Finger Pointing — September 11th

11 Sep

Hello and happy Monday! I am jumping in with a quick post. I hope you will love these picks as much as I did! Let’s take a look!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Tackle by AnotherAmanda

There are four things I really liked about this page. One, huge fan of angles. It is simply amazing what a difference tilting things makes. Two, love the mix of different types of flowers, both of which are very pretty. For what appears to be a boy page, I love that! Three, the little bracket journal spot is just a fun way to break it up for the journaling. Four, all of the word art, spread out, stitched down, different styles, all together worked beautifully. And fifth (yes, I know I said four!) I giggled at the idea of the baby climbing onto her and tackling her while she photographed him. This is quite adorable and made me smile. Doesn’t get better than that!

precious boy by aly321

Another sweet boy page! Love the journaling on the lines below the photo. She created a great combination of whimsy with the wonderful stacked embellishments surrounding the photo. Seriously great shadow work! I particularly like the light wood embellishments offsetting the blues in this one.

end of summer by JustMel

Love the split look to this page. The tent is a great embellishment, and the journaling fits perfectly in all that white space below. Great use of the white space again in that gorgeous photo. I love the little half circles leading us through the page. The stamped date is a great final touch. This is terrific.

every photo has a story by faby33

Isn’t that the truth?! That’s an amazing look she achieved with the dark background and pretty white word art. I don’t know what I was expecting her to say about this, but when she said that the children and dog had found a new favorite hiding place – the trunk of the car(!) I knew this was a stand-out. She could have scrapped this any number of ways, but the effect with the unusual stage-lit photo treatment was just a super technique, I am just wowed!

Between the Pages by jessicalynn01

Well, start them young, I say! Love that book pattern for the background, all the bright colors, and the fun glasses frames. The stacked folders with the genre tabs is a very cute touch. Love the title alpha, and the little journaling card that mimics a library card. Just darling, I loved it.

Remembering nine-eleven by jw

It’s hard to believe it’s been sixteen years since this terrible day in history. My last pick of the day is the most important. This is a wonderful tribute page, well done. I love the way she incorporated the drawn buildings, that’s a beautiful touch. Thank you for creating this one.

That’s it for me for today! If you liked today’s picks, please click on the linked titles and leave the artist some love. Have a great week!


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  1. Bing September 12, 2017 at 12:14 am #

    The “end of summer” has a wrong link.

    • Liz Jutila September 12, 2017 at 12:40 am #

      Thanks for letting me know about the link! All fixed now. Hope you enjoyed the post!

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