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Finger Pointing — July 31st

31 Jul

Welcome to the last post of July! Sit back and enjoy, we’ve got some fun for you today!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Saving Memories by shunnstergirl

We should all do a page like this one once in a while! Fabulous idea to put some of your favorite scrapbook pages on a page to showcase them! I love how the little layouts and favorite photos circle the focal photo. Great word art and embellishments scattered throughout. And the wood background made the perfect neutral backdrop. This is so adorable.

Play Soccer: Got Game? by SonjaC

I am always on the lookout for paper pages that could be made digitally, and this one just jumped out at me. This took some work to make by hand, clearly! I love that explanation Sonja provided about how her son learned his skills, and also about the process for creating this page. That’s a cool chalk look on the grass and for the signals on the grid background. Great elements tie this together in a very all-boy sports page. Loved it.

Drama-in-5 by alannabanana

If a page makes me laugh out loud I’m pretty likely to consider it a standout, and this one totally cracked me up. Love that monster background, great slanted word art, pouty photo and the general theme to this one. Who hasn’t experienced the small child time-out-provoking tantrum?! That border around the background paper is awesome, very vibrant and energetic. Very fun page that will probably make the subject laugh (later, much later!).

Young Love by JaneD

Oh my, this is so romantic, isn’t it? That textured photo printing had an amazing impact. This is another wonderful real-life paper project, and it just sang to me from the gallery. I love the combination of materials, tags and frames Jane used to house the journaling, accented with the sweet hearts. The embossed copper circle tucked in above the photos is a great touch, with that sprinkling of stars. This is just lovely.

beautiful day by JenEm

That’s way cool! I love the combination of the waves she created behind the photo, and the bracketed framing of the horizontal photo. That subtle sky coloring adds a lovely dimension too. The patterned paper peeking through the waves is a subtle and effective use of the paper. Love the placement of the journaling. Really wonderful page!

Pardalote by esther_a

This is just delightful! I love the border work Esther incorporated top and bottom, and the shadowed banner is a great touch. Wonderful framing, and terrific extraction. The vertical design worked beautifully against the wood background. So pretty! The word art is the perfect final touch.

I hope you enjoyed today’s picks! If so, please click on the linked titles and leave the artist some well-deserved praise! Have a great week as we head into August!


Finger Pointing – July 30

30 Jul

Hello, everyone! Katherine here on this gorgeous Sunday with today’s Gallery Standouts! I spent quite a bit of time in the galleries this morning, and am really satisfied with the six that I ended up with. My hope is that you adore them as much as I do. =]

Starting us off this sunny afternoon is this AMAZING work of art titled The Hat by Applechick. I seriously LOVE the design here! The “blocking” with the varying sizes creates so much visual interest, and I LoOoovVvve that muted palette! The images are pretty stellar, too, especially the one in the lower right hand corner, I absolutely ADORE that one! Such a wonderful capture!

I absolutely adore the monochromatic feel in Lizziet5s Imagine! The muted tones with the subtle pops of color is nothing short of gorgeous! I love the somewhat split design, too, and the mix of patterns in the accent papers add such a wonderful touch to that AMAZING capture!

Up next is this super delightful art work titled Water Play by lkdavis. The masking and blending in the background image(s) is so masterful! All the images are absolutely wonderful and portray the perfect day spent with family and/or friends. The title and vertical text really works well against the muted tones in the color palette.

I always love a well put together Project Life layout and this one by Mrivas titled 2017 Week 28 really foots the bill!  Of course I adore the classic pocket style that is portrayed here, but what really caught my eye was those AMAZING images! I LOVE that the layout artist has combined both color images and black and white images! And even though I am not a huge fan of orange, I super duper LOVE it here! All the text really adds to the overall perfection of this phenomenal layout!

I so fell in love with this next work of art, a gorgeous art journaling page titled believe in yourself by Rollinchen. That art journaling doll is just so sweet, and I so agree with the sentiment … “It doesn’t matter what other people think … believe in yourself!”

Rounding out my choices this afternoon is this traditional-like layout by Corrink titled in the clouds. Really love the traditional feel and the blocking in the design! The images are absolutely spectacular, and those blues! Soooo GORGEOUS!

And that’s a wrap for me this week! I hope that you’ve enjoyed my choices! I’ll see you all in the galleries again real soon! XXOO

P.S. Here’s a “bonus” layout for you all by ElizabethW titled Not Pictured because, well … who can pass up a fabulous photo-less layout that documents an entire month!


Finger Pointing – July 29th

29 Jul

Hello! I’ve finally made it here after spending a glorious time in the galleries, seeing all the wonderful creativity that’s out there, across the world today. It’s taken me a while to narrow my selection down to ensure this post doesn’t go on infinitely! I often find myself drawn to a particular specific, be it one photo pages, seasonal pages, pages with little or lots of journaling, I could go on but today it seems to have been a particular colour palette that grabbed my attention… but there was also a layout that defied that palette too! Let’s take a look at my shout outs for today.

I love the banner style of Shine Bright by Tachita55 with all the delicate elements carefully layered against the soft backdrop of the brushwork and cascading down the page. It reminds me of a beautiful charm bracelet just waiting to be worn. The title work, the little cluster and the blocked border to the bottom keeps the eye focused on the amazing detail of the page. So very pretty!

Ga_L has made great use of different angles to house some perfectly coordinated patterned paper on her page entitled Grand Prix Historique, creating a lot of interest and energy on the layout. The series of photo’s play along too and as the title work and journaling take centre stage, there’s some strategically placed labels, buttons and flairs that make sure you don’t miss any of the detail. A terrific page!

The thumbnail of Summer Days fill my Thoughts and Dreams Today by *gina* was bursting with glamour in the gallery and beckoned me to take a closer look. Gorgeous texture here – both in the backdrop and in the photo mask. The pretty, feminine cluster, a little brush work and the word art balance the page beautifully. Love this!

My heart goes out to the little guy in Oops! by Ozegirl. I couldn’t resist his cute smile despite having a shiner! I love how every single element of this layout makes a terrific contribution to the playfulness of it, the framing of the photo, the brush work mix, the little arrowed journaler and the awesome title work, all balanced beautifully by the strip to the right which ensures the journaling doesn’t also take a fall! And the shadowing of the twine… fabulous! I hope your eye is better soon and remember, you’ve got to be careful out there sweetie!

You will make it by Margje is just so pretty. I love the colour mix with a little black detail adding super contrast and the amazing collection of masks and brush work that has been pulled together to create this masterpiece. The white framing of the images gives the impression that the observer is looking into a mirror and I like the position of the journaling, leading to the pretty lonesome flower. So gorgeous!

The warmth of Summer Memories by marijke simply glows and again, another great brush work mix using splashes of black as a great contrast, forms a wonderful backdrop for the unusual photo cluster. I like the unassuming title work and those three little bead letters on the thread are perfectly placed. So beautiful!

And now I come to the layout that defied my colour combination today. I couldn’t pass by July by bbymks5! Photo’s spanning a number of frames always make for a great layout and the vibrant colours are so happy and perfect for a special day. A fun title and a very appropriate cluster add even more punch and I just love all the sugar on this page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my shout outs for today and that they inspire you to document some of your stories. When you get a spare moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists featured here today, your words will be much appreciated. Till next time, take care out there and I hope to see you in the galleries!





Finger Pointing – July 27th

27 Jul

Hi, everyone! Well, I totally let the time slip up on me again today. I meant to get this post up before I had to take my son to football practice and it didn’t happen. Sorry for being so late, but when I start wandering through the galleries I tend to get lost for a while! So, I won’t waste any more time typing and get right to my picks for today! I promise not to ramble too much!!

First up is Flight Zone by beaute! Oh my goodness what a super cool page! The extraction is perfection and all the detailed layers behind are so amazing. I adore him sitting on the plane and the the detailed work is just amazing! I am so in love with this page. Every single element is perfectly placed!

Next is Family at the Seaport by yorkiemom. I absolutely love the photo spilling out of the frame and the amazing blending work. The cluster on the right with the sea elements is so perfectly done!! Wonderful memories here. Just a fantastic page!

Limited Edition by amien1 is so simply perfect. I love the kraft background and the photo editing works so well! The use of the string and word bits are just perfect touches. This is such a neat design and a wonderful way to show off her creativity. Fantastic shadow work, as well!!

I am really love the soft feel of Abstract Nature by veer! The lovely lace and beautifully textured background are so perfect. That is a gorgeous photo and wonderfully blended behind the frame. I adore the cluster of greenery and the pop of color in the butterfly.

The beautiful title work in Home by bessysue581 jumped right out of the gallery at me. I love the different patterns on the letters and all the lovely journaling. What a beautiful home it is. I adore those corners and the sweet element touches. This is just a gorgeous page!

And my final pick for tonight is Slice of Paradise by anelia! How absolutely gorgeous is this page! All those amazing layers and clusters…wow! The photos are all so beautiful and the yellow strip with that big title across the middle is perfection! I love the wood in the background and the netting behind all those fabulous flowers and greenery. It does look like paradise!


Finger Pointing – July 26

26 Jul

Hello, everyone, and welcome! Katherine here with today’s round of GORGEOUS Standouts! It was really nice making my way through all the wonderful galleries today, such a nice distraction from all the cRaZy busy that life is right now, however, it took quite a bit of resolve but I finally managed to narrow my choices to the required six, I could have easily chosen a dozen more! Seriously, at least a dozen more! I really hope you adore my picks!

Starting us off on this beautiful summer day is this STUNNER by sucali, appropriately titled Scenic Route. The minimalistic approach here is just stunning, and soooo perfect for that incredible photo! Seriously. that. photo. The tones in it are just breathtaking! And I love the paper choices that the layout artist has selected to accent it, too! That little car is pretty adorable as well!

I really adore the delicate palette in this next Standout titled The best moment by clindoeil. The muted tones are so lovely here! And those images are absolutely delightful, the creative processing is just amazing! All the stitching provides just the right touch, too.

I kinda went head over heels for zlemons‘ Old Flames when I happened upon it in the gallery! There is just so much to like here! The design with all the circles, the gorgeous tonal palette with the pops of color, all the sketchy grungey goodness, literally everything. A girl could spend quite a bit of time looking this beauty over and find something new to feast on every single minute!

Up next is this beauty titled Dungeness by profolly. Truly, this is one of those works of art that should be hanging in a gallery somewhere, like the gallery in my living room! LOL! Seriously though. This reminds me so much of an oil painting. I LOVE the textures that the artist achieved here! The masking and blending is all pretty stellar, too!

Next I have this super adorable art journaling layout by mcurtt titled Creative. love Love LOVE that art journaling doll, she is so stinking CUTE! Love the placement of “Please Notice This,” really grabs your attention (it did mine anyway). The greens and blues are so delicious together, and that message is pure perfection … “Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun” … nothing but truth!

Wrapping up my choices today is another art journaling layout, this one by Staciahall is titled Don’t Try to Fit In. Now, while I absolutely ADORE all the creativity here, the gorgeous reds and greens with the whites and blacks, all those gorgeous brushes, it was the journaling that held me captive to this work of art. Seriously. You all need to read it. Just do it. I promise you won’t regret it. I sure didn’t. =)

And that’s a wrap for me! I really hope you’ve found inspiration in my choices! I’ll see you all in the galleries again real soon! Blessings to all of you! XO


Fingerpointing – July 25th

25 Jul

What a gorgeous morning it is here in Wisconsin!  We have cool temps and plenty of sunshine.  It’s one of those days you just want to get out and enjoy.  I think it’s time to pick up a new pair of earbuds and take them (along with my ipod)  on a little walk around the neighborhood.  Before I do that – I would like to share with you my top 6 picks for today’s Gallery Standouts.

The Vintage Golfer by Anja_77

What a beautiful design!  First off, I really like the “almost black and white but not quite” photo.  The clustering around it is masterful.  Trust me when I saw that I am carefully studying it.  Those soft elements in pale green and yellow, plus the background shading make for a modern type of vintage that I admire so much.

Little-things by silent ranks

The soft gold and gray colors do it for me in a big way.  What a pretty combination to work with.  I like the patterned papers and scattered elements as accents, but of course the best part of this page is her wonderful journaling.  These are the kinds of memories that we want to preserve and the reason we do what we do.  Years from now this will be even more precious than it is today.

Joy by myssp

What a great multi-photo page!  I love how she took this template and totally made it her own by surrounding it with additional elements in beautiful shades of blue.  I also love the little bits of stripes and swirls, plus that pretty ornate, oval frame and a perfect title.  I keep looking at all of those  happy faces in the photos.  What a fun time that had to be for the kids.

Summer by Jacqueline

That pretty background and  bold elements are very attractive to me.  I’m a fan of black splashes, and this page has them in all the right places.  Love, love love the layering here, and this photo makes me smile from ear to ear.  Somebody is having a summer blast!  Too cute.

Enchant by Kellygirl

Speaking of bold . . . . how about these deep rich colors?  While I’m not ready for autumn quite yet, I’m thoroughly drawn to this page with what we consider typical autumn shades.  The placement of those bold and beautiful elements is perfect and overall I find this page to be fun and visually appealing in what I consider to be a steampunk-ish sort of way.  It’s a style I’ve yet to experiment with, but would someday love to try.

New Dog by musicmom3

What a sweet page, dedicated to Buko and his person, the one who literally saved his life.   When I look at his restful face, it’s clear.  He is home.  ♥   The backstory is short, heartwarming and very worth the read.   I love the orientation of the photo, the artsy brushwork around it and that perfectly placed title.  If I could, I’d give him a big hug too.  Many blessings to Buko and his new mom.

That’s it for today folks.  I hope these picks are as inspiring to you as they are to me.  If you have time, please check them out individually and leave a kind word to these scrappers, artists and memorykeepers.



Finger Pointing – July 24th

24 Jul

Finger Pointing – July 24th

Happy Monday fellow scrappers!  This year is just flying by and so is the summer.  I read in some of the forums the other day that people already have children going back to school.  It just doesn’t seem possible!   My daughter goes back in just two weeks.  I actually starting buying school supplies today.  It’s amazing how time flies as you get older.  Yet another reason why I scrapbook.  It’s the only way to really capture a moment in time.Today I have found 6 great layouts that inspire me to want to capture more moments and try some new techniques.  I hope you will enjoy the layouts I found.

First up we have this fun pocket style layout by kingsqueen titled Happy. The bright colors in this layout totally caught my eye and grabbed me to come in to look at more.  The cluster work with the flowers is just amazing! So many flowers stacked together and they all look like they compliment each other perfectly.  The little accents like the beads that say “laugh”, the bow and the word strip really bring it all together and give the page balance. Finally the photos are really cute and fit so nicely with the large title and theme of the page.  What a gorgeous and fancy pocket style page!

Next up is this dreamy layout by Conny titled Blue Skies of Summer.  The soft blue color and the blended photo take my breath away!  Then the little flower accents give just the right pop of color to provide extra interest.  I really love how the smaller photo floats out of the cloud.  Everything has visual balance and a nice balance of grungy and dreaminess.

Next I have this bright a fun page by misfitimn titled Water Baby. I just love the lighting on these photos, but what really drew me in was the bright colors .  I just love how this page flows and the colors are spread so nicely across the layout.  The addition of the little fish and layered flowers gives this layout a fun feel.  This page makes me want to use brighter colors on my own pages.

The next layout is titled Boho Princess by *kiana*.  I really adore the blending in this layout.  The whole layout feels dreamy and misty. It reminds me of a print add with the warm summer colors and the fun image.  The way the arrows blend in to the picture looks amazing. The little cluster in the upper left really adds a little fun to the page.  I really like this style and the whole feel here!

I came across this next layout and just knew I had to feature it.  Mary 11 created this page title Kuba.  The photos, the colors and the shadows are so amazing here!  It makes me want to re-do my own travel pages.  I just love the feel of the whole layout.  The yellow flowers help your eye travel across the page and the use of the shadows makes them really pop. The dark wood board behind the photos makes this look like it’s a collection of photos and flowers just sitting on a table.  What a cool perspective!

Our final page for today is Life is a climb by cinderella.  The photo treatment used here is what drew me in.  I just what it does for this photo! Then the journaling/title on the photo looks awesome and helps break up the uninteresting parts at the bottom. The addition of the bold leaves and cardboard elements makes this pop of the dark background. Finally the paint is placed perfectly to provide a little lift between the design and the background and to give some additional color.  What an amazing travel page!

These are just 6 of the amazing pages I saw in the gallery today.  If you have a minute take a look in a gallery and leave some love for your fellow scrappers – you could totally make someone’s day!