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Finger Pointing – March 25th

25 Mar

So far, 2017 has really been rather strange for me. It seems that all aspects of my life have been touched in some way that I’ve not known before and if I appear to be talking in riddles, it’s probably because I’m struggling to understand a lot of things myself! Today, a Saturday and a day of the week I normally look forward to with great gusto, has been equally odd. I’ve not been my most productive self, there’s still wet washing in the machine from this morning waiting to be hung, I had a two hour afternoon nap which I know I’ll suffer from later as I lie awake till all hours of the morning, and I’m just feeling generally out of sorts and if there’s one pick me up to get me feeling more like myself, it’s taking a look at the galleries. Here’s what stood out for me today.

I always find a page with a mix of cut out shapes very appealing. Renew by amandaresende uses a super mix of shapes that add a huge amount of interest to the design of the page. Together with some pretty elements like the butterfly and flower, a little journaling, word art and brushwork, it makes for a very appealing page. I also like the yellow and blue colour combination that adds an element of calm. A gorgeous page!

Staying with a similar colour combination is You by sokee. The lovely black and white photo provides an element of neatness against the backdrop of a great mix of brushes and masking. Subtle shadowing provides depth and again, I love how the dotted circles are in contrast with the angular shape of the photo while a little bit of foliage and a silver button add the perfect touch to this masculine layout. Perfect!

Tamsin has captured the essence of the subject of her layout aptly entitled Street Cafe. My initial observation of this piece of work was that, for me, the masking, cascading from the top, appears to mimic the outline of the continent of Africa – one that has filtered into every aspect of my life – and the scene is also not unlike something one may find in the Cape. I love the relaxed atmosphere here with a perfect mix of colour splashes and scribbles, gosh, I can almost here the music playing too! A fabulous page!

I’m always attracted to pages with a little bit of glitz and glamour, just like The Dress by OKate. Classic layering against a softly patterned backdrop and the vintage style photo frames add so much grace that compliments the fabulous story – one that I was intrigued to read about and told so beautifully by the journaling! A simple title and a little word art complete the story. Love this!

I couldn’t pass by Enjoy by margote05 without admiring the clean and simple style and Oh, be still my heart! A super fun black and white photo, a few triangular pieces of pretty paper, a tiddy arrow and a printed label, a little word art and some paint splatters go a long, long way here. Totally neat!

Having some young grandchildren who don’t keep still for a nano second, I have what seems like a zillion photo’s of them, one little livewire having moved just a smidging since the shot before. So much so, that if I quickly flick through my previews, I have my very own action movie of them! I love how Pam Baldwin has made use of similar shots in a super fun way on her page entitled Love Story. A great combination of pinks and grey work beautifully and I love the numerics that fill their frames so boldly. The little circled hearts create a visual triangle that lead the eye beautifully around the layout and over to the oh so sweet journaling. Way too adorable!

I hope you’re inspired by my picks for today. When you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists, I know they’ll appreciate it! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll see you in the galleries! Take care and happy scrapping, bye bye!


Finger Pointing – March 18th

18 Mar

OK, so what’s the weather like in your part of the world? Here by me in the UK, it’s wet, miserable and windy so what better way to spend my Saturday than to check into the galleries and brighten up my day by seeing all the lovely pieces of art you’ve all been sharing across the world. All the little gems in the galleries are lifting my spirits immensely – I haven’t been running at 100% this week which culminated in me losing my voice yesterday. So while it takes a little more effort than usual to talk, there is nothing wrong with my typing fingers! Here’s what sparkled in the galleries for me today.

Roxana makes perfect use of a beautiful blend and layers on her page entitled The Good Stuff. I like that the layered section of her page is made up of a mix of different shapes and runs alongside the vertical blended image while the choice of the bright and breezy patterned papers adds to the ‘Spring and Summer’ feel to this layout. It makes you thirsty, doesn’t it?! A lovely, well structured page!

Take a look at the brush work on Incredible Journey by tracermajig. Isn’t it just so pretty? I love the soft colour tones on this page and the journaling reveals a story that is so very deserving of the great attention to detail here. The layering comprising a little matting and pretty stickers provides a perfect backdrop to the stunning image, the side strip with a coordinating little doily cluster balances the design beautifully and the printed labels add depth. Great title work and super journaling round off this amazing layout!

This page by veer seriously inspires me to dig deep and find my inner arty self. I know it’s there somewhere but I’m struggling to find it. I so want to create a piece of work like this – one that I have no words to describe just how soft and pretty and beautiful and gorgeous it is. Soft watery spots and masking form the base with dark splatters, scribbles and stitching adding contrast to the lime on the page. The blooms add the ‘beautiful’ to this layout and I love the quote. Totally in love with this!

I’ve seen a lot of Disney layouts of late and as I was admiring them I found Time Together by pixleyyy. I instantly loved the unusual colour combination for a ‘Disney’ page. Soft grey and pink tones work beautifully with the black and white photo that’s lying ever so casually on the lace edged strip. The pretty hearts, stitched circles and shimmers give the impression that they’re floating down like confetti and the title work is brilliant! Time (as in clock) Together… see what pixleyyy did there?! Love how the little journaled tag is hanging on the end of the title too! A beautifully unique Disney layout!

This utterly sophisticated page by myssp had me at hello. Oh my days. I love the film star quality of this, the drama, the romance, the elegance, the absolute beauty. I’ve absorbed every little detail of this layout and I find it completely mesmerising. The combination of soft and dark tones, the lighting, the different art mediums, the pretty little butterfly and the use of the blends make this a true eye-catcher!

Staying with the drama to finish off, Past Times by Pemberley22 is another terrific example of using blends with layers. The blend here is fabulous, I love those meshed edges! The neat vertical display of photo’s and layered backdrop bring an orderly feel to the page while the chevrons, flowers and title work bring the perfect amount of colour. Finishing off with the white journaling on the blended image, this is fabulous!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today. I’ve certainly enjoyed finding them and showcasing them. When you get a moment, please head over to the galleries by clicking on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artist. I know they will appreciate it! Till next time, enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll see you in the galleries! Take care, bye bye.


Finger Pointing – February 25th

26 Feb

Hello all! I’m running a little late with this post having spent a lot of time sourcing my picks for today but better late than never, hey?! The galleries are so full. Full of colour, full of different designs, arty, linear, layered and classic. There’s layouts with oodles of detail and others that are minimalistic. The thing they all have in common is that they’re all created by people who are passionate about story telling, about memory keeping and people who are happy to share the snippets of their life for others like you and I to enjoy. Let’s take a look at some fabulous pieces of work that resonated with me today.

Starting off with a primary colour combination is Jay Bike by mrivas. I love the bold blocks of colour here that compliment the story of the page, in particular the yellow block with the spot-on word art, brave. The wonderful series of photo’s tell the story which is backed up by the journaling – I love how the journaling is split between the photo top left which could be a layout all on it’s own and the journaling block bottom right. The linear design of the page works so well here and I love the mix of different sized photo’s and the various photo matting that has been used. A smashing layout!

Staying with primary colours for a moment, Sweetness by scrappydonna is a super example of how well a black and white photo (with some further photo treatment if I’m not mistaken and I love the crop) works well with various elements of colour. I love the top and bottom borders, how they differ from one another but both anchored by the triple line of stitching. The banner top left is balanced beautifully with the pretty floral cluster bottom right and the scatters and splatters tie the layout together. Finishing off with the word strips and heart and arrow stamp, this is a beautifully structured page!

Moving on from the primaries, Scenic Route 1946 by ptabbert proves how well landscape images work in tandem with blending masks that result in a fabulous work of art. I love how the image with it’s own leading lines spills outside of the frame and the distressed and vintage back drop does a grand job in providing a neutral base. The large and bold title work rounds this page off perfectly!

From an arty style we move on to the other end of the scale with Oh la la by margote05. A simply stunning page with super white space, I love the clean and classic layering of this one. Beautifully shadowed, the minimal layers combine together and the soft colour tones give a feather-light touch. The rounded corners are carried through to the little blocks on the vertical strip and I like that the word art to the right on the pink strip takes nothing away from title of the page that stands proud on a little layer of it’s own. So gorgeous!

Sometimes we just want to get a story documented that does not need to be supported by photo’s. Goals by LBscraps63 makes great use of patterned paper in a very clever way. The various pieces add so much interest and I like how the title of the page adds a different dimension. The smaller detail of the page, the chevrons, the paint splatters, the border strip to the right, the little stars, heart and flowers add a celebratory feel to the new beginnings story told in the journaling. Terrific!

I know I’ve mentioned in previous posts about us recording the good and the not so good and the fact that I always admire an artist who can document and share the more difficult stories about this thing we call life. So I take my hat off to Jasmin as she recorded a difficult time with her layout appropriately entitled Some Days are Hard. I love how the majority of the page is made up of grey tones and the scribble indicates that more often than not hard days generally tend to be ‘messy’ too. The word strips are encouraging affirmations and I like the repetition of the photo while the circular one supported by the stitching and flower element dares to be different to the blocks that make up the design. The most telling thing for me on this layout is the block of colour together with the scatters of colour appear to indicate there is light at the end of any tunnel and things will get better. A super ‘this is real life’ page!

I do hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today as much as I did in finding them. If you get a chance, please check out the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. Till next time, enjoy the rest of your weekend, take care and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – February 19th

19 Feb

Hi everyone and welcome to todays gallery standouts! As usual, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed catching up with the galleries and seeing all the amazing layouts from all over the world. You know, that’s one of the things I love about this memory-keeping, story-telling, art-making thing we do… the fact that it unites so many people from far and wide who all have the love of this pastime in common. That’s a pretty powerful thing, don’t you think?! So before you head off to to work on a project of your own, take a look at some of the delight I found today!

I love the page design of Kindness Matters by Tinaphillips215 with the contrasting patterned paper choices and mix of brush work. I also love that the photo appears to be rebelling against conforming to the scattered frames that add interest and how the variety of ribbons and title strip work so well with the film strip. With a little twine and some paint splatters thrown in for good measure, this is an amazing page!

Moving onto softer tones, marnie has managed to stop time with the adorable photo on her page aptly entitled Tiny Toes. The gentle masking and doily detail up top add such a calming effect to the layout while the torn frame and pretty little floral detail add a little depth. Completely adorable!

Perspektiva by Secima is a fine example of the use of mixed media. There’s no doubt that the fabulous lighting in the photo draws the viewer in while the pretty button and stitching detail simply compliment the focus of the page. I could study the blending and texture on this project for hours and I love the mix of tones. A fine piece of work!

Another project with beautiful blending that I admire so much is Selfie by faby33. This really inspires me to think outside the box of my own creativity with it’s blending formation and clever incorporation of the pretty photo. I also like the edging here – just enough to enclose the detail of the page without detracting from it. A smashing layout!

I’m a huge fan of super neat layering and Shannamay is a master. Take a look at her page entitled So Tired. Pretty little details adorn the sweet photo while the banner and framing behind are perfectly in proportion. I like the gently patterned back drop and the fact that the title of the page mirrors the border on the right and, oh my, I love the shadowing on the twine leading down to the cute little flair! I really feel I can reach out and touch this! A stunning page!

A black backdrop is perfect to highlight all the pretty detailed clustering on Love You by AliceM. The pink, peach, silver and black colour combination is so gorgeous and compliments the black and white photo beautifully. I like the chunky patterned paper layering and mix of brush work that anchor the detail of the page and those little stars are so cute! A layout that truly pops!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today and when you get a chance, please click on the links and leave a comment or two for the artist. Have a great week, happy creating and I’ll see you in the galleries! Take care, bye bye.


Finger Pointing – February 8th

8 Feb

Brrrrrr! It’s so cold on my side of the world and although we don’t get snow in any great shape or form, we do get damp air and an icy wind that completely chills you to the bone. So the best place to be on an evening like this is at home, snuggled up and browsing the galleries!

In keeping with the chilly weather, my first pick for today is C’est l’hiver (which I believe translates to ‘It’s Winter’) by clindoeil. The soft textures compliment the watery brush work and I like the soft edges and overspill that the masking gives to the photo. The blue and grey tones are a perfect match for the scene and I like that the design spans the bottom of the page. Beautifully done!

There are a lot of geo’s around in the galleries at the moment and I love the joy that emanates from My Wish by scrapinmom. The black and white photo in the geo frame stands out beautifully in contrast to the highlights of the blended backdrop and the colourful striped border and pretty elements add to the femininity of this layout. Finished off with the perfect word art, this page inspires me to do just that… smile… every day! A gorgeous piece of work!

I’ve long admired the boldness of a pink and black colour combination and I love how striking these two colours are on Fashion by cfile. The clever framing of the perfectly cropped and sketchy photo with the photo corners completely draws the eye to where the action and detail is on this page. A great choice of pretty elements add a nice depth making this a wonderful girly page!

This Moment by JennV brings us back to a softer palette again. The pretty grey and pastel pink tones of the lightly patterned paper are perfect for such a tender story. I like the horizontal placement of the three key blocks on this project and the doodles, delicate splatters, looped stitching and understated elements that are happy to let the photo and journaling be the main focus.  A truly beautiful page!

And now for some vintage meets modern in My Son by bbe. The perspective of the photo is beautiful and I love the way the superbly blended backdrop, vintage-style, with just a hint of colour appears to be part of the more modern image. The little strips of colour top right and bottom left and the little tag sit so unassuming on the page and, together with the discreet journaling and title, provide lovely, subtle detail. So sweet!

Rounding off my picks today is Sara’s 25th birthday by Delisak. Templates are often my go-to when the old creative mojo is lacking and I love the warmth Delisak has added to this one with a great series of photo’s, housed in both the larger frames and photo strip, and dark canvases and pops of red are guaranteed to add to a celebratory page like this. A lovely, happy and feel-good page!

I do hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today. When you get a moment, please click on the links to the layouts and leave a comment or two for the artists. And, as we turn downhill towards the weekend, enjoy the rest of the week and I’ll see you in the galleries! Take care, bye bye.


Finger Pointing – January 29th

29 Jan

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying the tail end of the weekend. I remain pretty much absent in the scrapping world still given that life and the day job have gotten in the way this past couple of weeks but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed catching up on all the delightful layouts that have been gracing the galleries! Let me share the gems I found for you today…

I would never have guessed that Laid Back Christmas by lynnpremo was, in fact, a Christmas page. I love the unusualness of this, the neutral tones and the sheer calmness. The fabulous photo treatment and the sketchy framing focus the eye on the detail and the flock of birds and text bottom and right provide the perfect visual triangle. A beautiful layout that inspires me to make a start on my unusual December stories for 2016!

I always admire travel pages and Antibes by Dady caught my eye immediately. I particularly like that the different sized squares, so uniform and precise, reveal parts of the photo and the super blending is the foundation for the layout. Again, beautiful tones make this page so soft on the eye. A very clever page!

My next pick really made me catch my breath when I spotted it in the gallery. Change by fanon is a perfect example of less being more. By choosing just a few elements, fanon has really made her adorable photo’s stand out and the little pops of colour, a dainty bow and the stencilled-look title finish this project off perfectly. Absolutely gorgeous!

Changing up the tempo a little is Photoless Style by flowersgal. I can’t begin to tell you how much the mix of word art and journaling resonate with me right now. I like the page design, the large, bold block that is powerful in it’s own right and the supporting journaling that explains some thoughts that a lot of us consider from time to time. When my confidence wanes, I’m going to revisit this super layout!

The crop and beautiful tone of the photo on Me by paperandglitter sparked my curiosity and led me to take a closer look. Gentle layering cushions the photo and I love the little swan that is tucked in there! The geometric shapes tie the focus of the page to the word art and date while the coloured strokes, black and white matting and the little gold clips add an unusual touch. A beautiful, soft page!

As we’re heading into the month of love next week and the stores are filling up with Valentine goodies, I thought it fitting to end off my post tonight with a beautiful ‘love’ page, Together Two Years by Amy L. I like how the closeness of the cute couple in the photo is mirrored in the layers and elements that are so closely knit. The soft paint and drawn frames add interest while the black and white frame draws the photo out nicely. The title work does a fine job of telling the story and I love the additional journaling supporting the content of this page. Finished off with those cute little flairs with hearts , this is such a sweet layout!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today. If you get a chance, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artist. Have a good week and I’ll see you in the galleries! Take care, bye bye!


Finger Pointing – January 14th

14 Jan

Hello! With the seasonal break and a three week vacation for me, it seems a life time ago that I was last here so happy new year to everyone – I hope it’s a happy, healthy and prosperous one for us all!

I’m still not back into my scrapbooking stride but I can see from the galleries that everyone else is! I have so many photo’s to go through that I don’t even know where to begin so it was good to leave the culling and editing behind and check out all the wonderful stories and memories everybody else is sharing. Here are just a few that I found.

Some of my favourite pages are those that are reflective and insightful. Changes by SirScrapalot makes me think of bringing in the new year with, not so much resolutions, but with questions. What do I want this year? Where do I want to go? Where do I want the year to take me? All of which really resonate with me personally right now. I love the bold structure of this layout, reinforcing the idea that changes will be afoot. The neat and orderly lines indicate direction while the text labels add balance and provide a hint of what 2017 will bring. A smashing page which I read with interest!

Pops of colour and page design attracted me to Moments by Karin24. A terrific mix of elements that are perfectly sized and the use of colour here and there add so much interest and the lovely white space allows the pretty photo in the bold frame to shine. Wonderful!

I have a huge soft spot for the ocean … and piers so Let’s be mermaids by marijke went straight to my heart! Beautiful blending and brushwork in carefully chosen tones work so well with the photo and the dark lines are a great contrast. Oh, and the title, I love it! Let’s be mermaids, yes let’s!

Another layout that attracted my attention through colour was It’s ok by Mother Bear. I love how the black and white photo’s, pops of colour and the black elements on the page support and compliment the story. The use of triangle shapes and the cloud-like shape also play along with the tale of how edgy and rough growing up can be. I do hope this little sweetie wasn’t down for too long. A beautiful, emotional page!

On the contrary, You make me smile by Amandaresende shows just how much fun growing up can be. Again, the use of black and white photo’s allows those cute little hearts help tell the story. Adding a little element here and there finishes this project off beautifully. Love this!

I’m always on the lookout for ways to use patterned paper in small doses and I love how huyentrang43 has mastered this on her page entitled Celebrate. Using a small selection of papers repeatedly makes for a lovely cohesive design and I like that the photo sits to the left with a pretty little cluster. I love the delicate detail here, like the ribbon curled around the label and the little button anchoring the title of the page. And last but not least, a dark backdrop – with added sparkles – always guarantees a page with a punch! Fabulous!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today. If you have a spare moment, please head on over to the galleries of the artists and leave a comment or two. Furthermore, enjoy the rest of the weekend and till next time, take care and happy scrapping! Bye bye!