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Finger Pointing – April 30

30 Apr

Hello and welcome, everyone! Katherine here on this rainy Sunday with some real beauties for you! I hope you enjoy my choices!

Starting us off is this beauty by amandaresende with no title. Really adore the composition and eclectic feel here, and those pinks and greens together are simply delicious! Love the artists’ perspective on that stellar image, too!

Next I have this super adorable Standout title Flamingo Romper by marnie333. The dreamy feel here is absolutely spectacular! LOVE the out of bounds/spill over with the image on the left. The layout artists’ masking/blending technique is so masterful! And those images … soooooo precious!

I gasped out loud when I came across this next Standout by margje titled Healthy living, and I have a rule, if it makes me gasp, it goes on the blog. LOL! Seriously though, this is absolutely stellar digital work! So brilliantly creative the way the artist not only composed the layout, but her masking and blending is absolutely amazing! I’d pick this one as a Standout every day of the week if I could!

Up next is this STUNNER titled Family Story by Traumelfe. Really LOVE the design, and all the artsy goodness! The processing on the candid is so gorgeous, and I love how the layout artist has framed it with all the dashed lines and brushy goodness! A really, really GORGEOUS work of art!

I really adore the traditional feel in this next Standout by Nath_ titled Hello. The natural color palette is the perfect backdrop for those beautiful images! I really love the stitched pocket, too! It’s the perfect spot for that full length photo!

Wrapping things up for us today is this GORGEOUS work of art titled Hang in There by dawninskip. Such an amazing photo-less layout with a very powerful sentiment! Everything about this is just perfect. I hope the layout artist prints and frames it, it so deserves to be hanging on a wall somewhere.

And with that, it’s a wrap for me! I really hope you’ve found inspiration in my choices! I’ll see you all in the galleries again real soon! Blessings to all of you! XO


Finger Pointing – April 29th

29 Apr

Happy Saturday Everyone!

With NSD just a week away, I have been buried in design work, so it was especially nice to take a break and stroll through a few galleries to find these beauties to share with you.

Beatricemi – The Story

I like the simple composition of this layout and the neutral palette with those wonderful pops of blue really stood out in the gallery.  But my favorite part is the crop on the photos that capture that beautiful, expressive little face and the hands hiding it.  I also like the way Beatricemi has broken up the journaling and curved it around the photos.  For me it is the finishing touch that ties everything together perfectly.

Pixie – Reading

As an amateur genealogist who actually came to digi scrapping through that hobby, I love heritage layouts, especially this one.  I think the photo is priceless and love how it ties in with the reading quote.  Reading was the door to so many of our ancestors dreams and to see that idea scrapped so simply, yet completely, is very inspiring to me.  I really appreciate the soft palette too, especially that beautiful green viney, leaf paper on the bottom half that makes me think of (family) roots.

Kythe – Great Grandmother

Here is another wonderful heritage page that caught my eye.  I love the photo effect and the brushwork — it makes it seem like the picture came straight from an old sketch pad.  The addition of the fountain pen and tag further enhance that imagery, as do the old books behind the photo.  The brushwork in the background also adds to the old time charm and does the vintage lace.  The cluster is well done and helps ground the rest of the layout while adding a few pops of color to the neutral palette.

anny-libelle – Growing with Love

Great brushwork and that gorgeous photo are what drew me to this layout.  I love the blending on this page — not just on the background, with its wonderful paint splatters and long running drops, but also in the mixing of mediums and elements, particularly the real looking flowers and doodled greenery.  It’s such a fresh, fun combination.  I also love the journaling quotes and how they tie in to the written title advising the viewer to decorate their own soul and watch something wonderful grow.  A lovely page and message.

Mother Bear – Summer 2016

I am a huge fan of clustering done well and Mother Bear does it extremely well.  Her side clusters are so full and fabulous, taking in all the individual pieces is almost impossible on the first pass.  Fortunately going back for a second or third look is well worth the journey.  Not to be outdone by her amazing clusters is that gorgeous photo.  The effect she used on it makes it feel incredibly serene while creating a beautiful, yet neutral, backdrop for all the clustered goodies.  The addition of stitches and paint to create a frame is a nice finishing touch.

ScrappinRae – Perfection

My final choice, Perfection by ScrappinRae, jumped out from the gallery and yelled pick me and I wasn’t about to refuse.  I love the blend and crop on the photo that brings that little cutie into full focus.  The mix of blue and orange is soft, yet striking and fun!  Both clusters are well done, especially the shadowing, and the mix of water colors, paint splatters and doodles are fun additions to the perfect boy page.

That’s it for me.  I hope enjoyed the pages I shared as much as I enjoyed the design break.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memorykeepers.  Thanks!  :)






Finger Pointing – April 28th

28 Apr

Hello! Its Deborah and it is a gloomy Friday here in Minnesota, but I found some glorious color in the galleries. Here are my picks for today:

Good Vibes by Kayleigh

Talk about color – Could you find a more vibrant layout than this one? It screams, “Spring!”. The circle anchors the page perfectly, and she has done a super job of embellishing and layering. She is a master at shadowing, too.

En Randonnee by Dady

This layout makes me happy. The photo is quietly beautiful, and the sketching outside of the frame compliments its quietness. Her embellishing is simple but very sweet, especially the boots on the bottom of the page. Love the mood of this darling page.

Weekend Vibes by kaphelps

Love the simplicity of this layout. The title work, framing and overlay all work together to draw your eye to the action. The blue paint is the perfect finishing touch, and gives the page a feeling of serenity. Great work!

Champ de Colza by Cocodou

The background photo is amazing and looks like it goes on forever. Her yellow brushwork emphasizes the seemingly never-ending fields of flowers. I have never heard of Champ de Colza but after looking at this stunning page, I want to visit. Even on a rainy day, it is gorgeous! The contrast between the bright flowers and the dark clouds is striking. Beautifully done!

Flirty Girl by Weaselwatchr

Doesn’t it look like  little flirty girl is going to reach out and swat the flowers? The photo is so sharp and clear, and the flower clusters are realistic, too. Everything is perfectly placed to create a little piece of magic for the kitty and us!


Adventure, The Great Outdoors by Ga_L

This page has so many awesome details. I love the circle framing the part of the photo that spills out of the conventional frame, the cute tree brush work, the camera grounding her title, and the pops of red that bring so much energy to her fabulous layout. Love this adventure!



Finger Pointing – April 27th

27 Apr

I was so happy to find so many uplifting and fun pages to showcase today! As always, looking around in the galleries was such a delight! I hope these pages bring you as much joy as they did for me.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Duly noted by lindyshay

Nothing better than a good dog selfie to start the day! I love the simplicity of this design, with the big, bold deep-shadowed circles. Too cute. Great doggie photos. That dog has some personality! The simple text lines and pretty yellow drew me in (right after the awww, look at the dog! moment). The little wire heart is a simple and sweet adornment, and the sticker word art is a great final touch. I like it.

Chronicles of a naturalist by mediterranka

This page has such a great feel, doesn’t it? I love the ethereal quality to the photo, but even more, I love that the child is sketching outdoors. That just made me glad. All of the elements are beautifully placed. I enjoyed the little definitions, the library card, the beautiful florals. Just stunning.

Mrs. Garris, K4, by Stephanie Buice

I am always on the lookout for a great real-paper design! When I first saw this one I thought oh, what a clever idea to incorporate the real tools onto a digital page! It made me laugh to realize it is a photo of the real life page and real life tools. Wouldn’t that be so fun to replicate digitally though! The depth she created with the cuts on the flowers was a super touch. I really like the way she did the journaling with some of the words popped out onto cut-outs. The title work matches the theme nicely, and the little file label frame with the pretty quote are lovely. The best part though is the story of the child’s first day of kindergarten with this lovely teacher. I really must try incorporating real looking tools onto a digital page now!

interview by zinzilah

I like a good interview page! It’s a really fun idea to interview yourself, so this AAM page called to me. I like the map paper and title work. I read each line of this, and felt I came away from this knowing the artist a little better. That’s something we don’t get to do often enough as scrapbookers, give just a glimpse through a simple technique like an interview. It’s a great photo too, and matted against the map paper it seems full of possibilities, particularly given her answer about getting stronger. The use of the yellow bits in the paint, ampersand tag and butterfly offset the neutral colors just enough. Well done.

cartwheel by melscrap

I spent five days in March trying to get a good shot of a cartwheel, so I am seriously impressed by this photo! This is not an easy shot to get! And then look at how she did the text along the slant of the sidewalk in the photo, how cute is that?! This photo really worked for the full page photo look, and she accented it with just the right amount of word strips and whimsical elements. Love the celebratory banner and paint to use up some of the unnecessary white space and make it fun! This one has me smiling big.

Jake by maureenreynolds

Anytime someone used florals effectively on a masculine page, it gets my attention. That fan pattern with the beautiful floral paper is an incredibly beautiful design. I liked the fact that Maureen chose to use that non-traditionally masculine look on a page about a grandson going off to start the next phase of life. The repeat word art is evocative to the theme. There are some nice, subtle details, like the fern, studious owl flair and word strips, that all contribute nicely to the positive feel of this page.

Wow, I can’t believe how amazing the pages were today! If you love today’s picks too, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some well-deserved praise. Have a great weekend!


Finger Pointing – April 26th

26 Apr

Hi everyone! Jeanine here on the night half Holland celebrates Kingsnight in the bars and pubs and even in the cold outside. Tomorrow king Willem Alexander celebrates his 50th birthday and the streets of the villages and cities will be filled with people who want to make a little money with their garage sales, it’s a tradition to have garage sails on Kingsday. Others stroll through the stalls and stands to find something they maybe weren’t even looking for to find a bargain or two. I found something too! I found six gorgeous pages to hopefully inspire you and be a delight for your eyes!

Monthly Muse by AmandaJ This is so awsome and creative! A sweet tribute to a mom! And it looks so real also! Like you could pick one of the branches and put it somewhere else. This is a wonderful tribute to Amanda’s mom!

Robolivers Granny Mae Another touching tribute to a wonderful and sweet woman, Granny Mae! I love the use of colors and bold paintstrokes here. Everything on this page in my opinion is carefully chosen and placed to honor this granny. Love it how all the elements and words surround and embrace her.

Your Classic Photobook vol13 by Skripka  Wow, these pictures are stunning!! And the colorcombination is too! The turqoise, pink and orange work so well together and it makes me want to join the party! Must be great fun with that clown too! Love the clean approach here, it needs nothing more to dress it up!

Tatiana by Maxi B As far as I’m concerned this could be a Renaissance painting from an old master! Beautiful blended with the leaves on the back of the girl. Love the dreamyness and her look downwards. Is she expecting someone? I can look for ages at this one, making up a story in my mind.

Kellygirl made this beautiful AJ page Keeping a Diary! I love everything about this page, the bold colors, the funny pink ‘glasses’, the scribbles, the quote, the stamps, the messy black frame and the big wasp on her head. This kind of pages inspire me to make pages out of my comfort zone!

Butterfly by Madi Another wow! The frames are used so clever, following the shape of the wings of the butterfly. Love how Madi brightened the center of the butterfly and softened the tips of the wings. Very creative and very beautiful!! And I love that quote, it gives hope, something we all need sometimes.

These were my choices. I hope you like them and hopefully inspire you too! Wishing you a wonderfull end of the day and see you next time!


Finger Pointing – April 25

25 Apr

Hello there friends!!  Today as I was browsing through the galleries, I was struck by how blessed we are to be part of such a wonderful community! Even though we don’t all “hang-out” at the same sites, we all share the love and passion for scrapping – be it digital or paper.  We all have that one common thread that ties us together and I am certain someone looking in from the outside just might not understand! :-)   I hope that you are as happy to be part of the scrapping community as I am!  Okay, enough of that sappy stuff – on with just a few of the beautiful pages I spied today!

The design of this page, My Girl, by Bright Eyes really caught my eye.  I love that she has layered elements on top of and under the precious photo, and the placement of the butterflies is perfect, giving true ‘life’ to the page.  The arrangement of the elements and photo of her lovely great-granddaughter on her page at an angle is superb!

With all of that beautiful white space, Sucali‘s Real Moms page popped out from her gallery at me!  The subtle coloring of the paint splatters adorning her page are wonderful!  It drew my eye directly to the sweet photo and fun elements (and that awesome shadow work!).  The touch of the blue cropped paper and teeny elements on the bottom of the page bring it all together!  Love this so much!!

I think the photo that Cinna scrapped for the April 17 – Random Challenge is so cool!  I wonder where her adventure is taking her!  The colored paper at the top and bottom of her page gives her layout pizzazz – and pages with pizzazz are what scrapping is all about!!

This layout, aptly named Best Photo Ever is filled with so many awesome layers!!  akizo‘s use of the different patterned papers along with the lace edges gives her page interest and depth!  And golly, could that photo be ANY more perfect!  The little tab elements stuck in between the layers is so creative!!  What’s not to love about her page!!?

Well since I showcased a photo of fingers giving the “peace” sign – I will move on to cute little toes relaxing in the sun!  Isn’t this a fun photo that KittyY snapped during her recent spring break?  Her page, Watching makes me smile, because I know she is relaxing … and because she’s used so many fun colors on her page!  I love that she has some of the elements oriented vertically and others horizontally – that’s a great way to draw the viewer in for a closer look!

Okay friends, those are my picks for this edition of Finger Pointing – hope you all have a super day!  Until next time – happy scrapping!!






Finger Pointing-April 24th

24 Apr

Hi everyone! Here we are on the last Monday of the month…already! I think a lot of people had a chance to scrap some memories over the weekend. The galleries were brimming with beautiful pages. I had company over the weekend, so no scrapping for me. However, I had a chance to this morning and that’s always a great way to start a new week. Let me show you my picks for today.

When the Storm Hits by dotcomkari

I always love a great art journal page and this one is outstanding! The sketches are just wonderful on the blue background and I love how she created four distinct panels on this page. That really helps tell the story and convey the various messages and mood here. Messy scribbles and fun brush work always add to almost any art journal page.  The colored word art “RAINBOW” in the title really pops and made me smile. Rainbows always bring joy and hope, don’t you think!

Spring by JenEm

This layout caught my eye when I saw a shadow, rather than a photo. I knew I wanted to take a closer look. What a unique way to illustrate a self portrait! The journaling strips are gently tucked behind the “photo” and contain words of fresh thoughts and hopes for spring, the season of new beginnings. I love the little yellow flowers echoing the yellow daffodils and of course the green title and ribbon flowing down add just the right touches to complete this page.

Love, love, love this by myssp

Gorgeous, gorgeous prom page! I love this photo of the young couple because it clearly is non-posed and simply captures a moment in time. Let’s be honest, most prom photos are posed, which is fine, but I think this is wonderful. This artist gently faded the full-page photo into the striped background paper, which totally compliments the black tux and the red dress. She added a cluster in one corner and sprinkled some little red hearts in two corners. An elegant word art title finished this beautifully.

promenade dans le port by myla

This is a very striking layout! The blue and white color palette displays such a simple elegance. I love the full-page photo and how it’s blended into the background. This artist created a wonderful sketch effect and the blue birds are a delightful touch. The leading lines across the bottom and along the right edge are excellent features and add to the perspective of this photo. This page makes me want to go on a cruise!

Lunch Date by MamaBee

Love this sunshiny layout! Yellow, green, orange and teal….yummy colors! Looks like someone sure has a cute date for lunch. Love his big smile and the big title at the bottom of the page. The wood veneer chevrons point right to the focal point and the clusters behind the photo and all around the page are so bright and fun! The big partial sun and the the sun print paper really scream happy sunshine!

April Ditty by Traumelfe

I leave you with this gorgeous spring layout! It’s a wow and it really popped out of the gallery. This artist creatively blended the yellow flowers with masks and added stellar brush work. I adore the raindrops; perfect for April showers. Beautiful colors throughout and the title word art has a blending mode that adds to the overall beauty.

That’s a wrap for me this evening. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed today’s standouts and got inspired to create some layouts of your own. Feel free to click on the provided links for more details on each page and/or to leave some love for these talented artists.