Finger Pointing – June 15th

15 Jun

Time is literally flying by this month, which is why I am late with my post…we are back from vacation, but it’s time to now send my daughters off to camp. Complete chaos from our normal routine!!!  Today I have some fun picks for you.   I know many people take time off from scrapping over the summer so they can spend more time with their family.   I actually find that I have more time in the summer because our day to day routines vary so much.  I hope all of you reading along today will find some time to scrap this summer, because it’s great way to remember this short period each year when life is out of routine and everything seems fun.

My first pick is this soothing page by Sheana called Free Spirit. What drew me in was the fun arrangement of the triangles.  But looking further I just adore her idea of using the two different approaches for the title.  The transparent Free mixed with the heavier word art Spirit is an unexpected, but amazing looking combo!  The mix of the patterned papers really gives this page a fun feel and then the small focal center with the photo and elements just finishes the show.  What a gorgeous and fun looking page!


My second pick is Notes from the Road by JenEm.  I picked this page for a few reasons. First of all the way the scrapper used one photo in the multi-photo template is so unique.  I’ve seen this done on pocket pages, but never on a true digi scrap page like this. I just love how the segmented photo looks. Second the white background. The colors in the photo really stand out with the white background. The scrapper has achieved a great balance by doing this and leaving the page very minimal so the photo is the start. Finally the story – I love pages that tell me what I’m looking at…especially when they draw me in like this one did. This is such a unique page and now I have a new technique I’m going to have to try with some panoramic photos.

Next up we have Venue (right) by ColorMeScrappy.   When I saw this in the gallery I just had to zoom in to see the photo in the rope circle frame!  What an amazing spot to get married!!!  The cluster and shadowing here are really the star of the show. These flowers, shells and greenery just seem to come together in the most amazing way to highlight this photo.  The way the background papers are divided really brings your eye in, especially with help from the angled paper on the right. The scrapper did an amazing job of pulling me in to learn more. And then the story…again…I just love pages that tell the story with photos, elements AND words.  Such a beautiful page!!

Apparently I’m craving some more beach time, because my next pic is beachy too!  This amazing page is called Summer On the Beach and it’s created by Traumelfe.  What an incredibly complex and fun page!!!  First I just love the circle photo and the elements tucked underneath. The way everything is flowing out from the circle makes me think of a fun day just floating in the water.  The background paper helps this feeling with the unexpected changes in color and movements.  Finally the bow with the cluster at the bottom of the page really anchors the photo and brings everything together.  What a great page!

My last pick for today is Summer Bucket List by Gwalters.  This layout just screamed summer not only with the Summer Bucket list but with the colors, elements and the starburst paper the scrapper used for the base of her page.  I Love looking at all the little details on this page.  Ribbons here, flowers there mixed with elements.  Everything is perfectly placed within the fun list.   This page totally grabbed my attention in the gallery so I couldn’t not show it off to everyone!

Well, as we go in to the weekend I hope you all have some kind of fun plans! Remember to take lots of pictures and give yourself time to scrap these fleeting summer memories (hopefully in the cool AC) before summer is gone.


3 Responses to “Finger Pointing – June 15th”

  1. JenEm June 16, 2017 at 12:03 pm #

    What a great way to start the weekend! Juli thank you for including my layout with all of these gorgeous pages. I feel so honored! Congrats to all the other artists whose pages are featured here as well. xo

  2. ColorMeScrappy June 16, 2017 at 1:51 pm #

    Thank you so much for the recognition :)

  3. Traumelfe June 18, 2017 at 4:23 am #

    Thanks a lot Julie!!!! I’m sooooo happy!
    And congrats to the other girls!

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