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Finger Pointing – February 19th

19 Feb

Well!! It’s Monday again – hope you all had a great weekend. I’ve just spent a few hours browsing the galleries – such a joy. It’s hard to just choose six from all the great layouts on the various galleries, but here are my picks for today:

First up from one of my favourite scrappers dvhoward’s  – Love – such a great pic and set against that floral background – just spectacular. Then those elements perfectly clustered along with the great title work. Such a wonderful page!

I couldn’t go past this page from digigrandma – Puppy Love. Cute puppy plus cute kid always makes for a great layout!! The pics are complimented so well by the great choice and color of the elements. The plain background just makes for a well balanced, eye-catching layout – love it!

The overall brightness of the next page just grabbed my attention – Art Forever by JeannetteS. Such spectacular combining and blending with just a few elements with shadowing – all make for a great art journal style layout. I love the partial face and then the wording just says it all “In Love with Color”.

My next choice Versailles 2 – cyanne 22Love the use of the transfers and the blending and masking. Great job matching the soft color to the golden light coming off the water. Just spectacular.

My fifth pick – a day at the beach by AnikA68 – such a wonderful soft feel to this great page. I love the overall color, great masking and blending, and then the choice of just a few elements that compliment the whole feel. Just lovely.

So to my final pick for today – There’s No Place Like Home – Ellen T. This has more of an art journal feel which I love. Great brushwork and masking and I really love the great shadowing of the elements. That little house is just so cute and the sentiment is one I’m sure we would all agree with!!

Well, that’s my choices for today. If you loved my picks take a moment to take a closer look at these pages and leave some love for the creators in their galleries.

Happy Scrapping




Finger Pointing – February 7th

7 Feb

Well, it’s my turn again – really loving being on the Gallery Standouts team – gives me a great excuse to spend some time browsing the galleries.

My picks for today:

I love this page by GoingToTheSun – such a cute pic beautifully scrapped. I really like all those strips created from a range of paper – really creative. This page will make a great memory of a treasured toy – Bear, Bear.

My next choice is more of an “artsy” style which I love. A photo-less layout with great brushwork. I love the word art in the varied font and color and then the great placement of those one or two elements. Makes for a great page from Janisn.

There’s a lot of love appearing throughout the digi world – gearing up for Valentine’s day I expect!! Another great layout which caught my eye is this from Chickie. The muted background, the patterned frame all work together to set off a great photo.  This is a really good example of what can be achieved with a mini kit.

My next pick is Hello Winter from zwyck which is just stunning. A “white space” layout with brilliant brushwork and blending and then the added touch of just a few elements – including that cute skater!!

My next pick is something a bit different – a calendar page. There are many great templates out there in the digi world for calendars, which I must confess I have really not taken much notice of until this year!! When I see what people have created, like this amazing layout from Mother Bear, it really sparks my interest! I love all the brushwork, layering, cute pics  – really great way to save some memories.

And my final pick – back to an artsy style. Breathe by kandib – love the airy feel with all the brushwork and the silhouette figure. Really love the sentiment and the perfect placing of the dragonfly element.

Well, that’s my six picks for today – not that there aren’t many more great pages in the galleries!! If you find any of these as amazing as I do, click on the links and leave some love!

Happy scrapping.







Finger Pointing – January 17th

17 Jan

Hi – it’s Carmel here – better known as caapmun in the digiscrap community. I was honored late last year to be asked to be one of the contributors on the Gallery Standouts team. This is my first post – so here goes!! I loved looking through the various galleries and, although it’s hard to pick just six, here are my picks for today.

She Became A Flinn by angiekey
This is just such a sweet layout to remember a great day. I love the mix of color and black and white pics and the added elements in just the right colors to compliment the photos. This is one side of a double page layout, so make sure you check out the other page in the gallery so see the full story.

Treasures Under Snow – Pantherka

I just love everything about this – the masking and blending of the photo, the background which is just right for a winter theme. And then the soft colors of the elements that compliment the photo wonderfully.

My Heart – aussikat69

This is a great page to showcase a precious family photo. I love the use of the photo twice on the page. Another great background incorporating subtle color and script. The journaling placement is just right and then the elements just make the whole page sing.

Even Earth Bound Can Soar – seahorsefan

I am tending towards a more artsy style of late so this caught my attention. This is just such a great blend of photo and art. Amazing photos of the hermit crab and its tracks blended so well with the additional elements and brushes. I just love the wordart too!!

My Best Friend – britgirl

Love a good dog pic!! and this is such a wonderful photo. Great masking and use of brushes and then the addition and sizing of the elements at the bottom – just brilliant. The background makes the whole page pop – a great page about a good friend!

Room To Improve – kimg

And for a more clean and simple style – an eye-catching “resolutions” layout. Great use of layering, borders and journal cards. I particularly like the use and positioning of those few elements to break up and add more interest to the page.

That’s my picks for the day. I hope you liked them as much as I did. If you did, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these great artists. Thanks! :)