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Finger Pointing – July 17th

17 Jul

It’s very early but I have a busy day planned with my grandsons. It’s a perfect day to go to the beach. The picnic, toys and towels are packed. The only thing missing is the boys so I’ll be leaving soon to pick them up. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

Sometimes the first thumbnail I enlarge makes it to the blog and that’s the case with This is Love by lbscraps. I really like the combination of turquoise and kraft background papers with a pop of yellow placed on top. The gold foil doily and title alpha are surprising but effective. The photos are darling and quite good for day 1 and the combination of black and white and color are perfect here. Finally the shadow on the banner makes the entire page look more realistic.

I’m surprised this is the first page I’ve found featuring fidget spinners, which clearly are all the rage. I like the technique used in Fidget Spinner by kikimama. I saw several gorgeous pages featuring this presentation where the patterned paper “fades” into the background.  I like the way she added the circular brush and star sprinkle which actually give the layout a scientific aspect, supporting her theme. Placing the title work and journaling above the faded paper makes them more legible reinforcing the use of this technique.

Mendocino by ZhuLi is such a happy, summery page. I really like the way she used the pastels, which complement her photos, instead of the typical brights. I like the varied size and orientation of the photos. The outline of the state tucked under the paper-strip journaling works well to move the eye down the page. The clusters are so pretty and I like the combination of sticker and realistic flowers.

I’ve become accustomed to seeing a single photo spread over two or three photo frames but I think Say yes to new Adventures by cinderella is the first time I’ve seen one clipped to so many. The angle and perspective, showing just a bit of the wing of the airplane, is amazing. I love the way she tucked in the journal card and placed the title on top of the photos. The few added elements work perfectly with her subject.

I love the texture in the blended photo combined with the smaller framed photo in Every Boy by silent ranks. You will never find me arguing with the sentiment she journaled here. The title work is outstanding, combining painted and outlined alphas or fonts with the large, blue epoxy ampersand placed on top. I like the sketchy heart and the bits of colorful embellishments scattered about the page. The bright colors contrast so well with the black and white of the photos.

I like the monochromatic appearance of It’s the Smile by beckturn. I love the way the photo is enlarged and treated to appear like a sketch. I like the look of the stitches placed atop the smaller photo. It looks to me like the framing behind actually contains a part of the background rather than a duplicate of the photo. The gesso and paper folds add dimension and the leaf element is perfectly themed with the journal strip. Placing the title at an angle is a great artsy touch.

I’ve come to the end of my post and I’m ready to begin my busy day. I’m so happy I had some quiet time to browse the galleries. I hope you have enjoyed my post and that you will take a few minutes to click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week.



Finger Pointing – July 11th

11 Jul

I’m an early riser thanks to my puppy who is actually no longer a puppy. I’ve enjoyed a few hours wandering the galleries, selecting layouts to feature today. It’s difficult to narrow down my choices to just six but here they are in no particular order.

Letter Home #2 by mocamom  showed up in my Facebook feed and I knew I needed to search for it to show it here. As a person who often changes a journal spot to a photo, I’m always impressed by layouts with lots of journaling. I hope you can read her story because it’s outstanding. I love the layered papers and the toys sprinkled about the page. The arrows and geotags point toward the heartfelt journaling and direct the eye there.  I love the cluster at the bottom and the inclusion of the journal card.

Puffin Fun by jana is such a fun layout featuring the equally adorable puffins. I really like all the themed elements she placed on the layout, especially the bow-tied starfish. I love the torn frame and the word art placed around the edge of the page. I like the contrast between the square corners of the background paper and the rounded corners of the word art. The title work combining two distinct fonts/alphas is a perfect finishing touch.

Fall in Love with Shamian by Scrapping with Liz has an impressive list of credits but everything works perfectly together. The pops of pink in the flower and button pick up the pink in the photos. I love the paper strips combined with the ribbon, lace and word art and the way the title is placed on the tag. The flock of birds direct the eye into the layout. I like the way she discretely placed the qr code so a specific viewer may be able to see video footage of the event.

A Day for a Bike Ride by helenedubois has such a colorful palette. I like the way she duplicated the colors from the photo to the paint rings and spatters and even the banner across the top. The photo mask really makes the bikes the focus of the layout. The blended music background may have the rider singing along as he/she pedals away. The title work in black really stands out and mimics the black in the bike frames and tires.

Hugs in Person by cfile is a great story about online friends meeting in real life. The layout is beautifully crafted. I love the sketchy photo treatment of the Kings Cross Station and the way it’s extracted and blended into the background where midway it almost looks like bricks. I like the white journal card and the rotated title. The pops of dark pink/red in the flower, title and camera element really stand out. The resized photo and card work so well together and the text on the word bits embellishes the story in just the right way.

Cleo’s Last Pose by kbrivitch is a beautiful tribute page to a majestic kitty. I really like the framing in both the layered patterned papers and the photo frames. The journaling placed in the half circle is so heartfelt. The pink in the flower clusters works really well with the black and white kitty. I like the stacked banners and the adorable cluster combining the journal card and elements. The striped ribbon divides the page between the photos and journaling perfectly. I am so sorry for your loss.

Once again I have come to the end of my post. I hope you will click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week.


Fingerpointing – July 4th

4 Jul

I’m excited to be on the blog and writing my first post for July. For readers in the U.S. I hope you are having a happy and safe holiday. I know you are anxious to see some creative projects so I’ll move right along and begin with Colors of Spring by Bright Eyes. I saw this yesterday in my Facebook feed and knew right away that I wanted to show it to you here. I love all the blending, paints and brushwork. The neutral background really makes the blues and purples pop. Shadowing on an Art Journal page can be a bit tricky but it looks just right here with bits of shadowing on the bird, flowers and leaves. I like the black scribbles too.

Wild and Free by AnikA68 is a burst of color, delighting the eye. I really like the frame placed atop the blended photo with the perfect out of bounds. The girl appears to be tossing the flowers directly from the photo to the page. The butterflies scattered about and the bit of text support the theme and complete the page perfectly.

I love the clean and simple look of Nostalgia by ChantalK. I’m fascinated by her Tupperware collection and I love the piece she chose to display here, especially the way she cropped the photo. The horizontal flow of the design contrasts beautifully with the scalloped border. The stitched felt circles add to the retro look and the tucked, floral sticker is perfectly placed.


Stadtlauf by AmberR gives us a lot to look at without appearing busy. This is a beautifully scrapped event page. The dark background really keeps the photos in focus. The perspective in the crowd photos is amazing. All of the added bits like the footprints, flag and word art are just right for her theme. The script title partially hidden by the perfect extraction is very creative.

I love this hybrid project, well suited to the holiday, 4th of July Party Favor by oscaralley.  I like the layered red, white and blue with the cut-outs perfectly sized to hold the sparklers. That glittered clothespin holding the stems together is just right. I like how she photographed her project with the worn, wood background and sprinkling of stars.

Perfectly Imperfect by bbe showcases a beautiful series of photos. The sketchy flowers and blue and green paint compliment the photos perfectly as does the script title. Placing the washi tapes behind the journal strips really helps them stand out from the rest of the page. I like how the author points out that the butterfly has learned to compensate for his broken wing.

It’s time for me to wrap it up and head outside to enjoy the beautiful weather we are having here. I hope you will take a minute to click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love.  Thanks and have a great week.



Finger Pointing – June 24th

24 Jun

Summer has just begun here in Michigan but it always moves too fast. Yesterday was muggy and rainy but today the temperature has dropped a bit and the sun is shining. I’m posting a early since I’ll be heading outside soon to take advantage of this gorgeous day. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

I’ll begin with this page as bright and sunny as the day is here, Besties by Nietis. I love the story told by the journaling. The black paper really makes all the colors pop. I like the circular photo and the way it just adjoins the lager photo.  The contrast of the sideways title work and date tab with the vertical journaling is a great touch. The element clusters are lovely and placed in a triangle to help walk the way through the layout. The bit of a tilt to the journal card is the perfect final addition.

This Is the End by beszteri is scrap therapy at its finest and I’m really grateful that she shared this page with us. The stark black and white palette tell the story best. The split between the bride in white and the groom in black, represented by filled text, creates a visual story even when one cannot read the journaling. The bride’s skirt is made touchable by the edition of folded gesso and the black paint spatters and falling leaves are the little details that render this layout a true standout in every way.

I’m always attracted to a clean and simple page like Exploring (Amy in China) by esther_a. Regardless of how simple the layout appears, the list of credits is impressive. The shadowing on the collage of photos is perfect and makes them appear to lift a bit from the page. I like the pops of red in the fans, bow and brad. The centered title work and journaling draws the eye down to the bottom of the page. The Chinese characters placed to the side of the photos is a great design touch.

At first I thought Elegance by Jill was a heritage page but a quick read of the journaling proved that it’s not though the story is fascinating. How lucky indeed to find vintage clothes among other old treasures. The photo treatment works perfectly with the kit palette. I love the tucked fan and that she kept it large. The lace and lacy flags are so delicate and pretty. The cascade of flowers and petals help us to take in the entire gorgeous page.

I’m in love with the layout design in Sassy Cat by Erin Shannon. I don’t know much about cats so I was interested to read the journaling. I really like all the themed added touches like the cat brad and the cat cutout, complete with bow. The vertical paper strips and border contrast with the horizontal design. The tied green arrows and triangles point to the photo and the half painted alpha is perfect for the large scale title.

I’ll leave you with this darling dog page, Journaling Challenge – June 17 by KarenB. I like the soft colors in the kits she chose and the orange really pops against the blue. The layout design is very creative with the two circles meeting where one is cut out to accommodate the other. Finally I like the bits of blue paint and spatters that mimic the water in the photos.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s standouts. If you have a minute or two please click through the layouts and leave these well deserving artists some love! Thanks and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Finger Pointing – June 20th

20 Jun

After a full day of running around with a few of my grandchildren I was definitely ready to sit for a while and wander through the galleries. I’m finding so much inspiration I hope you will too. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

I really like the photo treatment used in Everyday Moments by pixie. How surprising to find these cute ducklings and what a good idea to snap a photo or two. I love the way the kit papers and embellishments match the colors in the photo. The clean diagonal design is very effective and the right-justified journaling draws the eye to the larger photo. She found the perfect word art to suit her theme.

I love when scrapping can feature a second hobby as in Sewing Memories Domi092. The angled papers placed perpendicularly make for a lovely design. The violet and muted olive are a surprising yet striking color combination. The small cluster of sewing related elements is perfectly placed diagonally across from the word-strip journaling.

Fearless by silent ranks  is a good reminder that using a non-themed kit can be very effective when scrapping sports photos. I really like the graphic look of this layout with the black and white photos. Journaling on the empty space of the large photo is a great design technique. The triangles work well to walk the eye through the entire layout, including the stand-out title work.

The contrast between the painted edges and white background paper in SSL: Cornered by MaggieMae works perfectly to frame the layout. The photo is awesome and I like the way the masking really makes it the focal point.  The bits of stitching and line art as well as the themed elements complete the layout flawlessly.

The perspective of the photo and the fact that it’s taken from behind really made destination: the happiest place on earth by spcoggs jump out of the gallery for me. One can definitely sense the anticipation radiating from the layout. It doesn’t take much to embellish a large photo layout. In this case just a few strips of paper, a bead scatter and some word art are the only necessary additions.

My final pick is Caribbean Paradise by ouisiekelly. The masked flag blends seamlessly with the paint. I love the smaller framed photos placed vertically on top. There is so much texture added by the gesso and the black paint spatters echo the title work. Finally her journaling is heartfelt and I hope her wish comes true.

My post is complete and now it’s your turn to click through the layouts and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week.



Finger Pointing – June 5th

5 Jun

Good morning and I hope you are ready for the start of a new week. I know I am especially since I’ve just had the pleasure of wandering through the galleries looking for outstanding projects to feature on today’s blog post. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

SGI by earlofoxford definitely jumped out of the gallery for me. The photos are outstanding and I love the horizontal design. The turquoise and gold make for a stunning palette but what makes this layout really unique is the framing and placement of the vertically aligned smaller photos. Using formal frames on casual photos is such a creative idea and it worked out so very well.

I know I’m attracted to large photo layouts and I have chosen another in Point Bonita Lighthouse by AnotherAmanda. The perspective on the photo is amazing and makes me wonder if she had to contort herself to take it. There’s not much embellishing required when the photo takes center stage; just a little paint and bits of text. I like the pop of red in the tag and how two different versions of the same circle word art are used.

Such a pretty photo is displayed in Message from the Past by *gina*. The photo treatment works well with the monochromatic look of the layout. I really like the partial framing and the blend of the wood-like paper with the background. The bit of text to the right of the photo supports the theme and the cluster below and to the left is lovely and perfectly shadowed.

Summer Dreams by caapmun also uses a nearly monochromatic palette. I love the way she divided the photo by masking a large section and placing the smaller split-framed section on top. Adding the sketchy flowers below the leafy clusters is very effective.  The bits of paint on the edges and into the canvas are the perfect finishing touch.

The layout design in Greece by Swan82 is very effective in displaying a great number of photos. The large masked photo in the center serves as the focal point for the smaller photos surrounding. The flowers scattered about and clustered at the bottom add a touch of color to this gorgeous layout.

My final pick is a hybrid project, DIY Embellishments by cropkat. When you click through the link to leave her some love (hint, hint) be sure to check out the blog post she has written for instructions and more photos of her project. I really like the colorful tabs and tags she created using her digital supplies.

I’ve come to the end of my post and I know I repeat myself but these artists would really appreciate it if you click through either the links or the photos and leave them some well deserved praise. Thanks and have a great week!




Fingerpointing – May 30th

30 May

The pool opened this weekend so we spent lots of time there. The weather cooperated except for a couple of late afternoon showers. It’s so quiet today after the long weekend, the perfect time to browse the galleries looking for standouts. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

I love the perspective in the photo in Wander by Corrin and of course there is always something so engaging about a photo captured from behind. I like the angles on the patterned papers and the way they peek out ever so slightly. Combining the journal card with the photo of the same size makes for a classy layout design. Her elements are small and not distracting and I like the combination of the wire and sticker clouds. Finally her journaling is heartfelt and a sweet read.

I found more great perspective in Breeze by anke55. We seem to be looking up and from behind at the outdoor tables with the gorgeous red umbrellas. The masking is perfect and emphasizes the focal point. I like the texture added by the paints, scribbles and bit of gesso in the corner. The pop of red in the ink splotch and tiny flower echo the red in the umbrellas. The slight tilt to the title and journaling finish off the layout just right.

It was the layout title that drew me in to Grow (a/k/a, I am weirdly and unexpectedly excited about gardening!) by ElizabethW. And of course I had to take it a step further and read the journaling, which is charming by the way. Her layout design is so clean beginning with the blue cardstock as the foundation. I like the white stroke around the photo framing the title on both sides. The single orange button and the word strips are perfectly placed. The little cluster at the bottom, placed atop the paint, supports and emphasizes her theme.

The layout design in Mallorca by Roxana is so striking. The white background is the ideal choice for the black, red and yellow design elements. While the majority of the elements are horizontally placed, the overlapping circles surrounded by dots walk the eye diagonally across the page. I love the way she cut her title out of the photo allowing the white to show through.

I’m always looking for creative ways to use the journal cards found in so many digital kits and Paradise by Sucali uses no fewer than three. I love the photo treatment which really makes the brightly colored floaties pop. I like the angled strips placed across the top and bottom, framing the page. The script title work is so pretty and the few embellishments wrap things up expertly.

Reading the story behind Pilgrimage by Squeak actually gave me chills. How thrilling to have photos taken in the same venue nearly seventy years apart. The layout design is simple, placing the emphasis on the very special photos. Even so, there are little touches like the paper bits, scribbles and text behind, that add interest. The red spatter brings out the red in the right hand photo and the painted border frames the page flawlessly.

I’ve come to the end of my post as always. I hope you will take the time to click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some praise. Thanks and have a great week.