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Finger Pointing – November 14th

14 Nov

Hello all! Can you believe it’s the middle of November, and soon we will be swept away by the holidays? For today, let’s live in the now, relax and find delight in the pages I found in the galleries.

Although Christmas is not for several weeks, I was smitten with Little Snowman Story. The contrast of the grid design with the whimsical elements is eye-catching and very merry! Magnolia’s photo is captivating – Look at her sparkly eyes – and the candy cane extraction is the perfect finishing touch. Cheery and festive!


What a fabulous sense of movement and vibrancy in Loving Life by AnikaA. Her brushes, texture, title, and pops of color all enhance the effect. The extraction is super cool, too. Dynamic and lively!


Cheryl B has captured an opposite mood with Back to Life 2.The grey tones create a sense of peace and tranquility. The icicles, snowflakes and title come together to make a frosty and beautiful monochromatic page.


I can’t take my eyes off Fall Festive. Sugar Baby’s photo could not have been scrapped more artfully. The simplicity of her embellishing keeps your eyes on the photo, and the fall colors are incredible. Effervescent!


Don’t Worry Be Happy is another large photo page that captured my attention in the gallery. The vivid colors paired with the black and white photos create a spirited page. I like the layering over the background photo, and the spray of brushes. The exuberance she has captured bubbles over and makes me happy, too.


The Beauty of Winter is my last pick for today and it is stunning. The reflection of the mountains in the water is magical. I love how Norma has complemented the rich colors in her photo with the embellishments. Her page is beautifully balanced and the blending is superb. I want to visit this enchanting winter hideaway.





Finger Pointing – November 6th

6 Nov

Hello! Deborah here to brighten your Monday. I hope you enjoy my picks and have a happy, creative week.

The layering and clustering in Love looks effortless, but we know how difficult it is to find the perfect placement. Even the title is tucked smartly. The messy black stitching frames Stormchaser’s lovely page, and brings our attention to all her artistic mastery.


Pure Magic – That’s what I think of Precious by Hollie. I have admired many of her pages, and it is a pleasure to highlight her artistry today. I am envious of her talent and imagination. The puppy is mesmerized and so am I. Fascinating!


I thought Happy Day was a traditional scrapbook page at first glance – Look at Isa Mark’s brilliant shadows! The black and white photos are adorable, and I love the pops of pink against the grey and blue. The cutouts add a cute and unique flair to her page.


I can’t stop smiling at Wash by KarenW. Love the how the photos tell such a sweet little story! The splash of brushes, awesomely shadowed tag and sweet journaling accent her photos superbly


Small Things captures a delightful everyday moment. Shauna’s blending has spotlighted her photo beautifully, and the pocketful of flowers adds to the adorableness of this page.

PL October, Page 3 is another page that captures the beauty of everyday.  Rockermorsan’s color palette is splendid and so are the mix of photos. Autumn and family are lovingly and flawlessly displayed.


Finger Pointing – October 28th

28 Oct

Hello! Can you believe it’s the last weekend of October? It is a cold and drizzly day in Minnesota so I loved spending my time admiring all the extraordinary talent in the galleries.

When I saw the thumbnail of This Month by Profolly, I was entranced. Once I got a closer look, I was truly captivated. I love her artwork and think this is a truly wonderful way to showcase each piece.


The minimalist approach in Forever Mine by Sylvia has such a visual impact. The castles, lace and ribbon give us romance, and the orange paint adds drama. Embellishment perfection!


Love the horizontal composition led by the paint, the use of the journal cards, the framing of the page, and all the white space. Yes – I love everything about Mrs. Peels’ artistry! I am in love with NovemberLove.


The light and airy feel in Autumn is magical. I adore the circle cutout, delicate scallops, and notebook paper edges. Isa Marks’ shadows are exceptional. A realistic, yet whimsical page – LOVE!


The symmetrical composition contrasting with the light-hearted embellishing creates fabulous visual interest in You are Loved by bessysue581. I love her woodland theme. A super-cute and creative standout.


Mine is delightful. I saw it in the gallery several days ago, and I am happy to highlight it today. Anita’s sketch technique is remarkable, and I want to hug her darling puppy. She has captured his personality perfectly, and I don’t think anyone would dare take his bone.



Finger Pointing – October 18th

18 Oct

Hello – Deborah here with some glorious fall colors from the galleries. It was difficult to narrow it down to six pages as there so are many impressive artists in the digital world. Grab yourself a cup of hot tea and enjoy the beauty of the picks for October 18th, 2017.

I love the vibrant tones in Lola. Scrapmemories has composed a luscious background for her cool photo. The creased and torn paper (with the excellent shadow work) add reality and dimension to her layout. Every paper, element and brush add to the effervescence of the page.


Trick or Treat is engaging and fun. The photo is a treasure, and Pixie’s extraction is first-rate. I like how she kept everything simple so the adorable trick or treater takes center stage. Devilishly fun page!


The contrast of the dark wood background with the jewel colors is splendid. Love how the pumpkin photo harmonizes with Cherrylej’s cluster, title and colorful layering. A page that makes you grateful for the bounty of Fall.


I love tiramisu’s brilliant photography. The lighting, textures, paint, and sublime cluster are captivating. Autumn Bouquet doesn’t scream, but whispers, that autumn is breathtaking.


Halloween 1975 is precious and quirky! What a lovely way to scrap this memory. I love Readstoomuch’s creative title work and the hanging apples add to the merrymaking. This page makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Heartwarming and Fabulous!


Three O’clock in the Morning is romantic and fanciful. Barbara Houston has dreamed up an enchanting scene. I like the depth she has created with the painted flowers in the foreground and the starry dancers in the back. It’s such a beautiful and balanced composition. Classy!


Finger Pointing – October 2nd

2 Oct

Today’s picks are in honor of the Las Vegas community. They are pages of family, friends, love and faith. I am hoping they will give you a moment of quiet joy on this day of bereavement.


My first pick is a reminder that we are stronger than any murderous madmen. AnikaA’s page, What A View, is glorious, and a symbol of strength and courage. She was also kind enough to give us a tutorial of the mosaic effect. Thank you!


Terri has captured a wonderful moment in her daughter’s life. The photo from behind with the perspective from the mirror is absolute perfection. The masking of Gabrielle homecoming is masterful and so is the simple embellishing. A treasure!


The color palette of Friends caught my eye, and the photos captured my heart. Flippok has used several visual triangles to guide the eye through her page. A well-designed and enjoyable page.


You Need Love is adorable. DKane’s photos are angelic and her extraction/blending skills are excellent. The pretty flower clusters complete the page beautifully.


I love the framing of both photos in Just a Glimpse. Myssp’s artistry shines here – the paint, line of embellishments, blending and design are all fabulous. I want to lift this page.


My last pick is a powerful reminder of how beautiful the world can be. The smiling faces of What a Wonderful World by Amson are enchanting and delightful. I love the title, composition, and simplicity of this page – Everything comes together splendidly.











Finger Pointing – September 20th

20 Sep

Hello All! Deborah here to bring inspiration and creativity to your Wednesday. Enjoy!

I saw Barbara’s page, Annalift September 16-bread, earlier in the week; and I could not wait to highlight it on the blog. I am in awe of her artistry and this page is supreme evidence of it. The large photo is tranquil and serene. Her photo and element cluster is masterful. You can smell the baking of the bread and hear the rustling of the wheat. Exquisite!


On Safari is a dramatic and dynamic page. The coloring and framing of her photo is super creative, and the layers of squares in the background add more depth and drama. Anita completed her standout with grungy brushwork, messy stitches, and cool textures. Inventive!


Fiki’s angelic little face peeking out at us is entrancing, and the torn pages tantalize the viewers a bit more. Besotted with Fiki is a treasure trove of delight. I love Scrapdolly’s composition and imaginative use of elements to draw the viewer into the page. Sweet and playful!


Owl Kingdom is another playful layout that makes me happy. I am delighted with all the owls Traumelfe has expertly placed on her page. “Owl” is simply perfect here! I want to lift this page because it tickles me so much. Thank you Traumelfe!


Raspberry Freedom is divine! Love the flow of delicate flowers centering your eye on the dazzling photo. Jirsev has created a page full of love and it’s very stylish. The color palette is nothing short of gorgeous, and I adore the entire soft feel of her artwork.


I am layer-impaired so when I see a skillfully layered page, I love to study it. Love Your Smile by Bessiesue 581 is that kind of page. The more you look, the more enamored you become. Love the sweet colors, stamps and look at the remarkable layering and shadowing! She has put everything together perfectly and I would love to scrap just like her.





Finger Pointing – September 15th

15 Sep

I love spending time in the galleries on Fridays, and today was no exception. I hope you are charmed and inspired by the following pages.

Always an Adventure is irresistible! The photo is delightful and so are the mix of papers – love the patterned neutrals. DanceERB has created a very special and sweet standout.


My Favorite People is a lovely page documenting a family trip. Rache77’s brushwork is exceptional, and I love her travel-themed cluster. The limited color palette and sepia-toned photos complete this graceful page.


G is for Grayson is such a heart-warming page. The entertaining elements, photos, papers, and journaling come together perfectly to tell the story of Stormchaser’s precocious boy. Makes me smile!


Pink is one of my favorite colors so Hunting Like a Girl jumped out at me. Sylvia’s shadowing, ultra-clean composition, and diagonal flow are captivating, too.


You can feel the fall wind on your cheeks and rustle of leaves beneath your feet in BrightEye’s Rainbow Autumn Colors. Her masking and framing are effective and lovely. And how adorable are the little critters? Fabulous fall page!


Another fetching fall page, Blessings, by Conny is a masterpiece of layers and clusters. The spectacular colors are in perfect harmony with her precious photos. Glorious!