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Finger Pointing-May 31st

31 May

Hi everyone! It’s the last day of May! Unbelievable how fast this year is zooming by! We had a crazy busy weekend with a wedding, an uncle’s 100th birthday party, and traveling out of state. I’m enjoying being at home today and catching up on things. I found some wonderful layouts in the galleries to share with you. I hope you’ll be inspired.

Let’s start with this whimsical page, ahhhh by debby todd. That girl is darling and I love the little butterfly on her nose and her straw hat! There are a lot of beautiful layers and textures here and so many cute elements all around. The black circle brush leads the eye to all of them and helps ground everything together. The chevrons are a great accent as well.

Lost in the moment by veer is a beautiful beach page! I know summertime is just around the corner and lots of people will enjoy those days at the beach. Her blending is gorgeous and I love how she framed the focal point/subject. Using script and word art brushes are a wonderful way to add texture to just about any layout and as you can see, is perfect on this one. And seashells…a must for any beach page!

I couldn’t resist another fabulous beach page today,  COCOA BEACH by bbe. I think the blended background is just gorgeous and the echo of the lighthouse behind the photo is striking! Creating a scene, such as you see here, and then adding a photo is really a beautiful way to create an artsy layout. Love the ripped frame and the pelican cluster!

My People Live in the Grey Area by chickypow is a striking layout using white space! I like the horizontal and clean page design. Sometimes just a few photos and words is all you need to tell your story. I also like how she used a journal card in place of a photo. Great placement of the title and text!

Take a look at this next layout; so eye catching! Botswana by MerylBartho Using a globe for world travel just makes sense. It sure is a wonderful way to showcase multiple photos. I love the angle and also the reflection. Most of all, I keep looking at all of the photos of a place I’ll probably never see. So awesome! The title and date are placed just right and the stitching gives this page a nice border.

I leave you now with Today We Explore by Rae. That beautiful Dalmatian caught my eye right away! I love how this layout is from his or her perspective, out to explore. The background colors and the map overlay lend themselves to an outdoor adventure so beautifully. This artist did a wonderful job putting together so many layers and textures, especially around the photo. Love it all!

Thanks to all of these amazing artists for sharing their talents with us and getting us inspired to scrap some pages of our own! I know if my mojo disappears, I can always find inspiration in the galleries. Hope you do too! You can always click on the title links to visit the individual galleries and please leave a comment when you do. The artists always appreciate that.  I am headed out on vacation so I will be back here later in June. Happy scrapping!


Fingerpointing – May 30th

30 May

The pool opened this weekend so we spent lots of time there. The weather cooperated except for a couple of late afternoon showers. It’s so quiet today after the long weekend, the perfect time to browse the galleries looking for standouts. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

I love the perspective in the photo in Wander by Corrin and of course there is always something so engaging about a photo captured from behind. I like the angles on the patterned papers and the way they peek out ever so slightly. Combining the journal card with the photo of the same size makes for a classy layout design. Her elements are small and not distracting and I like the combination of the wire and sticker clouds. Finally her journaling is heartfelt and a sweet read.

I found more great perspective in Breeze by anke55. We seem to be looking up and from behind at the outdoor tables with the gorgeous red umbrellas. The masking is perfect and emphasizes the focal point. I like the texture added by the paints, scribbles and bit of gesso in the corner. The pop of red in the ink splotch and tiny flower echo the red in the umbrellas. The slight tilt to the title and journaling finish off the layout just right.

It was the layout title that drew me in to Grow (a/k/a, I am weirdly and unexpectedly excited about gardening!) by ElizabethW. And of course I had to take it a step further and read the journaling, which is charming by the way. Her layout design is so clean beginning with the blue cardstock as the foundation. I like the white stroke around the photo framing the title on both sides. The single orange button and the word strips are perfectly placed. The little cluster at the bottom, placed atop the paint, supports and emphasizes her theme.

The layout design in Mallorca by Roxana is so striking. The white background is the ideal choice for the black, red and yellow design elements. While the majority of the elements are horizontally placed, the overlapping circles surrounded by dots walk the eye diagonally across the page. I love the way she cut her title out of the photo allowing the white to show through.

I’m always looking for creative ways to use the journal cards found in so many digital kits and Paradise by Sucali uses no fewer than three. I love the photo treatment which really makes the brightly colored floaties pop. I like the angled strips placed across the top and bottom, framing the page. The script title work is so pretty and the few embellishments wrap things up expertly.

Reading the story behind Pilgrimage by Squeak actually gave me chills. How thrilling to have photos taken in the same venue nearly seventy years apart. The layout design is simple, placing the emphasis on the very special photos. Even so, there are little touches like the paper bits, scribbles and text behind, that add interest. The red spatter brings out the red in the right hand photo and the painted border frames the page flawlessly.

I’ve come to the end of my post as always. I hope you will take the time to click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some praise. Thanks and have a great week.






Finger Pointing – May 29th

29 May

Finger Pointing – May 29th

It’s Juli here again and it’s time to wrap up Memorial Day weekend here in the US.  I hope those of you living in the US enjoyed your long weekend.  For me it was the perfect combination of family, friends, honoring those who served and getting some time out on the boat.  The summer heat is definitely upon us in Florida, so I’m looking forward to all that brings like vacation and having my kids home from school for the summer.  Today I have some great picks for you.  It looks like many of you fellow scrappers were busy this weekend scrapping your memories…so let’s get on to today’s featured layouts.

My first pick is this incredibly layered and decked out page by titled Boho by mrsashbaugh.  As I just stated, the layering on this layout is so incredible!  I just love all the layers of paper and clustering of elements. The use of great shadowing gives everything the perfect bit of depth.  Little details like the lace and the paint are really spot on as well.  Finally the rich the colors really draw you in.  I just love every little bit of this layout!

Next we have this layout titled Gerald the Bird by yellowpeep.  This layout really stood out in the gallery for me.  I think it’s the use of the bold color on the white background – it’s so graphic and fun!  I really love the shadowing used here too!  Everything has just the right depth and it makes this look like a paper page.  Finally the use of the angle here is so striking!  It really makes you want to jump in read the journaling to find out more about this bird.

My third pick is titled Oh The Places We Can Go by Carrie1977.  I was originally drawn in by the tabs at the top of the page.  Then I started looking at these photos and reading the story.  Carrie is scrapping pictures of her parents’ new motorcycle and the adventures they have had – which is so cool!!!   I jut love all the fun paints and blending she did on the background.  And then the old school slide frames are just perfect.  Everything on this page mixes together beautifully – it’s a bit of adventure traveling around the page taking in all the little details.  Such a fun page! 

Next up we have a photoless page by fruitysuet title Hunting (Dream Home).  The large chevron caught my eye and then all the journaling.  The scrapper is describing the pain in moving and trying to find a new home.  I like the way the journaling is shaped to mimic the chevron stripes; this really makes the eye go towards the adorable house cluster.  The detail on the left side scallop is great too! I love the addition of the paint, scribbles and buttons – it just makes everything meld together beautifully.

This next layout looks so calm and cool that I couldn’t help featuring it!  Take me to the sea by tanpopo features an artistic look with some incredible blending.  I just love how the whole page feels like it’s floating.  The stenciled look to the background makes the whole page look like it has movement.  The layering here is just awesome!  I just love the depth the scrapper created with her shadows and stacking of elements. The pop of yellow makes the whole page feel light and fun.  Such a gorgeous page!

My final pick for this holiday weekend is Currently by Tracermajig.  I have to say that I needed to do a triple look to make sure this wasn’t a hybrid or paper layout. The shadowing here is just amazing!  Plus just look at all these little details.  So many fun things to look at!!  I love how she grouped the elements and ribbons by color – what an amazing look!  The little pictures are the perfect addition to help tell her store of what is currently going on in her life.  Finally the black stripes just make the mix of all the colors and the white totally pop.  This is such a wow page!!!

As this holiday weekend comes to a close and we move forward in to summer I hope that all of you will remember to pick up your cameras more each day and snap those everyday life photos.  Before you know the years have sped by and while you might selfishly take pictures to have something to scrap, down the road you will be so happy to have these memories!


Finger Pointing – May 28

28 May

Hi, everyone! Katherine here with today’s round of AMAZING standouts! Being able to spend time in the galleries this evening was such a nice distraction from all the crazy busy from this holiday weekend. Inspiration abounded! My favorite six-ish were these:

Starting us off tonight is this delightful photo-less work of art titled Artful Marks by Traumelfe. I absolutely adore what the layout artist has done here. The grunge-y painterly feel is just splendid, and I so love the pinks, yellows and greens together, really makes for a striking color combination!

I had a tremendously difficult time choosing between these next two Standouts and decided to point to them both! This first one by Barbara Houston is titled Soul Shining Stuff. The design here is just amazing! The placement of the mixed media sun and the daisy is just brilliant!

This second one titled Summer Adventure by zlemon is an absolute STUNNER! The image is so breathtaking, and like the layout above, placement of the mixed media sun is absolutely brilliant! The masking is flawless, and I love the romantic feel the text lends to the overall layout.

Just like the previous two layouts, I had a terribly difficult time choosing between these next two art journaling layouts and ended up choosing both. Both were created by the ever so talented patsyt and the first one is titled If You Want To Know Where Your Heart Is, and the second one, She Was Free. Both are just so gorgeous! Love all the grunge-y everything! LOL!

Next I have this beauty by jwalls 39 titled HARD TIMES. I really love how the layout artist opened her journaling by talking about scrapbooking not having to always be about “the good … the great and the best,” I think we forget about that sometimes, and this is such a powerful reminder of just that. I really love the raw emotion here, too.

Up next is this fabulous photo-less layout titled Moving by lovemuffin. Such a wonderful way to document this adventure. Love the little cityscape, and all the grunge-y-ness, too!

To wrap my post up I will leave you with this very powerful tribute titled Manchester by Applechick. “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion, people must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” ~ Nelson Mandela


Finger Pointing – May 27

27 May

Finger Pointing – May 27

The galleries are alive with summer themed pages this weekend!  I have just realized that suddenly all the fruit in the grocery store looks and smells good; and it was time for me to get my hair cut (4 inches off the back!)…it must be that the summer vibe is alive out there and I’m loving it!!!  Bright colors, sunshine, kids laughing…they are all awesome things (well until it gets so hot that you can’t even stand to go outside). So today my layout picks are all about summer colors and themes.

My first pic is the sweet layout titled Delicious by Alannabanana. The small print background allows the pretty pink be the star of the show.  I just love all the layers on this from the flowers, to the string , to the washi.  The depth in this page is awesome and black just makes all the others pop!  The summery colors make that watermelon look extra tasty.  This layout is so fun and so vibrant…it just screams summer to me!

My next pick is Flip Flops by EllenT.  How could I not pick this fun page?  Not only is the theme super summery, but the colors are so fun!  I love how Ellen uses the sequins across the page along with paint to  spread the color around the page.  I also love the depth she creates with her ribbon, and flowers and the alphabet. The shadowing is spot on and creates just amount of depth!  The way she balanced the photo with a cluster is really brilliant, while not being overly symmetrical.  I just love all the fun bits sprinkled around the page, which keep your eye moving.  The longer you look the more details you see.

The next amazing layout is This Boy by kristalund.   I am such a sucker for pocket style scrapbook pages and Krista’s pages never disappoint!  I just love these colors with her son’s shirt – they are perfectly matched.  I also love all the little sprinkles and add ones she mixes in to the squares and below the word art. The whole page offers little bits of interest no matter where you look.  I just love this style!

My next pick today, STL Day Trip by Heidi Nicole, reminds me of summer road trips.  I adore the way she got so many pictures and the story on to one page! The mix of the cards, the photos and the story plus a little bit of word art is simply brilliant.  I think the whole page is fun and screams summer.   All the little details draw you and make you want to read and look more – which in my book makes for a fabulous page!

It isn’t summer without some time at the beach, right?  This page titled sun sand surf by Mother Bear totally captures the thrill and the beauty of being at the beach!   I just love large photo at the bottom that captures how much fun these kids are having in the surf and the smaller picture at the top compliments the large photo nicely.  All the elements clustered at the top with the banners is just gorgeous!  I love how she used the flowers with the shells and the animals. It all mixes together beautifully to give you the feel like you are right there at the beach with them.  The final and perfect accompaniment are the decorations at the bottom of the page. It’s just what this page needed for balanced and mixing a few more beachy elements makes it all work together beautifully!

Finally I chose this page by majula titled Lagerfeuer (which Google Translate says means campfire).  What is summer without a little camping?  I just love these pictures.  The kids look like they are having a great time at the campfire and making lots of summer memories!  I also like how she mixed the fire and the compass in with her flower clusters add just enough theme without being over the top.  The balance of the page is just perfect!  It makes me want to join in the fun!

I hope you enjoyed my summer themed pics for today!  I look forward to seeing more and more summer layouts in the galleries and getting to read about your family adventures!  So get out there and have some fun and then don’t forget to come back and scrap it!!


Fingerpointing – May 26th

26 May

Good Morning and a big ‘ol TGIF!  Brenda here, with your Friday edition of Gallery Standouts.  The sun is shining in my part of the world, but there is a threat of rain in the forecast for this afternoon.  I’m going to get straight to it this morning, so I can get out there and enjoy the sun while it’s still smiling down on us.  This is my time of year.

Anything is Possible by Traumelfe

I have to say that when I saw this page I thought, wow, this is busy.  The good kind of busy, you know?  There is so much to take in and it all flows so well.  Wonderful artistry, wonderful title and  I agree, anything is possible.

Hutt valley by LynnG

This is another great design.  What a nice mix of vintage and new, and Lynn’s black and white photo is very nice with such pretty shades of blue.  I’m always interested in seeing how people scrap their precious vintage photos and this one really caught my eye.  Well done!

Botanical by tiramisu

There are so many different ways to place your design on a page.  This one sits at the top and leaves plenty of nearly white space at the bottom.  For me, the blue colors on both the right and the left stand out.  Super cute photo and I love the little clip that holds the photo and those delicate greens together.  Plenty of texture and a great title, all add up to one gorgeous page.

Hold On by Jeanet

L.O.V.E  this page.  Everything works so well together.  I’d say it’s ArtJournaling at it’s finest.   Jeanet says after the week she’s had, she needed some scrap therapy.  It makes me wonder what kind of week she’s had but most of all, I hope it helped.

Moments in time by mediterranka

This is another vintage page that caught my eye.  Such beautiful blending and what a great black and white photo.  I adore the deep colored florals in the top left corner and again at the bottom right.  The quote is perfect and the vintage looking font is just right for this page.  Absolutely beautiful.

First day of school by Shivani.sohal

Isn’t this fun?  I love the multi-photo design (with both color and black & white)  and all of those smiles.  The large title looks great here, as well as the top and bottom borders.  In another ten years, this page will be treasured even more than it is today.

Thank to all for sharing this time with me.  I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s eyecandy and maybe even found some inspiration.  Wishing everyone a happy weekend!




Finger Pointing — May 25th

25 May

Hello – happy Thursday, we can almost see the weekend from here! I am delighted to bring you some super-inspired and well put-together projects for todays standouts. Come take a look and enjoy!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

This by bellbird

Oh, okay so that wasn’t actually the title bellbird gave this piece, but that word art popped out at me so I took the liberty of giving this page a title! In fact, I liked the way all of the little word strips worked to frame the inset portion of this piece! That sunburst photo made an amazing backdrop! Combined with all the little doo-dads and elements, some whimsical, some real-looking, this page is stunning.

Sandy Feet by JennyG67

I saw this page on a FB digiscrap group, and went searching for it (which reminds me to point out again that you never know where the GSO bloggers are going to see your creations, so be sure to post your beautiful art out there in digi-land! The more you post the more likely we’ll see it and love it!). I love the perspective on this page. The background looks like the water turned into paper turned into water again. I can’t honestly tell if it’s really the photo creating that background, or paper, but either way it turned this into art and I was quite drawn to it. The word art woven behind the extraction is very eye-catching. The elements adorning the corner are a nice touch.

Soul kitchen by Antonia

This is just fun! I absolutely love the way she did the title, that’s just super. There are some great elements used to create her “kitchen” here. There’s a companion page that gives us a lovely look at the cook! Well done, I love the super creative use of elements!

Top 10 vacation memories by stormchaser

I thought this was a very clever way to document an idea. She probably has loads of photos from each of the 10 vacations highlighted, but it’s left to our imagination to envision the places described. A fun, whimsical style that is fun to read. I particularly like the reminder to be happy! The speech bubbles make quite a statement (oh, a pun!). Great shadow work too.

Some see a weed card by Nimena

This card is so soft and beautiful, what a great use of materials! I love the asymmetrical stacking with the vellum. The gold brads make it quite elegant. Just lovely!

road trip by digi371

That color combination, between the b&w photos, kraft background, and pop of teal throughout, is just amazing! I love the bold, stamped title running down the side. Sherry did a nice job of delineating between the sites in her photos, and I like that she labeled each to the side. The brush overlay and painted page border really worked to tie it all together. I really like this one.

So hey, weren’t those terrific fun? If you like today’s picks, please click on the linked title and give the crafty ones some praise, they’ve earned it! Have a great weekend, everyone!