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Finger Pointing-April 24th

24 Apr

Hi everyone! Here we are on the last Monday of the month…already! I think a lot of people had a chance to scrap some memories over the weekend. The galleries were brimming with beautiful pages. I had company over the weekend, so no scrapping for me. However, I had a chance to this morning and that’s always a great way to start a new week. Let me show you my picks for today.

When the Storm Hits by dotcomkari

I always love a great art journal page and this one is outstanding! The sketches are just wonderful on the blue background and I love how she created four distinct panels on this page. That really helps tell the story and convey the various messages and mood here. Messy scribbles and fun brush work always add to almost any art journal page.  The colored word art “RAINBOW” in the title really pops and made me smile. Rainbows always bring joy and hope, don’t you think!

Spring by JenEm

This layout caught my eye when I saw a shadow, rather than a photo. I knew I wanted to take a closer look. What a unique way to illustrate a self portrait! The journaling strips are gently tucked behind the “photo” and contain words of fresh thoughts and hopes for spring, the season of new beginnings. I love the little yellow flowers echoing the yellow daffodils and of course the green title and ribbon flowing down add just the right touches to complete this page.

Love, love, love this by myssp

Gorgeous, gorgeous prom page! I love this photo of the young couple because it clearly is non-posed and simply captures a moment in time. Let’s be honest, most prom photos are posed, which is fine, but I think this is wonderful. This artist gently faded the full-page photo into the striped background paper, which totally compliments the black tux and the red dress. She added a cluster in one corner and sprinkled some little red hearts in two corners. An elegant word art title finished this beautifully.

promenade dans le port by myla

This is a very striking layout! The blue and white color palette displays such a simple elegance. I love the full-page photo and how it’s blended into the background. This artist created a wonderful sketch effect and the blue birds are a delightful touch. The leading lines across the bottom and along the right edge are excellent features and add to the perspective of this photo. This page makes me want to go on a cruise!

Lunch Date by MamaBee

Love this sunshiny layout! Yellow, green, orange and teal….yummy colors! Looks like someone sure has a cute date for lunch. Love his big smile and the big title at the bottom of the page. The wood veneer chevrons point right to the focal point and the clusters behind the photo and all around the page are so bright and fun! The big partial sun and the the sun print paper really scream happy sunshine!

April Ditty by Traumelfe

I leave you with this gorgeous spring layout! It’s a wow and it really popped out of the gallery. This artist creatively blended the yellow flowers with masks and added stellar brush work. I adore the raindrops; perfect for April showers. Beautiful colors throughout and the title word art has a blending mode that adds to the overall beauty.

That’s a wrap for me this evening. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed today’s standouts and got inspired to create some layouts of your own. Feel free to click on the provided links for more details on each page and/or to leave some love for these talented artists.



Finger Pointing-April 19th

19 Apr

Hello everyone! It’s been raining here today, so I was happy to spend some time perusing the galleries. This is Jana and I’m delighted to share some outstanding layouts with you today.

Speaking of rainy days, take a look at this artistic page created by one of my favorite digi artists, margje (Marianne). Spring Rain is a wonderful example of photo editing using a black & white image and then applying different filters such as watercolor, sketch, etc. It’s always surprising to see what effects can be achieved. I love the watery colors and the umbrella. The vertical type is placed perfectly for visual interest and so is the title.

I’m a huge fan of abstract art and this one, Valentin_nap by Secima is absolutely fabulous! First of all, the colors are so beautiful and I love the bird of paradise blooms peeking through. The flowers are blended throughout the page and then are brought together in collage form. I think the black accents help to ground everything in cohesive layers and in particular, the black lines and loops. She added some lace and great textures to further add to the abstract look. A simple word art title, also black, is all that was needed to complete this layout.

My next pick really jumped out at me when I saw the photo. Is that really an owl? As a pet? How cool is that! I love his cocked head and inquisitive face. Bagel loves by dawnskip, is a gorgeous mix of grays and lavenders that certainly compliment the photo. Neutral backgrounds are always easy to work with when you want to add pops of color. There are so many awesome textures here; watercolor paper, flowers, shabby paper tears, stitching and feathers. You’ve got to have feathers with birds! Everything is placed beautifully around the photo, drawing the eye right to the focal point.

Another rainy day layout caught my attention today. listen to the mythymn of the rain by *gina* reflects the somber mood we often feel on rainy days with the gray background and desaturated photo. And take a look at how the photo was cropped and blended in…masterful! There’s no doubt that these boots are the focal point. I think gina did a fabulous job adding some subtle color to her page and at the same time added a beautiful border and accents. Great textures with the watercolor circles, white gesso and the chicken wire as well.

This next layout is simply gorgeous! Roses by Mielz, although a digital page, would also make a beautiful card for someone special. The blended roses are arranged beautifully on both sides and the lovely butterflies, sprinkled throughout, add a delicate touch. Flowers and butterflies…always a good thing! I love the three stitched circles that unify the piece and create some movement and texture. Even with all that you see here, there is still plenty of white space and it actually leads the eye to the center of the page and rests on the word art quote. This is a well balanced and artistic page.

My final pick, last but not least, is this wonderful layout. Simple things by Corrink is a wonderful example of  horizontal design and simplicity, beautifully composed. Every piece here stretches across the entire page.What a beautiful photo by the shore with the splash of water captured! It looks so serene, yet also full of action. The smaller framed photo is adorable and is the perfect accent to tell the story of the day. The paper strips on the top half of the layout are from a soft color palette, which greatly compliments the focal photo’s tones. Word art, stitching and a flair completes this page.

The sun is trying to peek out now and is shining on some of our trees that are trying to bloom. I love spring! Enjoy your day/evening and I hope you got inspired by these artists. To take a closer look, you can click on the highlighted titles. Until next time, happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing-March 29th

29 Mar

Greetings everyone! Here in the U.S., I’m seeing signs of spring all around; goldfinches are turning bright yellow, the robins have all returned and there are little green buds on the trees. I’m looking forward to flowers blooming and sunny skies…coming soon I hope! The galleries are certainly blooming with gorgeous layouts and inspiration. Let me share with you my picks for today.

Sweet Summer Afternoon by wombat146

Oh just look at those yummy colors! That gorgeous photo looks like it was intended to be used with this kit. The vase of flowers and the delicious pink lemonade are so inviting. I’d love to be there on a summer afternoon. All of the beautiful flowers and the photo really pop against the neutral background and I love the gradient “Sweet” in the title.

spring_deck  by pam p

Nothing says spring more than fresh flowers! This is a gorgeous page design and composition with the watering can alongside the beautiful flowers. The purple and yellow compliment each other and I love the lighting and blending of these photos. The stitched frames are darling and add such a wonderful organic element. Once again, a neutral background really makes everything pop.

Journey by Lor

Fabulous urban layout! I love the photos taken in the city and the energy on this page! The artist’s beautiful daughter looks like a professional model here. The skyline is awesome and is truly the perfect element for these photos. The mix of two classic frames along with the blended 3rd photo is a great combination and the flowers and heart tie them all together well. The colorful title and word art complete this fine page. Great brush work too!

HELLO SPRING by Dea Photograph

What an awesome hybrid project this is! The artist combined traditional scrapbooking with digital and made this explosion album. (If you click on the link, you can find more samples of her pages.) Hybrid projects always make great gifts, something tangible to hold in your hands. I love the cute spring papers with the black & white photos. All of the cute little elements and title block in the center complete this album.

Desert Inn Motel by Miki

This page really jumped out at me! The artistic photo treatment and blending modes are gorgeous and I just love that cactus! You will want to read her story about the cattle ranchers, “crackers” in Florida. Who knew? All of the colors and brush work are beautiful against the teal background. Did you notice the butterfly glows at the bottom of the page? Very cool!

waiting fior spring by MrsPeel

Wow, this layout is absolutely stunning! This was created by the very talented and prolific artist and fellow blogger, MrsPeel. She never ceases to amaze me with her designs…everything from traditional to extraordinaire! I keep looking at this art journal page and it is so rich with brush work, textures and pops of color. The lady is very expressive and I feel like we’re all waiting for spring with her. Love her red heels too! Gorgeous artistry Cynthia!

I think we are ready to spring forth and I hope you enjoyed today’s picks and found inspiration from these amazing artists. For more information and to leave your own comments, simply click on the highlighted titles. They are direct links to the galleries. Have a wonderful week and see you next time!


Finger Pointing-March 8th

8 Mar

Hello, this is Jana on a very windy day here in the midwest! At least the sun is shining though. Today is International Women’s Day so I thought I’d focus on pages related to this. Just wanted to change things up a bit for you this time. Sit back and enjoy my picks for today. I hope you will feel inspired.

I found the perfect page to start off with today!

Mighty Girl by dianepsmith

I adore that bronze statue of the little girl. What a great symbol she is for International women’s Day! The quote is perfect and so is the title. Don’t you love how she’s stepping out of the frame? The textures and layers on this page are wonderful and the pop of color in the upper left corner are strong and powerful too. I hope all of our little girls feel strong, fearless and empowered as they journey through life.

The Best by EHStudios

I chose this one for all the moms out there. The photo is so heartwarming. I can feel the love and emotion as she’s looking at the photo in her hand. The simple word art says it all and truly honors a special woman. I love the beautiful brush work going across the middle of the page. The colors are feminine and this makes a nice backdrop for the photo. And you can’t go wrong when you add some black scribbles and paint splats to finish off a page. Black always grounds any project.

Hello Gorgeous by anke

I have been a fan of this fabulous artist for a long time and I am even fortunate enough to be on a creative team with her. I have watched her kids grow up these past several years, as they are becoming young adults. I just think this photo of her daughter is wonderful and her pose seems so strong and powerful with her arms outstretched against the walls. She looks like she’s ready to go out and conquer the world. The black and gold elements on this page are very striking against the dark background. Most of the layers are centered right beneath or around the photo, which is a great way to draw the eye into the focal point. The title…awesome! We want our girls to feel gorgeous both on the inside and out as they mature into women of the world.

Note to Self by dawninskip

This is such a lovely page! First of all, I love the beautiful watercolor textures on the background, which makes a wonderful foundation for her photo and elements. I think it’s great that she used a photo of herself and that the journaling was intended for her but can certainly be a powerful message for women everywhere, especially today. Look a little closer and you will find the sweet symbols of love, hope and anchors. Also, the umbrella with the tag is not only cute, but has meaning as well, especially in darker times.

Marie Antoinette by TrishD

Ahhh, Marie Antoinette… certainly a famous international woman from the past. Once a beloved and respected queen, she later suffered execution as history tells us. This is a stunning page with her photo in the gold frame against the black background. The script serves as beautiful texture and the pink rose is a lovely accent. Adding Marie’s own signature completes this page in such a unique way.

I’ll end today’s post with this cute page. It was created for a March inspiration challenge and I think it’s a fun way to end today’s International Women’s Day celebration.

2017-03-March TLP Inspiration by mcurtt

Love these vintage women and and how they are place on the page. Wonderful layers and brush work with pops of red and teal bring the black and white images to life. The best part though, the word strips that project confidence and strength and positive thoughts to live by! Yes we can! A great message for women everywhere!

International Women’s Day…thank you for your inspiration in the world and in our galleries today! If you have a special photo that would fit in with today’s theme, I hope you will get it scrapped and recognize someone special or important to you. I know these artists would appreciate some kind words too. As always, you can click on the links that take you right to their pages. I am headed out on vacation next week; can’t wait! I’ll be back at the end of the month. Take care and happy scrapping!




Finger Pointing-March 4th

4 Mar

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far. I saw my first robin the other day, so I’m excited that spring is just around the corner, here anyway. I truly enjoy the change of seasons. I also enjoy going through the galleries and finding layouts that delight and inspire me. This is Jana and here are my picks for today. I hope you get inspired as well.

Wild Rose by caapmun

Speaking of spring…let’s start with this gorgeous page! It begins with the fantastic macro shot of that bright fuchsia flower. Take a closer look to see what’s sitting right in the center of it. A fly! The little blended cluster in the bottom corner compliments it perfectly. I adore spillover frames like the one she used here. They add such an artistic touch. All of the watercolor blooms blended into the background really make this a stunning piece. Happy spring standout!

Moments by pinkadoo

What a lovely, soft page this is! The neutral background, which is a great mix of a solid with a woodgrain, is the perfect place for her sweet photo and elements to rest. The pastel colors she used are beautiful together, as is the mix of patterns. I think they work well with the geometric shapes and stitching. Gorgeous brushwork  too! I also like how she placed the word art in the solid square next to the photo and then added just a few elements to complete her page. Wonderful standout!

2002 1 minute To launch by Iowan

Wow! This is certainly an exciting space page! I’m trying to take it all in and I feel like I would have really liked to have been there too. Great blending of a few photos in the background lets us know there were lots of people around for this event. I can just imagine looking up into space and taking in all the views that day. Her focal photo really pops by placing it where she did. I love the countdown clock and her title work! Out of this world standout!

Courtney’s Designs Fantastic Fusion by veer

This is a fabulous masculine page and what a handsome guy! The background is amazing, combining hexagons, word art and lots of brush work. Beautiful colors too! I love the way this artist blended the large photo into the page, yet kept most of its opacity. Many times, scrappers blend photos but lower the opacity for effect, which is fine too, but I really like how this is done. The smaller photo looks like it was just opened and pulled out from that envelope and it makes me wonder where it was sent from. The stitching is the perfect way to ground it to the page. Handsome standout!

Good party by myla

A party (holiday) for grandmothers is the theme for this beautiful page. Okay, that just melts my heart. What a lovely and special holiday. The background patterns, all in black and white, are very striking and really make the beautiful yellow tulips pop. Tulips just say spring, don’t they? The lace is so delicate and I’m sure it reminds a lot of us of fancy tea parties and heirlooms our own grandmothers may have had. The photo and setting are lovely and the scripted title is perfect. Special holiday standout!

Appreciate by Terry

I leave you with this beautiful page and its powerful message! I love the blended photo with the leading lines of the road. The framed focal photo, placed right on top of that road, really draws the eye in. The colors of nature grace this page and the little bird sitting on the guard rail is so sweet. Keep the Kleenex handy as you read the artist’s journaling. The word art says it all. The simple elements like the stitching and the purple flowers is all that was needed to complete this page. Heartfelt standout!

Hey, there’s still plenty time this weekend to enjoy your activities, take some photos and perhaps scrap some pages of your own! Have fun no matter what you do and if you feel so inclined, please leave a thought or two for these deserving artists. As always, just click on the links to get to the actual gallery. I’ll be back again next week. Enjoy!


Finger Pointing-February 26th

26 Feb

Hello on this special Oscars Sunday, always an exciting night in Hollywood! Before the awards begin, let me show you some of the stars I found in the galleries today. I think you’ll find them inspirational.

Unique is beautiful by Clin d’oeil

This really popped out at me with that uniquely different photo. You can’t fully understand it until you read the little journal block at the top and then the text lines at the bottom. What a great way to illustrate the title, “Unique is Beautiful.” I love the extraction and the blending. The little doodles and brush work here and there add some whimsy to this delightful page.

world cup at home by amandaresende

What a bright and happy page! The chevron border with the embroidered ribbon grabbed my attention right away. It is complimented by the black and white striped border on the left edge. I love all of the circles and brush work clustered together in this well-balanced design. The mix of a black & white photo with the other ones is perfect and it enhances the bits of black & white throughout the page. The color palette is gorgeous each color really pops against the white background.

White Space by rache77

Ah, this make me want to go on vacation to a beach! This page was created for a challenge using white space and it is truly a beautiful example of such. I love the watercolor brush work and sea colors. The photo placed in the geometric frames is wonderful and the clusters and loops around it are simply gorgeous. Notice how the title is tucked in the cluster too…perfect! There’s another fun cluster in the top left corner which compliments the page but allows the white space to shine.

You can’t cross the sea by neatfreak

(flattened version)

Gorgeous artistry here! One simple word art quote against a white background with brush work added. The perfect recipe for this fabulous card. It’s always a great thing when digi artists create and print their work to use in some way. I need to remember to do that more often. What about you? Technically, we call this a hybrid project and I just love this beautiful card!

(actual folded card)

Lisbon Pink Street by Dady

I’m totally drawn into this scene with the striking leading lines of the street and archway. The sketch effect on the photo is amazing with so many penciled in colors and textures. I adore the pink street and the placement of the title at the edge of it. The little pink flower and brad are cute elements to tie in with the pink theme here. This page looks so grand with the photo kept at a full-page size. A bit of word art at the bottom is all that was needed to complete this page.

friends by AnikA

I’ll end my post with this fun page. What a great idea to take a series of photos and transform it into a comic book style layout! Love it! Childhood friends are treasures and documenting their adventures, as they say, is priceless. I love the photo effects and speech bubbles, in true cartoon style. The grid design is perfect for multiple photos and the simple brush work and doodles complete this page beautifully.

Okay, it’s off to the red carpet now for the big event in Hollywood! Good luck to everyone and enjoy the show! Afterwards, maybe you’ll have your own special events ready to scrap and can find inspiration from these standouts. As always, please try to leave a comment or two for these artists by clicking on the title links to their gallery pages. They’ll love you for it!




Finger Pointing-February 14th

14 Feb

LOVE IS IN THE AIR and I have the privilege of wishing each one of you a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is all around in the galleries and I want to dedicate today’s Gallery Standouts to showcasing some of the many varieties of compositions. So without further ado, here are my Valentine picks for today.

love is small moments by donnagoar is a beautiful example of expressing love with a quote from a book without using any photos at all. The simple word art “love” and the string of artsy hearts lets us know what this page is about. I love the blending and the small frame that highlights the quote and art elements. The deep drop shadow really makes this pop. I also think the inked edges tie in the color scheme perfectly and is a wonderful way to complete this page.

My Sweet Boys by Christine Irion is simply adorable! First of all, just look at those cute boys with their hats and charming smiles. There are so many luscious layers on this page and the colors are gorgeous. I love all the beautiful brush work and the clusters she put together. The string is a great way to connect everything together and the top edger is the perfect way to complete this page. I’m sure this layout will bring smiles every time she shares it.

Love Always by Elizabeth grabbed my attention right away with the bright yellow background and the photo of her furry friend! This is a super fun page with minimal elements but with a high visual impact. It has a great vertical design that stretches from the top of the page to the bottom. I adore the little paper hearts and threads and the repeated word art is perfect, not to mention that cute little dog sticker with the hearts. No doubt about it, I think Klaus is one lucky, special valentine!

LOVE LETTERS by conniemiles is truly a special Valentine’s Day page! It is a wonderful tribute to those who serve in the military. I love the gorgeous colors and floral clusters on this one, along with the variety of hearts throughout.  The photo certainly brings out some deep emotions and the love letter poem is a beautiful expression of love.

For Your Love by OKate had such a clever way to express some love!  At first glance, I knew the photo was a coffee cup but I had to take a second look to “get it.” It’s all about her true love for Los Angeles, despite those crazy freeways. I think anyone from that area will smile when they see this! Clever, clever quote on that cup! I think her use of white space is fabulous, with just a few valentine elements and layers to support the photo. Beautiful colors against the white background too.

I’ll end my post today with the lovely Valentine Card by Madi. It has such a gorgeous vintage style and I love the soft color palette. I think the little cherub is adorable and the placement in the middle of the page, between the floral clusters, is perfect. The vintage poem in the background ties it all together in such a beautiful way.

I hope you all have a wonderful and special Valentine’s Day and that you get to celebrate with either your own special valentine or by simply sharing a smile with someone. Today would sure be a great day to leave some love for these artists by clicking on the links to their work. Go make some beautiful memories of your own to scrap this month and I’ll see you next time.