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Finger Pointing — December 30th

30 Dec

We are almost at the end of the year, and the galleries are still popping with joy as we wrap up Christmas pages and move on to New Year’s! I had the great pleasure of going through the galleries on this second to last day post of 2016, and here’s what I found. I think you’ll enjoy these right along with me. Come take a look!

This is Liz J., and these are my final 2016 picks!

Tis Moi xmas 2016 by grandy924

I am a big fan of doodly backgrounds, and I know putting this together probably took some time! Very fun use of word art, and that pop of red is a fun touch. It may have started as a lift, but this artist definitely made the page her own!

2016 cover page by mariathrall

I think Maria deserves a round of applause here just because of the number of photos she used on the big numbers! What a great album cover! Well done. Super cute, love that text paper background.

Carol by Stefanie

This is a very elegant birthday celebration! I love the vertical flow of this page, against the not very quiet patterns of the background, it all worked beautifully! That asymmetrical cut of paper with the button embellishments at the top really appealed to me. Loved the sparkles word art in particular.


reindeer food by kendallt

Kendall had a few pages all in a row today that all really deserved a shout out, but this one called to me the most. The angle is fun, the photos are delightful, and the non-traditional yet still perfect Christmas colors really worked. Very sweet page!

ready for 2017 by shannonc

Love those cut out circles! What a cool travel page, and as it turns out, it’s also a new year’s page! Very inspired and uplifting.

Decorating the tree – Christmas 2016 by bessiesue581

I think Lindsay is one of the most talented scrapbook artists out there, and it is my great pleasure to end this post with a little tribute to her to say thanks for sharing her great talent all year. This is such a stinkin’ cute design, love the tree shape she created between the photos and the Christmasy word art. Just genius, as always. So fun!

Wow that was quite a year! Can’t wait to see what 2017 brings! If you enjoyed today’s end of year post, please click on the linked titles and leave the artists some much deserved love! Happy New Year to all of you, and all the best in the new year!


Fingerpointing December 23rd

23 Dec

Hello everyone!! It’s so good to be back! My surgery went well and I’m recovering well. I had a good break but am glad to be back and checking out all the beautiful layouts in the galleries. I can’t believe it’s only two days until Christmas. My kids are so excited. We just finished school today, so it’s been a long week but it’s been so much fun looking at all the layouts I’ve missed in the last month. So with no further ado, here are my picks for today.

It’s so good to see work by one of my favourite paper scrappers (and now a digi girl too!) Roboliver. I remember seeing her layouts of her boys years ago and when she was in the CK HOF. I love this layout. It looks like it was done in paper. The layers, the torn papers, the whimsical elements and the stitching are so Shannon!!! I love the title placement and the stickers used. I love the kraft background with the pops of colour. And I love the random photo under the main photo which just adds some interesting focal point to the page. Just fabulous and what a treat for me!

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am obsessed with all things UK. Whether it be Harry Potter or fabulous chocolate, to the Royal Family, I love the UK. I’ve never been, but this layout by trishD makes me want to visit even more. I’m in love with the stitching around the photo. I adore the masks along the side and the photo is so dynamic and interesting. I just want to hang this on my wall and call it art.

Ohhh..this layout brings out the rebel in me! This layout by Ozegirl makes me smile. I have docs that I love to wear and this layout hit home for me. The photo perspective is fantastic and tells the story so well. The ribbon at the top draws the eye down and the cluster is amazing. I love the grunge and the alphabet and the little santa flare. It just all works!!! Great layout.

Coming from a wintery place, I love winter layouts. This is no exception. Lindzee has done a wonderful job here conveying frozen and cold in this layout. The title alpha is perfection. I love the placement of the photo and all the white space to mimic snow! The little touch of red paint splat just adds to the interesting texture. What a great winter layout this is!

Lastly, this beautiful layout by franlk took my breath away. It’s just so pretty and even though the photo isn’t perfect, I love what she did with it texturally. I love the lighting of the photo, it screams magic. The cluster around the photo is just brilliant and the big snowflake is perfectly placed. Top it off with a pretty script title and it’s a winner all around. What a treat to look at.


Well that’s it for me today! As always, please leave the artists some love in the galleries that are linked. I would like to wish everyone that reads here and the blog team a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW Year. Thank you for all the beautiful layouts day after day that inspire and awe me!!! Until next time….happy scrapping.



Finger Pointing – December 22nd

22 Dec

December is a month for giving and receiving gifts and my gift today was a plethora of gorgeous layouts in the gallery.  I find it so peaceful to leave the hustle and bustle of the season behind and spend hours (literally) browsing through the galleries.  I am always amazed at the variety of styles and depth of talent out there in digiland.  Without further ado, here are my picks for today.

I love a page using heritage photos (even though, I find it amusing that the photos of my kids are now considered heritage photos!) and 1981 by P’tiscrap is a wonderful one.  I love how she’s used the red from the photo.  It works beautifully with the khaki background.  The fonts she’s used are perfect and I love, love, love the arrows identifying who and what is in the photo.  Awesome page!

When I saw Third Grade by bekfek in the gallery, I knew it would be one of my picks for today.  That is such a sweet school photo and I love how she’s used the notebook paper as her background.  The grungy, grid border is an awesome touch.   I love how the black and white photo works with the colors in that amazing cluster!  The addition of the small cluster in the upper left-hand corner and the placement of the title and journaling are perfect for leading your eye across the page.  Amazing page!

I seem to have a heritage/school theme starting today.  I really love the way valiloun has mimiced the stripes on the left side of her page First Day of School by using them as journaling strips on the right side.  The white space allows you to thoroughly enjoy that sweet face.  And what a cool touch using the heart brush to emphasize the word school and also create a ground for the photo/brush cluster.  Sweet page!

When I saw Tavern on the Green by jcaruth910 in the gallery, I was immediately drawn to it’s gorgeous color palette and the light that seems to be streaming from the page!  All of her choices for papers, brushes, and elements blend beautifully to create a peaceful page!  Gorgeous!

I’m not very good at the fantasy-style pages but I do adore seeing them.  Beach by dkane is a page that I could see being printed on canvas and hanging on my wall.  The background paper depicts the ocean so beautifully and I love the word beach she is sitting on.  Amazing piece of art!

I can totally relate to the thoughts on Negative Thoughts by mrsashbaugh.  How perfect was it for her to use the scribbled circles to “tell” the negative thoughts to go away!  Love the diamond-shapes and the layers!  When I chose this page, I also had another page, Boardwalk by mrsashbaugh, on my list.  It is such a different feel and is also a standout page but this one won out for me!  Love it!

Those are my picks for this “last blog post of the year for me”.  I hope you’ve been inspired by them.  Please visit the galleries and leave a comment for the artist.  They do love them!  Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone.  See you in 2017!





Finger Pointing – December 21st

21 Dec

There is so much joy radiating in the galleries right now, it was a pleasure to look at all the wonderful projects being created across the world. We have a little of everything today, all of it fun and happy, setting just the right tone as we head into the final days before Christmas. I hope you will enjoy today’s picks too!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Running? by carolat

This was a refreshing sight in the gallery today! I loved the artsy way she approached this page. The painted chevron somewhat obscuring the large focal photo made for a great backdrop to the other, more whimsical touches. I loved the doodly frames, flowers, banner and circles, and the asymmetrical text and offset torn paper edge. And, of course, the determination!

DD day 15 by kaphelps

If day 15 of this project is any indication of how amazing this hybrid album will be, then I am all in on this one! (Actually, I peeked at some of the prior pages, and yes, each day’s pages are pretty darn fabulous!) I love the combination here of digital creativity and good old-fashioned supplies. There is nothing better than a cute little album sitting on the coffee table for guests to ooh and ah over! Love the text on the photo, the big, big numbering, and the concept. Well done, what a fun hybrid album!

Loving Christmas! by Barbara Unzen

This is a seriously festive use of a template! I love the colors Barbara used in the cut out bits for the tree. The shadows are incredible on this page! If you read the text and check out the photos, it is clear that she has been working on her Christmas “look” all year, by collecting comics in which to wrap the gifts! That’s some dedication to a theme! It’s an adorable idea, and I love that she documented her seasonal joy in this truly joyous page. Merry Christmas indeed!

365 by estir_bune

I loved the sentiment on this one! The big typed statement atop the type-written background paper surprised me with the bold effect it made. This page has just the right amount of embellishment, leaving the text background paper as the main accent. The painted edges help tie in the colors, and that little heart tag under the photo makes a nice point. The string and glitter serve to create a cohesive, fun look.

This Moment is Just Right by DivaMom96

I really loved the simple, but very elegant adornment on this page. The lighting and perspective on the photo is just magical. I like the look of the ripped polaroid-style frame stapled to the mat. The background looks like a snowy day, and the star elements, both in the whimsical glitter and in the banner, make a nice accent. Just beautiful!

Reach for the Stars by Lor

This page called to me and said pick me pick me! How could I resist? All those great doodles! Love the clouds, broken up by the asymmetrical cut of paper with the small note of journaling, and then, just when I am admiring those lines, I realize that the background behind the photo is actually a series of journal cards! Clever! I love the puffy sticker look of the title work, the use of the white space below the journal card mat, and the cute little ribbon that’s not quite a bow. Loved this one! The serious photo juxtaposed against the whimsical feel of the rest of the page is just the best combination! Great shadow work throughout too.

That was so much fun, wasn’t it? I hope you all loved today’s picks! If so, please take a moment and click on the linked title and leave the artist some praise. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and a happy holiday to all!


Finger Pointing – December 20th

20 Dec

Happy Holidays everyone!  I thought I’d start with that greeting today since this will be my last blog post for the year. Man, where did 2016 go?!  That whole ‘downhill slide’ from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year, and bam! We’re in 2017 … well, almost. I love looking around the galleries during the holiday season; everything is just so festive.  I have a few holiday-themed pages in my picks today, but a few others, too.

Starting out today’s selections is Gingerbread Village from KateO. I love the clever mixing of brushes and dimensional elements, especially the holly stamps offset with the pine needle branches.  The paper stacking is great too, with just little pieces peeking out (and I’m a sucker for the spiral-bound notepad papers!). The use of literal white space here is well done and helps give the layout some breathing room.  While this is a holiday-related page, it doesn’t “scream” the traditional red and green colors you might associate with the season, and yet that’s exactly what Kate used.  Nicely done.

This next layout – well, layouts, plural – is a double-page from Melissa Marti, titled Welcome Winter. Now, if I gave you the title, alone, you might immediately think of something like snow, right? (okay, so that’s what I thought of)  Nope.  This is a wonderfully-composed celebration of family. I love that Melissa not only captured the entire family, as a group, but that each child also got their own, individual, spotlight photo, too. What also caught my eye here was the color palette. As we just saw with Kate’s layout, we might think of something along the lines of red and green being a more a-typical color scheme for this time of the year … but Melissa’s use of a kit that has green, blue, and then that neutral beige is striking to me — and see how everyone’s clothing seems to coordinate with the kit selection, too? Very clever. I think this layout would make a great family holiday card.

From a technical viewpoint, Fiona (Applechick) had my attention with not one, not two, but three extractions on her page, Bubbles.  Three! The careful layering of the extractions, coupled with the masking and brushes placed behind the images is really well done. I love the added touch of the whimsical bubbles on the page, too. The whole layout has a fun quality to it, which I think is perfect for the subject matter.

Another fun page, Bathtime Hijinx from aurian just cracked me up.  From the thumbnail in the gallery, I saw the journaling card: Find beauty in the chaos … and I just had to take a closer look. Oh boy, what a handful these two look like they might be!  From a design perspective, I really like how the photos create a circle around the page, which is mirrored by the paper shapes in the background. I wonder of Aurian feels like she’s going in circles with these two?! The color photos capture two toddlers at play – a beautiful moment and snapshot of time, and the black and white head shots hint at innocence with just a hint of cheeky thrown in there. A great choice to blend the two photo styles.

Dark background papers can be challenging and sometimes hard to pull off, but they can be an excellent choice as a foundation for brushwork — and that’s exactly what huguytom220 used here in her page, Have a Little Faith. The pinks and greens of the brushes sit really nicely on the charcoal grey of the background, and I love how everything is cascading from top to bottom on the page. The peek-a-boo photo spots are interesting in that they are circular, but with the layering and other cut-outs, they – too – appear to be cut-outs of slightly different shapes.

Rounding out today’s selection is a Project Life page, Week 49, by Anke. I so admire scrappers that commit to Project Life and see everything through to the very last week in the year – sometimes taking on the project year after year, too!  I was drawn to the softness of this page with Anke’s use of grey and white. Even the elements she added, like the buttons, flower, and snowflakes, are quietly understated. The stitched grid design allows for many photos (and Anke included eight on this page!), as well as several squares for journaling. It’s a simple design that has quite an impact and allows for a lot of storytelling … perfect for capturing those everyday moments.

Well, that’s it for today.  With less than a week away until Christmas, I hope you are able to find some “me” time during the season and also have the chance to stop, breathe, and enjoy the festivities with family and friends. I wish everyone the happiest of holidays, and a great new year!


Finger Pointing – December 19th

19 Dec

Oh my. I am stunned by all the gorgeous creations. The galleries are overflowing with beautiful designs making it more difficult than ever to narrow down my choices. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

I really admire the unique design in Christmas Magic by scrapbookmama.  The photos are gorgeous and perfectly represent her theme. I love the way they are stacked and tilted in the corner. The bracket shape below directs the eye to the clever title work. I like the messy stitching, gold paint and clustering, especially the bit that’s scattered apart from the photos.

I found this pretty, white space page, Love by MiekSter. The horizontal design is perfect and the large title work front and center works so well with the smaller black and white photo of the children. I like the way the hand-drawn leaves and hearts are both tucked behind and placed atop the photo.

What a sweet photo series is displayed in Merry Little Christmas by immaculeah. The paper stacking works so well with the framed photos both in a strip and singly.  The clusters are placed in a perfect triangle and the journal card works for both the title and the journaling. The photos alone tell the story.

I had to double check the gallery category in Christmas Ornaments by enzam. And yes, these are indeed hybrid ornaments. They are gorgeous in their own right but what’s really amazing to me is the composition of the photo. If you have ever tried to photograph a hybrid project I’m sure you know how difficult it can be and this display is truly amazing. Of course the shadows are outstanding, especially reflected in the dimension of the snowflake, because after all, they are real.

I’m always on the lookout for heritage layouts. I love the simplicity of  S.M.I.L.E by Adryane.  The horizonal journaling and title work contrast beautifully with the vertical cluster behind the sweet photo.  The palette, including the rich gold, works really well with the photo. I found this layout to be very eye-catching.

Here’s another adorable photo in All That Jingles by myssp. The charcoal background really makes the white brush-work pop. I love the stacked framing. The horizontal cluster across the top as well as the smaller cluster across the bottom frame the layout in just the right way. Tucking in the bells supports the jingle theme and all the design elements work together perfectly.

I think this is my last blog post for the year though it’s difficult to believe we are already heading in to a new one. I hope you have enjoyed my picks and if you have time, please click through the links to leave these well deserving artists some love.


Finger Pointing – December 18th –

18 Dec

Hello lovely people all over the world! Hope you are having an amazing weekend, and that life is treating you well! In my side of the world, things are still much in ups & downs but getting better very slowly, and having a look around the galleries helps make one’s heart sing…. so I’m going to share some of my finds here with you tonight. Hope you find them as amazing and delightful as I do!!!

To start on a holiday feel, full of shine, gold, pure beauty and an amazing tribute, is this amazing page, Noel by cfile. Not only all Christa’s skills, talent and sprinkle of magic shows in her page in all it’s beauty, but also she has written a great explanation as to why and whom this page is dedicated to…. I love LOVE love when people tell us what goes on in their minds with their pages…..I do know life is a fast pace these days and time may be short …but I do learn to love more and better the people whom I can understand and follow their inner souls together with the visual beauty…and this page has it all. If you can spare a minute to read about this page, just click on the high-lit name of the page above, it is well worth it.

To follow this awesome golden beauty comes another stunning page: Documenting Memories DAY 7 of 12 Days of Art Journal by Dalis.  This girl makes my heart sing with every page, she is another one to pour herself in the page and in this everything is so rich, so full and at the same time so clean lined, the contrast of the big cluster with the beautiful color and texture of the background, her photo which is making me smile as I type…that every day fun that becomes a treasure for the years to come… Her journaling is sweet and complements the beauty of the whole page perfectly….. stunning, all over.

To carry on the line of marvelous artists, this page by Tinkelbel was such a pleasant surprise! I had not seen anything of hers in ages and (taking that is is the Tinkelbel I am think about?) as always she creates pure art with the highest elegance and beauty. Absolutely everything here is a delight: the photo, the photo crop, the blending, the combo with papers and the amazingly put together cluster giving so much movement to the page, I can almost feel the sounds of those little stars!!!!! Absolutely amazingly gorgeous!!!!!

Now from the art of creating all over the page, an equally stunning page on the blank space style. Delight by fanon is so beautifully composed, the photo is powerful and the whole monochromatic, almost minimalist thing works so well….. marvelously beautiful!!!!

Here coming back to the festive, Christmassy spirit is this fun, perfect, gorgeous page : eve-20161126-very-merry by eve11ne.  The take on the template is fantastic, the life and fun, the joy with all those colors, the absolute delight in the photos and perfection of those shadows is bringing even more joy to my heart…. gorgeous perfection!!!!!

Last, but not in the even remotely way least, is this awesome page from Jana_NJ; Coexistence.  The quote is so truthful, and she has reinforced this heart breaking feeling of our world by creating so much beauty around it…the use of the blues and the light say to me “hope”, the (always) perfection of her blending  softens the bold feeling behind the quote….and with all this beauty through Jana’s talent, in my heart almost compensates the state of our whole world these days….and how important it is to try our little best in every corner of the earth…if not for us, maybe for our children & grandchildren…. Anyway, awesome page, Jana, you shine as always :)

Hope you enjoyed these, and inspiration comes to you as much as these bring it to me. If you can spare a minute or two, as usual, clicking on the high lit name of the LO and author will take you to their original galleries, leave a word or two, as we all know how much a bit of love in our pages can male a difference in the day!!!! Have a great week!!!!