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Finger Pointing – September 30th

30 Sep

So here we are on the last day of September with some of us moving into Autumn and others heading into Spring. Wherever you may be in the world, I hope you enjoy these treasures I found in the galleries today.

Almost 4 by tracermajig brings so much energy into my post here. The fun, black and white photo strip is surrounded by oodles of fabulous detail, it’s a total feast for the eyes! Each numeral is adorned with a terrific mix of elements, neatly layered, and supported by great journaling. An amazing masterpiece!

On the opposite end of the scale is Nine to Five by sucali. Gentle and neat layering against a soft masked backdrop and a ton of white space compliments the pretty photo while the shadowing adds perfect depth to this pretty page. Just gorgeous!

The pretty girls’ eyes drew me in on Mommy and Me by tammielsmith. The image is stunning and I love how it has remained the main focus with a little masking, brushwork and soft tones. I also like how the word art  is beautifully enhanced with the delicate bead scattering. So, so beautiful!

I just couldn’t resist adding Tres Jolie by janedee to my post today. I love how the delightful image has been masked and framed, and topped off with a lovely decorative cluster of foliage, flowers and ribbon. Beautifully romantic!

I’m very fond of monochrome projects with a splash of colour so I was immediately attracted to Vieux Gréement by cyanne22. A lovely textured backdrop provides the perfect canvas and there’s a certain mystery in this page… one great big adventure… which leads me to wonder where this ship will be heading. Wonderful!

As I’m in a part of the world that is transitioning into Autumn, so it seems fitting to finish off with a beautiful Autumnal piece today. An Autumn Still Life by profolly fitted the bill perfectly. Mixed media elements, the soft tones and the two framed images add so much interest here with the traditional russet coloured leaf adding a punch. And I love the little jewelled leaf that adds a perfect piece of bling. This inspires me to get out amongst the falling leaves with my camera this weekend! Simply stunning!

I hope my picks today inspire you to take a little time to document one of your stories this weekend. When you get a spare moment, click on the links above and leave the artists a comment or two to let them know you appreciate their art. Till next time, have a great weekend, take care and happy scrapping!


Fingerpointing – September 29th

29 Sep

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s Gallery Standouts.  There is no lack of beautiful, artistic and just plain fun pages in the galleries today, and I’d like to share six of the pages I found that stood out.  Ready or not, here we go.

Cher at Lake Paulina by dwsewbiz

I like that most of the background is actually one of the photos, and the cardboard paper blends in beautifully.  The bits of stitches and messy strings on the photo frames looks great, and I like all of the texture.  Cher looks like she’s enjoying the day.  Is that a hat she’s wearing?  Too cute.

Perfect Conditions by cinna

The wordstrips tell a story on their own, and how true that sentiment is.    Beautiful layering here, and I like how she included a few different text styles.  Very pretty choice of colors and elements,  and I really like the addition of the textured white space on the right.  Great the selfie too.

Enjoy Life by SanVHM

This page is bright and happy and it makes me smile.  The yellow and turquoise colors look fantastic together as a background, and the white space above is perfect.   What a nice photo, and I like the double polaroid framing.  The addition of some colorful patterns layered behind and near the photo adds interest too.

I want to tell The World About you by dotcomkari

This is a project and a half, and for me it was well worth every minute spent on it.  It’s one of those ARTjournal projects that just knocks your socks off.  I’m crazy about all of the black doodles, journaling, scratches and word bits.  Then throw in  all of these little colored elements spaced nicely throughout the page and all of a sudden you have a masterpiece.  I’m still studying it.

Love This So Much by Kayleigh

Kayleigh captured soft, sweet, playful and spunky all in one gorgeous page.  I love the soft colors and ever so slightly vintage elements with these photos of her adorable but very modern little girl. As always, the layers are perfectly placed and dotted with a loving title and wordart.  For me, this is as close to perfect as it gets.

September Garden by Jacqueline

I love everything about this page.  It is so visually appealing.  The grungy multicolored background looks great, and the clusters surrounding her sweet photo are simply fantastic!  This page is a definite two thumbs up for me.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s Gallery Standouts, and I hope they have inspired you to take some time to do a little creating and memorykeeping of your own.  Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more inspiration.  Enjoy your weekend!


Finger Pointing-September 28th

28 Sep

Hello Everyone! I think fall has finally arrived here. We had chilly temps today and the nights are even colder. Time to put the blankets back on the bed. It’s also time to share some new layouts I found in the galleries today. Make yourself at home and enjoy some new inspiration.

I thought I’d start with a seasonal layout, one I find quite delightful. 17-09 Let’s Blend by maureenreynolds. Who doesn’t love some pumpkins in the fall! I really like the mix of real pumpkin images with the water color one. Big shapes, butterflies and lots of fabulous blending make this a fantastic page! Great title work too!

Let’s go retro with this next layout. Go See the World by Miki. What a cute and creative idea this artist had here. Great viewpoint (read the journaling and title) and that postage stamp photo is just wonderful. It brings back fond memories of how we wore our hair in high school; yep, my era too! Love the Viewmaster showcasing her many places of travel.

This next layout caught my eye right away. Special things by dawninskip has a beautiful story to tell. I love the watery numbers scrolling down the page and the blocked title. But after looking at the photos, I really wanted to read her journaling. She shared these special family keepsakes, added the little fames and just a few elements along with a piece of torn paper, giving this a lovely vintage feel.

Wow! Amidst color by margje is simply gorgeous with all of its lush shades of rose. That’s a stunning photo and I love the subtle edits, giving it such an artistic flair. This artist used a simple frame but then added lots of brush work and blocked everything behind it. Really effective! The placement of a few leaves and a branch, along with the word art title,  complete this page beautifully.

This next layout, Wonderfall by Lady22, is perfect for this month…September. I absolutely love that dotted background with the white edging. Lovely photo and composition! The soft colors this artist used are so pretty and that little squirrel tucked in the cluster is darling.

I leave you with one more seasonal layout. Autumn Color by caapmun truly reflects this glorious time of year. Wonderful blending and those dimensional leaves look like they were just picked up off the ground. Cute little heart tags too. My favorite part of this page just has to be the photo masked in the maple leaf; so awesome!

Fall is my favorite season and I love the brilliant colors that emerge! I love the crisp, cool air and chilly nights. I love blankets and sweaters and the anticipation of the first frost. And I love to scrap on my computer when I’m all cozy warm inside our house. I think I’ll go do just that. Have a fabulous fall weekend and take some time to digiscrap on your computer too! The titles are direct links to the individual layouts for your convenience. Thanks for stopping by!


Finger Pointing – September 27th

27 Sep

Hello everyone! This is a special post…it will be my last post for the GSO blog. I am stepping back from blogging and  I will move on doing other things. Like preparing on my retirement in a few years, scrap the old fashioned way with paper, scissors and glue, artjournal with paint and all kinds of other stuff. No digiscrapping anymore in the years to come. Maybe I will pick it up again after my travels through Europe, who nows? I will find you again if I feel the need to get back to the digiworld! Well let’s see what I’ve found tonight! I’ll keep my comments short (try to), it is late again in Holland…;)

Life is short by weaselwatchr  The first thing that caught my attention was the title, I love these hand drawn and slightly messy colored alpha’s! And then the message, don’t postpone what you want to do today! Jus do it! Love the girl and the messy black stamped borders and how weaselwatchr used the differnet papers in the background.

Jailhouse Rock by clindoeil A very creative take on Elvis, the King of Rock indeed! Looks like Elvis was part of triplets ;). Love the blending of the pictures and the touches of colors in the corners here!

New Specs by kittyY  The attention is totally drawn to the specs here and I love it! Very cleverly done! Love how Kitty incorporated the sheet opticians use.

Set Your Mind on Things Above by dvhoward At first I thought this was an abstact layout, later I saw the face. What a beautiful page this is! Love how the text surrounds the head and shoulders and is part of the hair. The birdstamp and the few elements finsh this page of in a wonderful way!

AnnaColor Challenge 09.22.2017-10.05.2017 by ouisiekelly  Another almost abstract page. Great use of textures here and the very subtile use of colors gives me the feel of a misty early morning. I love it!

Another Year by carrie1977 And to finish I found a lovely page about aging. Happy birthday! I love how Carrie used the same picture three times in such a way I didn’t see it at first. Great how the splatters, title and elements move a kind of forward! Great 40 st birtday page!

Well it’s time to say goodbye now. Thank you for coming over here to read the blog and hopefully find some inspiration in what I showed you. Please don’t stop coming over, the other ‘GSO girls will continue blogging and showing you what is going on in the digiscrapworld! I loved to bring you a variety of pages over the years and I hope you will keep being creative and keep scrapping! Bye!


Finger Pointing – September 26th

26 Sep

Last week when I wrote on the blog I was longing for fall and I think my choices were reflected accordingly. Well I’m still longing for fall as the temperatures remain in the high 80’s to low 90’s in Michigan so apparently I am easily influenced. More likely it’s the addition of many gorgeous, fall-themed collections in the shops and the resulting projects flooding the galleries. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

September by Meibritt

Using a single photo to fill multiple photo frames is a very creative technique. I like the way the leading lines in the photo draw the eye into the layout. The horizontal swathe of paint contrasts with the vertical paper pieces added to one edge of the page. The black stitching pulls the separate parts of the photo together and the combination of script and word strips results in perfect title-work.

Autumn in the City by Mediterranka Design

The masked photo is so pretty and once again draws us into the layout. The painted leaves and bits of script contrast beautifully with the shadowed floral elements and stitched buttons. I really like the combination of fonts and alphas used to create the title. Finally using a poem to set the scene finishes the layout off in just the right way.

Change by Mielz

This page is an example of a perfectly composed white-space layout. Do not be fooled by the simplicity because the list of credits is impressive. The photo is gorgeous, especially with the sun flare. Lightening the color of the scribbles place on top of the photo means they emphasize rather than detract. The pops of orange paint mimic the colors in the photo. The scatter of leaves cascades vertically down the page landing in exactly the right spot at the title.



Cuddles by KingsQueens82

The photo treatment works so well with the palette of the collection. The horizontal clustering is amazing. I like the way it curves around the ornate frame. The floral brushwork and bits of text make the perfect backdrop for the clusters. I like the way the bits of orange pop against the otherwise neutral colors.


Autumn Again by Oldenmeade

I really like the duplication and stacking of the single photo. The cluster of flowers and branches is perfectly shadowed. The smaller cluster in the bottom corner moves the eye down across the page. The bits of golden text and dusty rose paint reflect the colors in the photos. The overall presentation is beautiful.

Brave by Mimisgirl

The page design of this layout is outstanding. I like the small print on the background paper. The black outline chosen for the leaves really stands out, especially as the paper chosen to fill the leaves creates an ombre effect as it moves from top to bottom. The lacy, white flowers contrast well with the black- outlined leaves. The photo crops effectively present the theme of the page. The title keeps the journaling private without being obtrusive.

I’ve come to the end of my post. I hope you enjoyed today’s picks and if you have a minute of two, please click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love.










Fingerpointing – September 25th

25 Sep

Hello, and welcome to today’s edition of Gallery Standouts.  We are now on day 4 of our fall season, and I really do love all things fall.  However – for today at least, I’m finding it a bit difficult to let go of summer, with temps in the mid 80’s.  For that reason, I’m starting out with a sweet summer scrapbook page.  What else did I find to share with you?  Well, let’s just see.  I’m Brenda, and here are today’s selections:

SUMMER FUN by Tachita55

I was drawn to these vibrant colors, the yellow splashes behind the photo, and how she kept the photo black and white to really allow you to zero in on it.  Super nice clusters and fun flowers too!

5 Things I Miss by Roboliver

For all of the parents of adult children, can you relate?  I sure can.  I just love this design.  The background filled with kisses and hugs, the nostalgic photo of the kids playing on the playground, the list of memories, good and not quite as good.  It’s all part of the big picture.  We love them, nurture them and then when it’s time, we watch them take flight.  These cute little elements sprinkled here and there are so darn cute.  This page is lift worthy, if ever there was one.

Autumn Bits by AliceM

This is such a fun page, and I like that it is mostly in non-traditional autumn colors.  Love the split background and paper strips going in different directions.  Lots of patterns and colors add a lot of interest to this page, along with that cute round photo, framed in white.

Where The Story Of Our Road Trip Begins…  by Vrielinkie

This is a great way to document a trip.  The yellow patterns behind the photos really make them pop.  I like how the photos are numbered and in her journaling, she uses that yellow dot theme to describe each photo.  I like that idea.

Autumn is my time by A J M

Now this is a full on, traditional Autumn page!  Beautiful artistry and autumn elements.  They compliment her photo very nicely.  I like the artsy looking background, and the white space on the right hand side.  Very pretty!

We Go Together by carrie1977

This page is very cool!  I love the heavy and light black spaces, right down to the little scribbles.  The splashes of red add just enough color to make it extra interesting.  The brushwork is perfectly placed, and as far as grunge goes, this is perfect in my book.

That’s it for today my friends.  I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s GSO’s.  I’ll be back soon with more gallery goodness.





Finger Pointing – September 24th

24 Sep

Hello and happy Sunday! Today we have six wonderful, thought-provoking, feel-good, feel-contemplative, feel-scrappy great pages for you to admire. I think you will really like today’s picks. Let’s take a look!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Date Night by spcoggs

What a great design! I love the way she incorporated the text around the word art. This is a terrific use of white space. The narrow word strip running along the bottom, and the cross-stitches across the top give it nice boundaries. Love that pop of light aqua in the heart flair to break up the monotone. The XOXO element is a great background behind the nice date-night photo. Plus, it’s a great story of love and marriage and a supportive family! Love that.

Grammy kisses by suzanner

I admit I’m a little biased about all things grandmother. Isn’t this the cutest?! I love the placement of the photo, and how all of the elements flow from that not-in-the-center spot. The whimsical drawn hearts and stitching combine in a fun way with the torn paper and pretty florals. I like that script text paper as background. All around a lovely design. And, of course, the best part is the love radiating off this page. Go Grammy!

2017 First day of school in Alaska by easyeyes4you

The thing I like best about this page is that the way she incorporated the inset photos with the large, similar background photo, gave an initial optical illusion of the inset photos being part of the background, as if they were repeated in the main photo. I love the artist touches with the paint brush, dripped paint and painted kid on the scooter. Great title work too. This is a fun way to celebrate the first day of school.

2017 goal by luan37

The title of this one caught my attention, along with the gold background. It’s a great, simple design with a simple statement. I’m thinking this was just something she had to say out loud, to help keep her on track while she finishes the year and decides what’s coming next in life. I really like this about scrapbooking, that we share with one another our goals and aspirations, our frustrations and joys, and it’s a safe way to vent sometimes, too. Love the off-kilter framing on top of the three different colored paper strips.

Currently by danceERB

I love this one SO much! Of course, that color scheme of red, white and black is quite striking, so it got my attention right away. I really love AAM pages like this one: quick, to the point, no nonsense, no fluff, just the facts, ma’am. Love those cute little whimsical journal cards that she used to tell us what she’s up to right now. The little bracket with the oops-I-missed-let-me-stamp-it-again date stamp(s) on the left is a super cute touch. The torn paper made a nice variation in an otherwise graphic-look page, and completely changed up the look. The folded heart is a fun detail. Love the quilted background paper. Great page.

Remembering Foxy by Christine Irion

And, to round out the wonderful feel-good pages of the day, naturally, we have a terrific dog page! Christine is an amazingly talented scrapper, so I was not surprised to find this wonderful doggie-tribute page in the gallery. I love the big word art brush she used on the white space in the photo! Great border work to ground the page, wonderful repeat word art, and the sentiment made me catch my breath. The whimsical dog elements are a fun touch.

That’s it for me for this Sunday! I hope you all love today’s picks too. If so, please click on the linked title and leave the scrapbook artist some well-earned praise! Have a great week!