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Finger Pointing 13th of April

13 Apr

Hi fellow scrappers!

Hope you guys are having a nice spring/summer break. Happy Easter to everyone celebrating it this coming Sunday. Oh how I miss doing Easter activities with my kids but I know they’ll have a fun time in Manila. This will be their first time to experience Lenten season in the Philippines. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s gallery standouts. Have fun browsing my faves for today.

The sweetest smiles by bbe
How adorable! The sweetest smiles indeed. I have to look closer on the beautiful dress that she’s wearing, it matches perfectly with the colors on the papers. The touches of pink and the intricate designs make this totally beautiful.

Random things by Captivated Visions
Amazing in every way! Fell in love with this page the moment I saw it. I just adore everything here. Love the painted background and how she blended it with papers and elements. A hybrid page that deserves a shout out. Great composition! Love the brushworks, the fonts and that folded look on the right side.

Welcome to my garden by beaute
One of the amazing scrappers with beautiful pages. Love the scene she created and how she decorated this lil garden. The extraction is nicely done, looks like she’s trying to balance. Beautifully done, love the shadow works too and how she plays with the opacity of some embellishments here.

Push through by Profolly
This is soo creative! I can relate with her, sometimes I couldn’t find my mojo and would check the GSO blog for creative ideas or just look at my kids’ memorabilias. Love the artdoll and how she manipulated the page, the play with overlays was awesome. There is so much beauty to look at on this page. Great art work!

Spring forward by wtwred
Spring break is finally here. That’s one of the few things that my kids miss in Japan and Korea. I adore pages with journaling about everyday life, that’s what scrapbook is all about. This screams happy spring layout for me. Fantastic work with the elements and background paper. Such[ fun memories to remember.

Collect moments by Janedee
Another breathtaking photos and page combination, makes me think about my mom and grandma. I love collecting memories with my camera and eventually documenting the said event. I always try to take photos of my kids with their grandmas. Love the background paper, making it look like it was done with crayons, the blending and the scribbles. Beautiful composition focusing on what’s really important.

Thanks for taking a look at the layouts I’ve chosen. If you have time, it would be awesome to stop by and give them some well deserved pats on the back in the galleries.


Finger Pointing – 30th of March

30 Mar

Happy Thursday scrappers!

Can’t wait, it’s almost weekend and it’s the end of March. Spring is finally here but I miss my family back in Manila. It’s a beautiful day in Los Angeles and I wish I could walk outside after a busy day.
Anyways, this is Beth a.k.a kewl_jive bringing you today’s amazing gallery standouts.

Jackie and Stella by AmaneseFe
This is stunningly beautiful and oozing of pure love. The lighting and the photo treatment are amazing! I am missing my kids when I see this kind of photo. Love how everything is coordinated. Perfect use of elements. Just enough to showcase the most important one.

Celebrate by AJM
One of the best things about spring. Love the flowers that bloom during spring minus the allergies that it can cause LOL. Fabulous photos, so crisp. I love the buttons and different kinds of flowers tucked under the pics.

Every picture by Annke54
Amazing sketch style layout. I could hang this in my living room and look at it all day. Did I say I love it? Love the details she put on it.

Happy days by kramer_buffy
Love all the brush strokes here and the overall flow of the page. Fell in love with the page the moment I saw it in the gallery. Love all the bits and pieces she added and the hint of orange. It goes perfectly well with the blue. It sure is a happy day.

Hidden Lake Gardens Willow Tree by bab2000
This is so peaceful and tranquil. Beautiful blending, wonderful in every way. Wish I could go there and just enjoy the beauty of the lake. The page just sets a good mood.

you rock my world by scrappydonna
Sooo beautiful in every way! The black & white photo treatment is amazing and perfect for this page, it really pops out. Love that adorable lil one. Great details and composition. Love how she played with the shadows and elements. So much to look at and such a fun page.

Thanks for taking a peek at the layouts I’ve chosen for today. Should you have spare time, please stop by and give them some well deserved love in the galleries.


Finger Pointing March 15th

15 Mar

Hi everyone!

Spring has sprung and I am loving the weather here in California. Love how it gets cold at night and I can’t believe we are half-way through March already and that this is my second month here. Anyways, let’s get it on with yummy eye candies from the digital galleries. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s gallery standouts.

You don’t see this every day by beehive50
I love the clean and simple design. This is truly beautiful, love the white space a lot. How nice of her to document this. I adore pages that tells a story, this would surely be remembered.

Like a boss by MelindaMarti
This is awesome! The story behind the photos shows a priceless moment. He’s very young to remember the fun times but I am pretty sure this will be put in his album of unforgettable memories. Fun times, amazing composition, love the choices of colors and font.

Currently by LisaMT
This is such a great idea to showcase what’s in her mind. Beautiful indeed, love the quote too and everything about this page. Such a pretty darn kit too plus the flowers peeking on the center. 

Perfect happy day by Tamsin
Pure perfection, so vibrant! Love how she processed the photo and the blending works. Truly a happy day.

Shine by Kjersti
Fell in love with her page the moment I saw it in the gallery. Gorgeous photo and page, love how she managed to put everything on the right side. The embellishments rock and the big photo is a head turner. I couldn’t stop looking at this wonderful page.

Portrait by Secima
Such a creative way to do an AAM page. Great details, love how she did her glasses along with the butterflies and flowers as a hat. Really cool!

Thanks for taking a peek at the layouts I’ve chosen for today. Should you have spare time, please stop by and give them some well deserved love in the galleries.


Finger Pointing February 23rd

24 Feb

Hi everyone!

Happy Thursday! It’s almost the end of the week. I bet you are all craving for a relaxing weekend. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s gallery standouts
Without further ado, here are my faves for today.

Remember this moment by neitis

This really caught my attention in the galleries. Love the elephant cut-out and how she decorated the page. Amazing how she put everything together and the flowers that lead my eyes directly to the subject. Love the mix of colors too.

Somewhere by EHstudios
Love the clean design and how she picks a white background so everything would pop. The colors are very inviting, can’t wait for spring. Love the photos too and how she used the template.

Xoxo by Jang
I miss working with this paper size. Beautiful in every way. The orange just screams happiness. Nicely done on the layers of paper and the cute photo.

Loves a cuppa by Applechick
Breathtaking! Everything is just amazing in everyway. Love, love her composition here. Guess you all could see the beauty of this page, right?

Fresh by Saarmf
Another beauty. Happy spring colors and fantastic photoless page. Loving the background paper. Spring is fast approaching and I can’t wait to see more amazing spring pages.

That’s it for now, hope you enjoyed my picks. It would be awesome if you could stop by and give them some well deserved love in the galleries.


Finger Pointing-Feb 7th

7 Feb

Hi everyone!

Hope you are having a lovely night or day and that the weather in your side of the world is awesome. I am hoping to see Mr. Sun tomorrow as it’s been raining since yesterday here in LA. I had fun looking at the galleries and I hope you enjoy my picks. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s gallery standouts.

Winter flower by Miki
Totally love this! The simplicity is just breathtakingly beautiful. The blending, composition and the overall look is so serene. Love the elements she used and how she placed them. It wows me!

Do small things with great love by conniemiles
The quote really gets to me. I remember I love to use patterned paper as my background and it really works well. Same thing with this page, it goes perfectly with scalloped borders on the right side. Love how playful it looks and how adorable the photo is. Some scrappers are afraid to put flowers on a boy page and I am glad she included different kinds of flowers here. Definitely adds more color to the page. Just loving all the lil bits and pieces she added on the layout. Awesome work indeed!

Memories by Squirrely
The blue washed out background is just perfect for sapphire jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. Love her approach on the page, it has a funky freestyle and with a classic subject.

Typewriter by Traumelfe
Another gorgeous page! I remember using a typewriter when I was in my 1st year of college. I know there are many kinds of typewriters but I miss the one with the clanking sounds while typing. Beautiful composition, great blending, love all the heart dollies,the brush works and just about everything here.

First love by Sheana
Love how she used gray color as her background paper. It makes the page pop. Love all the hearts and how she arranged it along with other embellishments, another cutie patootie!

Journal Cover by Danesa
Fell in love with this the moment I saw it and thought this should be included on today’s inspirations. This is such a great journal cover with amazing details.

That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed my picks. I would greatly appreciate it if you could stop by and give them some well deserved love in the galleries.

Happy Scrapping!


Finger Pointing -December 13th

13 Dec

Hi everyone!

Christmas is indeed around the corner and we only have 12 days to go. I know we are all busy doing the last minute Christmas shopping and digital scrapping, so I won’t take much of your time. Please enjoy my favorite pages in the galleries. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive ;)

Love, Peace, Joy by Soco_scrap 
Simply beautiful, there’s something worth looking at in this layout. My eyes were easily directed to the bits and pieces of the page and how everything flows nicely. Simple is an understatement and I love how she kept it that way to just focus on the space with minimal elements.

You are holly to my jolly by AnnieElf
This just melts my heart. I could stare at the photo for a long time and not be bored. Very nice clustering on both sides, love the big photo and how she incorporated the background photo on the color of the hat. I have to acknowledge the cuteness of the photo and bokeh. The bow on the Christmas hat is so adorable!

Day 10 by DELISAK
Wonderfully scrapped! Great mix of elements here, the stamps and borders truly add beauty to the page. Love the story and the various photos. Everything is just beautiful.

Choose Happy by mimisgirl
Awesome composition! Love that she picked black and white photos to match the background paper, it always compliments well. The brushworks and how she layered everything plus the powerful wordings are just perfect. Such a powerful word to live by. I love the photo treatment too.

Let it snow by cocodou
The page makes me miss snow in Japan and Korea. This is the first time in more than a decade that i wouldn’t be able to enjoy snow. Love the perfect blending and I love, love, love the color highlight on the layout and the gorgeous photo catching snow.

who I, I am art by MelissaKaye
Fantastic collage! I have no words, she always amazes me with her works.

Thanks for taking a look at the pages I’ve picked. If you have time, it would be lovely to stop by and give them some well deserved pats in the back in the galleries.


Finger Pointing- December 1st

1 Dec

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time and I am glad to be back, slowly but surely. We are finally done with the house renovation and we are elated with the result of our house project. I will definitely start scrapping again as I am blown away by the layouts that I picked for today. Happy 1st day of December, the last month of the year, I am wishing everyone a happy day today.

This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive bringing you six beauties as we start/end our day.

Tradition by Lor
Love the intricate design, this really caught my eyes in the gallery. The composition is superb. Perfect use of brushes, I adore the title work, all the heart stitches and of course, the story behind the photo. I love traditions and we too have Christmas traditions that we make sure to do every year, regardless of where we are.

6 Things I Love About Christmas by Earlofoxford
This is so inviting, the colors, elements, and how everything is laid out. I am digging the background paper she used, the brush works are so amazing. Love how everything is well presented and all the elements she used.

cold by AnikA68
Beautiful in every way. Love the touches of colors on the brushes.The messy stitches and buttons really add beauty to the page. The stapled star and how she masked the photo are amazing.

Celebrate this by biancka
I adore the color combination, perfection in every way. The clustering and the bits of pieces is just wow! You really have to look closer to appreciate all the details here.

Cozy by Bellisae
The mix of patterned colors with the beige background made it so lovely to look at. Great photo and use of elements. Love how everything pops against the background paper. It does look cool and cozy.

Top 10 by adriablack
Great take on the challenge. Wonderful way to express how thankful she is. Although I couldn’t read the journaling, I am sure it does say a lot of great things to be thankful for based on the photos. Fantastic composition!

Thanks for taking a peak at the layouts I’ve chosen. If you have time, it would be lovely to stop by and give them some well deserved pats in the back in the galleries.