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Finger Pointing – February 2nd

2 Feb

Hello from Minnesota! We are experiencing the frigid cold that comes with February. It was wonderful to spend my morning in front of our fireplace and browse the galleries. I am continually astounded by the talent in the digital community. I hope you find some lounging time to enjoy the galleries and my picks for today.

The Funny Cat Cup by readstoomuch

I am smitten by Molly’s adorable and energetic page. The silly moment she captured with her granddaughter is scrapped masterfully. Love the photo treatment, paint doodles, and the placement of the word strips. LOVE everything xoxoxo!


L is for London by Trish D

I was totally drawn to this scene with the striking leading line of the L and the photo treatment. Red is such a great color choice to depict London, and the white frames in the background are a unique and creative way to add texture. The skyline and scribbled people are super cool. Fun and funky!


Beary Much by Sokee

I like the clean and classic layering on this page. The minimal layers, beautifully shadowed, allow the photo to shine. And who could resist the little bear tucked behind the photo? This is BEARY adorable!


Making Memories with You by AnnePC

This is a delightful composition. I love the ingenious use of the journal cards. They highlight the little valentine’s smile perfectly. Charming!


So Loved by Ashleywb

The white background is perfect for the heart filled with luscious colors and a darling photo. The banner, bold title and date tag give a lovely balance to the page. I love the brushwork, too. Sweet and spirited!


Love you by Anita

I opened the thumbnail of this page because I liked the textures and woodland papers/elements. When I saw the fabulous photo, I knew I had to highlight it as my last pick for today. Everything about this page is awesome, but I especially like how the green paper curl and the hearts follow the vertical flow of the photo. Wonderfully scrapped!





Finger Pointing – January 27th

28 Jan

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I have some real beauties for you to relish in today so let’s get to it. I’m Deborah and here are my picks.

CactUS by Ludmila

The fairy-tale look of this page popped out at me in the gallery. It is enchanting! I love the water-color effect and the delicacy it adds. Ludmilla’s composition is marvelous, and the title is so cute and clever. A real day-brightener!


In This Moment by Mary Fran

This page is beautifully crafted. Although there is much to enjoy with all her perfectly placed vintage pieces, the photo remains center stage. Mary Fran’s shadow work is impressive and the pops of red finish her page off strikingly. In Mary Fran’s comments, she reminds us to get our photos off our phones and give them the credit they deserve. She has certainly done that in this lovely artwork.


Winter is Magic by Oldenmeade

I felt a little melancholy as I looked at this page with the lonesome man walking down the trail. I admire artists who can bring out emotion in the viewer. The candle, lantern, flowers, and berries are effectively placed to enhance the frosty beauty of her page, and the blue textured paper gives an extra chill to this winter standout.


Stickers SSL by Amy L

I am a complete sucker when it comes to dog pages, and this one is especially delightful. I love the action shot!  The extraction and sticker add to the energy, and the blurred background is a creative way to highlight her playful puppy. Absolutely Adorable!


Pulling Together by SStalter

I am not certain what technique the artist used on her layout, but I am certain that it is stunning! I love the blending and mix of elements. Her color palette is breezy and calming; with the black bringing in a perfect amount of contrast. A stylish and elegant page.


Winter Walk by lkdavis

Linda is one of my favorite digital artists, and this page is a superb example of her talent. The extraction and shadowing of her granddaughter is flawless, and the trees look as if they are part of the photo rather than brush work. The snow gesso adds the perfect amount of texture, and her lighting is other-worldly. Her artistry and creativity shine in this piece of work.




Finger Pointing – January 19th

19 Jan

Happy Friday! I love going through the galleries on Fridays with all the yummy new releases. It gets more difficult with each post to try to narrow my choices down to six. The layouts and designs keep getting better and better. I’m Deborah and here are my picks.


Linger by JenniferHignite

This page gives me a happy heart. Aiden is such a handsome boy and his mom has captured his sweet, innocence perfectly. There is so much to admire – the tilt, crops to the photos, word art, even the staples are cool. The title is my favorite piece as it is an imaginative way to add another photo of Aiden. Outstanding work!


Shared Joy by Cinna71

The vintage style of this page caught my eye. When I clicked on the thumbnail, I was awed by the clusters. I especially love the embellishing of her title. The lovely, faded background paper with the subtle brushwork is classic; and completes the page beautifully. Thanks for sharing the joy, Cinna71!


My Story Page 4 by jcaruth910

This layout is from a book the artist is making, telling her story. I glanced at the other pages, and they are all exquisite. The monochromatic colors complement her cherished photos elegantly. I like the pieced and taped look of the background as it adds to the heritage theme, but doesn’t take away from the wonderful photos of her dad. This page (and her project) inspire me as I know it will become more treasured as the years go by.


Catalogne by cyanne22

I don’t know why, but I love photos of cows; maybe it’s their soulful eyes. I couldn’t resist looking at this page because of the cows, and then I fell in love with the framing, title, textures, and blending. A captivating piece of art!


Illusion by JaninAlberta

LOVE this charming page!! The artist has created a story-book world that is enchanting. I adore the coloring of her photo, the whimsical balloons, and the blended map. Everything comes together splendidly!


Winter is Here by Flippok

My last pick for today is Winter is Here, and I think it is apparent why it is a stand-out. I don’t know where to start, but I will try. I fell in love with the color palette, and I am amazed by the clusters. The shadow work is excellent and there is so much depth with her multiple layers of papers, snowflakes, flowers and photos. The page is stylish and polished, yet delicate and dreamy. Delightful in every way!



Finger Pointing – December 8th

8 Dec

Hello! The galleries are filled with the magic of the holidays and glittering beauty of winter. Cuddle up and delight in the pages I found for today’s standouts. They are irresistible!

Driving Home for Christmas makes me want to start singing Christmas carols! Marleen has created such an uplifting scene. I love the blends and photo treatment! The puppies behind the wheel of the truck are beyond precious. Pure JOY!!


Favorite Memory is a delightful composition – The line of Christmas photos and embellishments at the top of the page caught my eye, and I adore lots of white space. The black music stamps ground her photos well, and add a fun contrast. The shadowing and dimension of the cluster is first-rate. A very merry stand-out!


Winter Wonderland is enchanting, and a little mysterious. You cannot tell where the photo ends, and bbe’s artistry begins. It is blended to perfection, and the text overlay completes the intriguing winter night scene. The page is beautifully crafted and makes me want to open Photoshop right this moment. Captivating!


Winter Glory by SonjaS is the perfect name for this piece of art. It is glorious! I love the unique design with the vertical lines making it seem as if you were peering through an old piece of paneled glass. The wonderful mix of textures are a delight for the eye, and I really like the combination of the painted and blended photo with the dimensional pops of color drawing your eye to the majestic deer. Striking!


First Snow is eye candy to the minimalist. The limited color palette emphasizes the cold, frosty theme of Roxana’s page. I love the stitching, stamped trees, diagonal flow of snowflakes, and the few small dimensional elements surrounding her photo– they all work together beautifully to create a peaceful, wintry backdrop. Simply stunning!


Dream Come True is not a winter or holiday page, but it is certainly a magical one! Lauser has given her page such an airy feel, yet there is so much to discover for those of us who love to look for all the bits and pieces of hidden treasure. The layers of glittery trinkets, whimsical embellishments, and sparkly scatters add to the ethereal, dreamy theme. Intoxicating!


Finger Pointing – November 28th

28 Nov

Hello! It’s an honor to be here again showcasing the impressive artist in our community. I am taking care of my 2-year-old granddaughter for a few days, and she is a fireball so tonight I will make it short but very sweet.

All Messed Up by LiMa Inspiration sparkles with joy. The paint and gorgeous photo blend together as one. Dreamy and exotic!


Just Breathe makes me want to do just that – Inhale, exhale and enjoy the beauty of Sucali’s peaceful page. I love the varying shades of blue she has used, and who wouldn’t be enchanted by the little doll grounding her photo? Lovely!


I haven’t had the time to scrap the last several days, and this page makes me want to open Photoshop and start scrap lifting. (And I will as soon as my energetic angel finally falls asleep). I am utterly enchanted with When You Wish upon A Star. Where do I start? I adore the lighting in Beaute’s photo, the soft pink brushwork, star shaped journaling, and the ornament with the perfect reflection. I LOVE everything, and I think this page is BRILLIANT.


Love This Boy by EarlofOxford is energetic and vibrant. She has been one of my favorite artist since I started digital scrapbooking 9 years ago. Her pages are usually photo-centered and everything she does makes her photos shine. This page is no exception. Her use of color, the composition and fabulous extraction spotlight her photos perfectly. Engaging and delightful!


LO1287 has a fresh, contemporary look. Olivia123’s artsy blending combined with the realistic clusters is dynamic. The incredible background has so many cool details – the intertwining ribbon, notebook paper, paint, netting and text overlays. Very creative and intriguing!


Wow! That is what I thought when I saw the thumbnail of Grace of a Swan. Rosie has created a fascinating piece of art. I love how the embellishments go from opaque to translucent. The reflection within the ripples of water is stunning. The sparkling flourishes radiating from the swan work beautifully to create a mystifying, magical page.






Finger Pointing – November 14th

14 Nov

Hello all! Can you believe it’s the middle of November, and soon we will be swept away by the holidays? For today, let’s live in the now, relax and find delight in the pages I found in the galleries.

Although Christmas is not for several weeks, I was smitten with Little Snowman Story. The contrast of the grid design with the whimsical elements is eye-catching and very merry! Magnolia’s photo is captivating – Look at her sparkly eyes – and the candy cane extraction is the perfect finishing touch. Cheery and festive!


What a fabulous sense of movement and vibrancy in Loving Life by AnikaA. Her brushes, texture, title, and pops of color all enhance the effect. The extraction is super cool, too. Dynamic and lively!


Cheryl B has captured an opposite mood with Back to Life 2.The grey tones create a sense of peace and tranquility. The icicles, snowflakes and title come together to make a frosty and beautiful monochromatic page.


I can’t take my eyes off Fall Festive. Sugar Baby’s photo could not have been scrapped more artfully. The simplicity of her embellishing keeps your eyes on the photo, and the fall colors are incredible. Effervescent!


Don’t Worry Be Happy is another large photo page that captured my attention in the gallery. The vivid colors paired with the black and white photos create a spirited page. I like the layering over the background photo, and the spray of brushes. The exuberance she has captured bubbles over and makes me happy, too.


The Beauty of Winter is my last pick for today and it is stunning. The reflection of the mountains in the water is magical. I love how Norma has complemented the rich colors in her photo with the embellishments. Her page is beautifully balanced and the blending is superb. I want to visit this enchanting winter hideaway.





Finger Pointing – November 6th

6 Nov

Hello! Deborah here to brighten your Monday. I hope you enjoy my picks and have a happy, creative week.

The layering and clustering in Love looks effortless, but we know how difficult it is to find the perfect placement. Even the title is tucked smartly. The messy black stitching frames Stormchaser’s lovely page, and brings our attention to all her artistic mastery.


Pure Magic – That’s what I think of Precious by Hollie. I have admired many of her pages, and it is a pleasure to highlight her artistry today. I am envious of her talent and imagination. The puppy is mesmerized and so am I. Fascinating!


I thought Happy Day was a traditional scrapbook page at first glance – Look at Isa Mark’s brilliant shadows! The black and white photos are adorable, and I love the pops of pink against the grey and blue. The cutouts add a cute and unique flair to her page.


I can’t stop smiling at Wash by KarenW. Love the how the photos tell such a sweet little story! The splash of brushes, awesomely shadowed tag and sweet journaling accent her photos superbly


Small Things captures a delightful everyday moment. Shauna’s blending has spotlighted her photo beautifully, and the pocketful of flowers adds to the adorableness of this page.

PL October, Page 3 is another page that captures the beauty of everyday.  Rockermorsan’s color palette is splendid and so are the mix of photos. Autumn and family are lovingly and flawlessly displayed.