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Finger Pointing – March 30th

30 Mar

Phew!  Ever just have “one of those days” where you seem to struggle just to keep your head above water?  Welcome to my today and the reason why today’s blog post is a little later than usual. A full day of “stuff” at the office meant a long day, but it’s not all bad: now I get to escape to my little corner of digiland and oooohh and aaaahhh over the galleries and see what catches my eye.  A nice way to wind up the evening.

My first pick today is a great example of less is more.  In The Middle by EHStudios has just a few, well-placed elements, and the  masking on the trees is awesome. A great example of a minimalist page, but one where I’m sure there’s many hidden layers with the blending of the trees, for example.

In my neck of the woods, cherry blossom trees are coming into full bloom (and queue allergy season!), but the hint of warmer weather and flowers in bloom says Spring is here – well, almost here.  Sucali’s layout Sunshine and Daffodils just screams Spring to me. It made today’s list for the soft color palette and the great photo.  Yes, it’s another more minimalist layout. After my hectic day at the the office, maybe I’m looking to simplify things tonight! (LOL)

Okay, nope, not all minimalist/white page layouts!  Here’s Drew’s Essay from Farrisjc.  This is a great read as Drew explains what his brother means to him as far as being a positive role model – it’s awesome!  This is what memory-keeping is all about: preserving family moments and those special things that might not be easily seen by the naked eye.  Fun color palette with the kit selection here, just perfect for the subject-matter, and I love how the essay assignment was included in the “write / explain” center block.

This next page caught my eye due to the unusual framing of the child in the photo.  In Cynthia’s With All My Heart I was intrigued by the use of three or perhaps four frames – hard to tell since two (?) of the frames over the center of the photo seem to blend away into the paper.  Is the center frame or frames paint … brushes … traditional frames … all of the above?  Although the photo extends into the outer left and right frames, the page design and placement of the central elements just drew me in.  Love the artsy touches with the texture and scribbles, as well as the sketchy font for the title.

When I start looking for layouts to include on the GSO blog, I never know where the galleries will take me – until I get that whoa! moment.  DayDream by Annlavin did that for me tonight … I would SO love this on canvas, hung right above my computer workstation! There are so many fanciful bits ‘n’ pieces here to look at, all cleverly layered and blended together. Love!

Rounding out today’s picks is a layout that had me giggling – it’s just so much fun!  As an added bonus, it’s great to see designers scrapping, too!  Jen’s Teenager page cracked me up with both the photo and the comment about being more prepare for a zombie apocalypse than a math test. Too funny and, sadly, all too true. Oh, and that goofy face?  I’ve seem similar from my son!

That’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed my picks – and don’t forget to stop by the galleries at your favorite stores and leave some layout love for your fellow scrappers.


Finger Pointing – March 29

29 Mar

Hi everyone!  Kat here with my standouts from the galleries today.  Scouring the galleries at various digi-scrapping sites, I’m amazed by all the talent out there. So much to choose from with my picks – you all don’t make it easy, do you?!  Let’s get started.

For those of you that know my scrapping styles and loves, you know I don’t shy away from patterned papers – and the bolder the better!  I’m always on the lookout for scrappers that can embrace the bold, and when I saw Sweeet’s page, Classy n Fab, I just knew I had to include it today. Way to go on rockin’ that background paper, and the clustering and layering is awesome. Love the addition of the little flair on the sunglasses, too.

By contrast, SharLamb’s, Remember the Journey, is a more minimalist style.  I love the almost watercolor effects here, and the way the notebook just blends away into the background.

This next page – Aries by ConnyS – caught my eye, initially, because of the Aries wordart – that’s my sign, too!  However, upon closer inspection, I fell in love with the mix of flowers and stars (a great combination), the stitching, and the paint splatters. All seemingly random on the page, but layered with quite a deal of thought.

Dalis’ Sketching Makes Me Happy just had me in awe. The way the sketch is incorporated into the layout is great. I love the title work too, with the alphas and the simple tag.

I find that photo-less layouts can often pose their own challenges, so when I saw breakingbrie’s layout, 100, I knew I had to include it here today. The journaling made me giggle – I know about binge-watching my favorite shows, too.

Rounding out today’s picks is Deekaa’s Create-Dream-Inspire. Now, be honest, I’m sure many of us can relate to the concept that scrapping isn’t just a hobby, but is an addiction! The cutouts have been used to spotlight some of her work – great idea.


Hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today!  Until next time …


Finger Pointing – March 28th

28 Mar

Happy Monday, everyone! Normally Mondays aren’t much fun but today I got to spend a little bit of time browsing all the digital galleries. Each time I do this, I am SO inspired to create something beautiful of my own.

Let’s see what creativity I found today:

Breathe by alinalove


I actually had to check to see if these were digital credits, it looked so realistic! The custom shadowing on the cut paper, the repetition of that goldish yellow color from the background paper, the mix of sticker flowers and realistic ones, vintage photo frame and retro photo treatment really combine to make this page a stunner! I think what catches my eye the most is that beautiful cornflower blue color.

Let’s Go by Tiff


I love the mixed fonts of the title, the script mixed with that big stamped multi-colored alpha. There are so many photos on the page but she still made room for quite a bit of journaling by putting it sideways on those tucked journaling strips. Genius!

Seven Million Wonders by Cinna


This is absolutely precious! What a lovely kit choice to go with this heritage photo. I like the mix of vintage elements on such a tiny scale, the bare hint of colors to the soft palette, the delicacy of the doilies behind the clusters.

Flowers and Sunshine by RondaT

I mean who doesn’t appreciate a girl that loves frogs, right?  I like the centered page design and the mix of different shapes. The combination of the multiple clusters and the doodles almost lead the eye around a circle to make sure that you see everything. Toadally cute!

Spring Fling by carrotsails


Just wow! This clustering is amazing, the colors soft and perfect for spring. Those vintage drawn bunny elements combined with flowers that look like they were just plucked from a garden really combine to create a page that just jumps right out of the gallery at you.

Us in March by Amson


First, I love the sentiment about getting ourselves in our scrapbooks. After that, I love the combo of the sketched and the actual photo, the use of the neutral colors with the black and white effect and the horizontal and vertical bands “holding” the photo.  The doilies and bright flowers add just enough texture and color for a visual punch to grab the eye.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks tonight and that you’ll head into a digi gallery or two, spread a little a love and soak up a little inspiration of your own!

See you next time!


Finger Pointing – March 27th

27 Mar

Hello there, and Happy Easter to all those celebrating! I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday. Here in the UK, our clocks went forward an hour this weekend and it was so nice to still have daylight until 7.30pm… and it will only get better! Happy days!

My first pick for today is not only seasonal but it makes my heart sing with the splashes of lovely yellow! Veer’s Happy Easter page have everything that I love about digital art. The square blocks appeal to my linear/orderly side, there’s use of patterned paper with some artsy brush work including some splatters and scribbles and then there’s the word art title. A great page design and total eye candy, that’s for sure!

Veer scrapbookcom easterchick5_1

Isa Marks Love caught my eye next. The scattered layering and the photo crops add so much interest to the page and I love the lightly patterned backdrop. The page is beautifully tied together with little embellishments and the twist to the title work using the cut out and stamp adds great contrast. Such a delightful page!

Isa Marks Sweet Shoppe 12512676_996150210476810_443496604847145504_n_1_

As I continued through the galleries, I spotted Hello New Life by Mana1. I really like the mix of the clean lines and grunge in this page. The page structure is pleasing and I love the repetition of the number strips and brads. A lovely, thought provoking page!

Mana1 Studio Calico 6_-_Hello_new_life_original

Next up is Sightglass by Shannamay. The textured backdrop and crisp, clean and neat layering together with a delicate mix of embellishments are perfect for the striking, black and white photo and the cornflower blue and light grey colour combination is so fresh. A beautifully proportioned page!

Shannamay DD 21stFebruary_Sightglass_web

In creating Amazing, Wendy85 also used a colour combination that lends itself to the tone of the photo. Lots of lovely detail comprising of flowers, butterflies, stickers, flairs, labels and confetti – all beautifully displayed against the soft backdrop give the page a whimsical look. So pretty!

wendy85 TLP fdd_YouAre_DU_tp3

My next pick, Inquiring Minds by IntenseMagic, has a lovely mix of colour. The black and white strip anchor the circular pieces together and I love that the photo is a slightly larger circle than the other, giving it importance. Again, repetition is key on this page and I love the word art cluster. I’m always in awe of artists who use flowers on boy pages… when I try this on my pages of my grandsons, they just don’t seem to look right. IntenseMagic has pulled this off superbly here with the black and yellow flowers and the thought bubble is the perfect finish. Lovely!

IntenseMagic digital press Inqiring-Minds

As always, I’m hugely inspired by my picks for today, as well as all the other glorious artworks in the galleries. I hope you’ll join me in celebrating my picks by clicking on the page links and leaving a comment for the creators, as well as any other pages that grab your attention. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, happy creating and I’ll see you in the galleries!



Finger pointing – March 26th

26 Mar

Today’s picks are all about neutrals, black journal cards, and a pop of red! And one super cute Easter idea. Ready?

This is Liz J. and these are my picks:

So Much Cooler Online by mrphoto

These kids are proof that technology can be a great tool! Love the story of the bond they share playing minecraft online together, and the cool way that Maribel tucked her journaling behind the title work. There are a lot of super design aspects to this page that really appealed to me, particularly the wood radio wave symbol, the stark black of the journal card and the repetitive patterned squares. This page made me smile.


Reasons by AmyL

What a fabulous way to celebrate an anniversary! I really like how the placement of the grid on this page allows the elements placed at the top and bottom of the page to extend right off the page. Great use of the word art, and the flowers to lead us through the page. Happy anniversary, Amy!


Life Stories April by omlialie

This page jumped out at me because of the deep shadow work and the cool look of the wood background. The paint made a nice backdrop and accents the pop of red and purple of the flowers and flair. Cute embellishments and word art. The wood elements round it out beautifully. I like the ready-for-spring theme of this.


This just happened… by rchansen

This page is such a great example of the importance of documenting those big real-life moments! Love the corner of kraft pp, and the kraft arrow leading us down the page. Great use of the black journal card and speech bubble. I thought the relative simplicity of this page spoke eloquently to the accomplishment of the new driver. Loved it.


Easter i-spy by livelys

I am always on the lookout for cute examples of games for kids, particularly travel games. This darling idea looks like it was so fun to put together, and can be re-printed and used over and over. I am going to try this one myself!


Rings & Dots & Circles Oh My by sharongrey8

The expression on this little guy’s face just brightened my whole day! I love the way Sharon used the stitched circles on both edges of the page, combined with the circle frame. Great text, and clever use of the little red tags to give this some pop. Just a delightful page!


I hope you enjoyed today’s picks! If you love any or all of the projects picked today please click on the linked title and leave some love for the person who created today’s masterpiece! Have a great Sunday and Easter!


Finger Pointing – March 25th –

25 Mar

Hello and a very Happy Hollyday to everyone! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! We have one of my daughter’s best friends staying over with us, and they have shopped for cooking and had already started treating me last night! As usual, it was not an easy task to choose just a few of all the amazing talent over the galleries, but as I am late as it is (already on the way gone on morning on the next day here in England) I will try be as quick as possible…. I just wish I had more time to at least stop on every page I considered for featuring to leave some love, but life tends to get in the way of my scrapping/socializing time…  lets just say we are blessed with so many amazingly talented people in this community, which in times of violent attacks all over the world, is a breath of fresh air. You are amazingly inspiring!

I have to make this, Fly My Darling Fly Alex by Iowan my very first page because it is not only first class…is a master class in so many ways, and so so very beautiful, jumping to the eye even from the smallest thumbnail, and this is what we are about: what Stands Out in the galleries. I have said many times how I love each and every page Carol makes, and this was way before I even started talking to her or knowing her name…as a matter of fact, I am almost sure she was one of my picks when I first started collaborating here in my very first post… and this is one of her even more specially beautiful pages… I scrapped this template which I LOVED every minute of, but looking at this…I see a master class on creativity, personalizing of an already marvelous template, layering, clustering, shadowing and all you can think about …plus when I look at the credits list…a superb, masterful combination of products, fabulous mixing of textures and…well…. I said I was going to try to be brief…. I can NEVER do that when talking about this amazingly talented lady… just perfection.

Fly My Darling Fly Alex

From a full on page I’m going to the other end, and this page, Right Now by jk703,  is a caress for the sight and fills my heart with beauty & love. Jenn is one of my most loved blank space Queens and she never ever disappoints. Love the torn paper effect she used in the amazing photograph here,  her creativity to add little bits that will make the page not only stand out for it’s beauty, but make it that will count as a jewel of memory keep for her family, the beautiful journaling (something most of us understand only too well..being proud of our children but at times wanting to press pause in time as they are growing up so fast!) , the word art matching the colors of the shirt, the shadows.. everything is outstanding!!!


Moving onto the more artsy style, I’m delighted with finding this! Brother and Sister by misslovescraps is one of those pages one can’t keep eyes out of, so much beauty, so many little things to discover, so much talent Li Li has, that makes “happy” come out of the page as a tangible feeling, this is most definitely another master class! The blending is awesome, love the use of the stamps and paint’s clusters, gorgeous use of the word strips too, and then the sealing of the page with the big word art as a base …once again, outstanding!!!!


Another amazing lady now, one that I have rarely the opportunity to feature here as usually her name is in our 7 day list so this makes me even happier to find… Good Things #6 101 good thoughts by mimisgirl is one delightful spirit lift on top of the wonderful visual beauty her pages always gift us with. I love seeing full page journalers as I usually make a just journaling page to go on the other side of my pages when printing, and this is amazing inspiration. Love the combination of flat stamps, gorgeous paint and more corporeal elements, the amazing word art and the way the tittle is done…those amazing shadows and then the star of the page: the journaling that is, as I said, a lift of happiness for the heart. Another amazingly beautiful page by this girl who can wow us in each and every style!!!!


Now my next two pages were something EXTREMELY difficult to decide….. you see, they come of an event called the Calvin Ball, which is a month of scrapping at Get It Scrapped which is an educational site. The goal of the Calvin Ball is to get you to scrap… no prizes, no fierce competition but the joy of seeing your photos or thoughts & feelings scrapped, and there being no affiliation with a particular store makes it for an amazingly gorgeous page galore…so you can imagine my heart break at having to close down tabs… First one I have for you is Home Sweet Home by gonewiththewind, another one of my super idols for so many reasons, one of the most amazing scrappers we have the blessing to have in this industry. She is an awesome story teller, be that on her full on pages, tons of photos, amazing clusters, super layering, but also in the every other way, like it shows in this amazing page.. the photo is of an amazingly welcome home, and her addition of elements makes it so that speaks even louder. I couldn’t read what the tag says because my computer was pixelating when zooming in, but anything that is written will only be an affirmation of the page tittle and the feeling it brings us… gorgeous, absolutely amazing page!!!!


Last but not least, another Calvin Ball page, this time a paper scrapped page (at least I am quiet sure it is? either that or this lady is a shadow magician!!!) You Talkin’ to Me? by TinaCampbell, which is awesome, the kind of page I love, not only full of bits & pieces, but recording one of those lovely moments in life which make diamonds in our story telling…that perfect capture of the look in his super cute face, the gorgeous combination of patterns and different type of elements….love it!!!!


So, this is it from me today! Hope you love these as much as I do, if you get some time, as usual, you know you can click on the high lit name of the LO & author to get to their original galleries and leave them some love. Have a great holiday!



Finger Pointing-March 24th

24 Mar

Rain, thunder, hail and then snow…we’ve had it all today! It’s called spring in the midwest. The best part of today was that I stayed inside and went gallery hopping and enjoyed finding Gallery Standouts to share with you now. Without further ado, here are today’s picks.

Finding a way to combine digital art with real paper…we call that hybrid. I am a big fan of LizJ and lately, she has been creating the most beautiful hybrid cards. I adore this one she made for her mother-in-law. I think she will be delighted to open it up and to receive a gorgeous spring bouquet. I love the colors and all of the watercolor flowers and foliage. The font she used is also beautiful. What a wonderful way to make your own cards!

birthday card by lizJ-


This next layout really jumped out at me. I think anytime someone uses a full-page photo along with supporting photos, it has great visual impact. The large focal photo here really tells a story all on its own. But then the smaller action shots complete it. I love how she created a partial diamond frame for the smaller ones, mimicking the baseball diamond where they were taken. The red, white and blue colors and all of the word art are perfect for this awesome baseball page. I guess you could say, she knocked this one out of the ball park! (pun intended)

Each Day by myssp


Speaking of visual impact, take a look at this layout. The first thing I noticed is all of the word art and the variety of lettering, predominantly in black. The bold blue and yellow colors are striking and they make the page truly pop. It has great brush work and textures. Without any actual narrative journaling or photos to tell the story, this layout speaks volumes. There is no doubt in my mind that the artist had a bad day. Haven’t we all?  I love that she could express herself with this stunning art journal page!

Bad-day by rarou47


I love this sweet Easter layout! The photos are unique, as is the journaling. I really enjoyed how the artist told her story with numbers and how the text is written down the left side of the page. The soft white background is beautifully textured and the brush work really connects the little framed photos. The yellow, green and white colors are gorgeous and the little chicks at the bottom are adorable.

an-easter-story by mum2gnt


Here’s another sweet Easter layout for today. I adore the storybook quality the artist created with the bunny images and the Easter basket. The blended background and the pastel colors are gorgeous. This page is rich with water color brush work and script brushes, creating wonderful textures. Okay, I’m ready for the Easter Bunny to come now!

Hello Easter by Sondra_C


Last, but certainly not least, is this stunning layout. It really caught my eye with the photo in the camera viewfinder and then the blurred version behind it, or in front of it, depending on how you look at it. This page really has a lot of visual pop! The message on the little journal card is perfect for the images and it truly contains a powerful message. The brush work is fabulous and I love the pops of red and teal! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Camera Focus by newlife


So those are today’s Gallery Standouts! Be sure and visit the artists’ galleries. I’m sure you’ll find even more inspiration. I know they’d appreciate comments too. All you have to do is click on the title links and voila, you’re there! For those of you who celebrate, have a wonderful and joyous Easter this Sunday! I wish you many blessings of the season.