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Finger Pointing – October 29th

29 Oct

Hello!!!! Margje here with my choices from the galleries on this last Thursday of October! I am delighted to be back today to share my finds in the galleries with you all. We have wintertime since last weekend and an extra hour of sleep was very welcome! The weather is wonderful here in the Netherlands, and we can enjoy a beautiful autumn! It’s gorgeous in the woods and park! I have been making lots of photo’s! And now I’m really looking forward to bring you some wonderful pages!

Hand Prints by beatricemi

What a stunning page! I love all the layers of this gorgeous page! The heart design is very eye catching. Love all the pattern papers, colors and word stripes, and of course the beautiful frame with the photo’s, that fits in there perfectly! And all the elements she used are so beautiful too! A real standout for me!


summer lady by ValeJules

This is the fourth piece of the seasons ladies she made! Go click on the link and you see the other three as well! They are all very beautiful and artsy! Really amazing and beautiful work! She captured each season so beautifully!


She Believed by jenmaddocks

Beautiful dreamy photo of a young girl in a beautiful page! I love how the photo is blended in the background behind the photo to extend it! And the brushwork on the page is totally awesome! Love the title as well! Lovely page to look at!


Poolside by sam ellis

I am totally in love with this page! The colors, the light in it, the layering, and that sweet boy had me in no time! And then I read the story! So happy that he’s not afraid anymore! Everything comes so beautifully together and there is so much to see! But the joy, I can feel in my heart, like that sun coming out!


Shine by Melhope 1230

This page is so gorgeous! I love the mix of colors, sparkle and light! And that is what it’s all about! Let your light shine! Great advice for the coming grey and dark days! Awesome Art Journal and really wonderful design!


follow the season by pam p

A great artsy page to end with! This page screams autumn to me, with gorgeous colors and very beautiful design! The brushwork is really fantastic! Everything is just perfect on this page! I can look at it for a long time! Just adore it!


This is all from me today, hope you find inspiration in these amazing pages, have a wonderful and fun and maybe a bit scary Halloween, if you are up to it! See you next time! Happy scrapping!



Finger Pointing-October 28th

28 Oct

Hello!Hello! Time flies pretty fast again lately with a new puppie at home… I’m sleeping with Gabi and my “Grandson” Nero, a Yorkshire Terrier. She just got her “baby” this past week and he’s 11 weeks old. So I’m just looking forward to sleeping in my own bed! But first let’s get on to the 6 beautiful pages of today’s GSO! So here we go!

spirits by weaselwatchr

I fell immediately in love with this page right away when I saw it. I am always looking forward to see Danica’s layouts. I am a big fan her. There’s so much energy with the use of dark colors and creepy elements here that I certainly was not disappointed when I came across this page on my tour through the galleries today.

Large Cottontail at Hovenweep

Simplicity and neutral colors caught my eyes here. The brown splates and stitches lead you right to the amazing bunny’s photo.  The photo’s tones match perfectly the colors of the brushes and ellies around the page. Beautiful autumn page!


(Click on image to view larger image)

Love Me, Love Me Not  by dvhoward

I saw this one immediately! Just love her cool pages around the galleries and here she made an experiment with dual expressions of her face and I just adore it!!!  I just adore how she made this page, love everything here, the 2 splited photos together, the placement and size of the tittle, the stitches around the page, simply cool, what a fantastic creative idea!! Really, really an awesome standout!


The sky is… by Bellisae

What incredible brushing work! They are amazing against the black background. The way that the wood texture and the grunge brushes around frame the photo is so awesome! Super powerful page.


Bookholic by chocochoco

The colors and cutie ellies pop off the neutral background. So much to see and enjoy.  The whole things moves the eye around the page in delight!!!! Love the mix of colors here as well.


And last, but certainly not least, this super well-made hybrid project


I love to see pages created outside of the computer screen and here is a super delightful page. How unique and beautiful is this? The color palette is gorgeous and the photos in black and white fit together perfect ! I love how the frames, word labels and butterflies really help move your eye through the page and give it some movement!




Finger Pointing-October 27th

27 Oct

It’s been an overcast day here with short periods of rain.  A perfect day for a visit to the genealogy library and a perfect day for browsing the galleries.  So I did both!  And both were fun and productive.  I found a few genealogy clues at the library and I found tons of gorgeous pages in the galleries.  Here are the six I picked for today’s standouts.

Messy Hair Don’t Care by mymalloryboys.  WOW!  What an amazing page.  The number of brushes and elements on this page is staggering. I love how they are placed in such a way that the focus is on the total composition and not just individual pieces.  And the color combination is gorgeous!  Love this page!

Messy Hair Don't Care

Happy Photo Shoot by P’tiscrap. When I opened the gallery page my eyes were drawn immediately to this layout. I love the colors and the composition. The brushwork makes the perfect backdrop for those photos. And the OOB adds so much interest and movement to the page. Love it!

Happy Photo Shoot

Cuddle Time by tylertooo.  I love the lines of this page, the placement of the journaling and the beautiful blended photo.  What really caught my eye was the awesome title work and the amazing placement of the loopdaloops.  Gorgeous page!

Cuddle Time

Aigrette by timounette.  I love blended photo pages and this one is beautiful.  It’s hard to believe that the photo is actually 5 photos blended together.  The background paper adds the perfect touch of texture.


Halloween by ceeflower.  And, of course, there are so many gorgeous Halloween pages in the galleries that at least one had to make it into my picks today.  I love that this page is not your typical Halloween page.  Love the blended photo and how she’s added the word Spooky in the journaling!  Perfect placement on the swirl and the buttons too.


Train Your Mind by klee.  I am a big fan of art journal style pages and this one is awesome!  The background created with the borders is a perfect backdrop for that amazing word art!  And the color combination is soothing and yet stimulating at the same time!  Awesome page!

Train Your Mind

Those are my picks for today.  I hope you have enjoyed them and I hope that you will visit the galleries (images and titles are linked) and leave a comment or two.


Finger Pointing-October 26th

26 Oct

Monday, Monday…..the last one of this month! Greetings everyone! Jana here with today’s Gallery Standouts!  Here in the U.S. we have Monday night football, Dancing with the Stars and The Voice (my personal fave).  Later this week it will be Halloween and daylight savings will end. Lots going on. So, without further ado, here are my picks. Enjoy!

First up is an amazingly beautiful and creative page by dfwest. I’m a huge fan of her artistry and I think you’ll see why right here. Fall Back showcases the gorgeous fall colors and uses a leaf as a clock. The little birds help to move the clock hands back. How cool is that! I love all the brush work too. Brilliant standout!

FallBack (1)

Scary 2 by lieke2204 is just that…s.c.a.r.y.! It combines some Halloween elements, such as the skeleton and spider web, with an eery background. The full moon slightly lights up the dark night sky. I wonder if the little girl in the photo is scared. Her shadow is remarkable and her jack-o-lantern adds to the  spirit of Halloween. Scary indeed!


Life Is by ptabbert is a delightful art journal page! I love the orange and blue colors-so pretty together! The title is spaced out across the page and every word is a different style, which looks really awesome. All of the painting and brush work is blended beautifully and the little vertical string of hearts is darling. This is a wonderful and whimsical page!


In your nature by margje is such a striking page! I loved it the moment I first saw it. I think the photo treatment is wonderful and what an endearing look shared by those boys. Placing a photo right in the middle of a page doesn’t always work, but it’s absolutely perfect on this one. Besides all of the brush work and layering, the netting really adds some great texture. I’m always inspired by margje and her fabulous artistry! Super page!


New Hope Bridge by Norma-This is just simply gorgeous! I love the colors and all of the layers, especially the brushwork! The impressive bridge is beautiful and leads the eye right into the photo of the lady. In keeping with the title, I wonder where she has been or is going, don’t you? The blending is masterful and the splashes of white are great accents.  A stunning piece!


I just have to add one more Halloween layout today! I couldn’t resist this cute little witch. Bewitched by NellaBean is a super example of how one kit is sometimes all you need to create an awesome layout. I love how she created the background with combinations of papers and a vertical title on the left side. The photo is beautifully matted and framed, with three darling little clusters placed in a perfect visual triangle. Bewitching standout!


So that’s it from me this month! Enjoy your week and please stop by these artists’ galleries and leave them some love! I know they’d appreciate it. Links are provided. See you in November!


Finger Pointing — October 24th

24 Oct

Hello and happy Saturday! Today in the galleries I saw lots of wonderful pages using angles, photos, interesting subjects, circles and, of course, a bit of autumn. I am going to start today’s picks with some terrific hybrid projects, in the spirit of the season.

This is Liz, and these are my picks.

deco pumpkins by Erin Reed

For some awesome autumn inspiration you have to check out these pumpkins! I truly love a great decorative hybrid project. She really made these look special, and in very simple ways that we could all do – yes, even me! The combination of the rope, flowers and die cut leaves worked so simply as adornments! And Erin also created a cute little seasonal teacher gift with recycled bottles, take a look.


little best friends by sanvhm

This artist had pages today in more than one gallery that I thought were terrific, but this one caught my eye and kept it. The perspective on the photo is darling. The background paper with the interesting geometric lines made a terrific backdrop that gave this a lot of interest without interfering with the photo. Loved the vertical strip of color she created with the paper and flowers. This is a terrific end-of-summer piece.


The little thing by jumlai

The split vellum look on this page over the photo really got my attention. There are a number of fun touches to this page. I enjoyed the direction and tone of the title word art, and the big hearts with the text inlaid were a great accent. The photo is terrific, and deserved to be the focal point, so I was glad she kept the attention right where it belonged. Well done.


Home Depot kids clinic by Mamabee

This page appealed to me not only because of the great photos, but because of the subject. How cool is it that Home Depot sponsors a kids’ craft event?! They just got my business, for sure. I love the real looking embellishments that she used and the shadow work is terrific. The grid framing housed the photos in a way that really stands out against the art-centric embellishments. This is just a great page.


eat by cristina

I have been an admirer of Cristina’s pages for a long time. She has a very free-flowing style that I wish I could emulate, but since I can’t I just enjoy it when other people can do it so effortlessly. I love the patterned paper clipped to the word art, and the repeat of the pattern around the edges and supporting the photo. She picked a fun subject to scrap about here! I love the imperfect stitching grounding the photo.


Snapshots by kikimama

I love the way Chrissy used the circles with the big, bold cut outs to give her wonderful scenic photos a home. Great brush work on this page. That vertical stitched look spot for the journaling was perfect. The repeat circles edged with the banner and leaves was a great touch.


That’s it for me today, although I would have loved to pick so many more! You all are doing amazing work, it is such a pleasure to stroll through the galleries looking at all of your creations. If you loved today’s picks as much as I did, please take a moment to click on the linked title and leave the artist some love! Have a great weekend!


Finger Pointing-October 23rd

23 Oct

Hello and happy Friday everyone! It’s raining here today but it has been a beautiful week, rich with the colors of fall. Jana here with my picks to start off the weekend. I hope they inspire you as much as they did me. The galleries are loaded with talented scrappers and ideas. Let’s get started!

Life is Art by Marleen looks like a gallery print that is all ready to frame and hang on the wall. I am a huge fan of the part sketch-part paint effect. Her photo is perfect for this technique with the scenic buildings and beach landscape. I love her placement of the title and the stitches and loops add a simple but elegant touch. All of the white space surrounding the focal area is brilliant! Beautiful art page!





I just have to add at least one Halloween page tonight! Tis the season! I adore So Very Wicked by ehtucker! The girl’s makeup is seriously scary! The whimsical witch’s boots and title are so cute and I love the diagonal design of triangles and pieces! It’s like going on a scavenger hunt to find all the goodies. Wicked fun page!


Bookoholic by Hanazana1 is loaded with eye candy for any bookoholic! It’s done much as an art journal page, with just a small photo of herself reading. The yellow chevron paper is bright and cheerful and works well as a background for her elements. I couldn’t quit staring at all the layering going on here…..just so awesome! This page makes me feel like grabbing a cup of coffee and a good book.


Better to die standing-Look at this amazing graphic page by Skinospot! It grabbed my attention right away in the gallery! Most of this art was created with, of all things, vintage cigar labels brushes. Wow! So innovative! The stamped title fits perfectly with this page. Totally cool standout!


Love, love, love halloween nightmare by eve11ne! It is truly fantastic! All of the bright colors really pop against the black background. The repetitive use of circles on this page is perfect and tie everything together so well. And who doesn’t love a big, yellow, full moon on Halloween! The haunted pumpkins in the back look so spooky and I could stare at this page forever and never see it all! Cute photo too. Fun, fun, fun!


Fall 2015-What a gorgeous fall page by Heather Prins! I don’t think there is anything more beautiful in autumn than the changing colors of leaves. Glorious! I love how she showed us one photo of the whole tree as well as the closeup, showing the absolutely brilliant red/orange colors of its leaves. The pile of leaves blended in at the bottom make me feel like I’m walking along and getting to actually hear my feet go crunch, crunch; a favorite fall past time. Awesome autumn page!


I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get inspired to scrap some photos and pages yourself! I’m sure today’s GSO recipients would love a comment or two in their galleries. Just click on the title/author links to do so. See you again soon!


Finger Pointing – October 22nd

22 Oct

Hi everyone, Patsy here with my picks on this gorgeous Thursday! I spent a busy afternoon getting a new bowling ball drilled.  Can’t wait until Sunday morning when I get to use it!  I’ve been in and out of the galleries today and I am, once again, totally amazed!  There are so many gorgeous pages out there.  Here are the ones I chose.

Shabby Chic Halloween by mrsashbaugh.   As we get closer to October 31st, I’m seeing more and more Halloween pages.  This one stood out in the gallery because of that gorgeous cluster of papers, elements and photo!   I love how she’s used the striking spiderweb background paper. And, as for that cluster, it is magnificent – every time I look at it, I find some new element tucked in!  She has chosen the elements and papers so well that the photo just becomes a part of the cluster!  Gorgeous “non-spooky” Halloween page – even with the addition of the ghost!  Love it!

Shabby Chic Halloween by mrsashbaugh

Strong but Silent by lovetodecorate.  I am a huge fan of heritage pages and this one is absolutely gorgeous!  I love the repetition of the photo and the blended one is perfectly done.  The other elements are perfect for the masculine page as is the choice of papers.  And I love the staggered papers!  I would love to scraplift this page but I could never create a cluster like that!  Awesome page!


Romy by Dady.  Not a day goes by that I don’t see a page (usually more than one) by Dady that deserves to be in the Gallery Standouts!  And this one is just exquisite!  I love the blended photo and the addition of the coloring takes it to another level!  Love how she’s added the text and highlighted ROMY within it.  And she has created the perfect title with the stamped word and flower!  Stunning page!

Romy by Dady

Make the Change by lingovise.  I love the message of this page and the depth she has achieved with her shadows and brush work!  The splitting of the word metamorphosis is clever and I love how she’s created the cluster with the paper strips and other elements!   The addition of individual elements around the page is awesome!  This is how I would like my art journal pages to look!

Make the Change by lingovise

Find Yourself Wall Art by livelys.  I absolutely love to see digital pages outside of the scrapbook!  The art journal style page is really cool but I think it’s awesome how she’s taken it and created a piece of art for her wall!  That painted cardboard makes the perfect background.  Love it!

wall art be awesome by livelys

Farm Adventures by flohbock.  I love, love, love this page!  Everything about it is just perfect – the background paper, the brushwork, the elements and their placement, and the photos (love that frame cluster!).  The word art is “puddle wonderful” and placed just right … and love the mouse sitting on top of the word wonderful!  And how can I not mention that cute horse and chicken!  This page just makes me smile!

Farm Adventures by flohbock

There were so many amazing pages in the galleries today.  I know the artists chosen here would appreciate hearing from you.  The images and titles are linked so you can easily go view the pages in the gallery and leave them a comment.  And while you’re there, check out some of the other artwork.  Have a great Friday and weekend.