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Finger Pointing – December 17th

17 Dec

Before we get to today’s edition of gallery standouts, there are a couple of announcements I need to make.

First, we’re at the time of year when the GSO team takes a holiday break.  This will be the last post for 2017 but we’ll be back on January 7th with a whole new year of gallery standouts.  You might want to check the blog once in a while, though, because sometimes one of the team members feels the need to make a post.

Second, this will not only be the last post of 2017 but it will also be my last post as a GSO blog team member.  I think if I were going to pick one little word to express my hopes/goals for 2018, it would be finish.  I hope to finish many projects that are overdue for completion and to finish working through several classes that I have had on hold for a couple of years.  It has been an incredible experience being a member of the GSO blog team! I want to thank all of my team members (past and present) for their support and friendship and  I want to thank all of you for sharing your art in the galleries and for following the GSO posts.

With that said, here are my picks for today.

My Story by stormchaser is an absolute beauty of a page!  The color palette is gorgeous and I love the “bulletin board” look of the page.  Awesome clusters.  Love that the large photo is B&W and love how it seems seamless with the patterened paper.  Perfect title placement.  Love this!

When I saw Lasagna by sbpoet in the gallery, my first thought was how perfect this would be as a poster in my “chef” kitchen!  Love the choices of art she has chosen for her frames.  Awesome page!

I’m a big fan of art journaling pages and I love Dear Future, I Am Ready by cinderella.  It really has the appearance of a paper page.  Love the background!  And that art doll, how cute is she?!  The paint splatter and the smeary font on the wordart/journaling further enhances the look of a paper page.  This would be a great cover or opening page for a journal.  Love it!

Snow-Cutie by jenwhite is a beautiful winter page. That sequence of photos is just darling.  Love the hand-written title with the bow added to cross the “t”.  The snowflake overlay adds an extra layer of winter to the page!  This is just “snow” cute!

Once again I am in love with a page by margje.  This time it’s All I Want and it’s gorgeous!  As is the case with most of her work, this piece features beautiful blending, awesome photo effects, and perfect finishing touches.

I absolutely love the lighting on Trish_1’s page Merry Christmas!  The large blended photo makes a perfect background for the framed photo which, by the way, blends flawlessly into the background.  Wouldn’t this make a gorgeous Christmas card?

These are the final gallery standouts for 2017.  I hope you have enjoyed my choices and will visit the galleries to leave the artists a comment.  Wishing you all the best in 2018!




Finger Pointing – December 16th

16 Dec

Happy Saturday!  I am not sure if I have mentioned it, but I am not a winter person.  Cold? No Thanks.  Snow?  No way.  Ice? Never!  Having said that, cold weather hit Indiana hard this week and there doesn’t seem to be an end in site.  So, since I can’t beat the cold, I figured I would find some winter pages in the gallery that made it look beautiful and appealing.  ;)

Winter – AmieN1

My first choice Winter by AmieN1 was a good start to feeling better about the weather.  Her gorgeous photo sure makes all that snow and ice look magical.  I love the way the brilliant blue sky makes the photo pop against her white background — the same way it pops against the snow.  Her choice of papers echos the feeling of the photo with the neutrals, whites and greens and creates a beautiful backdrop.  The deer/winter wonderland pocket card is perfect as well, because there just have to be some deer in those woods, right?  Her lack of embellishments is also spot on as it alludes to the starkness of winter.  All around a fabulous winter page.

Winter Is Magic – Anne PC

The title of my second page, Winter is Magic by Anne PC, seems a little over optimistic to me, but the layout delivers.  After all, what is more magical than a child playing in the snow?  Her photos capture the joy and delight of frolicking in a winter wonderland perfectly.  Look at those rosy cheeks and that infectious smile.  While they didn’t quite make me want to roll around in the snow, they sure did make me grin.  I love that she kept her elements minimal and background neutral to echo the look and feel of newly fallen snow, but added the triangle mat for a bit of interest.  Another great page that makes the cold stuff look fun, not frozen.

Wonder – Isa Marks

Wonder by Isa Marks, my third pick, was an easy choice because it echos a lot of my winter emotions.  I wonder where all the snow is coming from and when it will end, and look no where as happy and beautiful as her photo subject, doing it.  With her eyes lifted to the sky and her arms open wide, the young girl is embracing the beauty and yes, wonder, of the season.  It is a fabulous photo and she highlights it beautifully with lots of mats, ribbons and paint.  I like her use of some non-traditional winter colors, the gold, pink and black, to add a punch of color to her page.  It gives the layout a sense of joy that further enhances her photo.  Finally the use of vellum feels a bit like a thin layer of snow over the grass and leaves, creating another fantastic winter layout.

Nilla – rfeewjlj

So, technically my next page is not a winter page, but I was getting cold and thought a heart warming page that I totally love, would be a good addition. Nilla, the layout by rfeewjij, is just as adorable as Nilla herself.  The way that rfeewjij framed the photo of Nilla, with the words, “Rescued is my favorite breed,” definitely called to me from the gallery as I have three rescue pups of my own.  Nilla’s eyes and her story also pulled me in as both are a little sad, but also full of hope for a wonderful future.  I like that rfeewijij kept the elements and matting simple and let Nilla and her story stand out.  She is a sweet little girl who does deserve a loving forever home and family and I hope she gets it soon. Like I said earlier, this is a heartwarming, and beautiful, layout.

Hello Cold Days – Lynn Marie

My next choice, Hello Cold Days by Lynn Marie, takes us back outside to the snow in a way that I can relate too.  I think the photo is fun — I love the downward view to the snow and her nice boots.  I think she plays it up beautifully with her choice of colors and elements.  By pulling the brown/tan of her coat and boots and the blue of her jeans into the snowy background, she creates the perfect, seasonal backdrop for the photo.  All that is fabulous, but I think I like her journaling best of all.  “Silver white winters that melt into springs.”  Now we’re talking about some of my favorite things too.

Comfy, Cozy, Cocoa Dreams – FILIPPOK

I choose my final pick of the day, Comfy, Cozy, Cocoa Dreams by FILIPPOK, because of the adorable photos and because if I have to do winter, I want to do it comfy and cozy too.  The photos totally capture the joy of the moment in a way we can all relate too.  How many times have we blown on a cup of hot cocoa with that look of anticipation in our eyes?  More than once I am sure.  The reds from the photos tie into the reds, blues and grays of the papers providing a strong punch of color that is softened by the pinks, greens and whites.  Finally, I love all the layers around the photo that echo the busyness of the background papers and provide a sense of excitement and a feeling of warmth that comes from within or a good cup of cocoa.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed today’s picks.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these memory keepers.  Thanks!  :)


Finger Pointing — December 14th

14 Dec

Hello all you lovely crafty people! I had so much fun looking through the galleries today. All of the holiday pages are really putting me in the spirit of the season. Today we have a fun mix of Christmas, Christmas, more Christmas and one really happy just-because page! Come share the joy.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks. I hope you love them too.

Home for Christmas by Arte Banale

Agnieszka is one of my favorite scrappers, she is SO talented and creative! I could study her pages for hours. I love the inset photo of the cookies on top of the drawn house, it’s just so evocative and homey. I can just smell those cookies! Just beautiful, I love this one.

Handgemacht (DYD day 12) by Rikki

How special! This artist incorporated a hand-made card from a friend onto her page. It turned into a super, pretty, whimsical, fun page. Love the font for the title and the drawn ornament embellishments. And what a lovely tribute to the friend’s artistry, preserved forever on this page.

Happy by AnikA68

You have to smile at this fun page, don’t you?! That masked photo just screams joy. I really like the layers of texture, color and patterns used around the photo, and it’s the perfect word art too. Very fun page.

Merry everything by ferdy

The digital-ness of this page really caught my attention. There are certain things that can only be accomplished by scrapbooking digitally, and when it’s well done, it’s just amazing, like this page. The incredible shadow work makes that hohoho accent really pop, looking like a digital die cut. I like the word art extending across the photo. The unique stencil background really caught my eye, that’s a very cool lighting trick from top to bottom. A very festive and fun page!


Santa (C2C 2017: day 2) By LeeAndra

I find posed Santa photos very difficult to scrap, so I am always on the look-out for clever ideas like this one. The colors pop right off the page on this one, and such a great combination of colors they are! I love the circle cut out frame, and the text circle and doodly line circle surrounding the frame. Beautiful wood look print for the background. This is so fun with the bold beautiful big announcement of the big guy running across the page.

In the kitchen by seniorgal

I really enjoyed this one. Great whimsical not-traditionally-Christmas polka dot background, which lent this page a unique, original feel. I love the look of concentration on the little baker’s face as she criss-crosses the cookie with the fork! This post is great inspiration for all the holiday bakers, and a reminder to keep taking those precious photos. The small mats of plaid, stripes and floral papers worked well to give the photo a home.

I feel like baking Christmas cookies now, how about you?! Weren’t those fabulous?! If you loved today’s picks please click on the linked titles and let the scrapbooker know you appreciated their work. Have a great rest of the week!


Finger Pointing-December 13th

13 Dec

Happy Holidays Everyone! After much consideration, I have decided this will be my last Gallery Standouts blog post. I have thoroughly enjoying being on this fantastic team the past several years, but I need to shift some of my time commitments in the coming new year. I do have some gorgeous and exciting layouts to share with you today, so let’s get started. I hope you get inspired to create some holiday pages in the coming weeks.

Kind or Creepy? by zlemon

First of all, that title grabbed my attention and I was looking at this Santa Claus! Be sure you read the journaling to find out. I do love the beautiful vintage feel to this page with the colors, the old fashioned Santa and the postmarked letter.  The pops of red are beautiful too and the blending is gorgeous.

12th Day of December by tammielsmith

Oh how I love this December page! This artist shared not only a special memory, but also a special fudge recipe. I adore this page design with the cluster in the top left corner and then the series of photos at the bottom right. It’s well-balanced and leaves plenty of space for that yummy recipe! She also used beautiful, vintage papers and colors, perfect for an old family recipe.

Snowy 2017 by cfile

I love how this photo is framed; very eye catching. The branches on either side are beautiful and keep the photo grounded. The subtle colors throughout this page are so tranquil and I feel as if I could walk with that subject in the snow. I also like that blocked title underneath the photo with the journaling beside it. A snowy overlay completes this lovely winter page.

Dear Santa by *gina*

What a delightful page this is! I adore the colorful background and all of the sparkles! This color palette is a mix of traditional with contemporary, which works beautifully here. The photo is adorable and I love the little Santa cluster in the top corner of the frame. That blended title is the perfect compliment to this holiday page!

Cuddles by Anita

Oh my goodness, this is so sweet! The large photo is adorable and I love the perspective looking out the window. The little girl and the cat sure look cozy cuddled up together on that fuzzy blanket. The vertical word art is amazing and the colors really tie in with the cat’s fur. Love that! A very warm and special page!

challenge 6 by veer

This layout was done for an “all about me” challenge and I think this artist created a stunning page! The photo of her with her camera, photographing on the ground, really shows how a photographer has to work sometimes to get that perfect shot. The vintage edit and muted colors on this page work beautifully together. I love the simple cluster and brush work on one side of the frame and also the deep shadows. The word art is blended in perfectly and captures the essence of this photo.

I leave today my friends, with much gratitude and appreciation for the past several years as a contributing team member. It has truly been a pleasure. I wish all of you the very happiest of holidays and nothing but the best in 2018! I know I will still see many of you in the galleries; that won’t change. I hope some of these layouts today will be inspiring to you and that you save back some scrapping time for yourselves. Thanks to all of you!




Finger Pointing – December 12th

12 Dec

Hey, hey everyone!! Happy Tuesday! It’s certainly been an interesting one for me. This post is taking me a bit longer than usual because I am stuck in a hotel room with my 12 year old. We had a snow storm come up while I was at work and after spending an hour climbing a mountain, passing jackknifed tractor trailers, I had enough and stopped. I’m posting on my work Chromebook with pretty sketchy internet, so I hope this goes ok haha. The one thing it has been is a fairly quiet evening for strolling through the galleries. Hope you enjoy my picks for tonight.

Real Life by bjc

I am such a sucker for a beautiful monochromatic page, and also pages showing everyday real life! This layout got me both ways. I absolutely love the real moment captured and the gorgeous way that it’s scrapped. The sweet cluster is just perfect and the solids with the pattern behind the photo is lovely!! I am totally in love with this page!


Fire and Ice by jlholden15

How gorgeous is the gold in this layout with that beautiful red and blue! I absolutely love that gorgeous clustering with the amazing Christmas balls and ribbon! The added clocks are so great and the hanging lantern is just the perfect touch. Here title work is fabulous as well!! Such a lovely, lovely page!


Color Challenge by MaggieMae

This page is just so pretty!! The black and white with pops of red is one of my very favorite combinations!! I love the added ribbons and pattern with the sweet button elements. And how cool is the steam coming from that adorable teapot and those teacups!! So fun and so creative!! I love everything about this one!!


Sparkle by Neverland Scraps

I think I was so totally drawn to this one because of the beautiful fun colors!! I’m channeling spring! I absolutely love that gorgeous background paper and the great photo with the added crown!! Fantastic cluster work and beautiful flow to this page!! The journaling is so beautifully placed and her shadows are impeccable as well!!


Our House by conny

I am so blown away by this page! There’s just so much to love! How amazingly cool is that title work with the fun patterns in the letters and the beautiful big blended photo!! All those flowers are absolutely fabulously clustered and arranged! The added smaller photos make it just perfect!! This is such a creative and beautifully scrapped page!


Snow Copy by Elizabeth

Maybe my situation today is why I was drawn to this page this evening. But my view wasn’t nearly as beautiful. Maybe I just wish this is how I was seeing the snow instead of on the road in front of me! This is such a gorgeous layout! I am in absolute awe of the blending and fabulous texture, I feel like I could touch it! The big snowflakes falling are so perfect and that snowman is adorable!! I am totally in love with this page!


And that will do it from me tonight!! I’m going to have a hotel adventure! Make sure you go by and leave some love for these amazing artists and I will see you around the galleries!!



Fingerpointing Dec. 11th

11 Dec

Ho ho holy guacamole!  We are well into December, and for a lot of us, we’re walking, running or driving in snow.  Thankfully not a lot of it here, but definitely enough that we need to slow our roll.  I have enjoyed strolling through the galleries today and found so many wonderful winter pages.  These are the beauties that made the cut:

SANTA BABY by conniesmiles

Babies in a Santa hat always make me smile, and these photos are simply precious.    Everything is nicely placed.  I like the santa title and cute elements throughout, including that great edge overlay.

Winter Cold by bcgal00

The sharp to soft focus on the photo is gorgeous.  I like the appearance of the hand written note, which is spot on.  The weather can change in a matter of a few minutes here in the north, so we just have to take it as it comes.  I like the vintage look to the paper with bits of white lace, and the colorful clusters on both sides of the page really draw your eye to the center.  Very pretty!

Winter Wonderland by katie pertiet

I’m going to call this style . . .  artsy clean.  The overall appearance to me is definitely clean.  Not a lot of fuss, except for a few extra elements along with some brush work  in the vertical direction, but it’s that little bit of extra that makes all of the difference here.  The fact that it’s a pink winter page makes it even more attractive.  Love the white space too with the gray shading behind the photo.

Finally Feels Like by Roxana

I love the small pieces of patterned paper on the side and lots of white paper on the other.  The polaroid framing is a nice touch, and the winter photos look very nice, especially with the winter stamp in the upper corner.  The scattered snowflakes look great and the shadowing is perfect.  This is such a pretty winter page!

Time to Celebrate by alannabanana

This is such a pretty winter page, with a unique blend of orange and beige colors.   The wide square frame looks very nice, and of course the photo is delightful.  Great shadow work and  I also like the grungy look to the background.  Every time I look at it I see something different.  Simply gorgeous!

Challenge 1 by Madi

Everything about this holiday page is adorable!  I love all of the elements layered in her makeshift headdress.  The smile on her face matches mine.  *big smile*  Great texturing too.  I like the dark background because it makes those splatters and white snowflakes pop.  Fun fun fun.  It seems like some of the best pages come from challenges.  I’m looking forward to watching this season brings.

That’s it for today, friends.  I hope you have enjoyed these selections, and I hope they have inspired you to take some time to keep those memories alive.  Happy Holidays from me to you!


Finger Pointing – December 10th

10 Dec

Hello from a snowy UK! Other countries are always prepared for these extreme weather conditions but it catches us out time and again. Luckily it hasn’t stuck where we live but I’m a little dubious about making the journey to work tomorrow through some treacherous, snowy terrain. And so on a rather chilly Sunday, it’s been lovely to check out the galleries and see all the creativity that’s been going on around the world, no matter the weather!

Our very own GSO blogger, Mrs Peel, is starting us off today with this delightful page entitled Focus. I love the bold but softly coloured backdrop, the unframed image and the pretty collection of elements, all so neatly placed and anchored by a little stitching and a pretty cluster. Great title work and a few sparkly scatters finish this layout beautifully. So very pretty!

Moving on now to XO by Shannon_Yates. I love how the paper strips and star scatters give this layout a great feeling of surprise and energy which is backed up in the journaling! This is a lovely, festive page celebrating this little guy and I love the tagged title work. A cute page!

Continuing on with the December/Christmas theme is Counting the Days by Mielz. I just adore the white space here, the shadowing, the brushwork, it’s all fabulous. I like that the greenery in the little cluster adds so much to the red, black and white colour palette. Look closer and you’ll see some super cute elements adorning the tree and one of the kitties. A gorgeous page!

Another smashing page with gorgeous white space is Magical by Sylvia. Here, I like that the rounded corners of the photo are reflected in the dashed border and how the border breaks to showcase the ’25’. Simple elements adorn the photo while the button and the star highlight the title of the page. Beautifully classic!

Dashing through the Dough by magnolia is a beautiful piece of work. I love how the eye is drawn down the ‘L’ design, through the mix of brushes and masks. The tones of white, grey and green and the image are stunning while the shadowing given to the bauble and ribbon add depth. A truly striking layout!

I love how Merry Christmas by AliceM is so full of glitz and glamour! A smashing colour palette of gold, silver, white, black and green combines to add a huge amount of pop, the pretty layered clusters are arranged in that visual triangle that always works so well on a page and the gold brushwork on the dark backdrop makes me think of champagne – or that gorgeous bokeh that we all aim for in our images! This page sure makes me want to celebrate this festive season!

My bonus pick today is Hard Times by twinsmomflor. I love all that this layout depicts. For me and my family, 2017 certainly hasn’t been the best of years and for once, I am looking forward to the end of December and looking ahead with hope and trust and faith for 2018. I love the journal-type look of this with the eclectic mix of brushes and the two solitary colours of yellow and blue/lilac against the monotone backdrop. A great ‘keeping it real’ page and one that makes me realise that whatever our struggles in life, we are not alone. A simply amazing layout!

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out my picks for today. If you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave the artists a comment or two. I hope you have a great week and I’ll see you in the galleries!