but I do love to see pocket elements used well. This photo was a great choice for the clear plastic insert pocket. The background wonky lined paper is a nice, whimsical choice. And the minimal use of different strokes and colors of paint gives this nice pop. That is a seriously cute dog. Jenn told us all we need to know with that one paint-stroked piece of word art.


Vigan by rache77

I am in awe of the mixture of artistry on this page! Love that sketch work, the watercolor effect, the title with the stitching and collage pieces to ground it, and the sentiment. Terrific job on setting the tone.


I hope you’ll agree this was a fun mix of styles today! If you like my picks please click on the link in the titles and leave the person who created these beautiful works of art some love! Have a great weekend!



Finger Pointing – July 24th

24 Jul

Hi everyone!  Hope you’re having a great Friday.  It’s been pretty hectic around here for about a week as we pulled out “stuff” and got ready for the garage sale that started today.  I have to say that I’m not a big fan of garage sales but my husband is, so I get the merchandise ready and he handles everything else!  It didn’t take long before  I was ready for a break from the work and browsing the galleries was an awesome one.  It  relaxes and inspires me when I get the chance to spend time looking at all the beautiful pages!  Here are my choices for today.  I hope you like them as much as I do.  Note that the page titles and the images are all links to the page in the gallery.  Please drop by and leave a comment for these artisits.

Jude by Lynne-Marie  POW, BOOM, WOW!  This is such a fun and clever page.  I love the different angles and the shadowing on the dialog clouds is perfect.  But my favorite thing about this page is that it preserves the memory of this scary (albeit funny) dream.


Making Friends by jcaruth910  I love how the sketch technique is used on this very cool page!  The background paper was the perfect choice for blending the sketch/photo. The pop of color from the brick and the addition of the brush work are the perfect finishing touches for this page.



UGH! by EllenT  Oh how fun and easy it is to create pages with smiles and cute babies/puppies or about exciting adventures.  With lots of pretty elements and fun quotes.  You get the idea.  But, then, real life creeps in.  And this page is a perfect reflection of real life!  I can so relate (especially in the last few weeks) to the feelings expressed on this page.  I love that she included a photo!



Angry Bird by scrapbookmama  OK, so this one made me laugh out loud – so much my feelings on several days this past week!  I love the colors on this page and the background paper is awesome!  The brush work around the angry bird is a great touch and the placement of the word art is perfect!  And, I promise, there was no anger theme to today’s picks – I just really love these last two pages!



Special Edition by flohbock.1971  This is one of those pages that blows me away with the creativity of the artist!  The photos are fantastic and the placement of the word transfers, brush work and word art creates a beautiful piece of art.  I also love the depth the stucco background paper and the embossed numbers add to the page.  Total perfection!



The Good Old Days by SueTR  I love heritage pages and this one is amazing.  The three photos are wonderful and I love how the page itself looks like it came from the “good old days” with the tattered notebook paper background and the brush work.  I love the placement of the photo corners, the tab with the dates and the journaling.  A beautiful page to keep family memories alive!



So that’s my picks for today.  I hope you like them.  One thing I did notice as I browsed the galleries was how few comments these pages – and others – have.  I know we are all busy, but everyone loves it when someone admires their work and takes the time to leave them a comment.  So, if you’re hanging out in the galleries, please take time to check out other artists’ pages and leave them a comment.  I guarantee you, you will be putting a smile on the artist’s face and in their heart.  Thanks!




Finger pointing – July 23th

23 Jul

Hi everyone and welcome to today’s Gallery Standouts. I’ve been searching and browsing through the galleries and within no time I had lots and lots of outstanding pages. Then it took me forever to narrow them down to six. But I did, and here they are. I hope you will like them as much as I do!

London 2015 by Cinna Love how the photo is blended in the background and how it looks to be part of it. The simplicity of this page is striking and I love the beautiful Alpha and that it is large and therefore so eyecatching! A magnificent page!


days by Isa Marks I love all those pink brushes coming from behind the photo. I think it’s great that the photo is black and white and the framing is splendid! The elements are perfect for this page and I love the words and their angle. Absolutely a great woman’s page!


Hula-hoop by zwyck What a marvelous and, happy and fun page this is. Love the photo’s, the blending, the composition and actually the whole page! The bit of green are perfect and the journaling gives the page a personal touch. I think the background paper is a perfect choice for this fabulous page!


be you by brinic  Ooooh, this little girl made me smile!! I love her enthusiasm, she is about to blow the most beautiful and biggest bubble ever, I’m sure of it! I think it’s great that this page is kept simple and that the focus goes to this amazing photo! Keeping pages simple is often a very hard thing to do, but it worked absolutely great here! Love the pink lines besides the photo and the big pink border. Makes this page complete!


Click by Motherbear Wow, the layering is just fantastic in this page. Love the placement of the elements and the clustering of it all! The depth created by placing so many things under the photo is beautiful and the photo itself is stunning. Reminds me of how my son used to take pictures! This is an absolutely marvelous page with many details!


Inspired by Fonts – Madeleine reading to Granny by Gerli Such a gorgeous page. The photo are beautiful. I love to see how focused she is, doing her utmost best to read for her Granny. I think the all the brushwork is splendid and the words are fantastic. Most of all I like the little text part that is framed. I think that’s a part of the text Madeleine is reading and I adore the smile on Granny’s face on the little photo in the bottom!


These are my pick for today. I hope you like them and if you have a little time, please leave all these ladies some love in the galleries! My vacation is about to start now, so I’m gone for a while. I will see you somewhere in August! Have a fabulous Summer!