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Finger Pointing – July 31st

31 Jul

July 31st? Where on earth is this year going to? It’s crazy how time flies and I think when you’re a recorder of stories and memories, the speed at which time passes appears to be much more acute! Only the other day, I found a picture of my youngest daughter that I wanted to scrap. It was when I came to enter the date of the photo on my layout that I discovered the photo was from 10 years ago! OK, I knew she was still at school but you could have knocked me down with a feather that it was so long ago! That’s what I love about documenting our lives – that the stories are captured forever, regardless that my daughter is going to be 26 years old this year and married! Here are some fine examples of layouts that the creators and their families will enjoy looking back on in years to come.

Our New House by tam65 showcases a neat series of photo’s that document one of life’s milestones. I love the simple design with the twirls and paint spots and all that glorious white space leaves lots of room for the manoeuvre of the subject! A lovely airy page and I hope the occupants will be very happy in their new location!

tam65 TLP Our New House Untitled-1

I always find it interesting to see how different artists make use of patterned paper on their layouts. The angles of the patterned paper on Your Vibe by emmasmommy add an unusual twist and the delicate pattern of each piece works so well as a backdrop to all those lovely layers. The casual paint and brush work adds to the playful feel of this page and I like that the slide frame housing the image really allows the photo to stand out against the detail on the page. A great composition!

emmasmommy Sweet shoppe your-vibe-web

Staying with a playful feel, Laugh and Play by KayTeaPea has me a little bit dizzy but in a good way! The photo, anchored perfectly with the chunky pieces of patterned paper, is a great capture and I love how the backdrop of the page continues with the connotation of the roundabout. The little clusters top and bottom, together with the paint splatter to the left create the visual triangle that carries the eye over the page and down to the perfectly placed journaling – again anchoring the page as a whole. A super, fun page!

KayTeaPea Laugh and Play TLP page 5 web-2016-07-29-laugh-and-play

True North by raquel is another example of a beautifully balanced page with all elements emanating from the beautiful photo. I love how the design appears from top left to bottom right, the title work appearing to cup everything that the artist holds dear and the journal strips finish off this masterpiece perfectly. So beautiful!

raquel SCalico truenorth_1200-layout_original

The thumbnail in the gallery of my next choice drew me in immediately with the natural, teal, pink and peach colour combination. On further inspection of Hit the Books by HeyJude , I was intrigued by the layers of gorgeous goodies displayed in such a casual way that they add so much interest and have my eyes scanning all the detail! I love the grungy edges and backdrop, oh and the crop of the photo is perfect!

HeyJude Sweet shoppe Hit-the-Books-WM

My last pick for today is Along the Canal by Ordazd. I love how the photo effortlessly blends with the paint work and masking while the watery spots and perfectly chosen brush work compliment the mood of the page. Finished off with the understated title and vintage text, this is a gorgeous piece of art!

Kit: Timeless from Scraps N Pieces by Lori & Heidi FotoInspired Edge Templates No 6A & 6B from Anna Aspnes Designs Camera FotoBlendz No 1 from Anna Aspnes Designs

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today and, if you have a moment or two, please click on the layout links and leave a comment or two for the artists. Till next time, have a super August, take care and happy crafting!


Finger Pointing — July 30th

30 Jul

Hello and happy Saturday! Today’s picks are all about text, title work and photos that evoke a strong, positive reaction. And these posts further my suspicion that you can never go wrong with newsprint, whimsical elements and a nice paint spill.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

01 by nibylandia

I’m always looking for unique perspectives on tourist attractions. This one of the Krakow Zoo just popped out at me with a big WOW! I love the artsy paint touches, particularly the slide reel. The bird photo extraction with the painted bird behind it is extraordinary. The foliage and feather sprig accent is just the perfect element to tie it all together. I like the simple addition of the notebook page to identify the location, and the stitched triangles top and bottom help lead the eye through the page and are just a cool touch anyway. Well done.


working men by pixelyyy

This page appealed to me for a lot of reasons. The colors are great, and the text background paper totally worked here. I like the journaling on the tags. I like the kraft elements offsetting the green. The thing that really got my attention was that this is a story about brothers and family and growing up and the shift in dynamics as kids get older and get jobs, and yes I did get all that from just one glance, with a little help from the comments! Which I think speaks to the artist’s ability to convey the emotion of the moment captured.


The Edge by jk703

She had me with the title. And then I read the text. As any mother of sons knows, there is this moment when your child is on the precipice of adolescence and you want to hang on just a little longer to that little boy, but you know it’s time to let him grow up. This artist captured the feeling of this moment so well that I literally had a visceral reaction. A must read. Love the tonal quality to this, the great photo and the not over-done embellishment with the smattering of newsprint confetti. That background wood paper made a nice segue to the beach-front photo. Fun way to journal around the photo too.


Love Life by Ona (wombat146)

Isn’t this one delightful? That watercolor background leading into the large black and white photo is just amazing. I love the use of the circles leading us across and down the page, and the word strips. The paper flowers and heart are fun, whimsical touches. This page has great energy.


Prague Trdelnik by knclark

I enjoyed the story of this strawberry treat that the artist discovered in Prague (although now I’d like one and it’s kind of a long way to go to see if it lives up to its reputation here!). The paint swath made a nice dreamy background (great imagery combined with the translated title) against the newsprint. I like the whimsical hearts and the asymmetrical filmstrip. It all came together nicely to make a special travel page.


Summer heat by KimR

This page just radiates summer. I love the muted tones of the photo repeated in the elements. Great use of depth on this page, built out from the sun flare base to the torn photo frame topped with the flower and leaves. The edging at the bottom is a nice touch to lead us to the bottom of the page. Just beautiful!


That’s it for this summer Saturday! I hope you all enjoyed today’s picks too. If so, please take a moment and click on the linked title to leave the artist some well-deserved praise. Have a great weekend!


Finger Pointing-July 29th

29 Jul

Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe this is the last weekend in July, already? How is that even possible? I’ve been creating some new things today and now I’m taking a break to bring you some inspiration from the galleries. I hope this will give you a jump start to a fabulous weekend and to some creating of your own. Ready, set, go!

My first pick today is Love These Photos by myssp. There are so many gorgeous layers in this composition. The photos are adorable and the different viewpoints of them are really eye catching. Notice the mix of frames as well and each one has a little bit of added charm with a camera, a pin and a stapled bow. Love that! The cluster at the bottom tied in with the title is beautifully done and all of the colors, patterns and brush work on the background are nothing short of fabulous! This page totally warms my heart.


Breakfast by Barbara Houston is a beautiful example of how our scrapbooking preserves memories that we cherish. The journaling tells the story of how she and this young girl made breakfast muffins last summer, whilst laughing and talking together. Then they enjoyed eating them together on her patio. Doesn’t that sound delightful? Not only does the reader get to drool over these muffin photos, but the recipe is included! Yum! The black and white photo along with the color photos are visually very effective and I adore all the brush work, straight from the kitchen.


My next pick, Life is Beautiful by ibrtychic, has some yummy summer colors and brush work. I always enjoy chevrons and these large ones really draw your eye into to horizontal row of photos.There’s also a distinct drop shadow that certainly gives some dimension between the solid paper and the chevrons. Her journaling is very heartfelt and her selfies are wonderful. I know a lot of people will relate to her story. The title and the flowers complete this charming page.


Did I mention this was the last weekend in July? I can’t think of a better way to welcome in the new month than with this gorgeous layout, august by Celeste. The Polaroid photo and treatment reminds me of the last days of summer at the beach, with its silhouette against the sunset. Great title work, which is stitched onto a cool mat with circle cutouts, and I love all the drippy goodness of the paints on the white background. She scattered the perfect elements around the photo and at the top of the page to complete this layout. The black and white patterned paper that frames this page is very striking as well. Yep, August is only a few days away.


My next pick is Brobotics by Kiana and it’s really a cute one!  That little guy looks so happy and I like the double framing of his photo. This page has a great mix of “all boy” elements along with a few flowers too. Those big circle gears behind the photo really make this pop and so do the paint splats against that newsprint background.  I can just picture him playing with robots and all kinds of fun toys!


Last, but not least, is this awesome red, white and blue page by wsprite. Create Drama with Angles  is a stunning page created with diagonal lines to celebrate this amazing F-18 at an air show she attended. Just look at that super shot and I love the ripped frame. The bold word art on the striped paper is a great way to draw the eye in and I adore the little stars tag and flair. Chevrons, stars, stripes and arrows…..all perfectly placed on this page. Very cool!


I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get to make some memories of your own. Peruse through the galleries and look for even more inspiration and try to leave some love for these talented artists. Happy scrapping everyone!


Finger Pointing – July 28

28 Jul

Ever  have “one of those days” where technology just doesn’t seem to cooperate? Uh-huh [nodding]. Have no idea what’s going on tonight, but my internet connection is very patchy. Of course, it’s right at the time when I want to look through the galleries and share my picks to for today with you! Murphy’s Law. Good news is that I managed to check out quite a few places tonight and have some great layouts to share, so let’s get started!

Hey There from yellowpeep just screamed “Pick me!” with it’s awesome large photo! The processing is gorgeous, and I love the vintage action or filter that’s been added to the smaller picture, as well. Just a few elements added to the page really allows the children to stand out as they stare into the camera. Little Red Riding Hood and her wolf are just too cute.

AnnePC is a scrapper who really knows how to use white space on her layouts, and Boy, Oh Boy is no exception.  Although the photos here are placed in a scattered fashion, and the tag on the side is on an angle, I’m quite sure that there was a lot of thought and deliberate placement of the pieces here. That kind of effortless-looking page is not always easy to pull off, but Anne does it so well.  I love the tiny gear wheels behind the photos, too. I wonder what mischief these two get up to … ?

For me, great memory-keeping records those moments that stand out in our lives – and the birth of a baby is just one of those. The softness and tenderness of Lizziet5’s page, One Moment, just drew me in right away. The way the picture is clipped to the paint brushes just allows it to blend away, bleeding in front of and behind the photo frame.  The doodle with the teeny tiny hearts are so touching and perfectly scaled for the subject matter.

This next page is also one with an all-encompassing photo, but it’s been treated in such a way that it really looks like a piece of art!  NAdams’  take on a color challenge is stunning.  Bright, colorful, and very artistic. A great example of pushing that digital envelope to take something from everyday life and turning it into a piece of art. Who knew kiwi fruit could be so cool!?

By The Shore by Kayleigh has so many wonderful elements layered in and around the photos, and I found myself looking at each and every piece. I was also intrigued by the fact that the overall design has been pushed a little over to the left of the page (vs. being down the center, for example). The shadowing is great, too, with it being just enough to show dimension with the elements, but not so much that everything “floats.” Love all the “white” (okay, so it’s really sort of black) space and framing on the bottom photo.

Rounding out today’s picks is To Be Lost by Janedee.  Jane’s incorporated her vacation photo (I want to go there!) and framed it twice, once inside the literal frame, and then again by blending the photo into the background papers. A great technique to help highlight a specific portion of a photo. There’s so much blending and layering here of brushes – I love it!

Well, my internet connection seemed to have held up okay, but I’m not going to chance it! Enjoy your creative time and don’t forget to leave some love for scrappers as you tour the galleries.


Finger Pointing – July 27th

27 Jul

I’m always excited to have a reason to wander through the galleries and I continue to be amazed at the talent I find there. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

I’m often attracted to a pet page and Missing You by Chaos Lounge is a gorgeous example. This touches my heart, possibly because I also lost my sweet girl earlier this year. The blended background overlaid with text and paint creates a somber appearance perfect for the subject. The large cluster and stitching down the side of the photo are lovely touches and the birds looking up at the photo finish things off in just the right way.


I love this hybrid card, Happy Thoughts by livelys.  The blue and white are so crisp and clean and the square format is unique to a greeting card. I like how she popped up some of the circles and added the gems for a little sparkle. I agree that this card would give the recipient lots of happy thoughts.


I’ve seen quite a few pages recently documenting hobbies and I enjoyed reading about her other hobby, crochet, in Creative Therapy by AmandaJ. I don’t know about you but banishing the crazies is high on my list. The angled text is very creative and is a perfect foil for her vertical title. The repetition of the circular elements in both the stitched down papers and word art is an awesome design touch. Finally the bits of elements clustered on top and the paint behind reinforce her theme.


What a gorgeous artsy page, When We Were Young by irishgull. Restricting the palette to black and white is a fantastic idea and this page has an incredible amount of texture because of the addition of the gesso and lace. The angled framing of the small photo is ingenious. The small cluster, including the word “us”, is a great addition and in no way detracts from the focus of the page.


I couldn’t pass up this creation, Reason Why by Jana_NJ. There’s so much going on in this page yet it all comes together seamlessly. It looks like a painting to me.  Showing only one side of the subject is inspired. I love the repetition of the butterfly in the brush and on the eye of subject. The paint and type make for an effective background and both the title and subtitle underline the topic of her page.


I’ll finish things off with a somewhat more traditional page, Aloha 2000 by Iowan. I’m amazed at how she managed to incorporate so many of the kit items into her page yet it remains clean and uncluttered. Placing the title atop the banner is a great touch and I love the cluster along the top using the torn tag as a base. The backdrop of paper blends and scribbles highlights the cute photos. Finally placing her journaling on top of the paint splat allows it to be read easily.

Aloha 2000

I hope you have enjoyed these projects as much as I have. It would be great if you would take the time to click on the layout titles and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week!


Finger Pointing-July 25th

25 Jul

Hello everyone! I’m really glad to be in my air-conditioned house right now. We have had very hot and humid weather here, accompanied by storms that knocked out our power for 13 hours the other day. I found some awesome layouts in the galleries to share with you. Let’s get started with today’s Gallery Standouts. Enjoy!

a little art fun by b2halter is absolutely gorgeous! I love the framed photo wrapped in a ribbon and adorned with the scatter of butterflies and little hanging tag! The sketch photo with the color photo paper clipped to it, has such an effective visual impact. That quote…..oh yeah, it’s wonderful! The ripped paper strip, the brush work and the stapled paper edge all add to the beautiful artistry here. Fabulous standout!


If you have ever tried to photograph hummingbirds, you know how difficult it is. But take a look at these amazing photos by jcaruth910. Hey Gorgeous! is just that…gorgeous! She really captured their brilliant colors and details. I love hummingbirds and enjoy watching them in our backyard too. I love the way she framed these shots with all of the little accents she used, including the dictionary page in the middle. The watercolor splatters and loops add a nice touch as well. Stellar standout!


This next layout blows my mind away! Dancing with the stars by TrishD is beyond awesome, don’t you think! First of all, the extraction of the girl, seemingly jumping out of the frame, is extraordinary. The teal and purple colors are gorgeous and all of the brush work gives a lot of energy to this page. Love the stars, the glass pebbles and the beautiful title and font. Fantastic standout!


High Five by michelepixels is really a bright and fun page! I love the photo treatment because you can see some light coming through the silhouette and it also has a slight sketch effect to it. It’s also nice to see the actual photo that was used. Great title and all of the gold stars are wonderful against the blue “sky” background. Awesome standout!


Now wait for it…..and unbelievable layout! Overflow by Audraj is incredibly dramatic.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it. The image in the eye and the images she used to create the eyelashes, eyebrows and the overflow of tears are beautifully artistic. I truly love every pixel on this one! Brilliant standout!


To conclude my picks for today is this beautiful layout by lkdavis. Peonies are always a favorite summertime flower and these pink ones are gorgeous! I think the extraction layered above the watercolor photo is visually wonderful. I would frame this one for sure! I love her blending and the beautiful font on the title. The scribbly black threads and the black splats are perfect accents. If you’re interested, she has a tutorial on how she designed this page. Check it out in her gallery. Gorgeous standout!


I could go on and on with choosing layouts to inspire you today. The galleries are loaded with awesomeness! But I’ll stop here for now and hope you will leave some love for these artists by clicking on the links I included. Have a wonderful, creative week and see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – July 24th

24 Jul

Hello all! I hope you are enjoying wonderful weather like we’re having here in the Netherlands! It is so welcome after all the rain we had! A lot of people have their vacation now so I’m happy that the sun is shining. I still am busy, but now in my own house! We had to sell some furniture from a family member but the sales went not so well so we decided to keep some for our own house, and when you start with changing things in your house you never know where it will end! We will end up buying some new things to fit the things we replaced (LOL). Now I’m happy to sit and browse the galleries for some awesomeness! So let’s see what I found us for today!

Let’s start and : Hand over the coffee! by cinna

What a beautiful page about the drink that most of us can’t do without! I love the repetition of the photo(‘s). So striking above that beautiful background she made! I love the brushwork here, and everything she added! It all goes very beautiful together!


Then I’m sure you :  Get Happy by fruitysuet

I really love how she used those bold prints! Beautiful chunky strips and layering. The colors are so warm and bright that I really get a happy feeling as the title suggest! The background and photo blending is awesome too! Everything matches! A real beauty of a page!

2016 Manifesto by Little Butterfly Wings Template by Pink Reptile Designs for the july 2016 template challenge at The Lilypad

And I can understand that: I will love you forever by Tamsin

So very cute and adorable! Love that it is in black and white with a hint of color! I love the design and cluster work, the white space and the play with light over the photo! Really very well done!


And we all have to: Just Be by Tinkelbel

A wonderful composition! Love that blended photo and how it comes alive in her design! The colors are spot on! The messy threads behind the frame look great, and I just love that laced backgroundpaper, it gives this cool page some softness. The quote and advice is a reminder for all of us!


Let’s continue with:  Soft Sepia Layers by Oldenmeade

What a darling sepia photo from behind! And what an awesome heritage page this is! The sepia with the soft pink and the dark edging look awesome together! Great layering and use of elements too! I so love it all! So precious!


And then last but not least: My Daydream by zlemon

Well I can sure live by that wonderful daydream of her! She illustrated it perfectly! I love the colors and the artsy look of it! Great background she made as well! I sure want to go (with that unlimited budget of course)


I have come to the end of my tour. Hope you like what I highlighted here too! Give some love to the artists if you have some time!
Enjoy all there is in the galleries and I hope to see you there soon! Have a wonderful rest of the week! And happy scrapping! See you next time!