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Finger Pointing – January 31st

31 Jan

Hi, everyone! My name is Stacia and this is my very first post on Gallery Standouts. With all the gorgeous layouts being posted in the many digital scrapbook galleries every day, it’s certainly not easy to narrow your favorites down to only a few. In fact, I’m pretty positive it’s not going to get any easier with time. It’s a tough job, spending hours looking at eye-candy, appreciating technique and subtlety, photos shared and stories being told, but oh what a fun “job” it is!

Let’s get started with today’s finds:

Always on my Mind by Scrappie Irene – This one grabbed my eye immediately! The subtle reference to the subject of New York City in the title, the soft blended background, the red, white and blue paint and the brightly colored photo in contrast to it all. It almost feels like a doorway to walk through, the hustle and bustle stopped just for a moment to allow you to peer in.


Life Journey by Tropt – At first, it seemed like a page about travel but then I saw it was more about the importance of knowledge and growth on the journey through our own lives. I love the mix of circle shapes with arrows, the shaped journaling that makes you want to zoom in to read it and the roadway leading you in or moving you forward whichever view you might take.


These Are The Days by Dalis – This is so bright and happy in the midst of what is winter for many of us! Who can’t recall a window-shopping trip just to get out of the house? I love the mix of straight lines and angles, the combination of blended photos vs color, the split journaling placement, the scale of the patterns and all the words used (and reinforced), both in the story shared and in all of the paper choices.


Kindergarten Concert by Tronesia – I always LOVE seeing Tronesia’s layouts in the galleries! I know I’ll be treated to stunning photos, a clean background feel and amazing shadowing. This layout is no exception. Every element seems hand chosen for perfect placement. Your eye is led right across the page, from the multi-color painted background through the journaling and titlework all the way to a detail photo that totally reinforces the story.


Nuage s’amuse by Dady – I don’t need to be able to read the journaling to understand cuteness! I like how the journaling fits right into the blended photo background against the fun cat toy that I think is the subject of the story. The combination of crisp detail shots, the implied playful movement of the triangle shapes and the doodles that mimic the string bouncing through the air tell the story just perfectly.


Smile Through the Pain by dotcomkari – Can’t you just feel the maelstrom of emotions she’s implying here? The ransom letters and swirls of paint make me feel the struggle inside bubbling to the surface. You just have to read the journaling to hear her story.


Of course, I could have picked dozens more layouts that caught my eye today. There’s always next time! Please visit the galleries and give these scrappers a little love for sharing these bits of themselves with us. I hope you find some time to scrap and document your own memories this week!





Finger Pointing – January 30th

30 Jan

Love is in the air! And I’m just going to warn you that this is an all-about-love post, and very sweet! It’s also about great paper angles and rips, terrific masking, pastels, weddings, kids, parents, really sweet photos, and awesome use of word art. Ready to feel the love? Here we go!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Hug harder by Roboliver

I love the way she uses the word art on this page to frame that great, great masked photo. There are also some fun embellishments on the page (with great shadow work!). And, the use of the typewriter word art as a base is just genius!

HugHarderFooter_1no footer

Love Story by earlofoxford

What a terrific use of word art to make a super fun background for this wedding page! Very dynamic look, but also nicely framed and grounded by surrounding the word art with the black line of word art tape. The pops of pink on the textured paper work beautifully to remind us that it’s a wedding page.


day 26 lmjrocko

This is love at its best. A page about sacrifice willingly made, and love for a parent. The ripped paper is a nice touch combined with that cool paisley cut out. But it’s the text on this one that put my heart in my throat. Well done, and best wishes to all of you.

day 26

My Everything by theOliveSparrow

Very effective use of paper angles and combining patterns on this page! I love that text paper as the background, it totally grounds all that cuteness. The banner, flowers and word art painting the corners are very effectively placed. This really made me smile.


Daughter wedding by Danese

The framing on this page tells an interesting story for our second wedding page, and wow is that effective. The elegant florals behind the photo look amazing with the great shadow work and ample white space around the edges. This made me look twice.


dream in pink by Reubchensmum

I admit that I am partial to this photo angle, but it’s not just the photo that makes this page so special. Great use of angles on the paper, the photo treatment, and the addition of the simple statement that the word art makes turned this into one of my favorites for today.


I hope you agree that all these pages deserved extra recognition today! If you do, please click on the linked title and leave some love for the person who created the page. Have a great weekend!


Finger Pointing – January 29th –

29 Jan

Hello!!! Hope you are all doing well! End of January already…time is running so fast these days!!! My “child” will be 20 years old in 20 days or so… I can’t believe it…! I’m glad she is finishing the teenage phase, also glad I found, in the middle of the way -I think it was when she was 7-  scrapbooking so I could tell her story from the beginning…but lets go to today’s pages… hope you love them as much as I do!!!!

My first page, this amazing hybrid LO by Christy Strickler,  aka My Scrapbook Evolution not only love it because she is one of my hybrid/paper scrapping muses, but also a photo-less LO which has so much to take in, so much cuteness and amazing elements, the tittle is so well done and everything here is telling me how happy I will be when I do get a letter in my letter box! And is an hybrid page…which means, at least to me, a notch up in my scale of values. No, I do not think every hybrid or paper LO is better just because is not digital…. but having dipped my toes into the hybrid pool myself, I know how much difficult it can be so,when the page is great (like here!) the effort made with papers and scissors , in a world lacking the “undo” button…. well, yes, it has to be admired!!!!


Treasure this girl, her pages with this little man I have been seeing growing up for the past 5 years and combining his gorgeous, cheeky smile with his mum skills to portrait him and making the most amazing pages to make a record of all his wonderful adventures and love them both…she is one of those Queens of Blank Space, those gifted with the skills to make us smile with emotion… absolutely gorgeous page!!!! So Adorable by Ana.Paula

so adorable cópia

Another incredibly talent lady whom I admire: NancyBeck’s Week-3, -2016, -right is a perfect pocket page, full of light and perfect style lines, love the feeling of those stitches, her photography is superb, and the colors turning up in her pages, so well combined, the bottom card is the perfect addition and there is the journaling too… stylish, beautiful record for the years to come!!!


Now here, as usual not being able to decide, I found two pages in one category and I wrecked my brain but cannot pick one, both awesome in their own way, both amazingly standing out in the gallery. One of them is MOC 28: Hugs & Kisses by Mirjam aka Pink Reptile Designs. This girl is one of the most talented, top designers and when she scraps…ohhh there are no words yet invented to describe her talent on that area too!!! Her superb composition shines with the pastel papers, the cluster is gorgeous…the photos so happy and gorgeous in black & white…everything here is awesome!!!


and the next one, 2016- MOC#28 Double page by mcurtt is one of the most amazing, beautiful travel pages I have ever come across! The background photo made a full page one is so marvelous, love the framing of the little boat , the tittle work is also amazing, Venice is one of out must go places in our list and this makes it even more appealing!!!


Last but never least, aliba ‘s page Pregnant is a fabulous piece!!! In a world where we are constantly being told how to loose weight, how to loose the “baby fat” (and all others!) and where celebrities are praised for showing up painfully thin as little as two weeks after giving birth…..finding a page like this makes me happy and gives me a bit more hope about the world in which we live and more so the one we are leaving for our children …. Love the photo, the blending in the background and gesso like texture and the journaling to complete it all, is a touching, wise text  everything here is… just delightful!!


Hope you enjoy these as much as I do: remember you can get to these awesome people’s galleries to leave them some love, just click on the high-lit name of the LO and author. Have a great weekend, TFL!!!





Finger Pointing – January 28

28 Jan

Hello and welcome, everyone! Katherine here with some real beauties for you tonight! I hope you like them!

Starting us off is this stellar Project Life spread titled Jan 2015 [left and right] by the very talented crystalbella77 (left side is linked). Love the blocking that you see with this style of scrapbooking. The GORGEOUS black and white images play so well with the text and pops of color here and there, not to mention how stinking adorable those little ones are! So so cute!

Jan 2015 [left]

Jan 2015 [right]

Next I have this stunning art work by Marleen titled Beautiful Architecture. The simplicity is so striking here! Really love the color palette, it adds so much to the beauty of the layout.

Beautiful Architecture

Really love the fun in this next Standout titled Oh boy by Soco_scrap. The design is fabulous, really love the fun feel to it! The muted colors are perfect, and I love all the layering! The little one is just adorable!

Oh boy

This Standout by Mimisgirl titled 2015 made me smile when I came across it in the gallery! Really love the split design, and the perspective on that image is absolutely fabulous, especially when you take the journaling into account!


Absolutely fell in love with the little one in Applechicks’ Miss Mischief. The partial extractions on the photos in the photo series is AMAZING! Love how it adds so much visual interest to the entire layout! The tonal color palette is stunning, makes those adorable little images stand out all the more!

Miss Michief

Rounding out my choices this evening is this beauty titled What I Love by Tracermajig. I absolutely love everything about this! Literally, everything! It’s so wonderfully designed, and I love all the little bits of detail!

What I Love

That’s it for me! I hope you’ve enjoyed my choices! I’ll see you all in the galleries again real soon!


Finger Pointing – January 27th

27 Jan

Hello there, it’s me, Margje! Can you believe the first month of 2015 is almost over? It went so fast! We have the strangest weather here! We have spring and winter days in the same week! I don’t even know what to wear anymore! I think in the galleries it is the same! The pages are very divers! But actually I love that! I spend some hours looking for some beauties to show off  here, to get some nice inspiration from! So let’s get started:

For ever recorded by Lynette

This page made me stop and look a bit closer! I love what is going on with the photo! There are a couple of photo’s blended in a beautiful way to tell about the then and now of this boy! I love this idea! the playfulness of the elements and splatters are making this a very cool layout! And I also love the color palette!


The Real Thing by judyinsd

What a gorgeous winter photo and page! The composition and design are totally awesome! The blended overlay is so beautiful and the framing is stunning! A real standout! Love everything on this page!


Snow Tunnel by wsprite

What an awesome title! I’m amazed at how frosty this page looks with all the red! The framing is super, and I love the cute elements that she used! I’m sure this will bring back some memories of childhood as we all can relate to this snow fun!


2015 by mummyd

I really adore this page and those photos in the gorgeous big numbers for the year 2015!  I love the repetition of 2015 in the text and word art and the soft colors are very beautiful! Sweet journaling too! Totally adorable page!


Valentine’s Day Show by beaute

The scene she has created here is so stunning! I keep looking at it and seeing new things! The colors and light are delightful! Great extraction and composition! Love all the elements she has in there!


It’s the shoes by SonjaS

Wow! What a striking page! All the attention is on those pointing feet! The photo treatment on this page is very beautiful! And I love the blue color tones and the reflections! Everything she used on this page enhances the awesome photo! The beautiful brushes, the stitches, the lace. I love it! Totally awesome page!


With this one I’ve come to an end of my todays post. I hope you like my choices. Please don’t forget to leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries! Stay warm and  healthy! See you next time! Happy scrapping!



Finger Pointing-January 26th

26 Jan

Brrrr, it’s really windy and cold here tonight! Of course, it is January after all. So far this 2016, digital galleries have been super active and I’ve seen so many amazing layouts. It’s wonderful to know so many of us share a common interest across the globe! Let’s jump right in and get started. Here are my six Gallery Standouts for today.

aA-Classics Replay by Traumelfe just screams winter to me! The photos are so crisp and adorable! I think the blue snowsuit and white mittens, etc., give an extra chill to this one. The blended papers and snowflakes make a beautiful background and I love the blue stitched frame! The smaller circle frames set off to one side really add some visual interest and that snowman is the perfect touch to complete this January standout!


Long Time Running by chickypow really popped out at me in the gallery! It is a gorgeous example of white space and placement of elements! I love how the title going across the page leads the eye right into that colorful focal photo and the background textures add an awesome depth to this page. Isn’t that little metal heart charm in the bottom left corner interesting? The placement is perfect for adding just one more little piece to compliment this standout.


New York by zwyck takes my breath away! I’m always drawn to blended artistry and this layout is simply gorgeous! I love the colors, the scribbly line with buttons and the glimpse of people coming up from the subway. Great textures and great visual impact!


Alex Waits in the wings by Iowan is very striking! First of all, the background is amazing and quite complex. You can see stripes, triangles, lighting effects, paint splats and tiny elements sprinkled throughout. The photo is also intriguing with sheets of music clipped to the fairy wings and also just the perspective of the shot. This is really a brilliant standout!


Life is Short by Elysah is such a darling art journal style page! She did a wonderful job with layering and drawing the eye in using the theory of triangles. I love the two girls looking at each other and all of the colorful butterflies. The newsprint images and paper strips really add a cohesive look and the pops of color are gorgeous. Great quote, great standout!


I started out with a winter layout and I think I’ll end with one as well. There are many beautiful ones in the galleries, so it was hard to narrow it down.

.winter at the edge of the pond by myla has the rich look of a painting. We don’t usually see boats in winter photos and that’s what intrigued me about this layout. Everything on this page draws attention to the little white boat. The branch, the dotted frame and star accents, the scribble and most of all, the spillover of the boat itself and the fabulous shadow work. The blending and colors are gorgeous and this is truly a winter standout!


I know it’s only winter here in the northern hemisphere and that the other half of the world is experiencing summer. So no matter where you live, or what the season, I hope you enjoy my picks for tonight and that you get inspired to create some digital layouts of your own. Have a wonderful rest of the week and I’ll see you again in the galleries. The titles are direct links to the galleries so please take a minute or two to leave some love for these talented artists.


Finger Pointing- January 25th

25 Jan

Hi everyone!

Hope you guys are doing fabulous today. It’s snowing again in my side of the world but I am happy that the temperature dropped from -16 during the weekend to -4 today. If the weather permits, I am sure my kids would request to play in the snow when they get back from school. The galleries are full of beauties and I am happy to pick 6 gorgeous pages for today’s gallery standouts.

Here are my faves for today, hope you like them as much as I do. :)

Man at Work by Blackkathy
Fell in love with this page the moment I saw it. It screams beauty in every way. A wonderful and precious moment captured. The shadows are so amazing too, feels like I can touch the ribbons. Love the clean and crisp design, the title work and the font she used and how it matches the color of papers from the photo.

Classics REPLaAY Verlangen by Mielz
This is so delicate. Love the white space and the yellow screams happiness. Love the little details too and the brushworks. The white background paper makes the whole page shine and the use of artsy cards makes the page glow even more.

Family is … You by Miranda Barten
Amazing page with such a beautiful black and white photo. Love the color combinations and the way she decorated the page with flowers all around. She managed to keep the page focused on her subject. I love the brushwork and the splats here and there which adds a nice touch on the white background.

Happy together by JenniferHignite
This is very timely before Valentines day. Fantastic composition and use of different stuff. Loving the papers she picked and the title work along with the little heart and little brown ribbon. Love the balance she created with pictures and papers on the heart shape and the elements she added. Such a beautiful couple.

2015 Year Book Cover by lizziet5
WOW! This is great in every way. This will be a great book cover. So artsy and the brushworks used here are phenomenal. The touches of red makes the cover stand out.

Hanging At Fort Casey by Dvhoward
WOW! This is fantastic in every way. Everything just works gorgeously. I love how she blends everything with the light that shines on the photo. Love the grungy feel of the page. Great work!

Thanks for taking a look at the pages I’ve picked. If you have time, it would be lovely to stop by and give them some well deserved pats in the back in the galleries.



Beth (kewl_jive)