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Finger Pointing – January 31st

31 Jan

It was another gorgeous day in sunny Florida although I spent most of it at our local scrapbook store helping them get ready for their annual Shop Hop.  As we headed home, it was one roadblock after another and it took us almost two hours to make the 45 minute trip.  But once I got home, my husband prepared dinner so I could eat and browse the galleries at the same time.  Wow, are the galleries loaded right now.  There are so many challenges going on and so many pages being created for them.  It took me almost twice as long to make it through the galleries as usual.  But how enjoyable it was!  Here are my six picks for this last day of January 2017.

The minute I saw Boardwalk Sketch by ashleywb I fell in love!  I love the sketch treatment on the photo. I love the placement of the frame. I love the embellishment choices and I love the placement of the word art.   I really love the softness of it.  In fact, I just LOVE this page!

I’m a big fan of well-done art journal pages and This Year by wvsandy is a gorgeous example!  The colors on this page are so beautiful together and the touch of orange really pops!  The word art really speaks to me.  Such a precious art journal doll and how cute is that bird?  All around perfect art journaling page!

MOC 15 by Jeanet is a stunning piece of art.  On her post she has added below the main picture smaller shots of the layers she used to create this amazing page.  The depth she has created is gorgeous.  I especially enjoy the grunge on top of the layers.  And another word art quote that is so true!  This should be printed and hung on a wall so it can be enjoyed all the time.

I’ve been seeing a lot of triangles in the galleries and I really love the look of them.  Good Times by Mielz starts with a beautiful brushwork backdrop.  The photo is arranged in the triangle cluster for maximum impact.  She has done an awesome job with the embellishments.  Beautiful, serene page!

What a treasure Pepette has created with her New Style page.  It appears that I’m being drawn to pages today that have white backgrounds.  The bright colors with the black just pop off the page and demand that you take a closer look.  Pepette has created a beautiful cluster to highlight that adorable photo.  Those eyeglass frames in the cluster are so cute!  Love how she’s grounded the photo cluster with the brush stroke.  Awesome page!

I think we can all relate to the journaling on 2017 AIM by Vicki Stegall.  Please visit the gallery to read it – you won’t regret the time taken.  I was drawn to this one initially by the placement of the journaling/embellishment, and title.  Perfect.  Especially with the little added touch of the date along the bottom left side. Amazing page!

I loved my time in the galleries today.  I hope you take the opportunity to get an up-close look at these fabulous pages and leave a comment for the artists. As usual, the titles and images are linked to make it easy to visit the gallery page.




Finger Pointing – January 30th

30 Jan

Happy Monday, everyone! Spending a little time in some of the digi galleries is a definite up-side to what is usually not the best day of the week. Weekends shouldn’t have to be so short! I am definitely seeing a few winter pages online but it also looks like we’re getting some of our travel pages done from years past. A few of the galleries are really hopping with activity from store challenges. SO MUCH eye candy out there right now!

Let’s get to some picks, shall we?

Read by adejong

Sitting there in the peace and quiet, ensconced in her book, it’s a very peaceful scene. The monochromatic color scheme further reinforces the soothing feel of it and I like the soft touch of paint to add the vertical flow.

Jan Bingo Sign by Suzs

Very striking page! That photo sucks you right in and you just have to go and see what the story is about! I had never heard of a moon dog before, thank you Google for clarifying for me ;) The softness of the snowflake shape against the rustic background coupled with all the wintry elements really clues you into the temperatures where she is. Now everyone go and look up “moon dog”… cool, right?

LOL by Krista Lund

Well, you have to smile looking at this one! I love the sepia contrasted with the bright primary colors, the tilt of the elements and how it echoes the tilt from the photos in the swing. I love how she pulls the eye to the top and bottom with the edge details and I adore the stacked word art & stamps in the center. LOVE!

Failure by bcgal00

You gotta love a nice full page background! That this one has such beautiful edge detailing and the pops of vibrant green makes it really stand out. I like how the photo is blended to reveal only a small portion of the color, the vertical nature of the picture combined with the horizontal title. Very pretty!

Streets of Jinan by ScrappingwithLiz

Fun photo sketching treatment! Love the selective coloring with the bright colors in the photos, the mix of wide angle and detail shots, the textures in the element choices. I like how your eye is drawn to the center from both sides, leading you right into the story.

2017 Reading List by kendallt

First, I want to reach out and touch it because the shadows are gorgeous! I love all the little bits and bobs clustered together, the mix of horizontal and vertical elements on the diagonal split. The grid holds the whole page together and almost makes me think of a bookshelf which just further reinforces the theme. Even the font choice screams out “real books”. Nicely done!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks today. Head on over to your favorite digi gallery and share a little love with your fellow scrappers today!



Finger Pointing – January 29th

29 Jan

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying the tail end of the weekend. I remain pretty much absent in the scrapping world still given that life and the day job have gotten in the way this past couple of weeks but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed catching up on all the delightful layouts that have been gracing the galleries! Let me share the gems I found for you today…

I would never have guessed that Laid Back Christmas by lynnpremo was, in fact, a Christmas page. I love the unusualness of this, the neutral tones and the sheer calmness. The fabulous photo treatment and the sketchy framing focus the eye on the detail and the flock of birds and text bottom and right provide the perfect visual triangle. A beautiful layout that inspires me to make a start on my unusual December stories for 2016!

I always admire travel pages and Antibes by Dady caught my eye immediately. I particularly like that the different sized squares, so uniform and precise, reveal parts of the photo and the super blending is the foundation for the layout. Again, beautiful tones make this page so soft on the eye. A very clever page!

My next pick really made me catch my breath when I spotted it in the gallery. Change by fanon is a perfect example of less being more. By choosing just a few elements, fanon has really made her adorable photo’s stand out and the little pops of colour, a dainty bow and the stencilled-look title finish this project off perfectly. Absolutely gorgeous!

Changing up the tempo a little is Photoless Style by flowersgal. I can’t begin to tell you how much the mix of word art and journaling resonate with me right now. I like the page design, the large, bold block that is powerful in it’s own right and the supporting journaling that explains some thoughts that a lot of us consider from time to time. When my confidence wanes, I’m going to revisit this super layout!

The crop and beautiful tone of the photo on Me by paperandglitter sparked my curiosity and led me to take a closer look. Gentle layering cushions the photo and I love the little swan that is tucked in there! The geometric shapes tie the focus of the page to the word art and date while the coloured strokes, black and white matting and the little gold clips add an unusual touch. A beautiful, soft page!

As we’re heading into the month of love next week and the stores are filling up with Valentine goodies, I thought it fitting to end off my post tonight with a beautiful ‘love’ page, Together Two Years by Amy L. I like how the closeness of the cute couple in the photo is mirrored in the layers and elements that are so closely knit. The soft paint and drawn frames add interest while the black and white frame draws the photo out nicely. The title work does a fine job of telling the story and I love the additional journaling supporting the content of this page. Finished off with those cute little flairs with hearts , this is such a sweet layout!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today. If you get a chance, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artist. Have a good week and I’ll see you in the galleries! Take care, bye bye!


Finger Pointing — January 28th

28 Jan

Today’s post is dedicated to a truly wonderful artist, who brought much joy to the digital scrapbooking world through her wonderful, imaginative style. Cinzia DiCesare Loosemore, who will be greatly missed. In her honor, today’s picks all focus on great photography and whimsy, two things I admired so much about Cinzia’s style.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Drop Caps by Kegger

This amazing photo drew me right in, and the story is captivating. I feel like we are moving back to England with her, and I’m on the edge of my seat to see how it works out! Love the map background, fading to allow the journal spot to be more visible. Great column style for the text, that made it nice and easy to read. I like that each column starts a new thought. The whimsical arrows keep us moving through the journaling and across the photo, a clever idea for a one-photo page. The word strips in the center of the photo are a striking embellishment.

Anthro by Ashleyhorton010675

This is such a fun way to celebrate much-loved bowls! I get a huge kick out of the varied subjects scrapbookers come up with! Love the two-edge stitched-down paper against the wood background. The beautiful flowers combine with the fun elements like the date stamp and speech bubble to make this an unusual and fun layout. And, it’s a real paper layout, which I always enjoy. The stitched flower and word art are nice final touches!

Colorado Beauty by Danesa

I love the way those beautiful photos hug the edge of this page. This is an unusual use of white space that really appealed to me. I like the text word art incorporated into the design, and the bare facts approach to the journaling, that tells us all we need to know about the page. The strategically dropped paint and coffee stain are nice touches to give it some artistic interest.

2017 plans for you by kim517

The pastel paper strips against the pretty grey floral background make a great home for the journaling bits. I like how she included snippets of her hopes and plans for the year on a variety of tape, arrows, banners and tags. Fun shadow work, and of course I like the whimsical feel of the hot air balloon and hearts. But most of all I liked the optimism and hope she conveys in this page.

light of my life by AliceM

I love the horizontal flow of the stack supporting the photo on this page. The light bulbs were such a cute embellishment, creating the perfect title opportunity! That asymmetrical triangle in the corner is a great design touch, and the whole page is nicely balanced with the little cluster in the opposite corner. Pretty pops of color, and the photo crop is genius.


Going Gluten Free by hillareyd

This has such a fun tone to document a new life style! Love the crocheted vegetables, chalkboard menu board, and generally fun feel to this. Great idea to memorialize not just the diet, but the new phase in life!

I hope you loved today’s picks too! If so, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some love. Have a great weekend!


Finger Pointing-January 26th

26 Jan

The weekend is almost here! It’s been lightly snowing here all morning so I’ve been doing some scrapping of my own. Now, I’d like to take a break and share some inspiration from the galleries. I always love finding layouts that not only catch my eye but also spark some new ideas or techniques to try. This is Jana and I’m so excited to share these standouts with you today.

Family Meeting by Marleen. I have always enjoyed Marleen’s artistry. This one is absolutely charming and I think it would make a cute greeting card too. She did a fabulous job using a drawing as her focal point and by adding a few simple “ingredients,” turned it into an artsy layout. No photos needed. Splatters, loops, lines and Japanese symbols (I think anyway) and a great use of white space lead the eye right into the sketch. The warm colors really pop and what a clever title!

Japanese Garden at The Huntington by OKate is truly a gorgeous piece! The geometric frames are a unique way to showcase her focal photo and I love how she just clipped one photo in the multiple spaces. I also love how she echoed the triangles with the brush work behind them. The full-page photo is beautifully blended and makes the perfect background. This layout makes me want to go see this Japanese garden.

***Note*** The Japanese theme in the above pages were entirely coinsedental but I rather like that!

Adventures and Memories by Jana_NJ. This page totally intrigued me when I spotted it in the gallery. I’m a big fan of this artist and her techniques. You can clearly see the focal photo inside the circle frame but notice the cool edit. The same photo has been repeated with a more sketch like edit and used as the background paper. She added lots of layers of awesome brush work, colors and various elements to create a fabulous work of art. Love this!

Hello Paris by scrapaholic is another unique layout I found today. This artist also used a sketch effect on her full-page photo. The sidewalk is such a strong leading line to the focal point and I love the framed person walking. The photo/sphere is very interesting and this pop of color is brilliant! I love the reflection and this sculpture reminds me of “The Bean” in Chicago. The title and journaling set at the top of the page is a perfect balance.

Alone by Sweetie Pie is certainly a strong visual image. The abstract background is a wonderful mix of brush work and paint, providing  yummy layers of textures. The photo is very powerful along with the letter tiles spelling out her emotion of pain. With the photo placed off the edge of the page, it emphasizes her feelings of being alone as well. That’s such a wonderful technique to use! Her title word art…perfect way to convey the meaning of this layout.

My final pick today is a very striking one. New Style by Flo06nice. First of all, the photo is adorable and I love the black & white edit. The background colors echo the B/W look but with some painted strokes. This page has some strong angles which really gives this a lot of visual interest and design. I love the filmstrips, again repeating the black & white theme. The big bursts of color with the flowers and elements, and the bold yellow paint stroke at the bottom are gorgeous and really bring this whole piece to life. Great title word art too!

Today I tried to bring you some inspiration for trying new ideas and techniques. I hope you’ll try some of them and then post in the galleries for all of us to see. You can click on the title links and find out more details on these standouts were created. You might also leave some nice comments for the artists. Enjoy and happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – January 23rd

23 Jan

I know Monday is not a favorite for many, but for me today is a good day. I had the opportunity to wander through the galleries looking for outstanding layouts and as you know there are many from which to choose. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

I really like the split framing in Winter Wonderland by Chloe.  Turning the photos (which are stunning by the way) black and white emphasizes her theme. The clusters are cool and sparkly, perfect for her layout. I admit to a brief chuckle when reading her journaling.

I found another gorgeous photo in A Perfect View by Heather Prins. Keeping it large and masking it across the center of the page places the focus where it really belongs. The bits of gesso and stamping in black add texture without detracting from the clean look of the layout. The title work is exceptional, framed by the circular branch and cluster of leaves with the beaded word carefully placed on top.

The color palette in Bare Feet by jetje, really caught my eye. It works so well and seems to extend her photo. The flowers sprinkled about are so pretty and that tiny ladybug is a pop of red in her otherwise purple and green landscape. I can’t read the journaling but she mentions that her kids loved walking along this muddy path. There’s no accounting for taste.

If you are going to scrap about your pet I say keep it large and that’s exactly what happens in Willy by kathie02. I really like the way she balanced her design by placing Willy on the right with the title work on the left. Instead of obscuring the line in the cement she actually incorporates it by adding a doodle border. The strip across the bottom and the stitched circles extending the diagonal finish things off just right!

I’m a big fan of a block design like I found in Hello Life by mimisgirl. The square in the center with photos and journal cards in opposite corners is very striking. She manages to make the predominantly black and pink palette work with her photos by using a neutral background. The little details like the arrow pointing to the stapled date tag, sketchy lines and bits of paint make this one a standout.

I’ll be honest; the simplicity of Home by EHStudios made me pause and nearly left me breathless. The text in a circle with the tiny flower wrapped beside, the title work, photo and bit of journaling around two sides add together to equal perfection. As an aside, the journaling is amazing to read.

I’m almost sad that I’ve come to the end of my post. I hope I have inspired you even in a small way and if you have a minute please click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love.


Finger Pointing – January 22th

22 Jan

Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! I have been peeking in the galleries and I would love to show some of the layouts that really caught my eye. I hope they bring you some nice scrapping inspiration! So let’s take a look!

2017 Christmas Cactus times by easyeyes4you

What a beautiful page! I so love the dimension and perspective! The masking and blending is very well done here! I love the colors and beautiful brush work too, and the scribbles and lines give it a bit of movement. It all works together perfectly!

Resolutions by jaye

What a fresh and beautiful page! I love the colors together with the Black and White photo. That photo is pretty awesome too! Awesome layering and design! A great page to look at! I hope that many doors will open for her!

Oh deer! By SonjaS

Fantastic page! Love this artsy beautiful phototreatment in the photo and in the whole layout! Beautiful white space balance and an awesome blending at the top of the page! I love the colors together too! It all is so pleasing for the eye! Great winter feel she created!

Princess by mymalloryboys

What an adorable and joyful page! I so love all the hearts (must have taken her forever) and all the beautiful colors. That photo of the girl with her crown is so sweet! Very awesome layering and design. I get happy looking at it!

Anaphora by Adryane

Way cool and awesome! That’s what I thought when I saw it in the gallery! This lady has such  great style and creativity! I love this artwork! The design, the colors, the birds. She even wrote that her son is in there! Well I keep looking and looking! It became a very interesting abstract piece of art with a wonderful energy to it!

MOC5-21 by jjpederson125

This page jumped on me as I saw it! I love to see a dark background with everything popping out like that! Don’t know why but I hardly ever work with a dark blackground! In this page it’s so very effective and beautiful! Love the glow as the title already says it, and the wonderful song lyric and journaling. And yes we must always try to find the glow in those dark hard times!

That’s it for now! I hope you’ve found inspiration in the Standouts I’ve chosen (I sure did!)! I’ll see you all in the galleries and forums again real soon! Stay warm! Until next time! Happy scrapping!