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Finger Pointing – November 20th

20 Nov

I’ve just spent several hours wandering through the galleries while waiting for a new dryer to be delivered to my son’s condo. I spied so many gorgeous pages, it’s difficult to know where to begin but I’ve done my best to narrow it down. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

I Love Dogs by dvhoward55

I really like this page design with everything placed toward the side of the layout. The photos are precious, especially the one of the toddler hugging (possibly squishing) the pup. I like the crops too! The vertical cascade of photos and embellishments draws the eye down the page. I like the way the artist emphasized one of the photos with the circle string. Rotating the journaling is a neat touch too.

Pumpkin Patch by rubygirl

This is one of the most engaging project life pages I have ever seen. I really like her clean design and the way she incorporated so much white space while showcasing so many photos. Adding the typed and handwritten quotes as well as the journal card were the only embellishments needed to finish off the page.

A Story that Could Have Been by oldbag165

This is such a gorgeous heritage page. The large blended photo makes for the perfect backdrop for the smaller, framed photo. I like the touches of yellow and green both in the cluster atop the photo and the paint behind. What really touched me though, beyond the beauty of the page, was the story behind it. Apparently the layout artist doesn’t have many photos of this friend because she was typically the one behind the camera, using it as her protection. I think this is a reminder to all of us to sometimes step out in front, whether we like it or not.

Beautiful by NBK-Design

This is such a gorgeous art journal page. I love the green and blue palette with just a few touches of black. As with most art journal pages, the majority of the elements are left without shadows so those that are shadowed really pop. I love all the brush-work, especially the doily. The journaling is a good read. If you click through the link to leave some love you may be surprised to learn that this was created on the artist’s IPad using an app, Yes, there’s an app for that (sorry I couldn’t resist). It may not be new to you but it is to me and this is one beautiful page!

Artistic Expressions by LynnZant

I think digital scrapping is the perfect way to preserve a child or student’s artwork rather than saving a pile of papers, though this art is so amazing that may still be desired. I really like how the colorful papers and embellishments show off the mostly black and white artwork. I like the grid design and the title work combining several alphas. The spatters, paint box and brush complete the layout perfectly.

Preparation of Halloween by myla

While many are already moving along toward Christmas, I’m happy to see some fall pages still popping up in the galleries. I like the photo treatment of the large blended photo and the layer of smaller photos on top. Cleaning out the pumpkin guts may not be the most enjoyable part of carving but it is necessary. I like the texture of the white paper and the pop of black on the small piece of polka dot patterned paper. The spider and daisy compliment the page perfectly.

As always, I’ve come to the end of my post and it’s my last one for November. So for those that celebrate Thanksgiving I’d like to wish you a happy holiday. I’ll leave a reminder that if you have a minute or two, please click through the layout links and leave these well deserving artists some love!



Finger Pointing – November 9th

9 Nov

There’s nothing more enjoyable than browsing the galleries mid-week looking for standout layouts. It’s Beatrice on the blog today and here are my picks.

One Run by Roboliver

I’m always impressed by extractions, especially one as perfect as this one. Even the hair blowing out behind the runner looks perfect. I really like the flow of the page from left to right and top to bottom. The layout artist combined the word art with the title alphas to create a single quotable phrase. Adding the paint behind the figure lifts her even further from the page. The painted edges frame the layout just right.

I Wish You… by JennyG67

This was one of the first pages I spied in the gallery. I love the paper blocks so artistically combined to create a backdrop for the beautiful photo. I like the way the lace doily barely peeks out from behind and the large floral cluster is a beautiful addition. The scattering of fall leaves mimics the tree in the photo. Similar to the layout above, the artist created her own title by combining the alphabets with the word art. I like the way the added brackets emphasize a part of the phrase.

November by CarolinaScrapper

I’ve been noticing a lot of layouts in the galleries with dark backgrounds. Choosing a dark paper really makes the photos and elements pop. I like the thin strip of paper tucked behind with the splashes of gold paint. The scattering of leaves is very pretty and I like the way some of them are shadowed and others not. Of course the photos are adorable and the sketchy leaves in white in the bottom corner are just right for the page.


Tea Time by caapmun

The masked photo is so pretty. I love the orange tea pot and the way the orange is duplicated in the tea itself. I always think of tea time as relaxing and this photo really sets the mood especially with the tea light in the corner. The scribbles and paints extend the colors in the photo and the tags, stamps and word art complete the page skillfully.

Alone in the City by nobles

I really like the way masking the right hand side of the layout emphasizes the theme and title of the page. The selective framing draws the eye to the lone figure of the girl and the bridge rising before her. No embellishments were needed for this page. It’s art in its own right.

Let’s Kraft by luan37

I’m a big fan of a kraft background. I love the stacked papers behind the delightful photo. The sprinkling of flowers and stars adds to the happy theme of the page and I like the placement of the washi tape at the bottom of the layout. I like the texture of both the torn white paper and kraft cardboard. The painted leaves and flower buds help add to the slight diagonal flow of the page.

As always I’ve come to the end of my post and I hope you have enjoyed today’s pages. If you have a minute or two please click through the layouts and leave these well deserving artists some love!




Finger Pointing – October 31st

31 Oct

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate. I was lucky enough to see 3 of my grandchildren today before they head out with friends to trick or treat. I expect the galleries to be flooded with Halloween layouts in a day or two but there weren’t so many scary ones today. Of course there’s no shortage of beautiful pages making it difficult to choose as always. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

Urban Life by AnikA68

The skewed paper stacking really suits the theme of the layout. The photo is exceptional and represents urban life perfectly. I like the bit of diagonal stitching across the top of the page and the branch laid atop the paint splat. The scattering of stars completes the layout just right.


Quiet Moment by Veronika

I find this layout to be quite serene. I love the blocked masking. I like the way parts of the girl sitting quietly reading are shown in full, like her floral sweater, while others are masked.  The repeated text emphasizes her subject and the pop of blue in the leafy branch is a lovely addition.

Race Day by Miki

There are so many parts to this layout yet they all come together to create a cohesive and impressive page. I really like the recoloring of the driver and the triangle framing which emphasizes the subject. The extracted race car is equally important and the vertical lines, as well as the speedometer underscore speed. The brush work is well placed to frame the title and journaling.

Glorious Memory by Arte Banale

It wasn’t possible for me to pass up this fall themed page. I really like the diagonal flow of the page. The photo treatment is so soft and pretty. The added word art combines to tell the story of the page and I love the hand-drawn leaves and pumpkin.

Believe You Can by EHStudios

Kraft always makes such a perfect neutral background. I love the strokes of white paint and black dots. The text and sketchy lines placed at the edge is an artistic touch. The strip of photos tell a story and I like the way she rotated the title. I’ve always been a fan of combining realistic and hand-drawn elements and the resulting splash of orange and green is very creative.

2017 Mood Board Challenge by PaperWings

The large photo in this layout is amazing. I like the way she placed the three smaller photos across the bottom. The vertical cluster across the base adds to the movement of the smaller photos. Placing the journaling on the book and tucking it into the corner is a skilled and innovative technique.


I’m wondering if many of you are reading this post late tonight or early tomorrow, enjoying a bit of your favorite candy left over or snagged from your child’s stash. I hope you enjoyed my picks for today and if you have a minute please click through the links to leave these artists some love.


Finger Pointing – October 5th

5 Oct

As we march further and further into fall, I can only say “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers!” (L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables)

It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

A Special Place by flowersgal

I really like the flow of this page. The large splash of purple on the background lends a dramatic feel to the page and works perfectly with the gold and violet palette. Adding a photo of the sign is a great touch and can really help in remembering the “where” part of the story.

The Roaring Twenties by MaggieMae

I love the heritage photos in this page. The paper stacking, slightly askew, frames the photos perfectly. I like the variety of stamps in the background and on the edge of the layout. The neutral palette in no way detracts from the photos and the trio of gold buttons finishes things off just right.

Fall Thoughts by kabrak1207

The journaling in this layout is so descriptive and colorful I hardly noticed it was without photos. I like the way she used the pages of the old book to hold her text. The clusters are gorgeous and perfectly shadowed. I really like the way the clusters encircle the journaling on three sides.

The Day Before Yesterday by Anny-Libelle

I like the perpendicular lines of this layout. The clusters are so pretty and I like the way she tucked in the ribbon. Placing the journal card toward the back of the photo stack is a creative touch. I love the sketchy bits outlining the edge of the page.

Sweater Weather by elenasworld

I never met a dog page I didn’t like and this one showcases a darling photo. I really like the whimsical look of the page. Keeping the elements flat lends an artsy look to the layout. I like the curvy word art matching the curvy pencil marks. The spatters of paint and the darling hedgehog complete the layout expertly.

Hazy Days by jessicalynn01

This page is such a pretty fall layout. I like the way the photos are placed close to the edges of the page. The blank space in the middle of the page points outward to the photos and journal card. I love all the differently shaped paper pieces scattered about.

I’ve come to the end of my first post for October. I hope you will take the time to click through the layout links and leave these well deserving artists some praise.


Finger Pointing – September 26th

26 Sep

Last week when I wrote on the blog I was longing for fall and I think my choices were reflected accordingly. Well I’m still longing for fall as the temperatures remain in the high 80’s to low 90’s in Michigan so apparently I am easily influenced. More likely it’s the addition of many gorgeous, fall-themed collections in the shops and the resulting projects flooding the galleries. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

September by Meibritt

Using a single photo to fill multiple photo frames is a very creative technique. I like the way the leading lines in the photo draw the eye into the layout. The horizontal swathe of paint contrasts with the vertical paper pieces added to one edge of the page. The black stitching pulls the separate parts of the photo together and the combination of script and word strips results in perfect title-work.

Autumn in the City by Mediterranka Design

The masked photo is so pretty and once again draws us into the layout. The painted leaves and bits of script contrast beautifully with the shadowed floral elements and stitched buttons. I really like the combination of fonts and alphas used to create the title. Finally using a poem to set the scene finishes the layout off in just the right way.

Change by Mielz

This page is an example of a perfectly composed white-space layout. Do not be fooled by the simplicity because the list of credits is impressive. The photo is gorgeous, especially with the sun flare. Lightening the color of the scribbles place on top of the photo means they emphasize rather than detract. The pops of orange paint mimic the colors in the photo. The scatter of leaves cascades vertically down the page landing in exactly the right spot at the title.



Cuddles by KingsQueens82

The photo treatment works so well with the palette of the collection. The horizontal clustering is amazing. I like the way it curves around the ornate frame. The floral brushwork and bits of text make the perfect backdrop for the clusters. I like the way the bits of orange pop against the otherwise neutral colors.


Autumn Again by Oldenmeade

I really like the duplication and stacking of the single photo. The cluster of flowers and branches is perfectly shadowed. The smaller cluster in the bottom corner moves the eye down across the page. The bits of golden text and dusty rose paint reflect the colors in the photos. The overall presentation is beautiful.

Brave by Mimisgirl

The page design of this layout is outstanding. I like the small print on the background paper. The black outline chosen for the leaves really stands out, especially as the paper chosen to fill the leaves creates an ombre effect as it moves from top to bottom. The lacy, white flowers contrast well with the black- outlined leaves. The photo crops effectively present the theme of the page. The title keeps the journaling private without being obtrusive.

I’ve come to the end of my post. I hope you enjoyed today’s picks and if you have a minute of two, please click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love.










Finger Pointing – September 19th

19 Sep

I’m always excited to browse the galleries looking for projects to feature on the blog. The autumnal equinox is just a few days away and my choices may or may not have been influenced by fall’s rapid approach. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

Apples in Autumn by Stacia definitely has an autumn vibe whether it speaks to apple season or back to school. I really like the large blended photo she used for her background. The cluster of smaller, duplicated photos placed on top supports her theme. I like the torn paper applied to the edge adding texture to the page. The title work combining two alphas/fonts is very effective. Finally this artist is a wonderful story teller. Her journaling is a great read.

I really like the combination of masking and brush-work in Autumn Leaves by twinsmomflor. I love the bits of text and blooms scattered about the layout. The sketched flowers edged in black contrast wonderfully with the muted colors of the page. The bit of word art serves as the title and finishes off the page just right.

I like the selective framing in Beautiful Autumn by shawnbear. The photo taken from behind is always very appealing and the sun flare is outstanding. The photo treatment in the smaller photo is lovely. I like the orange paint added to the edges of the page and the blue flowers really pop. I also like the combination of realistic and sticker elements.

It’s never easy to leave summer behind.  I love the sunset photos in Footsteps in the Sand by bahtoy.  I like the way she gave a slight tilt to the masked photo and matched it with the smaller photos. The crop of the sandy toes lends meaning to her title. The combination of orange and blue really shine in her beautifully shadowed clusters.

The intent of Giverny 7 by myla may have been to document a visit to the home of Monet but this layout is a piece of art in its own right and really jumped out of the gallery for me. The large photo makes for a stunning background. I really like the way she added the watercolor paint set down the middle of the page as well as the photo of the artist on top. I love the out of bounds flower framing flowing into the title font. The sketchy lines and framing complete the layout perfectly.

bird bike by willimena is a perfect example of a layout where the photos and journaling really take center stage. I love the neutral tones of the papers she chose and the pop of red in the word strip and title work. The grid design is exceptional as are the photo crops.  I like the way she journaled in a blank spot on the large photo. This is really a great story.

I’ve come to the end of my post and I definitely veered away from my original theme which is easy to do when distracted by all the gorgeous layouts in the galleries. If you have a minute or two I hope you will leave some love for these well deserving artists. Thanks and have a great week.







Fingerpointing – September 7th

7 Sep

I haven’t had the opportunity to post for several weeks and I really enjoyed my time browsing the galleries. There are so many amazing projects in a variety of styles I’m constantly inspired and I hope you are too!

I’ll begin with Crisp Fall Day by cutiejo1 which reminds me that fall is coming soon. Her split page design is so creative and her extraction is perfection. The photo from behind is always intriguing and this one leads the eye directly into the page. The circle framing the opposing front-view photo contrasts beautifully and the addition of the leaves and flowers reminds me of a wreath. The other bits sprinkled about add charm and the title-work finishes the layout just right.

The photos in Joy by Nietis are so appealing. Her paper stacking is amazing and the embellishments are tucked into exactly the right spots. The slight tilt to the photos adds interest and the title and journaling in the empty photo spot is a clever touch.

Speaking of photos, check out the black and white photos in Pillow Fight by sam ellis. The shots reflect incredible movement and could really stand on their own. She chose to add just a few embellishments so as not to detract. I especially love the pop of the red heart but my favorite part is the journaling, definitely worth a quick read.

If a photo is worth a thousand words, sometimes none are worth just as many as in Fresh Air by ruthmelody. Her brush work is amazing. I especially like the dark blue in the iris. The addition of the flowers and butterfly perfectly shadowed and placed on top reiterate her theme as does her colorful title-work.

I really like the use of the template in For the Birds by scrap-genie.   She only added papers to a few of the spots and otherwise filled them with brush-work and bits of lace. I like the placement of the stitches, dividing only some of the squares. The journaling is perfectly placed in two opposing squares and the embellishments scattered about support her theme. Finally the stacked photos placed on top remain the focal point in this otherwise busy layout because she kept the page monochromatic.

I found more creative paper stacking in #amazing by dotcomkari. The photo-crops are spot-on and I love the combination of color and black and white. The framed paper squares are a unique touch and I like the tucked in heart frame. The large ampersand is a clever addition and I enjoyed reading the heartfelt journaling.

Mother Nature has been wreaking havoc all across the country whether as fire or water and I’m adding my thoughts and prayers along with many others to all those affected. As always please consider clicking through the links and leaving these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week.