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Finger Pointing – February 24th

24 Feb

After running a ton of errands today, it’s been lovely to come back home, make a nice cup of tea and take a relaxing stroll through the galleries. I’ve seen so much inspiration on my journey this afternoon that I can’t wait to open up my supplies and get cracking on a page or two myself. Before I do, let’s take a look at the gems I found today.

I’ve never met a page by Isa Marks that hasn’t stopped me in my tracks and made me say wowza! Life is Good is no exception. Isa’s skill at shadowing makes me stare at her pages in awe and I love the mix of patterned paper here, made all the more interesting with the repetitive geometric shapes. Pretty elements add interest to the page and I love the fun, black and white photo that, together with the bow and splatters brushwork, adds punch. So gorgeous!

The page design of Going Places by sucali made me take a closer look – I like using strips of paper in my own work and I love the soft tones and the gentle patterns that have been used here. The main elements on the layout are in great proportion with some smaller detail adding contrast. And then I thought, wait! I have super strong connection to this place… this view… because I used to see this on my drive to work every day and now my daughter drives this way to her work! But getting back to business, this layout is finished off beautifully with a little splatter and super neat title work. Totally love this!

I’m the first to admit that I am challenged by strong colour and with young grandchildren who tend to be surrounded by such colour, be it their clothes, football kits, toys and bedroom decor, I can often get into a bit of a pickle when scrapping their stories. Then I found Play by heathert which is simply colour genius! Firstly, I love all the colour in the sweet images and secondly, the unassuming patterned paper strip is just perfect. The little circles and coloured word art are beautifully subtle and those small stitched geometrics and the title work away on the right add to the overall playful feel of this page. So tastefully done and just brilliant!

Memories by Mother Bear is a terrific example of how a little artsy works great with a little traditional scrapping. I love the watery and textured backdrop, the blues and the greens with the pops of yellow provided by the watery spot peeping out from behind the images and those adorable stars. Then there’s the vibrancy of the images themselves (and great photography too!), the little cluster bottom left, and all so wonderfully finished off with the various detail in black that gives this layout even more pop! So amazing and I seriously aspire to pages like this!

One of the things I love about blogging here is that I can give shout outs to artists amaze me with their creativity. And today I’ve realised that I’ve hit a bit of a rut with my own work lately, well, probably a bit more than lately. I mean, take a look at A+ Okay by hillareyd. If someone pushed that backdrop under my nose, I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea what to do with it. Yet here I see a smashing mix of elements, a sweet photo and a terrific design, laying perfectly against said backdrop. I love how just a little colour – the little triangles in a visual triangle with some pretty eye candy – works beautifully here and the title work is A+ creativity on its own! This is my new fave of hillareyd’s work!

I realise I’ve been banging on about colour quite a lot in this post and I’m about to do the same with Feel the Music by LiMa Inspirations. I love dramatic layouts and the explosion of colour together with the expressive image and title work make for a beautiful work of art. I so wish my brain would work in this way – quite simply, it makes me just want to dance like nobody’s watching and pages like this are so wall worthy – can you image this on a canvas?! Stunning!

So those are my standouts for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I have and when you have a moment or two, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. Till next time, enjoy the rest of the weekend, have a good week and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – February 10th

10 Feb

With so much goodness in the galleries, I’ve had a hard time narrowing down my picks and my lack of decision making power at discounting some fabulous work has resulted in no less than a 50% bigger post today! So grab yourself a coffee, tea or if you’d prefer something stronger, go for it, make yourself comfortable and check out what I’ve found to share with you.

A trip to New York is on my bucket list so this page by jenn mccabe attracted my attention straight off. I love how the photo treatment creates a monogram of the letter N making up the title work and the black and white image, beautifully blended, and the manilla and mustard yellow colour palette is an eye catching combination. Gorgeous!

You Make Me Smile by timbenmami is a fine example of how perfectly shadowed layers create such depth on the page that I really want to reach out and touch it. I love how the black and white image pops against the softly patterned papers and the addition of the leaf cut out, notepaper and tag add interest to the layered stack while the pretty clusters and stitching lead the viewer around the page. A terrific design!

Staying with the pinks for a moment is Jet Lag by sbravoa. While it’s not Valentine’s Day quite yet, the pretty pink hearts make for a lovely alternative to the reds that we are so used to seeing at this time of year! And then it was the journaling that caught my eye. You may be familiar with the song but if like me, you’re not, check out the link! Using lyrics is one of my favourite ways to journal especially when I just can’t find the words myself. Of course, this page also documents modern day technology which will be wonderful to look back on in years to come! A beautiful piece of work!

Project Life is one of my favourite ways to document my stories and I love the clean, classic and timeless look of PL Wk 8 by Kelly Mobley. This page is so beautifully coordinated with a super set of images, soft tones, pretty elements and gorgeous word art. I haven’t started my PL for this year yet and I’ll seriously be considering switching to a portrait grid like this. I love it!

I’m so in awe of those of you who create heritage pages. Bowens by sarahorton is so very soft and pretty and I love how the gorgeous vintage clusters bordering each side of the image could well be the garden borders spilling out from the image. There’s so much eye candy in this page – I can’t tell you how long I’ve stared at this, drinking it all in, and I love the little birdhouse! Totally priceless!

Without fail, colour pops always draw me in and Just Be by Memories.matter is no exception. The patterned backdrop is cleverly designed with the repetitive hearts and is strategically placed three quarter the way down the layout, allowing the image to rest nicely on the perfectly shadowed heart doily, allowing the black and white chevron frame and little red hearts to pick up the colour from the image and provide the pop. Finished off with the superb title work (oh how I love that it sits so beautifully on the white space!), hashtag and cute little button, this is wonderful!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I consider a purple, orange and black colour combination to be a typical Halloween palette but Atusia has proved how amazing this colour mix looks at any time of the year! On her layout entitled Girls just wanna have Fun, I love how each of the colours have been used sparingly to avoid overpowering the pretty images. The choice of elements is exquisite and I love how the background brush work, the scribbles and the skew frame provide the fun and energy in the layout. A real treasure of a page!

I think it’s fair to say that a page with beautiful white space never passes me by. Never. Feeling Good by Anne PC makes use of strips and geometrics to lead the viewer down the layout, across to the right and up to the journaling. I love the diverse set of elements that add such delicate detail and play along with the tones in the images and those little labels add the perfect finishing touch. Delightful!

I so want to train my brain and my eyes to create stunning pieces of work like A Beautiful Canvas by lynnpremo. Oh my. I love how the detail, in all its glory, emerges from the dark backdrop… the pops of colour… the muted tones… the hot spots… the shimmering reflection that draws me down to the title… the staples, the stitching… and the bold circular cluster to the right that belongs there perfectly. I adore this and I’m going to challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone and attempt to address my inner artsy! But please, don’t hold your breath, it could take me a while! A splendid piece of art!

And that’s all from me for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks as much as I have. When you get a moment, please click on the links above and leave the artists a comment or two. Till next time, be inspired, happy scrapping and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – January 21st

21 Jan

Yay, I’ve made it here in time! I’ve spent so much time wandering through the galleries today, getting totally caught up in the ‘Wow – that’s amazing!’, the ‘How did she do that?!’, and the ‘Oh my – now that is just beautiful/creative/wonderful/pretty!’. It’s easily done isn’t it…? Even when I’m not prepping for a blog post, I still find myself getting lost in the various galleries and time passes me by and before I know it I’m running late or the food isn’t on or worst of all, it’s way past midnight! We are so lucky to have these fabulous forums to share our work and here are some pretties that I found today.

Repetition is one of my favourite design theories in my own pages and I love how the stitched grid format anchors down the patterned circles on Remember This by Isa Marks. The colour palette certainly serves this little guy page well and I like the masculine layers on which the cute photo rests. The little labels, tabs and arrows provide the perfect amount of additional detail which add further interest to this cleverly constructed page! Seriously love this!

Hunt for Happiness by Anny-Libelle gave me a little spring in my step with the glorious display of flowers. The tones of this page are a mix of strikingly bold and delicately soft – I love it! The textured layers beneath the image add some super depth and carefully chosen elements with a smattering of brush work finish this layout off perfectly! So pretty!

Hillareyd has made terrific use of pastel colours of her page entitled Smitten. Take a look at those chunky cut hearts – aren’t they wonderful?! And check the pretty heart brush work! A lovely paper stack is the perfect place for the black and white photo’s and I love the mix of elements in the title work. Overall, I love how this has lots of detail and that the journaling block supports all the lovely goodness on this layout! Just wonderful!

I always enjoy layouts were the detail is ‘split’, despite not always feeling comfortable with this design element in my own pages (I always have an incredible urge that things must be ‘linked’ in some way!). However, Let love find you by Anja DD showcases exactly how this type of page design works perfectly. Some pretty brush work adds to the romance of this page and I like how the layered papers with the pretty button and butterfly detail top right balance the beautiful cluster bottom left, and the dramatic effect that the darker tones have on the page. I love this!

Another shining example of this type of design is Le Plein D’amour by Armance. Again, another great colour palette with a cute black and white image works so well with the split detail. The single line of journaling on the left creates the starting point, a kind of ‘start here!’, for the eye to follow through the rest of the layout. A light and airy page, it has a beautiful softness and I love how the yellows and the little black labels pop against the back drop. Beautiful!

Lately I’ve not been very good at picking up my camera and it’s because of this reason, I’m struggling a little with my Project Life for the last 10 weeks or so of last year and the beginning of this year. Suffice to say that I wouldn’t fair very well in documenting a whole day of my life while I go about my daily business. You won’t be surprised then that I take my hat off to nhudao and her page, Document your day. I love the mix of images with the pocket card, anchored by stitching against a broad strip of pretty patterned paper but what really caught my eye was the hand written font time line that’s documented at differing levels with the date firmly planted in the centre. A smashing ‘day in the life’ page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s standouts and when you get a chance, please click on the links above and leave a little appreciation for the artists. Till next time, have a great week and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – January 7th

7 Jan

Hello everyone and welcome to the first GSO blog post of 2018! Our bloggers took a well earned break over the festive season – our last post of 2017 was December 17th but the last time I personally blogged here was way back on December 10th which appears to have been so long ago for me as I had to check whether ‘finger pointing’ was one word or two when I started this post today!

I hope you all had wonderful festive season and I see from the galleries, so many of you managed to forge yourself some scrapping time amongst all the festivities too so… drum roll please…  it’s now full steam ahead for Gallery Standouts 2018!! I’ve a bit of a bumper issue today – I won’t tell you how many wonderful pages I initially selected but it made me rather heart-sore to have to narrow my selection down, but if I didn’t, I’d be here all week!

So here we are and I’m pleased to start off this year with Anja DD’s layout, aptly entitled Happy New Year! I love that this page screams celebration with the brushwork and accents appearing to be fired by the sparkler. Gold is such a warm colour and I like how it works with the pinks and greens to give a super colour palette for this wonderful page!

A design element that I always enjoy is the use of a series of photo’s that compliment the story, from image to image. Fuzzy Socks and Hot Cocoa by fellow GSO Blogger Beatricemi is a super example and I like how the journaling splits the pictorial clusters that are diagonal to one another. Neat layers are shadowed beautifully and I love the text paper from which the title of this page is taken. All of this against a delicate snowflake backdrop with a little seasonal embellishment here and there makes for a beautiful layout!

Staying with the colder weather is this minimalistic page by sylvia appropriately entitled Snow. I adore the simplicity of this, the delicate elements, the gorgeous photo and, of course, all that white space – can’t you hear the silence of the snow fall in this page?! But don’t get me wrong though when I say simplicity… pages like this can be the most challenging because a lot of us find it super hard to go with the ‘less is more’ approach when we have so many goodies at our disposal! This page is such a treasure!

We all know that a new year brings many resolutions and I like the selection NAdams has documented on Nancy 2018 – I can identify with them all and I like that they’re expressed differently to the norm! I love the tones here, the photo treatment and the blending is beautiful. A gorgeous artsy page!

I often find masculine pages tricky but Senior Pictures by jenmc72 is amazing! Firstly, I love the design with the horizontal detail to the top. Secondly, I love how the colour palette plays along with the black and white images. Thirdly, the elements, the brushwork, the stars and the splatters, and the doodles are so fitting for the subject. And lastly, the stitched border with the neat little label bottom right, holds it all together perfectly! I seriously want to lift this page!

For a while now I’ve been thinking about documenting more about me, my hopes, dreams, wishes and also my thoughts and feelings. In fact, I’m likely to use my Project Life as a vehicle for it this year and I’m inspired to do so all the more by This is Me by Heidi Nicole. I love the mix here, from the patterned canvas to the interesting layers, to the journaling. Most of all, I’m interpreting the various elements and colours as complete and utter freedom. I like that! And a lovely black and white image is always good! Love this!

Moving onto a really pretty piece of work, this is Kaleidoscope by bcazzell. As one who is inspired by colour (I may just obsess about this and about tones every now and then!), and as one who wishes she could do ‘artsy’, this is so, so beautiful, every time I look at it, I catch something different – and I’d have it on my wall, it’s simply quite stunning!

I always enjoy layouts that don’t include people. Sorry, don’t take that personally, I just love the ordinary and the every day of life! People-Less Challenge by tammybean004 made me wonder how many of us still use a library… with all the modern technology we have these days. I have to admit, I do still enjoy picking up a book every now and then (disclaimer… it’s normally only to flick through it!) However, I don’t use the library any more – not since I was stung with a £20 fine (yes, you read that right – not sure of the exchange rate but it’s a pretty hefty amount!) for a book I had hold of for months and months which I never read! Anyhow, I digress… I like the staggered papers here and the one with all the date stamps is brilliant! Again, a terrific mix of brushwork and another great use of little pops of colour here and there, simply giving the impression of a book with a couple of pictures! A lovely, ‘this is life’ page!

Onto more colour and another great design is Ctrl+Z by chloe. I love the diagonal design with the circles that provide a great backdrop for the square image to rest – repetition is always great and this is a super way to incorporate patterned paper on a page. A little cluster of elements here and there, together with the journaling, add interest and I love the hashtag and page title! Just brilliant!

Another example of repetition on a page is View by iciclelady. The pretty floral detail up top leads the viewer down the page to the two landscape images – the tones in which are so beautiful! I love the top to bottom design and how each side of the vertical strip is flanked by more pretty detail while the single flower and the two little printed labels form that visual triangle that makes for a great layout. Gorgeous!

And so my friends, that brings me to the end of my post for today! I hope you’ve enjoyed my selections and if you have a few spare moments, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. Until next time, have a great week and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – December 10th

10 Dec

Hello from a snowy UK! Other countries are always prepared for these extreme weather conditions but it catches us out time and again. Luckily it hasn’t stuck where we live but I’m a little dubious about making the journey to work tomorrow through some treacherous, snowy terrain. And so on a rather chilly Sunday, it’s been lovely to check out the galleries and see all the creativity that’s been going on around the world, no matter the weather!

Our very own GSO blogger, Mrs Peel, is starting us off today with this delightful page entitled Focus. I love the bold but softly coloured backdrop, the unframed image and the pretty collection of elements, all so neatly placed and anchored by a little stitching and a pretty cluster. Great title work and a few sparkly scatters finish this layout beautifully. So very pretty!

Moving on now to XO by Shannon_Yates. I love how the paper strips and star scatters give this layout a great feeling of surprise and energy which is backed up in the journaling! This is a lovely, festive page celebrating this little guy and I love the tagged title work. A cute page!

Continuing on with the December/Christmas theme is Counting the Days by Mielz. I just adore the white space here, the shadowing, the brushwork, it’s all fabulous. I like that the greenery in the little cluster adds so much to the red, black and white colour palette. Look closer and you’ll see some super cute elements adorning the tree and one of the kitties. A gorgeous page!

Another smashing page with gorgeous white space is Magical by Sylvia. Here, I like that the rounded corners of the photo are reflected in the dashed border and how the border breaks to showcase the ’25’. Simple elements adorn the photo while the button and the star highlight the title of the page. Beautifully classic!

Dashing through the Dough by magnolia is a beautiful piece of work. I love how the eye is drawn down the ‘L’ design, through the mix of brushes and masks. The tones of white, grey and green and the image are stunning while the shadowing given to the bauble and ribbon add depth. A truly striking layout!

I love how Merry Christmas by AliceM is so full of glitz and glamour! A smashing colour palette of gold, silver, white, black and green combines to add a huge amount of pop, the pretty layered clusters are arranged in that visual triangle that always works so well on a page and the gold brushwork on the dark backdrop makes me think of champagne – or that gorgeous bokeh that we all aim for in our images! This page sure makes me want to celebrate this festive season!

My bonus pick today is Hard Times by twinsmomflor. I love all that this layout depicts. For me and my family, 2017 certainly hasn’t been the best of years and for once, I am looking forward to the end of December and looking ahead with hope and trust and faith for 2018. I love the journal-type look of this with the eclectic mix of brushes and the two solitary colours of yellow and blue/lilac against the monotone backdrop. A great ‘keeping it real’ page and one that makes me realise that whatever our struggles in life, we are not alone. A simply amazing layout!

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out my picks for today. If you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave the artists a comment or two. I hope you have a great week and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – November 25th

25 Nov

What a treat it’s been to visit the galleries today! Wow! I’m in awe of all the wonderful work that people around the world share with us and it’s a great pleasure to bring you my standouts for today. I’ve got a bumper post of no less than nine picks for you today, yes, nine, so I’ll get right on with it!

A mix of neutral tones with gold and silver are guaranteed to make a project a winner. Joy by IntenseMagic has been created with a super mix of festive elements, all beautifully layered and shadowed appropriately to add both depth and detail against the perfect backdrop. I like that the black and white photo, nestled neatly in the detail, plays along with the tones. Absolutely stunning!

Another page with super detailed layers is First Snow by Caroline Scrap. I love how the red striped paper simply pops here and that some of the elements are tucked underneath while there’s still more detail to devour on top! For me, black and white images work so well with traditional festive colours and I like the circular framing that makes me think of a pretty Christmas bauble. Nicely balanced with the bottom border detail, this is wonderful!

Before I  move onto my other standouts for today, I just want to share another seasonal page with you. Peace by Traumelfe adds the glitz to the lower temperatures and reminds me how snow, in the right light, glistens beautifully. There’s so much to love about this page, the vertical design and pretty border, the detail and the circular framing, repeated in the arc to the right that pulls it all together. Just gorgeous!

So let’s move on to the cute! Click with Love by brinic uses a simple and classic design while the detail in the backdrop and the pink pops add the punch. I love the repetition of the stars, the little date tab and the title work. And just how adorable is that image?! I think this little one is going to be a trendsetter, for sure! Super, super cute!

There are some wonderful templates available in the marketplace and I love how different artists can take the same template and give it a completely different look, be it with colour, adding or subtracting an element or two and, quite simply, making it their own. Mymalloryboys has done just that and picked the perfect one for The Story of You, the opening page of her new baby boy’s book. A great colour palette, an additional brush and some word art makes this completely individual. Congratulations to you and your family and I can’t wait to see this project unfold!

Staying with a similar colour palette but a little more saturation is New Breath by Sabyne. One of my favourite ways to include patterned paper in my own work is to layer strips and I just love how striking the strips on this layout are as they pick up the colours in the gorgeous image. There’s a little bit of lace there too, and a doily, which add a little softness while the wonderful brushwork, those lovely butterflies and the pretty flower and bow clusters finish off the page perfectly. I so love this!

There’s many a scrapper out there that enjoys making a great layout with a statement image. Tamzen’s 21st by silent ranks is a perfect example. A pretty photo to the left balanced beautifully on the right with repetitive detail – that always works on a layout, a couple of pretty clusters and some word art make for a truly perfect page design. Again, a great colour combination and a little white space goes a long way. A beautiful page!

I haven’t done much scrapping myself of late but Just a little girl by Loulou31 makes me want to fire up Photoshop, grab just a little stash and create a ‘less is more’ page. Although my own style has gotten more simple over time, I do still find this style a little challenging every now and then, especially when there are so many goodies that I want to use! Extractions are not always easy to do – in my opinion anyway – but they tend to have a massive impact on a piece of work. This little girl, framed perfectly, certainly draws me in here. The brushwork is exquisite while those pencil scribbles add an element of playfulness. A first class page!

Rounding off my post today is Buster is One by carollee. There’s nothing quite like a dark canvas with a glow to grab my attention. I love the neatness of this page and the simple, left and lower framing of the image while the carefully chosen selection of elements leads the eye around the page, adding an aloofness too that is so fitting for a page about a kitty turning one! I also love how those twisted dots break to let the super title work and journaling tell the story – brilliantly! Happy birthday Buster!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my standouts for today and that you’ll find a little time to click on the links and let the artist know what you like about their work. Till next time, take care, happy scrapping and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – November 12th

12 Nov

So far, my weekend has been filled with chores, errands and a long overdue gym workout but I’m pleased that I got all that done before I sat down to enjoy a cruise through the galleries as a reward today! Lots of Autumn/Fall pages continue to adorn the galleries along with a smattering of December pages too and I’m sure lots of you are starting to consider how you’re going to document the festive season this year. But before I get totally side tracked, let me share the goodness I found in the galleries today.

So Social by biancka starts off my post today with a bang. I love the vibrancy and energy in this page with the bold colour palette and the numerous photo’s. I like how the images, anchored beautifully with the pretty clusters, have extra pop against the grey matting. The icons that we’re all so familiar with and the printed labels, all of which are dotted about the layout, are the perfect finishing touch. A super cool layout!

The copper tones of sucali’s page entitled Gather are so beautifully rustic for this time of year. I love the bold and striped backdrop, the cut out circular detail, the pretty patterned paper and the fact that the journaler is larger than the sweet photo. A perfect selection of elements and the word art title round off this project beautifully. A lovely, eye catching page!

Moving on to some softer tones is You Me and a Cup of Tea by FILIPPOK. Aside from the lovely colour palette, the design of this layout attracted my attention.  I like how the top and bottom sections balance the page, the large photo on top and all the glorious detail and two smaller images below. Gorgeous shadowing adds great depth here and I love that the two little bears wrapped up in a scarf give the page a playful feel. This is just so, so pretty!

Concentration by marleen is totally wall-worthy. My goodness, this is so beautiful that it takes my breath away. I love how the paint/masking works in perfect contrast to the black areas, how the pencil marks stabilise the image and how the focal point of the entire layout is, quite appropriately, centre stage. Seriously love this!

Staying with the artsy for a moment, Forget Me Not by cocodou is another terrific piece of art. Again, beautiful, soft tones are prominent here and I love the perspective and how all the detail is framed by white space. Most of you know by now that I aspire to create projects like this and this one leaves me longing to physically sit and watch a page like this being created! Absolutely beautiful!

I’m also in awe of those who create calendars. I’ve yet to embark on such a project but this 2018 calendar cover by shelbelle has me seriously contemplating whether I should push the boat out for 2018! I love the large numbers and how they stand out with the clever shadowing but what really makes me want to reach out and touch this layout is the ribbon banner. Wow! How awesome is that?! I like that it’s pinned at each end by the pretty buttons and creates the impression that 2018 is going to be a great year! Fabulous!

That brings me to the end of my post for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and that they inspire you to scrap some of your own stories. When you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists, I know they’ll appreciate it. Till next time, have a great week and I’ll see you in the galleries!