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Finger Pointing – August 19th

19 Aug

Finger Pointing – August 19th

Those dog days of August are definitely here!  Wow, is it hot and muggy outside!!  My family is spending the weekend cleaning out and reorganizing bed rooms.  Lucky me…I get to take a break from cleaning to look through the scrapbook galleries to find some amazing layouts to feature today.  I hope all of you are finding ways to stay cool too!


The first pick today is His and Hers by EllenT.  Now I’ve been a fan of Ellen’s scrapping for a long time now. She’s a scrapper that makes every page look incredible. What I really liked about this page was the focus on real, every day life…the things we won’t even know we forgot in five years.  I love how Ellen showed off her morning stuff versus her husband’s.  It’s humorous to see the difference. She complimented these contrasting photos with awesome layering of papers underneath to create a nice foundation.  The flowers help move the colors across the page and keep your eye interested and then the paint.  I just love all the paint and grunge that help fill in the rest of the space, but still keep the look of white space.  It creates a lovely balanced page!

I couldn’t pass up featuring our next page by Lynnette called Summer Faves.  I saw this layout in the Masters of Scrap Challenge in the Geometrist Challenge gallery.  Wow does Lynnette do a fabulous job with using shapes for this challenge or what?  The contrast of the brightly colored papers with the white outline and the graph paper really makes this pop!  I also really like how she was able to stick in some cute little summer themed elements , but it all still has a minimal look.  The stapled labels down the side of the page in a rainbow style just takes the cake!  The use of color with the white is so outstanding.  What a happy and fun page!

Next up I came across this layout titled The Zoo Crew by Jill.  The colors made this stand out in the gallery, but what really did it for me was the extraction of the hippo’s snout in the main photo.  I had to zoom in to see more to believe my eyes.  What an excellent job not only with the extraction but also with the shadowing. It really looks like the hippo is poking out and saying hello.  I also love Jill’s use of the color across the page. She has used a really nice balance of patterned and solid papers that keep your eye interested but it’s not too overwhelming.  The little flower clusters help balance everything out.  I love that she’s even had room to tell her story.  The icing on the top are the cute zoo characters she worked in. Such an adorable and creative page!

This next layout by Anny-Libelle titled Every Summer is a wonderful mix of traditional scrapping with a little artist flair.  I love the way the layout artist used artsy bits with traditional clusters and flowers.  This looks so amazing!  The textured background paper and added paints and stamps really gives the page a nice foundation.  Then the layering of the photos on top is just perfect. I really like the postal stamp outline on the largest photo – it makes this so fun!  Finally the flower clusters bring just the right amount of color and pop to the page bringing it all together beautifully!

This next page is like a little work of art.  Never stop exploring by Ga-l totally caught my eye while browsing the galleries.  I’m sure part of it was the size of the layout, but looking deeper it’s all the shadowing of the smaller layout on a white background, which makes it look as if this piece of art is laying on a table for us to see.  Then the page itself, the beautiful sky, complete with clouds and birds, so nicely blended.  I love how it transitions to the brown “land” paper with a wash of watercolor as if created by an artist.  The photo is nicely shadowed to look as if it’s laying on the page and the minimal elements are just perfect.  What a well put together page!

My final choice is this adorable no photo page by Shunnstergirl titled Star Party.  It really plays in to the eclipse that is about to happen over the US on Monday.  I think all of us are looking forward to seeing this event, even if we only have a partial view.  What I like about this page is the blending.  The cardstock is lighter in the middle and darkens as you move out to the sides.  Same with the lovely stars.  Then  the use of the elements builds a story about what this page is really talking about.  The banner links the two sides together beautifully creating a nice little nook for the journaling – what a great idea!  The shadows in the clusters look awesome and give the whole layout a great sense of depth.  A truly unique page!

I hope you’ve enjoy today’s Gallery Standouts!  I had a great time browsing through the gallery while staying cool.  Now it’s back to cleaning out bedrooms and getting things organized.  Have a great weekend everyone!



Finger Pointing – July 24th

24 Jul

Finger Pointing – July 24th

Happy Monday fellow scrappers!  This year is just flying by and so is the summer.  I read in some of the forums the other day that people already have children going back to school.  It just doesn’t seem possible!   My daughter goes back in just two weeks.  I actually starting buying school supplies today.  It’s amazing how time flies as you get older.  Yet another reason why I scrapbook.  It’s the only way to really capture a moment in time.Today I have found 6 great layouts that inspire me to want to capture more moments and try some new techniques.  I hope you will enjoy the layouts I found.

First up we have this fun pocket style layout by kingsqueen titled Happy. The bright colors in this layout totally caught my eye and grabbed me to come in to look at more.  The cluster work with the flowers is just amazing! So many flowers stacked together and they all look like they compliment each other perfectly.  The little accents like the beads that say “laugh”, the bow and the word strip really bring it all together and give the page balance. Finally the photos are really cute and fit so nicely with the large title and theme of the page.  What a gorgeous and fancy pocket style page!

Next up is this dreamy layout by Conny titled Blue Skies of Summer.  The soft blue color and the blended photo take my breath away!  Then the little flower accents give just the right pop of color to provide extra interest.  I really love how the smaller photo floats out of the cloud.  Everything has visual balance and a nice balance of grungy and dreaminess.

Next I have this bright a fun page by misfitimn titled Water Baby. I just love the lighting on these photos, but what really drew me in was the bright colors .  I just love how this page flows and the colors are spread so nicely across the layout.  The addition of the little fish and layered flowers gives this layout a fun feel.  This page makes me want to use brighter colors on my own pages.

The next layout is titled Boho Princess by *kiana*.  I really adore the blending in this layout.  The whole layout feels dreamy and misty. It reminds me of a print add with the warm summer colors and the fun image.  The way the arrows blend in to the picture looks amazing. The little cluster in the upper left really adds a little fun to the page.  I really like this style and the whole feel here!

I came across this next layout and just knew I had to feature it.  Mary 11 created this page title Kuba.  The photos, the colors and the shadows are so amazing here!  It makes me want to re-do my own travel pages.  I just love the feel of the whole layout.  The yellow flowers help your eye travel across the page and the use of the shadows makes them really pop. The dark wood board behind the photos makes this look like it’s a collection of photos and flowers just sitting on a table.  What a cool perspective!

Our final page for today is Life is a climb by cinderella.  The photo treatment used here is what drew me in.  I just what it does for this photo! Then the journaling/title on the photo looks awesome and helps break up the uninteresting parts at the bottom. The addition of the bold leaves and cardboard elements makes this pop of the dark background. Finally the paint is placed perfectly to provide a little lift between the design and the background and to give some additional color.  What an amazing travel page!

These are just 6 of the amazing pages I saw in the gallery today.  If you have a minute take a look in a gallery and leave some love for your fellow scrappers – you could totally make someone’s day!


Finger Pointing – July 20th

20 Jul

Happy Thursday fellow scrappers.  Is anyone else wishing the weekend was already here?  I’ve had a crazy week at work and I’m ready to be able to kick back, scrapbook and relax instead of fielding a million phone calls from people who need me to solve their problem.  I’ve really enjoyed looking through the galleries today and have found so many cool pages. It was hard to just pick 6 layouts to feature.  I’m loving so many styles right now; so I hope you enjoy the variety that I’m showcasing today!

My first pick is Paris by sucali.  First and foremost this layout is about Paris.  In my book – Paris is always a good idea and if I could go there now, I would!  The simplicity of this page is perfect.  I am always in awe of people who can find the perfect way to place a photo, a title and some accents and make the page look it’s fit for a magazine. This page is just that.  There seems to be a great balance between the white space and the photos, title, and elements.  The card in the middle is brilliant. I love that she typed on the card for her journaling – what an amazing look!  Then the balance of the picture of the Eiffel Tower with the hand drawn element really brings home what this layout is about. The few spots of color is really all this layout needs.  This is simply – magnificent!

My next pic is a little more in my own scrapping style.  This Moment Was Magical by ScrappinRae incorporates all the things I also like to put on my layouts – great colors that compliment the photo, flowers and more flowers and awesome shadowing.  I really like how the design cascades across the page with large title and image being in the middle. The pictures of the castle at the Magic Kingdom are great! They remind me of visits to Disney at Christmas and how beautiful it is when you see it with your own eyes. Using the starlit sky paper as a background really give this a magical night feel that just accentuates the whole page.  The flower clusters are so pretty, and I really love the look of the ribbon at the bottom. The shadowing is spot on and makes it look like the ribbon is really sitting up off the page.  When you put it all together, this is one magical layout!

My next pick is this full paged photo layout titled By the Sea created by zanthia.  I love full page photos and this one is exceptional.  (Maybe I’m biased because I love manatees.)  The addition of the flower clusters and grasses on the bottom is  just beautiful.  Everything is layered nicely and then blended on the bottom layer so it “melts” in to the photo to make it look authentic.  The colors of the flowers and sea life really make this pop and the presentation overall is something you don’t see everyday in the scrap world.  I just adore this unique layout!

My next pick is a super fun page by kelley titled Braden and I.  What drew me to this page was the fun title work.  I really love how kelley used the two alphas and the way they are stacked to create this fun title.  The tone on tone background paper provides interest without being distracting, which is perfect for the splatter added behind the title and photos.  The little bits of string and flowers peeking out bring a nice balance to the page and they are well shadowed too. Over all I just love the grungy, but fun, feel that the large title creates!  I find myself wanting to try this myself, which is what sharing layouts in galleries is all about.


Next up, I fell in love with this untitled layout by meggersjm.  The colors on this layout totally caught my eye in the gallery. I just love the use of the sun beams over the newsprint. The blending is spot on.  Then there are all the hearts.  The shadow work helps make it look like these are popping right off the page. Mixing it with the black image and the white word strips really creates a nice contrast on the page.  I think that everything from the layering of the background paper, to just the right amount of blending, makes this a gorgeous page!

My final pick for today is this fun and gorgeous page by mrsashbaugh titled Splashing In the Waves.  The flowers used around the outside of the full page photo are adorable. The mix of hand drawn and “real” flowers is unique.  With the stars and fish and other little bits sprinkled in everything seems to mix perfectly around the photo.  This is a perfectly balanced and fun, fun page!

I hope you enjoyed my picks today and hope your Thursday just flies by so the weekend will be here faster.  Keep on scrapping and keep on being creative out there.  Sharing of scrapbook pages inspires us all to want to scrap more and try something new…and that’s what makes this hobby so fun!



Finger Pointing – July 8th

8 Jul

Finger Pointing – July 8th

Happy Saturday fellow scrappers.  Today I’m hiding indoors.  I’ve had it with the heat and the humidity.   My family is out on the boat fishing and I’m happily inside with a cool drink, the AC running and my favorite music on…the perfect set up for cruising the galleries to see what all you fabulous scrappers have been up to.

My first pick today is called Summer Lovin’ by amandac.  The bright watercolor palm prints grabbed my attention right away.  I just love the texture in the paper that shows through with the watercolor print.  The wood frame adds warmth to the white paper and draws you in to the tropical photo. I like the use of the minimal elements – they are perfectly balanced. I love the flower cluster with the tied string and the hanging tag. The details are just right!  Then the cool word art for the title that also shows texture – so perfect!!!  Now I just need a tropical drink and cool breeze.

My second choice is the gorgeous page by motherbear titled Oh Happy Day! The amazing flower clusters at the bottom is what caught my eye. The layering and shadows are spot on and so well done!  This photo is so cute and so real life – I love photos that truly capture a moment in time like this one does.  Then the other details. The page border adds just the right touch of grunge. The word art helps balance the bottom heaviness of the layout.  The tiny print on the word grain paper is just right and so are the cute flip flops.  I love every inch of this well thought out layout!

My next pick I actually chased down from a Facebook gallery post, I loved it so much.  I think you’ll agree.  BeYouTiful by keepscrappin is so fun and bright!  I just love the masks on the wood grain background paper.  I especially love the bright butterflies that highlight the masked layer – so fun and different.  All the spatter and paint help hold the spread out design together.  I think the non-traditional clustering that is more spread out is a fabulous look and something I’m going to have to try myself.  The word art helps add some extra color and really plays up the fun feeling of the whole layout.  I really enjoy finding layouts that inspire me to try something new. Don’t you?

I could not pass up this layout by  jerilie titled sweet summer.  Not only is this color combination very unique, but the amount of layers on this layout are just amazing!  Such a wonderful way to show off all the outstanding patterned papers in this kit.  The shadowing does a great job of separating the layers to not make all the patterns too overwhelming.  The addition of the clusters and the little tag are just perfect to balance all the stacked papers.  What a gorgeous page!

My fifth choice for today is the crazy travel page by Jaye4 titled On The Road.  The stamp patterned background paper is such a fun choice here.  I just love how it drew me in.  Then the little photos with the white edges remind me of vintage photographs and give this that perfect travel feel.  Mixing in lots of travel elements (the coffee cup totally resonated with me) and some layered paper makes the composition complete.  Everything feels balanced and your eye travels easily around the page.

My final choice for today is mommy and son by Tronesia.  I have always admired Tronesia’s scrapping style.  The way she shadows her pages is so fantastic!  I just love how this feels like some kind of professional print ad.  The balance between the elements photos and white space is spot on!  The little pops of color really give a lot of interest and on top of that she got a story on the page too (which is so sweet!).  I like the look of the doodles on the background paper.  It really looks like she laid down some photos and drew some doodles, versus this being a digital page.  Such an amazing and real looking page!

Well, I hope these pages inspired you to keep cool today and do a little scrapping!


Finger Pointing – June 19th

19 Jun

Finger Pointing – June 19th

It’s Juli back again and I’m hiding out upstairs in our bedroom today while I wait for the air conditioner repair person to come figure out what is wrong with our 1st story air.  It’s way too hot for no air in June in Florida – it’s like a swamp down there.  While I’m waiting, I’m passing the time looking at all the lovely layouts posted over the weekend.  Wow!  There are some mighty talented scrappers out there!  Let’s take a look at my top 5 favorite layouts I’ve come across today.

First up we have Week 24 by DELISAK.  When I saw this layout initially on FB I had to hunt it down in the gallery to learn more.  I just love the idea of having a digital journal with photos and words in such a different format than what I’ve seen before.  I love the balance between the pictures, the journaling and the white space here.  The little details like the stamp edged photos and the tape and shadow on the bottom picture really bring this page to life.  Not to mention the daily journal prompts.  I think this is such a great idea and looks so fabulous.  I’m going to have to try this myself!!!

Next we have this stunning layout by beaute called Sweet Kiss of Spring.   I was drawn in by the way the scrapper took a photo and made it look like it was spilling out of a frame.  As I looked closer I realized that an action was used to make it look like the photo is becoming a painting.  How incredibly cool!  This is so unique and looks amazing!  This is a technique I would love to learn how to do myself!

I next stumbled upon this very thought invoking layout by flowersgal that was made for a Mixed Media challenge.   I immediately felt like I should be standing in an art gallery.  This layout, with its divided sides, shows happiness and sadness.  It’s truly a work of art with the stamped images and the colors that are blended together so beautifully!  I find myself contemplating what the scrapper was thinking and what kind of conclusion they want us to draw from this layout. I think the word art really says it all…this is a deep layout and one I find to be wonderfully created!

Next up we have a really fun and graphic page titled Change by IntenseMagic. What initially drew me in to this layout was the white background with the bright colors.  I really love the bits of word art around the page that echo the change theme – they really get your eye to travel.  The mass of different colored butterflies has such an amazing effect!  Not only do they represent change but they make the page feel grounded as the top seems to fly.  The other little bits of paper, flowers, and buttons are just icing on the cake bringing more color and interest.  This page is so cool!

My final pick is Leave Her Wild by hollyxann.   This black and white photo is so, so amazing! It totally makes the page and brings you in to the theme of leaving this little girl wild.  The addition of the gorgeous colored papers and the flowers only accents this phenomenal photo.  I like the way the scrapper tucked some of the flower under the layers instead of piling them all on top.  Such a bold and exciting page!

These are my top 5 picks for this hot, muggy and cloudy Monday here in Florida.  I hope these layouts brought a little sunshine in to your day and that you’ll go visit and leave these scrappers some much deserved love!  See you soon.



Finger Pointing – June 15th

15 Jun

Time is literally flying by this month, which is why I am late with my post…we are back from vacation, but it’s time to now send my daughters off to camp. Complete chaos from our normal routine!!!  Today I have some fun picks for you.   I know many people take time off from scrapping over the summer so they can spend more time with their family.   I actually find that I have more time in the summer because our day to day routines vary so much.  I hope all of you reading along today will find some time to scrap this summer, because it’s great way to remember this short period each year when life is out of routine and everything seems fun.

My first pick is this soothing page by Sheana called Free Spirit. What drew me in was the fun arrangement of the triangles.  But looking further I just adore her idea of using the two different approaches for the title.  The transparent Free mixed with the heavier word art Spirit is an unexpected, but amazing looking combo!  The mix of the patterned papers really gives this page a fun feel and then the small focal center with the photo and elements just finishes the show.  What a gorgeous and fun looking page!


My second pick is Notes from the Road by JenEm.  I picked this page for a few reasons. First of all the way the scrapper used one photo in the multi-photo template is so unique.  I’ve seen this done on pocket pages, but never on a true digi scrap page like this. I just love how the segmented photo looks. Second the white background. The colors in the photo really stand out with the white background. The scrapper has achieved a great balance by doing this and leaving the page very minimal so the photo is the start. Finally the story – I love pages that tell me what I’m looking at…especially when they draw me in like this one did. This is such a unique page and now I have a new technique I’m going to have to try with some panoramic photos.

Next up we have Venue (right) by ColorMeScrappy.   When I saw this in the gallery I just had to zoom in to see the photo in the rope circle frame!  What an amazing spot to get married!!!  The cluster and shadowing here are really the star of the show. These flowers, shells and greenery just seem to come together in the most amazing way to highlight this photo.  The way the background papers are divided really brings your eye in, especially with help from the angled paper on the right. The scrapper did an amazing job of pulling me in to learn more. And then the story…again…I just love pages that tell the story with photos, elements AND words.  Such a beautiful page!!

Apparently I’m craving some more beach time, because my next pic is beachy too!  This amazing page is called Summer On the Beach and it’s created by Traumelfe.  What an incredibly complex and fun page!!!  First I just love the circle photo and the elements tucked underneath. The way everything is flowing out from the circle makes me think of a fun day just floating in the water.  The background paper helps this feeling with the unexpected changes in color and movements.  Finally the bow with the cluster at the bottom of the page really anchors the photo and brings everything together.  What a great page!

My last pick for today is Summer Bucket List by Gwalters.  This layout just screamed summer not only with the Summer Bucket list but with the colors, elements and the starburst paper the scrapper used for the base of her page.  I Love looking at all the little details on this page.  Ribbons here, flowers there mixed with elements.  Everything is perfectly placed within the fun list.   This page totally grabbed my attention in the gallery so I couldn’t not show it off to everyone!

Well, as we go in to the weekend I hope you all have some kind of fun plans! Remember to take lots of pictures and give yourself time to scrap these fleeting summer memories (hopefully in the cool AC) before summer is gone.


Finger Pointing – May 29th

29 May

Finger Pointing – May 29th

It’s Juli here again and it’s time to wrap up Memorial Day weekend here in the US.  I hope those of you living in the US enjoyed your long weekend.  For me it was the perfect combination of family, friends, honoring those who served and getting some time out on the boat.  The summer heat is definitely upon us in Florida, so I’m looking forward to all that brings like vacation and having my kids home from school for the summer.  Today I have some great picks for you.  It looks like many of you fellow scrappers were busy this weekend scrapping your memories…so let’s get on to today’s featured layouts.

My first pick is this incredibly layered and decked out page by titled Boho by mrsashbaugh.  As I just stated, the layering on this layout is so incredible!  I just love all the layers of paper and clustering of elements. The use of great shadowing gives everything the perfect bit of depth.  Little details like the lace and the paint are really spot on as well.  Finally the rich the colors really draw you in.  I just love every little bit of this layout!

Next we have this layout titled Gerald the Bird by yellowpeep.  This layout really stood out in the gallery for me.  I think it’s the use of the bold color on the white background – it’s so graphic and fun!  I really love the shadowing used here too!  Everything has just the right depth and it makes this look like a paper page.  Finally the use of the angle here is so striking!  It really makes you want to jump in read the journaling to find out more about this bird.

My third pick is titled Oh The Places We Can Go by Carrie1977.  I was originally drawn in by the tabs at the top of the page.  Then I started looking at these photos and reading the story.  Carrie is scrapping pictures of her parents’ new motorcycle and the adventures they have had – which is so cool!!!   I jut love all the fun paints and blending she did on the background.  And then the old school slide frames are just perfect.  Everything on this page mixes together beautifully – it’s a bit of adventure traveling around the page taking in all the little details.  Such a fun page! 

Next up we have a photoless page by fruitysuet title Hunting (Dream Home).  The large chevron caught my eye and then all the journaling.  The scrapper is describing the pain in moving and trying to find a new home.  I like the way the journaling is shaped to mimic the chevron stripes; this really makes the eye go towards the adorable house cluster.  The detail on the left side scallop is great too! I love the addition of the paint, scribbles and buttons – it just makes everything meld together beautifully.

This next layout looks so calm and cool that I couldn’t help featuring it!  Take me to the sea by tanpopo features an artistic look with some incredible blending.  I just love how the whole page feels like it’s floating.  The stenciled look to the background makes the whole page look like it has movement.  The layering here is just awesome!  I just love the depth the scrapper created with her shadows and stacking of elements. The pop of yellow makes the whole page feel light and fun.  Such a gorgeous page!

My final pick for this holiday weekend is Currently by Tracermajig.  I have to say that I needed to do a triple look to make sure this wasn’t a hybrid or paper layout. The shadowing here is just amazing!  Plus just look at all these little details.  So many fun things to look at!!  I love how she grouped the elements and ribbons by color – what an amazing look!  The little pictures are the perfect addition to help tell her store of what is currently going on in her life.  Finally the black stripes just make the mix of all the colors and the white totally pop.  This is such a wow page!!!

As this holiday weekend comes to a close and we move forward in to summer I hope that all of you will remember to pick up your cameras more each day and snap those everyday life photos.  Before you know the years have sped by and while you might selfishly take pictures to have something to scrap, down the road you will be so happy to have these memories!