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Finger Pointing – May 22nd

22 May

I always enjoy browsing the galleries on Mondays since so many layout artists have been busy throughout the weekend creating and posting layouts.  It’s difficult not to get distracted by so many gorgeous pages and I find myself filling my Pinterest boards accordingly. Still the time finally arrives and I must narrow down my choices to the six allotted to my post. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

I love when I can pick a hybrid project to feature and there were many to choose from today. I decided to stick with the first thumbnail I enlarged, Baby Shower invite with matching envie by Oscaralley. The soft colors are perfect for the theme and the lining of the envelope is a great touch. The flower adorned dream-catcher is so delicate and pretty. The tiled paint blended into the background adds so much to the white cardstock. The script font combined with the sans-serif font finish off the invitation perfectly.

I love the photo treatment and simple design in Perfect Moment by emily.stitches.33 I’m a big fan of alphas used for titles and the center alignment and large size work so well with the large photos. The vertical cluster and bits of paint and scattered flowers add to the celebratory theme of the page. I especially like the partial star element on the right side edge.


It seems to me that there must be more cat scrappers than dog scrappers or maybe the cat scrappers are just more prolific. So I’m always excited to find a page like Happy Puppy? By Breeoxd. I love the design, including the hand-drawn puppies and paper-filled hexagons. There is a lot going on in this page but what keeps it clean is the limited color palette. The white borders also make the photos standout. I like the placement of the word strips and journal card and the pop of yellow in the yellow flowers.

The watercolor scene in Texas Truck by Miki is so appealing. There’s a certain sophistication about an old, red pickup.  I like the slight texture in the background paper and the additional texture created by the gesso. The small details like the stitched circle and star as well as the scribbles and buttons add so much to the scene. The bit of color added by the soft, green buttons and the small touch of the stitching holes finishes things off just right.

There’s an amazing amount of texture in Michael by KarenK. The masked papers create the perfect back-drop for the stacking behind the photo. I really like the angled frame highlighting the most important area of the photo. The small, floral cluster placed on top is so lovely and delicate. I like the combination of fonts she shows in the script title and descriptive words and journal strips. The journaling is easy to read and incredibly heartfelt.

My last pick, Get Creative by Anita Bownds is actually a paper page though I didn’t realize it at first. I love the way the arrows, which she fussy cut and stitched down, draw the eye to the center of the layout. The snips of plus paper tucked here and there as well as the other bits work well with the overall clean look of the layout.  The photo is outstanding and who doesn’t need more confetti in their life. She describes her process in creating this page on her blog which is linked to her layout. It’s worth a quick read. I’d like to say this layout has inspired me to dig into my giant stash of paper supplies but I think I’ll leave that for those with more patience and steadier hands.

I’ve come to the end of my post and I hope you will take the time to click through the layouts and leave these artists the praise they deserve. Thanks and have a great week.






Finger Pointing – May 8th

8 May

It’s Monday again and I’ve spent some time wandering through the galleries which seem to be bursting with gorgeous projects, possibly attributable to the extra hoopla surrounding iNSD. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

The vintage photos in Preserving Memories by Little Pixie are priceless. I really like the overlapping cascade and the fact that she filled some of the frames with patterned paper. The lined paper serves as the perfect neutral background and the blue and gold cluster tucked both in front and behind really pops. I can appreciate the journaling as I have inherited most of my own family photos, many of which have absolutely no information.

I’m always attracted to a good pocket page and Yum by mimisgirl is an ideal example. This style of page always works so well in showing off our best photos. I like the stitching combined with rounded corners and the larger spots filled with papers and journal cards. The labels tucked behind the simple cluster are the perfect added touch.

The combination of a single masked photo with several simply framed photos works perfectly in The Chick by nancyr.  How fortunate the artist was to capture these amazing photos. The soft blue and green water colored background is the ideal backdrop. The bits of white add texture and the few simple embellishments round things out in just the right way.

Irvine Park by Kimberly is an amazing hybrid project. The papers and embellishments are perfectly placed to draw the eye across the page. Part of what makes this project so appealing is the careful way it was photographed with the paper clip and bit of patterned paper serving as a shelf for the booklet.

I should have entitled today’s post “all about photos” because I’d like to present another outstanding example in Black Backed Gull by Eyeore.  The sea spray behind the rocks and the single gull in the panoramic version is amazing. I really like the way she captured the gull in the small, framed circle placed below. The overall palette is quite serene and I like the way the layout design steps us down and through the page. The bits of red really pop and reinforce the stair-step design.

I love the sketched umbrellas in Sprinkling Fun by DV Howard. The watery mask applied to the photo supports the theme of the layout. The yellow and black combination is so striking, especially against the stark, white background. I like the diagonal flow left to right ending in the ribbon bordering the bottom of the page.

I’ve come to the end of my post and as always it’s been difficult to select just six standouts from so many beautiful projects. If you have a minute or two, please click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week.


Finger Pointing – April 17th

17 Apr

It’s Monday, the start of a new week, and I notice my picks share a similar palette, at least to a certain extent. I may have been influenced by spring finally arriving in Michigan. I see a lot of blue and green and everything looks quite fresh. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

What first attracted me to Life is Good by ConnyS was the split photo. It’s a creative technique, especially when you have a long, vertical photo which would appear unbalanced as part of your layout design. I really like clouds and paint dispersed throughout the slightly textured background. The clusters are so pretty and the larger butterfly finishes the visual triangle. The slight angle to the title-work completes the layout design in just the right way.

I love the soft colors washing the solid paper in Glad Day by OKate. The photo is lovely and I like the way it’s tilted and framed by the offset journal card.  The little bits of newsprint and hand drawn floral brush add additional interest to the background. The journaling/title-work, works perfectly for the clean style used in this layout.

This photo-less pocket page, Retreat, Relax, Refresh by Saar, is so serene. I like the large words, placed in the visually pleasing triangle as well as the combination of assorted, patterned papers filling the spots of the template. The clusters are perfectly shadowed and so pretty. I like the way the journal cards emphasize the theme and blend seamlessly with the papers.

The photo in Silence by Armygrl is outstanding. By keeping the embellishments simple, the attention is kept on the photo. The combination of circle stitching and dotted lines is very effective. The ladder of paper strips walks the eye up to the photo. Placing the leaf stamp on top of the photo is unexpected but works really well. The paper cut leaves seem to extend the photo itself. The quote she chose for her journaling is just perfect.

The combination of royal and black really made What a Week by Amson jump out of the gallery for me. The journal cards are used so effectively in creating her blocked design. I like that she bordered the background on two sides only drawing the eye into the center of the layout. Journaling in white on black is stunning and the story itself is an interesting (for lack of a better word) read. The title-work is stacked so it fits in the perfect spot.

My final pick is a hybrid project,  [TN] Together We Have It All by Pepper.  Showing one page really doesn’t do this project justice,  so I hope you will click through and view some of the other pages of this travel notebook. I really like the graphic look of the pages in this book. How interesting it will be to look back on the adventures had by this family as they vacation together.

I hope you have enjoyed my picks for today as much as I enjoyed finding them. If you have a minute, please click through either the title or photo and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week!


Fingerpointing – April 3rd

3 Apr

Good morning and happy Monday. I’ve just spent several hours perusing the galleries and adding to my layout love folder on Pinterest. I’ve finally narrowed down my choices, which is always so very difficult. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

It finally feels like spring here in Michigan and I think that may have inspired me to choose this page, Adventure by dkane. The photo series is just precious and I love the cascade down the right hand side of the page. The background is full of texture and supports both the photos and the gorgeous clusters. The single cluster in the bottom right hand corner balances the right hand side of the page perfectly.

Faves by Blackkathy is so appealing in its simplicity. I love the grid design which showcases the photos in an engaging manner.  The journaling is interesting to read and I admit that many of these are my favorites also. The large title work adds interest and the few pops of gold in the hearts and skinny paper strip are the only embellishments required to finish off this gorgeous page.

Pink and black are such a striking color combination and no one does it better than myssp in Scrapping the EveryDay. The photo crop on the adorable photo is very pleasing. I really like the variations on love from the ribbon border, to the word art, to the tied tag, to the large black arrow directing the eye into the layout.  The bits of pink brush work add just the right amount of texture to the plain white area of the background paper.

Rain or Shine by Captivated Visions really jumped out of the gallery for me. The sketched backdrop is the perfect foundation for the masked photo. I really like the selective framing. The stitched clouds are unique and work well with the stamped clouds. I like the way her journaling stretches almost across the page. The pops of reddish orange in the heart and paint are just right with the otherwise monochromatic page.

Art Feeds Your Soul by scrapmemories is truly outstanding, beginning with the art itself. The butterfly is so dainty and delicate. The narrow framing really sets it off and the black and white hand-drawn flowers are placed almost as if the butterfly has landed there. The tag, black stitching and script title contrast perfectly with the white background, textured with gesso and more stitches but this time in white. This layout is definitely frame-worthy.

Speaking of art, I love the depth of the scene created by clindoeil in Live the life you imagined. The textured background blended with the photo is quite touchable.  The brightly colored cascade of hand-drawn flowers down the side contrasts perfectly with the subtle colors of the photo. I really like the touches of bright green in the drops of paint.

As always, I’ve come to the end of my post and travels through the galleries much too quickly.  I hope you will take a minute or two to click on either the title or image of each layout and leave these well deserving artists some love.  Thanks and I hope you have a great week.


Fingerpointing – March 20th

20 Mar

I’m told today is the first day of spring but you wouldn’t know it here in Michigan. It’s a gray, gloomy day, perfect for browsing the galleries looking for inspiration. There’s certainly no lack of gorgeous pages to be found. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

This was the very first thumbnail I saw while perusing the galleries and once I enlarged it I knew I would include it in my post today. I adore the simple horizontal design in 1.11.17-Wyatt by fonetta.  The soft palette is perfect for the sweet photos and the title work is outstanding. But what really made this a stand-out for me was the journaling. Take a few seconds to read it and I’m certain you will agree.

I always enjoy reading interview or “favorites pages” and 13 at 13 by MrsDebReynolds is no exception. I think this idea could be cleverly carried out over the years, beginning with 1 favorite at 1 and so on. The layout design filled with brightly colored papers, is so cheerful and works perfectly with her happy photos. I love the curve to the paper spots and the stamped title work. The single cluster completes her layout in just the right way.

The photo crop in Old Charm by jaye drew me in to the story behind this layout. I like that she kept the photos black and white to contrast with the colorful background paper she chose as her foundation. The strips of ribbon create the perfect shelf and the single cluster is ideal for this simple yet pleasing layout.

The next layout, Being Green by connieg, is another take on the same theme as the layout above. While the layout took me back to my own childhood, the photo is actually a current one. I love the deckle edge frame she chose and attaching it to the page with the clothes pins is a clever touch. The minimal embellishing is just right for her theme.

I’m always on the lookout for non-traditional project life pages like Sunset at Ouchy by aridra. Although she journaled about her entire week she chose this stunning photo series to feature on her layout. I’m not certain if she selectively recolored parts of the photos or if the effect is that of the setting sun. Either way they are gorgeous and the colorful embellishments scattered about contrast with the nearly monochromatic photos perfectly. The paint and colorful title-work wrap up this layout very well.

It’s never easy to limit picks to just six layouts. Last but definitely not least is Create your world by Azeline.  I really love the curvy design filled with blue papers against the white background. The photo is precious and keeping it black and white works well with the monochromatic tone of the layout. The black frame further defines the photo and the clusters of blue flowers are gorgeous and so well shadowed. The hand-drawn little girl on the journal card looks very much like the subject in the photo. Using the dictionary definition as journaling adds to the outstanding composition of the layout.

I’ve come to the end of my post. If you have a minute or two I hope you will click through the layouts and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week.


Finger Pointing – March 13th

13 Mar

Honestly I think the galleries are filled with more gorgeous layouts than ever. It’s such a delight to browse and search for inspiration. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

The design in Priceless by umyesh is very appealing in its simplicity. The photo is so adorable and I love the way the tape measure splits the layout.  The orange really pops on the otherwise monochromatic page. I like the little bit of stitching she used to tack down the large capital L the first letter of the child’s name which also serves as a design element. Placing the word art close to the bottom of the page helps the eye travel through the layout as a whole.

The beautiful photo in Little One by bcnatty deserves the focus so I’m happy to see she kept it large. The paper filling the other half of the layout is perfect for her theme. The cluster down the center of the page is gorgeous and the vellum word art place on top of the photo is the ideal added touch.

I’m a big fan of pocket or grid style pages whether used for project life or just to showcase a number of photos as in Kisses for Mama by marlathrall. The photos are outstanding and planting the kisses a clever idea. The journaling, bits of flowers and word strips are the only embellishments needed to complete her darling layout.

I’m starting to wonder if there is a reason behind all the baby pages I’ve chosen. If you know me you know that our 6th grandchild was just born yesterday so I may have babies on my mind.  Still it’s time to move on with this beauty, your smile is made of sunshine by lizj. I first spotted this gorgeous page on Facebook so I had to go seek it out in the gallery to show you here. I really like the split title and the way the circle stitches frame the delightful photo. The large painted blooms opposite the lace border really bring the focus into the center of the layout. The beribboned branch with the hanging charm is the perfect finishing touch.

I love everything about this heritage page, Memories Live Forever by jirsev. I like the combination of the framed and blended photos. I find her shadows to be realistic without being overdone which almost make me wonder if this is a hybrid page. I like the angle of the papers with the focal point the book which holds the photos. The cluster work is outstanding and the tucked word strips and vintage postcard support her theme perfectly.

My final pick, but no less worthy, is Spotted in the Country by pam p. I really love the photo treatment and blending of her subject. The gesso is so realistic I want to reach out and touch it. I like the way she used the tiny branch and hanging thread as a shelf to support her title. This layout is really a piece of art.

I’ve come to the end of my post. If you have a few minutes please click through the layouts and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week.


Fingerpointing – March 6th

6 Mar

I’m excited to write my first blog post for March. There are a lot of overworked phrases about the weather in Michigan, so I’ll just say it’s a cool and rainy day, perfect for exploring in the galleries and hunting down inspiration. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

Simplicity by Azeline really stood out in the gallery for me. I love the layout design with the photos crossing the page diagonally and clusters and paint in the opposite corners. The sepia photos work perfectly with the colors in the papers and embellishments. I like that she chose a solid paper for her background which really makes the photos and embellishments the focus.

The masking and blending in Perfect Right Here by DivaMom96 make for a gorgeous piece of art. I love the subject she chose, both about herself and her photography. I’m not certain if it’s intentional but the scribble above the title looks just like a heart, perfect for her theme. The pop of orange in the flower compliments the photos and works so well with the otherwise blue background in the layout.

Practice Makes Perfect by stacia hall is absolutely stunning. I love the photo crop, that she made it black and white and kept it large. I enjoyed reading her heartfelt journaling. The concentric circles of tiny stars reinforce her theme. The word bits and arrows sprinkled about are the ideal embellishments for the page.

I am really impressed by the layout design in Dreaming by ReneeB . The overlapping pie shapes are perfect for showcasing all the patterned papers. I like the way she omitted one of the pieces and replaced it with the word art.  Framing the colorful photos in white, makes them stand out. Finally, tucking the banner into the cluster is a great design touch.

I’m rarely able to write a blog post without showing at least one heritage or pet page or sometimes even both. The Simple Life  by EllenT is such a beautiful heritage layout. The photo is lovely of course and I really like the way she added the card behind. Her clusters are so pretty and her shadowing is outstanding. I like the way she tucked the ornate frame into one of the clusters. The bits of paint and handwriting, as well as the tape measure ribbon are clever additions to her heritage layout.

I couldn’t pass up Undeniably You by Shannamay. How cute is this kid and his unmatched sense of fashion? I really like the stacked photos and the way she incorporated the tag into her paper stack. The brushwork and scatters of stars and buttons are perfectly suited to her theme. I love the combination of fonts she used to create her title.

My fun is over and I’ve come to the end of my post. I hope you will click either on the title or the actual layout itself to visit the gallery and leave some love for these incredibly talented artists. Thanks and have a great week.