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Finger Pointing – August 19th

19 Aug

Finger Pointing – August 19th

Those dog days of August are definitely here!  Wow, is it hot and muggy outside!!  My family is spending the weekend cleaning out and reorganizing bed rooms.  Lucky me…I get to take a break from cleaning to look through the scrapbook galleries to find some amazing layouts to feature today.  I hope all of you are finding ways to stay cool too!


The first pick today is His and Hers by EllenT.  Now I’ve been a fan of Ellen’s scrapping for a long time now. She’s a scrapper that makes every page look incredible. What I really liked about this page was the focus on real, every day life…the things we won’t even know we forgot in five years.  I love how Ellen showed off her morning stuff versus her husband’s.  It’s humorous to see the difference. She complimented these contrasting photos with awesome layering of papers underneath to create a nice foundation.  The flowers help move the colors across the page and keep your eye interested and then the paint.  I just love all the paint and grunge that help fill in the rest of the space, but still keep the look of white space.  It creates a lovely balanced page!

I couldn’t pass up featuring our next page by Lynnette called Summer Faves.  I saw this layout in the Masters of Scrap Challenge in the Geometrist Challenge gallery.  Wow does Lynnette do a fabulous job with using shapes for this challenge or what?  The contrast of the brightly colored papers with the white outline and the graph paper really makes this pop!  I also really like how she was able to stick in some cute little summer themed elements , but it all still has a minimal look.  The stapled labels down the side of the page in a rainbow style just takes the cake!  The use of color with the white is so outstanding.  What a happy and fun page!

Next up I came across this layout titled The Zoo Crew by Jill.  The colors made this stand out in the gallery, but what really did it for me was the extraction of the hippo’s snout in the main photo.  I had to zoom in to see more to believe my eyes.  What an excellent job not only with the extraction but also with the shadowing. It really looks like the hippo is poking out and saying hello.  I also love Jill’s use of the color across the page. She has used a really nice balance of patterned and solid papers that keep your eye interested but it’s not too overwhelming.  The little flower clusters help balance everything out.  I love that she’s even had room to tell her story.  The icing on the top are the cute zoo characters she worked in. Such an adorable and creative page!

This next layout by Anny-Libelle titled Every Summer is a wonderful mix of traditional scrapping with a little artist flair.  I love the way the layout artist used artsy bits with traditional clusters and flowers.  This looks so amazing!  The textured background paper and added paints and stamps really gives the page a nice foundation.  Then the layering of the photos on top is just perfect. I really like the postal stamp outline on the largest photo – it makes this so fun!  Finally the flower clusters bring just the right amount of color and pop to the page bringing it all together beautifully!

This next page is like a little work of art.  Never stop exploring by Ga-l totally caught my eye while browsing the galleries.  I’m sure part of it was the size of the layout, but looking deeper it’s all the shadowing of the smaller layout on a white background, which makes it look as if this piece of art is laying on a table for us to see.  Then the page itself, the beautiful sky, complete with clouds and birds, so nicely blended.  I love how it transitions to the brown “land” paper with a wash of watercolor as if created by an artist.  The photo is nicely shadowed to look as if it’s laying on the page and the minimal elements are just perfect.  What a well put together page!

My final choice is this adorable no photo page by Shunnstergirl titled Star Party.  It really plays in to the eclipse that is about to happen over the US on Monday.  I think all of us are looking forward to seeing this event, even if we only have a partial view.  What I like about this page is the blending.  The cardstock is lighter in the middle and darkens as you move out to the sides.  Same with the lovely stars.  Then  the use of the elements builds a story about what this page is really talking about.  The banner links the two sides together beautifully creating a nice little nook for the journaling – what a great idea!  The shadows in the clusters look awesome and give the whole layout a great sense of depth.  A truly unique page!

I hope you’ve enjoy today’s Gallery Standouts!  I had a great time browsing through the gallery while staying cool.  Now it’s back to cleaning out bedrooms and getting things organized.  Have a great weekend everyone!



Fingerpointing – August 18th

18 Aug

Today it is my pleasure to share with you, some of the prettiest, most interesting and artistic scrapbook pages I’ve found throughout the galleries.  Every gallery has many standout pages and it’s not easy to narrow it down, but narrow it down I must.  This is Brenda, and these 6 pages made the cut.

enjoy everyday moments by Anne PC

Yes indeed, he does have a beautiful smile, and his facial expressions make me smile too!  The series of tilted photos in a horizontal design look great, and I like the orange based colors and patterns that contrast with the purple T-shirt.  I also like her use of minimal elements.  Lots of white space drew me right in to the subject.  This is a real winner.

In-your-quirky-little-head by Shivani

This page is the opposite of minimal,  and I love it!  I look at this and think . . .  wow, there was a lot of work put into this page.  Love love love all of the different colors,  journaling,  and the large sticker style title.  This page is busy as can be, but I think because the background is basically white, it seems to flow nicely.  What a fun page.

Unforgettable by ChaosLounge

This is another somewhat busy page, but in a block style.  The many elements scattered throughout certainly create interest, and I like the different patterns in shades of pink.  The design looks perfect for this girly page, and those sweet monotone photos.  Simply adorable.

Sweet Little Dove by lieke

This page is beautiful it it’s artistry.  Those rich colors and the detailed elements make this what I call “eye candy.”  What a wonderful design.

Super You by Shannamay

Scrapping perfection.  This is all about the her “super” photo.   Love the shadowed frame, the large super tag, the soft watery painted foliage, the scripted photo border and those tiny bits of red.  Again, plenty of white space to really draw you into the photo.  What a nice page this would be to lift.  Just sayin.  ;)

All The Best by tiramisu

This page is completely calming and peaceful to me.  The background is beautiful in itself with such pretty colors and textures.  The cluster under the photo looks great with the black scribbles and scattered buttons.  Such a pretty scene!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed today’s selections.  Maybe it has inspired you to do a bit of scrapping and memorykeeping?  Tomorrow we’ll be back with more fingerpointing.  Until then, be well everyone!


Finger Pointing – August 17th

17 Aug

Hello and good afternoon to all! It’s a stormy day in Minnesota but the galleries are brimming with color and sunshine. Hope you are delighted and inspired by the picks today.

So fun by Tracermajig is wonderfully composed. She has used gorgeous ocean blues to create a serene mood. Her clustering rocks and I love the ripped photos. Superb.


Katel has created an adorable photo-centered page, Estancia Halberton. She has captured the charm of the penguins perfectly. The pops of red add contrast but the focus stays on the photos of our furry friends. Love this marvelous minimalist layout.


Spread a Little Happiness by Anny-Libellle has it all – the artsy blended typography, an outstanding cluster, a lovely photo and skillful brushwork. I adore this page!


Dady has captured the innocence and beauty of childhood with A Petits Pas. Love the harmonious, yet contrasting, brushwork and how the artstroke adds a bit of energy. Enchanting page!


A Taste of Summer by Grace is delicious! The vibrant, bold colors are captivating, and the subtle texture in the background adds interest. Yummy and fun!


Classic is priceless. Chicgirl scrapped her vintage photos brilliantly. I love the color combination – the soft hues with the black stitching and artstroke.  Her masking/brushes add a beautiful light to the page. Fabulous!



Finger Pointing – August 16th

16 Aug

Who’s in the mood for a little whimsy?! Me! I just love feel-good pages, and today’s picks are all about fun. We also have a bit of vacation-y adventure too, and to finish things off, an awww look-at-the-cute-dog page. Come take a look, I think you’ll enjoy these too.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Best Friends by shawnbear

This page makes wonderful use of an unusual color combination that totally works. I like that she found a way to incorporate that sunspot in the photo into the focal part of the circle enveloping the two friends. Great use of bubble wrap paint, layering and I love that whimsical grid paper! Nice font for the simple statement about the length of the friendship, too.

Can’t People by Keely-B

Hilarious use of the journal card and the great whimsical background paper! I love the sentiment and the pairing with that very expressive photo. Very fun use of the smattering of elements, well placed and well-shadowed. This made me laugh out loud, and that always gets me to look closer!

Water Adventures (Canada 150) by joannebrisebois

A fun example of a designer using her own products! I love the whimsical touches with the dotted line and bracket framing, and the loosely painted and scribbled background. The numbering system intrigued me and made me want to see the rest of the album! This is a terrific vacation page, loved it. It’s particularly effective on that notebook style template.

Together is the Best Place by Missy Whidden

How fun is this real-life paper page?! Love the very artsy painting for the background. That stitched heart is the perfect jumping off point for all of the other great embellishments she used. Converting the photo to b&w worked perfectly here, and it just pops against all of the colorful bits behind. I particularly liked the use of the word art at the bottom, which made for a happy statement.

Arya Snuggles by RebeccaH

She had me at snuggles. Look at that face! Okay so part of why I loved this page is that she used imperfect photos. I love when people use imperfect photos creatively, or baldly, just putting them out there, because they capture a moment that you just couldn’t let slip by, in a very real life setting. The little alpha dripping down, journal tag and all the whimsical elements make a nice balance. I liked the dark mat polaroid style of the base for the photos. Cute little date element! I really loved this one.

On the Road by sarahorton

I couldn’t resist this vacation page! I love that key line word frame over the large photo, the little rectangles of patterned paper leading us across the page, and all of the great travel embellishments. Such fun photos and great vacation feel to this! Nice use of word art. And, it’s a great reminder to take pictures of where you are along the way, loved that she included the highway sign. Super design.

I truly hope you all enjoyed today’s picks too! Please click on the linked titles to leave the artist some well-deserved praise. Have a great rest of your week!


Fingerpointing – August 15th

15 Aug

When it’s neither the end nor the beginning of the week, there’s something renewing about wandering the galleries looking for inspiration. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

Kelly’s Ford by ouisiekelly

The photos in this layout are outstanding as is the layout design. I love the vertical stack placed above the partially framed circle finished off by the blend in the corner. The gesso and paint add dimension while the journaling completes the layout in just the right way, no additional embellishments required.

Carpe Diem by stormchaser

The photo treatment in the large photo perfectly compliments the smaller in-color photo. I like the way the large photo divides the page in half while the slice of patterned paper is added at a slight angle behind. The large cluster surrounding the smaller photo is so pretty and I especially like the way the date tag is attached. The wood title works perfectly here both in theme and style.

The Walk by Westina

At first glance this appears to be a relatively clean and simple layout but there is a lot of creativity present here. I love the partial framing of the photo as well as the reflection below. The texture of the background paper is ideal for the design. It’s interesting that the journaling mimics the framing technique explaining why a single person remains outside the box.

Another Vacation Layout by MaggieMae

Apparently today’s post is all about photos because there are some more gorgeous photos displayed here. I love the simple grid design. The bits of blue watercolor in the papers emphasize the blue in the sky. I love the fragment of paper masking/paint with the heart placed on top. The right-aligned journaling is perfectly placed within the grid.

Swing & Slide by Deekaa

I really like how this is a pocket layout but not. The spaces are rectangular and aligned but without borders, creating a clever design. Of course the photos from behind are engaging and invite us into the layout. I like the bold title-work and the storyteller style used in the journaling.

Somethingness by EHStudios

I really like that there is a lot going on in this layout without looking cluttered. The photos are adorable of course and I like the combination of black and in-color. I like the variety of shapes, including circles, hexagons and triangles some of which are divided in half or off the edge. I like the tiny scribbles outlining the page and the bits sprinkled about. Everything about this page feels sweet to me just like the photos.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and if you have a minute or two, please click through the links and leave these exceptionally creative artists some love.




Fingerpointing – August 14th

14 Aug

Hello everyone!! I’m happy to be back and posting. I can’t believe August is half over already and my kids go back to school in three weeks! I have had a wonderfully busy summer, but in truth, I can’t wait to get some peace and some ME time back! I had a bit of that this morning while the kids slept (after a very late night) so I got to be selfish and take a look at the galleries. Today, my post is full of layouts from ONE gallery. Yep, you read that right. ONE GALLERY. Scrapaneers is hosting a Masters of Scrap tournament and HOLY COW, there are some AMAZING artists participating. I love artsy layouts and the gallery of FREE SPIRIT layouts is right up my alley! I could look at these layouts for hours and see something different every time. So, indulge me while I present to you, these layouts (some from artists who I discovered for the first time!) of exceptional beauty and brilliance. This is Trace, and these are my picks.


Enough by Catg0ddess. WOW. WOW is all I can  say. Brilliant. The hands, the stuff, the pushing it away!!! It’s just amazing. The subtle colours with the pops of red. Just blew me away.

Inside by danielles83. I love the white space in the middle of this. I love the journaling in the profile of her face. I love the elements and how random they are but they all work. The black background is striking and the title placement is perfect. This layout is a standout!


Whirlwind by Minor Scraps. Another OMG layout! I am so not a pastelly kind of person but this layout is just so beautiful and the subject is one we can all relate to! I love the pinks against the yellows and oranges. I love how it looks so calm, yet the layout is so chaotic. The clock behind the eye in that amazing drawn photo treatment is brilliant. I love the word art scatter all over. Just a winner!


Broken by Norma. This layout drew me in because I can so relate to it personally. I really admire artists who can scrap the good and the bad. This layout says so much without saying much at all! It stands on it’s own. My favourite part is the photo shards coming off the woman’s head. It’s so fantastic and so creative and I just adore it. The colours speak for the layout here too. Just amazing.

Dear Mom of Teens by Sonja. This layout made me laugh! The humour is evident and any one can relate to it. I really like how Sonja used the word art to emphasize her point here. The textured background is awesome and the rings around the center representing the whirlwind of emotion is outstanding. I am sure most of us with teens have said these words a hundred times!

Adventure by taxed4ever. I love this layout. I am in awe with the design. The eye peeking out from behind the actual layout blew me away. I love the texture and the paint and the little touches of whimsy. I love the word art and the blending and the scripts in the back. It’s just so fun to look at and see more every time you do.

MUST SEE by tjscraps. OH HOW I CAN RELATE TO THIS! LOL. This page made me smile so big. I really adore how tjscraps took a mundane subject of tv and made it into this masterpiece. The background paper is awesome. The paint and grunge is amazing. The humour in the journaling made me giggle and is so cute. I love the little tv cluster. This layout may be photoless, but it sure does pack a punch visually! I’d love this on my wall right by my TV! Haha.

That’s it for me  today! Thank you for indulging me and allowing me to showcase these amazing layouts. It’s a privilege to be able to scour the galleries for outstanding work like this. Until next time, Happy Scrapping!



Finger Pointing – August 13th

13 Aug

Hi everyone! Hope you all have had an amazing weekend and are all refreshed and ready for the week ahead! This is my last week of summer vacation before I return to work, so I’m trying to soak in as much summer as I possibly can. Sitting on my front porch and cruising through the galleries is one of my very favorite things to do! I hope your enjoy my picks for tonight.

Jump by Ilonaeva certainly jumped right out at me! Look at that beautiful blending in the back ground and those absolutely gorgeous photos! I love the little cluster with the pops of red in the corner and the beautiful title work. She has really rocked the shadows on this one as well! Such an inspiring page!!

And talk about inspiring! Check out Ice Cream by jjpederson125! I love that stitching and the way she has strung each of the elements and tags! How cool is that! It looks so real and so touchable, it’s hard to believe it’s digital! The shadows are perfect and that photo is just precious! Gorgeous work!

My next choice is Goodbye School by pixleyy. How perfect is that photo and each of those great elements. I love the horizontal design and how it takes your eye right across the page! The paper pieces, pencil, and globe are so creatively done. I really love this color combination and the added scatters. Wonderful layout!!

Summer Memories by sylvia caught my attention right away! This is what I call beautiful simplicity! That photo is so precious!! The dotted background paper and added paint are lovely. And that adorable little pink flower is the perfect touch!! The shadows are beautifully done as well! Such a sweet, sweet page!

I am such a fan of big blended photos, and Krabi 2017 by Deasue is such a perfect example! What a beautiful scene, and just look at that cluster! Everything is put together so exquisitely! I adore the netting and ribbon, and their great shadows! The starfish in the cluster is splendid! The little cluster and word art at the bottom creates such wonderful balance! Love everything about this one!

And my final choice for tonight is Ghost? by Rikki! This page is just so cool! I love the story behind the photo and the ghosts that she was able to create in the photo! Then there’s the super cool layout itself! The pieces of torn paper and cards are absolutely perfect and I really dig how she used the frame! Awesome use of all the elements! Such a creatively scrapped page!!

And that’s it from me for tonight. I hope you loved these pages as much as I did, and I hope you’ll take a bit of time to leave some love for these awesomely talented scrappers! Thanks for looking, and until next time…see you in the galleries!!