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Finger Pointing August 31st

31 Aug

Hey everyone, Jeanine here again , the last time I had to do my post the blog let me down, I couldn’t edit anything anymore….only could pick the pages and that was all. Cynthia was so kind to help me out and finished the post for me. Kate fixed the problem and I am back to normal routine again! It is the last day of August already, fall is knocking on our doors soon, but let’s enjoy summer a little bit longer don’t you agree! So I found some shiny and bright pages for you today!

Hello perfection by Pallavi01 I love the simple setup of this page, the soft colors and the large B&W picture. The small elements scattered over the page add just that little playflnes and fun I like. Lovely loving page!
Pallavi01 tlp

Project Life 2015 week 33 | xoxo by Findingnana Oh, I like the treatment of the pictures here, this ‘overexposed’ look I love very much and I think the way some are partial colored and some are B&W bring the pictures together. This almost C&S 365 page is very attractive and invites the viewer to take a closer look to the pictures.
findingnana tlp

Artsy Challenge: Grunge_Kayak by smcloone A wonderful grunge and at the same time fresh page; being on the water always makes me want to be at the seashore, my feet in the water, hearing the waves roll in and smelling the saltyness of the sea… I love the way smcloone used the stitches as a frame and how she drew the attention to the kayaking person by using many brushes around him/her.
smcloone des digit

Ticket to ride by Crafty Kacy A slightly urban page, again with a picture wich is a little overexposed.  I love the combination on this page, traditional elements on the right side with an urban touch using the scribbles, the splatters and the dark font. I love the picture also, her pose is intriguing, in what mood is the lady, what is she thinking of, where is she going to…beuatiful!

crafty kacy pp

Annalift Taking Chances by Pam P And here we have a very overexposed page! It’s the evening of overexposure I guess ;). This one makes me feel artsy and makes me want to scrap again, I have been very busy lately and had no time to do anything scrappy, no designing, no scrapping… but looking at this one, YEAH, makes me want to blend and play with all the possibilities Photoshop has!  I love the light and airy feel, love the ‘Dutch’ feel the bike gives me, and love the bright yellow!
pam p oscraps

Backwards by Mimisgirl This is a very good advice! Never walk backward in life! The bike to me represents moving forward and looking ahead of you! Curious what the future will bring! The lovely colors and the butterflies make me want to go outside and breath fresh air, celebrating summer in it’s last days.
mimisgirl the digichick

These are my choices of today! I hope you like them and please don’t forget to leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries! It’s very much appreciated! See you next time!


Finger Pointing – August 30th

30 Aug

It’s been a beautiful, sunny day here and I’ve been spending it helping my husband stain our deck.  It’s hard on the back so after a while, I excused myself and came inside to spend some downtime browsing the galleries.  I fell in love with so many pages today and it made me sad to have to cut the list down to six.  But, it must be done!  So here are my six.  Hope you love them as much as I do and, if you do, please visit the galleries and leave them some love.  The page names and the images are linked to the galleries so all you have to do is click one or the other – how easy is that!

blingmeister by lingovise.  I have to admit that I LOVE pages with dark backgrounds because colors on a dark background just pop.  What an mazing cluster with that cute photo at the center.  The stars are really cool and so is that playing card tucked in – an A(ce), no less.  I love how it’s all set off by the white scribble underneath.  And the grungy borders add to the overall feel of the page.  LPLaRS_lg

sleepyheads2009 by wimpychompers.  I love the look of this page.  I am in awe of scrappers who can use banners in a way that looks natural and beautiful on the page.  wimpychompers has achieved that on this page.  The scalloped borders keep our eyes focused on the center of the page where the flower clusters lead them to the photos (love the angles on them), then to the journaling, and then end up at the title.  Perfect!  The colors are beautiful and really flatter the B&W photos!


My heart in your hand by lizziet5.  This page grabbed me in the thumbnails of the gallery and I really loved it when I saw it in a larger size in the gallery.  The color scheme is so soothing and I love the plain, rectangular photo with no frame!  The ribbon cluster and the dotted circles ground the photo.  Love the placement of the title and the journaling.  Beautiful page!


positive vibes by Donna Goar.  When I saw this page, I just smiled!  I love the softness of it.  The colors are gorgeous and the brush work is amazing.  And the message in the quote is perfect.  When I saw that Donna was going to make a notecard out of it, I thought, and who wouldn’t LOVE to get that notecard!  I think it would be a perfect canvas also.  Another amazing piece of art by an amazing artist.


break by zwyck.  There are a lot of “back to school” pages in the gallery but this one grabbed my attention with the beautiful blending.  I love the feeling envoked by that photo … haven’t we all felt like that at times!  The placement of the title cluster (with the cute giraffe) is perfect and draws attention right to the photo.


meeting mickey by roxanamdm.  What an absolutely perfect “meeting mickey” page.  The angle of the papers and photos instantly draws you in and the banner and star cluster lead right to the photos.  Love the repetition of the yellow, black and red in the photos, elements, and title.  And that arrow pointing to the large photo is just too cute.


Hope you’ve been inspired by the pages I’ve chosen today.  It’s just so amazing the number of deserving pages there are out there in the galleries.  Do yourself a favor, grab a little refreshment, and have a relaxing and inspiring time browsing the galleries.  And, while you’re there, don’t forget to leave a comment now and then.  Everyone loves to hear that people are enjoying their art.


Finger Pointing – August 29th

29 Aug

Hello and happy Saturday! Today I am standing in for my friend, Marianne, to bring you some of the joy I found in the galleries. The appeal of today’s picks ranges from whimsy, beautiful photography, hope, love, good stories, inspirational messages, fun stuff you have to look twice to notice, and brackets. Yes, brackets, which called to me twice today, and I think you’ll see why.

This is Liz, and these are my picks.

Dad& Roli by golya

The creatively placed strips of patterned paper on this page makes such a great background! I love the shadowing of the strips too. Look at the wonderful expressions on the line of photos, which look so fun surrounded by the doodly frames. This page has the feel of casual whimsy, but I know that it took careful planning to lay down and shadow each paper strip and all of the elements supporting the photos. The unusual color combination of aqua, kraft, red and yellow worked like magic to make each piece stand out. Love the string of tickets! I looked at this one for a long time, and am in awe of the design. Well done.


middle school locker by Jen Flaherty aka jennyf92

In honor of all the moms of all the kids going back to school all around the United States over the next few weeks, I have to applaud Jen on a page that gives voice to all of our anxiety, hope and love for our kids as they make that journey into the strange unknown landscape of school. This heartfelt page made me bite my lip, hoping that he could remember that locker combination! And that is the sign of a well-told tale, one that gets the reader invested, hopeful, cheering on the subject. I love how she used the kraft mat to ground the photo, elements and text. That is a truly clever way she leads us from one side to the other with the bracketed journaling. Love the title.  Really wonderful page, Jen.


Winter in Spindleruv Mlyn by amonit

This delightful winter scene really appealed to me. I love the icicles hanging down from the top, the great doodly word art frame, and the adorable little reindeer looking up at the scene. That subtle background just barely lets us see the trees, and once I noticed them the scene just came alive. This page has strong shadowing, and that was the real eye-catcher. I loved the combination of doodly and real elements on this one. Wonderful!


Kaydee 7 months by KLLee

Here’s another example of effective use of brackets . This darling baby has the most beautiful eyes, and the photography and photo treatment are really special. The use of the brown and kraft elements against the black & white photo is a surprisingly effective combination. Love that vertical line of paper, lace, elements and sprinkles. And just as I finished admiring the pretty, feminine design, I noticed the shirt the baby is wearing. Too funny! This had to get noticed today.


choose happiness by bao

I actually found three pages by bao, in three different galleries, and would have picked all of them if there had been room. This is a very talented person! I enjoyed this page for its simple, positive message, delivered succinctly and with such a nice photo! Great depth and clever cropping on the photo. I enjoyed the little touch of the stitching leading to, but not beyond, the word art. The subtle bit of polka dot tape brings a nice alternating color, and worked better than I would have expected. I love seeing upbeat note-to-self type pages in the galleries. I am looking forward to seeing more pages by this artist.


Family – Montana trip (right) by hillareyd

This is actually a two page spread, and you can visit page two here (and I really recommend that you do!). That big-weave textured paper made a super background for this terrific multi-photo page. I enjoyed the combination of fun photos, great colors, and a nice family story. The small inset pieces of beautiful patterned paper worked so nicely with the flowers, tags, sequins and word art. And the second page has a cool cut-out chevron design that is so fun! I like that Hillarey included really fabulous family photos with hilarious out-takes, all on the same spread.


I hope you love the stand-outs today just as I did. If so, please click on the link in the title and leave a little love for the person who created the page. Have a great weekend!



Finger Pointing – August 28th-

28 Aug

Hello and good evening – maybe I should say morning as it is now exactly 03:00 am here in London!!!!! I can’t believe I just typed August 28th….. the month is ending, I will be 57 years old in less than a week…and even though some life events aren’t the greatest at the moment (my daughter is still fighting complications of an operation she had last January!) more & more I see we are surrounded of amazing people, we have so much support both practical & emotionally…so I keep pushing for the next day to be better than the previous one…and here I am after a few hours of being wowed by the awesomeness of your talents in the galleries!!!!! I know I keep saying this, but 6 pages is way toooo little!!! my heart torn apart as I would have wanted you to see much more than these, but I reckon these will be an amazing inspiration for everyone!!! Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the high-lit name of the LO & author, they certainly deserve all the praise they can get!

Splash by Jana NJ is, literally, talent poured into the page- The water effect is so amazing, the attention she has paid to blend the photo sequence, the talent in the composition, and those incredibly beautiful diamond shapes which bring light into the page. This is the combination of memory keeping with art skills brought to a high level…and the result is so much delight to the heart!!!!!!


The End by MelanieB is another jewel. I’m not particularly a Hunger Games fan, I watched the first movie and decided I have enough suffering in our daily lives to watch in the screen, but this is one of those pages that makes you wish that you at least own that book, so beautifully presented it is, and when you read the journaling  and feel what the ritual of chapter reading is.. The photography is impeccable, perfect light, beautiful in black & white and the whole thing is so elegant, crowned with shadows that are perfection…. delightful all over!


#School by motherbear is another perfection…. love Julie’s amazing layering, how the photo pops to the eye with her gorgeous framing of it with those cute elements, love that she didn;t exactly centered the composition, and the perfect shadows, all with so much color and still so perfectly tidy! Awesome page!


Most of you know I don’t do the Project Life but there are times when I find these awesome, super talented ladies who make me wish I did!!!!! These two pages are so superb each of them, that I spent a considerable amount of time trying to choose but couldn’t, so here are them both: 2014 : Week 36 Right by scrapandsass: what can I say? genius photo cropping, wonderful movement and fun given with her ideas that break the lines, the fab mixing of black & white with colors in perfect balance, fun everywhere, beauty in every little bit of the page!!!!!


and the next one, from another amazingly talented lady: Week -34 – 2015- Left by Nancy Beck is perfection, elegance, everything is so beautiful! Love her photography always, and in here, each of the images has a reflection that captures the eye, love that cake (another 13 candles and I can have it next week LOL) I love how her photography speaks and she built the page around them with such beautiful cards, those very few elements are perfectly shadowed…a standout indeed!!!


Last but not least, I found this beautiful page, Captured by KBlack– and what a capture ! Love the photos, the big one is a seamless blend, giving such a delicate feel, and the expression in the smaller photo is perfect too… love the mixture of textures with the word art/stamps and more corporeal elements there are quiet a few details here that are so well done…I’m in love with this page!!!!!


With this I’ll say goodnight, thanks so much everyone fir sharing all your beauties with us, have an amazing weekend!!!


Finger Pointing – August 25

25 Aug

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with tonight’s AMAZING Standouts! After making my rounds through all the wonderful galleries I finally managed to narrow my choices to the required six, I could have easily chosen a couple dozen more! I hope you adore my picks!

First up this beautiful Tuesday is this super lovely work of art by Geek_gurl titled Be Happy. Really love the composition here, the flow is just spectacular! I love the pop of pink and yellow against the tonal background, and the black, really makes for a gorgeous contrast. And that image, such a sweet little darling!

Background CVW_SupplyTracker Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4 SBasic_CelebrateLife_brush SBasic_CelebrateLife_wordstrip04 SBasic_SchoolCool_Girls_brushesandstuff SBasic_SchoolCool_Girls_flower02 ayi_schoolcool-girls_paperstars bg_bside_ep1_24 bg_bside_ep1_24's Drop Shadow justjaimee-fastened_gold clip justjaimee-fastened_gold clip copy justjaimee-staplestash_2

Next I have this beauty titled Dare #416 A gift to myself by margje. This is just so stinking CUTE! Really loving the color palette with that muted orange and black! And those graphics, so ADORABLE!

Dare 416

Really adore the delicate feel in this next Standout by liahra titled dear future. The blocked design is absolutely fabulous! I’m really loving the combination of colors,  and the mix of patterns is fantastic!

dear future

The blocking in this beauty titled reading by corrin really caught my eye when I came across it in the gallery, so perfectly executed! Love the muted palette too, really causes the images and text to pop off the page. Love that little banner at the top!


For my Project Life-like layout choice I have this stunner by Fonetta titled Here & Now. The images here are nothing short of spectacular, and the blue and tan palette really accents them well! So wishing I was laying on the beach right now. sigh

Here & Now

Rounding out my choices this evening is this adorable layout titled First Day of Kindergarten by Amymelniczenko. Love the design and all the layering, the mix of color and patterns, it’s all so fabulous! Especially the titling with the journaling, really LOVE that!

First Day

That’s it for me this week! I hope you’ve found inspiration in my choices this week! See you all in the galleries! Have  wonderful rest of the week!


Finger Pointing – August 24th

24 Aug

Hard to believe but it’s  Monday again.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  We had a very busy and fun one.  We spent Saturday at the PWBA (Professional Women’s Bowling Association) tournament here in Minnesota.  There were so many awesome bowlers there and the stepladder finals were really exciting.  On Sunday I bowled in the ProAm – no, I’m not that good, they let anybody do it – and that was a great experience.  But those bowlers aren’t the only talented people around.  I’ve just come from a few hours in the galleries and, once again, I’ve been totally amazed at the talent out there.  It’s been said many times before but it really is hard to pick just six!  Please take a little time and leave a comment on these pages in the gallery.  The title of the page and the image are linked.

Cottage No 9 by apottinger.  This page just screamed “Look at me!” when I saw it in the thumbnails.  So, of course, I did.  This is an absolutely beautiful pocket page.  The colors are gorgeous together.  The more you explore this page, the more you find to love about it!  Awesome choice and placement of  photos and embellishments!

Cottage No 9

be awesome by emmasmommy. Love how she’s created the background for this page.  The brushwork is amazing.  The  circles and  “stamped” doodled, black circles highlighting them are great additions to the page.  The scatterings are perfect and she has created a gorgeous cluster with the word art.  Beautiful!

be awesome

AnnaColor Challenge 08.14.2015 – 08.27.2015 by amylit.  This page for the AnnaColor Challenge is just gorgeous.  The effect of a watercolor painting is amazing!  Love the depth and effect that the textures and brushes add!  This page should be framed and hung on the wall so that it can be enjoyed every day!


Kristin @ Ruby Beach by scullen2.  Wow, there are so many things to love about this gorgeous page!  First of all, I LOVE the composition.  And the colors just say beach day to me.  The frame on the  masked photograph and the vertical elements create the perfect place for the word art.  The brushwork and the added elements are the perfect finishing touch.


That’s Some Hair by dvhoward.  This certainly did make me giggle! (Ok, I admit it, I actually laughed out loud!)  I love that photo!  The doodled frame around the photo cluster sets the tone for this fun page.  I love the space created for the date!  The “messy” strings under the flair are the perfect accent.


The Meanest Teacher by lkdavis.  We’ve all had at least one … the dreaded mean teacher.  What a perfect theme for a scrapbook page.   I love the pairing of the blended class photo with the small school photo.  And the “teacher” is such a great touch.  Adding the journaling to a spiral notebook page is awesome as is the title work.


Thanks for spending some time checking out my picks for today.  I hope you enjoyed them.  If so, please go to the galleries and let the artists know.


Finger Pointing – August 23rd

23 Aug

Hi everyone. I’m sitting right here behind my computer browsing through the galleries. In my background there is a lot of noise going on. My daughter has a birthday party and the girls are watching a horror movie.  Lots of screaming, shouting, yelling and sudden hard music accompany me while I’m trying to focus on all these wonderful pages. Not the most relaxing environment,  but I’ll have to do with it tonight! Anyway, here are the pages I chose for today, I hope you like them!

Where the Magic Happens by Crafty Kacy. Love this black and white page. The touches of red are fabulous and the theme is something I think we can all relate to. A magnificent page!


Fun in the sun by Audraj. I so love this wonderful scene. It is fun and playful and beautiful set together. The elements are beautiful and I really love all the splashes of water! Absolutely amazing!


My beautiful by gybogi. How wonderful and sweet this is.  Love all the cut out hearts in the background paper and the elements are placed so beautiful! I also really like all the words and the photo is gorgeous. A fabulous page!


Back to School by Indigo Designs. A beautiful back to school page. Love the photo’s and the large picture looks stunning. The brushes, colors and elements are absolutely fabulous too. Amazing design!


Reverie by Anny-Libelle. Such a stunning page. I love the the fantastic colors here. The photo fits in perfectly, it belongs. There are so many elements and so many details to see. This page is a real eye catcher!


Soundwave 2015 by amandajane. Love the design here. Great photo’s and the brushes behind them are fantastic! I also really like how it all pops on the white background. Absolute superb page!!


Well that’s it. My pages for today! I’m ready, the movie in the background is finished, the kids are all going home in a few minutes. Time to enjoy a bit of rest and piece! See you all next time!