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Finger Pointing – April 30th

30 Apr

Wow! Saturday is certainly an amazing day to look for Gallery Stand Outs! The galleries are just brimming with gorgeous layouts created with this week’s new releases at all the stores across digiland. You would think that designers and scrappers would be taking a break to get ready for next Saturday, National Scrapbook Day, but I saw no signs of that today.

Let’s get straight to the pretties, shall we?

The Girls by Laura/emmasmommy


The clustering looks effortless, tucked and piled, tilted and anchored. Of course, we that scrap know that element placement that looks like true scatter takes TONS of effort to decide on the exact spot for everything to get that perfection. The multiple layers of paint ground the page and the repetition of the hot pink and yellow makes the eye go from the edges of the page right back to the center. Just lovely!

My Routine by LBscraps

2016 04 11-21 my routine

Any page with this many words will always catch my eye and demand that I click on it to read the story. Turns out the story is about yet another whirlwind week of travel for her. Awesome page design with the stitched swirl to echo the busyness and activity she described. I love the mix of photos of modes of transportation and the weather screenshots supporting her words. AND an amazing job on the element shadowing here!

1 by Marijke


It’s a powerful image that grabs you and makes you want to know more… is she happy and dragging her best buddy outside to play or is she sad and headed for a little pout? Wherever she’s going, it looks like she’s with a treasured friend. Stunning masking, gorgeous use of the soft watercolor brushes with the neutral photo and background.

Ahoy by Conny


Yep, total cuteness aboard! Could these photos be more perfect if she tried? I love the perfectly placed details, the stitching to anchor the word strips, the greenery passing through the titlework, the sand and paint drips to repeat the red. Absolutely stunning!

Imperfect is Beauty by Jana_NJ


I adore everything about it. I love the mix of geometric and natural patterns both in her dress and in the background, the bold splashes of color on the black and white, the implied movement. It’s as if she’s walking through a noir film and it’s becoming colorized in her wake. So many little nuances to consider.

PL2015 Week 19 L & R by LRaeWoo


I appreciate the time and effort it takes to do a PL pocket spread each week, both in keeping track of all the little details so that they stay fresh and in the creation of the pages themselves. This is a nice mix of squares and rectangles, photos and stories. The borders at the top and bottom tie the pages together along with the limited color palette. The pops of red are an unexpected, but subtle touch. What a totally fun perspective and crop on the photos. Gorgeous shadowing and clustering, I keep clicking on them again and again to see even more things tucked here and there!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration in my picks tonight! Please visit the galleries and share a little love with your fellow scrappers.

See you soon!



Finger Pointing – April 29th

29 Apr

Hi, everyone, and Happy Friday!  The weather here is back to normal Florida weather – hot and humid!  So here I am, enjoying myself in the air conditioning and getting inspired with a leisurely browse through the galleries.  And what a wonderful adventure it was.  From Mickey Mouse to Mariseille in 1898 to an Elvis inspired recipe and more … fun, fun, fun!

How adorable are these pictures on EHS Studios’ page Currently?  Her page is a perfect combination of horizontal composition and white space that draws your eye immediately to the photos.  The doodled curlicue line creates a perfect grounding element for the photo cluster.  And I love the placement of the title and subtitle, the doodled circles, and the colorful splats!  Fun page!

Currently by EHS Studios

And who wouldn’t smile at the awesome selfies on #MomLife by kendallt!  Once again I will say that I am in awe of scrappers who can use a multitude of elements on a page and have the page look so great.  Gorgeous choices on the papers and the elements and I LOVE the title!  Awesome page!

# Mom by kendallt

Elvis Recipe by joannebrisebois is another page for her retro-inspired Las Vegas album.  I love all of the pages she’s posted but this one really spoke to me.  The photo is blended beautifully and I love the addition of the bokeh.  I look forward to more pages from her in this retro Las Vegas album.  Very cool page!

Elvis Recipe by joannebrisebois

AnnaLift: Mariseille 1898 by ziemon is a stunning piece of art.  The blending on this page is absolutely amazing.  The dotted paper peeking through the upper portion of the photo adds depth and interest.  The Urban Stitched frame is perfect for the mood of this page.  This piece needs to be framed and hanging on  a wall.  Love it!

Marseille 1898 by ziemon

Horizon de Toscane by clindoeil is such a beautifully serene page!  The gorgeous photo is blended perfectly and the textures and the text on the background paper create such a beautiful depth on the page.  That view (and the colors on this page) are just amazing!  Gorgeous page!

Horizon de Toscane by clindoeil

Mickey’s Philharmagic by Heidi Nicole captures the pure magic of Disney.  Love the two clusters and the font used on the journaling (love the spacing of the journaling, too!).  Truly a magical memory captured forever.

Mickey's Philharmagic by Heidi Nicole

Those are my choices for today.  I hope you enjoy them and are inspired by them.  If so, please think about taking a moment to leave them some love in the gallery.  The titles and images are linked so it’s quick to find them.  Have a great – and creative – weekend.



Finger Pointing-April 28th

28 Apr

Hello everyone! Jana here with today’s Gallery Standouts. I have been scrapping some pages of my own today and thought I’d take a break and peruse the galleries for more inspiration. It’s always a pleasure to do that and today was no exception. I think you’ll agree, today’s picks are not only inspiring but they are a delight to see.

First up is Adventure by dvhoward. The color mix is so pretty and so are all the embellishments scattered across this page. I love the metallic “life” title and how that that word is repeated several times. The tiny yellow framed photo is adorable and what a great idea to put a current photo into that pocket! Basically a horizontal design with plenty of white space, I think the hot air balloon rising from from the center is an awesome touch.


This next one really grabbed my attention in the gallery! I think it’s absolutely gorgeous! Calm/Passing Storm by Boo is actually a hybrid page. She printed off the digital coloring page and then colored it with pencils and gel pens. Brilliant! She really worked wonders with all of those beautiful colors and just look at all those details. Wow!


Take a look at this fun page! Mash-up Underground Fun by kikimama really captures all the giggles and the wonder in the children’s faces. You just know they were having a ball on that subway. I love the colors on this page and the layers are amazing! The subtle brushwork on the background paper give an extra special touch to this and so does the journaling and word art uniquely placed at the bottom of the page.


Spring by khakisack  is amazing! The starburst design filled with beautiful pastel papers really draws the eye into the focal area of the page. The triple framed photos are further enhanced by the cute banners. I always enjoy close-ups of faces and these little ones are darling. She really captured their sweet expressions. I like how the repeated clusters give the eye a place to rest and help to balance out the layout.


With the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday nearing, here is a fabulous page that pays tribute to the artist’s mother.  Do You Remember  by Anny-Libelle is a fabulous artsy page! The blending of photos, papers and textures is truly remarkable. I love her vintage photos and how the old car and the deckled frame portray times of another era. LOVE everything about this one!


I have one more goody to share with you today. Wildflower  by Sweetie Pie is lush with tropical colors and a beautiful use of white space. The setting of the photo is so cool, on a train track, and her pose is so cute and sassy. I happen to adore script brushes and this one is sized and placed perfectly behind the photo to add visual interest and texture. The absence of a title works here, as do the little word snippets. Lovely page!


I hope you’re having a wonderful day or night wherever you are and please enjoy these standouts. Hang in there, the weekend is almost here! Happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing — April 27th

27 Apr

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a great week! Today’s picks are all about real life, its joys and simple moments, told in the varied styles of scrapbookers. We have lists, stories, emotional outpourings and lots of true life moments, and they all speak loudly. Ready? Here we go!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

fmw by Marnel

I love the colors, arrows and flow of this page! Mary has a great eye for what works. I could study her pages forever. The text on this one is worth the read! Such exciting news, told in a heart-felt and poignant way. Love the striping created with the stitched ribbons, and the placement of the buttons leading us to the photo. Fun word art and elements too. Congratulations and best wishes to all.


7 by Ernie88

What a great smile! And, a great design for this page. The story is so sweet. I love the wrapped photo mat and the mixed alpha word art. Great boy page, packed with fun elements. I can’t stop smiling looking at this one.

716 copy

pre game routine by silent ranks

I love a good list! Her subject definitely had his game face on, so I settled in to check out the list of pre-game preparation. Loved #5: “Socks and boots put on in specific order.” All that bright paper really got my attention, and it reminded me that great mixed patterns can work well as a background. The brown mat behind the photo grounded it nicely. Love that stapled, rumpled alpha for the title work.

pre-game-routine copy

Good Times by Pixie

The paper curls on this are so cool, aren’t they? I like the big bold border that the shadowed mat created, and all the cute little embellishments surrounding the photo. Great word art, and the big flowers on the mat are a nice touch.


Motherhood by Deekaa

This is just beautiful. I love the colors, delicate patterns, and the font for the title. Great crop on the photo. The text really stands out by its placement on the background, while the remaining pieces pop out on the mats. Love the word art placement on the white space of the photo. This could be framed!


5 things I love about you by Lidia Sari

Another great list page, in a completely different format. I like that this artist chose an unconventional size for her page, which created that fabulous space for the bold red asymmetrical bar of color. The list is great, and I really like how it changes position to use the space well. Great extraction, and terrific title work on this one.


I hope you enjoy today’s picks too. If you love any or all of the picks today, please click on the linked title to leave the artist some praise. Have a great week!


Finger Pointing – April 26th

27 Apr

Hello everyone! Jeanine here with my April 26th post on our king Willems birthday (the 27th)! Most of the time it is a sunny day – after all it is the end of April –  and everyone who wants to celebrate is outgoing, there are jumble sale markets, there’s music everywhere….the king visits a nice city, but this year the weather seems to spoil a lot of the fun, we had snow yesterday and the forcast for today is lots of rain, hail and maybe more snow and on top of that it will be very cold. I was working last night and google chrome went crazy on my lap, it opened only white or black pages. I managed to fix it, but it was too late to finish my post at work ;). So here we go, and it is almost starting to become a habit, I’ll try to keep it short, I do have to sleep sometime today also, I have two more nights to go :D.

Click click by zwyck I love bright and happy colors and this page is one of these eyecatchers I feel attracted to in an instant when entering the gallery! These colors call me! And taking a closer look it is a fun page too, I can see them move around with the little girl, trying to keep her on her wheels. Great use of the stitches, they blend in the picture like they have belonged there always.

zwyck oscraps

Life is an adventure by Shivani Another fun and happy page here. It is so full of movement and joy, I would love to jump along with the little girl! Love the big wired ‘Life’ and how the pictures ‘read’ like a short story. All the little elements add to the fun of this page!

shivani tlp

SSL – 11 years by Tracermajig Congrats on your 11th aniversary! And what a sweet C&S page you made! Love the simplicity here and the few colors combined with black on a mainly greyish page. The bended frame is wonderful and you look so happy together! Wonderful memories!

tracermajig desdig

Just Breathe by joyuslion I don’t know if this one was ment to be funny, but I had to laugh when I found it in the gallery. The girl here seems to be a little drunk, tipsy we say in Holland. She can still walk, but not in a straight line anymore, and her eyes have lost the coordination a little, just a little…so she just has to breathe and wait till everything is back to normal again and her evening out is just a sweet memory…I love it, even if I got it all wrong with my story.

joyuslion mischief

Purple Rain by Olenkamajka We have to remember Prince as the genius he was and this page is sweet as he was and a wonderful tribute! Love the clocks, referring to ‘Sign of the times’, a great song! And of course all the purples and the waterdrops, a true visual Purple Rain!

olenkamajka dst

Week 16_Lincoln-5-Months by Jordantozzi As much as I love colors I also love handmade watercolor patterns and words in black and/or greys. Jordantozzi made a very stylish page and I even dare to say it is a colorful page without real colors. And isn’t Lincoln a cute little boy!! I love everything of this page!

jordantozzi tlp

Well guys and girls, these were my choices! I hope you like them as much as I do. Wish you a wonderful Wednesday, I’m off to bed! :)


Finger Pointing – April 25

25 Apr

To our Australian readers, I want to wish everyone a happy ANZAC Day as we remember our military veterans and those we lost all too soon.  I know this post will go live on April 26 in Australia, but it’s still the 25th here in the United States.  I’ve been lucky enough to be here on the GSO blog a few times in the past couple of weeks – and wouldn’t you know, I’m back again!  How did that happen?!  Let’s get started with my picks from the digiland galleries for today.

I’ll let you in on a little secret – I saw this first layout in my Facebook feed and was keeping my fingers crossed that I would find it in a gallery … and I did! Zeneva’s layout, Love You, is so full of technical goodies, I knew it was bound to make a GSO list! I love the reverse impressions of the flower images against the dark background, with the newspaper print mask helping set them apart. The leaves and bird appear to be colored wires or strings, woven into an intricate pattern. Great shadowing and an awesome photo.  Love so much about this page.

Shine by AnikA has a very different feel – part photo, part art. Totally great! The photo processing is awesome (I love a great B&W high contrast photo), and the decision to split the young lady right down the middle and include text on the right-hand side is really clever. The starburst pattern behind her perfectly echoes the sentiment of the “shine bright” element.

Here’s another page where the photo just had me at “Wow!”. I find it hard to pull off an almost-full-page photo like this, but AmandaJ does it so well! The clarity of the picture in Wishes or Weeds, and the depth of field that she’s managed to achieve here are what tips it over into the standout category for me. Just a few element clusters, which are nicely shadowed, are all this page needs.

From a full-page photo to a smaller, deliberately skinny one.  Chickypow’s page, Kapow, has minimal design elements, but it packs a good amount of humor.  Adding, quite simply, Kapow – that is all, really is all that’s needed. Can’t you just picture being there while this photo was taken as a number of Batman poses were struck?

I saw a number of pages with this kit, and even from this scrapper (who did some great extractions on other layouts), but Natali1’s page Natali52 has so many design elements that I love: a black and white color palette with a pop of color, a great photo, and a really nice mix of dimension elements and paint/grunge items.

Rounding out today’s selection is another dimensional element / brush combination. Bcnatty made some great choices in her layout, Never Grow Up, by keeping the elements small. I also like the combination of the paper strips with some cut-out sections. The split title is great, too … as is the cutie in the photo.


That’s all for today. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to click on the images and leave some gallery love for these scrappers, and for others in the galleries around digiland — there’s certainly a lot to look at out there.


Finger Pointing – April 24th

24 Apr

Margje here, and I’m back with another round of Gallery Standouts for you on this wet and grey day here in my part of the world! We have May vacation in the Netherlands, but it’s going to be a cold one I think! Behind my desk it’s safe and warm and with a cappuccino in front of me , I’m ready to bring you 6 of my favorites for today!

Pennysan with her wonderful page  thank god it’s Friday! I don’t see a title but that’s one of the lines from the page! I love this bold and colorful page! Wonderful photo treatment and design! This really stands out in the gallery!


From the inside out by Tinkelbel  is a page that has something that catches you right away! Is it the light? The perfect harmony between the photo and the design and colors from the page? For me it works! The photo crop is amazing too!


Boy by Anja 77  really made me look closer! What a fantastic boy page! Very cool! That bold graffiti look is so perfect for this wonderful photo! I think the boy will love this too! Beautiful brushwork in black, that’s so powerful and looks beautiful with the colors!


March |5 by wendy85  is really a super and bright fun page! Love those faces on the fun photo’s! The design is great to look at and the colors make my heart sing! Fantastic and happy page  with awesome journaling too!

naamloos 2

St. Augustine by beckturn is a gorgeous page with the focus on that beautiful photo. And it deserves that focus! Wonderful photo treatment, light and colors! Love the retro feel! The framing and background are just spot on and perfect for this photo!


Purple Rain 2 by Cheryl B  stood out for me in the galleries too! I adore the beautiful big photo and the same photo in the 6 little frames! And that background is so great with the tilted layer! Love the text she wrote and all the added elements too! It’s totally adorable!


That was it for tonight. I hope you will find some inspiration in these pages! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look at my picks! Please, if you could spare some time, head on over and leave these talented artists and scrapbookers some love in the galleries. Take care and enjoy your Sunday whatever you may be doing. See you next time! Happy Scrapping!