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Finger Pointing – November 12th

12 Nov

So far, my weekend has been filled with chores, errands and a long overdue gym workout but I’m pleased that I got all that done before I sat down to enjoy a cruise through the galleries as a reward today! Lots of Autumn/Fall pages continue to adorn the galleries along with a smattering of December pages too and I’m sure lots of you are starting to consider how you’re going to document the festive season this year. But before I get totally side tracked, let me share the goodness I found in the galleries today.

So Social by biancka starts off my post today with a bang. I love the vibrancy and energy in this page with the bold colour palette and the numerous photo’s. I like how the images, anchored beautifully with the pretty clusters, have extra pop against the grey matting. The icons that we’re all so familiar with and the printed labels, all of which are dotted about the layout, are the perfect finishing touch. A super cool layout!

The copper tones of sucali’s page entitled Gather are so beautifully rustic for this time of year. I love the bold and striped backdrop, the cut out circular detail, the pretty patterned paper and the fact that the journaler is larger than the sweet photo. A perfect selection of elements and the word art title round off this project beautifully. A lovely, eye catching page!

Moving on to some softer tones is You Me and a Cup of Tea by FILIPPOK. Aside from the lovely colour palette, the design of this layout attracted my attention.  I like how the top and bottom sections balance the page, the large photo on top and all the glorious detail and two smaller images below. Gorgeous shadowing adds great depth here and I love that the two little bears wrapped up in a scarf give the page a playful feel. This is just so, so pretty!

Concentration by marleen is totally wall-worthy. My goodness, this is so beautiful that it takes my breath away. I love how the paint/masking works in perfect contrast to the black areas, how the pencil marks stabilise the image and how the focal point of the entire layout is, quite appropriately, centre stage. Seriously love this!

Staying with the artsy for a moment, Forget Me Not by cocodou is another terrific piece of art. Again, beautiful, soft tones are prominent here and I love the perspective and how all the detail is framed by white space. Most of you know by now that I aspire to create projects like this and this one leaves me longing to physically sit and watch a page like this being created! Absolutely beautiful!

I’m also in awe of those who create calendars. I’ve yet to embark on such a project but this 2018 calendar cover by shelbelle has me seriously contemplating whether I should push the boat out for 2018! I love the large numbers and how they stand out with the clever shadowing but what really makes me want to reach out and touch this layout is the ribbon banner. Wow! How awesome is that?! I like that it’s pinned at each end by the pretty buttons and creates the impression that 2018 is going to be a great year! Fabulous!

That brings me to the end of my post for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and that they inspire you to scrap some of your own stories. When you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists, I know they’ll appreciate it. Till next time, have a great week and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – October 14th

14 Oct

One thing I love about my gig here with Gallery Standouts is the amount of time I can, unashamedly, cruise the galleries! I spend a huge amount of time sitting in front of my Mac at the best of times and, not that my dear husband complains, but when he jokingly says ‘come sit and talk with me’ when he knows I’ve got so much to do, I can pipe up with ‘but I’ve a GSO blog post to do!’ He knows that scrapbooking and the online community is a big thing in my life and I love that he supports me in all my endeavours, whether it be blogging, creating, or my photography pursuits, I know he’s right there behind me. And I love him for it, I honestly do. So here are the gems I found today…

Golden Days by EllenT is a glorious mix of layers, blending, masking, texture and word art. I love that the backdrop image and a perfect quote invites me to walk down the path and soak in all the Autumnal beauty in this layout. The frames, neatly nestled in the layered foliage and flora, are anchored beautifully with the rust coloured bow and I like how the word art has the look of a sticker with the white outline. Truly beautiful!

Staying with the Autumnal feel is Indian Summer by FILIPPOK. A great backdrop draws the eye to all the lovely details – I love the tones here, especially the lilac as, for me, it’s not a traditional Fall colour. Great layering of different shapes and the circular image adds great interest and I like that the circular element is followed through with the flair, disc, brush work and the pretty dream catcher. Look closer and you’ll see that the twine bow adds a lovely, carefree element to this layout. Stunning!

This page by kaphelps is such a great design. I like how the little cluster top left introduces the layout and how the thin strips of patterned paper take the viewer through the page from top to bottom, showcasing the images and leading us to the journaling. Great brush work and some circular detail pull everything together and the perfectly shadowed label and loose leaves finish this project off beautifully. So gorgeous!

Generally in my posts here, I tend to work from the backdrop up but because I’m a hug fan of crops on images, I’m going to work the other way as I showcase Just Chill by Roboliver. How fabulous is this crop?! It’s got to be one of the best I’ve seen in a while, I like the little camera sticker to the right and the random placement of the title alpha. Journaling on a photo is a super way to add a relaxed feel and I like how the second image houses the year of the memory. Patterned paper including the camera print, a stamped frame and word art, and some paint splatters add a perfect dose of colour, all bouncing off the textured backdrop. Love this!

Oh for the love of shadows! Limited Edition by huyentrang43 is a gorgeous mix of beautiful tones, great shadows, super cute images and dainty elements here and there. I love, love, love those cut outs and the contrasting patterned papers, the apparent off cuts and the pretty clusters. While everything appears casual here, it still seems like the placement of each piece has been strategically placed for the best effect, including those pretty little beads. Perfect!

It wouldn’t be a blog post of mine without a little white space and nhudao has worked some patterned papers to the best effect on this layout entitled Believe. I find this to be such a restful page and I love the rectangular block incorporating the image and the fact that it’s a little like a straight edged jigsaw puzzle. Gorgeous colour in limited amounts really makes this page shine and I love the layered and stitched detail to the top. The pretty floral, twine and button detail, the clipped flower up top and the word art title form a perfect visual triangle that is the foundation of many a smashing layout. I’m so in love with the word art title and the hashtag addition! Just wonderful!

I must confess that my bonus pick, Boo! by Maruma, has been on my radar all week! For me, a red and black colour theme is a particularly difficult one to pull off but seriously, this page has me aghast! There’s the great use of the geometric shapes to include a great selection of patterned paper, the layered stack on which the fun image rests and is kept in place with the bow and flower cluster, super cool title work, the splatters of vivid red glitter and the chalked bats. But what I think has the most impact of this layout is the incredible backdrop! The bats that really appear to be flying or hanging (as they do!), the darkness and THAT glow! So dramatic and totally amazing!

And that brings me to the end of my post today. I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing them to you. When you get a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. I also hope you’re inspired to tell some of your stories and share them in the galleries. Till next time, take care and happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – October 8th

8 Oct

Happy Sunday! It’s always such a treat to wander through the galleries during the iDSD period because there’s even more eye candy on show than normal! And I have two bonus picks, making a total of 8 gorgeous layouts on show today because, quite simply, each and every one of these deserves a shout out. So let’s begin…

I love the design of Silly Face by mrivas, the central clustering of layers including those super stamped frames and word art, and the little pieces of detail here and there. I also like how the pretty little butterfly on the left balances the neat cluster and paper strip to the right. The placement of the journaling is perfect and the see-through title alpha keeps the layout light and airy. Way too cute!

Hope by clindoeil is just so pretty! Lots of lovely white space give the minimalistic detail a classy look and I love the visual triangle between the three edge clusters that lead the eye around the page. The circular, black and white photo is delicately decorated and a little word art finishes this page of beautifully. A really pretty layout!

Beautiful paint splatters and a light pattern form the backdrop for the layered detail, so expertly shadowed, in Isa Marks’ layout entitled Moments. I particularly like the mix of colours here and the tones of the layer mix give the photo a loud pop! A great choice of elements, a cute little cluster to the bottom and some added texture and contrast with the black cotton and stitching, certainly make this page a winner!

Speaking of pop, check out Favourite Things by yellowpeep. I love how the black and white photo is contrasted with the different coloured hearts and the mix and match word art and brush work, and how the blending gives way for the heartfelt journaling. Wonderful!

Photo clusters are a great way to showcase numerous images on a page while still leaving room for some detail. Studio Work 2016 by lizj is a perfect example and I love how the backdrop comprising brushwork, paint, word art and stitching, supports the story. A terrific, multi-photo  page!

I first spotted Happy Moments by Oldenmeade on Facebook and I was delighted when I managed to find it in the gallery! The soft tones of pink/peach and grey are so, so pretty and I love the blending of the free spirited and carefree photo that’s making a statement by pushing through the photo frame. Absolutely gorgeous!

Now then, Adventure by soapHOUSEmama stopped me in my tracks as I took in all those lovely chunky layers. One by one, I checked them out, enjoying how they’re providing a spot for that sweet image to nestle inside the sequin and jewel border. The element cluster to the right balances perfectly with the title work and the handwritten journaling is priceless. So beautiful!

It seems quite fitting to end off my post today with Shhh!! by Ernie88. I like the design here, the circular image, so very beautiful in it’s own right, but highlighted with the doodle frame sits perfectly on the horizontal platform of elements. Again, more great shadowing and those cut out stars are just fabulous! So adorable!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my choices for today and that they inspire you to record some of your own stories. When you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. Have a super week and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – September 30th

30 Sep

So here we are on the last day of September with some of us moving into Autumn and others heading into Spring. Wherever you may be in the world, I hope you enjoy these treasures I found in the galleries today.

Almost 4 by tracermajig brings so much energy into my post here. The fun, black and white photo strip is surrounded by oodles of fabulous detail, it’s a total feast for the eyes! Each numeral is adorned with a terrific mix of elements, neatly layered, and supported by great journaling. An amazing masterpiece!

On the opposite end of the scale is Nine to Five by sucali. Gentle and neat layering against a soft masked backdrop and a ton of white space compliments the pretty photo while the shadowing adds perfect depth to this pretty page. Just gorgeous!

The pretty girls’ eyes drew me in on Mommy and Me by tammielsmith. The image is stunning and I love how it has remained the main focus with a little masking, brushwork and soft tones. I also like how the word art  is beautifully enhanced with the delicate bead scattering. So, so beautiful!

I just couldn’t resist adding Tres Jolie by janedee to my post today. I love how the delightful image has been masked and framed, and topped off with a lovely decorative cluster of foliage, flowers and ribbon. Beautifully romantic!

I’m very fond of monochrome projects with a splash of colour so I was immediately attracted to Vieux Gréement by cyanne22. A lovely textured backdrop provides the perfect canvas and there’s a certain mystery in this page… one great big adventure… which leads me to wonder where this ship will be heading. Wonderful!

As I’m in a part of the world that is transitioning into Autumn, so it seems fitting to finish off with a beautiful Autumnal piece today. An Autumn Still Life by profolly fitted the bill perfectly. Mixed media elements, the soft tones and the two framed images add so much interest here with the traditional russet coloured leaf adding a punch. And I love the little jewelled leaf that adds a perfect piece of bling. This inspires me to get out amongst the falling leaves with my camera this weekend! Simply stunning!

I hope my picks today inspire you to take a little time to document one of your stories this weekend. When you get a spare moment, click on the links above and leave the artists a comment or two to let them know you appreciate their art. Till next time, have a great weekend, take care and happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – September 10th

10 Sep

Before I begin with today’s standouts, I’d like to convey to all those who are suffering with the most awful storms, or have family and/or friends experiencing such devastation, that you are all in my thoughts and I hope that relief is a moment away for you all.

I’ve taken the last couple of hours to journey through the various galleries, checking out all the fabulous layouts that you’ve all been busy with! Let’s see what caught my eye today…

The beautiful soft tones and circular elements grabbed my attention first when I spotted Just look at You by Arte Banale. Now while this layout makes use of a template, there are subtle elements that have been added that certainly make it unique. I like that the pretty sepia photo nestles on the foliage and is anchored down by the title work while I spotted that the journaling path allows for the words of an all time classic. An array of watery masks soften the back drop and the border work finishes this page of perfectly. So, so pretty!

Bonheur by myla is not your typical ‘baby’ layout… and I so love things that are ‘different’. I like how the unusual colour combination compliments the tones of the cute photo while the brilliant mix of masks, largely responsible for the lovely design, spill out over the page. I love the innuendo of the clock… because time sure does fly with little ones and the title work balances the page nicely. And check the patterned back drop that steals nothing from all the detail! Beautiful!

Hillary chose another gorgeous colour combination for her page entitled [LOVE] This. I like how the cut outs in the back drop, together with the chunky layers add depth here, and some carefully chosen, pretty little elements take nothing away from the fact that this is a ‘boy’ page. The repetition of the brush work leads the eye down the page and the title is as fun as the image itself! (I have grandsons so I can easily identify with this!) I seriously love this one!

You make my heart sing by KarenC is just so beautiful. The eye doesn’t need much help from the broad border and matting to focus on the story here. My eyes were immediately drawn to the precious image, where 99% of the colour on this layout sits, while the rest of the page merely provides a place for the eye to rest. Spiced up with pops of pink here and there, this is wonderful!

Another layout that uses colour selectively is Holiday Trip by Ga_L. A lovely portrait format (I really need to give that a go) makes for easy reading, like one would a book, and I just love the black and white photo’s with the pop, or rather I should say, block of yellow. The splashes, stitching and printed label (bring your own sunshine – I like that!) are fine choices of elements to complete this page. Fabulous!

I couldn’t move on past Enjoy the little things by SanVHM without admiring the clustering. Firstly, I like the patterned back drop and the centre design. Secondly, the layering and the clustering, this way and that, adds so much interest. And thirdly, the joyful, summery colours are delightful. This is a really ‘feel good’ page and I love it!

Interestingly, I’m about to round up this post with another ‘Summer’ page, my bonus pick for today… perhaps it’s because we’re heading into Autumn here in the UK that I want to get my fill of Summer pages, I don’t know but Sunkissed by ViVre is a shining example of how we can take an ordinary, everyday moment and make a masterpiece out of it. Aside from the brilliant image of the washing on the line, I’m drawn to the mixed media and blended backdrop that I constantly aspire to achieving myself but never quite make it. I also love the unassuming title work here that is backed up by the pops of yellow! Just amazing!

If you get a spare moment, please head on over to the galleries by clicking on the links about and leave a comment or two for the artists… I know they will appreciate it. And as we head into this week, my thoughts are with those who are struggling with seriously adverse weather warnings and conditions. Till next time, take care and look out for each other. Bye bye.


Finger Pointing – August 27th

27 Aug

Before I share some golden nuggets from the galleries today, I just want to take a little time to say that my thoughts are with everyone suffering the devastating floods in Texas. I can’t even begin to comprehend what it must be like to experience such adverse conditions and I’m wishing everyone affected, the rescue services, and others who are helping those in need, much strength and courage at this difficult time.

With this event in mind, I’m going to keep things pretty short and sweet as I highlight each project and leave them to do most of the talking.

I love the soft blending of the backdrop that supports the gentle layering of the elements and the black and white photo of Me + You by huyentrang43. A lovely mix of elements with great shadowing and that anchor each other, and a delicate colour combination make for a winning page!

When I first spotted You by Tinkelbel, I initially thought the story was about three different children, probably siblings. But on closer inspection, I discovered that it’s the same child at different ages. I love the treatment of these images, how seamlessly they merge together, and the pretty brushwork. A fabulously composed ‘then and now’ page with a difference!

Some of my favourite layouts are ‘all about me’ pages and this one by mcurrt joins my faves. I love the design of this, the different shapes, colours and elements work together so well while the journaling block spanning a third of the page is going to be wonderful to look back on in future years. I would have loved to have looked over the shoulder of the artist while she created this masterpiece!

I always admire layouts with bold use of colour and a show stopping image. Lost in Wonderland by Sanka demands attention! Cute and whimsical clusters, one with a motivational message, balance the page beautifully and the large image steals the show, quite rightly too! Simply stunning!

Templates are always a good starting point and I love how keuntje has made this one her own for her Remember the Good Times story. Aptly chosen elements are in keeping with the theme, I love all the detail here and the split journaling works perfectly. So much goodness!

I was instantly drawn to End of Summer by Ann06 with it’s delicate tones, sketchy and blended art work and those gorgeous butterflies. I also like the composition which provides the eye with a place to rest before taking in the detail of this page all over again. So peaceful and calming, and oh so pretty!

So those are my picks for today. I do hope you’ve enjoyed them and if you have a spare moment or two, please click on the links above and leave the artists a comment or two, I know they will appreciate it! And as we go into the back end of August this week, take care and I’ll see you back here again in September.


Finger Pointing – August 5th

5 Aug

I’ve spent a leisurely day checking out the galleries and I’m left feeling a little giddy with inspiration! There’s so much eye candy out there with all the different styles, ideas and creativity, and I feel so thankful to be part of digi-land, a community that adds so much to my life. It constantly inspires me, lifts me up when I’m feeling a little low, widens my horizons and perspective with the many aspects of peoples’ stories and quite simply, it wows me. In a big way. As usual, it was difficult to choose a small bunch of layouts but my picking process has left me excited to get on with some scrapping of my own tomorrow – I hope my mixed bag of goodness inspires you too!

New Day by Keevs is abundant with sun, sea, sand, Summer, you name it, it’s a beautiful, feel-good page. A great colour mix does a terrific job while the masking and layering add interest and depth. I love how the daisies appear to be mimicking the sun and the use of black, in the knotted thread, doodle swirl and word art, grounds the layout. The word art, by the way, had me singing the Justin Timberlake number in an instant! A gorgeous, free-spirited page!

The stamped backdrop on Love Ya by CatherineDavis captured my attention in a flash. This is a sterling example of how well repetition works on a page, with the textured look of the alpha adding a lovely detailed twist and the two lines of more repetitive text to the bottom adding a subtle foundation to the page. I can hear the laughter in the series of sweet photo’s that add the pop here and those little red hearts are the perfect finishing touch. Just wonderful!

I’m hugely inspired by colour and Isa Marks took her cue from the ledger paper backdrop and used one of my favourite combinations for her Memories page. I’m sure I have ledger papers in my stash which I’ve never used but this layout is inspiring me to dig them out and give them a go. A great mix of different elements create a lovely stack and you can always rely on paint splatters to give a page a playful feel. We have repetition here again with the word art that keeps the eye focused centrally on all the gorgeous detail. Totally beautiful!

I’m on Vacation by hkati features two characteristics that I would love to nail in my own work. Blending and artsy. I love how a larger copy of the brilliant photo, blended with a feint sepia tone, showcases the photo, like a picture postcard, perfectly. A great mix of splatters, scribbles and watery brush work adds the artsy and the chalked edges keep all the vacation energy on the canvas. Love this!

The contrasting colours of Be Brave by Mimisgirl really call for attention and I like how the entire page plays to the title. The framed photo, the title block and that little dotted arrow to the right are small in comparison to the pink and purple colour mix with the dash of yellow, the brush work, the masking, and the lovely flower cluster that are all big and bold, reinforcing the message of the page. So, so striking!

I immediately thought of my two youngest grandsons when I saw this page by tammybean04. And how difficult parenting youngsters can be. In fact, it can be hard no matter the age of the child but I love that this layout depicts how feisty and, let’s face it, sometimes fairly volatile, little ones can be! I love the mixed media, grungy back drop that contains all the energy in this page, the word strips, the wobbly alpha too and the ‘caution’ strips are simply perfect! If you look a little closer too, you’ll see the words ‘not negotiable’! Ain’t that right? An amazing piece of work!

And now my bonus pick will bring a little calm to the end of my post! This page by cocodou is beautifully light and airy. Pretty soft colour tones in the element mix compliment the gorgeous photo that is framed so nicely with the black thread. There’s a little bit of whimsy here too with the cute little owl alongside the word art. Then there’s Gorgeous!

That’s all for now folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed my choices for today and that they inspire you to capture some of your own stories and memories. When you have a spare moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. We all like it when our work is appreciated, hey? Till next time, take care and I’ll see you in the galleries!