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Finger Pointing – November 24th

24 Nov

Hello!!!! Hope everyone is well and enjoying (should we read running mad around? LOL) the weekend!!! I’ll be short (or at least try) as I wasn’t able to post last night so wont hold the day for Liz who will be posting for today!!! So I ll go straight to the awesome, amazingly marvelous pages from Friday. As usual, choosing becomes a very difficult task! Hope you enjoy these and get inspired as much as I do!!!! Remember you can access the original pages by clicking in the linked/high-lit name of the LO and author!!!

Realizing how close we are to the end of the month and, for some of us, the arrival of the most waited time of the year, I find this awesome 2017 DYD Cover Page by Erin Crouch. This seemed the perfect way to start the post. Now if you know me, you know I am an element hoarder, but the amazing clean lines, gorgeous bold letters and color, cleverly composed background with subtle patterns makes this a perfect cover page!!!!

To carry on the magic, the most magical place on earth seems the perfect option, and here I found this masterful piece by Dawn Inskip , 100% Adorable, and adorable it is indeed!!!! My love & passion for designers who scrap is well documented, and love the way Dawn always comes up with original compositions, amazingly designed pieces, unique signature of her talent!!! My heart is taken by this awesome page!!!!

Another super original piece, Just do It by cfile, which amazed me as I was reading at the Get It Scrapped classes something about transporting habitats into our pages…this couldn’t be a better show for it!!! As usual Christa shows a passion for page design, a wonderful creativity and amazingly beautiful results! Love the color palette, the perfection of the setting, almost like a set design for theater translated into a scrapbook page, the delicate embellishment, absolutely fabulous!!!

Another superb creation, an incredible blending, extraction, artsy use of paints and super outstanding tittle work in this gorgeously awesome page, Be Strong by Wombat146. Love the way Ona documents her family life, events that she transforms into incredibly gorgeous master pieces, this is a gorgeous jewel with complete perfection with the added journaling!!!!

I am so, so delighted to find this, Santa’s Village by weaslwatcher, not only because it is another master piece, but also because I hardly ever am able to highlight her pages! It is either her on the 7 days list or me not coming across her pages when on duty, but thing is my heart was full of happy when I looked closer and saw it was hers!!! Love Danica’s versatility to compose super wonderful pages in extreme styles, in here the perfection starts by the awesome photo, I am amazed always by the documenting of her travels, then there is the continuity given to the photo by the super clever choice of background paper, the gorgeous clusters which make my element hoarder heart sing without overwhelming the page, the beautiful sign as tittle work and even a scribble to give it a hand made touch. All the way awesome!!!

The festive feeling is with us with a more than fabulous page, Holiday Magic by tammybean04. I’m always in love with people who can combine patterns in a truly wonderful way, and here the magic fills my heart, absolutely perfect layering, shadows that makes me want to reach and touch, more layering goodness and fantastic cluster with the card adding a touch of cute , this is so beautiful, I may have to consider lifting this to the t!!!!!! Perfection!!!!

As a story teller, I love the photography that speaks volumes with originality, and this couldn’t be a better example of how non posed, or should I say almost anonymous ones, can tell a story without words. The season colors are wonderfully represented in this awesome page, Feeling Blessed by stormchaser. In here too, love the combination of patterns, the earthy tones gorgeously constructing a cluster with a touch of gold that I love and lighten up the page to complete this beautiful piece!

Last but never ever least, a marvelous page that conquers my traveler’s heart, Spain_first_page by LBickfor63 is such a wonderful introduction to a travel book, I’m in love with the photographic goodness made into the map, and, once again, even to my element hoarder this is a perfect master piece!! Done so elegantly , with a subtle tittle on the top and the gorgeous little tag with the thread at the bottom, as if this wasn’t already a visual amazement, the amount of journaling makes this into a perfect diamond, a jewel to close today’s post with a wonderful happy heart. This also makes me happy as I know Lori’s beautiful work well, but don’t think I have ever come across a page of hers whilst on duty here!!!!

This is all from me today, Hope you have a great weekend, don’t forget to click on the high-lit names to go to the original gallery, we all know how much our day can be made by a word or two of praise!!!! Thanks so much for joining us!!!










Finger Pointing – November 23rd

23 Nov

Happy Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving to all those who are celebrating. We had our family dinner yesterday, so today has been fairly quiet, with lots of time to hit Black Friday sales online and spend quality time in the galleries ooohing and ahhhing over all the gorgeous creations! I’m running a little late, but before I get to my picks I want to say that one of the things I am so thankful for is our amazing community of scrappers and designers from all corners of the world who share their passion and creativity with all of us!

First up is Whole Again by caapmun. That gorgeous half face drew me to this layout right away! I love the contrast between the color on her and the black doodles and stamps. The colors and patterns in the flower are gorgeous as well. This is such a lovely artistic piece! The quote is absolutely wonderful!


Next is Winter by 1terresa1. I love that gorgeous split background! The frame is so lovely and her clusters are stunning! That title is so beautifully done and absolutely perfect for the overall feeling of the page!!


There is so much goodness to see in Treasured – The Things by Pantherka! Those beautiful painty borders and amazing clusters really set the whole thing off. I love the word bits and word art she chose for the super sweet photo! There is so much to see but such a great flow to this page! This is definitely a treasure!!


I love a beautiful white background and We Wish You…by Arte Banale is stunning! The stamped edge and middle are so perfectly done. I love the pop of red in the title work. And how beautiful is that gingerbread house framed in that lovely wreath!!


I am such a sucker for beautiful paints and I fell in love with 2017 by Mother Bear immediately!! I absolutely love the layers of paper and the lovely handwritten note. The photo is so sweet and all the word art stamps and little details are just perfection! Her shadow work is amazing as well!!


And my final choice for tonight is just simply gorgeous! Grand Master’s Invitational – August 2016 by GlazeFamily3 jumped out at me right away! That big bold title is awesome and the striped paper is fantastic! I love the graphic feel and the pops of red at the top and bottom are a perfect touch! And what a great photo, too!!


And that will do it for me tonight!! I hope you have a lovely end of your week!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!


Fingerpointing – November 22nd

22 Nov

This is such an inspiring time of year and I’m betting that everyone wishes they had more time to sit down and do some scrapping or journaling or maybe to design a bit of digital art.  If you’re like me, it’s the perfect way to start your day, or for that matter, to relax at the end of a long day.  This morning I was up early.  With a cup of tea by my side, I took a leisurely stroll through the galleries, and these are the pages I’d like to share with you today.

Scent of Winter Berries by Chic_lady

This is such a pretty corner design with plenty of white space and some winter favorites like pine branches, a christmas tree and snow.  I really like the small bits of color and the black splatters.  The simple wordart at the bottom is perfect.  As I  gaze at this piece of art, it sort of gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Christmas spirit by Ashleywb

Here is another festive page in a more traditional scrapbook style.  The photo is adorable and it does look like the girls are getting into the Christmas spirit!  I like the stack of papers behind the photo with just a hint of blue and green grunge.  Finishing if off nicely is a festive cluster and a bit of documenting the memories.

You are my star by huyentrang43

I can’t start with anything but . . .  how cute is this baby!?  She just makes me smile!  (I’m guessing it’s a girl because of the bow on the headband)   The lightly patterned paper looks great for this design.  I love those bold stars, the side clusters and sticker title.   Am I the only one that wants to do a lift?  This is a total winner for me.

The Big Chill by caliten

I’m totally in love with this vertical design in circles filled with patterns, wordart, shapes and grunge, not to mention the brushwork.  Love that underlined title with the journaling below too.  The single photo really stands out in the best way possible.

A funny face by faby 33

The photo and photo treatment is gorgeous here.  I like the almost monotone color scheme with small pieces of patterns skillfully arranged for interest.  Other than that – I’ve seen “grimace” a time or two while trying to photograph my own boys.  You never know what you’re going to get, but they’re all part of the subjects character.  Personally, I think it’s adorable.

tuckered out by nancyr

This is a great multi photo page dedicated to Luther and his first trip to the Jersey Shore.  Lucky guy!  I love the flow of this page and the blending is great.  I like the large photo being part of the background.  The scattered shells and stitching are nice touches, and the odd sized alpha title is perfect.

That’s it for me today folks.  I hope you’ve enjoyed these scrapbook pages and digital art pieces.  You can get a closer look by clicking on the title.  Till next time, keep creating and have a great day!


Finger Pointing – November 20th

20 Nov

I’ve just spent several hours wandering through the galleries while waiting for a new dryer to be delivered to my son’s condo. I spied so many gorgeous pages, it’s difficult to know where to begin but I’ve done my best to narrow it down. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

I Love Dogs by dvhoward55

I really like this page design with everything placed toward the side of the layout. The photos are precious, especially the one of the toddler hugging (possibly squishing) the pup. I like the crops too! The vertical cascade of photos and embellishments draws the eye down the page. I like the way the artist emphasized one of the photos with the circle string. Rotating the journaling is a neat touch too.

Pumpkin Patch by rubygirl

This is one of the most engaging project life pages I have ever seen. I really like her clean design and the way she incorporated so much white space while showcasing so many photos. Adding the typed and handwritten quotes as well as the journal card were the only embellishments needed to finish off the page.

A Story that Could Have Been by oldbag165

This is such a gorgeous heritage page. The large blended photo makes for the perfect backdrop for the smaller, framed photo. I like the touches of yellow and green both in the cluster atop the photo and the paint behind. What really touched me though, beyond the beauty of the page, was the story behind it. Apparently the layout artist doesn’t have many photos of this friend because she was typically the one behind the camera, using it as her protection. I think this is a reminder to all of us to sometimes step out in front, whether we like it or not.

Beautiful by NBK-Design

This is such a gorgeous art journal page. I love the green and blue palette with just a few touches of black. As with most art journal pages, the majority of the elements are left without shadows so those that are shadowed really pop. I love all the brush-work, especially the doily. The journaling is a good read. If you click through the link to leave some love you may be surprised to learn that this was created on the artist’s IPad using an app, Yes, there’s an app for that (sorry I couldn’t resist). It may not be new to you but it is to me and this is one beautiful page!

Artistic Expressions by LynnZant

I think digital scrapping is the perfect way to preserve a child or student’s artwork rather than saving a pile of papers, though this art is so amazing that may still be desired. I really like how the colorful papers and embellishments show off the mostly black and white artwork. I like the grid design and the title work combining several alphas. The spatters, paint box and brush complete the layout perfectly.

Preparation of Halloween by myla

While many are already moving along toward Christmas, I’m happy to see some fall pages still popping up in the galleries. I like the photo treatment of the large blended photo and the layer of smaller photos on top. Cleaning out the pumpkin guts may not be the most enjoyable part of carving but it is necessary. I like the texture of the white paper and the pop of black on the small piece of polka dot patterned paper. The spider and daisy compliment the page perfectly.

As always, I’ve come to the end of my post and it’s my last one for November. So for those that celebrate Thanksgiving I’d like to wish you a happy holiday. I’ll leave a reminder that if you have a minute or two, please click through the layout links and leave these well deserving artists some love!



Finger Pointing- November 19th

19 Nov

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all having a nice Sunday morning/evening. Right now, I am listening to Christmas songs while doing my post. Christmas is in the air! We are done putting up our Christmas tree with our kids and they love our new color motif for this year. Have you seen the galleries today? Make sure to drop by your favorite site for lots of inspiration. This is Beth a.k.a kewl_jive bringing you today’s gorgeous gallery standouts.

Dec 05, 2001 by Tracermajig.
Fell in love with this page the moment I saw it. Loving all the Christmas trees in different forms – brush works, acrylics, paper, and felt papers with stitches. Everything works perfectly. The lace added a soft touch and the use of embellishments too, not to mention the adorable photo in b&w, the postage frame is an amazing addition to. Did I just say I love everything about this page? And the brush border in black is just awesome!


Puppy Snuggles by Mrs_Deb_Reynolds
Digging the white space and clean design on this one. Love the focus on the right side and how the photo treatment goes perfectly well with the papers and elements she used. What a sweet quote too and I’m in awe of her precious photo. Amazing work! Love the scallop border and the paper patterns.

Merry Memories by Deekaa
Could this be any cuter? This is just fabulous, love the background paper, so festive and done intricately. Beautiful memories to remember and such a wonderful page.


Together we have it all by marijke
Great heritage page! Love the composition, blending, and how everything is done. The stitches add beauty to the page. Love the quad design, the drips, and splats brushes around the page.

Owl together by christellevandyk
Very striking! Love the big photo on the right side and all the strips of papers on the left side. I admire how she put everything together and how she group the different flowers together. Amazing how she opted to turn her photo into b&w to showcase both the photo and design. Fantastic work indeed!

Novemberrr by Anja_77
Love the softness of the page. Her title work is as kewl as the page. Great choices of paper and elements. Simply striking, not to mention the beautiful lil girl. Beautiful composition!

Thanks for taking a look at the layouts I’ve chosen. If you have time, it would be lovely to stop by and give them some well deserved pats in the back in the galleries.


Finger Pointing – November 18th

18 Nov

Happy Saturday!  I hope you’re having a good one.  To be honest, it’s been a rather bleak one here, weather wise.  We have had a cold rain falling all day, accompanied by howling winds and dark skies.  Definitely a good day to stay inside and do some gallery stalking.  I hope you enjoy my picks — they sure picked me up.

Grateful – Thanksgiving 2015 – Heidi Nicloe

My first choice today is Grateful – Thanksgiving 2015 by Heidi Nicole.  I love the simplicity of the page because it allows everything she used stand out and make statement.  The straight composition, with the arrows, stitching, flowers and small scatter draws your eye across the layout and right to that photo.  I really like the choice of black and white for the photo because it showcases the resemblance between mother and daughter.  The heartfelt journal is the perfect way to finish this wonderful page.

Rennes 09 08 2015 – katell

I think the title work, Magic Moment, perfectly describes my next choice by Katell.  The photos are simply gorgeous and give us a rare glimpse (at least for me) into a part of nature we seldom get to see.  I love the crop on the photo — the different shape adds even more interest to the shot.  Her split background and choice of papers, (love, love, love the tree paper) creates a wonderful base for her photos while her paint splatters play up the marsh grass and water in the photo.  Definitely a magical layout.

Sweet Memories – mrsashbaugh

I love a good cluster so Sweet Memories by mrsashbaugh totally caught my eye.  The color palette is soft and beautiful and suits the adorable photo perfectly.  The pops of black in the palette create a strong visual triangle that further enhances the photo.  The mix of patterned papers creates a lot of interest while maintaining a sense of harmony with the photo and pocket card.  Finally, I love the touch of gold in the flowers, paints and scatters — after all, every girl, big or small, needs a little bling.

Birthday Interview – mrivas

It was the photo and the floral of my fourth pick, Birthday Interview by mrivas, that caught my eye.  The photo composition, with it’s play on colors and casual pose, highlights the Birthday Girl’s natural beauty in the most flattering way possible.  The floral 12 manages to stand out on the background without taking over the layout.  I love the birthday interview and the way she makes it feel like part of the background, but keeps it easy to read.  Last but not least, I like that the element clusters anchor the photo as well as draw your eye to it.  Beautifully done.

Grateful – Isa Marks

Grateful by Isa Marks is another beautifully layered page with a fabulous photo.  Again, I love the use of the black and white photo with it’s worn overlay because of the way it highlights the movement of her hair.  Her individual paper choices are gorgeous and tied together by her use of the floral pocket card as a photo mat.  While her use of elements is limited, what she does use are perfect to support her photo and her message of gratitude. Finally, her shadow work is some of the best I have seen.  I am completely awed by it.

Give Thanks Today – luan37

My final pick of the day, Give Thanks Today by luan37 is another example of great clustering.  Her use of paint for her first layer creates a light base against her background that makes the entire cluster stand out.  Her paper selections are a great choice to support her fall photo and gratitude theme.  I love how she uses bits of navy blue to break up the traditional fall palette and add more visual interest to her page.  By keeping her elements pretty simple, she gives her layout a natural feel that further enhances her photo.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed today’s picks.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these memory keepers.  Thanks!  :)


Fingerpointing – November 17th

17 Nov

It’s a dreary Friday here in my corner of the world.  Life is happening today, and not in the best way possible for me.  My day started out with tired, sore eyes.  There was plenty of eyecandy in the galleries though,  so I’m going to get right into sharing what I’ve found.

Novemberrr by PLM

I was struck by the mix of colors, and that adorable little guy in a bright red jacket.  Wonderful choice of elements and perfect layering, along with a good amount of white space which includes the snow from the photo.  Very pretty indeed!

You Are Adorable by Rosie

I adore these soft colors of blue and gray along with the bits of silver metal and what a wonderful choice for a background.  The layering is absolutely inspiring and draws your eye right into that sweet photo.

Grateful by Annemiekkok 

It’s that time of year when we give extra thought to what we are most thankful in our lives.  This is a super nice page doing just that.  This is a great design, and I love how the wordart is arranged around the photo.

Let It Rain by Norma

What a gorgeous mix of colors!  I like how she framed that nicely masked photo and added corner clusters with the prettiest flowers!  The turquoise raindrops and umbrella are an extra nice touch.

The first snow by Mary-11

Some of the holiday pages are trickling in and this one caught my eye today.  Love those cute photos, and the clusters with flakes, pine needles and berries.  The large red and white stripes are great accents, and there is plenty of white space too.  Such an inspiring page to get us in the mood for the holidays.


Oh yes, we are a force to be reckoned with!  I could not pass this one up, coming from a male dominated workforce.   This page is vintage in the best way possible!  The design is just wonderful as are the elements used.  This page is “I want to hang it up in my room” good!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s picks.  If you have time, won’t you stop by the galleries and leave a positive message for these artists?  Until next time, happy scrapping everyone!