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Finger Pointing – October 18th

18 Oct

Hello – Deborah here with some glorious fall colors from the galleries. It was difficult to narrow it down to six pages as there so are many impressive artists in the digital world. Grab yourself a cup of hot tea and enjoy the beauty of the picks for October 18th, 2017.

I love the vibrant tones in Lola. Scrapmemories has composed a luscious background for her cool photo. The creased and torn paper (with the excellent shadow work) add reality and dimension to her layout. Every paper, element and brush add to the effervescence of the page.


Trick or Treat is engaging and fun. The photo is a treasure, and Pixie’s extraction is first-rate. I like how she kept everything simple so the adorable trick or treater takes center stage. Devilishly fun page!


The contrast of the dark wood background with the jewel colors is splendid. Love how the pumpkin photo harmonizes with Cherrylej’s cluster, title and colorful layering. A page that makes you grateful for the bounty of Fall.


I love tiramisu’s brilliant photography. The lighting, textures, paint, and sublime cluster are captivating. Autumn Bouquet doesn’t scream, but whispers, that autumn is breathtaking.


Halloween 1975 is precious and quirky! What a lovely way to scrap this memory. I love Readstoomuch’s creative title work and the hanging apples add to the merrymaking. This page makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Heartwarming and Fabulous!


Three O’clock in the Morning is romantic and fanciful. Barbara Houston has dreamed up an enchanting scene. I like the depth she has created with the painted flowers in the foreground and the starry dancers in the back. It’s such a beautiful and balanced composition. Classy!


Finger Pointing – October 17th

17 Oct

Having the chance to wander amongst the beautiful art in the galleries is the perfect ending to a wonderful day.  As usual, there were so many “standouts” that it was difficult to choose only six.

Let’s start with this stunning piece by Oldenmeade.  Art Diary was created for a “paint a face challenge”.  And what a beautiful job she has done!  Love the paint streaks, scribbles, and the placement of the title.  And aren’t those colors divine?  A gorgeous piece of art that would look at home hanging in any art gallery.

The photo crop on KarenB’s Scraplift Challenge-October 17 is awesome!  Love her use of white space and the use of colors from the photo for the elements and in the word art.  Awesome page!

Hello Happy Autumn by bessysue581 is a gorgeous, gorgeous page!   She has created an awesome depth with the use of the watery foliage with the realistic element.  Love the brush work!  There is so much to this page that I keep discovering more each time I look at it…can’t even imagine how many layers this involved!

Who could resist the wonderful colors and the fabulous photo on myla’s Relax page?!  Add in that cute sun and she’s definitely got a winner!  The scribbles are placed perfectly to lead the eye to the photo and I love the font she’s used for the title.  Fun page!

One of my favorite artists, margje, has created another amazing piece!  Love the sketch look and perfectly placed spots of color on To my old time friend.  Love, love, love this piece!

Remembrance Day in the UK is a day to remember and honor those who sacrificed their lives to secure and protect the freedom of the people.  Applechick has created a touching tribute for Remembrance Day with her In Flanders Fields piece. That gripping photo is blended masterfully.  The addition of the poppies is a beautifully soft touch.

Hope you enjoy the standouts today.  If you have a moment, please visit the galleries and leave the artists a comment.







Fingerpointing – October 16th

16 Oct

Hello to everyone, and thanks for joining me for today’s Gallery Standouts.  The galleries are filling up with lots of oranges, yellows, golds, and reds in honor of this wonderful autumn season that is upon those of us in a 4-season world, not to mention those of us who are getting ready to celebrate Halloween.  As always, there was no shortage of eye candy today.  Here are my top 6 choices in various colors and styles.

capturing october by sylvia

We have had many October mornings that look exactly like this.  It’s a beautiful capture of a day in the season.  I like the background which seems to match the mood of the photo, and the minimal bits of soft blue elements.  The grungy page framing adds so much to the overall look, and the simple title says it all.

Beautiful Autumn by MaggieMae

With the addition of just the right background paper and seasonal photos, this layered template was turned into a work of art.  Wouldn’t this look great hanging on a wall for the autumn months?  What a great design.

Hide and Seek by joyg

This is such a beautiful work of art.  The brushwork and elements surrounding that adorable little owl are perfectly placed and the overall look is perfection.

Highlands by magnolia2907

Everything about this page is beautiful, from the photo to the blending to the clustering and choice of colors, elements and brushes.  In a word – perfect.

Venice Backwaters by profolly

The first thing that stands out is the photo treatment, and then the scene itself.  I love the splatters of color and bits of text with a healthy dose of white space below.  I also like the thin font used in this title.  Every picture tells a story.  Isn’t that the truth?

Catrific by EHStudios

Oh my, isn’t this adorable?   This is an excellent example of minimal, right down to the tiny kitten in the photo.  I just love this!  The fun (almost) circles in various colors in this horizontal design look great, especially with the black specks, and the addition of those two tiny kittens to help frame the photo is super cute and playful.   This page had to be so fun to play with.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these selections and maybe they’ve even inspired you to do some scrapping of your own.  How about a scraplift of one of them?  I have my eye on one of them to lift real soon.  If you have some time, won’t you please take a closer look in the galleries and maybe even leave some positive feedback for these artists and scrappers?


Finger Pointing – October 15th

15 Oct

Hey everyone!! Hope it’s been a fantastic weekend for you all. We had home ball games this weekend so I’ve actually had time to sit down and do some scrappy things today, including taking a trip through all the amazing galleries! Choosing from all the beautiful creations gets harder and harder every time I do this!! But here are my choices for today…

It was the beautiful colors that drew me to at the beach by katell. How absolutely perfect are those colors for that amazing photo! I love different patterns she chose and all the wonderful shapes. The simple elements are just the right touch and the word bit at the bottom is just perfect! Lovely work!!

I am such a sucker for little feet! 10 little toes by Rollinchen just tugged at my heart strings! I love how she split that adorable photo between the two photo spots and included the bigger blended photo behind! The splattering of paint on the newsprint is just beautifully done and I adore that sweet string bow! Just beautifully done!

I fell in love with the softness of No by Stacia! There are so many beautiful elements on this page, but it doesn’t lose any of it’s soft feel. The delicate doily and lovely pinks add to the softness of the page. I also love the little pops of green and the sweet pinned banner at the bottom of the photo!! Gorgeous work!

And now for some spooky fun!! Friday the 13th Party by stormchaser is just too cool!! Oh my gosh at that clustering and all those ghosts peeking out from everywhere!! This is just amazing! I love the layered patterns and how she was able to include so many different elements! Every time I look at it, I see something new! The black and white photo is perfect and those treats look so great! I love a wonderfully full page and this is awesome!!

The colors and fabulous title on Getting There by Roxana drew me to it right away. I love the white background with the pops of color on each of the diamond shapes. So creative to have the along the edges of the page! The paint on the background is just lovely and really helps that wonderful photo to pop off the page! The simple embellishments are just perfect!

You can tell it’s mid-October by all the Halloween pages popping up in the galleries. It’s one of my favorite holidays and also some of my favorite layouts. Obi-Wan by marnie4two is an awesome example of a great Halloween page! How cute is that little one? I love that gorgeous cluster up the side of the photo. Those elements are too cute and so perfect for this page! The Trick or Treat on either side with the arrows is so creatively done and I love the little bits of flair! Wonderful title work as well.

And I do have one bonus page for you tonight – 08Halloween – by our own MrsPeel. I am so totally in love with the creativity of this page!! Wow! The art dolls are so amazing and her use of stamps and paints is just perfection. I love how the curved title work leads your eye across the page and how the journaling follows the flow. It is just so beautifully done, I had to include it :)


Finger Pointing – October 14th

14 Oct

One thing I love about my gig here with Gallery Standouts is the amount of time I can, unashamedly, cruise the galleries! I spend a huge amount of time sitting in front of my Mac at the best of times and, not that my dear husband complains, but when he jokingly says ‘come sit and talk with me’ when he knows I’ve got so much to do, I can pipe up with ‘but I’ve a GSO blog post to do!’ He knows that scrapbooking and the online community is a big thing in my life and I love that he supports me in all my endeavours, whether it be blogging, creating, or my photography pursuits, I know he’s right there behind me. And I love him for it, I honestly do. So here are the gems I found today…

Golden Days by EllenT is a glorious mix of layers, blending, masking, texture and word art. I love that the backdrop image and a perfect quote invites me to walk down the path and soak in all the Autumnal beauty in this layout. The frames, neatly nestled in the layered foliage and flora, are anchored beautifully with the rust coloured bow and I like how the word art has the look of a sticker with the white outline. Truly beautiful!

Staying with the Autumnal feel is Indian Summer by FILIPPOK. A great backdrop draws the eye to all the lovely details – I love the tones here, especially the lilac as, for me, it’s not a traditional Fall colour. Great layering of different shapes and the circular image adds great interest and I like that the circular element is followed through with the flair, disc, brush work and the pretty dream catcher. Look closer and you’ll see that the twine bow adds a lovely, carefree element to this layout. Stunning!

This page by kaphelps is such a great design. I like how the little cluster top left introduces the layout and how the thin strips of patterned paper take the viewer through the page from top to bottom, showcasing the images and leading us to the journaling. Great brush work and some circular detail pull everything together and the perfectly shadowed label and loose leaves finish this project off beautifully. So gorgeous!

Generally in my posts here, I tend to work from the backdrop up but because I’m a hug fan of crops on images, I’m going to work the other way as I showcase Just Chill by Roboliver. How fabulous is this crop?! It’s got to be one of the best I’ve seen in a while, I like the little camera sticker to the right and the random placement of the title alpha. Journaling on a photo is a super way to add a relaxed feel and I like how the second image houses the year of the memory. Patterned paper including the camera print, a stamped frame and word art, and some paint splatters add a perfect dose of colour, all bouncing off the textured backdrop. Love this!

Oh for the love of shadows! Limited Edition by huyentrang43 is a gorgeous mix of beautiful tones, great shadows, super cute images and dainty elements here and there. I love, love, love those cut outs and the contrasting patterned papers, the apparent off cuts and the pretty clusters. While everything appears casual here, it still seems like the placement of each piece has been strategically placed for the best effect, including those pretty little beads. Perfect!

It wouldn’t be a blog post of mine without a little white space and nhudao has worked some patterned papers to the best effect on this layout entitled Believe. I find this to be such a restful page and I love the rectangular block incorporating the image and the fact that it’s a little like a straight edged jigsaw puzzle. Gorgeous colour in limited amounts really makes this page shine and I love the layered and stitched detail to the top. The pretty floral, twine and button detail, the clipped flower up top and the word art title form a perfect visual triangle that is the foundation of many a smashing layout. I’m so in love with the word art title and the hashtag addition! Just wonderful!

I must confess that my bonus pick, Boo! by Maruma, has been on my radar all week! For me, a red and black colour theme is a particularly difficult one to pull off but seriously, this page has me aghast! There’s the great use of the geometric shapes to include a great selection of patterned paper, the layered stack on which the fun image rests and is kept in place with the bow and flower cluster, super cool title work, the splatters of vivid red glitter and the chalked bats. But what I think has the most impact of this layout is the incredible backdrop! The bats that really appear to be flying or hanging (as they do!), the darkness and THAT glow! So dramatic and totally amazing!

And that brings me to the end of my post today. I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing them to you. When you get a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. I also hope you’re inspired to tell some of your stories and share them in the galleries. Till next time, take care and happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – October 13th

13 Oct

I can’t say that it’s beginning to look like Autumn here in Florida because most of the year everything looks the same.  But I can say that I’m enjoying seeing the Autumn pages in the galleries with their photographs of the beautiful colors.  So, I’ll start my post today with an Autumn page.

Hello Autumn by joannebrisebois is the cover for her Autumn 2017 album and I just love it!  The leaf is gorgeous and I love the soft color she’s used for the brush behind it.  Her placement of the date is absolutely perfect.  This is a gorgeous cover for what I am sure is a book full of gorgeous pages.

Life can truly be perilous as we discover in The Perils of the Outback Dunny by Shannamay.  You have to read her journaling, it is an awesome story.  The mixture of the two fonts in the title is wonderful and that masked sketch of the outhouse supporting her photos and journaling is so on point!  Love the brushwork with the kangaroo also!  Fun page!

LynnG is one of my favorite designers and I love seeing her pages using her products.  Life in Singapore is a beautiful page with some amazing use of painted layered transfers.  Love the color scheme and the composition.  The small cluster at the bottom right is the perfect final touch.  Love this page!

One more photo of beautiful Olga by Arte Banale is an exquisite page!  There are so many things I love about this page that I don’t know where to start.  Love how the wreath is hanging from the paper strips.  And that wreath is gorgeous with the sketch underneath providing so much depth.  (And about that sketched wreath … I checked out her product list and she actually created it from some pencil line leaves.  Amazing!) The title and leaves are placed just perfectly.  I am always in awe at her pages and this one is no exception!

I was in love with Love Your Smile by anke from the moment it hit my Facebook feed! The black and white with a touch of color create such an elegant look!  Love the angles of the photo and the brush work!  Gorgeous page!

I’m a huge fan of Adryane’s heritage pages and when I saw endings and beginnings,  I knew it was destined for today’s post.  It’s amazing the techniques she uses to create her art and she shares them with us in her post.  I love how she’s blended the title into the photo.  The thread flower is a perfect “resting spot” for the eyes after enjoying the photo cluster.  I love the use of the soft pink with the cream.  Gorgeous page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks today and I hope you’ll have time to visit the pages in the gallery to see them closer up and see any information that the artist has added.  Until next time, have a safe Friday the 13th and a wonderful weekend.





Finger Pointing – October 12th

12 Oct

Finger Pointing – October 12th

I can’t believe it’s October already and it’s almost half over to boot….time slow down please!!!  I am absolutely loving that things are starting feel a little cooler here in Florida in the mornings and the evenings.  I’m looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch this weekend, doing some yard word and maybe  some fall crafting (while sipping something pumpkin spiced.)  That’s what fall is all about, right???

I had the great pleasure of looking through the galleries to find our 6 fabulous layouts today. There are so many great pages out there.  I’m sure most of you are feeling scrapped out after the prep and then actual event of Digital Scrapbooking Day, but I hope that these pages today, and all the other great pages out there, will get you scrapping this weekend.  We need to be recording those memories because time moves so fast!!

Our first page is titled Closure by Sheana.  The warm yellow polka dot paper is what caught my eye at first.  Then the word art. I love the variety of word art, fonts and alphas used on the page.  It gives this such a great graphic feel but the wood background tones that down so it’s not “too graphic”.  All the details here play together so well.  The stitching, the ribbon, the little layered bundle…they all bring something cozy and cute to the page.  Then there is the story.  I find it so hard to put a story on a page, so I admire people who put it out there!  I love how the scrapper is telling her story about moving on and that she included a photo of herself.  I’m sure this will become such a gem over time!  I just love the composure of this page and how everything comes together and sings!

Next up I have this soothing page titled Quietude by Lynn Marie.  Now I have to point out right from the start that Lynn Marie is a digital designer and here she is using her own product for her page.  I absolutely love it when kit designers do this!  This page is fun but calming.  I love the soft colors with the punch of the mustard and the navy. It’s perfectly balanced with the white space.  The use of the paint behind the main image cluster makes this look like it’s up off the page and gives this layout depth.  All the perfectly placed circle elements really help your eye travel around the page and create the visual triangle.  I love that the scrapper added some journaling and cute photo of her feet.   Such a great composition and use of white space here!  I love it!

My next pick, just screams fall to me. You Make Me Smile by weaselwatcher has a great mix of open space and design. These rich colors can often be too much combined on the page, but here, Danica uses the tone on tone print of the brown paper to really ground and the page.  Then adding the plaid and the polka dots plus confetti brings color and visual interest.  I really love her cluster and how she stacked and shadowed the flowers and leaves looks great! It’s often tricky to shadow on darker paper without making everything feel darker and she does a great job of that here.  I have to mention this handsome cat too…how perfect is he/she with the colors of the page?  Everything here plays off each other so nicely! It’s a perfect fall page!

My next choice is a layout done during a speed scrap…gasp!  I can’t scrap fast so I’m always in awe of people who can.  Face Time by cfile is an excellent example of how you can get a page done quickly but it can still look amazing!  What caught my eye was the hot pink leaf, in the cluster at the top of the page and how lovely the shadows look on this little group of elements!   Then I saw it was for a speed scrap and I was so impressed!  Everything is so well placed on the page.  The spatter brings depth, the sequins are just enough to give interest, yet not be distracting and the washi peaking out adds feminity.  I also really like the story here.  The scrapper is scrapping about Face Timing with her brother and I think that is so cool (plus I really like that font!!).  Over all this page is not only fun, but the shadows are awesome and the memories that are recorded are also beautiful; what a great combination! 

In my world, no gallery viewing trip is complete without falling in love with at least a few pocket scrapbook style pages.  This page titled Busy Busy by Stacia Hall really caught my eye!  I love pocket style pages for trying to tell a story with lots of pictures and lots of details you want to record.  This layout shows Stacia and her family moving.  I love how her story highlights memories like the chairs looking awesome once assembled, but being very hard to put together.  That is one of those things you’ll forget in 6 months, but when you look back in your album you will be reminded and it almost makes you smile inside.  I also love that Stacia included a card showing the schedule -which is just a list of all things they accomplished in this weekend.   Now I have to say that the plaid card in the second row with all the tags and banners is my fave.  It’s fun and I love all the little comments.  Overall this is such a great page and it really documents this weekend in such a nice way (so much info on just one page) and it makes me want to sit down right now and scrap pocket style!

My final highlight for today is this sweet page titled I Love You by LorieM.  I once again was sucked in by the polka dots!  I just love the black and white polka dot paper as the background here.  It really makes everything else on the page pop.  I love how the scrapper used a shaped mask for the photo instead of the traditional square or rectangle shape. This adds such nice interest to the page!  Then the flowers – wow!! I just love the shadow work here and how the flowers seem to be floating on the page – just a pretty look and the colors are so perfect on the darker background.  It makes the whole layout pop!

Well today’s mix of layouts has be wanting to scrap right now and probably all weekend (so much for my landscaping projects).  I hope you all have a great day out there and are inspired to scrap some memories of your own.