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Finger Pointing – June 30

30 Jun

Hello, everyone and happy almost Friday! Katherine here with today’s round of Gallery Standouts! I’ve spent considerable time in the galleries this evening fawning over all the gorgeous art, and now it’s super late and I need to get this thing posted! LOL! I hope you enjoy the Standouts that I’ve chosen to share with you today!

I fell head over heels for the artistry in this first Standout by Marleen titled ballet. Such an outstanding display of creativity. I absolutely adore how the paint flows with the lines in the ballerina, really creates a ton of visual interest. The pops of black scattered here and there, in contrast to the muted tones in the color palette, adds to the overall visual appeal of this gorgeous masterpiece!

1 Ballet

The uniqueness in the design in this next beauty titled Ocean by margje really caught my eye when I came across it in the gallery! Absolutely ADORE how it works to continuously bring your eye right back to the focal point, that image with the spectacular sketchy photo edit! The minimalistic approach really works well here as well.


Having tremendous leanings toward monochromatic color palettes, I couldn’t help but stop and pause to spy out this next Standout by Ga_L titled Expand your horizon! Again, the minimalistic approach here works so well to keep your full focus on that super adorable image! The layout artist has done a phenomenal job with the masking and blending, and creating directional flow in the overall design! A true Standout indeed!

3 Expand your horizon

Up next I have this lovely traditional styled layout titled honestly by Corrink! Love the vertical design, and all the mix of patterns in the accent strips surrounding that fabulous image! All the black text creates the perfect complement against the softer palette, too!


I am in the process of working two school albums and when I came across this beauty by Iowan@Heart titled Back to School I just couldn’t help myself, I HAD to give it a nod! The design is absolutely spectacular! I LOVE the flow from left to right, and then back! The watercolor/painterly feel works exceptionally well with all the bolder colors in all the little details that the layout artist has included! And that black and white image is set perfectly against all the color that surrounds it! Really adore this!

2 Back to School

Rounding out my choices for today is this very striking art journaling artwork titled Lost by Tree City. Aside from how stunning this is, I can’t help but totally identify with the sentiment. With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and living it can be difficult to find the time to simply lose ourselves in in our own mind; something we all need from time to time, and some of us more than others. ;P

4 Lost

And with that it’s a wrap for me this week! I hope you’ve found inspiration in my choices this week! And for those of you who live in the USA … Happy Fourth of July! Hoping your holiday weekend is FULL of love from family, friends and FUN! Blessings to all of you! XO


Finger Pointing – June 29th

29 Jun

As I get ready for a holiday weekend here in the U.S. (and an even longer weekend due to some vacation time that I planned), I’m looking forward to cookouts, swimming, and a few days of creative time. Bliss. I just love the opportunity to do anything creative, from scrapping (well, there’s a shocker! LOL), to take photos, chatting with other scrapping friends, and then oooh’ing and aaah’ing in the galleries at all the digital goodies … and that’s where I found myself today.  I hope you like my picks for today.

Starting off today is Beach by Amber Ries. I love how Amber has blended brushes with flatter elements, and that little shell just pops out. Oh, and the horizontal stitching? Love! The photo is beautiful too, and I love the way it’s taken or cropped with the children over to one side. Oh, I wish I were at the beach seeing this kind of sunset, too.

I love participating in scrapping challenges – they’re a great way to sometimes think a little outside the box, or just simply join in on some fun and see what you come up with. In response to a challenge, Deanie’s page, Patriotic Challenge, had me laughing pretty hard with the moment she captured in her photo. This was a case of being in the right place at the right time during a parade and being able to capture one of the clowns as she sat down next to a young lady who was watching the proceedings.  How much fun does this look like?  The small tag, “Living in the Moment,” just perfectly describes the scene. The red, white and blue elements provide just enough of a hint regarding the theme of the page, but they’re not too overpowering; the photo is still the centerpiece of the layout. The layering of the frames is nicely done, especially with the photo spilling out in some places.

Photography Challenge (Summer Memories) by Ivancura is a great example of less is more. Just a few elements and two pieces of patterned paper really allow this picture to shine. Once again, I wish I were there. The journaling so perfectly captures those summer activities and the memories we make.

Pulling off a dark background with darker-colored elements can be challenging, but shunnstergirl does a great job in her layout, Wicked. As I look through galleries, sometimes I’m drawn the bold colors, patterns, or overall design.  In this page, I saw dark, dimensional, photos … and oh, I had to take a closer look! I was intrigued!  Love the purple and green color combination, which is striking against the grey and black. The white borders around each photo is a great way to help them stand out and hold their own. I bet they had fun at the show!

From dark to light – and another layout that made me smile.  Mrs. Waddle by Tamsin is quite simply all about a duck, and while that was what caught my attention at first, as I looked more closely at the page, I fell in love with the techniques being used here. The canvas texture that’s been added, combined with the brushwork and the pencil scribbles … all very different items, and yet this scrapper has found a way to make them all work so well together.  The addition of the small wordstrip, “Life is a story,” has me wondering, “Where is Mrs. Waddle heading as she walks down that garden path?”

Rounding out today’s picks is A Very Important Date by lizziet5. The white on white elements really caught my eye, tricking me into thinking this was a white-space layout, but no, there’s quite a lot of elements here, all carefully and thoughtfully layered and tucked in behind each other.  As a goal-oriented person, I applaud Lizzie and wish her well on her goal for the year to get back into her comfortable, soft jeans – good luck!!

Well, that’s all for today. I can’t believe that we’re almost in July and half the year will soon be behind us.  To those of you in the U.S. that will be celebrating the July 4 holiday – happy holiday!


Finger Pointing – June 28th

28 Jun

It seems like forever since I wrote a post and I’m chomping at the bit to get back into the swing of things.  My time in the galleries has been limited over the last few weeks so it was pure pleasure to spend the last couple of hours leisurely browsing through all the gorgeous pages.  My choices today reflect the joy in our world – the joy of a peaceful day at the beach, the joy in accomplishments, the joy that comes with having good friends, and the joy and pride in cheering our team and country to victory.

The use of white space on Beachdays by Mielz creates such a serene feeling.  The colors are perfect for the beach theme. I love the use of the dotted lines and the placement of the frame (and the thin frame is perfectly in keeping with the soft look of the page).  The watercolor word title is beautiful and beautifully placed.  The placement of the date is the perfect finishing touch.  Gorgeous, calm and peaceful page!

Beachdays by Mielz

Come to the beach  by AnnePC is another gorgeous beach themed page.  I love the look of the spill frame and the reflection is stunning!  The background paper works beautifully for blending the photo.  And how about those flowers that act like little points of light…gorgeous!    And, did I mention, that I really love photos taken from this perspective? A stunning page!Come To The Beach by AnnePc

The Sweet Life by yellowpeep makes me smile.  That photo is so sweet and takes me back to the days when I loved the monkeybars.  The horizontal frame grounds the photo cluster which is beautiful.  Love the journaling and the placement of the date.  Love this page!

The Sweet Life by yellowpeep

I love the story behind Maruma’s soccer fans page.  Nothing like a soccer game to stir up some country pride!  Awesome use of the German flag look for the background paper.  The brushwork and chevrons create a perfect background for that cute photo.  Love the finishing touches of the washi tape cluster and the ribbon/button cluster.  The large title is perfect and I love how it actually looks like a paper page with Thicker letters.  Cool page!

soccer fans by Maruma

I love, love, love the messsage of Friends by Miki.  The blending and brushwork is amazing and how cute are those waves!  The repetition of the word friends in different fonts and colors adds tremendous depth to the page.  Whimsical with a message!  Love it!

Friends by Miki

I love everything about 2015-05-10 DaltonGrad Always by scrapfor5. The journaling is amazing and so heart-felt.  The embellishments and photo mats all add a realistic look to the page.  Awesome page!

2015-05-10 DaltonGrad Always by scrapfor5

This post took a little longer than usual because of a break for dinner and because it’s amazing what you can forget in a few weeks!  I hope you enjoy and are inspired by my picks.  If so, please check them out in the gallery and leave some love for the artist.



Finger Pointing June 27th

27 Jun

It’s the best part of Monday here… after work! Looking through the online galleries definitely gives me a big boost of creativity, I always want to flip over to Photoshop afterward and make something pretty. Speaking of pretty pages, let’s get to it, shall we?

Here are just a few layouts that caught my eye tonight:

Summertime by Brigitte


I love the airiness of this page, the combination of the blended elements and paints with the realistic flowers and the notebook. The doodles behind the flower bundle echo the black color in other areas of the page and pop on that white backdrop. The vibrant orange of the flowers just makes me happy.

4 going on 14 by klee73010


Well, I think we can all say we’ve been THERE or maybe we’re headed towards it! I love the upward diagonal flow to the page, the two border bands that bring out the colors of the books in “her play spot”. I also like the way Kristina has reinforced the circle and star themes with a number of different elements and how she used the doodled bits to her advantage creating the teen vibe.

Ephesus by fruitysuet


Stunning page design! The placement of the large photo is perfect, allowing the viewer to grasp the relative size as well as providing a spot for the title in the white space. I really love the chosen elements: the bingo card and note card are neutral in color but they reinforce the theme of the page while the other element choices build on the color palette chosen. It definitely makes me want to see this place in person!

Strolling on the Beach by Marleen


This totally makes me think of South Beach! Three stylishly dressed girlfriends strolling down the sidewalk next to the beach chatting to themselves. Palm trees swaying, the sound of the ocean mixed with the honks from passersby. Truly a vivid, gorgeous layout!

This Is Where I Create by scrappy_donna


Don’t you just want to be able to walk around in this space and play? The photo treatment almost makes you think she painted the craft supplies on the shelves with that cute jar of paintbrushes. The whimsical feel of the elements and all the paint reinforces the sense of art play and creativity.

Anything Is Possibly by LRaeWoo


There’s something about a black background that immediately grabs the eye. Fabulous mix of patterns both large and small as well as grabbing hold of the bold theme and embracing it with those bright colors. I love the choice of stitching down all the photos and paper blocks to ground the page and add even more of a feminine vibe to it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks today. If you’re strolling around the digi galleries yourself, be sure to spread a little love!


Finger Pointing – June 26th

26 Jun

Hello and happy Sunday! Today’s picks are all about borders, stripes, and things falling off the side of the page. In a good way! Take a look and see if you agree that these designs are inspired.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

The Girls by KayTeaPea

I admit I have a weird fondness for chickens, so this page just jumped out of the gallery at me! I love the old fashioned feel that the farm art paper gave this, and the great title work. Very fun border with the bold black and white striped paper. And, since it’s a page about life at the grandparents’ house, this one gets a double star from me!


hello Chicago by Nixhaus

I love all of the word art on this page! Some of it is in the bold stripe overlay, so it required special placement of the photo and elements to allow that vertical word art line to be present on the page. How cool does that striped overlay look on top of the big city photo! Love the pop of yellow in the title, and the fun washi saying on the bottom of the quirky photo. This just shouts good time! And, by the way, this is a real life paper page, I love that!


Nature by lizzy257 (Lizzy Carroll)

I just loved the photos on this one. Whose kids don’t make this kind of expression in 3 out of 5 photos?! I enjoyed that she used these because it’s very real life, real kids, real photos. The balance on this is quite interesting, with the right-side focus; I found that quite appealing. Love the paint and doodled musical elements. Really, all of the elements made me study this one more carefully. There is a fun combination of the real looking with the whimsical, which always works, in my opinion.


Caleb and Cheyenne by DeLisaK

June is traditionally a month for weddings, so I was pleased to see this beautiful page honoring love and marriage in the gallery today. Love the flowery flourishes, and the effect of the framing on the happy couple. This has nice balance provided by the top right embellishment and bottom left elements bordering the photo. So sweet and romantic with the word art behind the photo.


These boys by scrappurple

That great photo just melted my heart! I love the word strips and title work. The horizontal flow of this is a great design technique, it really leads the eye across the page. Great colors, great use of shapes, and a wonderful theme. The ric rac also adds a nice leading line. I really like how the paper strips, elements and border work fall of the edges of the page. Love it.


shine so bright by mugsbigsis

Kelly’s dog photography is full of personality! I love the bright colors, the flare shining out of the page, and the block word art. So dynamic and fun! The scene is nicely filled out with the added flowers and the loopy line works well to lead the eye across the page. The way the photos extend off the green mat onto the edge is a very clever design, making your eyes really take in the whole page. This page totally made me smile.


Weren’t those great designs?! If you loved today’s picks as much as I did, please click on the linked titles and leave the artists some much-deserved love. Have a great week!



Finger Pointing – June 25

25 Jun

Hi Everyone!  This is a little strange for me, posting on a weekend.  Normally, I’m looking through galleries when I have a few minutes here and there during the day, and then prepping my blog post in the evening. Today is fun!  I’ve got hours – yes, hours! – to look all over digiland to see what catches my eye.  I think my husband is starting to wonder if my butt will leave my computer chair at all. What can I say? There’s a lot to look at over a weekend!  Let’s get started, shall we?

Favorite Things by ArmyGrl is a wonderful blend of artistic elements with a little haphazardness. The masking behind the photos helps serve as a way to ground everything, and the addition of the messy stitches and teeny tiny buttons and flowers are just enough embellishments without being overpowering. I love the vertical feel of the page, with everything pushed to the right of the paper – and adding the song lyrics from The Sound of Music are just perfect for a layout about her favorite things.

In this next page, Moment by GianeDesigns, what caught my attention was the photo cropping, the two tall, skinny pictures. However, as I looked more closely, I discovered all of the elements that had been layered to create the background – doodles, paint, stitching. Good choice on the black and white photo processing, too, as that allowes the pictures to stand out and hold their own against the rest of the page.

I love a big, bold color palette, but sometimes sticking to a simpler color scheme can be really effective. King of Flowers by christellevandyk is a great example of this. A red/green complementary color palette can be really effective, and as we see here, it doesn’t have to scream Christmas, for example. A softer green and a pink pick up the colors in the photo, which is also gorgeous. The addition of the brushes around the edges is a nice touch, and I love the curves and cutouts on the page – a great way to add more visual interest.

Looking at my picks thus far, I just realized I’ve been in a pinkish mood. But this next page is a bold change!  That Boy Thing by dodiegonzales is so full of fun, just perfect for the young man in her photo (and look how proud he is of that dinosaur book!).  I love the blending of the scatters, the sporting elements, the paints, and even the vertical stitching on the edges. The text path for the journaling is unusual and a great way to frame the elements … and see the little dinosaur peeking out? Very cute!

I am often challenged by photoless layouts, so when I found Passport to … by KingsQueen82, I just had to include it today. If you read the journaling around the edges of the pages, you’ll see that this scrapper is part of the military family, so there’s quite a bit of moving. I grew up in a military family and then married into one, so I know how that feels, trying to get settled, and then moving every couple of years — and the uncertainty and upheaval that comes with a move. However, this scrapper is also celebrating the journey and embracing each and every step that comes with moving to a new location. I love the symbolism of the question mark in the center of the page, not knowing where her next port of call may be.

Rounding out today’s picks is a two-page layout from isDK titled Biscuit Basin. The texture and layers added to the left of this page are just stunning. I love, also, how the photo frames were used for the sky in the photo, allowing the main part of the picture to be highlighted in the masking – great choice! If you look at the credits for this layout, you’ll see that 11 – yes, 11! – kits were used. This scrapper has done and awesome job of making everything just look seamless.  Beautiful.

Well, that’s my picks for today – hope you like them as much as I do. Until next time … happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing-June 23rd

23 Jun

Hello everyone! This is Jana and I’m having quite a lazy summer afternoon today. I’ve had lots of time to browse through the galleries for today’s standouts! I can tell lots of people must be on vacation and are taking  tons of photos. There were so many layouts to choose from. Let’s take a look!

Horatio’s Wall by Shannamay

This is an amazing page in so many ways and I absolutely can’t take my eyes off of it! How lucky was  Shannamay (Sharon) to actually get to watch an artist up close and personal painting on a wall. Graffiti like this is incredibly creative. The photos are just wonderful and I love how Sharon extended the painter’s artwork onto the white wall background. Fabulous! I also like the watercolor splatters and the layers of textures she created. The simple journaling is all that was needed here. I’m so glad she shared this with us!


beachy by stormchaser

I love beach pages and this one is simply gorgeous. The vertical photo design along with the vertical borders are very eye pleasing. I think the striped canvas background is striking and the neutral colors are perfect with the sand in the photos. I’m also attracted to this page because it really isn’t the typical beachy/watery type. Not that I don’t like those, too, because I do. But this has such a different feel to it and I just love it. The clusters and pastel colors are beautiful accents and so are the teal chevrons.


love Is by zlemon

Wow! This one really grabbed my eyes in the gallery! What a glorious full-page photo layout and that red poppy is spectacular! I love the painterly look of this one and I think the blending is gorgeous. The black scribbles and title quote really help to ground the focal point. I like how the  artsy flowers and paint splats across the bottom make this a very cohesive page.


Bodnant Garden 1 by pushka

Here’s another gorgeous page using just one large photo. There’s something magical about this one! The photo and lighting are remarkable! I feel as if I could just walk right under that amazing canopy of trees and how I would love to do just that. Photographing  people from behind, is always very inviting and effective. The block journaling and brightly colored title are well done.


Refresh by pamr

Maybe because I’m in summer mode and having a lazy day, but this layout is totally fun and makes me want to grab a glass of lemonade myself! The one-word title is perfect and I love all of the watercolor brush work and textures on this page! Great crinkled paper and stitched border. Yummy colors; I’m a huge fan of teal and yellow together. The pitcher of lemonade and the glass with the straw, the lemon and the sunflower… it all!


Sedona by Scrapmemories

Gorgeous photos of such a beautiful place in Arizona! I love the three frames nestled together in a vertical design with the sweet little flowers and buttons clustered around them. The earthy colors with the pops of purple on this page work beautifully together. This is truly a well-balanced page and is also very striking. Makes me want to go to Sedona too!


That’s it for today. I hope you enjoy my picks as much as I did! Happy scrapping and see you next month.