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Finger Pointing – May 31

31 May

Well, folks, here we are at the end of the month and – for me at least – just a few hours to go in the day. As I looked around the galleries tonight, I stopped by a few of the forums to just peek around, and I found a common thread on a few of them: “Where did the time go this month?!”  Good question – and one I wish I had an answer to, as I’m wondering the same thing! Whether the days are flying by or simply creeping along, it seems that many of us are still finding that precious creative time each day. Let’s see what I found to share with you today.

Jelly Bean Joke by klee73010 just had me laughing so hard!  You might not think that a layout with a couple of photos of bags of jelly beans could be so entertaining, but I assure you, the journaling on this page is well worth a read. This is storytelling with a sense of humor – and is totally awesome sauce!

This next layout is beautiful for it’s simplicity and color palette. In maiagarri’s page, The Day, I love the off-center photo – that was what originally drew me into this page. However, as I looked more closely, I realized I’ve seen this kit and it’s titled “Grad,” as in graduation. Love that this scrapper (as well as others) used this kit for a page about a different topic. Nicely done.

My third layout tonight is a wonderful piece of art from a scrapper that has great style. Marleen’s page, Twiggy, is a great example of white page and minimalism. A simple frame and some messy stitches are all that’s needed on this almost pop-art-like page. I love the masking and the little hints of purple, pink and red.

By comparison, wimpychomper’s Ten Things I Love About Being Your Mommy is full of bits ‘n’ pieces! Everything is built so carefully, layer upon layer, with each speech bubble a message to the children who, rightly so, are at the center of the page.

When I look through galleries, I’m viewing page after page of thumbnails, so there are certain things that catch my eye. Photo processing is one such thing. Oldenmeade’s page Factory has a very interesting – and cool! – photo treatment. The processing on the photo reminds me of something hand-sketched and then perhaps tinted with color, maybe using color pencils. The detail that the photo retains, even with the processing (or perhaps enhanced by it) is wonderful. In contrast to the graphic artistry of the building is a great blending of masks, overlays, paint splatters and doodles. Love this.

Rounding out tonight’s picks is a photo-less layout. Cover – Lincoln by tracermajig seems perfect for a little boy who’s full of imagination and love adventure. I’m assuming this is a cover to a scrapbook (or book) for a child. I bet they will love it, just as I do!

Well, that’s it for today … and for the month of May.  See you all around digi-land next month!


Finger Pointing – May 30th

30 May

I found lots of inspiration in the galleries today. For some of us it’s a holiday weekend which may afford extra time to create. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

The shadowing on this vintage layout, 1964 by Zeneva, is perfection. The banners absolutely pop off the page. The soft palette perfectly compliments the black and white photos and the clocks reinforce her theme. Love the subtle brick background on the bottom half paired with the faded yellow floral across the top and the photo tilting out of the frame on the right edge.


The large, masked photo in Beach by Corrin placed atop the painted wood background is just darling. The addition of the three paper squares in complimentary colors, the bits of beach embellishments and the journaling on the paper strips add up to one perfect memory about her little guy and his dislike of the beach.


This white space page, Capture by jh_scraps, caught my eye in the gallery. The cute photo is perfectly enhanced by the little bits of fish and flowers and the painty leaves. The contrasting black and white in the bracket and the title are just right on this adorable layout.


2016Apr29 elegant Trojan by nancyr uses one of my favorite techniques, combining a large, masked photo offset by smaller, framed photos.  The bit of stitching and thread she added as well as the paint and simple black stroke around the edge draw the eye into the layout. The story is outstanding and I can sense the excitement felt in finding this rare pair of birds.


May Bingo No3 by zinzilah is another stunner. I think any parent can relate to her journaling which is cleverly placed to the right of the stitched borders, helping to separate it from the focal point of the photo. The rose embellishments are the perfect finishing touch.


SSL-Badwater Basin by Delisak is my final pick for today. What a gorgeous panorama and the curved edges are amazing. She used an incredible amount of embellishments like cloud brushes, which mesh seamlessly with her photo.  I hope you visit her page to read her story about Badwater Basin in Death Valley.


That completes my post for today. If you have an extra minute or two please click on the links and leave these well deserving artists some love. I hope you have a great week!



Finger Pointing – May 29th

29 May

Today’s picks are about sand scenes, cool shapes, good use of word art and great shadow work!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Beach promises by jk703

I love paint chips used on layouts! This was very effectively used to accent all the pretty sunset colors. I like the heart stamp over the scene, and the stamping on top of the paint chip made it more interesting. There is some nice, subtle shadow work on this page that really appealed to me, giving the sequin, flower, paint chip and photo a little pop.


My girl by enzam

I love this one so much I don’t know where to start! This is a hybrid page! (I love hybrid!) I can’t tell how much of this is digital and how much was cut by hand, but there’s some very interesting shadow work lifting that gorgeous border off the page that makes me think that even that part was adhered by hand. There are some adorable elements, like the diamond behind the photo, that really made the word art work. The big bold watercolor florals really make this pop. Just beautiful!


My three girls by LoriJ

The triangle effect of painting the corners with those bold colors really grabbed my attention. Since the subjects are wearing very neutral colors, the colors in the flowers really accent this beautifully. I love that circle text background paper, that’s just genius in this design. I like the simple addition of the title and date on the white space of the photo.


Worth it! by Soco

Soco is a very talented template designer in her own right, so I was surprised when I realized how well she used someone else’s template to create this cool look! These are unusual but really terrific colors and patterns to use together. Love the popped-out sticker word art and the enthusiasm of that title! I enjoyed the sentiment in the word art. The photo treatment gives this a kind of dream-like touch.


Sand Happiness by lkdavis

Such a sweet page! Love the extraction, the fade into the background, and the wonderful text. It’s a great growing up story. That script wood title alpha looks great, and I like the elements flowing from the scene.


No photos please by Nath

This is killer. That is a serious design. Love the combination of elements, the great vertical framing, and the hilarious title work. The splash of teal paint, combined with the chartreuse and gray against the kraft makes an incredible impression! I love all the free-flowing art circles and paint on this one, and the buttons tie the colors together nicely. Great use of the chevron arrow leading us into both photos. This makes me want to get out some paints (digitally!).


I hope you enjoyed today’s picks too! If so, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some love. Have a great week (and for those of us in the states, enjoy the holiday and take a moment to remember the brave people who made it possible for us to have a Memorial Day)!


Finger Pointing – May 28th

29 May

It was a day of celebration around here, celebrating the newest graduate in our extended family. I’m sure I’m not the only one attending high school or college graduations right about now. Days like these give us plenty of photos to scrap and stories to tell, family interactions and proud parent moments, big smiles and a few tears of joy.

Let’s see what I found in the digi galleries today:

A Little Crazy by Alegna


It looks like he’s busting right out of the paper! Perfect element and paper choices to go with the posed “nerdy” photo. She did a great job with the tucked bits and the danger sign. You just gotta love a great extraction!

Nemo by Myla


I love the popped out frame and the fact that it’s NOT a square or rectangle makes it so much more eye-catching! This technique with a blended background of a photo gives you a perfect backdrop for paint and artsy overlays. She achieves dimension with the frame, the perspective it creates like it’s jutting off the page and the digital gesso texture. Just from the outside I would guess that this museum would be a place I’d like to visit.

Breathe by scrappurple


Doesn’t she look like a fairy princess? The paper choices and lacy bits give the page an almost ethereal quality. I love the hints of paint on the wood background, the multiple tucked layers under the photo and that stunning floral cluster. Just a beautiful page!

May TLP Scraplift by mcurtt


An amazing mix of word art from so many different kits, she makes them work together just flawlessly. I think the photo treatment works very well with the clean graphic background, the pops of paint and all the bright colors of word art and element bits are the stars of the show. I love her positive attitude, too!

God Bless the US by ZhuLi


You can’t help but smile looking at this face! When you have a photo this good, show it off by making it BIG. Adding the paint touches in the corners and the two horizontal clusters lead the eye right onto and across the page. Bright, happy and adorable!

Nature by apottinger


I love the pages that blur the line between pocket style and traditional. She has a great eye for mixing scale of patterns and colors, gorgeous shadowing. There are plenty of unique little things on the page to look at but also room for the eye to rest with the soft color palette and open feel.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today. Head on over to the galleries to show your appreciation!





Finger Pointing – May 26th

26 May

Good day everyone! I’m here to bring you my picks for today and boy, you don’t make it easy for me! The galleries are bursting with fabulous pieces of art, so many different styles and themes and stories and use of products and all of them total inspiration. Believe me, there is so much eye candy out there so once you’ve checked my picks for today, head on over to the galleries and see for yourself!

My first pick really jumped at me from the gallery. Fifties Fever by Migueline is bang on the money. I love the vibrant colours with pops of black and the page design is terrific. I’m really showing my age here but check out the vinyl! I can hear the music with those two dudes rocking… Rock around the Clock, Jailhouse Rock, All I have to do is Dream… now believe me when I say those tunes were before my time but not by much and I do enjoy a good old classic! I like the way the flower cluster and other elements are spilling off the page while the sequin scatters give the page a carefree feel and the photo is just perfect! Absolutely love this!

Migueline Oscraps Fifties_fever_III

I love photo’s with a little attitude and together with a stunning colour combination makes Beauty by IntenseMagic my second pick for today. There’s something about a frameless photo that somehow packs an extra punch. For me, it’s the ‘less is more’ principle which I really like. The brushwork here is outstanding and I love the choice of elements that have been carefully chosen and placed just so, so not to detract attention from the photo. Again, a few scatters here and there, a butterfly and a swirl or two make this layout wonderfully fine!

IntenseMagic TLP Beauty

I’ve spotted quite a few journal/planner type posts and I’m amazed at some of the detail that goes into one of these beauties. This example is by cariilup (check out her gallery, she is showcasing a few other pages) and it brought to mind my ‘diaries’ I used to keep as a teenager. Except I used things like chocolate wrappers that my first boyfriend had given me (except he wasn’t quite my boyfriend yet at the time!), and bus tickets and stuff, and I’d write a whole host of stuff that meant so much to a 14 year old! I love the pretty paper and journaler that cariilup has used here and the little tabs, doodles and wire clip are perfect accents. Then I looked closer… I’m sure that’s a little hair clip attaching the photo… love, love, love that detail! A totally refreshing and lovely piece of art!

cariilup Scalico scraptasticclub-cariilup03_original

Love Life by Flohbock is just so stunning. The delicate pinks and pretty detail showcase the black and white photo perfectly and I love the spacing of the word art – it makes me want to slow down and take some time to consider the absolute beauty of this page, the photo and the story. Truly beautiful, sweet, tender and oh so precious!

Flohbock scrapbookcom natali_16_may_paper9demandaj120_1

I always enjoy a layout that has a kind of split design like Party Girl by Isa Marks. The plaid paper works so well with the lined paper backdrop and the black and white striped paper strips provide super contrast. The cluster housing the cute, sassy photo is beautifully proportionate and I love the addition of the slide reel and film strip. The clustered detail at the top  and the splatters, little flowers, stars and sequins all add balance to the page beautifully and I adore the title work!

Isa Marks Party Girl Gingerscraps 13260218_1037768412981656_2070983290835850399_n

My final pick for today is When you’re sick by bbe. The dark backdrop makes for a smashing dramatic effect and I love how the brush work and word art is symmetrical. The smidgings of colour add interest and depth and I swear this could be used as an emblem on a bottle of cough medicine! Just so wonderfully creative, original and totally awesome!

Brenda DD When you're sick

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks today. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed bringing them to you and if you get a chance, please click on the links of these masterpieces and leave a comment for the artists. Enjoy the weekend when it arrives, take care and keep scrapping, who knows, one of your pieces could be featured here really soon!


Finger Pointing – May 25th

25 May

Hi everyone! Jeanine here with the yummies I found in the galleries today. And there were some beauties I can tell you, it was again a hard job to narrow my picks down to six!

Smile Big by boatlady At first I thought a very extraordinary template was used here, but when I took a closer look it is a font used as a tempate for the doubled picture. I love it, it is so creative!! The background paper matches the girls shirt perfectly with the lace patterns and the colors used make this beautiful girls hair & face shine.

boatlady scrapgirls

Demons by chickypow A great C&S page I found here. The composition supports the message in a very strong way. I love the few stamps/brushes and the picture kept B&W. Wonderful!

chickypow tlp

No matter what by NBCrowabout Although I never make them myself, I love colorful AJ cards like this one and I love the message in cutout magazine letters. It’s a pity there are so view entrances in this gallery, I love to see more!

NBCrowabout mischief

2016-Week-18-Left by bestcee Seeing this pages I got a feeling, this must be a lovely and warm family to be part of, they are playing together, making fun, joking around and do serious stuff like reading stories.  I love the childs drawing and I overall love everything about this page, the scribbled frames, the background and the happy feel it gives me. Great 365 page!

bestcee tlp

Mecanical Dream by beaute Steampunk is usually not my cup of tea, but this page is an exception. This is fantasysteampunk and I love it! It is so whimsical and sweet, from another world! Love it how the boy seems to really stand in between the machinerie!

beaute oscraps

Starlight by ehtucker Aawww, how sweet is this little doggie! And how lovely are these ‘falling’ stars, flowers and stars on a string.  Love the vertical composition and the cluster of elements behind and around the picture.

ehtucker dst

I’ve come to the end of this post, I hope you like my picks. Have a great evening and see you next time!


Finger Pointing – May 24th

24 May

Hi, Patsy here choosing another round of Galley Standouts for your enjoyment.  I really enjoy browsing the galleries and choosing pages but I really don’t enjoy the paring down process.  There are so many awesome pages in the galleries that I hope after you’ve taken a look at these, you will go take a closer look at them in the gallery and leave the artist some love.  Then, I’d love it if you’d check out some of the other works in those galleries.  You’ll be happy you did.  Now down to work.

Moment Captured by wombat146 is a gorgeously grungy piece of art.  I love the dimensions she has created with the layers of brushwork, the grunge texture,  and the wordart.  This piece is a moment captured brilliantly!

Moment Captured by wombat146

I love the softness of Seattle’s Finest Houseboat Homes by helendubois.  The photo is blended beautifully into the white textured background.  The frame, brushwork, and Home element create a great focal point on the page.  I would love to live on that houseboat but having this framed on the wall might be a good substitute!

Seattle's Finest Houseboat Homes by helendubois

If you’re looking for a gorgeous “man-page”, you don’t have to look any further than Heart of a Lion by jirsev.   The choice of papers and embellishments creates a perfect backdrop for that awesome photo.  Her layers are beautiful and I love the sepia-tone of the page.

Heart of a Lion by jirsev

Speaking of beautiful art that would look great on any wall, Sunflower by Marleen is a stunning example.  The beautiful fall colors against the stark white background are exquisite.  Love the stitching and the brushwork!  And the placement of the title is perfect!  Gorgeous!

Sunflower by Marleen

Daddy and friends by ValeJules is a stunning heritage page.  I love the combination of the photo extraction and the blended photos.  Both techniques are beautifully done.  The vertical strips and transfers work perfectly in the horizontal design.

daddy and friends by ValeJules

And I love a page that documents an important moment in life.  Air War College by grandma lynnie is just such a page.  This page has the look and feel of a traditional paper layout.  I love the cluster of elements and journaling on the right side.  It is a perfect balance to the large photo.  Beautiful page for an awesome memory.

Air War College by grandma lynnie

Those are my picks for today.  I hope you are inspired by them.