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Holiday Break

20 Dec

Hi everyone! The GSO girls will have – as in the years before – a Holiday break. We will be back on full strength and with lots of energy on January 4th, but in the meantime you might keep an eye on the blog, maybe one or two girls feel the need to blog and they will surprise you with a Holiday post!

Happy Holidays 2015 GSO blog


Finger Pointing – December 18th & 19th

19 Dec

Hello my dear people… hope you are all having a great weekend and enjoying the festive feeling around! I had a very intense and tiring day yesterday, it was my daughter’s opening night on a production of A Christmas Carol here in London, she auditioned, got the female lead (which was Mrs Cratchit as the ghost were represented by puppets), and last night we saw her shine on stage once again, I got home excited & happy but my body was screaming rest so here I am today with … many amazing pretties in the galleries…I may have overdose on amazing inspiration and I have to say, I wasn’t able to reduce much the amount of pages I found (I already took down 25 tabs I thought should be featured…so go figure !!!!) I maybe briefer than usual (at least I will try LOL) as I have tons to do even without leaving my bed…but here you have some awesome inspiration.

2015 Album Cover by djp332: I love this. I make lots of covers as I am always intend to print the books, though not always happens, when I get to do it, it is such a pleasure when the cover shines on it’s on right…which is the case here: elegant, beautifully composed with amazing choices (love the texture of the numbers!!!!) perfect elements additions so overall is an impact that would make me want to look at the book!!! gorgeous!!!


Wrap by Intense Magic: No secret, she is one of my top favorites, every page of hers is a master piece…and this got my heart all the way. I love kraft paper, and the idea of using it to wrap most presents with it and decorate I think it will be adopted by us next year (funny thing is I think here in England we call it wrapping paper!). Love her journaling and the tittle work, that alpha fits so perfectly there, the beautiful bracket mat, everything here is super clean lined, and still has so much warmth coming out of the whole thing…..Love.


Who, Me? by emmasmommy: oh how delightfully cute is this? from the photo and this kid’s mischief coming all the way through it, to the perfection of layers and the absolutely amazing shadows…and the journaling that could have been written by me when Sarita was 2 or 3…..LOVE this so so much!!!!!!


I haven’t noticed many Hanukkah pages this year, even I, who usually make a card for the Jewish part of my family, didn’t get to it… so when I found this, I had to share it! Love the big photo with the bright focus and the semi transparency, the beautiful title work, gorgeous delicate elements, and the perfect seal with the page frame. Tradition, by bjc


Skating Lessons by norton94: Oh I am SO happy finding a page by Krista, an amazing memory keeper, superb LO artist!!!! she has been one of my most favorites the past few years, but she doesn’t scrap as much as I would love her to…so finding this makes my heart sing. Love the photo, the take on the template, the big tittle, the word art, perfect shadows….gorgeous elements (LOVE when a kit or collection is used out of theme with such perfection as here!!!!) those clusters are perfect. Awesome all over!!!!


And still on the subject of skating/winter, I found more amazing pages: A sky story by musicmom3, with an amazing journaling..(they taught themselves how to ski through a magazine!!!!) I love the blending with the sticking out frames/out of frame thing and that gorgeous tittle!


and a more minimalistic kind of page with a perfect, superb full page photo by DaDy: L’Air est pur (the air is pure, which I believe so…would love to be able to stand in a place like that!!)


and an awesome, spectacular, stunning page by the amazing Lynne Marie: Skating in Shannon Park. The perfect composition, the gold contrast with the perfect photos, the skaters which give a perfect touch to the whole thing…. so much beauty: perfection!


and a page that show how much can be done with mixed media apart from the usual art journal/photo-less pages….a gorgeous composition, perfect round up page from Christa/cfile: Year in Review (M3)


Last but amazingly not least: She took a Selfie by NBCrowabout: it happens that it was when I first saw Nancy’s creations that I fell in love with art journaling, and to this date this, the mixing of parts and fun, crazy composed pages are what art journal is to me. This is so amazing, shines and even has music to me….I suggest you also have a look at her whole gallery, I had a hard time trying to pick just one page!!!! she is amazing inspiration!!!!!!


So with this I leave you to your weekend. Remember that clicking on the LO name and author will take you to the original gallery, if you can spare a minute, we all know much much a word or two can mean in changing the mood of our day. Have a great evening and weekend, Happy Holidays, everyone!!!









Finger Pointing – December 17th

17 Dec

Hello everyone! Are you all ready for Xmas? I am!! Everyday a bit more! But the weather here in the Netherlands is totally crazy! It’s the warmest 17th of December day in a hundred years today! 16 degrees Celcius!!! I have seen some green blossoms coming in my garden!!! And for so far the forecast gives the same weather for the coming week! So no snow for Christmas I think!!! In the galleries is snow and winter enough! Let’s go and look what I found for you today!

Christmas cards check by mugsbigsis

I Just love everything about this! I’m swooning over that super cute photo! The layout is also very beautiful! Love the colors and design! Just an awesome Christmas page to look at!


Sherlocked by biancka

My eyes were drawn to this page immediately! I love that beautiful grunged background with the pretty composition on it! Awesome layering and colors! The edge/framing work is very beautiful too! It really takes you in to the page!


Brrrr by motherbear

Adorable and fun! Beautiful photo’s and design! Love the blended photo together with the other two! The beautiful framing and cluster work makes this page extra, extra special! Love this colorful Christmas page! Great work with the template!


Nature is Beautiful by NormaK

I love the masking of the photo and the effects! It’s like you’re looking out of a frosty window! It gives me a great winter feel! I really love the mood she created!


12 Days Of AJ 07 by Jeanet

This page is such a reminder not to stress out, with the craziness of the season going! And what a beautiful art journal page this is with all those little details! A wonderful page to look at and a message to everyone to enjoy and keep calm! I sure will!


AnnaLIFT 12.12.15 – 12.18.15 by nzsuzsa

Aah this makes me feel the cold of winter! I really love the chilliness and icy cold mood on this page! She captured the quiet and beauty of the snow! The colors and design are perfect! And I love how she used the messy thread! A real Standout for me!


Who needs the cold, when you have so much gorgeous winter pages in the galleries? (Well it would be nice to have a little bit of winter though) But who knows what will come in a few weeks?
This was my last post of 2015. I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas, with lots of happiness and family around you, and a wonderful and scrappy 2016!! See you next year!!




Finger Pointing-December 16th

16 Dec

Hello, this is Jana in for Paula tonight. It’s super windy here tonight, blowing some of our decorations outside clear across the yard earlier today. We just really need some snow for Christmas, but it doesn’t look too promising at this point, which is really unusual for us. Oh well. Meanwhile, I went gallery hopping and found some real gems for you. Here are my picks for today. Enjoy! I’m sure the artists would appreciate some love too. The links make it really easy for you to visit their galleries.

Merry Christmas by Mielz– This is such a charming little Christmas card. I love the messy stitched tree and the colored baubles and sprinkles around it. The blue bow at the top and the lifted frame really set it off.  I think the simple greeting in lower caps makes this a perfect card.

Merry Christmas

Anna Color Challenge 12.04.2015-12.17.2015 by Secima-I just love those adorable teddy bears! They look so nostalgic and sweet. This page has a lot of textures with the gesso, lace and paint splatters, which really give it a lot of depth. The Christmas tree swirl and star, along with the other doodles and loops are beautiful. The script and word transfer add another layer of awesomeness and I think this is just such a warm and special Christmas page!


decemberdays10 by Arte Banale -This artist has a gorgeous Days of December album in progress! You should visit her gallery and check it out. Her style is unique and I love the ripped notebook edge paper format. I don’t speak Polish, but I can imagine this was a special scene in a holiday play. The photo really showcases the main characters and costumes. I love the lifted frame with the amazing word art and elements!


Sweet by zinzilah-Oh my goodness, just look at those bright red candied apples! Don’t they look wonderful? Makes me just want to reach out and take one off that silver tray! The placement of the photo and the use of white space are just perfect. The white stitching on the white paper works well here and I love the simple brad and word art to complete this layout.


Our Greatest Weakness by Rollinchen-Wow! This stunning page absolutely popped out in the gallery! I think it’s fantastic! I love how artsy it is with that big yellow sun and stitched images all around. The quote is wonderful and so are all of the painterly images all around. Awesome page!


And finally, look at this gorgeous layout! Christmas Magic by Terry- This is truly a magical page! I’d love to take a ride in that beautifully lit carriage. She did a fabulous job of blending her photo  and creating amazement. The star and and elements of greenery really compliment this page, as does the word art.


It’s that magical time of year worldwide. I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays and the best for 2016! I’ll be back in January. Until then, happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – December 15th –

15 Dec

Hi! Hope everyone is doing well! Things here are a bit chaotic and at the same time slow… long story short, I almost forgot I offered to cover our colleague Jana tonight, so I maybe brief..I have a difficult day tomorrow but this wasn’t to stop me sharing with you some of the amazing talent in the galleries :)

Hey Sweet Stuff by Sokee: I think I am speechless….. this is so perfect, so elegant and beautifully done, a huge exponent of how blank space is done!!! Love the background paper and the detail of the staples makes it all fit one little word: perfect. No doubt!


Sending My Love by Stacia Hall: another super, absolutely amazing page, this time on the other side of the spectrum with a full page, again so perfectly done that makes my heart sing… the photos are amazing and the way the page is composed, so many bits & pieces that take me back to my times making collages in my hand written journal, this is my idea of a perfect page!!!


And now I am in love with a few artsy pages that made my heart sing: Autumn by Olenkamajka is one of those wonderful art pieces that deserve to be shared, high lighted and loved… fabulous brush work, amazing blending…perfection again!


Day 15, December 2015 by Madi, another amazing art piece… so beautifuly simple and yet so much work into this page…. another piece pf art I wouldn’t mind having on my walls!!!


p14 kk by Vissarah is another artsy page with so talented blending, so much gorgeous work here…, amazing colors and stamps, the mix of gesso items gives it more depth…. I’m smiling all the way!!!


And last but never least, a gorgeous photo-less page : Glitter: 12 Days of Art Journal- Day 5 by dwhoward, fills my heart with glitter & shine!!! Love all the blending, the beautiful golden touches & perfect shadows….. what a beautiul way to end my day!!!


Hope you enjoy these as much as I do, and that you are having a great time with preparations!!! TFL!!!



Finger Pointing- December 14th

14 Dec

Hi everyone!

Happy Tuesday! The galleries are full of Christmas layouts and in just a few more days we’ll celebrate this wonderful event. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s gallery standouts. Hope everyone is doing fabulous today enjoying both summer and winter in their respective parts of the world.

Here are the gorgeous standouts for today, hope you like it as much as I do. :)

Week-48 by NancyBeck
I totally adore her week 48. The photos are really gorgeous with amazing use of black & white mixed with color photos, it creates balance. So many amazing details she used, the kraft background really brings the project to life. This is one thing that I would love to do or maybe a monthly highlight starting next year. Great job on documenting your weekly memories.

Iowa – Rose Bowl Bound by Iowan@Heart
I feel that I can physically touch her page, this is gorgeous in every way. Love the color combinations, love how she laid everything on the right side and stacked the papers. Fabulous clustering, the stitches and flowers and everything else are placed perfectly.

Nice list by Gemma
This really caught my eyes in the gallery. Fantastic use of temp and kit. I love the choices of papers and elements that makes this look festive and so merry.

Grandfather by immaculeah
Simply gorgeous! Love the clean design and such a beautiful photo with their grandpa. I am a sucker for layouts with grandparents as I lost them already, so this really makes me smile. Love the intricate design and the white space. Amazing use of the kit and the word art leads my eyes to that precious photo.

Studio art wall by Ann06
This is so creative and inspiring! Truly a work of art. I just love how she gathers everything and combines the wall photos with photoshop to create a double wall. I hope she’ll make a tutorial on how she made this art. Truly amazing!

Document by Zwyck
Another beautiful page by her. Such a great moment to scrap and document. Fabulous blending and details. Love how she blends everything and the touches of lace. I had to look closer on the heart lace and button, the scribbles and splats. The details on the right side with flowers are just perfect addition to the page.

Thanks for taking a look at the layouts I’ve chosen. If you have time, it would be awesome to stop by and give them some well deserved pats in the back in the galleries.

Happy Scrapping’!


Finger Pointing – December 13th

13 Dec

Hey everyone! I hope you’re doing fine! Jeanine here (@work), with my picks for today! As you understand I’ll keep it short, because I never know if it gets busy here and I like to finish my post at work and not in the morning at home.

You’ve got mail by swastinadia Oh, this is such a touching page, two spouses living apart from each other for a long time and communicating by mail, SMS and so on…This page tells everything, how hard it is and how she misses her hubby and how much she wants them to be together again. Wonderful page & a lot to see and I totally LOVE the colors used her. Love the letterbrush and the schoolpaper also, everything matches perfect together!

swastinadia sweetshoppe

Waiting by evadraga What a wonderful page, so elegant and sophisticated, even the messy stitched tree is proudly standing there waiting for some snow also maybe? I love the winter and I am waiting for snow for sure, but it is still too warm over here. A great page, I love it!

evadraga oscraps

Moment in time by Wombat146 Wow, this is so beautiful!! The large title dominating the upper half of the page, the vintage treatment of the picture, the words stamped on it, the brushes all over, would be a great piece on the wall! Gorgeous!

wombat146 sbg

December White Space by TillM Great C&S page! Lovely blending of the ornaments and picture in it. And aren’t the Christmas charms adorable! A true beauty!

TillM sbg

Days of December by Jana This could be a page made by a dutchie, in Holland a lot of people have no curtains to cover the windows (or they don’t close them when it gets dark) and everyone can look into the houses. Especially at Christmastime it is so nice to peek in and see all the cosy christmasdecorations. A wonderful warm Christmas page!

jana des digit

2016? Bring it on!!!! I am always surprised by Cynthia (MrsPeel), every picture of the last few months shows more of her beautiful bubbly and enthousiastic personality. I love how the page is devided in two parts, one quiet half and one busy half. I love how everything is kind of clustered around the picture, drawing all the attention to it and what surrounds it. And I toally love that clockpaper with all the different times on it!!

MrsPeel tlp

These were my choices for today! I hope you like them and please leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries. Have a nice week! Only 11 more days till Christmas!!