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Finger Pointing – September 30th

30 Sep

Can it really be the end of September already? Just three months until the end of this year? It’s madness, I tell you! And I believe Digital Scrapbooking Day has been brought forward a month which means… it’s tomorrow! Yes people, there will be all kinds of DSD sales, challenges and, I think, general fun to be had across the scrapbooking community so it’s likely to be a lively weekend for you all! But before you head off and check out what’s going down during the next day or so, take a look at some of the gems I’ve found in the galleries today.

I have a soft spot for monochrome pages, particularly those with just a dash of colour and I love the comparison on Biancka’s Throughout the Years layout. The mix of frames make for an interesting photo cluster and I like the balance of the word art on the top left and bottom right photo’s. Exquisitely decorated, the understated floral clusters and butterflies add a softness so fitting to a predominantly masculine page. A lovely capture of moments in time of a child’s life and so delightful!


All too often in my own scrapping, I find myself in a creative slump desperately wishing I could think outside the creative box for a change. I also spend a fair amount of time wrestling with my desire to keep things neat and classic and linear (and I meant this painstakingly so!) while another part of me wants to throw caution to the wind and JUST DO. It’s so refreshing therefore when I come across something a little different (ok, a lot different!) to my own style and Good Day by steffinchenb had me glued to the unusual detail. I love the unique selection and placement of the elements that make up this hybrid work of art and how each piece compliments the project in it’s entirety while still maintaining it’s own individuality. An awesome layout!


On her Now and Then page, Anny-Libelle has used a super combination of beautiful brushwork and coordinating elements to provide the perfect cushion for her photo. The gorgeous autumnal colours give the page a warm, late Summer, boho look and the grungy worn backdrop and stamped stitched border, with button detail, adds to this look. Balance is expertly achieved by the black brushwork, the word strip and the large title work and I love the addition of the little mosaic heart! A treasure, for sure!


Anyone who has kids living away from home will probably identify with documenting text messages, emails, etc. In fact, it’s one of my favourite ways of recording our lives in the present day. Goodness, I even stalk our kids on social media for their photo’s because, you know, a Mama’s gotta do what a Mama’s gotta do! Flex Selfie by Wendymck is a perfect example of how an ordinary, everyday message can be captured, perfectly and succinctly, for the record. I like that the photo frame is mirrored with the stamped selfie badge and the worn and scratched backdrop adds super texture while the flair adds to the fun element of the page. Terrific!


When I first saw This is Me by legal_memories I instantly thought wow. Just wow. You know why? Because although as a scrapper I document every aspect of our lives, our loved ones and our ups and downs, very, very rarely do I document me. Just me. My picture, my thoughts, my wishes, my hopes, my dreams. I love the simplicity of this, the documentation is a snapshot of the here and now and how lovely for future generations and family to look back on this and know actual facts. I am truly inspired to do this for myself – and my family – because it’s simply priceless!


My last pick for today is Once upon a Time by Oldenmeade. The night sky of the photo is in perfect contrast to the dark backdrop while the fabulous composition of the layout and the white frame that draws the viewers eye into the photo makes this totally captivating. A pretty mix of brushwork, delicate florals, scatters, scribbles and that gorgeous watercolour heart makes for a fairy tale. Utterly enchanting!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today. If you have a moment, please head on over to the galleries and leave a comment or two for the artists. Have a great weekend everyone and for those taking part in any DSD activities, enjoy! Till next time, take care and happy crafting! Bye bye!


Finger Pointing – September 29th

29 Sep

Now that the storms are over for a while (I hope), I can get down to the business of sharing my gallery favorites for today.  The picks today include a cute hybrid project, a sweet back to school page and a very cool page using digital techniques.

Here We Come by connieg is a fabulous back to school page.  I absolutely love the use of the notebook paper for the background (and how cute is the placement of the date)!  The vertical orientation of the composition leads our eyes through the words, elements, and journaling with a quick stop at that adorable title.  And how darling are those photos!  A wonderful “memory in the making” page!


In her page AnnaLIFT 9/24/16-9/30/16, myssp has masterfully included multiple photos from a senior photo shoot.  I love the variety of photo treatments she’s included – blended photo, framed photo, and split photo.  The three burlap strips with the wordart create a perfect triangle that points to the one photo while framing the others.  Awesome composition!


I love playing with different technqiues in photoshop and it looks like ziemon does too.  Believe it or not, according to ziemon, the original photo she used in her Lion Art  page showed a tan-colored lion against light grey bricks.  To create this stunning – and colorful – piece she created a custom background and then used a variety of layers, blending modes and filters to create the different colorings in each brick.  She’s created a stunning work of art and a wonderful inspiration piece.


I first saw t_jk_p by hkati on my Facebook feed and was immediately drawn to it.  The beautiful photo treatment, gorgeous blending, and perfect placement of brushwork create a stunning piece of art.  I love how she’s used borders on the edge to keep our focus on the photo.  A beautiful piece of art that would look gorgeous framed and hung on any wall!


I love the look that bekfek has achieved in her page Everlasting Love.  I love the use of a large blended photo as a background with more traditional element clusters “framing” it.  The combination of font and alpha for the title is a perfect match for the combination artsy/traditional look of the page.  The white photo frame is the perfect addition to draw your attention to the focal point of the photo.  Gorgeous page!


And finally we have a hybrid project.  I LOVE school/office supplies and I love seeing artists use their digital stash to personalize those items.    The hybrid notebook cover by mimisgirl is just such a project!  I, for one, would love t0 use that cute notebook!


I hope you’ve enjoyed spending some time discovering my gallery standouts for today.  Please go check them out closer – it’s easy to do – just click on either the title or the image and you’ll be taken to the project/page in the gallery.  And, while you’re there, why not enjoy yourself a little longer and check out some of the other awesome art in the gallery.


Finger Pointing – September 28th

28 Sep

Hello everyone! After a pretty lazy day, making some phonecalls, shop for groceries, cooking a meal for me, my youngest son and a friend, watching TV (the news, House and CSI) it finally was time to dive into the galleries to find you some inspiration and eye candy and boy did I find some beautiful pages! Basically they are about heading to fall and the cosy time ahead of us. About being more inside and attending hobbies we mostly don’t practice in the summer. Let’s see what I’ve got for you!

Keep It Simple by Vrielinkie One of the hobby pages is this one by Vrielinkie, she is cross stitching! It brought back memories because I used to do that long time ago when my boys were still toddlers. I love how she kept the page simple and used it as a title too. Love all the little details that hold the frames and still keep the page pretty clean. Beautiful!


September by beaute Ahhhh, this is so gorgeous! Love all the lovely yellows and the paint dabs and strokes. Wonderful fall wordart supports the elements, picture and paint. A great artsy page, a favorite!


Halloween by Sokee From the moment her daughters left home Sokee sends them every week a card and this week she started making Halloween cards as the girls love Halloween very much. Isn’t that a great way to stay connected to your children and a great hobby too? Sending them cards every week! I love it! And I love how these cards turned out, I’m sure the girls will love them! Great hybrid project!


What Do You See by Miki Ohhh, another wonderful artsy fall page! Love the colors here and the picture makes me very curious of what they are looking at. The blending is great, the colors almost seem to be a part of the persons. I love this one too!!!


Sunflower Fields by katie pertiet I love sunflowers and although they bloom in summer over here in Holland, maybe they bloom in the fall where Katie is. Great pictures and I adore the drawn sunflowers in the background! They are gorgeous!! The wordart in circles support the shape of the sunflowers perfectly well!


Peace by AnikA68 I finish with this amazing page wich has a great message and wish for us all, ‘Let us have peace!’ Yes, I want peace too, although I believe we will never have peace everywhere. There will always be war somewhere on our earth, because not all people can let it be and live a peaceful life. Unfortunately. But nevertheless AnikA did a great job on this page blending the picture perfect with the papers and stamps and focus on the peace sign.


These were my picks for today! I hope you like them and as always I ask you to leave some love for the artists if you visit the galleries. Have a great Thursday!


Finger Pointing – September 27th

27 Sep

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It’s a big week for our digital scrapbooking community… DSD (Digital Scrapbook Day) is Saturday which means that all of your favorite designers will be releasing products just destined to make their way into your online shopping carts and then translated using your photos and stories onto gorgeous scrapbook pages next week. Well, it’s either that or we just love to shop and chat and play games with our digi friends ;)

Back to Tuesday, let’s see what I found in the galleries tonight:

My Little Corner by helenedubois


This makes you feel like you could just step right out onto that patio and enjoy the view, doesn’t it? I love the subtle blending, how the photo spills out of the stitched frame, the echoes of orange in the overlays. There is only one word on the page but it sums it up just perfectly. Lovely!

July First River Trip by jencrook


Great mix of detail and big picture photos. I’m particularly partial to the feet photos, we do those in my family, too. I like how she echoed the sunburst paper with the directionality in the main photo. I also like the titlework and how it brings the eye across the page. Really cute layout!

Mollie’s First Meet by KayTeaPea


This page design works so perfectly with the subject matter. The extended rectangles make it feel big and tall like their outstretched arms. Great side to side flow as well as diagonal with the repeated dark blue and gold colors. It also feels really balanced with plenty of open space along with the visual weight of the story.

Warrior by Chloe


Sometimes a page where the journaling is not in your native language becomes even more intriguing, you guess and wonder trying to infer the story from the imagery they’ve created with the elements and photos. I love how the journaling and photo become softer when layered together and how that contrasts with the layout’s focus on strength. And the shadowing on those butterflies is divine!

Live Life In Full Bloom by immaculeah


Holy clustering, Batman! Yes, a thousand times, yes! I love how the page design feels like branches and blooms on a flowering tree. Beautiful color choices, a nice mixture of pastel with some deeper shades. I wanna grow up and cluster like this!

Sunshine by Tracermajig


I love that she scrapped a silly phone photo! How many of those do we take a day? But will we remember THIS day, THIS silly story?… not unless we do something to make ourselves remember. Her days won’t always be filled with mayhem and mischief, I’m glad she’s enjoying every minute of it. Pretty page design with the sub-titles making it feel very symmetrical. I love all the little layers both underneath and on top of the photo. This sunshine yellow really makes the page pop!

I hope you’ve been inspired tonight! With Digital Scrapbooking Day headed our way this weekend, the online galleries are sure to be filled to the brim with amazing pages so check back here for more picks!


Finger Pointing-September 26th

26 Sep

Greetings on this last Monday of September! We are having really cool weather and it truly feels like fall now. Love it! I have six brand new layouts to share with you, so without further ado, let’s get started.

Love Beeing with You by Trish_1


What a fabulous layout featuring those flying insects! The blended background beautifully sets the stage for the these bees and the butterfly! The greenery on the sides gives such a realistic feel to the outdoors here. Great textures, great layers and clever title with the bee inserted as part of the title. Wonderful nature page!

KADEN by bessiesue581


Fantastic page featuring bessiesue581’s (Lindsay) son and his accomplishment! The full-page photo blended in the background has the perfect amount of white space for all of the awesome word art! Love how she told the story through all of these lines of text! The format and spacing is right on! The smaller photo, masked in the circle with the loops, is a nice close-up and he certainly looks proud holding his ribbon. Great page!

Songe d’automne by etoiledunjour


How adorable is this little Harry Potter! His costume, the magic wand and his glasses are perfect accessories! The half-page photo is wonderful and the smaller one in the circle is a nice compliment to it. The vertical clustering from the top to the bottom is fantastic, as well as are all of the elements! They are beautifully placed and weave such a magical tapestry for the viewer. I love the little bit of magic dust sparkles and the circular word art ties in all of the circle elements of this page. Well done!

Believe by Rollinchen


Wow! I just keep looking at this layout! Every time, I see something new, which really makes this a stellar work of art! There are a lot of different, interesting images but they seem to work together beautifully. Great blending and design! Love this unique page!

Falling for You by crystal1972


This is a darling fall layout! Love the vibrant colors and aren’t those photos adorable? Great crops and the leaves in hand are a wonderful accent. The corner clusters are gorgeous and so is the background with all of the watercolor paint and textures. The horizontal photos and supporting elements work beautifully to tie everything together. The hanging “A” is a clever way to lead the eye right to that title. Awesome page!

cm by marnel


Newborn babies can always suck me in! I adore these photos and all of the cuddling happening on this page! The background paper with all of the text, makes an interesting texture as well as expresses the feelings of the moment. Great brush work and title across the middle of the page, connecting the three photos on the left to the single one on the right. Love the star and all of the cute little elements sprinkled all over. Special layout!


Finger Pointing – September 25th

25 Sep

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend and thanks for dropping by to checkout my choices! I keep it short this evening because I get visitors later, and I don’t know if I feel awake enough to make this post after they are gone! And tomorrow I have to get up early again! But you are here to see some pages, so let’s see what I found us!

16-PL-Sept-04 by Valgal

Love an honest page like this one with a great selfie! It takes courage to make and post! And the layout is very awesome too! And I agree with everything that she says on it! I sure love the layering of the background too!


Adieu Summer by designbylime

What a striking composition on the theme summer end! And what a fantastic blending too! I love the beautiful colors and the glow that is in the right spot with that beautiful circle stitching! Wonderful elements she used too!


SSL: Sea Lion Caves by shannonroller

That really looks so cool! I Love a full-page photo like that! That’s an amazing cave! I love the gorgeous colors too! And I am sorry about missing the sea lions!


Me and my family…by Marleen

That photo is really a treasure! Love the expressions on the faces! And I totally love this heritage page! Those dresses and knee-high socks are adorable and I remember they kept on falling down! Beautiful work again from Marleen.


Favorite by jk703

I love the gorgeous photo and how she blended it into the background with the brush work! What a beautiful color scheme! Love the brown and grey with the golden shine! All together an awesome page and real standout to me!


Raven Nevermore by Traumelfe

I love that beautiful, bit mysterious composition against the black background! Those colors are beautiful and really pop! Keeps me looking for a while! Very interesting and artistic!


That was it for today! I hope you like my choices and don’t forget to leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries! See you next time! Happy scrapping!



Finger Pointing — September 24th

24 Sep

Today’s picks are all about white space, which is a little unusual for me. I didn’t start out the trip through the galleries looking for it, but there it was in all its glory, white space and more white space. So I went with it! And this is what I found.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Then & Now by Nicole Nowosad

As we start the school year all around the U.S., I like to look at the back-to-school pages filling the gallery. This is a very fun comparison page, from the beginning of a school year to the end. I love the use of the whimsical elements throughout this page. The blocks of different colored vertical strips housing each photo and its accompanying text worked well to differentiate the two time periods. Fun title alpha. And oh, yeah, it’s a paper page! I like that she left a bit of white space at the top, and edged the whole thing with stitching.


Ewan by dvhoward

Nothing says white space better than a wide-grain wood background. I love the way that ripped frame doesn’t quite clear the top of the subject’s head. Diane included a terrific combination of hand-drawn and painted elements with real looking elements, to create a nice border splitting the top fourth of the page off from all that cool white space. I love the perspective on the photo, it’s like he’s looking into the future.


We are family by Sabyne

This lovely page makes great use of the corners! Such a sweet photo, I had to stop and take a closer look. I love the doodly bits (I always love doodly bits!), the grid brushwork behind the photo and elements, and the nice stack of papers (especially the corrugated one) edging the page.


bday girl by golya

There is a lot going on within this design, which is much more apparent because she left a pretty wide section of white space. That helps lead the eye into the design, which I really enjoyed. Love the shadow work, and the big bracket mat behind the photo, edged with that clipped-on tag. I liked the short and sweet journaling and the way it is placed sideways, to flow with the design. The translucent ruler is a sweet reminder of the child’s age and growth. And, of course, I like the whimsical feel!


fall by ta_merkins

This page makes nice use of white space all around the subject. I like a good patterned paper mix, and the colors and patterns here worked so well, I was drawn right to it. The photos made me smile, great action and fun cropping. She arranged her title alpha in an unusual top-justified way that I thought was clever. I like the handwritten font for the journaling surrounding the photos and paper.


edinburgh by beehive50

Debi is a master at making white space work, and this is a great example of her clean style! I love that sideways journaling, and how it changes color as it overlaps the photo. The acrylic arrows leading us into both the photo and the journaling are a fun touch. The very light grid background breaks up the white of the white space just enough. I really like that vertical line she created between the journaling and the elements, ending in the key line word frame sliding off the edge of the page. That pop of orange in the tags and brad is the perfect accent color.


I hope you loved today’s picks too! If so, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some well-deserved praise! Have a great weekend!