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Finger Pointing – September 10th

10 Sep

Before I begin with today’s standouts, I’d like to convey to all those who are suffering with the most awful storms, or have family and/or friends experiencing such devastation, that you are all in my thoughts and I hope that relief is a moment away for you all.

I’ve taken the last couple of hours to journey through the various galleries, checking out all the fabulous layouts that you’ve all been busy with! Let’s see what caught my eye today…

The beautiful soft tones and circular elements grabbed my attention first when I spotted Just look at You by Arte Banale. Now while this layout makes use of a template, there are subtle elements that have been added that certainly make it unique. I like that the pretty sepia photo nestles on the foliage and is anchored down by the title work while I spotted that the journaling path allows for the words of an all time classic. An array of watery masks soften the back drop and the border work finishes this page of perfectly. So, so pretty!

Bonheur by myla is not your typical ‘baby’ layout… and I so love things that are ‘different’. I like how the unusual colour combination compliments the tones of the cute photo while the brilliant mix of masks, largely responsible for the lovely design, spill out over the page. I love the innuendo of the clock… because time sure does fly with little ones and the title work balances the page nicely. And check the patterned back drop that steals nothing from all the detail! Beautiful!

Hillary chose another gorgeous colour combination for her page entitled [LOVE] This. I like how the cut outs in the back drop, together with the chunky layers add depth here, and some carefully chosen, pretty little elements take nothing away from the fact that this is a ‘boy’ page. The repetition of the brush work leads the eye down the page and the title is as fun as the image itself! (I have grandsons so I can easily identify with this!) I seriously love this one!

You make my heart sing by KarenC is just so beautiful. The eye doesn’t need much help from the broad border and matting to focus on the story here. My eyes were immediately drawn to the precious image, where 99% of the colour on this layout sits, while the rest of the page merely provides a place for the eye to rest. Spiced up with pops of pink here and there, this is wonderful!

Another layout that uses colour selectively is Holiday Trip by Ga_L. A lovely portrait format (I really need to give that a go) makes for easy reading, like one would a book, and I just love the black and white photo’s with the pop, or rather I should say, block of yellow. The splashes, stitching and printed label (bring your own sunshine – I like that!) are fine choices of elements to complete this page. Fabulous!

I couldn’t move on past Enjoy the little things by SanVHM without admiring the clustering. Firstly, I like the patterned back drop and the centre design. Secondly, the layering and the clustering, this way and that, adds so much interest. And thirdly, the joyful, summery colours are delightful. This is a really ‘feel good’ page and I love it!

Interestingly, I’m about to round up this post with another ‘Summer’ page, my bonus pick for today… perhaps it’s because we’re heading into Autumn here in the UK that I want to get my fill of Summer pages, I don’t know but Sunkissed by ViVre is a shining example of how we can take an ordinary, everyday moment and make a masterpiece out of it. Aside from the brilliant image of the washing on the line, I’m drawn to the mixed media and blended backdrop that I constantly aspire to achieving myself but never quite make it. I also love the unassuming title work here that is backed up by the pops of yellow! Just amazing!

If you get a spare moment, please head on over to the galleries by clicking on the links about and leave a comment or two for the artists… I know they will appreciate it. And as we head into this week, my thoughts are with those who are struggling with seriously adverse weather warnings and conditions. Till next time, take care and look out for each other. Bye bye.


Finger Pointing – August 27th

27 Aug

Before I share some golden nuggets from the galleries today, I just want to take a little time to say that my thoughts are with everyone suffering the devastating floods in Texas. I can’t even begin to comprehend what it must be like to experience such adverse conditions and I’m wishing everyone affected, the rescue services, and others who are helping those in need, much strength and courage at this difficult time.

With this event in mind, I’m going to keep things pretty short and sweet as I highlight each project and leave them to do most of the talking.

I love the soft blending of the backdrop that supports the gentle layering of the elements and the black and white photo of Me + You by huyentrang43. A lovely mix of elements with great shadowing and that anchor each other, and a delicate colour combination make for a winning page!

When I first spotted You by Tinkelbel, I initially thought the story was about three different children, probably siblings. But on closer inspection, I discovered that it’s the same child at different ages. I love the treatment of these images, how seamlessly they merge together, and the pretty brushwork. A fabulously composed ‘then and now’ page with a difference!

Some of my favourite layouts are ‘all about me’ pages and this one by mcurrt joins my faves. I love the design of this, the different shapes, colours and elements work together so well while the journaling block spanning a third of the page is going to be wonderful to look back on in future years. I would have loved to have looked over the shoulder of the artist while she created this masterpiece!

I always admire layouts with bold use of colour and a show stopping image. Lost in Wonderland by Sanka demands attention! Cute and whimsical clusters, one with a motivational message, balance the page beautifully and the large image steals the show, quite rightly too! Simply stunning!

Templates are always a good starting point and I love how keuntje has made this one her own for her Remember the Good Times story. Aptly chosen elements are in keeping with the theme, I love all the detail here and the split journaling works perfectly. So much goodness!

I was instantly drawn to End of Summer by Ann06 with it’s delicate tones, sketchy and blended art work and those gorgeous butterflies. I also like the composition which provides the eye with a place to rest before taking in the detail of this page all over again. So peaceful and calming, and oh so pretty!

So those are my picks for today. I do hope you’ve enjoyed them and if you have a spare moment or two, please click on the links above and leave the artists a comment or two, I know they will appreciate it! And as we go into the back end of August this week, take care and I’ll see you back here again in September.


Finger Pointing – August 5th

5 Aug

I’ve spent a leisurely day checking out the galleries and I’m left feeling a little giddy with inspiration! There’s so much eye candy out there with all the different styles, ideas and creativity, and I feel so thankful to be part of digi-land, a community that adds so much to my life. It constantly inspires me, lifts me up when I’m feeling a little low, widens my horizons and perspective with the many aspects of peoples’ stories and quite simply, it wows me. In a big way. As usual, it was difficult to choose a small bunch of layouts but my picking process has left me excited to get on with some scrapping of my own tomorrow – I hope my mixed bag of goodness inspires you too!

New Day by Keevs is abundant with sun, sea, sand, Summer, you name it, it’s a beautiful, feel-good page. A great colour mix does a terrific job while the masking and layering add interest and depth. I love how the daisies appear to be mimicking the sun and the use of black, in the knotted thread, doodle swirl and word art, grounds the layout. The word art, by the way, had me singing the Justin Timberlake number in an instant! A gorgeous, free-spirited page!

The stamped backdrop on Love Ya by CatherineDavis captured my attention in a flash. This is a sterling example of how well repetition works on a page, with the textured look of the alpha adding a lovely detailed twist and the two lines of more repetitive text to the bottom adding a subtle foundation to the page. I can hear the laughter in the series of sweet photo’s that add the pop here and those little red hearts are the perfect finishing touch. Just wonderful!

I’m hugely inspired by colour and Isa Marks took her cue from the ledger paper backdrop and used one of my favourite combinations for her Memories page. I’m sure I have ledger papers in my stash which I’ve never used but this layout is inspiring me to dig them out and give them a go. A great mix of different elements create a lovely stack and you can always rely on paint splatters to give a page a playful feel. We have repetition here again with the word art that keeps the eye focused centrally on all the gorgeous detail. Totally beautiful!

I’m on Vacation by hkati features two characteristics that I would love to nail in my own work. Blending and artsy. I love how a larger copy of the brilliant photo, blended with a feint sepia tone, showcases the photo, like a picture postcard, perfectly. A great mix of splatters, scribbles and watery brush work adds the artsy and the chalked edges keep all the vacation energy on the canvas. Love this!

The contrasting colours of Be Brave by Mimisgirl really call for attention and I like how the entire page plays to the title. The framed photo, the title block and that little dotted arrow to the right are small in comparison to the pink and purple colour mix with the dash of yellow, the brush work, the masking, and the lovely flower cluster that are all big and bold, reinforcing the message of the page. So, so striking!

I immediately thought of my two youngest grandsons when I saw this page by tammybean04. And how difficult parenting youngsters can be. In fact, it can be hard no matter the age of the child but I love that this layout depicts how feisty and, let’s face it, sometimes fairly volatile, little ones can be! I love the mixed media, grungy back drop that contains all the energy in this page, the word strips, the wobbly alpha too and the ‘caution’ strips are simply perfect! If you look a little closer too, you’ll see the words ‘not negotiable’! Ain’t that right? An amazing piece of work!

And now my bonus pick will bring a little calm to the end of my post! This page by cocodou is beautifully light and airy. Pretty soft colour tones in the element mix compliment the gorgeous photo that is framed so nicely with the black thread. There’s a little bit of whimsy here too with the cute little owl alongside the word art. Then there’s Gorgeous!

That’s all for now folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed my choices for today and that they inspire you to capture some of your own stories and memories. When you have a spare moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. We all like it when our work is appreciated, hey? Till next time, take care and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – July 29th

29 Jul

Hello! I’ve finally made it here after spending a glorious time in the galleries, seeing all the wonderful creativity that’s out there, across the world today. It’s taken me a while to narrow my selection down to ensure this post doesn’t go on infinitely! I often find myself drawn to a particular specific, be it one photo pages, seasonal pages, pages with little or lots of journaling, I could go on but today it seems to have been a particular colour palette that grabbed my attention… but there was also a layout that defied that palette too! Let’s take a look at my shout outs for today.

I love the banner style of Shine Bright by Tachita55 with all the delicate elements carefully layered against the soft backdrop of the brushwork and cascading down the page. It reminds me of a beautiful charm bracelet just waiting to be worn. The title work, the little cluster and the blocked border to the bottom keeps the eye focused on the amazing detail of the page. So very pretty!

Ga_L has made great use of different angles to house some perfectly coordinated patterned paper on her page entitled Grand Prix Historique, creating a lot of interest and energy on the layout. The series of photo’s play along too and as the title work and journaling take centre stage, there’s some strategically placed labels, buttons and flairs that make sure you don’t miss any of the detail. A terrific page!

The thumbnail of Summer Days fill my Thoughts and Dreams Today by *gina* was bursting with glamour in the gallery and beckoned me to take a closer look. Gorgeous texture here – both in the backdrop and in the photo mask. The pretty, feminine cluster, a little brush work and the word art balance the page beautifully. Love this!

My heart goes out to the little guy in Oops! by Ozegirl. I couldn’t resist his cute smile despite having a shiner! I love how every single element of this layout makes a terrific contribution to the playfulness of it, the framing of the photo, the brush work mix, the little arrowed journaler and the awesome title work, all balanced beautifully by the strip to the right which ensures the journaling doesn’t also take a fall! And the shadowing of the twine… fabulous! I hope your eye is better soon and remember, you’ve got to be careful out there sweetie!

You will make it by Margje is just so pretty. I love the colour mix with a little black detail adding super contrast and the amazing collection of masks and brush work that has been pulled together to create this masterpiece. The white framing of the images gives the impression that the observer is looking into a mirror and I like the position of the journaling, leading to the pretty lonesome flower. So gorgeous!

The warmth of Summer Memories by marijke simply glows and again, another great brush work mix using splashes of black as a great contrast, forms a wonderful backdrop for the unusual photo cluster. I like the unassuming title work and those three little bead letters on the thread are perfectly placed. So beautiful!

And now I come to the layout that defied my colour combination today. I couldn’t pass by July by bbymks5! Photo’s spanning a number of frames always make for a great layout and the vibrant colours are so happy and perfect for a special day. A fun title and a very appropriate cluster add even more punch and I just love all the sugar on this page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my shout outs for today and that they inspire you to document some of your stories. When you get a spare moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists featured here today, your words will be much appreciated. Till next time, take care out there and I hope to see you in the galleries!





Finger Pointing – July 16th

16 Jul

Happy Sunday and a big welcome to today’s Gallery Standouts! We attended a family wedding yesterday and it was lovely to join in on the celebration of my dear nephew, Karl and his lovely wife, Nicola. I really felt there was love all around yesterday and taking time out means that I hadn’t much time to spend in the galleries over the last day or so but I’m happy to say that I made up for it today and have a bit of a bumper post for you, given that I couldn’t rule out any of my picks! So let’s take a look at the masterpieces that stood out for me today.

First up is lmf by marnel. I love the carefully orchestrated cut out revealing the printed paper below – cut outs always make for an interesting page and the addition of some strategically placed elements give the page even more depth. The splashes of red on the page add pop to the black and white photo and I can so identify with the message here! A super fun page!

I’ve featured a few journal style picks over my last few posts and this project entitled Music Man by MarieL joins my favourite list today. I particularly like how this layout documents a young mans love for music and records this particular phase of his life. The array of stamps to the right compliment the black and white photo beautifully and support the story perfectly. This really took me back to the journals I kept in high school! Wonderful!

I often find there’s nothing more to soothe my soul than when I create a photoless page. I believe it provides the perfect opportunity to focus on the words and the elements to tell your story. The pretty gold and silver/grey colour combination that mollyscraps decided on for her Dear Babo page is so pretty. I love the linear design here, topped and tailed by the journaling blocks and balanced beautifully by the flower cluster bottom right and the little birds top left. So delightful!

You are a Pineapple by dawnfarias is a fine example of the journaling taking centre stage. Here, the handwritten story block puts the detail of the page, the photo and the embellishments, on a pedestal in the most perfect way and I love minimalist look of this and the mix of the title work. A great design!

Tracermajig has a wonderful way of making her pages beautifully playful and Dress Up Day is no exception. Take a look at the detail here. While the foundation of the page is the arrangement of the stars in a circle, the detail packed into this layout, while not making it over-busy, is extraordinary! Inspired by the colours in the sweet photo, this colour combination is one of my all time favourites and filling the star shapes makes great use of patterned paper. Finishing off with a perfect border comprising the journal path, photo corners and patterned backdrop, makes for a super terrific page!

Perfect Puddle by donnagoar piqued my interest as soon as I saw the thumbnail in the gallery. I love the creative aspect of the photo and the charming colours contained within the watery mask and reiterated in the quote are least expected. Perfectly chosen brushes add contrast and smudges of colour and I love the shadowed and inked border. Beautifully done!

Strips of pretty patterned paper lead the eye to the fabulous detail in all of its glorious layers of VBeata’s Grow Wild page. Using similar, soft colour tones as my previous pick, this makes for a glorious summer layout. I love the mix of layers here, descriptive with words, and how they work together to form an eye catching cluster, how the journaling is split by the sweet photo and a few splatters and confetti here and there  steal a little show from the white space. So sweet!

Ramping up those delicious summer shades is Daughter by Electra. I like how the photo, far right, pops from the colour washes and how the page appears like a canvas, beautifully painted, with the word art getting its point across in no uncertain terms. Again, finer detail like the little stars, the jigsaw pieces, the little word art labels, the epoxy, the little arrow and sequins bottom left and the dotted border have been added so tastefully. A wonderful, feel-good page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and that they inspire you to take a little time to document your own stories and memories. When you get a chance, please head to the galleries to leave a comment or two for the artists featured here today by clicking on the links above. Till next time, have a good week, take care and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – July 1st

1 Jul

July 1st. July 1st? Whaaaat? How can it be July 1st? But it is and we are now officially in the second half of 2017. Madness! But while time is flying, I’m so thankful for all of you who make time to create and furthermore, share your work, your stories and your lives in the online community. The galleries always brighten my day and today is no exception. Take a look at these fabulous pieces!

It seems only fitting that we start with a summer post for this time of year in the northern hemisphere. The page design is perfect for the capture of Down Under by zwyck and the gorgeous blues, masked so beautifully, are anchored nicely with the little clusters either side. The sun element provides a lovely contrast and I love all the movement in this page, the watery title work and the placement of the journaling finishes the page off beautifully. I seriously love this!

Confessions of a Bathroom Selfie Addict by DanceERB stopped me in my tracks for a number of reasons. Firstly, the vibes of the chevron backdrop called out to me straight away. Secondly, the topic is so, so familiar and thirdly, I love the structure of the title work, particularly that second O in the word bathroom that simply appears to be rebelling against the other letters! Red, blue and neutral is always a winning colour combination in my book and it’s been used perfectly here, not too much, not too little, just enough to allow the photo and the title to tell the story. Fabulous!

There are many styles of our craft that I aspire to portray in my own work but somehow, I never seem to be able to pull it off quite like others do. I love artsy, moody pages which include a little soul, just like Unsure by savi. More neutrals with a pop of burgundy, some grunge, a few elements, some doodles and word art together with another great capture make for a great ‘heart on my sleeve’ kind of layout. Love it!

I have a love of stationery and over the years, I’ve picked up my fair share of pretty notebooks and journals… only to never do anything with them – I just like how they look! However, things may change now after seeing mamaorrelli’s Summer Travelers Notebook. At first, I couldn’t quite make out if it was paper or digital and, I was thinking, if it’s paper as in a proper journal, how does she get to type her journaling? I know. I know. I wasn’t thinking out of the box and it was a little bit of an ah-ha moment for me when I took more of a wander in mamaorrelli’s gallery and realised it is a real-life journal! (I think – perhaps mamaorrelli, you’d let me know for sure?!) Ok, ok, I’ve had a long week and I’m tired – those are my excuses and I’m sticking to it! But please take a closer look at this project. It’s wonderful and this spread struck a chord with me as one who loves the coast!

HeatherH makes use of another of my favourite colour combination on her page entitled Just Be Happy. The peachy tones add a lovely, soft contrast to the black and white photo’s and the muted, textured backdrop. Smashing brushwork – the dots, the stripes and the jacquard – and the vertical title work are winners on this page and I take my hat off to anyone who can add a pretty floral on to a masculine page! I’m learning – one of my grandsons has a gentle nature – more so than his older brother – so I can sometimes use a little prettiness but not often! Beautifully done!

Gelato by traceyholdyk calls to my love of linear designs and white space (quite literally here!) with its carefully placed, even sized cards and photo. Held in place by the cute little centre stamp and the directional arrows, including those that shelter the journaling so nicely, it’s easy for the eye to travel the layout. The splatters add a little playfulness and I love the monotone look and the diagram of the anatomy of the cone! A sterling and classic page!

Today wouldn’t be right without a bonus pick (seven on a Saturday!) because I simply couldn’t pass by So It Begins by dj_w. How fun is this?! From the perspective of the cute photo in the starburst photo frame and the metal-look BAM! embellishment, to the skyline of beautifully lit up buildings, to the stars and the cloud, the word art, and the fabulously textured backdrop… it is just amazing! A very striking and adorable page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks today and that they inspire you to document your own memories and stories. If you get a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. Till next time, take care and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – June 3rd

3 Jun

Hello! It’s nice to have you here checking out my standouts for today! How’s your day been so far? I’ve been busy with household chores most of the day and I managed to fit in a long overdue gym session late this afternoon so I’m feeling rather good. A little wacked but good! One thing I’m loving at the moment is the long Summer evenings here in the UK. Ok, it may not be Summer like some of you know (or indeed, like I used to know), but hey, here in the UK, we’ll take what we can get!

It took me just one look to choose Best Day by AnikA68 to start off this post. I love how the fun, black and white image pops against the grungy but pretty backdrop. Strategically placed flairs appear to be containing the energy where the action is and the mix of brushwork and masks, together with the variety of colours, add to the young, fresh and sassy feel to the layout. This is just so cool!

I’m pretty sure And then I blinked by JenEm is going to speak to a lot of us. I particularly like the invisible timeline in this layout, reading from left to right, the image of a small boy, some ‘then and now’ journaling with the title line of the page leading to the young man of today. The blending and masking is perfect here and clever clipping and shadowing of the images, the circular frame and tastefully chosen elements add interest. And as if that’s not enough, the word art bottom right is sheer class! I seriously love this one!

Ok, so this next one had me with that lovely, big and bold word art! Aptly entitled Love Her by Kat Hansen, I love how the single image of a cute fur baby nestled on a heart shaped doily is surrounded by so much love! Lots of white space make the detail of this layout stand out so powerfully and a simple colour combination is always a winner. Serious eye candy, this one!

Girls Getaway by kathleen.summers is a fine example of the use of a template and adding a personal twist to make it your own. Firstly, check out all those luscious layers! And while the images in the terrific photo cluster take centre stage, the soft colour palette against the textured backdrop and dainty elements around the page add pretty contrast. There’s also a subtle symmetry to this page which isn’t directly visible, well not to me anyway! Look closely and see if you can spot it… A smashing page!

I’ve often said that one thing I love about this pastime we enjoy so much is that it never fails to give us a way of expressing ourselves even when life doesn’t always go the way we imagined or wished. And it often takes guts to document ones innermost thoughts and reveal vulnerabilities. But, life is full of challenges, hopes and wishes and I do believe we arrive at where we are meant to be. I was drawn to Pink Dreams by PSyren with those precious scan images and the contrast of the blues and pinks. Such pretty detail and cut out clouds give a lovely whimsical feel and I love how the title work splits the heartfelt journaling panel. So beautiful and I just want to hug the artist…

Rounding up my choices for today is My all time fashion love by nia. Love, love, love the depth and texture here and how all the glorious detail is positioned to the left, making such a bold statement against the clean right! The moody tones are fabulous but more than that, I can’t even begin to assess how this layout was created or the thought process, I’m just so in awe and I aspire to creating such pieces of art as this! Wonderful!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my standouts for today. When you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave the artists a comment or two. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll see you in the galleries! Take care and bye bye!