Finger Pointing – July 14th –

14 Jul

Hello!!! It is good morning to me (as usual, writing on the morning after!!!) I think I got so upset by a problem I had with Amazon on Prime Day, that I needed two days of sleeping to calm me down! I keep telling myself I should not let these things affect me…but, sadly, they do. Anyway, slept and happy now,  so I will share with you some of the most amazing pages I have found from the past couple of days in the galleries! As usual, remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the high-lit name of the LO and author, we all know how much a word or two can make a difference in our day!!!!

I will start with this awesome, amazingly gorgeous page by an equally amazing (and gorgeous!) lady whom I love with all my heart, Lula Belle by Lor. As the name of our blog tells you, we look for pages that stand out in the galleries, and each and every page by Lor does, without a doubt. In this case then? ohhhhh how much sweetness and cute overload this gives to my morning!!!!!! Love so much the use of the template here, the delicate way of embellishing, the elegance of the colors combined with the awesome photograph…. this page makes me feel like (almost) giving up on my denying Sarita a puppy!!!!! Absolute delight of a page!!!!!!!

Next, with a heart full of JOY (in caps because I cannot explain the dimension of it unless you hear my voice and see my face!) is July 4th 2017 by yellowpeep. We don’t talk outside of the galleries & forums little chats, but I have learned in the past 4 years to know this amazing lady and the work she does, which reflects in her scrapping. This one particularly, with the gorgeous family photo, the journaling in white standing out with the gorgeously added word strips, and ohhhh my to the awesome clustering here!!!!!!! Perfectly chosen elements – I love those windy thingies (and here you know I am not a native English speaker, apologies) but never know how to make them look good in my pages-  they look so perfect here!!! The gorgeous stamps/brushes/paints in the background to highlight even more the perfection of every element, and the realistic, wonderful shadows that complete this as a super inspiring, total joy of a page!!!!!! I have to add here that, even though we aren’t USA nationals or live in the country, both my daughter and I celebrate the 4th with you all, as we have a huge love for all things North American…which makes this page even more of a joy!!!!! (and yes, I made a 4th of July page too!!!)

Now next page will become actually a couple of pages by the same {amazingly awesome} scrapper, AmberR. Almost every week I am on blog duty I see pages of hers I make a mental note to highlight but for one reason or another it hasn’t happen so I thought I take the liberty of making this a double.  The first page is Sk8 – A more than gorgeous pocket style page, with such delightful, awesome photos, again with the wonderful red, white & blue color scheme that jumps at the eye with energy and makes you stay staring to discover every detail. The beautiful choice of paper patterns added, the elements as fun as the photos , everything so completely in sync, wonderful clean lines of the template being made even more wonderful by the marvelous elements addition.

Second page is Hello Friend. This was just calling me in the gallery this morning when I came to make the post, and I thought I could NOT not show case it!!!! Love that the central element is that fidget spinner (and this I looked up the name on google!!LOL)  the page makes me want to go back in time enough that my {21 years old now} daughter would want to play with it, more than anything for me to make a page LOL.. Love the dominant green, the background paper that gives that graffiti, street feeling, the gorgeous composition with the stamps and the gorgeous layering. The realistic elements like the frame, the fidget spinner , leaves and thread on top of the paints are so perfectly shadowed, the kind that makes me feel I can stretch to touch, and the addition of the journaling which I couldn’t completely read (old age, wrong glasses, it pixelates when zooming too much!)  but I know talks about friendship and a girl who gives her heart to family and friends…. making the page even more amazing!!!!!!

You know how I always explain my love and deep admiration for people who go hybrid, and I tell you not juts because is hybrid is better, but when I find an outstanding project, it is a given my love and admiration is doubled, tripled and grows even further when I think how much I use the “undo” button, and how in paper once you put scissors to it …that’s it… so yes, my admiration for hybrid people is HUGE. We do have some amazingly awesome hybrid artists around, and I have discovered one whom I already loved on digital. Her hybrid projects are so amazing I almost jump of happiness when I found this in the gallery!!!!  This, You are my Sunshine Greeting Card by londoncuppa , is one of those that makes me stare in awe for hours. Gorgeous choices of elements, the beautifully soft pastels in contrast with the deep green and the bright yellow, all beautifully layered and that superb tittle with the word art…oh this is so amazing!!!!!!! I have to add that even her logo is something gorgeous!!! Even more so when you think this is a North American lady in love with all things British. Absolutely and amazingly awesome all together!!!!!!!!

This next page, SumCamp17- Wk 2 Letter by LisaDV first called my attention visually, with the beautiful image, the soft blending and the clean feeling with the white , the gorgeous word art and the detail of the pink tabs  framing the page. Then I got on reading the journaling, and as someone who lives on high levels 24/7 pain,  being a mother and knowing that even a head cold when is my daughter’s hurts 50 times more than all my health conditions together…. my feeling was wanting to go find this lady to hug her and wishing I could help in some way. This is one of the things that I also talk about often: the power of our art, the wonderful power of the scrapbooking which not only makes memory keeping  a legacy to our families, a therapy like no other for many of us who suffer of chronic conditions, but also the huge power of turning events often sad or angering (like a child’s illness, something I sometimes have trouble understanding about our world) into beyond words beautiful pieces of art.  I’m so glad to be able to share this with you’ll. I also wish I could somehow help, will have you in our prayers, and try to keep updated to be able to come give you some virtual hugs & celebrate when she is back to her cheerful self.

Next is Buddies by Erica Zane. Once again: designers who scrap!!! awesome!!!! Even more so when they are as prolific as she is, though it is difficult for me to decide which of the pages to highlight…this one is one I not only in LOVE by visuals, with the clean cut lines and big tittle, many (amazing!) photos, super cute elements and marvelous shadows, but the whole feeling of the page, from title to journaling, something I know well, in parts of my life me being the one moving, more recently lots of my friends moving far away… wonderfully reflected!!! I love the way she makes the tittle composition with the card extending to the gorgeous cork alpha (wonderful depth!) and fonts…the whole feel is represented in each and every bit of the page!

If you know me, you know I love passionately full on pages. Then when this, This Old Tree by Jill shows up… I NEED to share this with you!!!! Love the main big photo, the sequence so well coordinated of the smaller ones, the perfection of the way she thought the way to place the photos in a way that the tree becomes an element in the page to support the movement… Love the colors, subtle and also integrated, the gorgeous greens of the nature elements used, those flowers are gorgeous, the whole thing is amazing!!!!!!!

Last but never, ever , ever ever least…talking about full on pages…she is the Queen of them!. Actually, she can shine in absolutely ANY style she takes on, but this, Eat Your Veggies by apottinger,  a super full on, happy, wonderfully put together page is just what my heart delights on!!!! LOVE how much there is on the page, me making so many food/cooking pages I am always on the hunt for gorgeous kits and this is just so super awesomely show cased!!!!! Love the take on the template, the title work is great, and love that she included the book cover…this is something I will be looking for too!!! In love with this super cheerful, awesome page!!!!!

This will be all from me today. Hope you enjoyed, get inspired as much as I do!!! As I mentioned above, you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the high-lit name of the LO & author. If you can spare a few minutes to stop and leave them some love, I know this will be greatly appreciated!!!! Have an amazing weekend!!!!

















12 Responses to “Finger Pointing – July 14th –”

  1. LisaDV July 15, 2017 at 9:59 am #

    I’m honored to be mentioned in the gallery standouts. And quite surprised! But thanks for the lovely words.

    • MrsPeel July 15, 2017 at 12:58 pm #

      you shouldn’t ve surprised, your page was a winner from the thumbnail, it was actually the one that called my attention first in the whole gallery page!!!! As I said, I loved the page way before knowing the journaling :)

  2. Anita July 15, 2017 at 10:41 am #

    Thank you Cyn for choosing my layout as a gallery standout and I’m honored to be a part of all these AMAZING layouts!!! You all ROCK!! Thank you for making my day!!! <3 <3

    • MrsPeel July 15, 2017 at 12:59 pm #

      my dear girl, missed you so much!!!!! as usual, pages by you rock the whole gallery!!!!!

  3. Lor July 15, 2017 at 12:08 pm #

    Oh gosh Cyn… thank you so much for choosing my layout and for your kind words! It totally made my day to know I have filled your morning with sweetness and cuteness overload, because you so deserve it! I am sending pain and stress free vibes your way my friend, and always know I luv you and your creations too!

    • MrsPeel July 15, 2017 at 12:59 pm #

      every page of yours fills me with joy!!!!!!!! thank you so so much, you know I treasure your friendship as much as I do every page of yours!!!!!

  4. Amber July 16, 2017 at 11:27 am #

    are you allowed to put TWO of mine up here?! on the same day?! thank-you!!!

    • MrsPeel July 20, 2017 at 1:35 am #

      ahhhhhhh not really….. but once in a blue moon, we are all human and rules sometimes need to be broken!!!!! <3 you are awesome!!!!

  5. LynnG July 16, 2017 at 9:20 pm #

    Gorgeous pics Cynthia! :-)

    • MrsPeel July 20, 2017 at 1:35 am #


  6. Liana (yellowpeep) July 19, 2017 at 10:32 pm #

    Oh Cynthia, thank you SO much for featuring my page!! I am SO honored and happy. You’re wonderful. Thank you for your kind words. xoxo

    • MrsPeel July 20, 2017 at 1:33 am #

      my pleasure entirely!!!!!!! <3 always full of joy when finding a page of yours, even more so with tghe whole family in it!!!!! <3

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