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Finger Pointing – November 23rd

23 Nov

Happy Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving to all those who are celebrating. We had our family dinner yesterday, so today has been fairly quiet, with lots of time to hit Black Friday sales online and spend quality time in the galleries ooohing and ahhhing over all the gorgeous creations! I’m running a little late, but before I get to my picks I want to say that one of the things I am so thankful for is our amazing community of scrappers and designers from all corners of the world who share their passion and creativity with all of us!

First up is Whole Again by caapmun. That gorgeous half face drew me to this layout right away! I love the contrast between the color on her and the black doodles and stamps. The colors and patterns in the flower are gorgeous as well. This is such a lovely artistic piece! The quote is absolutely wonderful!


Next is Winter by 1terresa1. I love that gorgeous split background! The frame is so lovely and her clusters are stunning! That title is so beautifully done and absolutely perfect for the overall feeling of the page!!


There is so much goodness to see in Treasured – The Things by Pantherka! Those beautiful painty borders and amazing clusters really set the whole thing off. I love the word bits and word art she chose for the super sweet photo! There is so much to see but such a great flow to this page! This is definitely a treasure!!


I love a beautiful white background and We Wish You…by Arte Banale is stunning! The stamped edge and middle are so perfectly done. I love the pop of red in the title work. And how beautiful is that gingerbread house framed in that lovely wreath!!


I am such a sucker for beautiful paints and I fell in love with 2017 by Mother Bear immediately!! I absolutely love the layers of paper and the lovely handwritten note. The photo is so sweet and all the word art stamps and little details are just perfection! Her shadow work is amazing as well!!


And my final choice for tonight is just simply gorgeous! Grand Master’s Invitational – August 2016 by GlazeFamily3 jumped out at me right away! That big bold title is awesome and the striped paper is fantastic! I love the graphic feel and the pops of red at the top and bottom are a perfect touch! And what a great photo, too!!


And that will do it for me tonight!! I hope you have a lovely end of your week!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!


Finger Pointing – November 5th

5 Nov

Happy Sunday, everyone! And happy end of Daylight Saving Time, if you’re saying goodbye to it like I am. I can’t say as I’m particularly happy about it, but the extra hour is pretty nice. I’ve been able to get some scrappy things done and spend some awesome time in the galleries! All the creativity out there is so fun and so inspiring! Here are my standout choices for today.

Speaking of the time change, check out this amazing page – Fall Back by HeyJude! The clock in the center is such an amazing focal point. I love all the paint and strips of color behind it. The girl with the beautiful flower crown is so perfect and I adore the torn strips at the top! Her shadow work and element placement is absolutely fantastic! I am in love with this page and it does make me feel a bit better about the time change.


Autumn in the Garden by Scrapmemories is such a beautiful fall page! I love the photos of the decorations, I bet they are even more amazing in person! The grid stamps and torn paper edges on the paper give such great texture and I love the feeling of motion in the paints and dragonflies. Beautiful use of the two flowers in the center and the cluster on the side. This is absolutely beautiful and so creative!


The great title work on We Did It by Glori2 caught my eye right away and I had to take a closer look. How fun that she used that big photo and put the title right on that rock. the blending is so gorgeous and I love the transparent text! The close up photo and sweet cluster are just awesome and her shadow work is gorgeous! This is such a lovely page and congrats to them on 25 years!!


I love that Observe Right Now by Kayleigh has such a lovely fall feel, but such a soft feel at the same time. The paint and beautiful doily make such a great base for that creative photo. I always enjoy photos with a unique perspective. I love the worn paper layers and the color in the row of leaves. Absolutely beautiful shadow work and attention to detail.


The background of Sunggery Timmy by deasue caught my eye right away! I am such a fan of a bold paper background and this one is so awesome!! I love that adorable word path behind the amazingly done photo and small cards. I adore how this looks beautifully simple and full. Just an all around charming page!


And my final pick for today is A New Chapter Begins by Conny. I’m not even sure where to begin on all that I love about this one! All of the amazing patterned pieces and clusters lead your eye all over this stunning page! I love the background with the great blended stamp work. Those photos are too fun and I love how the blues in the layout bring out the blue in her sunglasses. The word strip and word art are so perfect! All of the details in this one make it a standout for sure!!


And that will do it for me today! Hope you enjoyed my choices and will take some time to leave love for these wonderful artists. Until next time, see you around the galleries!!



Finger Pointing – October 26th

26 Oct

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here!! I am quietly enjoying a time without having to rush out the door for football practice or a game. It’s nice to have my evenings back and be able to spend more time in the galleries! It’s like taking a fall walk, without the brisk air this time of year. I hope you enjoy my choices for today!


Amber and Rocky by wendy johnson caught my eye in the gallery right away! Look at those beautiful fur babies! I am in love with the clean design of this page and the absolutely perfect color scheme for the pups! The card with the simple heart and bow is just lovely and I love the addition of the striped paper. They look so relaxed and comfy!

Talk about relaxed and peaceful. I love the feeling I get looking at Amidst the Leaves by Marleen. The photo is blended in to the background so perfectly and the texture is so amazing. I love the addition of the leaf element with the string and button. This is such a gorgeous work of art!

I must have a thing for dogs today, because I fell in love with Must love Dogs by kmchambers64. The photos are absolutely beautiful! I love how she’s used the greenery and outdoor elements. It has such an earthy feel! Her layering of elements and paints is just beautifully done and the word bits are so perfect! I adore how it looks as though everything is hanging from the hook. Wonderfully scrapped!!

Another beautiful Autumn scene in Gold Autumn by beaute. I love how she has split the long photo between the photo spots with the lovely blending work. The colors are just amazing and the added element bits are so perfect! Lovely shadow work and the use of the chains is fantastic. This is such a gorgeous page!

Perfect Fall Day by Michelle003 is just exactly that! Beautiful day and perfectly scrapped. I love that big blended photo and all the fabulous elements clustered and scattered down the sides of the page! The string with the smaller photos attached is so very creative!! Her shadow work is simply amazing as well!! Beautiful!!

And last but certainly not least is Wicked Cool by LorieM, and it is indeed wicked cool! I love that newsprint background with the great splatters of paints and element clusters!! The pops of orange and purple are awesome, and that title work is awesome! Fantastic Halloween page!

I hope you enjoyed my choices for today and that you’ll drop by and leave them some love!! Thanks for looking and until next time, see you around the galleries!!


Finger Pointing – October 22nd

22 Oct

Hi everyone, and happy Sunday to you all!! My favorite thing about Sundays is that it’s the one day week that I actually get some down time and get catch up on a lot of the scrappy things that I don’t get to do during the week. That includes getting to stroll leisurely through the galleries and seeing all the amazing pages that never cease to blow me away! I found a great mix today, full of color and emotion! I hope you enjoy them!

I couldn’t help but be drawn immediately to Ducky Ducky by Janice Phillips. I am in awe of all those amazing patterns and how beautifully they all look together on the page!! The colors do such a fabulous job of drawing the colors out in those great photos! Love the sweet clusters and the word strips are just the perfect touch!

I love fun Halloween pages and Becca Scares by ChristyHC is totally fun!! That photo is just too cute. I love her scarecrow pose! The circles filled with different patters is too cool and her title work just rocks!! I adore all those great fall elements, especially the little animals and owl. Everything is perfectly place and wonderfully done!

Next up is Hello October by shunnstergirl. Oh my word, I am such a huge fan of black, white and neutral in a kit and to pair it with that amazing colorful fall photo is genius! The clusters on the edges are simply amazing and the borders are just perfect!! This one is definitely a stunner!

I always find myself drawn to layouts with great use of stamps and paints, and I absolutely love The Leaf Story by KimR+. The blending in the background is just beautifully done and I adore how she’s done the layers of papers and leaves. Her title work is just awesome as well and that leaf cluster at the bottom is so perfect! I can totally relate to her story!! Beautiful work!!

More gorgeous Fall colors in Chautauqua by beckturn! That full page photo blended with the background is so amazing! I love how she’s done the borders and stamped pieces on the page. The smaller stacked photos are such a great addition! Such a beautiful scene, perfectly scrapped!!

And my final choice for this evening is this amazing emotion-filled page – I Am Not Afraid… Anymore by dotcomkari. Kari is one of my most favorite scrappers. Every one of her pages is gorgeous and this one is no exception. I am in love with all of the writing and the feeling behind the writing. The half face figure and crow are so perfect, as is the splash of red. As a domestic abuse survivor myself, this one definitely spoke to me!

And that will wrap things up for me today! I hope you all enjoyed my choices and take the time to leave some love for these amazing artists! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!


Finger Pointing – October 15th

15 Oct

Hey everyone!! Hope it’s been a fantastic weekend for you all. We had home ball games this weekend so I’ve actually had time to sit down and do some scrappy things today, including taking a trip through all the amazing galleries! Choosing from all the beautiful creations gets harder and harder every time I do this!! But here are my choices for today…

It was the beautiful colors that drew me to at the beach by katell. How absolutely perfect are those colors for that amazing photo! I love different patterns she chose and all the wonderful shapes. The simple elements are just the right touch and the word bit at the bottom is just perfect! Lovely work!!

I am such a sucker for little feet! 10 little toes by Rollinchen just tugged at my heart strings! I love how she split that adorable photo between the two photo spots and included the bigger blended photo behind! The splattering of paint on the newsprint is just beautifully done and I adore that sweet string bow! Just beautifully done!

I fell in love with the softness of No by Stacia! There are so many beautiful elements on this page, but it doesn’t lose any of it’s soft feel. The delicate doily and lovely pinks add to the softness of the page. I also love the little pops of green and the sweet pinned banner at the bottom of the photo!! Gorgeous work!

And now for some spooky fun!! Friday the 13th Party by stormchaser is just too cool!! Oh my gosh at that clustering and all those ghosts peeking out from everywhere!! This is just amazing! I love the layered patterns and how she was able to include so many different elements! Every time I look at it, I see something new! The black and white photo is perfect and those treats look so great! I love a wonderfully full page and this is awesome!!

The colors and fabulous title on Getting There by Roxana drew me to it right away. I love the white background with the pops of color on each of the diamond shapes. So creative to have the along the edges of the page! The paint on the background is just lovely and really helps that wonderful photo to pop off the page! The simple embellishments are just perfect!

You can tell it’s mid-October by all the Halloween pages popping up in the galleries. It’s one of my favorite holidays and also some of my favorite layouts. Obi-Wan by marnie4two is an awesome example of a great Halloween page! How cute is that little one? I love that gorgeous cluster up the side of the photo. Those elements are too cute and so perfect for this page! The Trick or Treat on either side with the arrows is so creatively done and I love the little bits of flair! Wonderful title work as well.

And I do have one bonus page for you tonight – 08Halloween – by our own MrsPeel. I am so totally in love with the creativity of this page!! Wow! The art dolls are so amazing and her use of stamps and paints is just perfection. I love how the curved title work leads your eye across the page and how the journaling follows the flow. It is just so beautifully done, I had to include it :)


Finger Pointing – September 21st

21 Sep

Hi, everyone!! Hope this Thursday has treated you well and that you have a wonderful weekend coming up! I’m looking forward to a little down time and a little scrap time for my weekend. Going through the galleries tonight has given me some great inspiration!! Here are my standout choices for today…

First up is Captured by Elizabeth! How adorable is this face! It caught my eye right away and I just had to check out the rest of the page! I love the block design and that great title. The strips behind the photo work so well and the grid background is a perfect choice. I adore the camera element with the heart! Wonderful journaling and such a precious memory!!

I absolutely fell in love with Et Designs – Just A Boy Collection by plm! Absolutely amazing blending work of that incredible photo!! I love that it looks as though he is looking at a dreamy image of himself. The scattered element bits are just perfect and that title work is fabulous! Everything about this page is fantastic!!

On the Road by Dady jumped out at me right away! The selective color and editing of that photo is amazing! I love the texture in the background and the fabulous title work! Definitely looks like a print that belongs on the wall. Absolutely gorgeous!

How lovely is Loving These Days by lizziet5? The photo itself is beautiful, but she has done such amazing work with the paints and stamps in the background! The soft colors really make the photo the center of attention. I love the added word strips and that beautiful title!! Amazing shadows as well! This is such a gorgeous page!

I love some great doodles which is why I noticed Stop and smell the flowers by cinderella right away!! I love how some have the beautiful colors added and some are left in black and white! The photo is just so precious and the addition of the yellow flower is perfect!! The sweet little cluster on the other side is just the right balance. And how cute is that gnome!

And my final choice for tonight is 2017-09_September-TLP_AJ_3Week_Focus_web by mcurtt. She is one of my favorite scrappers and always has such unique and creative pages. This one is no exception! This has been a progressive layout and may not be quite complete yet, but it is such an amazing page just as it is! I am in awe of the creativity here and the emotion in the page! So beautifully done!!!

That will do it for me tonight! I hope you’ve enjoyed my choices and will take some time to leave love for these amazing artists. Until next time, see you around the galleries!!


Finger Pointing – September 9th

10 Sep

Hi, everyone!! Sorry I’m running a little behind today! I had meant to post earlier but my oldest son called and invited me to the movies, and when grown up sons do that, you go! Those invites don’t come around often haha. But I did have some time today to explore in the galleries and as always I am amazed at the talent in our community!! I won’t waste any more time and get right to my picks for today!

First up is Midnight Scrapping by Sharon-Dewi. I am so in love with this monochromatic look! Beautiful work with the border at the top and such lovely element placement. The word strip and journaling with the added paper piece is fantastic and the pop of red in that one little heart is the perfect touch!! Gorgeous photo and page!

My next pick is Today is a Good Day by bbymks5. How gorgeous is the texture on the background of this page! It looks so much like real brush strokes. The photo is blended perfectly and the paints are beautifully done! I love the black card with the little pop of the pink flower!! Fabulous layout!

And speaking of texture, check out Apocalyptic Sunset by Barbara Houston. Absolutely beautiful work with the brushes, paints and blending! The grungy feel of the layout is so perfect for conveying the feeling behind it. These fires are so heartbreaking. She has done such a wonderful job scrapping the memory and the feeling.

I absolutely love big photo layouts! I never can seem to pull them off as well as others can. Hello Autumn Splendor by shunnstergirl is perfection!! That big photo is amazing and the smaller one is such a nice compliment! I love the angled papers and gorgeous cluster work!! Such a beautiful fall page!!

The beautiful color combination in little one by Mother Bear caught my eye right away! How sweet are those photos! I love the little feet stamp and how the yellow pops on the page!! The design is so lovely and leads your eye all the way across the page. Beautiful cluster work and shadowing!!

And my final pick for tonight is Best Photo by Margie. The stamp and brush work on this page are so lovely and bring out the colors in the photo perfectly!! I love the tilted frame and the gorgeous soft feel of this page! The stitching behind the photo and the word are are just perfect! Wonderfully done!

That’ll do it for me tonight! I hope you enjoyed my choices and take some time to leave some love for these wonderful artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!