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Finger Pointing – February 15th

15 Feb

Hey, hey, everyone!! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day and were spoiled in whatever way you love to be spoiled!! I knew I wouldn’t see most of my family until after Valentine’s Day, so I went shopping after work today and scored half price chocolate!! And I’ve just finished cruising the galleries and seeing all kinds of sweet pages and beautiful eye candy!! Hope you enjoy my picks for this evening!

First up is Shining Star by jaye. If you’ve read my posts before, you know that I am a sucker for a great boy page and a great older boy page really steals my heart! I love that she admits to stealing the photo from his FB page, because I do the exact same thing with my grown children! If it weren’t for social media, I’d have no pictures of them ha! I absolutely love the paints on the back ground and how the colors work so well with the b/w of the photo! The sequin touches and even the flowers are just fantastic! I adore that little bit of journaling towards the bottom. This is just an awesome page!


Next up is Tea 4 Two by frani_54. How gorgeous is that big photo!! Her blending work is absolutely perfect and the smaller photo split in to two sections is not only beautifully done but also just so stinking cute!! And I really love that fun title work!! Such a gorgeous page!!


My next choice is You Are A Gift To Me by tammielsmith. Another absolutely adorable photo and all those layers are so so pretty!! I love the soft feel to this page and those gorgeous flowers on the background. The pieces of lace and doily accents are such perfect additions to this beautiful page!


I was so excited to find another great boy page today! All Boy by KimGeling is so fun!! I adore all those hexagons and the awesome patterns she chose for them! The color combination is just perfect for that sweet photo and even with all those flowers, this page does not loose its masculine feel! The wire on the background is such a great touch! Fantastic page! He is a handsome guy!


I am also a sucker for a great wood background and I really love Sweet Sixteen by Chigirl! The border and paint on the wood is so beautifully done and I love the paper layers behind the photo! Her title work is super cool and the design does such a great job of leading your eye down and across the page! Absolutely gorgeous work!!


And last, but certainly not least is Color Me by 01lousmith. This one caught my eye immediately in the gallery. This is so incredibly creative with the paint and photo work! The photo edit is absolutely gorgeous and everything pops so beautifully on that neutral background. I adore that title work as well!! This one is just a stunner!!


And that will wrap things up for me tonight! I hope you enjoyed my picks and will take some time to leave some love for these talented artists! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!


Finger Pointing – January 25th

25 Jan

Happy Thursday, everyone!! Or Friday if you are on the other side of the world! I don’t know about you, but I am totally looking forward to the weekend and we are supposed to have some beautiful weather for this time of year! I’m just in from work today, but I’ve been sneaking in the galleries from time to time on lunch and breaks…shhhh don’t tell! I am always in awe of all the amazing creations I see. It is never easy to narrow down the choices! But here are my picks for today…

Can I just say, oh my gosh! Look at the beautiful colors and amazing design created by Lynnette on her layout Autumnal Face. The way she created that dress out of leaves and the beautiful cluster in her hair is just gorgeous! I love the added paints and side clusters. The falling leaves are such a perfect touch and her shadow work is beautiful!! I adore this one!


Next up is Strong Lines by MaggieMae. I just adore the red and white combination and the beautiful creative framing work! The striped ribbon with the heart and hanging charm are just beautifully done! Her layout could not be more perfect for that lovely photo! This is such a beautiful page!


All of the beautiful layers in Winter Tale by Flo06nice jumped out at me from the gallery immdiately! I love that gorgeous color combination and it is absolutely perfect for her photos! I am amazed at all  leaves, flowers, and elements she used! There is so much to see and it all works so wonderfully together. The sprinkles in the background and borders on the side add such a lovely feel! Beautifully scrapped!


And speaking of gorgeous layers…just check out Cute by yorkiemom! I absolutely adore that big photo and she is indeed just the cutest…such a curious look on her face! The wavy paper with the cutouts is just fantastic and her added clusters are beyond beautiful. I love how she added the paint on top of the photo and gave it such lovely texture!  This is just an amazing page!


Never Doubt Your Instinct by cinderella drew me in right away! I love the balance of color across the page and it’s such a gorgeous combination! The framing is so cool and so creative! The title work blended in to the background is so perfectly done and her element cluster is just beautiful! So much beauty and emotion in this page!


And my final pick for today is Think Outside the Box by *gina*. This is such an amazing page!! I was immediately drawn to it in the gallery and could stare at it for the longest time. Her blending work is absolutely perfectly done and stamp work is fantastic! Every little thing on this page is so beautifully and so creatively done! Just awesome!!

And that’s it from me for today!! I hope you enjoyed my choices and will take some time to leave some love for these amazing artists! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!


Finger Pointing – January 14th

14 Jan

Hey, hey everyone!! Glad to be back posting after our little break. I hope you all are having a fantastic start to the new year! In my part of the world it is seriously cold, but that means lots of time staying inside which means more time to browse all the amazing galleries!!

My first pick this evening is BeYOUtiful by sheana. I think it was the gorgeous yellow that caught my eye first, but I am seriously in love with that cutout on the woodgrain background! The stacked photos with the cute clip is so fun! I adore that cat and all the other fun elements scattered about the page! This is beautifully done!!


Next up is Life Goes On by seniorgal. I absolutely love all the gorgeous colors in this page! The layers and textures in the background give such a great feel to this page! Those bright flowers and the ribbon are such beautiful touches and I love the added messy stitching! What a fun way to document something so everyday! Love this!


My next pick is Jan 2018 by MINIDEB. This is such a beautiful month in review page! I love the creative and unique design and lovely photos! The background is absolutely adorable and the little added bits of stitching and paper pieces are just perfectly done! Perfect way to document these daily moments!


Everlasting Love by Glori2 captured my attention immediately in the gallery. I love the big blended photo with more defined focal point in that lovely circle! The painty border is amazing and her cluster work is absolutely perfect! This is just such a stunning creative page!


I am such a fan of beautiful white space pages and ad_almanac_katell_copie by katell is an amazing example. I adore those triangles and the gorgeous patterns she chose for them. The black and white photo and small element touches are just perfect! I adore her title work and the splashes of paint! This is such a beautiful page!


And my final pick for this evening is Snow by Jill. I am not so much a fan of snow out my window, but I am definitely a fan in gorgeous pages like this one! Her photos are stunning and I love the layered paint and snowflakes behind them. The little pops of color in the flowers is a perfect touch and I absolutely adore the small dangling letters. This is just a lovely winter page!


And that will do it for me this evening! I hope you’ll take some time to leave a little love for these amazing artists! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!


Finger Pointing – December 12th

12 Dec

Hey, hey everyone!! Happy Tuesday! It’s certainly been an interesting one for me. This post is taking me a bit longer than usual because I am stuck in a hotel room with my 12 year old. We had a snow storm come up while I was at work and after spending an hour climbing a mountain, passing jackknifed tractor trailers, I had enough and stopped. I’m posting on my work Chromebook with pretty sketchy internet, so I hope this goes ok haha. The one thing it has been is a fairly quiet evening for strolling through the galleries. Hope you enjoy my picks for tonight.

Real Life by bjc

I am such a sucker for a beautiful monochromatic page, and also pages showing everyday real life! This layout got me both ways. I absolutely love the real moment captured and the gorgeous way that it’s scrapped. The sweet cluster is just perfect and the solids with the pattern behind the photo is lovely!! I am totally in love with this page!


Fire and Ice by jlholden15

How gorgeous is the gold in this layout with that beautiful red and blue! I absolutely love that gorgeous clustering with the amazing Christmas balls and ribbon! The added clocks are so great and the hanging lantern is just the perfect touch. Here title work is fabulous as well!! Such a lovely, lovely page!


Color Challenge by MaggieMae

This page is just so pretty!! The black and white with pops of red is one of my very favorite combinations!! I love the added ribbons and pattern with the sweet button elements. And how cool is the steam coming from that adorable teapot and those teacups!! So fun and so creative!! I love everything about this one!!


Sparkle by Neverland Scraps

I think I was so totally drawn to this one because of the beautiful fun colors!! I’m channeling spring! I absolutely love that gorgeous background paper and the great photo with the added crown!! Fantastic cluster work and beautiful flow to this page!! The journaling is so beautifully placed and her shadows are impeccable as well!!


Our House by conny

I am so blown away by this page! There’s just so much to love! How amazingly cool is that title work with the fun patterns in the letters and the beautiful big blended photo!! All those flowers are absolutely fabulously clustered and arranged! The added smaller photos make it just perfect!! This is such a creative and beautifully scrapped page!


Snow Copy by Elizabeth

Maybe my situation today is why I was drawn to this page this evening. But my view wasn’t nearly as beautiful. Maybe I just wish this is how I was seeing the snow instead of on the road in front of me! This is such a gorgeous layout! I am in absolute awe of the blending and fabulous texture, I feel like I could touch it! The big snowflakes falling are so perfect and that snowman is adorable!! I am totally in love with this page!


And that will do it from me tonight!! I’m going to have a hotel adventure! Make sure you go by and leave some love for these amazing artists and I will see you around the galleries!!



Finger Pointing – December 3rd

3 Dec

Hi, everyone!! Happy Sunday! Hope you and yours have had a wonderful weekend!! It’s been a busy one for me, but it is getting to be that time of year!! Hard to believe that 3 weeks from now it will be Christmas! And looking through the galleries, it seems to already be upon us! I am loving all the beautiful Christmas pages, but also enjoying finding some gorgeous pages from other times of the year. Here are my picks for today. Hope you enjoy them!!


MJ’s Kitchen by mary-lynne

I absolutely love the perspective on that big blended photo!! So creative and unique! the smaller photos of her DGD’s reaction to the gift are so preciousl!! Her scattering of colorful elements is just perfectly done and the string with the word is lovely. I really love the big wire number as well. Just a gorgeous page!


Kids at the Creek by Tiff

Here’s one of those gorgeous non-Christmas layouts that I stumbled across and it jumped right out at me! The big blended photo is so pretty and I am so in love with the smaller photos from different perspectives showing the little details about the day! Her title work and element placement is perfect and her shadows are wonderfully done! Such a fun warm weather kind of page!!


Winter Wonderland by Lor

I fell in love with this page as soon as I saw it in the gallery! That wood background is absolutely gorgeous and couldn’t be more perfect for that beautiful photo! The beautiful snowflakes are perfectly shadowed and arranged on the page and those two corner clusters are fantastic! I think my favorite part of this page is that amazing title work! Love everything about this one!


Be Merry by apottinger

How adorable and fun is this page! This is such a cool way to display a wish list! I loved reading each and every one! There are so many amazing patterns on this page and they all work so perfectly well together. The layers are simply fabulous! And that big Santa is beyond perfect!! I love every detail of this fantastic page!


Magic in the air by Kelly Mobley

Kelly is one of my favorite scrappers! Her pages are always so beautiful and this one is no exception! That photo is just the sweetest and I adore those big paper snowflakes! The little buttons and sequins are so pretty and so perfectly placed! I love the beautiful flow of this page!


Baby it’s Cold Outside by alannabanana

All of the beautiful white drew me to this page! It has such a clean crisp winter feel to it! I love the strip of blue down the side and the pops of blue throughout! The photo is just gorgeous and so perfectly framed and matted. The curled ribbon and scattered stars and snowflakes are amazing! Her shadow work is fantastic as well!! Lovely, lovely work!


And that’s it from me for today!! I hope you enjoyed my choices and take some time to leave love for these amazing artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!


Finger Pointing – November 23rd

23 Nov

Happy Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving to all those who are celebrating. We had our family dinner yesterday, so today has been fairly quiet, with lots of time to hit Black Friday sales online and spend quality time in the galleries ooohing and ahhhing over all the gorgeous creations! I’m running a little late, but before I get to my picks I want to say that one of the things I am so thankful for is our amazing community of scrappers and designers from all corners of the world who share their passion and creativity with all of us!

First up is Whole Again by caapmun. That gorgeous half face drew me to this layout right away! I love the contrast between the color on her and the black doodles and stamps. The colors and patterns in the flower are gorgeous as well. This is such a lovely artistic piece! The quote is absolutely wonderful!


Next is Winter by 1terresa1. I love that gorgeous split background! The frame is so lovely and her clusters are stunning! That title is so beautifully done and absolutely perfect for the overall feeling of the page!!


There is so much goodness to see in Treasured – The Things by Pantherka! Those beautiful painty borders and amazing clusters really set the whole thing off. I love the word bits and word art she chose for the super sweet photo! There is so much to see but such a great flow to this page! This is definitely a treasure!!


I love a beautiful white background and We Wish You…by Arte Banale is stunning! The stamped edge and middle are so perfectly done. I love the pop of red in the title work. And how beautiful is that gingerbread house framed in that lovely wreath!!


I am such a sucker for beautiful paints and I fell in love with 2017 by Mother Bear immediately!! I absolutely love the layers of paper and the lovely handwritten note. The photo is so sweet and all the word art stamps and little details are just perfection! Her shadow work is amazing as well!!


And my final choice for tonight is just simply gorgeous! Grand Master’s Invitational – August 2016 by GlazeFamily3 jumped out at me right away! That big bold title is awesome and the striped paper is fantastic! I love the graphic feel and the pops of red at the top and bottom are a perfect touch! And what a great photo, too!!


And that will do it for me tonight!! I hope you have a lovely end of your week!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!


Finger Pointing – November 5th

5 Nov

Happy Sunday, everyone! And happy end of Daylight Saving Time, if you’re saying goodbye to it like I am. I can’t say as I’m particularly happy about it, but the extra hour is pretty nice. I’ve been able to get some scrappy things done and spend some awesome time in the galleries! All the creativity out there is so fun and so inspiring! Here are my standout choices for today.

Speaking of the time change, check out this amazing page – Fall Back by HeyJude! The clock in the center is such an amazing focal point. I love all the paint and strips of color behind it. The girl with the beautiful flower crown is so perfect and I adore the torn strips at the top! Her shadow work and element placement is absolutely fantastic! I am in love with this page and it does make me feel a bit better about the time change.


Autumn in the Garden by Scrapmemories is such a beautiful fall page! I love the photos of the decorations, I bet they are even more amazing in person! The grid stamps and torn paper edges on the paper give such great texture and I love the feeling of motion in the paints and dragonflies. Beautiful use of the two flowers in the center and the cluster on the side. This is absolutely beautiful and so creative!


The great title work on We Did It by Glori2 caught my eye right away and I had to take a closer look. How fun that she used that big photo and put the title right on that rock. the blending is so gorgeous and I love the transparent text! The close up photo and sweet cluster are just awesome and her shadow work is gorgeous! This is such a lovely page and congrats to them on 25 years!!


I love that Observe Right Now by Kayleigh has such a lovely fall feel, but such a soft feel at the same time. The paint and beautiful doily make such a great base for that creative photo. I always enjoy photos with a unique perspective. I love the worn paper layers and the color in the row of leaves. Absolutely beautiful shadow work and attention to detail.


The background of Sunggery Timmy by deasue caught my eye right away! I am such a fan of a bold paper background and this one is so awesome!! I love that adorable word path behind the amazingly done photo and small cards. I adore how this looks beautifully simple and full. Just an all around charming page!


And my final pick for today is A New Chapter Begins by Conny. I’m not even sure where to begin on all that I love about this one! All of the amazing patterned pieces and clusters lead your eye all over this stunning page! I love the background with the great blended stamp work. Those photos are too fun and I love how the blues in the layout bring out the blue in her sunglasses. The word strip and word art are so perfect! All of the details in this one make it a standout for sure!!


And that will do it for me today! Hope you enjoyed my choices and will take some time to leave love for these wonderful artists. Until next time, see you around the galleries!!