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Finger Pointing – September 30th

30 Sep

Hello. Hello! Paula here again with my usual Wednesday check-in!
I hope you are enjoying your week! Here are my picks from the galleries today, if you have a few moments click on the link to your favourite and don’t forget to leave a little love!

Mother and Me by isDK

Love the adorable photo of her as a little girl with  her mother! I love the messyness and I love the neutral colors used here. The stitching on both pages is perfect.


(Click on image to view larger image)

always have faith by misslovescraps

It immediately caught my eye in the gallery. This is just way too cool.  There is an amazing amount of work here, the blending is awesome, the tittle work perfect and her drawings are becoming every day more amazing!!! Love it all the way!


as sweet as sugar by chigirl

This is gorgeous and very very sweet! Really love the ultra clean and calm feel to this. I just love how she built up everything around that super cute photo and the patterned paper running horizontally below it. Love the artistic background with the doodles circles all over. Adorable!


Up and Away by biancka

I am very into comic pages lately and that’s why I got attracted by this comic book layout immediately. Love how much there is in this page to discover, this is a perfect combination of white space, yummy ellies and gorgeous BW photos!


Dare #421 by Thimbleberrie

Everything abour this page I love: the asymmetrical papers stacking in the background. the beautiful warm yellow, green and red against the white, the scribbles, how the picture is treated, the pieces of text, splats and sequins and the wonderful shadow work here! This page makes me smile! Great page!!

cleverMonkey421 copy-susanm

Chicken race by zwyck

As a lot of Ulla-May’s pages this one grabbed me right away when I entered the gallery! Everything on this page is wonderful, the treatment of the picture (awesome big photo). I love the vibrant colors and energy of the page. I’m wondering what a chicken race is…



Finger Pointing-September 29th

29 Sep

Good evening everyone! Did you get a chance to see the lunar eclipse/super moon the other night? Although it was clouded over where I live, I’ve really enjoyed all of the photos on Facebook. Something else I’ve enjoyed…gallery hopping for today’s standouts! I hope you’ll enjoy the variety and all the creativity by the talented artists I came across.

First up tonight is this incredible page by our own Marianne. I’m a huge fan of her graphic style and her photo edits. Sparkle by margje  just grabs your eye with the image and all of the brush work being it. Love the stack of shoes and the butterfly! Everything on this page sparkles! And did you see the diamond? Perfection!


Unstoppable by roxana is a super creative art journal page! I love the blended image of the boy and all of the colors and textures! The quote and also the title really seem to speak to him directly. The butterfly images floating across the page are wonderful. The stitched scallops and partial button at the top add interest to the page as well. Great standout!


Art Journal Challenge-Simple Pleasures by myssp  is absolutely charming! It totally makes my happy just looking at it. Of course, images of shopping always make for some fun. The bold black and white striped background really pops with the greens and pinks she used. The brush work and the lovely edger in the top right corner are beautiful accents. The cropped photo in the bottom corner is a great repetitive element. I also love the vertical placement of the title. Brilliant page!


Autumn-The Crazy Painter by Pantherka This is one gorgeous page! The photo of this little girl is captivating and I love how the artist used it in two different ways. The cluster of autumn elements in front of the framed photo is just amazing and has such a warm and rustic appeal. Heart warming standout!


Do Not Speak! by beszteri  is most intriguing! First of all, the image is a very powerful one and those eyes….piercing! The single black leaf is very effectively placed and the shadow work is amazing. Great grungy textures and brush work throughout this piece really make this a standout! Gorgeous page!


Whisper of the Wind by Caroline Scrap  is simply gorgeous! The vertical cluster stretching from the bottom of the page to the top really pops out of the gallery. It’s rich with so much to look at-flowers, a clock, a butterflies, a blue bird, etc. I like how all of the colors lead the eye right to the sweet black and white photo in the center of the page. The word art is one simple word, used very effectively multiple times. Beautiful standout!



Finger Pointing September 27th

27 Sep

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! I had a busy weekend, painting with a friend and welcoming my youngest at home after he spend three weeks at his fathers. But tonight I’ve been doing a little strolling and as always I found a lot of beautiful pages and as always I can only show you 6 of them. So here we go!

Keep up with Taz by bcgal00 I love the combination of this fairytale background and the realistic picture. Woman and animal playing and working together and on the first place having fun doing what they’re doing! Great clustering here and the shadowwork is gorgeous, it really lifts up the picture and puts it in the foreground. Love the anisseeds transformed to little flowers.

bcgal00 mscraps

New things by ptabbert I’m a roosterfan! And I’m fan of this yummie grungy ‘ready for new things’ page! The way Patsy positioned the roosters – great extraction by the way – brings interest in the page and I love what she did with the text and borderbrushes!

ptabbert pixelpress

At the movies by mimisgirl What a wonderful wild page and I love it! Love all the paint and border stuff, love all the ellies spread all over, but most of all love the fun they had at the movies!

mimisgirl tlp

Tomatos from my Garden by Ren I want to make tomato soup seeing this page! Gorgeous picture treatment and wonderful placement of the clustered herbs and ladles. I love it, could be a page in a cooking magazine!

ren dst

Anna lift  9.26.15 – 10.2.15  by faby33 What a lovely ‘clean’ artwork Faby made of the her bathing kid, shampooing his hair! I love the splatter and waterbrushes she used here to support the meaning of the page.

faby33 oscraps

Annalift 9-26 Big Personality by musicmom3 Another Anna lift and totally different from the one above. But not less amazing! The touches of bright reds, yellows and a little blue emphasize the personality of the girl and the love of musicmom3 for her daughter. I love the bubbly feel I get from this page and want to sing and dance along with the girl!

musicmom3 oscraps

That was it! I hope you like my choices and don’t forget to leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries! See you next time!


Finger Pointing – September 26th

26 Sep

Hi, Patsy here on this gorgeous Saturday.  Hope you are all having a fun and enjoyable day.  We’re busy unpacking, cleaning, and putting things away after our trip back to Florida for the winter.  I’ve spent several hours browsing the galleries (and listening to the birds chirping) to find my picks for today.  The titles and images are linked so please go leave the artists some love.  Also, take the time to check out the other amazing pages in the galleries – there are always so many gorgeous ones that don’t make it into the blog post!

First up today is a beautiful, clean page called Hanging At The Beach by earlofoxford.  There are so many pieces that contribute to this page being such a beauty.  First is all of the texture in the papers!  Love that look with the smooth, clear photos!  The blocked pattern is used perfectly with the photos taking center stage while the four center rectangles with their soft, beachy color create the perfect backdrop for that awesome title.  And the scatterings bring everything together with their color and depth as well as the placement that draws your eyes into the rest of the page.


AnnaColor Challenge 09.25.2015-10.08.2015 by TrishD.  It’s no surprise that this page caught my eye in the gallery.  What a feast for the eyes!  Love how she created the dual images and the added outer glow on the dancer on the left is the perfect touch!  I love the white brushes – they add just the right pop and the colors in the bokeh are beautiful.  Stunning page!


Sardegna – album by evadraga.  This is a gorgeous page and, believe it or not, it was created using a template by Anna Aspnes.  Love the blended photo background with the two smaller framed photos.  And the textures and brush work create an awesome page.  Just goes to show that if you start with the right template and add your own colors, photos, and additional touches you can end up with a masterpiece!  So if you think you can’t create an artsy page from scratch, try starting with a template.  I bet you’ll love the results!  I bet this album is going to be gorgeous!


Create Art With Abandon by klee73010.  Love this art journaling piece with it’s message to unlock your mind and create art with abandon.  The layering of the brushes creates the look of a paper art journal page which always amazes me!  Love the colors she’s used and the addition of the black grounds the piece.  Awesome page!


My Love by catgoddess.  I LOVE everything about this stunning, romantic page!  The song lyrics are the perfect journaling for her page title, My Love.  And I can’t even begin to say how much I love the cluster she has created across the middle of the page. This page is the perfect blend of elements, journaling and brushes with the finishing touch of perfect shadows.   It’s hard to explain the feeling I get when I look at it (as I have done many times today!) but it’s definitely a good feeling!


Rainy Day by Cocodou.  This page is an excellent example of the use of white space!  I love that, along with the white space, there is a minimal amount of color.  With the brush work, you can almost feel the rain being swept by the wind and hitting your body!  Love how she altered the photo to get the perfect color in the umbrella!  Superb piece of art!

Rainy Day

The galleries today were just brimming with gorgeousness!  Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to go check out some of them.  I guarantee you will be inspired!


Finger Pointing – September 25th

25 Sep

Hellooo! Paula here! It has been a busy time for me!
I had my father in the hospital, and I had a surgery last Sunday. It is a major surgery, recovery does take time. So I’m at home recovering…I will need to be patient and follow my doctor’s advice, but I must confess that’s it’s extremely boring and I need to avoid the temptation to push myself too soon. While I might feel better on the outside, I know my insides need longer to recover, and any sudden movement or pressure could cause internal bleeding or tears…
But couldn’t be away from here for too long…so I’m more than happy to have this post to make! So I’m gonna make this relatively quick…Let’s go! Here are some of my most loved pages in the galleries from today:

You are my rock star by valeriapiemonte

I’m Val’s fan! She is not only an amazing scrapper, she’s also an amazing designer! What a GORGEOUS explosion of colors and brushes in this page. I love everything what’s going on here: all the vibrant colors here, the cool alpha, the stars…everything!


In my kitchen by Anny-Libelle

What a stunning page! I just could not resist this BRILLIANT yummy page! I love the riot of colour here. Perfect shadow work and clustering.


My adorable Kitten by Dady

This layout is so well done! I love all the angles used in the design of this page. Also love the stripey background, the photo effect and the yellow touches.


‘Cloud9’ by Daphne0890

I just love the softness of the page. Love how much there is in this page to discover,  especially love the clustering work, the flowers and the pastel colors here…ohh and the shabby look of the page.


I love you by P’tiscrap

OMG how adorable are those pictures?!!And the tittle is so perfect (Je t’M – Je t’aime = I Love U -I love you)! I just love this simple monochromatic color scheme page with a cool graphic feel.


Zoinks! by Cherrylej

Ha, ha,ha… isn’t this fun? I just could not resist this comic feel layout!  I love the cool design and all details here. The neutral colour of the background really makes the element clusters pop!!


Best friends by Jetje 

Such a tender, beautiful, delicate, magical and lovely page! This sweet photo immediately caught my eye, it’s the star of this page. Everything comes together so well here.



Finger Pointing – September 23

23 Sep

Hi everyone!!!! Hope you are all well! I had an early start today as I couldn’t come write last night, I’m covering for our dear Paula Kesselring who has just had surgery, we miss you and wish you a speedy recovery!!! So, straight to what we are here to do best we can: share with you some of the amazing talent in the galleries!!!!

Bookworm by Anrobe: Love her and I do not come across her pages often enough! this is so beautiful!!! Love very string patterns papers, but I’m not the very best at using them with a good balance, which here is perfect! Love the composition, all the layering and how the colors make this a happy page!! The quote is amazing and so true!!!


Willow by apottinger: another awesome lady, gets my heart each & every time with her pages…the diversity of styles she produces is fabulous and here there is a delicate, beautiful touch to the sweet photo with all the clustered flowers, gorgeous blending in the background, bottom cluster is also perfect and all crowned by those awesome shadows!!!! LOve!!!!


You all know how much I admire and respect the hybrid creatives we have in the industry, and even more so lately that I have dipped my finger tips into it….so here is something that called my attention, a wonderful card, Musings Birthday Card- Hybrid by scrappycath. Love the mix of colorful papers, the blocks that she enhanced with the string, and how amazing the look of those letters!!!!! they really look like the real wood thing!!!! gorgeous work!!!


Continuing on the hybrid, awesome talents without the Crtl+Z power, is this amazing page from StampingRooster, Beep Beep Vroom. This VW vans are one of my most loved memories of my teens & 20s, when I was road traveling Brazil’s north east and these were the transport that would get you to the villages up the hill from the river margins. Love the photo and that camera element is amazing!!! For me who fill the page with tons of elements, this is so well done, to be able to say so much with not so many elements, I know is not easy to achieve.Great composition, I have to confess I couldn’t quiet read the journaling but love how is located and the font, the tittle is also wonderful and everything so well tied up with the banner, love this!!!


One of the things that saddens me most about not being in great health, is the fact that makes it almost impossible to have furry babies…so when I see some of the awesome pages done for them…really make my heart sing!!!! That is the case here: Rat Killer by Ronnietexas is sooo gorgeous!!!!! Love the tittle, the alpha used is perfect for the whole thing, the photo a perfect show of the tittle, love the journaling done in strips, the elegant composition so effective, great mixture of textures…awesome page all together!!!!

aprilisa_SD; britt designs_bonappetit; cvisions_capt2012feb kcroninbarrow-ilovecocoa; Mye De Leon - Gratitude mommyish_natural, Pink Reptile Designs - Dog Eared sahlinstudio_explearngrow; Traci Stroud - lovemetender

And to leave you for the day, I found this absolutely amazing page by emmasmommy: stop worrying. Something I tell myself often…preach to others even…and very, very rarely get to put into practice. Love how well the feeling is put into paper, the silhouette is so well composed with different bits, this is the kind of page that will have me craving for this kit, perfect little bits and pieces, very much my kind of page, the kind you can be looking at it for ages and still finding new little bits that add to the general feeling, plus the handmade look that is so beautiful, this is amazing in every bit of the page!!!!!


I really hope these inspire you as much as they inspire me. If you could spare a minute or two, you can get to their original gallery by clicking on the high-lit name of the page & author, leave these awesome artists some love!!!! Thanks so much!!!! Hope you all have a great day!!!!



Finger Pointing – September 22

22 Sep

Hello, everyone! Katherine here on this gorgeous day … the weather has been soooo perfect lately! … with some really gorgeous Standouts! I hope you enjoy them!

Starting us off is this beauty titled Hey you by the very talented Jippo. Really love how ultra clean this feels, all the white space is absolutely perfect here! The tonal palette is gorgeous, and I love how the text and all the embellishments work together to keep bringing your eye back to that spectacular image!

Hey you

Next I have this lovely layout by Pallavi01 titled Lets Eat. Really LOVE the simplicity in the design, and how the muted orange pops against the neutral palette! The images are super adorable, too!

Lets eat

I fell head over heels for this next Standout titled On the Coast by Lizziet5. Really love the linear feel, and all the text … adds just the right contrast to that AMAZING image!

On the Coast

Next I have a Project Life-like two-page spread by Soco_scraps titled My kind of day. Really love how everything is laid out! The color palette is nothing short of delicious! And all the images are all so stinking delightful!

My kind of day

Up next is another absolutely delightful Project Life layout titled week 35 by Ana.paula. Again, I love how everything is laid in these types of layouts! The combination of colors work so well together here! The text with the mix of color and black-and-white images is absolutely brilliant!

week 35

And last, but most definitely not least, is this STUNNER titled End of Summer @ Coqueiros Beach by our very own MrsPeel! This is all just so breathtaking, from the SPECTACULAR image to the grungy-like texture-y feel, to the spectacular title work. Love every bit of this!

End of Summer

And that’s a wrap for me! See you all in the galleries again real soon! XXOO