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Finger Pointing – May 23rd

23 May

Hi all! Deborah here with Tuesday’s captivating picks. I often find myself wowed by pages with filters, extractions and photo actions. Today I was drawn to simple and classic. I hope you love them as I do!

Style by ouisiekellly

I saw this one immediately! She has used only 2 colors and one embellishment but what a stand-out page this is. The photo is priceless, and it deserves a very special layout. Ouisiekelly has certainly created that! Wonderful, amazing and striking…I don’t have enough words to describe how much I LOVE this page.

Snapshots by miimsgirl

Another beauty with a limited color palette. The vintage-style photo and pops of red are eye-catching. I love her white space design, shadow work and button scatter. Elegant and classic!

Paris by Alinalove

The background she created makes me swoon. I love the textured paint, and the subtle row of butterflies in the upper right corner. Her touching journaling tucked between the photo of herself and the Eiffel tower is wonderful storytelling. To me, this page exemplifies what scrapbooking is all about.

Joseph-Class of 2017 by jenevang

I adore pages with big photos, and this grad photo of Joseph certainly deserves center-stage. Her neutral color palette with the pops of red and gold glitter stars is tailor-made for a masculine tribute page. The placement of the title and cluster is ideal as it follows the line of the photo and draws attention to her handsome son. Another classic beauty!

Wanderers by Cherrygutz

I love the mirror composition of this page. The tag, quote, and flower embellishments are perfectly paired with the focal area. Her clusters, title work. layering and paper choices all add to the charm of this lovely artwork. Delightful!

It’s Out Now by Lego

If this toothless smile doesn’t bring a little joy to your day, nothing will! Such a fun composition to go along with the super-cute photo. The masking and framing keep the toothless grin in the lime light but the embellishing, journaling placement, and touches of paint add whimsy and lightheartedness to this darling layout! It will certainly be cherished in the years to come.




Finger Pointing – May 12th

12 May

Happy Friday! I hope you will be as inspired as I was by the artistry I found in the galleries today. Here are my picks:

Good Day by Mrs. Peel

I saw this page in an email I received today. (I love Friday newsletters with all the new goodies in the shops!) I was immediately inspired, and clicked on the image to see a larger view. To my surprise, it was by one of my fellow bloggers, Cynthia Taylor. Her page looks like the beginning of a grand adventure. The doodling on the photo is charming and invites you into the adventure. I adore the treatment on her background photo. The faded colors give it the look of a vintage postcard. I want to scrap lift this captivating layout!

Intuition by Wombat146

Oh, the art of blending! The giftedness of this artist is displayed perfectly in her intriguing page, Intuition. The stunning color palette draws you in and it is difficult to pull yourself away from the complexity of the brushwork and blending. I also love the contrast between the block word art and script title. Stunning and magical!

Advice for My Boys by Dpsbdennis

What lucky boys to have a mother who has such loving, thoughtful advice and can give it so creatively! I like how she warped the text to fit it into her awesome tree. The grass, flowers, and butterflies give her page a touch of whimsy. It comes together beautifully, and I hope she hangs it in her sons’ bedroom so they can enjoy it every day.

Walking path by digigrandma

I started digital scrapping in 2009, and this lady was one of my first scrapbooking idols. She takes everyday moments and turns them into enchanting works of art. Walking path is a perfect example of her talent. All her artful touches – the framed butterfly, glitter title, and worn layers – complement the picturesque photo. You can see why she was an inspiration to a newbie (and still is)!

What a Wonderful Day by EllenT

This is a show-stopper! Love the bright summery colors, the repetition of shapes, her bold title, and the diagonal flow. It packs such a powerful punch, and makes me long for beach days. Brilliant!!

Click by twinsmomflor

Oh wow, what a spirited page! It is such a dynamic composition.  The extraction, pops of yellow, brushwork, and doodles fill the page with vitality. I am in awe of this exhilarating layout – Sigh!!




Finger Pointing – April 28th

28 Apr

Hello! Its Deborah and it is a gloomy Friday here in Minnesota, but I found some glorious color in the galleries. Here are my picks for today:

Good Vibes by Kayleigh

Talk about color – Could you find a more vibrant layout than this one? It screams, “Spring!”. The circle anchors the page perfectly, and she has done a super job of embellishing and layering. She is a master at shadowing, too.

En Randonnee by Dady

This layout makes me happy. The photo is quietly beautiful, and the sketching outside of the frame compliments its quietness. Her embellishing is simple but very sweet, especially the boots on the bottom of the page. Love the mood of this darling page.

Weekend Vibes by kaphelps

Love the simplicity of this layout. The title work, framing and overlay all work together to draw your eye to the action. The blue paint is the perfect finishing touch, and gives the page a feeling of serenity. Great work!

Champ de Colza by Cocodou

The background photo is amazing and looks like it goes on forever. Her yellow brushwork emphasizes the seemingly never-ending fields of flowers. I have never heard of Champ de Colza but after looking at this stunning page, I want to visit. Even on a rainy day, it is gorgeous! The contrast between the bright flowers and the dark clouds is striking. Beautifully done!

Flirty Girl by Weaselwatchr

Doesn’t it look like  little flirty girl is going to reach out and swat the flowers? The photo is so sharp and clear, and the flower clusters are realistic, too. Everything is perfectly placed to create a little piece of magic for the kitty and us!


Adventure, The Great Outdoors by Ga_L

This page has so many awesome details. I love the circle framing the part of the photo that spills out of the conventional frame, the cute tree brush work, the camera grounding her title, and the pops of red that bring so much energy to her fabulous layout. Love this adventure!



Finger Pointing – April 11th

11 Apr

Hello everyone! I am Deborah Wagner, and this is my first post on the GSO Blog. It is an honor to be here and showcase the many talented artists in the galleries. I had no idea it would be this difficult to present only six pages. Here are my Gallery Standouts for today:

My first pick is this adorable page, You Are My Ray of Sunshine, by Anne PC. It is a line of beauty with lots of glorious white space. Anne’s layout has the perfect amount of embellishing, with each piece placed to feature her little ray of sunshine. I especially like the lone chevron; it is a demand, albeit a sweet one, to bring your eyes to the darling photo.


This piece, Spring in A Ginger Jar, by hdubois43 calms my harried mine. The limited color palette of the ginger jars, the lovely masking, and the line of lace add to the peaceful quality of the layout. It is simple, elegant and very spring-like indeed. Beautifully crafted!


The repeated images draw you into Whispers of Myself by Grace, and the gorgeous lace texture, brush work and blending make you want to look at every single spot on the page and see what is hidden. There is a mysterious quality to the page; and the title, with its seemingly endless stylistic swashes, emphasizes the ambiguity. I love this introspective layout!


Time Fly by Migueline is another mysterious page. With her startling blue eyes, the blended black and white image is stunning. I love how Migueline repeats the blue throughout her page. The black lines of the tree and title add contrast and interest. Don’t you wonder what the 3 ladies at the bottom of the page are thinking about? They give the page a touch of romance and nostalgia. Fascinating page!


The cluster of photos is striking in Smile by AnikaA. Her cropping is masterful. The twinkle in his or her eyes light up the entire layout. I love the misted and stenciled look to her background – Lovely brush work! The different fonts in the title add lots of fun without taking attention away from the sparkling photos. Such a spirited and lively page!


Love the artsy and vibrant Sometimes by Traumelfe. The colorful background, subtle extraction, spillover, and scatters all come together to make a page full of energy and light. It seems as if the girl in the photo could fly off the page at any moment. Even the tilt to the title adds to the feel of movement and sprightliness. There is much to admire in this dynamic work of art.