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Finger Pointing – October 31st

31 Oct

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate. I was lucky enough to see 3 of my grandchildren today before they head out with friends to trick or treat. I expect the galleries to be flooded with Halloween layouts in a day or two but there weren’t so many scary ones today. Of course there’s no shortage of beautiful pages making it difficult to choose as always. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

Urban Life by AnikA68

The skewed paper stacking really suits the theme of the layout. The photo is exceptional and represents urban life perfectly. I like the bit of diagonal stitching across the top of the page and the branch laid atop the paint splat. The scattering of stars completes the layout just right.


Quiet Moment by Veronika

I find this layout to be quite serene. I love the blocked masking. I like the way parts of the girl sitting quietly reading are shown in full, like her floral sweater, while others are masked.  The repeated text emphasizes her subject and the pop of blue in the leafy branch is a lovely addition.

Race Day by Miki

There are so many parts to this layout yet they all come together to create a cohesive and impressive page. I really like the recoloring of the driver and the triangle framing which emphasizes the subject. The extracted race car is equally important and the vertical lines, as well as the speedometer underscore speed. The brush work is well placed to frame the title and journaling.

Glorious Memory by Arte Banale

It wasn’t possible for me to pass up this fall themed page. I really like the diagonal flow of the page. The photo treatment is so soft and pretty. The added word art combines to tell the story of the page and I love the hand-drawn leaves and pumpkin.

Believe You Can by EHStudios

Kraft always makes such a perfect neutral background. I love the strokes of white paint and black dots. The text and sketchy lines placed at the edge is an artistic touch. The strip of photos tell a story and I like the way she rotated the title. I’ve always been a fan of combining realistic and hand-drawn elements and the resulting splash of orange and green is very creative.

2017 Mood Board Challenge by PaperWings

The large photo in this layout is amazing. I like the way she placed the three smaller photos across the bottom. The vertical cluster across the base adds to the movement of the smaller photos. Placing the journaling on the book and tucking it into the corner is a skilled and innovative technique.


I’m wondering if many of you are reading this post late tonight or early tomorrow, enjoying a bit of your favorite candy left over or snagged from your child’s stash. I hope you enjoyed my picks for today and if you have a minute please click through the links to leave these artists some love.


Finger Pointing-October 30th

30 Oct

Do you have all your treats ready for the little ghosts & goblins tomorrow night? Halloween is such a big deal for kids, in the U.S. anyway. I imagine there will be lots of classroom parties tomorrow. As a retired teacher, I remember well! I painted in my studio all day, so now I’m ready to relax, peruse the galleries and share my latest picks with you. Grab a cold/hot drink and join me!

archaic face painted by ALBamass is such a beautiful “painting!” I love the drama created with the brush strokes, how it’s cropped and the script on one side of the face. The blending is gorgeous and this is truly a remarkable page by a very talented artist. A very painterly standout!

Sweet fall by AJM is absolutely gorgeous! First of all, the focal point, the mushroom, is such a unique representation of fall. Then, the colorful leaves compliment it beautifully. I’m obsessed with all the colors and textures this artist incorporated. Love the blending, the scribbles and the faded word art. Fabulous standout!

a pumpkin Mount Rushmore by jw is certainly an eye-catcher with those unusual pumpkins. Take a closer look and you’ll see what I mean. Very cool! I love how the pumpkins photo is framed and the hinges and other elements are a nice accent. Great layers and brush work throughout! Certainly an awesome standout!

Rough around the edges by dawninskip is so cute! I couldn’t resist another pumpkin page. That is certainly a grungy pumpkin and I think the title tells us why. I adore the little bird and the flowers behind the pumpkin. Great textures throughout and the pops of teal are really beautiful! A haunting standout!

Art Therapy 4 by Traumelfe is a beautifully artistic layout! I adore that sweet photo and isn’t her little hat darling! This page has it all…gorgeous colors, awesome brush work, blending and great textures. The visual impact is amazing! The little buttons and flowers complete this page along with the title word art. A delightful standout!

Create Art by Ozegirl reminds me of a hybrid layout. (Maybe it is.) The artsy flowers on the card are so beautiful and I love all the splatters! The chicken wire is a great way to add texture and interest to the kraft cardstock. How creative to make a card for a page! Love the ribbons peeking out and also the two flowers. The mix of an alpha with a cursive word makes a wonderful title. Terrific standout!

I hope you enjoyed these layouts today and feel inspired to create a few of your own! I know these artists have inspired me. Again, Happy Halloween and here’s to looking forward to a new month that begins on Wednesday. See ya next time!


Finger Pointing – October 28th

28 Oct

Hello! Can you believe it’s the last weekend of October? It is a cold and drizzly day in Minnesota so I loved spending my time admiring all the extraordinary talent in the galleries.

When I saw the thumbnail of This Month by Profolly, I was entranced. Once I got a closer look, I was truly captivated. I love her artwork and think this is a truly wonderful way to showcase each piece.


The minimalist approach in Forever Mine by Sylvia has such a visual impact. The castles, lace and ribbon give us romance, and the orange paint adds drama. Embellishment perfection!


Love the horizontal composition led by the paint, the use of the journal cards, the framing of the page, and all the white space. Yes – I love everything about Mrs. Peels’ artistry! I am in love with NovemberLove.


The light and airy feel in Autumn is magical. I adore the circle cutout, delicate scallops, and notebook paper edges. Isa Marks’ shadows are exceptional. A realistic, yet whimsical page – LOVE!


The symmetrical composition contrasting with the light-hearted embellishing creates fabulous visual interest in You are Loved by bessysue581. I love her woodland theme. A super-cute and creative standout.


Mine is delightful. I saw it in the gallery several days ago, and I am happy to highlight it today. Anita’s sketch technique is remarkable, and I want to hug her darling puppy. She has captured his personality perfectly, and I don’t think anyone would dare take his bone.



Finger Pointing – October 27th-

27 Oct

Hello!!!! here I am again, late, of course, even though I started the process that leads to this as early as 19:00 hs of the 27th UK time, now being 03:34 am of Saturday…finally here after a “little” detour for a few episodes of Stranger Things series 2…. oh well, one has to binge once in a while, right? LOL Anyway, in a better mood this week than I have been in quiet a LONG time…I bring you some of Friday’s gallery jewels!!! Hope you love these, get inspired and amazed as much as I do/am!!!

Starting with an amazingly awesome beauty, November Rain by EllenT, I’m sure you know by now she is one of my most favourite artists, and here, playing with stuff from another two faves of mine, both designer kit & template, she most definitely shines in all ways possible!!! but never mind what Ellen chooses to play with, it guarantees it will be a precious gem, in here the take on the template displaying a show of elegance, amazing movement and perfection of color palette. Love the fact that the photo (with some amazing treatment!) actually isn’t the star here, but still has a huge pull over the whole page…each and every little bit of the page come together in the most perfect dynamic and beauty!!!

This next page, Travel Day 1 by norton94, makes my heart sing and smile with so much joy…I’m a bit at loss for words. You see Krista is one of those amazing layout artists that not only brightens the gallery, but also one of those unsung heroes every community has, the ones behind the scenes to make everything work to perfection, remind us of our schedules, create amazing ads for our chats & scraps and a lot more, which sometimes leaves not much time for scrapping…which in turn makes her pages even more of a jewel. This one, a perfect beauty of a mum & daughter page, gorgeously elegant with delightful layering,  absolutely awesome shadows and clean cut lines that make the template shine, every detail coming together in this pristine, marvellous beauty, brilliantly composed in the pure white background. Perfection. Absolute & total perfection!

Going from two wonderful clean cut/blank space beauties, we move into a fuller elegance, a fabulous master piece, this page called MB by marnel, another superb artist I admire and get inspiration from. Love the way the spaces are filled with a gorgeous combination of photos (black and white making them delightful contrast) and papers, a little detail here and another one there with cleverly placed elements, or a stitch or a piece of lace, each detail leading the eye to another mini surprise on a perfect design making it all come together with the deep green background and as if all wasn’t enough, the addition of the ink splatters that give a hand made feel in the finishing. Amazingly Awesome!!!

Next has me delighted in so many ways, I am not sure where to start!!!!! Maybe a good place to do so would be the mouth watering subject… yup. It is called Smores Cupcakes, created by Amien1 in that super amazing, stylish way of hers which turns any subject into fine art!!!! Mouth watering photo with a more than perfect angle, amazing way to scrap a recipe, with so much to love, my eyes keep going from top to bottom and one side to the other and keep being amazed with the perfection of every choice: the title and subtitles, the gorgeous fonts chosen and the amazing balance with the superb cluster. I could be here for hours loving the colours, the delicate shadows…everything comes together in a stand out way!!!!!

Carrying on with another super amazing artist, and obviously today I am on a clean cut, beautifully stylish lines, comes Young at Heart by Alannabanana , a treasure full of what I would find difficult combinations, yet she achieves harmony in the best way possible, patterns that could have clashed together if not for Alanna’s mastering on the equilibrium and the soft touch, the amazing shadows, the awesome talent of hers showing in each and every choice, from the colours combined to perfection and the beauty of attention to detail…. as always with her, the most wonderful result!!!!

Last but never ever least, I find an amazingly beautiful, vibrant, awesome in so many ways my excitement wishes my typing could go as fast as my  mind on this one, Hocus Pocus by biancka really, really makes to my post the perfect seal, her being one of the most amazing Queens of Blank Space of mine…and achieving with equal talent the full on way….oh wonderful!!!!! LOVE the photos, perfect colors to make an impact, and the clusters of elements so very well done, they seem to become part of the photos!!!!! Of course every detail is done to perfection, what an amazing show of talent!!!!

I’ll say good day to you all now, hope you enjoyed these and get inspired. Please take a moment to click on the name of the LO and author, and leave them a comment :even a word or two can make any of us have a much better day!!!! TFL!!!!






Finger Pointing – October 26th

26 Oct

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here!! I am quietly enjoying a time without having to rush out the door for football practice or a game. It’s nice to have my evenings back and be able to spend more time in the galleries! It’s like taking a fall walk, without the brisk air this time of year. I hope you enjoy my choices for today!


Amber and Rocky by wendy johnson caught my eye in the gallery right away! Look at those beautiful fur babies! I am in love with the clean design of this page and the absolutely perfect color scheme for the pups! The card with the simple heart and bow is just lovely and I love the addition of the striped paper. They look so relaxed and comfy!

Talk about relaxed and peaceful. I love the feeling I get looking at Amidst the Leaves by Marleen. The photo is blended in to the background so perfectly and the texture is so amazing. I love the addition of the leaf element with the string and button. This is such a gorgeous work of art!

I must have a thing for dogs today, because I fell in love with Must love Dogs by kmchambers64. The photos are absolutely beautiful! I love how she’s used the greenery and outdoor elements. It has such an earthy feel! Her layering of elements and paints is just beautifully done and the word bits are so perfect! I adore how it looks as though everything is hanging from the hook. Wonderfully scrapped!!

Another beautiful Autumn scene in Gold Autumn by beaute. I love how she has split the long photo between the photo spots with the lovely blending work. The colors are just amazing and the added element bits are so perfect! Lovely shadow work and the use of the chains is fantastic. This is such a gorgeous page!

Perfect Fall Day by Michelle003 is just exactly that! Beautiful day and perfectly scrapped. I love that big blended photo and all the fabulous elements clustered and scattered down the sides of the page! The string with the smaller photos attached is so very creative!! Her shadow work is simply amazing as well!! Beautiful!!

And last but certainly not least is Wicked Cool by LorieM, and it is indeed wicked cool! I love that newsprint background with the great splatters of paints and element clusters!! The pops of orange and purple are awesome, and that title work is awesome! Fantastic Halloween page!

I hope you enjoyed my choices for today and that you’ll drop by and leave them some love!! Thanks for looking and until next time, see you around the galleries!!


Finger Pointing-October 25th

25 Oct

Happy Wednesday! I’m loving all the gorgeous fall colors in the gallery! I think October is one of the best months of the year and definitely a favorite of mine! Today I’m sharing a variety of themes with you. Enjoy these Gallery Standouts and  inspiration!

Johnson the White Mule by musicmom3

The blending of 2 photos here is remarkable! It caught my eye right away. The mule’s head seems to truly lead my eye right down his path and the colors are gorgeous. This artist’s journaling is straight from her heart…a beautiful read.

Today by lkdavis

Ah, for the love of blue pumpkins! There’s something so fun about seeing a non-traditional page like this. I love the blue pumpkins, the stitched outlines and the way a little brown makes its way to be discovered. If you want to know how you can turn your pumpkins blue, Linda has a tutorial on her blog. Just follow the link to to this layout!

Gorgeous by Poppy

This is just a wow! The mix of the rich colors and brush work is fabulous and the strong drop shadows on the word art are really striking. There are so many wonderful layers here! The overlay on the framed photo works beautifully with the color scheme and I think the blended photo off to the left is a great way to tie everything together.

TLP-Inspiration by KarenZkrap

Darling Halloween page! Someone knew how to do some creative face painting…so cool to be on opposite sides of their faces! Fun photos for sure and I like the angled frames connected by the flower and heart. There are so many cute accent elements on this page but my favorite is that glittery, teal background! What a great color in contrast to the traditional orange of Halloween.

Happy Halloween by myssp

I couldn’t resist one more Halloween layout! Take a look at that carved pumpkin…so incredible and rich with details! The festive edgers and elements surrounding the photo are awesome and I love the corner decorations as well. The spider web makes the perfect backdrop for this amazing page.

My Story by stellamarie

Oh be still my heart! Two little bundles of joy and how precious they are! Their smiles and little bunny ears hats are just too cute! I think blended photo is such a wonderful compliment to the framed one. You might want to try that on your own layout if you never have before. This is a masterpiece of clusters and layers and I love the soft yellows and blues. Wouldn’t you just love to hold these little darlings?

The week is half over…bring on the weekend! For more details on these awesome pages and to leave some praise for these artists, just click on the title links. Have a wonderful rest of the week and I hope to see your pages in the galleries real soon!




Finger Pointing – October 24th

24 Oct

Hi everyone!

It’s been a busy day for me but before I go to sleep, I want to share my favorite layouts for today. Yes, you heard me right, while some of you are just starting your day, it’s time to doze off on my side of the globe. Hope you like and enjoy them as much as I do.

A Pretty June Wedding, 1924 by mary kate
Such a wonderful photo to scrap. Although this is a scrap lift, I believe this deserves a standout. Beautiful vintage layout starting with the photo. I love the elements she picked, a beautiful arrangement indeed. Love the shabby look of the page too. The scallops on top of the photo adds perfection to the page.

Fall 2017 by Tronesia
Great clean design, look at those amazing shadows and circles. Wonderful autumn photo-op. The white background really made the page pop along with all the autumn colors. There’s so much about the page that I really adore.

Delicious Autumn by Janedee
The title itself is as delicious as the page. The blending is so gorgeous. Love how she brings the subject to life, I can almost smell the pungency of those chilis. Love the mix of papers and the title work too.

This is why I scrap by BarbaraUnzen
Beautifully done! Such a sweet journaling too. I have to agree with her, scrapbooking is about preserving memories. Love the sweet elements she used, the fonts, and how simple and elegant her layout looks.

Growing up in a farm by Kabrak1207
This is so inspiring. Beautiful words to live by. Another wonderful blending and beautiful arrangement of flowers.

Inside my head by dotcomkari

Last but definitely not the least, another fantastic layout! I can feel the outpouring emotions on her page. Great composition! Loving how she made the scribble head and all the blending done on the page.

Thanks for taking a look at the layouts I’ve chosen. If you have time, it would be awesome to stop by and give them some well deserved pats in the back in the galleries. ;)