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Finger Pointing — July 23rd

23 Jul

Today’s picks are for the adventurous among us, including fishing, flying, bicycling, and trips abroad or near. Oh, and one sweet dog page to get us started! Ready?! Come take a look at today’s standouts, and enjoy!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

If I had a Flower by wendy johnson

Those drawn embellishments really called to me on this page. This just has a nice tone to it, sweet, and kind of nostalgic. I love how the word art goes two different directions! The photo treatment is quite effective, making the dog look out from a make-believe window. The way the flowers incorporate into the photo and then overlap the frame is a nice technique. Love the whimsical elements!

Ashlyn by Deanna

How cool is that ripped, folded paper to create waves?! I like a lot about this page, including the great shadow-work, that wire fencing for background combined with the diamond striped shapes, and the great extraction. I feel like we are on the boat with Deanna’s granddaughter, ready for the big catch.

One day in York by CookingMyLife (Maureen Reynolds)

I like a good story, and I particularly like a good story that evokes memories, as this trip did for Maureen. It’s a wonderful two-page spread, and you can see the other page here. The background she used created an interesting, crumbling-building feel, perfect for the historic district she describes. I like how the photos included over the two pages include scenery, people and food, so that when we look at the pages we get the full experience of her adventure!

View by jennschultz

And this page provides us with an adventure too, but this time without words! Jenn managed to convey the feel of her experience using photos only, and a simple date to remember the event. Love the colors, shapes and vivid large accents against the text paper background. I don’t know if she was on holiday in Hawaii, or looking out her kitchen window on any given weekday, but she definitely told us the story that she likes that view, and I was hooked. Great alpha for the title too.

Bike Ride by helptheold

I love that full page photo used with the multiple frames, what a great scene that made! Nice use of accents to border the piece, and the green text paper as background is a good touch. The journal card broke up the photo in a good way. The arrows are a great accent on this page, giving it even more motion!

California Trip Flying Photos by shannonroller

Shannon created a wonderful airborne feeling with this page! Love the plane accent and all of the smaller inset photos. All of the travel and adventure elements she included really add to the excitement on this page. It feels like we are flying with them, such fun! Great page.

I hope today’s picks put you in the mood for your own sort of adventure, or at least to scrap your memories of an adventure! If you liked today’s picks, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some well-deserved praise. Have a great week!


Finger Pointing – July 22nd

22 Jul

Hello All!  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend full of all the things you enjoy.  Mine certainly has been and I can’t think of a better way to finish off my Saturday then sharing some wonderful layouts with you.  Tonight as I wandered through the galleries, it was one photo layouts that seemed to catch my eye.  I hope they catch yours as well.

Smiling | corrin

I love the softness of this layout.  Corrin’s paper choices are so pretty and girly and go perfectly with her lovely photo.  I think the green in the floral paper does an excellent job of picking up the greenery in the photo and gives the layout a pretty punch of color that is further enhanced by the black accents.  I also like the scale of her elements and the small clusters she has created with them and the handwritten look of the word smiling.  I think it provides a nice contrast to the background layers and photo.

brinic | brother and sister

Brother and sister by brinic is simply beautiful!  I love the look of the white wood background and the double exposure treatment of the photograph.  The mask used on the bottom exposure gives it a strong, organic feel as if the dirt was smudged on to the background itself.  The photo is adorable — I especially love the pop of orange from their soda bottles.  The hearts and journaling strips are a nice finishing touch.

adventure | jerilie

Adventure by jerilie caught my eye for a number of reasons.  First I loved the photo effect she used on her selfie and that she paired it with a neutral, yet fun patterned background.  By clustering so many colorful papers and elements around it, she created layers of interest that serve the duel purpose of telling a story and making the photo pop.  Her three floral clusters are pretty and create the perfect visual triangle for her face.  The use of the light blue paper and the Enjoy Nature sign is especially attractive and give the entire palette a breath of fresh air.

Choose Happy | immaculeah 

Since my personal motto is “Choose Happiness,” Choose Happy by immaculeah was bound to catch my eye and I am sure glad it did because this is the kind of layout that makes you smile the instant you see it.  I love the sparkle of the little girl in the photo, what a sweetheart, and the bright, fun patterns of the papers.  The rainbow hearts are another fun choice as are the two pieces of word art and title.  Like I said, this one just makes me happy every time I look at it — I hope it does the same for you.

Beach Hair | KarenB

Beach Hair is another layout that makes me smile.  What can I say?  I love adorable puppies and that one is especially cute, so the photo alone would have been enough to draw me to this page.  But there is more good stuff happening here.  In addition to the wonderful photo there are some eye catching colors that both coordinate (the orange with his fur) and contrast (that punch of blue) beautifully, a fun, messy pattern and an array of sweet elements that enhance the photo, title and theme.

As Tall As Me | Kelleanne

My final pick of the day, As Tall As Me by Kellyanne is another one that spoke to me.  I think it is the perfect depiction of that moment when we all see our kiddos growing up and wonder where the time has gone.  It is also that moment when we can see the future and that our babies will not always be babies. To capture such a momentous thing with a photo and a few well chosen words is truly impressive.  To capture it in such a pretty, yet masculine, way, is equally impressive and worthy of some finger pointing.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memory keepers.  Thanks!  :)






Finger Pointing – July 21st

21 Jul

Hey, hey everyone! I’m running a bit behind tonight. I let the time slip up on me and then I got lost in all the galleries admiring the amazing work being shared! Wow! I was totally blown away. I’m not going to waste any time getting right to my picks for today!

First up is Go with the Waves by Jenn McCabe. This one jumped out at me the minute I saw it in the gallery. The page feels so clean and elegant, but I absolutely adore all of the wonderful patterns she incorporated in to it. The photo is gorgeous and the little cluster on top of the bracket is just perfection! Love the little ocean scene at the bottom of the page as well. This is just beautifully done!

Maybe it’s because I just came back from the beach, but I feel like I was drawn to beachy pages this week. I am so in love with Wasaga Beach by Atusia! First of all, that big photo is the cutest!! I love the scene she has created around the photo and how the title is layered in with the other elements. The smaller photo is such a sweet touch and the background is beautiful. This is lovely, lovely page!

I am such a sucker for a great boy page! Having two boys of my own, I am always drawn to masculine pages. You Make Us Smile by LisaMT blew me away! Another fabulous big photo, and it looks amazing on that wood background! The cluster work is simply amazing. All the greenery is fabulous and the addition of the stitching, feathers, and other elements is perfection! There is so much to see here and it is so beautifully done!

I absolutely love how the photo in So Good by anke just pops on the page! All the neutrals are so gorgeous! I adore the doily and stitched diamond shapes. The paper strips, tape, and word art are so perfectly placed. This is just an awesome combination of elements and textures. I love how “grounded” everything is with the staples and clips. Such a beautifully scrapped page!

Poorly Boy by CorrinK is such a lovely page, even if it’s about something not so lovely. Poor baby!! I hope he is feeling better! I love the horizontal design of this page and  how all the cute little elements are spread across it. The photo is so sweet and such a neat perspective. A mom’s life for sure! The title and shadow work are beautifully done and the border around the whole page is a great addition.

And last, but certainly not least is a page that I just could not pass up! It is Celebrating Summer by our very own MrsPeel. I have seen this page several times over the course of the day today and every time I see it I have to stop to admire it for awhile. This is some serious creativity right here. All of those amazing word strips and bits, and they are all so perfectly placed. The added elements are done to perfection. This is one fabulous page! Wow!

That’s it from me for today! I hope you enjoyed my choices and that you’ll take a bit of time to stop by and leave some love for these awesome artists, and anyone else whose work stands out to you! Until next time, enjoy your weekend!!


Finger Pointing – July 20th

20 Jul

Happy Thursday fellow scrappers.  Is anyone else wishing the weekend was already here?  I’ve had a crazy week at work and I’m ready to be able to kick back, scrapbook and relax instead of fielding a million phone calls from people who need me to solve their problem.  I’ve really enjoyed looking through the galleries today and have found so many cool pages. It was hard to just pick 6 layouts to feature.  I’m loving so many styles right now; so I hope you enjoy the variety that I’m showcasing today!

My first pick is Paris by sucali.  First and foremost this layout is about Paris.  In my book – Paris is always a good idea and if I could go there now, I would!  The simplicity of this page is perfect.  I am always in awe of people who can find the perfect way to place a photo, a title and some accents and make the page look it’s fit for a magazine. This page is just that.  There seems to be a great balance between the white space and the photos, title, and elements.  The card in the middle is brilliant. I love that she typed on the card for her journaling – what an amazing look!  Then the balance of the picture of the Eiffel Tower with the hand drawn element really brings home what this layout is about. The few spots of color is really all this layout needs.  This is simply – magnificent!

My next pic is a little more in my own scrapping style.  This Moment Was Magical by ScrappinRae incorporates all the things I also like to put on my layouts – great colors that compliment the photo, flowers and more flowers and awesome shadowing.  I really like how the design cascades across the page with large title and image being in the middle. The pictures of the castle at the Magic Kingdom are great! They remind me of visits to Disney at Christmas and how beautiful it is when you see it with your own eyes. Using the starlit sky paper as a background really give this a magical night feel that just accentuates the whole page.  The flower clusters are so pretty, and I really love the look of the ribbon at the bottom. The shadowing is spot on and makes it look like the ribbon is really sitting up off the page.  When you put it all together, this is one magical layout!

My next pick is this full paged photo layout titled By the Sea created by zanthia.  I love full page photos and this one is exceptional.  (Maybe I’m biased because I love manatees.)  The addition of the flower clusters and grasses on the bottom is  just beautiful.  Everything is layered nicely and then blended on the bottom layer so it “melts” in to the photo to make it look authentic.  The colors of the flowers and sea life really make this pop and the presentation overall is something you don’t see everyday in the scrap world.  I just adore this unique layout!

My next pick is a super fun page by kelley titled Braden and I.  What drew me to this page was the fun title work.  I really love how kelley used the two alphas and the way they are stacked to create this fun title.  The tone on tone background paper provides interest without being distracting, which is perfect for the splatter added behind the title and photos.  The little bits of string and flowers peeking out bring a nice balance to the page and they are well shadowed too. Over all I just love the grungy, but fun, feel that the large title creates!  I find myself wanting to try this myself, which is what sharing layouts in galleries is all about.


Next up, I fell in love with this untitled layout by meggersjm.  The colors on this layout totally caught my eye in the gallery. I just love the use of the sun beams over the newsprint. The blending is spot on.  Then there are all the hearts.  The shadow work helps make it look like these are popping right off the page. Mixing it with the black image and the white word strips really creates a nice contrast on the page.  I think that everything from the layering of the background paper, to just the right amount of blending, makes this a gorgeous page!

My final pick for today is this fun and gorgeous page by mrsashbaugh titled Splashing In the Waves.  The flowers used around the outside of the full page photo are adorable. The mix of hand drawn and “real” flowers is unique.  With the stars and fish and other little bits sprinkled in everything seems to mix perfectly around the photo.  This is a perfectly balanced and fun, fun page!

I hope you enjoyed my picks today and hope your Thursday just flies by so the weekend will be here faster.  Keep on scrapping and keep on being creative out there.  Sharing of scrapbook pages inspires us all to want to scrap more and try something new…and that’s what makes this hobby so fun!



Fingerpointing – July 19th

19 Jul

Good Morning everyone!  Brenda here, and it’s an exceptionally beautiful day today, outside as well as inside.  I’ve spent lots of time  browsing the galleries and have come up with quite an interesting mix of scrapbook pages to share.  To be sure, I wasn’t looking specifically for photoless pages, but in the end, the majority of today’s fingerpointing went in that direction.

First up is Blissfully Unaware by mimsgirl.

To be honest, she had me at the title.  Blissfully unaware and oh so happy sounds like the perfect combination to me.  Her colorful, fun elements and design is just the icing on the digital cake.

Live Life by gina

This gorgeous black and white silhouette is a perfect alternative to a photo.  Not everyone is a fan of oversized elements, but honestly, I feel like there are no “rules” to art and that, at least in part is what this is.  Wonderful layering and a complete black and white page with a great message.  I’m all in.

Parisa by beaute

I couldn’t resist this vintage page that beaute designed.  I love how everything is subtly placed and you almost don’t even notice the individual elements because they all blend so well together.  The splatters, grids, wordart,  texture and text plus the crown, the beautiful gold focal point.  Very pretty indeed.

Cinque Terre by zlemon

So technically this is from a photo, but I’m not looking at it as a photo but rather, a scene.  One simply gorgeous scene!  First off I have to thank her for sharing the name of the app she used for this photo treatment.  I’ll be checking that out asap.  I love it when friends share their interesting photos too.  Armchair traveling can be an excellent way to get your art on.  ;)  From top to bottom this page spells art and beauty.

Love by wombat146

Love?  Me too!  I just love the mix of playful patterns used in the background.  That paisley really caught my eye in such pretty colors.  In my mind I see 3 parts to this page.  One being the background, the other of course is that gorgeous photo, and lastly, the floral  cluster.  It sounds simple, but every.single.piece is exactly what and where it should be.  We’re looking at a master scrapper here.  This page is absolutely gorgeous in it’s simplicity.

Christmas At Home by Esther_a

Has anyone noticed that some of the best scrapbook pages come from challenges?  This particular challenge was for Christmas in July.  Esther designed her page with some vintage photos and listed a few of the things she remembered about Christmas as a child.  The clean style and plenty of white space make her page very visually appealing.

Thank you for taking the time to view today’s Gallery Standouts.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them and I hope you have a super nice day.  Adios, amigos.



Finger Pointing — July 18th

18 Jul

Today’s picks are about love letters, great titles, cool photo crops and lots of great feelings! Come take a look, I know you will enjoy today’s pages.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Vienna by michele hillam

I love the wire title work on this one, don’t you? I’m always interested in successful letter sized pages, and this one really shines. Love the paint behind the photos and title, the swirly string, and the whimsical embellishments. That stacked journal spot under the top photo provided just enough room for the story, which I enjoyed reading. All of the little touches like the buttons, flowers and banners really add just the right amount of flair.

Lucky in love by luan37

Wedding photos and wedding albums can be kind of tricky to scrap, because there is a lot of same-ness from photo to photo. It is so fun to see a unique idea for a wedding theme, like this one! I love that idea to combine the bright patterned non-wedding themed paper with that adorable cropped photo. It’s clearly a bride and it makes a very distinct statement about her attitude and optimism for the future. I like the little leaf scatter with the butterfly, for a simple and sweet accent against that neutral wood background.

Week 2 letter home by beckychart

It’s a love letter! That’s a lovely way to commemorate an important anniversary. This has a unique and effective color combination. Love those torn big corner patterned paper pieces. The white hand-written font lends a more personal feel against the darker background, and the text is just wonderful. Congratulations on your anniversary, and I too wish you many more happy years together!

beach time by emily33

This makes such a beautiful impact with the large, sepia photo bordered with the big, bold elements across the top. The corrugated cardboard title works well in the photo’s white space. The little bits of floral and script text overlay in the corners creates a nice balance.

Little happy moments by JanaO

Love that photo technique, wow! Lots of fun blending on this page, with a cool color block background that appears to be incorporated into the photo. The little border embellishments tie it all together beautifully.

Getting Along by kathleen.summers

What a beautiful page! Kathleen has an amazing eye for combining elements. Gorgeous colors and embellishments to border the photo cluster. It was smart to convert a couple of the photos to black & white, it makes it quite restful. I really like the way she numbered the photos with the large alpha numbers, and gave us a key to match the action in the photos, that’s a great idea. Nice combination of fonts in the title too. Love this one!

Weren’t those lovely?! If you enjoyed today’s picks, please click on the linked titles and leaves the artists some well-earned praise! Have a great rest of the week!


Finger Pointing – July 17th

17 Jul

It’s very early but I have a busy day planned with my grandsons. It’s a perfect day to go to the beach. The picnic, toys and towels are packed. The only thing missing is the boys so I’ll be leaving soon to pick them up. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

Sometimes the first thumbnail I enlarge makes it to the blog and that’s the case with This is Love by lbscraps. I really like the combination of turquoise and kraft background papers with a pop of yellow placed on top. The gold foil doily and title alpha are surprising but effective. The photos are darling and quite good for day 1 and the combination of black and white and color are perfect here. Finally the shadow on the banner makes the entire page look more realistic.

I’m surprised this is the first page I’ve found featuring fidget spinners, which clearly are all the rage. I like the technique used in Fidget Spinner by kikimama. I saw several gorgeous pages featuring this presentation where the patterned paper “fades” into the background.  I like the way she added the circular brush and star sprinkle which actually give the layout a scientific aspect, supporting her theme. Placing the title work and journaling above the faded paper makes them more legible reinforcing the use of this technique.

Mendocino by ZhuLi is such a happy, summery page. I really like the way she used the pastels, which complement her photos, instead of the typical brights. I like the varied size and orientation of the photos. The outline of the state tucked under the paper-strip journaling works well to move the eye down the page. The clusters are so pretty and I like the combination of sticker and realistic flowers.

I’ve become accustomed to seeing a single photo spread over two or three photo frames but I think Say yes to new Adventures by cinderella is the first time I’ve seen one clipped to so many. The angle and perspective, showing just a bit of the wing of the airplane, is amazing. I love the way she tucked in the journal card and placed the title on top of the photos. The few added elements work perfectly with her subject.

I love the texture in the blended photo combined with the smaller framed photo in Every Boy by silent ranks. You will never find me arguing with the sentiment she journaled here. The title work is outstanding, combining painted and outlined alphas or fonts with the large, blue epoxy ampersand placed on top. I like the sketchy heart and the bits of colorful embellishments scattered about the page. The bright colors contrast so well with the black and white of the photos.

I like the monochromatic appearance of It’s the Smile by beckturn. I love the way the photo is enlarged and treated to appear like a sketch. I like the look of the stitches placed atop the smaller photo. It looks to me like the framing behind actually contains a part of the background rather than a duplicate of the photo. The gesso and paper folds add dimension and the leaf element is perfectly themed with the journal strip. Placing the title at an angle is a great artsy touch.

I’ve come to the end of my post and I’m ready to begin my busy day. I’m so happy I had some quiet time to browse the galleries. I hope you have enjoyed my post and that you will take a few minutes to click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week.