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Finger Pointing – September 9th

10 Sep

Hi, everyone!! Sorry I’m running a little behind today! I had meant to post earlier but my oldest son called and invited me to the movies, and when grown up sons do that, you go! Those invites don’t come around often haha. But I did have some time today to explore in the galleries and as always I am amazed at the talent in our community!! I won’t waste any more time and get right to my picks for today!

First up is Midnight Scrapping by Sharon-Dewi. I am so in love with this monochromatic look! Beautiful work with the border at the top and such lovely element placement. The word strip and journaling with the added paper piece is fantastic and the pop of red in that one little heart is the perfect touch!! Gorgeous photo and page!

My next pick is Today is a Good Day by bbymks5. How gorgeous is the texture on the background of this page! It looks so much like real brush strokes. The photo is blended perfectly and the paints are beautifully done! I love the black card with the little pop of the pink flower!! Fabulous layout!

And speaking of texture, check out Apocalyptic Sunset by Barbara Houston. Absolutely beautiful work with the brushes, paints and blending! The grungy feel of the layout is so perfect for conveying the feeling behind it. These fires are so heartbreaking. She has done such a wonderful job scrapping the memory and the feeling.

I absolutely love big photo layouts! I never can seem to pull them off as well as others can. Hello Autumn Splendor by shunnstergirl is perfection!! That big photo is amazing and the smaller one is such a nice compliment! I love the angled papers and gorgeous cluster work!! Such a beautiful fall page!!

The beautiful color combination in little one by Mother Bear caught my eye right away! How sweet are those photos! I love the little feet stamp and how the yellow pops on the page!! The design is so lovely and leads your eye all the way across the page. Beautiful cluster work and shadowing!!

And my final pick for tonight is Best Photo by Margie. The stamp and brush work on this page are so lovely and bring out the colors in the photo perfectly!! I love the tilted frame and the gorgeous soft feel of this page! The stitching behind the photo and the word are are just perfect! Wonderfully done!

That’ll do it for me tonight! I hope you enjoyed my choices and take some time to leave some love for these wonderful artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!


Finger Pointing – September 3rd

4 Sep

Hey, hey everyone!! So sorry to be running seriously behind with this post. This holiday weekend has thrown me off completely! I won’t waste any time rambling and get right to my picks! As always, the galleries are so incredibly inspiring and I really could spend hours wandering through them!!

I have to say that one of my favorite things is seeing one of our amazing designers scrap! So happy together by Lynne-Marie caught my eye right away! I adore the beautiful colors and gorgeous paints on this page! The design is just wonderful!! Perfect element touches and such a sweet photo!!

Another page with a fabulous design is Tranquility by Traumelfe! I love the vertical patterns with the circle paints behind the photo!! The color combination and sweet element touches give this such a calming peaceful feeling!!

I seriously love all the gorgeous patterned boxes in hello there by weaselwatchr!! The colors are wonderful and the sweet cluster at the bottom of the photo is just lovely!! Beautiful shadow work and such an adorable photo!!

My next pick is Kamer 28 by Saar! How gorgeous is this page! All those flower clusters are stunning!! I love the soft paints and and patterns she chose! Her title work and shadowing are just perfection!!

Love This by Tracermajig jumped out at me immediately!! How cool are all those circles! I adore that sweet series of photos and how all of the element bits and paints lead your eye across the page! Absolutely gorgeous title and wonderful shadow work!!

And my final choice for today is Leaves by cfile! I am so not ready for fall, but gorgeous pages like this one are starting to get me in the mood. I love how she split that beautiful photo in to the photo spots. The leaf background and paper strip on the side are gorgeous and the added paper pieces are a perfect compliment. Amazing shadow work on this one as well.

And that does it for me today! I hope you enjoyed my choices and will take a little time to leave some love for these amazing artists! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!


Finger Pointing – August 24th

24 Aug

Happy Thursday, everyone!! I’m running a little behind this evening, yikes! We got in late from football and then I totally got lost in the galleries. So many beautiful pages to see and so many wonderful artists! I won’t waste any time and get right to my choices for tonight!

First up is Prag by sucali. I am so in love with this simple yet beautiful design. The photo is absolutely gorgeous and that striped paper is the perfect accent. I love the globe card and creative word art title! Wonderful shadow work and the sequins really bring out the gold color in the photo! Lovely use of white space!

Next up is NBK Template Challenge by cocodou. The out of bounds work on the photos of this one is fabulous!! I adore that red dress and the red paint and word art that picks up on it. Beautiful texture on the back ground and I adore how the paint conveys the feeling of her twirling around. This is just perfectly scrapped!!

I was really drawn to all the amazing layers in Back to the Books by laceybittner! I love all those paper pieces and fabulous stamps on the background. Great use of the anchor pieces like the staple and clip. Her shadow work is absolute perfection!!

I’ve mentioned before how much I love great boy pages and I found another one in My Boys by stormchaser! I seriously love how she included so many flowers but it still looks so wonderfully “boy”! I love the added gears and the great title work and placement. Great choice of patterns and beautiful shadow work. The journaling is so sweet. I just love it all!!

How eye-catching is Just My Type by Roxana? The black and white jumped out at me immediately in the gallery and all those gorgeous patterns in the sunburst design look incredible! The stitching is done to perfection and that photo is beyond adorable!! Love how the title work stands out and the red heart is such a wonderful touch!

And to follow up the great black and white, how about all the gorgeous color in Slidin’ by KingsQueen82. What a bright fun series of photos! I adore the title work and all the scattered hearts and flowers. It all stands out so beautifully on the kraft background. The pattern at the top is such a great touch!

And that’s it from me for tonight. I hope you enjoyed my choices and hope you’ll take time to leave some love for these amazing artists! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!


Finger Pointing – August 13th

13 Aug

Hi everyone! Hope you all have had an amazing weekend and are all refreshed and ready for the week ahead! This is my last week of summer vacation before I return to work, so I’m trying to soak in as much summer as I possibly can. Sitting on my front porch and cruising through the galleries is one of my very favorite things to do! I hope your enjoy my picks for tonight.

Jump by Ilonaeva certainly jumped right out at me! Look at that beautiful blending in the back ground and those absolutely gorgeous photos! I love the little cluster with the pops of red in the corner and the beautiful title work. She has really rocked the shadows on this one as well! Such an inspiring page!!

And talk about inspiring! Check out Ice Cream by jjpederson125! I love that stitching and the way she has strung each of the elements and tags! How cool is that! It looks so real and so touchable, it’s hard to believe it’s digital! The shadows are perfect and that photo is just precious! Gorgeous work!

My next choice is Goodbye School by pixleyy. How perfect is that photo and each of those great elements. I love the horizontal design and how it takes your eye right across the page! The paper pieces, pencil, and globe are so creatively done. I really love this color combination and the added scatters. Wonderful layout!!

Summer Memories by sylvia caught my attention right away! This is what I call beautiful simplicity! That photo is so precious!! The dotted background paper and added paint are lovely. And that adorable little pink flower is the perfect touch!! The shadows are beautifully done as well! Such a sweet, sweet page!

I am such a fan of big blended photos, and Krabi 2017 by Deasue is such a perfect example! What a beautiful scene, and just look at that cluster! Everything is put together so exquisitely! I adore the netting and ribbon, and their great shadows! The starfish in the cluster is splendid! The little cluster and word art at the bottom creates such wonderful balance! Love everything about this one!

And my final choice for tonight is Ghost? by Rikki! This page is just so cool! I love the story behind the photo and the ghosts that she was able to create in the photo! Then there’s the super cool layout itself! The pieces of torn paper and cards are absolutely perfect and I really dig how she used the frame! Awesome use of all the elements! Such a creatively scrapped page!!

And that’s it from me for tonight. I hope you loved these pages as much as I did, and I hope you’ll take a bit of time to leave some love for these awesomely talented scrappers! Thanks for looking, and until next time…see you in the galleries!!



Finger Pointing – August 4th

4 Aug

Happy Friday, everyone!! Hope it’s a beautiful one wherever you are in the world. We are having near perfect temperatures which is odd because this is usually the hottest time of the year. I’m not complaining, though. It’s been a wonderful day to sit with my windows open and take a stroll through the galleries! There are some amazing layouts out there! It is always so tough to narrow it down!

My first pick for tonight is Go See Do by cinderella. This one jumped out at me right away because of the wonderfully creative way the title is cut out to reveal the photo. That is just super cool. I love the perfect travel elements and the quote is perfect! The lined paper makes the perfect background. Beautiful shadow work as well.

Next up is Beach Bums by xoboxmom. I adore that big photo and the big wave paper over top of it. Super creative and perfect for those photos. The smaller photos are fantastic as well and the clusters on each one are awesome. I especially love the top left cluster with the netting! Beautifully done!

My next pick is from one of my favorite scrappers, cape san blas by gracielou! I love soft colors and that gorgeous photo. the paper pieces feel so much like waves at the shore. This page has such a relaxing peaceful feel to it and the added word arts are absolutely perfect! Just a lovely, lovely page!

I am a huge fan of lots of beautiful white space and Spelling Together by MelanieB is such a perfect example! The patterns are just beautiful and each element and word art is perfectly placed. The black and white photo is  lovely. I would love to be able to do white space layouts so beautifully. Simple perfection!

Rule the School by scrappy_donna caught my eye immediately! All those amazing layers that are just perfectly shadowed – wow! I love her use of the paints and stamps on the neutral background. The colors are fantastic and the title placement is awesome. That photo is absolutely adorable and the bits of flair work so well!! Love every detail of this one!!

I think I have mentioned before that I am also always on the look out for great guy pages since I have so many guys in my family. Yard Yahzee Challenge by NancyP is a wonderful example of a guy page done just right. That photo is so cool and the wire is just perfection. The grungy background and big awesome title makes this one fabulous page!! I may seriously need to scraplift this one!

And that wraps it up for me today! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Take a moment to leave some love for these amazing artists and any others that stand out to you!! Until next time!


Finger Pointing – July 27th

27 Jul

Hi, everyone! Well, I totally let the time slip up on me again today. I meant to get this post up before I had to take my son to football practice and it didn’t happen. Sorry for being so late, but when I start wandering through the galleries I tend to get lost for a while! So, I won’t waste any more time typing and get right to my picks for today! I promise not to ramble too much!!

First up is Flight Zone by beaute! Oh my goodness what a super cool page! The extraction is perfection and all the detailed layers behind are so amazing. I adore him sitting on the plane and the the detailed work is just amazing! I am so in love with this page. Every single element is perfectly placed!

Next is Family at the Seaport by yorkiemom. I absolutely love the photo spilling out of the frame and the amazing blending work. The cluster on the right with the sea elements is so perfectly done!! Wonderful memories here. Just a fantastic page!

Limited Edition by amien1 is so simply perfect. I love the kraft background and the photo editing works so well! The use of the string and word bits are just perfect touches. This is such a neat design and a wonderful way to show off her creativity. Fantastic shadow work, as well!!

I am really love the soft feel of Abstract Nature by veer! The lovely lace and beautifully textured background are so perfect. That is a gorgeous photo and wonderfully blended behind the frame. I adore the cluster of greenery and the pop of color in the butterfly.

The beautiful title work in Home by bessysue581 jumped right out of the gallery at me. I love the different patterns on the letters and all the lovely journaling. What a beautiful home it is. I adore those corners and the sweet element touches. This is just a gorgeous page!

And my final pick for tonight is Slice of Paradise by anelia! How absolutely gorgeous is this page! All those amazing layers and clusters…wow! The photos are all so beautiful and the yellow strip with that big title across the middle is perfection! I love the wood in the background and the netting behind all those fabulous flowers and greenery. It does look like paradise!


Finger Pointing – July 21st

21 Jul

Hey, hey everyone! I’m running a bit behind tonight. I let the time slip up on me and then I got lost in all the galleries admiring the amazing work being shared! Wow! I was totally blown away. I’m not going to waste any time getting right to my picks for today!

First up is Go with the Waves by Jenn McCabe. This one jumped out at me the minute I saw it in the gallery. The page feels so clean and elegant, but I absolutely adore all of the wonderful patterns she incorporated in to it. The photo is gorgeous and the little cluster on top of the bracket is just perfection! Love the little ocean scene at the bottom of the page as well. This is just beautifully done!

Maybe it’s because I just came back from the beach, but I feel like I was drawn to beachy pages this week. I am so in love with Wasaga Beach by Atusia! First of all, that big photo is the cutest!! I love the scene she has created around the photo and how the title is layered in with the other elements. The smaller photo is such a sweet touch and the background is beautiful. This is lovely, lovely page!

I am such a sucker for a great boy page! Having two boys of my own, I am always drawn to masculine pages. You Make Us Smile by LisaMT blew me away! Another fabulous big photo, and it looks amazing on that wood background! The cluster work is simply amazing. All the greenery is fabulous and the addition of the stitching, feathers, and other elements is perfection! There is so much to see here and it is so beautifully done!

I absolutely love how the photo in So Good by anke just pops on the page! All the neutrals are so gorgeous! I adore the doily and stitched diamond shapes. The paper strips, tape, and word art are so perfectly placed. This is just an awesome combination of elements and textures. I love how “grounded” everything is with the staples and clips. Such a beautifully scrapped page!

Poorly Boy by CorrinK is such a lovely page, even if it’s about something not so lovely. Poor baby!! I hope he is feeling better! I love the horizontal design of this page and  how all the cute little elements are spread across it. The photo is so sweet and such a neat perspective. A mom’s life for sure! The title and shadow work are beautifully done and the border around the whole page is a great addition.

And last, but certainly not least is a page that I just could not pass up! It is Celebrating Summer by our very own MrsPeel. I have seen this page several times over the course of the day today and every time I see it I have to stop to admire it for awhile. This is some serious creativity right here. All of those amazing word strips and bits, and they are all so perfectly placed. The added elements are done to perfection. This is one fabulous page! Wow!

That’s it from me for today! I hope you enjoyed my choices and that you’ll take a bit of time to stop by and leave some love for these awesome artists, and anyone else whose work stands out to you! Until next time, enjoy your weekend!!