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Finger Pointing-August 10th

10 Aug

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! Is it me or are the galleries just getting more and more amazing? I just love looking at all the creativity and story telling. Let me share with you my six picks for today.

I’ll start with this fantastic art journal page, FEED YOUR INNER FIRE by sbpoet.  That hanging light bulb caught my attention right away and I the text that goes with it is marvelous. This is pretty much a monotone page but the splashes of vibrant colors really make it sparkle and shine. All the of awesome brush work keeps me looking!

Celebrated Moments by bessiesue581 is a beautiful page documenting her son’s milestone birthday. I love the way she framed the photo as a spill over and then added the all around word border. Such a fabulous effect! That’s a super fun photo of her son on the beach writing his “13” in the sand. The clustering edger, the brush work and the “beachy” colors on this page are perfect too.

This next one made me smile! Surprised face by mediterranka. Just look at that cute photo her expression on her face, while listening on the telephone! It would make anyone smile. I love all of the cartoon elements along with the newspaper clipping; such a fun mix. Everything just seems to work beautifully on the watercolor background and the big yellow flower is a great added splash of color!

I love the mysterious feel of *gina*’s Arabian Nights.  This is a stunning layout and the photo edit is amazing with its rich tones and crop! I think airy ribbons sure add to the mood of this page. Everything is blended beautifully with the background and the palm trees add a nice desert touch.

Summer Morning by Anja_77 is a gorgeous, vibrant page! I adore the sweet photo and how her pretty dress is perfect with the colors used. The clustering and double frames around it are beautiful and oh so summery. I also love the flower cluster off the right edge. This artist created a lovely painterly background on one side and then added a bold pattern on the other; a great mix!

I’ll leave you with the beautiful and endearing page, Best times are spent together by Ernie88. She tells of the sweet relationship with these little boys and their big sister. I’m a huge fan of photos shot from behind and I also like how she included a close-up of all 3 of them facing the camera. The wood veneer title and border are perfect for this outdoors page, as is all the watery foliage and colors against the neutral background. The taped border really gave it a cohesive look.

Hey, Friday is just a few hours away! Enjoy your weekend and I hope you liked today’s gallery standouts as much as I did! Happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing-August 2nd

2 Aug

The calendar turned but I’m in disbelief that this is the 2nd day of August already. Summer is coming to an end and school will be starting soon, here in the States anyway.  So my picks for today celebrate this wonderful season we all enjoy! Come take a look.

Blue Summer by meterr

Drippy popsicles and shirtless toddlers are certainly fond summer memories for most of us! I can taste that ice cold, blue raspberry treat right now and can definitely remember taking shirts off the kids outside. The painterly background really pops and the bright colors coordinate beautifully with the blue popsicle. The white paint provides a place for the eye to rest and focus on that cute photo. Love the van and surfboard too! Delightful summer page!

Paradise Pier by QuiltyMom

This page just screams summertime fun! I don’t think any summer is complete without a trip to an amusement park if you have kids. This is a grand collage of photos, showcasing rides, carnival foods and popular characters. I love how the ferris wheel circular frame breaks up the squares and rectangles. Keeping the elements simple and few are key to keeping this layout photo based. Perfect font for the title too! Fantastic summer page!

jump by lego

Can you say awesome? What a fun photo idea and a great capture! I bet they made a big splash into that beautiful lake! The orientation on the left side of the page really works beautifully here. It’s very well balanced with lots of supportive elements, word art and brush work both above and below the photo. The blues are gorgeous against the neutral background. Great summer page!

Like a fish in water by faby33

When I think of summer, I think of swimming, don’t  you? What a great close-up action shot,  showing this little swimmer taking a breath and wearing her goggles. The horizontal page design beautifully spans across the center of the page.  The bright colors and repeated word art really makes everything pop against the white background, which just happens to be some brilliant use of white space on this layout. I love those cute little fish and the ones swimming off the right side of the page adds a little whimsy. Cute summer page!

Me Time by bcgal00

The title grabbed my attention right away. I think we all can relate to needing a little me time now and then. The sketchy scarecrow blended at the top right is marvelous; adds such an artsy feel to this page. I love the summer garden photo and it looks like a great place to visit. Reading the artist’s journaling made me feel so peaceful and it’s clear she took time to enjoy a summer day on her photo walk. Fabulous summer page!

Baignade by timounette

I will leave you with this wonderful double-page spread from the river Dordogne. The watercolor sketch is gorgeous and leads the eye right into the photos. Children playing in the water with their crocodile raft just screams summer fun! And how lucky mom is to relax in the water with a good book! The simple word art and one-line journaling is all this layout needs. I love how the script follows the line of the river. Gorgeous summer page!

What are your summer memories so far? I hope these pages and artists inspire you to scrap some of your own photos. After all, summer is disappearing fast. Feel free to leave some comments for these artists. I know they would appreciate it. Just click on the title links to do so. Have wonderful first week of August and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing-July 13th

13 Jul

Hi everyone! I’m working on several projects today but am taking a break to enjoy perusing the galleries. Selecting layouts is always a source of inspiration for my own scrapping, plus it’s simply a real pleasure to give some shout-outs to well-deserving digital artists. I hope you enjoy today’s standouts.

Hot Air Balloon Festival by Neverland Scraps is such a bright and colorful page! First of all, I love hot air balloons and that photo with the reflection just makes me happy! How lucky to get to ride up in one. The flowers, buttons on a string and the stitched banners really tie everything together beautifully.

Tropea Beach by Arte Banale is a beautiful summer page with a classic design. The sand footprints on one side of the page really gives this a unique and special look, especially with her photo. I love all the paint on the background and the journaling under the title. The red “frame” is perfect and gives this page an extra pop.

Masters of war by Margje grabbed my attention right away. Marianne is a dynamic artist and her blending always amazes me. The full-page image of the woman makes a strong impact and the tones are spectacular. When you take a closer look and read the journaling, you will see that this piece is a bit haunting. I love the placement of the text on the silhouette figure. Great brush work and creativity!

Adventure Calls by Ellen T is another bright and colorful layout! Love the photo of the bike riders shot from behind. That always adds great perspective and interest. The repetition of circles is fantastic and I love the strong drop shadows, making them really stand out. Awesome brush work and title! The patterned background paper frames this page beautifully.

Love Yourself by Sokee makes me smile. Most of us scrappers work with so many photos of others and neglect those of ourselves. I love this casual pose and the black & white edit. Framed and tilted in the center of the page, this photo really draws the eye in. There’s just enough patterned paint to preserve the awesome white space and the colors are so pretty. The black elements and journaling strips support the photo and complete this layout with style.

Ballet Moments by profolly is absolutely gorgeous! It makes me feel as if I were going into that building to watch a beautiful ballet. I can’t say enough about how amazing the blending is, especially with the purple ballerinas. There is also an abundance of textures and brush work, all of which compliment the blending. The title script, the beads and the little butterfly cluster are the perfect dainty touches.

I think I’ve been inspired to go create a new layout today. How about you? As always, the bold titles are direct links to these layouts. Please feel free to click on them and leave a comment or two for these artists. Enjoy the upcoming weekend and I’ll see  you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing-July 5th

5 Jul

Greetings everyone!

We had a super busy weekend and traveled out of state for the U.S. 4th of July holiday. It’s a summer holiday that most of us really enjoy. I’m back home today and had a great time looking through all of the amazing galleries for today’s six  standouts. I think you’ll love them!

In honor of yesterday’s holiday, let’s start with this adorable and patriotic layout…

Red, White, & Blue by mymalloryboys

I am always amazed by Amy’s talented techniques of putting so many products together on a layout! This one is no exception. What a grand display of the glorious red, white & blue colors and elements to celebrate the 4th! She has created a triangle with the three colors, which is such a great visual design. That photo…darling as ever! Love her little girl’s patriotic outfit and how she’s holding her little American flag.

Freestyle & Flip Turns by wsprite_ad

Nothing says summer more that swimming! Love how this artist captured this series of her daughter doing pool laps! I can feel the movement and energy of this event, especially with that arrow in the center of the collage. And that title says it all! Cute little accents adorn this awesome page and the brush work really compliments the pool water.

Love is Timeless by tigress

Oh, I remember this movie! Somewhere in Time, I believe, which took place at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. I loved it so it’s no wonder this caught my eye in the gallery. The golden tones give this page such a warm and vintage feel. The filmstrip is perfect for movie clips and the blending behind it is remarkable. Blending is probably one of the single-most technique used to create artsy layouts. The loops and splatters are charming and so is the little brad. Titles don’t always have to be present on a page…these simple word strips are perfect. Beautiful page!

Stay Positive by bcgal100

Ooohhhh, luscious page! Yummy colors and I love that big blended flower! As most of you know, I’m a fan of art journal pages and this one is truly gorgeous! There’s lots of brush work and splatters on the background, which add some nice textures and color. I adore the cluster of elements on both sides and the little butterfly at the top. Art journal pages lend themselves to heartfelt messages and I think the words here are wonderful.

Sunny meadows by Rowein/lauser

What a delightful layout here! The sunny yellow flowers and butterfly create such a lovely spring/summer atmosphere. Great shadow element too! The photo edit is amazing and I love how it’s blended so beautifully behind the flowers, etc. It’s also placed off center, which certainly is pleasing to the eye. The yellows and greens throughout really pop agains the white background and that curved title is perfect!

Music by marijke

Such an endearing layout! This artist did a fantastic job with her extraction. I love that sweet photo and the look of the little girl’s concentration playing her little violin. Pure sweetness! The background is beautifully created with brush work and textures and elements of music and flowers. The sheet music and the word art complete this special page.





Finger Pointing-June 29th

29 Jun

Hi Everyone! The summer is in full swing now (here anyway) as we are fast approaching July. I could say the year is half over but that might make us gasp. I think I found a great variety of standouts in the galleries today. I hope you enjoy them and get some inspiration from each one!

THE SAME MOON by sbpoet

Wow! This layout is stunning and really jumped out at me!  I love the gorgeous colors and how they are blended together. The repetition of circles across the page is such a great design and the brush work is stellar. But what makes this page truly special is the poem this artist wrote herself and incorporated into her layout. LOVE that!

Hey You by EHStudios

I’m crazy about this awesome, messy layout! It’s like this artist had a blast splattering paint all over and making scribbles and marks. Now, who wouldn’t like to do that? The photo is adorable and the black & white edit is perfect with the neutral tones on the page. A repeated title just adds to all the fun here!

I Need Sleep by tracermajig

I adore every pixel of this layout! Love the painted background and those yummy colors! Stitching, distressed typecast, doodles, splatters, darling elements, word art, etc., all pop against the white canvas. The black/white striped background ties everything together, along with that cute black/white photo. But the best part? Just read the journaling for yourself…a sweet little note to her daughter and then some honest feelings about their current lack of sleep. I’m sure a lot of mothers can relate!

Splasch! by Clin d’oeil

This layout really did make a splash in the gallery! Great capture and this photo looks super in the geometric frame. All of the water colors on the background are perfect and the neutral colors really work well with the colors in the photo. I love the vertical design and her placement of all the word art.

Playful Fun by Stefanie

Playful, joy, fun…all of the above! Fantastic page with the large photo and the series of smaller ones documenting a fun day on the playground. Love how that slide comes right down the page. That gives this a real sense of energy! The bright colors of the elements, the wood veneer accents and the journaling all complete this page beautifully!

Tans Will Fade by biancka

This one will quickly make it into my favorites folder! I can see a large copy of this framed on the artist’s wall. The photo captures the pure essence of a child’s play on the beach in the summer. I’m in love with her blending and brush work that makes this look like a watercolor painting! Awesome title and mix of word snippets with the alpha.

Have a great upcoming weekend! If you enjoyed any of these amazing standouts today, please click on the links and leave a comment or two for these talented artists! See you next time!


Finger Pointing-June 21st

21 Jun

Hi everyone! Happy first day of summer to us in the northern hemisphere! For those of you in the southern hemisphere, hang in there as winter arrives. I’m back from a wonderful 2 weeks vacation in California. It was awesome to see so many beautiful places and to just have time with my hubby; the perfect way to start the summer. I am delighted to bring you my picks for today after drooling all through the beautifully filled galleries. Believe me, it was hard to narrow it down to just 6!

Trek to Gold by musicmom3

First of all, I loved reading a little bit of history in this artist’s journaling. I know riding on this train must have been a wonderful experience. The blending on this page is gorgeous and I love how many colors were brought out. Not only that, but there’s a reflection there too. That train looks amazing and it makes me with I could ride on it just once. The curved track along with the curved scribble serve as great leading lines. The title font is perfect and I also love the little word strip in the center of the page, anchored with the little yellow button.

Coastal Dreams by scullen2

I was drawn to this ocean page immediately when I saw it, maybe because I was just at the Pacific Ocean. The photo of this sweet family is gorgeous and so is the blending with all the watercolors. The cluster with the netting is a wonderful beach element and I love the sprinkle of beads too. Great brushwork and everything against the woodgrain background really pops.

Crafting by Tree City

Okay, just look at the awesome title…does that not speak to a lot of us here! When I’m not on my computer, chances are I’m in my “happy room” with my paints, papers and stamps. The kraft paper makes the perfect background for this topic and also allows for some great white space. The yummy colors really pop against it too! Love the artsy border and the paint tube with the splash of colors spilling out.

UK by Eyeore

Fabulous travel page! The (almost) full-page photo is so grand because you can see building, the huge ferris wheel, water and people. It’s a very effective way to showcase a particular place or landscape. I’d love to go see this place, wouldn’t you? I love the smaller framed photos of the wheel from different angles. Lots of energy on this page and the UK banner and accents are perfect!

Groningen by femke272

Another lovely travel page! I need to make a list of all these places to visit. You can really sense the rainy day here with the gray tones and the watery blending. The recoloring of the girls under the umbrella draws your eye into the focal point in such beautiful way. I love the little bit of green in the trees too. Seeing the different buildings and that brick street makes for a wonderful background. Perfect title and message! Rainy day standout!

Trillium by digi371

To celebrate the first day of summer, I leave you with this gorgeous summer green layout! The sweet flowers in the photo are adorned with beautiful brush work and painted leaves behind it. The placement of the entire cluster in the corner is gorgeous and the scribble line does a perfect job of connecting it to the cute little stamp and flower in the upper corner. I love the striped paper background the the gradient title sticker. They really tie everything together.

I hope you enjoyed my picks for today and maybe got inspired to create some summer/travel photos of your own. Just a reminder, you can always click on the highlighted titles to see more details. You can also leave some nice comments for today’s artists if you feel so inclined; always appreciated! Have a wonderful rest of the week and happy scrapping!



Finger Pointing-May 31st

31 May

Hi everyone! It’s the last day of May! Unbelievable how fast this year is zooming by! We had a crazy busy weekend with a wedding, an uncle’s 100th birthday party, and traveling out of state. I’m enjoying being at home today and catching up on things. I found some wonderful layouts in the galleries to share with you. I hope you’ll be inspired.

Let’s start with this whimsical page, ahhhh by debby todd. That girl is darling and I love the little butterfly on her nose and her straw hat! There are a lot of beautiful layers and textures here and so many cute elements all around. The black circle brush leads the eye to all of them and helps ground everything together. The chevrons are a great accent as well.

Lost in the moment by veer is a beautiful beach page! I know summertime is just around the corner and lots of people will enjoy those days at the beach. Her blending is gorgeous and I love how she framed the focal point/subject. Using script and word art brushes are a wonderful way to add texture to just about any layout and as you can see, is perfect on this one. And seashells…a must for any beach page!

I couldn’t resist another fabulous beach page today,  COCOA BEACH by bbe. I think the blended background is just gorgeous and the echo of the lighthouse behind the photo is striking! Creating a scene, such as you see here, and then adding a photo is really a beautiful way to create an artsy layout. Love the ripped frame and the pelican cluster!

My People Live in the Grey Area by chickypow is a striking layout using white space! I like the horizontal and clean page design. Sometimes just a few photos and words is all you need to tell your story. I also like how she used a journal card in place of a photo. Great placement of the title and text!

Take a look at this next layout; so eye catching! Botswana by MerylBartho Using a globe for world travel just makes sense. It sure is a wonderful way to showcase multiple photos. I love the angle and also the reflection. Most of all, I keep looking at all of the photos of a place I’ll probably never see. So awesome! The title and date are placed just right and the stitching gives this page a nice border.

I leave you now with Today We Explore by Rae. That beautiful Dalmatian caught my eye right away! I love how this layout is from his or her perspective, out to explore. The background colors and the map overlay lend themselves to an outdoor adventure so beautifully. This artist did a wonderful job putting together so many layers and textures, especially around the photo. Love it all!

Thanks to all of these amazing artists for sharing their talents with us and getting us inspired to scrap some pages of our own! I know if my mojo disappears, I can always find inspiration in the galleries. Hope you do too! You can always click on the title links to visit the individual galleries and please leave a comment when you do. The artists always appreciate that.  I am headed out on vacation so I will be back here later in June. Happy scrapping!