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Fingerpointing October 31st

31 Oct

Happy Halloween Scrappers!!! It’s one of my favourite days of the year and I am thrilled to post today. I found so many awesome goodies in the galleries that I had so much trouble narrowing it down to just 6 (but I chose 7 since it’s a special day!!) I’ve been up since 6 am because I had to do my daughter’s makeup for school and I have been searching the galleries since then to find my picks. I had better post soon because I need to go and get things ready for trick or treaters tonight. I hope you all have a very safe and happy Halloween!!! Here are my picks:

I love this layout by Biancka. It’s a Halloween layout, yet it doesn’t scream Halloween in your face. I love the spider paper (and I am NOT a huge spider fan lol) The pattern is so subtle and goes so well with the elements. The photo is just super cute and the cut outs really give an interesting texture to the page. I love the diagonal feel to the design too.


What a fabulous layout by CrazyT! I am a big fan of her work. She takes simple and makes it look effortless. It’s so difficult to use minimal elements and make it look like the whole page is covered in them and Tracy does an amazing job each and every time. I just love the word art she used here and the photos and the make up are AMAZEBALLS!!! The messy background is perfect and the burlap blended into the papers is so well done. I just love everything about this page.


Another amazing scrapper is this lady: Iowan. Her work inspires me so much and I am so happy to be able to feature her layout on my post. This is just outstanding. The blending, the colours, the amazing photos. She does it all brilliantly every single time. I love the art journal aspect of this layout, yet it still feels like a designed page. The paint and the word art are the perfect accompaniment to the whole layout. Just awesome.


I was blown away by the textures in this next layout by LynnPremo. The leaves embedded into the white paint are so interesting and give this page such depth. I love the way she used the frame here and the extraction is great. The dark black background is perfect here because it pops the make up on the couple and also gives the title that extra umph that made me look at this one twice. Such a simple layout, but packed with a big punch of super!


The use of the word art here in this layout by mcurtt, is just fantastic. I think she nailed what word art in kits are made for. The scribbles and the title are so well placed and they draw your eye to that great photo. I love the red paint splat under the font and the amazing wordart that I mentioned..did I mention the word art?? — just makes for an eye-catching and terrific design.


While not traditional Halloween colours, this layout by Thimbleberrie left me with my jaw on the floor. This is art. This is something I’d hang on my wall at Halloween. I love the graphic novel look of this and I love the paint in the web to enhance that creepy spider (did I mention I hate spiders?). The skeleton dude on the bike is so creepy and I adore how she used the stitches to mimic a bike path. I’m in awe of this layout….truly. It’s just perfect.


Lastly, I usually am drawn to artsy layouts but in a traditional style, but this layout is such a well done piece, I couldn’t pass it by. Zanthia has drawn me into this story and has made me wonder what is going on here. The blending is seamless and the little bats are so well placed. I love all the little details in the graveyard and it took me forever to stop staring at it and just get on with saving it for the post. Every time I look at this layout, I see something new and that’s what makes it so special. Just outstanding.


So, those are my picks for Halloween day 2016. I sure have enjoyed my time here this month and I hope to be back to post more in November. Remember to click on the highlighted names to leave these amazing artists some love. Until next time, keep on scrapping!!!



Finger Pointing – October 30th

30 Oct

Hello!!!! Margje here with my choices from the galleries on this last Sunday of October! We have wintertime since last night and the extra hour of sleep was very welcome! It was a very nice soft autumn day here in the Netherlands with a bit of sunshine! Awesome to be outside and do some garden work!  But now I’m done and I’m really looking forward to bring you some wonderful pages I found in the galleries today!

Hey Guy by musicmom3

What an awesome tribute to this lovely dog! The letter she wrote for him is heartwarming! The page is sad, one of the things we have to cope with loving an animal so deeply and have to let go! But so much to love in this page. The repetition, the colors, the wordArt! It’s a fantastic page!


Feeling Blue2 by MrsPeel

Love the whole feel of this awesome layout! Great photo and blending work! So much to discover and to look at, but perfectly balanced and pleasing for the eye! Love the design and the colors, the way the title is vertical all over the page and the paint splatters! Great dimension and layering! A standout for me!


Scary or not by happyscraparts

Caught my eye immediately in the gallery! Love the outstanding brushwork, the bright moon and all of the dripping paint. It has a great Halloween feel! Love the play with the wordart/text too! I saw it a few days ago, but I had to come back and show it here!


Anymore by weaselwatchr

What a cool page and design in Black&White! Love that doll and the great shadow work on the spider web! She is not afraid anymore says the title! Well I sure am (LOL) Don’t like spiders and bats at all!

CVW_SupplyTracker Layer 1 Layer 11 Layer 4 Layer 7 Layer 9 Little Butterfly Wings | Fear of the dark {kit} fiddle dee dee Color Me Happy: Zentangle Spiderweb Overlays

Autumn Beauty by caapmum

Fantastic autumn page and colors! Love the blending of the spider web here! The masking work is totally awesome! And the corner work looks so wonderful on it! Great clusters and framing! The textures give the page a great dimension! I love it a lot!


Fall with me Migueline

Very beautiful  and cool page! Love the dispersion effect and the movement and action in this layout! Wonderful extraction and photo treatment! I love the colors and the design! Great job! Good to challenge yourself Migueline!


This is all from me tonight, hope you enjoyed my picks!  Congratulations if you are featured, and, if you love the pages, leaving a bit of love to these awesome artists only takes a minute, each LO is linked to the original gallery, thanks for stopping by! See you next time! Happy scrapping!



Finger Pointing-October 29th

29 Oct

Hi Everyone! I’m posting a little earlier than usual today because the next game in the World Series begins in a couple of hours. Our home team is playing so I will be glued to the TV tonight. GO CUBS GO! Luckily, it’s Saturday and I have lots of time to visit the galleries. Let’s go ahead and see what I have for you today.

Fear of the Dark by MiekSter

I thought I’d start out with a Halloween layout. After all, Halloween is only 2 days away! This one grabbed my attention because it is not your typical Halloween theme. By that I mean it’s not orange, black, purple, green, witches, pumpkins, etc. Take a look at the basically black & white page. It is a super collage of papers, brush work and a fun black & white photo. The skeleton and skull masks fit right in and the simple word art is all this really needs. Great non-traditional Halloween standout!


Pumpkins Glowing by zlemon

OOHHHHH, love these glowing pumpkins! I think zlemon did an outstanding job working so many light glows on her page! The purple, cloudy background is the perfect for these colors and glows. What a brilliant (no pun intended) idea to light up these stitched pumpkins as well as the moon and bats. The title is perfect and very creative…the word “pumpkins” isn’t even there. Super bright standout!


DEEP THOUGHTS by wombat146

What a gorgeous page this is! I am intrigued and love the feeling of wondering what this woman is really thinking about and why she might be so melancholy. My mind could wander in several directions here. The blending is fabulous and so are the colors and textures! I think it’s a safe bet that this artist applied multiple blending modes to create visual interest. If you haven’t tried this technique, you might want to see what effects you can achieve. As I keep looking at this, I find more interesting elements that are woven into this piece. What are your thoughts? Thought provoking standout!


pumpkin shoot 16 by kathie02

Yes, it’s another pumpkin page but after all, it is still October! I think kathie02 created an amazing layout here. I love the blended, full-page photo! The rustic woodgrain background combined with the paint splats truly make this an artsy layout. The splash of purple flowers mixed in with the pumpkin colors really pops too. The special feature though, has to be how she framed just part of the photo and kept it at 100% opacity to draw the eye in. The word art truly compliments this piece as well. I would totally enlarge this and display it on an easel for all to enjoy!


1031 by jcaruth910

I hope you’re not on overload with so many seasonal pages, but I just couldn’t resist this next one! I’m a huge fan of this artist and her creativity! The date of Halloween used as an a house number on the building is so very clever. This really makes me think of haunted houses and scary things, such as that giant spider, yet cute little pumpkins sit at the bottom. Not so scary after all. The blending is simply amazing and I love the bits of text with lowered opacity on the background. Her colors and lighting are gorgeous too! A haunting standout!


Country Roads by helenedubois

So I leave you today with this beautiful, artsy page! Don’t you just love the photo treatment? Adding so much color to this vintage truck is just wild and fabulous! The green button and the stitching on the spill frame are such cute little touches. My favorite part though, is the watercolor look of the whole piece. Everything from the paper texture, to the colors to the painterly brush work…simply gorgeous! With so much artistry here, the simple swirl and title are perfect and they don’t distract from the focal point. A watery, colorful standout!


It’s almost game time so will leave you for now. Enjoy these standouts and artists and I hope you get inspired! Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate and I’ll see you in the galleries. I know you already know this, but if there is a layout here you really love, please take a minute and leave some lovin’ for the artist(s). I know that is always appreciated. Just click on the highlighted title links. Thanks!


Finger Pointing – Oct 28th – The -Almost- Halloween Edition

28 Oct

Good evening my friends, or maybe I should say good morning as the time in my clock says 02:26 am…and to think I was ready to start browsing for this post at 19:00 hrs….! My memory has been suffering(seriously) and I completely forgot why I was in the galleries, and got lost in 5 different places, ohhhing and wOwing and counting myself blessed to have been in this industry for almost 10 years, having made friends (many in person) with so many of you, hugely talented artists, designers & scrappers, some closer than other but so many of you all the same so dear to my heart…. with the proximity of Thanks Giving (even though we don’t celebrate here in England, I have made a rule to celebrate my gratefulness every month anyway)  I feel I have so much to the Thankful for….and thinking about these friendships, the people who have got to know me so well, many of you spent time here with us (in what some call “real life”- I think digital friends can be sometimes a stronger tie than some non digital) But lets get back to the scrapping talents: This is something I am also so, so very grateful for, our little spreading of happiness & beauty…. You have no idea how difficult these posts can be…not the actual writing or composing and adding images…but the task of selecting just a few pages…. I could not keep my self to the rules today….si here you have an amazing group of ladies so talented, so inspiring…sometimes I need to make sure I am not dreaming of being side by side with these awesome creatives, who are also amazing souls…. I have cried over some 32 or 33 tabs I had to give up, kept closing them (and suffering because you all so deserve to be feature here!) and finally, after some deep heartache for not being able to highlight all of you…here are my (many! LOL) picks from the 28th galleries:

I am Brave by mimisgirl: I could be here all day telling you how amazing I think this girl is….but you can see by this awesome piece: her ability to make the page come alive, the beauty of her stories, the perfection of her attention to detail, the creativity to that seems limitless….and all these are present in this LO. One of the reasons I love this so much is the fact that, within a dark, intense almost absence of color, it reflects hope and beauty. Love the journaling with the lines, and the awesome cluster with the banner….needless to say, the photograph is a jewel inside the jewel!!!!


Now continuing on this line of almost absence of color and people who can turn a blank canvas into the most precious story, is Fear by Tree City.  I love so, so much when a page is filled with bit & pieces for me to find, a hidden story to be told and thousands of ways to interpret it, and this is what this page brings, each and every bit of it, full of  imagery  that I can’t stop looking at!!! Love the detail of stitching , the more corporeal elements (with excellent shadows!  and the pop of yellow….every.little.detail. Awesome!!!!!


She doesn’t scrap too often, but then when she does…. the pages are always the memorable, treasurable kind, and this one is no exception:  Spooky by lmccandless. She is an amazing story teller and hyper talented in more ways that I can type here tonight… and this page is a marvelous Halloween delight ! The spiderweb is so perfect here (and the creation of another of my idols!),  and the way she colored also perfection and the whole thing harmonizes with the colors of the photo, a wonderful one too, and I love the cluster that adds more color and depth! The way she did the bottom part, with a starry paper, what a wonderful idea, and the delicate border with the shadows that, again, make the page gain fabulous dimension. As these all wasn’t enough, she comes up the stunning tittle work!!!! Just Perfect!


Getting a rest from the Halloween theme, in this amazing,  stylish way of hers always, comes Photographer by norton94. She is so elegant, so talented in any type of page. and I don’t always have the pleasure of coming across her too often, so my heart sung when I saw this: the perfect clean lines, the gorgeous photo & cards, the perfect framing with the contrast of the wood….everything comes even to a much higher level with her journaling…again I could be here for hours looking at this page!!!!


And here we come to some fabulous world of blending to perfection. Re Invent Your Life by Clin d’oeil Designs. Love the watching perspective  and the whole feel of the page, the superb word art and the gorgeous elements, placed so delicately and at the whole thing becomes a proper work of art , a master piece!!! I love with a passion finding things from this awesome lady!!!!


Now, coming back to a Hallowweenish time, is this marvelous page: The Inn by Elysah. Again, I am almost speechless with the amazing blends, the presentation of the ghostly figures and amazing  texture that makes me feel like I am actually facing an oil painting!!! The beautiful details with the little leaves clusters is perfect…. another amazingly gorgeous piece!!!!!


I also have to include another awesome couple of pages that, each in their own style, are absolute beauty:  TR -Frost- clock tower 41 by foxeysquirrel whom I have been admiring for years,  a beautiful  collage of pieces that form this enigmatic face, an amazing background to give even more strength to the whole piece!


And last but never ever least: an awesome page by twinsmomflor : Love You. The incredibly beautiful pair that are her daughters, in a photo with such a delightful treatment which enhances their beauty even more. I love it that the “blank space” is kept, and nothing but paints (or stamps/brushes?) and the smile of the girls lightens up the page!!! There is also a more personal feeling here as I have seen these girls growing up through Flor’s pages and they are becoming such delightful young ladies….. the page is full of that light I keep getting from all these amazing beauties!!!


And now, yes, with this I wil leave you, hoping these are as much inspiration to you as they are for me. You know what to do if you get a minute to stop and leave some love: click on the high-lit name of the LO & author, that will take you to their original galleries. Thank you so much! Have an amazing, rocking, full of candy Halloween!!!! TFL!

















Finger Pointing – October 27th

27 Oct

I have to admit, it was extremely hard to narrow my choices down to six today.  It took me more time to decide on just six than it did to browse the galleries.  So many amazing pages out there.  But I finally got it done and here are my picks for today.

I’m a big fan of Squeak and absolutely love the way she can tell a story!  I can’t believe that I’m saying this about a page whose subject is hot dogs, but Hot Dog Heaven! is a gorgeous page.  The color palette is so soft and pretty and I love the composition.  The placement of all of the brushes and elements leads you directly to the true highlight of the page – the journaling.  If you’ve never experienced the fun of reading something by Squeak, you really need to start here and then go to the gallery and find other pages she has created and have some fun reading the journaling on them!  She is truly my “journaling hero”!


Continuing with the gorgeous pages with a food theme, we have Pumpkin Pie, Soon by Miki.  The original pumpkin photo is beautiful by itself with lovely colors and shadows. The addition of the multi-media pumpkins and the branches, along with the OOB, adds an additional layer of complexity.  I love how she’s blended the photo and then framed it within the page.  I can’t say enough about the color choices – they say Fall (or Autumn, if you prefer) without shouting it. Love this page!


Another seasonal pick is trick or treat by motherbear.  I love the vertical line of elements and photos..  The clusters are awesome with gorgeous shadowing and the placement of the title is, well, perfect.  The dictionary page paper is a great “neutral look” for the page and works well against the huge stripes of the background paper.  This is a fun, well-composed page!


I have one more fall/Halloween page and it’s a stunning piece called The Witch by lmgdonahue. This is a work of art that would be amazing printed on canvas and hanging on the wall.  The depth of the colors is exquisite and the choice of textures is perfect.  I am just mesmerized by this page.  A totally spectacular piece!


And that takes us to another beautiful page celebrating a different holiday, Merry by Kayleigh.  While Squeak is my “journaling hero”, Kayleigh is my “clusters hero”.  What amazes me is how she can add so many gorgeous clusters and word art and, yet, that sweet photo is the first thing my eye sees on the page.  Love the placement of the word art and that big title!  And don’t those colors just pop off the dark background?!  Love the gentle reminder of how quickly Christmas will be here that this page provides.


And now for a non-seasonal, non-food page!  Urban Sprawl by Jacqueline is a fabulous page and I’m not even sure where to start with the things I love about it!  The first thing that drew me in was that amazing photo!  Every mask, embellishment, brush and overlay on this page adds to the overall feel and are perfect choices with perfect placement.  And the pops of color are a beautiful touch.  Love it!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my choices today.  It would be great if you would visit the galleries and leave a note for the artists.  It does mean a lot to them.  The images and titles are linked to make it easy.  And, while you’re there, take a peek and check out some of the other amazing pages.


Finger Pointing-October 26

26 Oct

I’m glad to be back here with everyone after a wonderful trip with my husband. We went to Niagara Falls, Ontario, New York, New Hampshire and Vermont to experience this beautiful autumn season. The fall foliage was spectacular and I have a lot of photos waiting to be edited. It’s a rainy day where I live, perfect for perusing through the galleries and choosing six layouts for today’s Gallery Standouts. This is Jana and here are my picks.

Foxy Girl by anke


What an elegant, foxy selfie of her daughter! She is radiant! The added stars and glows Anke used makes this page sparkle even more. I love the paper inset on the left side with a few elements tucked in. The vertical branch over the photo is a perfect accent and then, that cute little fox…isn’t that just perfect! Take a look at the fox’s shadow…brilliant!

Broken by klee73010


This is a fabulous art journal page! There’s a lot going on but it all seems to work. Even though there is no real journaling, you can still sense the feeling that this page is about someone’s broken heart. I love the collage of layers, brush work, paint and also the black details, which serve to ground this inspiring piece. Title is perfect.

Winter Treat by audraj


This one really jumped out at me; partly because of the bright colors against the dark background and partly because of the unique image. I found it to be quite awesome! This page truly tells a story, even though there are no words. Love, love, love the beautiful brush work all around the bird and apple! It truly compliments this beautiful piece.

phare de Granville by Mamie lou lou 4


Isn’t this a striking page? It is quite simple, yet quite brilliant! The vertical title  along one half of the lighthouse is such an effective design element and the font work is stunning. The solid, neutral paper provides the perfect backdrop for her art. Wow!

October Frost by bbe


I was drawn to this page because of the different photo of fall leaves. It is not the typical red, gold and orange of autumn that we are used to seeing. I love the frosty leaves and the neutral layers work beautifully with them. The blended background papers are full of textures and the all caps word art at the very bottom is very striking. She placed literally every element horizontally across the page and every single one highlights the photo. Gorgeous page!

Life-is-W by TrishD


Is this not absolutely stunning? The photo is gorgeous and it is framed beautifully with brushes. Very cool! The black and white dimensional flowers really pop and are graced with outline of leaves and a branch behind them. I love the touch of pink with the little hearts and the title and of course, the bow completes this layout.

I hope you enjoyed my picks today and maybe got inspired to create some layouts of your own. I also hope you take a minute or two to leave some love for some of these artists. Links are provided. Have a wonderful rest of the week and I’ll be back again soon.


Finger Pointing – October 25

25 Oct

I always read with great interest when one of the GSO bloggers selects layouts based on some kind of theme or common characteristic such as journaling, paint or large photo. It seems to make the post more organized and easier to read. I’ve made attempts along those lines but in the end what my choices have in common is this: Wow! why didn’t I think of that? It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

Love you both by nietis

I love how she used an ordinary, everyday photo and made it fill the page. Keeping the embellishments large and adding them on top of the photo adds color and interest. I like how she lined the cards up vertically toward the right hand side. The over -sized title work with the brad in the center of the letter o is a great finishing touch.


What’s Wrong with my bike? by P’tiscrap

Next up is a layout that’s short on supplies but long on creativity. Her extraction is perfect right down to the shadows and the yellow in the shirt, which is repeated in the question mark, really pops against the gray background paper. I’m amazed at how she fashioned her title to substitute for the back of the bike. The date in a circle against the o in the title is a creative detail added to an already outstanding layout.


Lost and Found by Paula Kesserling

If you think I’m adding this next layout for personal reasons you would be right but it’s allowed. There’s no way I could ever pass up a layout featuring paper dolls, which for me were a long ago favorite and nearly forgotten. The composition of this page is outstanding. All the elements come together seamlessly and support her theme from the stitches to the needles, pins, buttons and bits of fabric and lace. I love the wooden frame set atop the bright, paint splashed paper. I really the title work with the hat placed on the letter o and that cookie ampersand is just darling. And of course her story is a delight to read.


Story Scrapbook Challenge by rache77

As Stacia mentioned in her post yesterday, I can never pass up an opportunity to read the words on a page where the journaling is the star. I love the precious photo with the paper pieces stacked behind. The painted and scribbled edges frame the page just right and the other painty bits scattered about give a soft look to the page, perfect for her story. The little mouse on the scooter element is childlike and reinforces her theme. I hope to see more of this little fighter’s story!


I Believe by angiekey

My goodness, the overlay this artist created is amazing. I admit I checked the credits to see if it was actually part of a kit but as far as I can tell she made it herself. I read through most of the maxims and I don’t believe any were repeated. The idea itself is quite creative but actually executing it even more so. The single vertical cluster, script title work and bits of word strips were the only need accessories to complete the page.


Glad You Are Here by Gabi

This time of year there is no shortage of fall pages in the gallery. I love this one for both the photo and the masking. I’m not certain how much the artist manipulated the photo or if it’s straight out of the camera but its lovely. I especially like the pops of reddish orange in the roof tops and the trees both on the ground and in the reflection. The bows and paper strips mimic the colors in the photo and balance the quote and title work. The overall effect reminds me of a painting and is so soft and pretty.


I’ve come to the end of my post and I hope you’ve said wow a few times right along with me. I trust you will find time to do some creating of your own and as always please take a few minutes to click through and leave these well deserving artists some love. Have a great week.