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Finger Pointing – February 29th

29 Feb

How exciting that we have an “extra” day this year for finger pointing.  And, apparently, for creating masterpieces.  The galleries are full of gorgeous pages, humorous pages, story-telling pages – you get the idea.  It was a blast spending time checking them out.  Here are the six that I finally chose for today.

I ran into A Day At The Beach by EllenT several times and was always enthralled by its beauty.  If you’ve ever checked out templates and couldn’t imagine what to do with them – this is what you do!  The photo is gorgeous and the paper she chose creates the perfect backdrop for the embellishments and journaling.  Her color palette screams (in a soft and peaceful way) – BEACH.  I love the text path, starfish cluster, banner and the stitched sun! OK, I love it all!


As I’ve mentioned before, I am in awe of scrappers who can complete Project Life style pages.  You’re My Happy by Willemijne DSI is a gorgeous example of the PL style.  I love the balance between photos, journaling cards, and embellishments.  The use of only B&W gives an elegant look and feel to the page.  Love it!


I am a big fan of pages that utilize white space and the white space on  Tree Top Walk by mum2gnt is perfect!  I mean, how clever that you use only the top third of your page on a page about a tree top walk!  I love how she’s used the textures in the background paper to add depth.  The choices for the cluster are perfect and I love the placement of the title/date.  Awesome page!


Wonder by tylertooo is a gorgeous piece of art!  The soft colors and the glitter on the letters in the title set the tone for the page.  Her extraction is awesome and the frames are a perfect addition to add depth and to ground the extraction.   The LoopDaLoop swirl leading to the star is the icing on the cake!  This would look fabulous framed and hanging on the wall!


I admit I am a big fan of journals, paper and pens/pencils but when I try to add them to a page, I never feel that they look quite right.  On Diary Keeping by dawn inskip the art journaling touches on the background make the diary look and feel like it belongs there and is not just floating on the page.  Love, love, love her photo cluster and the use of a list for journaling.  The gray/black/white color scheme with the touches of gold is perfect.  Awesome page!


When I saw Tunnel by Julie-Scrapaholic in the gallery, all I could think was WOW!  I feel like I could walk into the page and just keep walking forever.  I love the look of the posters on the walls – the curves and the colors created!  Beautiful blending and I love the placement of the word art.  Stunning page!


So that’s our “extra” pages for this year.  Hope you enjoyed them.  The images and the titles are linked to make it easy for you to jump over and leave the artists a comment.  While you’re there, you might want to check out the other outstanding pages.  See you in a few weeks.



Finger Pointing – February 28th

28 Feb

Hello Everybody! Margje here. I hope all of you are doing great wherever you are! I was in bed the past days feeling oh so sick! But now I’m better enough to make my post for you and bring you some wonderful inspiration! I will keep it short, and so let’s start on our Sundays stroll through the galleries right away!

Emeto by Orkan

I had to stop and take a second look at this gorgeous page! What a beautiful close-up of the bird! I love the masking work in this page, the beautiful harmony in the colors, the brush work and all the little things she added! The texture on the left is very striking here!


Unforgettable by Anja_77

I love how she framed that beautiful photo of the girl, and I really adore the gorgeous cluster work here! Beautiful layers of depth! The colors are very beautiful too! Love the clock in the background!


Olive oil by Kythe

What a beautiful monochromatic page! I love those gold tones and the very rich textures! She did a wonderful blending job on the bottle and I also love the elements she used! It all goes perfectly together! Wonderful info about the subject too!


Crazy by Phloxy

Indeed a bit crazy page with a lot of humor, but ooh so wonderful! I love what she did with the photo! And the green grunge over the photo made me feel like he already is in prison! That awesome title and the wonderful pink accents make this a wonderful and funny page to look at!


Seriously by Bellisae

The bright touches of color on the gorgeous black and white photo are just awesome! What an adorable photo by the way! I love a beautiful big photo page and this one certainly is! Love the word art and word strips and the stitched ribbons on the bottom! Wonderful journaling too!


The Lamb by helenedubois

I can feel spring coming! What a great composition, the picture is so sweet and I love the colors and blending. That green around the photo is awesome! The beautiful natural elements are just perfect for this page! Lovely quote as well!


And that was the last one for today. I hope you like my picks and that these pages will inspire you. If so, then please leave some love for the artists that are so kind to share their work in the galleries!

Have a great Sunday and week everyone! See you all next time! And happy scrapping!



Finger Pointing – February 27th

27 Feb

Hello everyone. I hope you’re all having a good weekend, I’ve had a lovely time with my youngest grandsons at a local farm today and despite the bitterly cold weather, we had a lovely afternoon. And now I’ve thawed out at my daughter’s home, I have the honour of bringing you my picks from the galleries today, layouts that have simply caught my attention for one reason or another. So, let’s roll!

My first pick is this lovely layout, Cherish this Day, by myssp. Starting with a template and giving it a little shake up is a perfect way to make it your own. I love the colour combination and the soft hues, the photo arrangement and subtle blending. The fine print and word art are a great contrast and the lightly shadowed layering adds depth. This is one to lift, for sure!

cherish-this-day1 myssp DD

I have a soft spot for multiple frames over one photo and Marijke’s Italy page is a splendid example. The photo treatment here is beautiful and I love that there’s very little else on the page that steals the beauty away from the subject. The understated brushwork and one word title finish off this work of art perfectly.

gallery_11125_449_109411 Italy Marijke Get it Scrapped

I love the flow of my next pick, My Happy Place by Mimisgirl. The title work leads you to the sweet photo nestling on the banner strips of patterned paper that are perfectly layered and shadowed to given some lovely dimension. I love how the bow follows through to a little journaling, and that cute little label ‘love lives here’ is an adorable touch!

happy-place-copy_1 Mimisgirl

Harbour Bridge by Janedee initially caught my eye for the gorgeous landscape so beautifully blended with some brushwork and masks. And then I looked closer and spotted the title work. It was then that I was sold on this page. I love that the title looks as though it has been handwritten with a fountain pen. So, so beautiful.

Harbour-Bridge-web_1 Janedee

Layouts that incorporate shapes, particularly circles, always catch my eye. I particularly like the soft toned photo on Laceybittner’s Little League page and how she’s taken inspiration from the football and carried it outside of the photo. The playful brushwork, the arrowed flair and the grungy arrows add a super sense of movement which is so perfect for this page.

LittleLeague laceybittner DD

My final pick for today is Leaving the Marina by Schrades. A fine example of beautiful blending and artsy brushwork that I admire so much. The darker shades on the page, the splatters of red and the scribbles all provide a lovely canvas backdrop to the subject photo while the placement of the journaling and the word art on the photo balance the page beautifully.

4555-for-web schrades oscraps

It’s been such a pleasure to spend some time in the galleries and to see all the wonderful inspirational art work. I hope you like my picks for today and find a little time to follow the links and leave some love for these pages and, indeed, any others that you find inspiring. Till next time, enjoy the rest of the weekend, take care and happy creating!


Finger Pointing – February 26th –

26 Feb

Hello everyone, I hope you are well, starting to enjoy the weekend and, this I am SURE, having fun scrapping. And I say this because I have just spent the past almost 4 hours going around galleries, picking up amazing jewels, little pieces of history, some master artsy pieces, getting my heart full of joy and also tearing it apart when you have to start closing tabs as we cannot possibly afford to bring in all images……… but not only is the amount of talented YOUs we have in this industry, but each of you who post more than 1 (or 4 LOL) pages on the day…which means I have to choose…ohhh boy….. that almost hurts.

A couple of people have asked what do we “get” for being a blogger here…. I almost said nothing…but nothing is so very far from the truth… I know I can speak for ALL my colleagues as we do talk about this often…. the amazing inspiration, the pleasure of knowing we can highlight someone we admire and sometimes, even make someone’s day….. I do know, to me, the beauty that comes to my soul when someone whom we picked comes back to us, be that  an experienced scrapper who knows us and had been around a while (which we would expect is used to being featured) or if is a first timer and the words we get on even the post comments or on private messages…. that, my friends, is so far from nothing…that is what makes me get energy from nowhere and spend hours going around…. but hey, I know I talk a lot, so I’m going to make this short:I tell you this because I couldn’t narrow down to 6, and because my first intention was to pick new people (as we have some rocking talent that has not been highlighted or at least not much or not by me) but the very first page I find is someone not only very known to me, but I am sure, to most of you….. a girl (a lady!) who is as talented in her scrapping as she is in her designing (don’t I always tell you how much I love designers who scrap?) but she doesn’t scrap that much these days…so I was almost jumping of joy when I find not one but two pages…. and I abandoned the idea of a “newbie” post…for today, but will be happening. So, now, my first page, is this gorgeous, happy, immensely full of beauty and perfection, the portrait of a family so delightful that their smiles light up your screen…and I’m only not crying because she hasn’t journaled in the actual page….because she is as gifted with the written word as she is with her talent in the visual arts, as a designer and as a scrapper. Amazing composition, ful of bits and pieces in a way that it feels hand made…..this is my first pick: Together by Rubia Padilha the one and only amazing creative hand that you may better know as Studio basic Designs


My next pick was one of those that kept me going back & forth between some of the pages she has posted…as each and everyone are so gorgeous, so wonderfully composed and elegant and full of scrappy goodness…almost a master class in each of them…..worse of all, Sarita (my daughter) has just had an operation so she is asleep, or I could have called her to help me decide…but I would suggest you click on the link, have a look at this page closer, then look on the right hand side and there is a link to her full gallery, because this lady is just beyond amazing….a wonderful, perfect extraction and a composition centered on it with perfect additions, another happy feel page that, if it wasn’t my crutches getting on the way…I would surely be dancing by now!!!!!!!! ;) The artist is Clin d’oeil Design and she has named this page Dancing. Absolute gorgeousness.


Now, with my heart even more and MORE full of joy, another lady who also doesn’t scrap too often, but then when she does…ohhh so much beauty, so much the essence of what we do with so much perfection, sweetness, amazing talent with which she fills the page with emotion…The photography is so much more than perfect, the capture of the moment , that kind of moment I think our scrapbooks should be filled with…the non posed photos that capture in perfection something which – I know, as I have shared it with my own child-  will be shared in a not so distant future, in love, and will bring them smiles of a size impossible to describe. Full page photos are one addiction of mine, and in here this is composed to perfection, with much to see without taking away the focus from the incredibly beautiful image….(and if you are a girl’s mum…this will make you melt even more, I know I am on cute overload and flash back some 16 years in time!!!! -mine just turned 20!!!!) The page is Sweet Denim by this incredibly talented girl that is Liana, aka Yellowpeep.


And so much for wanting to bring you new people in the community, these next two pages are from two well known, awesomely talented ladies , those who can communicate so much with sometimes the elegant, amazingly stylish blank space pages, two girls I have my heart sing every time I come across their pages: Your Time to Shine by bcnatty, so so beautifully put together, I want to sit and study this piece by piece, love the base of paints, the gorgeous pieces of papers with the photo editing so subtle and beautiful, and the cutting the linear thing with the circle with the heart…LOVE absolutely love the layering here, perfect shadows, the journaling that brings even more emotion to the photo and such a positive, beautiful message… LOVE being part of this girl’s family, even if only by following the pages…. and maybe one day I win the lottery and get there ..who knows, right? LOL…… what can I say? the page is perfection!!!!!!!!!!!


And the next is another page that brings another overload of cuteness , sweetness, this is the kind of page in which is full of elegance, style, clean lines, perfect composition, and at the same time has all that feeling of huge mother love, amazing growing up boy, beautiful in so many ways.  In her journaling I read the feeling I had so many times when Sarita was going into her pre-teens… 10 or 11…and they get a bit tired of being the eternal model of the scrapbook momma….but at times, like here…they let us become the mammarazzis again…. and the page captures it all, even if you can’t read the journaling…plus the perfection, her amazing talent all over the page… LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!! This is So You by Ana.Paula

this is so you cópia

and now going to the complete other end of the spectrum, gorgeous, amazingly beautiful and full of layering goodness, a pocket page that may not necessarily be a pocket page, I am in love with the kids photo, the gorgeous contrast of the amazing colors with the beautiful black & white of the image, and the impressive, absolutely awesome general feel in the page…oh I don’t think I have words….I look at that marvelous clustered wave crossing the page, all those amazing elements, perfectly shadowed and layered to give life to the page….. absolute delight, LOVE the elements, LOVE the alphas, LOVE every thing about this!!!!!!!!!! Another superbly talented lady who isn’t a stranger to this blog: Then She Said, by Anita aka apottinger


Last but not least (as I honestly couldn’t NOT share this with you), is another amazing lady, with a page the kind I love so much, again, amazing layering, superb creativity, and brings to mind something is being discussed in a forum about planner stuff and what about if you, like me, have nothing to plan? you appeal to your amazing creative mind, let your imagination run and put it to use in the best, most amazing way possible… I know this may not be exactly the case, but it brought that to mind…love how she created a virtual diary, with the hand made feeling and lots of bits and pieces, love how much there is here and still how clean the page feels, but, once again, full of creativity and making you wanting to dive into the story whatever it is being told there…and to grab my heart even tighter, she has included a Louise M Alcott quote (Little Women was my first book total love!) telling us to preserve our memories…. even if I wrote down to the page that I spent the day doing nothing… it will be a glimpse into the past for the ones to come…isn’t it? Absolute delight of a page, from amazingly talented Julie, aka motherbear: Dear Diary.


So, I hope I haven’t bore you too much with my wide awake brain at 04:31 am, also hope you find these amazing people as inspiring as I do. Please do click on the name of the LO and author, it will take you to their original gallery, even if one word or two, we all know how much it can mean to us…. Have an amazing weekend..and see you in March!!!!!!!!  :)



Finger Pointing – February 23

23 Feb

It’s Beatrice here and I’ve had a wonderful afternoon browsing the galleries. We’ve been having crazy weather in Michigan and tomorrow the forecast is for mountains of snow. The hint of spring we’ve been feeling is gone though my grandsons may have an opportunity to go sledding for the first time this winter. As always the galleries are inspirational and it’s difficult to narrow it down but here are my picks for today.

Dear Self by Anelia

The sweet girl rises above the rain clouds and you just know that amazing things will happen. The lace and scallops across the page create a shelf for her.  The paints, banners and brushwork scattered about lead to a very cohesive page. The butterfly pops off the page and the faint newsprint is the perfect backdrop for it all.


February BYOC Challenge – The Best Part Of Me by Sharon Evans

This is such a cute photo. The paper stacking at various angles creates an ideal frame for it. The little touches like the clipped lace corner and the buttoned bow followed by the scribble and paint draw the eye to the small cluster in the bottom corner enhancing her diagonal design.


Almost a Mrs by Kirsty85

Precious photos showcase her lovely ring. The monochromatic feel and block design are so appealing to me. She has embellished the page beautifully from the stapled tags, to the brushwork, button clusters and stacked word strips.  The hinged paper strips on the side and her title work finish things off flawlessly.


Fly by Angel Jet

This is a delightful white space layout. I love the way she wrapped the page with the bit of twine and sprinkled the lady bugs and flowers all about. Her shadows are just right. Placing the title letters vertically emphasizes her design. Still the terrific part of this layout to me is the way she combined different fonts to create her own word art, enhanced by the bit of chicken wire she placed on top.


Precious Kisses by kpmelly

I’ll begin by saying the combination of large black and white photo and smaller offset photo in color makes for a fantastic design. The photo itself is outstanding, a girl and her dog nose to nose exchanging precious kisses. The delicate brushwork along both edges of the page and the gorgeous floral clusters add just the right pop of color and create a stunning effect.


Heart You by LovelyMissKait

I noticed quite a few gorgeous layouts in the galleries using this collection. As Kait journals, the photo really does show a sweet moment between siblings. The watercolor floral background paper mimics the flowers in the photo. The stroke of Gesso adds dimension and the splashes of gold paint are an elegant addition to the overall look of the page. The little pink-nosed mouse peeking up at them is just darling.


I’ve come to the end of my post and I only hope you enjoyed looking at these layouts as much as I did. If you have a minute please click on the layout links and leave these well deserving artists some love.


Finger Pointing – February 22nd –

22 Feb

Hellooo!!!!! Hope you are all having a great time… Monday is gone already in my part of the world…and I haven’t done much of all I had to do last week..and we are almost in March!!!! Crazy, it seems that the older I get, the fastest the time goes? I always thought it was supposed to be the other way around? Anyway, I am here to share with you some beauty…so lets get onto it!!!!

If You Want to Fly by KarenB si just..perfect!!!! she is such an elegant artist, so cleaned lined and with a delicate touch to her pages but at the same time impressive impact…. love the double exposure play and how well the quote is composed with different fonts…. absolutely gorgeous, perfect page!!!!

If You Want To Fly

Next page from another amazing artist, This Feeling by Jeanet is such a wonderful mix of brushes, amazing blending that brings so much joy to the eye and soul!!!! The word art blended with the paints and the background …everything in the page is passionate, I love all the reds all, here is passionate and I could probably carry on for ages here!!! Here it is:


Next is a gorgeous, amazing layers galore arty journal page: Emotion by designsbylime is such a delightful collection of layered ephemera, brushes, word arts and little buts & pieces that I could be here for hours discovering…..gorgeous choices and each and every bit come together into one amazing page!!!!


In a different style but still rocking those layers is So this is You by domad : love the sweet photo and her composition. the take

on the template is amazing, her sills for shadowing and making the page into a little diamond…amazingly gorgeous!


Forever my Little Girl, by jenevang, I love full page photo and also love the reminiscence of the early ears of Sarita’s life…and I know that feeling  of  wanting to scrap my own daughter’s early years…Love everything here: photo  is so sweet and full of joy, the angle, the light… and her layering/clusters make the page into a not so ordinary memory, love this!!!


and last but most certainly now least, is this gorgeous page by twinsmomfloor, this is such an amazing creation!  Love  the amazing blends, how she gave the page movement with the background  love this!!!!!!


So this is all from me tonight, hope you all love and get inspired hy them as we all were inspired here!!! Thanks so much , have a great week!!!


Finger Pointing – February 21st

21 Feb

Happy Sunday to everyone! It’s Stacia here. I hope you had an amazing weekend! I spent the weekend with my daughter, sightseeing around her new home city, taking hundreds of photos. She likes to make sure I always have plenty of scrapping “ammunition”. I hope you added some photos to your “to be scrapped” folder as well. That’s what this hobby is all about, right? Telling our stories through photos, art and words.

Here are just a few of the amazing layouts I found all over digiland tonight:

Torn by hollyinjapan

If she didn’t have digital credits listed, I would have totally assumed this was a paper layout, the digital tears in the paper look so realistic. I love the slight tonal shift in the color palette, each blending so nicely into the next, the butterflies echoed in so many different ways, the text added in such a soft manner. And those stitches, LOVE, LOVE them!


Holly May Takatsukatorn_291108-424x

True Love by y_baros

I love the vertical orientation of the page, the combination of both cut-outs and layered paper blocks and the ever-so-delicate looking element clusters and stacked bits. The photo treatment really makes the photo blend seamlessly with the color palette of the kit choice. Everything about this radiates sweet and beautiful!



The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Tinkelbel

I adore the idea of the current photos turned into retro looking holiday ornaments. Her shadowing on both bulky elements and delicate ones is spot on. Such a wonderful vintage vibe, with the color choices, antique patterns and kitschy elements, coming from a story about last year.



2015 Week 34 Extra by JennV

Isn’t there anything about this that doesn’t just scream out cute?!? First, a great catch to notice the opportunity for a then-and-now photo shoot! I love all the photography details from vintage cameras and a filmstrip, digital photo booth props, the use of all black and white photos with only the elements having any pops of color. It may have taken awhile to get all those photos but the end result is nothing but perfect!



Venise 24 by myla

She totally managed to convey the bright colors of Carnival of Venice parade with this page. The amazing details captured of the masked, costumed parade participants in the photos are truly stunning. I love the mix of blended photos vs frames ones. The blend modes or other treatment used to capture the details of the architecture of the city ACTUALLY AS THE BACKGROUND is a unique touch. I’d like to know how she did it because it’s gorgeous!



Top Secret by SeattleSheri

I am a sucker for the looking-from-above-perspective layout. It’s one of my favorite parts of scrapping digitally, the ability to create the scene as part of your page. Carefully stacked and shadowed elements, a stunning photo. I just love it!




I hope you found some inspiration from my picks for tonight! I look forward to seeing your layouts in the galleries next time!