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Finger Pointing – February 12th

12 Feb

I’ve just spent several hours browsing the galleries and I think I’ve encountered a new record when it comes to the number of gorgeous projects. With Valentine’s Day almost upon us it seems that love is in the air. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

I’m Simply Smitten by Cherrygutz

I really like the non-traditional colors used in this layout. The gold and blue are such a pretty combination and the clusters at the edges of the heart are gorgeous. I love that she tucked the pocket into the heart and filled it with flowers too. Of course the photo is adorable.

I Love You by twinsmomflor

I like the split page design and that the photo fills half the page. The partial sketchy photo treatment with just a bit of paint on top is a creative technique. The gesso adds texture. The leafy banner and title work tie the two sides together. The bits of text and glitter finish the page off just right.

Cutie Pie by janedee

The artist has combined a number of different elements in creating her very cohesive layout. The photo is precious and I love the single lifted corner. The bits of paint around the edges of the page work to frame it perfectly. The title work beginning with a brad and ending with a cluster helps to ground the photo. Finally the yellow scribbles, though subtle, add a nice touch to the page.

Our Story by Mielz

My favorite part about this page may just have been the story so I hope you have a minute to read it. The cascade of clipped photos leads the eye down the page. The soft pink border is delightful and the pretty watercolor butterflies and flowers create a superb backdrop. The hearts and title work complete the page flawlessly.

My Love by blackkathy

I’m a big fan of a simple, white space layout which in my opinion is not at all easy to create. I love the horizontal flow of this page. The photo is lovely and the hand-drawn couple the ideal complement to it. The title balances the word strip and brads perfectly. The reds really pop against the soft, beige background.

Happy Hearts Pillow Box by alleycat

I spotted a number of adorable, hybrid projects in the galleries especially for Valentine’s Day. It was difficult to choose but I finally selected this one. If you have a minute or two, this is the perfect time to check out the galleries for these projects, so much cuter than the boxed valentines available at the stores. It’s a great reminder that digital supplies can be used for more than just scrapbook pages. This pillow box is just too cute. The paper she chose was made to show off the adorable cat and mouse. Finally the composition of her photo is very nice.

That’s the end of my post for today. If you have a minute or two I hope you will click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week!


Finger Pointing – January 29

29 Jan

Good morning and happy Monday. It’s snowing here which makes it the perfect time to cuddle up and browse the galleries. There is so much talent it boggles the mind. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

The grid formation in moc29 by jaye is a very appealing design. I like the way she used various alphas and spread them throughout the layout to spell her puppy’s name. Placing some embellishments and photos inside the frames while letting others bleed out adds to the overall flow of the design. The paint drips finish off the page perfectly.

The palette in Creativity by EH Studios matches the colors in the photo perfectly. I really like the tiled appearance of the papers on the right hand side when combined with the watercolor strip on the left hand edge. The single branch, topped with the quote is the only embellishment necessary. The papers really take center stage.

I’m always on the lookout for stunning and unique heritage pages and Armagene by Katie Pertiet  definitely fills the bill. I like the split framing and the way the photo extends outside the frame. The watery grid represents the lake perfectly and the pop of blue really adds to the overall monochromatic look of the page. The small cluster at the bottom is a nice touch and helps to frame the journaling which is a wonderful read.


I’m in love with the sweet faces in Stuck on You by robinsismai. I like the pretty cluster and the way she placed it behind the photo. I like the bit of stitching that attaches the photo to the page. The blended papers and paints add dimension to the page. The combination of journaling directly on the page with journaling on the paper strips is a creative touch.

On the Road by TrishD  features a lovely photo, dramatically altered to create an amazing scene. The couple appears to be biking to the end of the earth. The brown and bright blue reminds me of modeling clay. I like the sketchy flowers and the word art which is just right for her photo.

Vertical Motion by frani_54 is an outstanding piece of art. The page displays so much energy and motion. I love the extractions and the scribble outlines around each one. Placing the figures on top of the faint outlined title is inspired. The cracked and peeled background paper adds a lot of texture to the page.

It always seems to happen and my post is done once again. I hope you will take a few minutes to click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week.


Finger Pointing – January 15

15 Jan

As some of the other bloggers have mentioned the break was nice but it’s wonderful to be back browsing the galleries. I spied so many gorgeous projects and I’ll show you just a few here.

I thought I would be over Christmas by now but when I saw With My Cow by myla I knew I needed to showcase it here. The photo is adorable and perfectly extracted. I like the way the page is divided into quarters, each with a distinct paper or paint. The word banner brings the top half together as do the hanging lights. I like the pops of red combined with the overall white background.

Bryce by beehive50 is such a beautiful, clean and simple page. I like that everything is placed horizontally in the center with just the vertical paint spatter added behind. I like the way the artist kept the title letters large in size balancing the photo just right. The photo wrap and wood leaves are small, added details that complete the design perfectly.

Here’s a second clean and simple layout, A Marvellous Story of Time By meprout, with an entirely different look, achieved by using a black background paper. The background really makes the design elements pop. The placement of the elements diagonally leads the eye across the page. The photo is darling and the simple white border really sets it off. The silver in the leaves, bow and glitter combines so well with the green and black. The bit of silver text adds to the background without distracting.

I like the blocked design in Firewood and Frost by MargelZ.  The delicate pattern of the background is just right for the blocks and paper strips. The journaling is an enjoyable read. I like the way she placed the elements around the page. The gold in the leaves and stars as well as the single pink flower really catch the eye. Her shadowing is realistic without being overly dramatic.

I’m not certain where to start so I’ll begin with I would love the craft space in My Studio by CristinaC. The photos show amazing perspective and really lead the observer into the studio. I like the way the paint and brush support the theme as do all the added word bits. Keeping the title letters large and placing them front and center leaves no doubt as to the subject of the layout. Her journaling is another interesting read.

My final pick is a paper layout, Heart by JustMel. I really like the way she captured all her daughter’s favorites with a single captivating photo. The arrows and typed descriptions atop the photo are perfectly placed as is the page title. Adding the journal cards opposite, one decorative and one for the story, complete the project in just the right way. This inspires me to pull out my stash of paper supplies.

My post is now complete. I hope you will take a minute or two to click through the links or the photos and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week.


Finger Pointing – December 4th

4 Dec

A little bit of Christmas and a little bit of not but mostly Christmas because the galleries are brimming with beautiful layouts as we head toward the holiday. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

So Cold by nhudao

This big, gorgeous photo-focus layout jumped right out of the gallery for me. Honestly it makes me feel cold just to look at this photo. I really like the equally sized circles and brads overlapping and beside the photo. The words strips and tiny flower-adorned bow are the only other embellishments to enhance this clean and simple page.

Circles of Love by AZK

I suppose you never know how many ways you can support your theme until you make the effort. This layout is so appealing to me with the circle theme repeated in everything from the cutout to pasted circle pieces of patterned paper, to the clock, the doily, the coins, the frame and the subtly stamped flowers. Even the lids of the crock pots placed in a row echo the theme.  I enjoyed reading the journaling and I love the way the artist supplemented the text with the word strips. This is clearly a carefully planned and executed page with amazing results.

Traditions by Cherrygutz

I like this white space page with its subtly patterned background complemented by the bold strip of red plaid. The photo is adorable and the journal card balances it perfectly. I like the placement of the black and white tree as well as the string and trail of lights. The horizontal cluster including the title contrasts perfectly with the overall vertical design of the page.

Loosely Neat by myssp

I know this page started out as a template but the artist definitely made it her own. I like the way she bordered the page in green on just three sides. The framing works perfectly for her small photos. The cluster she built on the right hand side is amazing. I really like how she backed it with the painted branches and added the ornamental frame. I like how she included the scribbles and especially the way she topped one with the green heart button.

Urban Bristol by profolly

I like the blended photo in the corner with the painted dots and scribbles balancing in the opposite corner. The triptych of photos is outstanding, framed in black and stapled together. I think what struck me most about this page, besides the clever design, was the addition of red paint, string and drips which really makes the red in the photos pop!

Christmas by Isa Marks

After carefully reviewing this artist’s gallery and some of the comments made on her layouts, I conclude that this is a digital page.  I’m still not entirely convinced that it’s not hybrid which means to me that if it is digital the shadows are outstanding. Regardless, the composition is lovely. I like the way it looks like an open book complete with tabs and tags layered under the photo. It even appears that one hand in the photo is actually holding the frame in place. The paint and scatters complete the look of this gorgeous page or project.

Sadly, I’ve come to the end of my post. I hope you will take the time to click through the layouts and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week.



Finger Pointing – November 20th

20 Nov

I’ve just spent several hours wandering through the galleries while waiting for a new dryer to be delivered to my son’s condo. I spied so many gorgeous pages, it’s difficult to know where to begin but I’ve done my best to narrow it down. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

I Love Dogs by dvhoward55

I really like this page design with everything placed toward the side of the layout. The photos are precious, especially the one of the toddler hugging (possibly squishing) the pup. I like the crops too! The vertical cascade of photos and embellishments draws the eye down the page. I like the way the artist emphasized one of the photos with the circle string. Rotating the journaling is a neat touch too.

Pumpkin Patch by rubygirl

This is one of the most engaging project life pages I have ever seen. I really like her clean design and the way she incorporated so much white space while showcasing so many photos. Adding the typed and handwritten quotes as well as the journal card were the only embellishments needed to finish off the page.

A Story that Could Have Been by oldbag165

This is such a gorgeous heritage page. The large blended photo makes for the perfect backdrop for the smaller, framed photo. I like the touches of yellow and green both in the cluster atop the photo and the paint behind. What really touched me though, beyond the beauty of the page, was the story behind it. Apparently the layout artist doesn’t have many photos of this friend because she was typically the one behind the camera, using it as her protection. I think this is a reminder to all of us to sometimes step out in front, whether we like it or not.

Beautiful by NBK-Design

This is such a gorgeous art journal page. I love the green and blue palette with just a few touches of black. As with most art journal pages, the majority of the elements are left without shadows so those that are shadowed really pop. I love all the brush-work, especially the doily. The journaling is a good read. If you click through the link to leave some love you may be surprised to learn that this was created on the artist’s IPad using an app, Yes, there’s an app for that (sorry I couldn’t resist). It may not be new to you but it is to me and this is one beautiful page!

Artistic Expressions by LynnZant

I think digital scrapping is the perfect way to preserve a child or student’s artwork rather than saving a pile of papers, though this art is so amazing that may still be desired. I really like how the colorful papers and embellishments show off the mostly black and white artwork. I like the grid design and the title work combining several alphas. The spatters, paint box and brush complete the layout perfectly.

Preparation of Halloween by myla

While many are already moving along toward Christmas, I’m happy to see some fall pages still popping up in the galleries. I like the photo treatment of the large blended photo and the layer of smaller photos on top. Cleaning out the pumpkin guts may not be the most enjoyable part of carving but it is necessary. I like the texture of the white paper and the pop of black on the small piece of polka dot patterned paper. The spider and daisy compliment the page perfectly.

As always, I’ve come to the end of my post and it’s my last one for November. So for those that celebrate Thanksgiving I’d like to wish you a happy holiday. I’ll leave a reminder that if you have a minute or two, please click through the layout links and leave these well deserving artists some love!



Finger Pointing – November 9th

9 Nov

There’s nothing more enjoyable than browsing the galleries mid-week looking for standout layouts. It’s Beatrice on the blog today and here are my picks.

One Run by Roboliver

I’m always impressed by extractions, especially one as perfect as this one. Even the hair blowing out behind the runner looks perfect. I really like the flow of the page from left to right and top to bottom. The layout artist combined the word art with the title alphas to create a single quotable phrase. Adding the paint behind the figure lifts her even further from the page. The painted edges frame the layout just right.

I Wish You… by JennyG67

This was one of the first pages I spied in the gallery. I love the paper blocks so artistically combined to create a backdrop for the beautiful photo. I like the way the lace doily barely peeks out from behind and the large floral cluster is a beautiful addition. The scattering of fall leaves mimics the tree in the photo. Similar to the layout above, the artist created her own title by combining the alphabets with the word art. I like the way the added brackets emphasize a part of the phrase.

November by CarolinaScrapper

I’ve been noticing a lot of layouts in the galleries with dark backgrounds. Choosing a dark paper really makes the photos and elements pop. I like the thin strip of paper tucked behind with the splashes of gold paint. The scattering of leaves is very pretty and I like the way some of them are shadowed and others not. Of course the photos are adorable and the sketchy leaves in white in the bottom corner are just right for the page.


Tea Time by caapmun

The masked photo is so pretty. I love the orange tea pot and the way the orange is duplicated in the tea itself. I always think of tea time as relaxing and this photo really sets the mood especially with the tea light in the corner. The scribbles and paints extend the colors in the photo and the tags, stamps and word art complete the page skillfully.

Alone in the City by nobles

I really like the way masking the right hand side of the layout emphasizes the theme and title of the page. The selective framing draws the eye to the lone figure of the girl and the bridge rising before her. No embellishments were needed for this page. It’s art in its own right.

Let’s Kraft by luan37

I’m a big fan of a kraft background. I love the stacked papers behind the delightful photo. The sprinkling of flowers and stars adds to the happy theme of the page and I like the placement of the washi tape at the bottom of the layout. I like the texture of both the torn white paper and kraft cardboard. The painted leaves and flower buds help add to the slight diagonal flow of the page.

As always I’ve come to the end of my post and I hope you have enjoyed today’s pages. If you have a minute or two please click through the layouts and leave these well deserving artists some love!




Finger Pointing – October 31st

31 Oct

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate. I was lucky enough to see 3 of my grandchildren today before they head out with friends to trick or treat. I expect the galleries to be flooded with Halloween layouts in a day or two but there weren’t so many scary ones today. Of course there’s no shortage of beautiful pages making it difficult to choose as always. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

Urban Life by AnikA68

The skewed paper stacking really suits the theme of the layout. The photo is exceptional and represents urban life perfectly. I like the bit of diagonal stitching across the top of the page and the branch laid atop the paint splat. The scattering of stars completes the layout just right.


Quiet Moment by Veronika

I find this layout to be quite serene. I love the blocked masking. I like the way parts of the girl sitting quietly reading are shown in full, like her floral sweater, while others are masked.  The repeated text emphasizes her subject and the pop of blue in the leafy branch is a lovely addition.

Race Day by Miki

There are so many parts to this layout yet they all come together to create a cohesive and impressive page. I really like the recoloring of the driver and the triangle framing which emphasizes the subject. The extracted race car is equally important and the vertical lines, as well as the speedometer underscore speed. The brush work is well placed to frame the title and journaling.

Glorious Memory by Arte Banale

It wasn’t possible for me to pass up this fall themed page. I really like the diagonal flow of the page. The photo treatment is so soft and pretty. The added word art combines to tell the story of the page and I love the hand-drawn leaves and pumpkin.

Believe You Can by EHStudios

Kraft always makes such a perfect neutral background. I love the strokes of white paint and black dots. The text and sketchy lines placed at the edge is an artistic touch. The strip of photos tell a story and I like the way she rotated the title. I’ve always been a fan of combining realistic and hand-drawn elements and the resulting splash of orange and green is very creative.

2017 Mood Board Challenge by PaperWings

The large photo in this layout is amazing. I like the way she placed the three smaller photos across the bottom. The vertical cluster across the base adds to the movement of the smaller photos. Placing the journaling on the book and tucking it into the corner is a skilled and innovative technique.


I’m wondering if many of you are reading this post late tonight or early tomorrow, enjoying a bit of your favorite candy left over or snagged from your child’s stash. I hope you enjoyed my picks for today and if you have a minute please click through the links to leave these artists some love.