Finger Pointing – November 8th

8 Nov

Hello and happy Wednesday! I hope it’s a beautiful autumn day wherever you are in the world. In Los Angeles it’s mid-70s and a little bit crisp, a lovely November day. I had such fun looking for standouts, and was thrilled to see there were a lot of super pages in the galleries today. Come take a look with me!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Two Sisters by britgirl

I said wow out loud when I saw this one! I love that whimsical drawn background, with the bees buzzing through the scene. The sisters tag stacked on the other tag on the side is a great accent. I really like the way the word art is clipped or taped down, helping to provide tone to the photo. This is just delightful.

Family by amien1

It’s amazing what a difference it makes when you convert a photo to black and white, isn’t it? I love that she kept the photo large too; it’s such a great candid shot. Nice angle to mix it up a little, great embellishments and really, that is a seriously cute dog. I like the simple journaling so they can remember the moment, and the handwritten font worked perfectly.

Winter’s coming by helenedubois

This is a very evocative look, I definitely felt the winter chill! Love the soft tones, and the curled framing. The watercolor effect is amazing, so that the background looks like it came right out of an art studio. I love that digital can mix looks like this.

notepaper by Zinzilah

Great back to school page, I love the focus on the child’s age in the stamp. Cute, whimsical feel to this, and it’s such a vibrant photo, it totally made me smile. I like the border work accenting the notepaper.

clam dissection by mocamom

This one gets points for being the most original topic… possibly ever! It’s a great, uncluttered design with a fun title and an interesting story. Isn’t that what scrapbooking is best for? Loved it.

Whimsy Christmas challenge by digigrandma

I love a good theme for a Christmas album! How cute is this?! I enjoyed that Merrilee shared that her great inspiration came from a grocery store handout! The little arrows leading us through the page are a clever touch. This is just fun.

I hope you loved today’s picks too! Please click on the linked titles and leave the artist some love! Have a great rest of your week.


2 Responses to “Finger Pointing – November 8th”

  1. Amie Wheeler November 8, 2017 at 9:46 pm #

    Awe Thanks so much for featuring my layout! Out of all our family photos- this one is one of my most favorites!

  2. Robin November 8, 2017 at 10:10 pm #

    I was so excited to see my layout here! The clam and I thank you :)

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