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Finger Pointing – July 16th

16 Jul

Happy Sunday and a big welcome to today’s Gallery Standouts! We attended a family wedding yesterday and it was lovely to join in on the celebration of my dear nephew, Karl and his lovely wife, Nicola. I really felt there was love all around yesterday and taking time out means that I hadn’t much time to spend in the galleries over the last day or so but I’m happy to say that I made up for it today and have a bit of a bumper post for you, given that I couldn’t rule out any of my picks! So let’s take a look at the masterpieces that stood out for me today.

First up is lmf by marnel. I love the carefully orchestrated cut out revealing the printed paper below – cut outs always make for an interesting page and the addition of some strategically placed elements give the page even more depth. The splashes of red on the page add pop to the black and white photo and I can so identify with the message here! A super fun page!

I’ve featured a few journal style picks over my last few posts and this project entitled Music Man by MarieL joins my favourite list today. I particularly like how this layout documents a young mans love for music and records this particular phase of his life. The array of stamps to the right compliment the black and white photo beautifully and support the story perfectly. This really took me back to the journals I kept in high school! Wonderful!

I often find there’s nothing more to soothe my soul than when I create a photoless page. I believe it provides the perfect opportunity to focus on the words and the elements to tell your story. The pretty gold and silver/grey colour combination that mollyscraps decided on for her Dear Babo page is so pretty. I love the linear design here, topped and tailed by the journaling blocks and balanced beautifully by the flower cluster bottom right and the little birds top left. So delightful!

You are a Pineapple by dawnfarias is a fine example of the journaling taking centre stage. Here, the handwritten story block puts the detail of the page, the photo and the embellishments, on a pedestal in the most perfect way and I love minimalist look of this and the mix of the title work. A great design!

Tracermajig has a wonderful way of making her pages beautifully playful and Dress Up Day is no exception. Take a look at the detail here. While the foundation of the page is the arrangement of the stars in a circle, the detail packed into this layout, while not making it over-busy, is extraordinary! Inspired by the colours in the sweet photo, this colour combination is one of my all time favourites and filling the star shapes makes great use of patterned paper. Finishing off with a perfect border comprising the journal path, photo corners and patterned backdrop, makes for a super terrific page!

Perfect Puddle by donnagoar piqued my interest as soon as I saw the thumbnail in the gallery. I love the creative aspect of the photo and the charming colours contained within the watery mask and reiterated in the quote are least expected. Perfectly chosen brushes add contrast and smudges of colour and I love the shadowed and inked border. Beautifully done!

Strips of pretty patterned paper lead the eye to the fabulous detail in all of its glorious layers of VBeata’s Grow Wild page. Using similar, soft colour tones as my previous pick, this makes for a glorious summer layout. I love the mix of layers here, descriptive with words, and how they work together to form an eye catching cluster, how the journaling is split by the sweet photo and a few splatters and confetti here and there  steal a little show from the white space. So sweet!

Ramping up those delicious summer shades is Daughter by Electra. I like how the photo, far right, pops from the colour washes and how the page appears like a canvas, beautifully painted, with the word art getting its point across in no uncertain terms. Again, finer detail like the little stars, the jigsaw pieces, the little word art labels, the epoxy, the little arrow and sequins bottom left and the dotted border have been added so tastefully. A wonderful, feel-good page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and that they inspire you to take a little time to document your own stories and memories. When you get a chance, please head to the galleries to leave a comment or two for the artists featured here today by clicking on the links above. Till next time, have a good week, take care and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – July 1st

1 Jul

July 1st. July 1st? Whaaaat? How can it be July 1st? But it is and we are now officially in the second half of 2017. Madness! But while time is flying, I’m so thankful for all of you who make time to create and furthermore, share your work, your stories and your lives in the online community. The galleries always brighten my day and today is no exception. Take a look at these fabulous pieces!

It seems only fitting that we start with a summer post for this time of year in the northern hemisphere. The page design is perfect for the capture of Down Under by zwyck and the gorgeous blues, masked so beautifully, are anchored nicely with the little clusters either side. The sun element provides a lovely contrast and I love all the movement in this page, the watery title work and the placement of the journaling finishes the page off beautifully. I seriously love this!

Confessions of a Bathroom Selfie Addict by DanceERB stopped me in my tracks for a number of reasons. Firstly, the vibes of the chevron backdrop called out to me straight away. Secondly, the topic is so, so familiar and thirdly, I love the structure of the title work, particularly that second O in the word bathroom that simply appears to be rebelling against the other letters! Red, blue and neutral is always a winning colour combination in my book and it’s been used perfectly here, not too much, not too little, just enough to allow the photo and the title to tell the story. Fabulous!

There are many styles of our craft that I aspire to portray in my own work but somehow, I never seem to be able to pull it off quite like others do. I love artsy, moody pages which include a little soul, just like Unsure by savi. More neutrals with a pop of burgundy, some grunge, a few elements, some doodles and word art together with another great capture make for a great ‘heart on my sleeve’ kind of layout. Love it!

I have a love of stationery and over the years, I’ve picked up my fair share of pretty notebooks and journals… only to never do anything with them – I just like how they look! However, things may change now after seeing mamaorrelli’s Summer Travelers Notebook. At first, I couldn’t quite make out if it was paper or digital and, I was thinking, if it’s paper as in a proper journal, how does she get to type her journaling? I know. I know. I wasn’t thinking out of the box and it was a little bit of an ah-ha moment for me when I took more of a wander in mamaorrelli’s gallery and realised it is a real-life journal! (I think – perhaps mamaorrelli, you’d let me know for sure?!) Ok, ok, I’ve had a long week and I’m tired – those are my excuses and I’m sticking to it! But please take a closer look at this project. It’s wonderful and this spread struck a chord with me as one who loves the coast!

HeatherH makes use of another of my favourite colour combination on her page entitled Just Be Happy. The peachy tones add a lovely, soft contrast to the black and white photo’s and the muted, textured backdrop. Smashing brushwork – the dots, the stripes and the jacquard – and the vertical title work are winners on this page and I take my hat off to anyone who can add a pretty floral on to a masculine page! I’m learning – one of my grandsons has a gentle nature – more so than his older brother – so I can sometimes use a little prettiness but not often! Beautifully done!

Gelato by traceyholdyk calls to my love of linear designs and white space (quite literally here!) with its carefully placed, even sized cards and photo. Held in place by the cute little centre stamp and the directional arrows, including those that shelter the journaling so nicely, it’s easy for the eye to travel the layout. The splatters add a little playfulness and I love the monotone look and the diagram of the anatomy of the cone! A sterling and classic page!

Today wouldn’t be right without a bonus pick (seven on a Saturday!) because I simply couldn’t pass by So It Begins by dj_w. How fun is this?! From the perspective of the cute photo in the starburst photo frame and the metal-look BAM! embellishment, to the skyline of beautifully lit up buildings, to the stars and the cloud, the word art, and the fabulously textured backdrop… it is just amazing! A very striking and adorable page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks today and that they inspire you to document your own memories and stories. If you get a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. Till next time, take care and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – June 3rd

3 Jun

Hello! It’s nice to have you here checking out my standouts for today! How’s your day been so far? I’ve been busy with household chores most of the day and I managed to fit in a long overdue gym session late this afternoon so I’m feeling rather good. A little wacked but good! One thing I’m loving at the moment is the long Summer evenings here in the UK. Ok, it may not be Summer like some of you know (or indeed, like I used to know), but hey, here in the UK, we’ll take what we can get!

It took me just one look to choose Best Day by AnikA68 to start off this post. I love how the fun, black and white image pops against the grungy but pretty backdrop. Strategically placed flairs appear to be containing the energy where the action is and the mix of brushwork and masks, together with the variety of colours, add to the young, fresh and sassy feel to the layout. This is just so cool!

I’m pretty sure And then I blinked by JenEm is going to speak to a lot of us. I particularly like the invisible timeline in this layout, reading from left to right, the image of a small boy, some ‘then and now’ journaling with the title line of the page leading to the young man of today. The blending and masking is perfect here and clever clipping and shadowing of the images, the circular frame and tastefully chosen elements add interest. And as if that’s not enough, the word art bottom right is sheer class! I seriously love this one!

Ok, so this next one had me with that lovely, big and bold word art! Aptly entitled Love Her by Kat Hansen, I love how the single image of a cute fur baby nestled on a heart shaped doily is surrounded by so much love! Lots of white space make the detail of this layout stand out so powerfully and a simple colour combination is always a winner. Serious eye candy, this one!

Girls Getaway by kathleen.summers is a fine example of the use of a template and adding a personal twist to make it your own. Firstly, check out all those luscious layers! And while the images in the terrific photo cluster take centre stage, the soft colour palette against the textured backdrop and dainty elements around the page add pretty contrast. There’s also a subtle symmetry to this page which isn’t directly visible, well not to me anyway! Look closely and see if you can spot it… A smashing page!

I’ve often said that one thing I love about this pastime we enjoy so much is that it never fails to give us a way of expressing ourselves even when life doesn’t always go the way we imagined or wished. And it often takes guts to document ones innermost thoughts and reveal vulnerabilities. But, life is full of challenges, hopes and wishes and I do believe we arrive at where we are meant to be. I was drawn to Pink Dreams by PSyren with those precious scan images and the contrast of the blues and pinks. Such pretty detail and cut out clouds give a lovely whimsical feel and I love how the title work splits the heartfelt journaling panel. So beautiful and I just want to hug the artist…

Rounding up my choices for today is My all time fashion love by nia. Love, love, love the depth and texture here and how all the glorious detail is positioned to the left, making such a bold statement against the clean right! The moody tones are fabulous but more than that, I can’t even begin to assess how this layout was created or the thought process, I’m just so in awe and I aspire to creating such pieces of art as this! Wonderful!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my standouts for today. When you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave the artists a comment or two. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll see you in the galleries! Take care and bye bye!


Finger Pointing – May 14th

14 May

Hello everyone and a happy Mother’s Day to those of you celebrating today! I’ve often wondered why we celebrate Mother’s Day here in the UK in March but having one daughter in the UK and one overseas, I get lovely wishes on both days so I’m not complaining! Given the occasion then, it seems fitting to begin this post showcasing a ‘Mom/Mum’ page.

Delisak pulled the colours from her photo on her Love my Mom page and I love the rose pink and grey tones. Using a mix of brushes, watery spots and scribbles, Delisak has created great framing around the photo, keeping all the love felt here right there in the frame. Finished off with some word art and a wood veneer, this page has a certain glow about it and, let’s face it, everyone loves a good hug, don’t they?! A lovely page that I’m sure will be looked back on for many years to come!

The moment I saw the thumbnail of My Space by Shivani.sohal in the gallery, I was immediately intrigued. I love the busy-ness of this with the super use of patterned paper, a few coloured embellishments and some journal strips and how none of the detail takes anything away from the colour photo. The black and white shots strategically placed within the spheres leading off the page add another dimension and the title work is fabulous. Yes, the more I study this page, the more in awe I am! Magic indeed!

I am an ardent Project-Lifer so it was fun to see luckyme use a typical Project Life design for her Alex Janvier page. Love the clean lines of this and how the black word art and journaling balance the layout and allow the colourful exhibition art to dominate the page while the white areas allow a resting place for the eyes. A super, neat page!

Moving onto Me circa 1979 by fruitysuet, I particularly like how the photo stands out against the delicate hues of the paintwork and how the bright pink dotty brush brings a little boldness to the layout. A pretty cluster anchors the photo while the thread creates the perfect flow down to a second little cluster. And lots of white space… love it!

I’m often drawn to layouts with texture and Throw by P’tiscrap is a super example. A great design and colour combination, I love the perfectly shadowed vertical strips, each broken to make room for a photo, and how the eye is drawn from left to right. A few splatters here and there and a little date tab bottom right finish this page off beautifully!

Rounding off my post today, Happiness Manifesto by Deekaa, proves that sometimes less is more. The central white strip separates the story from the striking backdrop and the details form an orderly vertical flow. The photo is perfectly cropped  and the pretty pink flower provides the page with a softness. A beautifully understated layout that packs a powerful punch. Totally gorgeous!

I hope one or two of my picks inspire you to document some of your own stories and if you do find a spare moment, please click on the links about to leave a comment or two for the artists. Till next time, have a good week, happy scrapping and take care!


Finger Pointing – April 22nd

22 Apr

It seems like a lifetime since my last post, since I had a good, solid scrapbooking session myself, since I’ve had such an opportunity to take a long wander through the galleries. And here I am now, having periodically worked on my own stories today in-between checking out what’s going on in this creative world in which we record our memories and take pride in our art. So… I’ve had a lovely day! Let me share my gems for today.

The moment I spotted Dot, Dot, Dot by digi371, I smiled. This layout exudes Spring and sunshine in abundance with the vibrant colour combination, the swirly brushwork and the photo that is oh so cute! A sweet, playful page that implies a carefree and fun memory!

Another layout that brought the true feeling of Spring into my living room today is Take Every Chance by Alinalove. Firstly, I love the photo perspective and all the pretty layers highlighting the frame. Then I caught sight of the journaling and considered how the patterned paper strips are boldly supporting the commitment in the story, with pretty little ‘tuck-ins’ here and there. Finished off nicely with the multi coloured title and the cute little smiley face charm, this is a fabulous, bright and breezy layout!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I still have some artwork that my kids produced when they were little. It’s hard sometimes to accommodate all their little projects but readstoomuch has come up with the perfect solution! Check out her page entitled The Royal Caterpillars that she created using a scanned copy of her grandchildrens’ artwork and a few digital supplies – imagine having a book full of layouts like this! Such a cool idea! I love this page – it’s so, so priceless!

Older by hclappy speaks to me. Seriously. How much I like the neat layering, the delicate doilies, the pretty florals and the soft lighting of the photo and tones of this page, is a given but the title work and the journaling grab me too. I couldn’t agree more! The white matting and the striped border provides a wonderful backdrop for all the detail on this layout and the design is simply gorgeous!

Another layout making use of pretty layers is The Story Begins by Mana1. I love the placement of the mixed font title, the neat paper strips and the word art that overlaps the landscape photo. The journaling spans the same width as the papers and photo and I like that parts of the text are highlighted. The pretty cluster balances the page beautifully and yes, I have a soft spot for kitties! I so miss having one about our place. Wonderful!

I have huge admiration for anyone who can firstly capture city/urban scenes and then take that photography and enhance it further into a piece of art. Street Life by profolly has me captivated. I love the photo treatment and the vibrant colour vs black and white sections that are so beautifully blended. Together with the worn texture and perfect placement of the title, this layout is wall worthy!

I normally take six picks for my posts but today, I have a bonus pick for you. I simply couldn’t pass by I want to be left alone by DigiGrace. I love the monotone of this with the mere hint of blue in the eyes and the great choice of brushes. Totally glam and I love it!

I hope my picks for today inspire you to document some of your stories. When you get a chance, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. In the meantime, take care and happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – April 1st

2 Apr

Happy April everyone! I don’t know about you but life is super busy for me at the moment, I’m really not getting to everything on my to do list at work, at home, with exercise, with time out and I believe this is one of the biggest reasons for why I personally feel life is going way too fast. My cup overfloweth! However, yesterday I took some time out to get together with my siblings (always love the five of us catching up) and while it’s pushed other stuff further down my to do list, time with family and loved ones is always high on my list. I make the most of every opportunity for us to get together. They are important to me, I appreciate the time we do spend together on these occasions and I never take it for granted. And there’s always memories to be documented afterwards… now the challenge is to make time to record those stories! So before I sit and scrap today, I took a peek into the galleries and here’s what I found.

While I enjoy ‘occasion’ scrapping, my true penchant is everyday stories and recollections of a particular moment in life. Currently by Hillarey falls in my ‘favourite topic’ bracket, documenting the books that are currently on her daughter’s nightstand. I love the pops here with the topical photo providing the majority of colour and the fabulous shadow work on the large text that steals the show. I also like how the dark edging to the white backdrop automatically brings to mind the contrast of text in a book. A super layout that has gone into my personal fave folder!

I’m sure you’ll agree that whenever Spring arrives in your part of the world, there’s a ‘newness’ about life, one that has been perfectly captured by mrphoto on Hello Spring. The buds, the blossom, new shoots and new life. And everyone smiles so much more! What a super cute way to document Spring than to use two stunning and fun photo’s of a beautiful young girl and an unusual mix of pretty blue tones with a splash of peach and mustard. I love the dainty patterns showcased here so well with the geometrics that span the page diagonally. And what better way to finish off a cute layout than to add a butterfly or two! Such a refreshing page!

Staying with the Spring theme and using a more traditional colour palette is Lisse by Mielz. A truly pretty page that gives us a wonderful glimpse of Spring with each little circle that make up the design. The delicate brushwork of the backdrop, the softness of the title work coupled with the twist quite simply make this layout flow. And again, topped off with the true sign of Spring, a dainty butterfly! So much prettiness captured in one place by the doodled edging!

Another project that has excellent flow is Loved by Enzam. A pretty photo neatly layered and framed by a mix of cascading flowers, some shadowed, some not, some with delicate colour, some not. Together with an unusual mix of elements and a pretty pink border, this is such a sweet page!

I’m always intrigued by collections and fascinated by the stories behind those collections. tkradtke’s Camera Collection is fabulous and the journaling does a grand job of explaining how this collection came to be. I love how the photo is framed so beautifully with carefully chosen elements and a smashing colour combination while the word art adds a playful and ‘hobby’ feel to the page. Such a grand collection and beautifully documented!

OK, so let me state this first off. I am in awe of anyone who puts together amazingly pretty planners. How gorgeous is Renew by sucali? While everyone is busy, busy, busy, one look at the beauty here allowed me to breathe, to relax and to realise that even busy can be calmly serene. It’s just that my busy would not look like this at all! For me, to create something a stunning as this, you’ve got this life down to a fine art. How can busy not be compartmentalised and orderly when you have something as beautiful as this to help organise your day? There’s definitely a lesson here and thanks sucali for highlighting it to me with such a wonderful piece of work that’s so, so good for the soul!

I hope you’re as inspired as I am with my picks for today. When you get a chance, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists of these wonderful pieces of work. I’m itching to scrap now and I’m definitely going to make some time for that today. I hope you do too… I’ll see you in the galleries! Till next time, take care, bye bye!



Finger Pointing – March 25th

25 Mar

So far, 2017 has really been rather strange for me. It seems that all aspects of my life have been touched in some way that I’ve not known before and if I appear to be talking in riddles, it’s probably because I’m struggling to understand a lot of things myself! Today, a Saturday and a day of the week I normally look forward to with great gusto, has been equally odd. I’ve not been my most productive self, there’s still wet washing in the machine from this morning waiting to be hung, I had a two hour afternoon nap which I know I’ll suffer from later as I lie awake till all hours of the morning, and I’m just feeling generally out of sorts and if there’s one pick me up to get me feeling more like myself, it’s taking a look at the galleries. Here’s what stood out for me today.

I always find a page with a mix of cut out shapes very appealing. Renew by amandaresende uses a super mix of shapes that add a huge amount of interest to the design of the page. Together with some pretty elements like the butterfly and flower, a little journaling, word art and brushwork, it makes for a very appealing page. I also like the yellow and blue colour combination that adds an element of calm. A gorgeous page!

Staying with a similar colour combination is You by sokee. The lovely black and white photo provides an element of neatness against the backdrop of a great mix of brushes and masking. Subtle shadowing provides depth and again, I love how the dotted circles are in contrast with the angular shape of the photo while a little bit of foliage and a silver button add the perfect touch to this masculine layout. Perfect!

Tamsin has captured the essence of the subject of her layout aptly entitled Street Cafe. My initial observation of this piece of work was that, for me, the masking, cascading from the top, appears to mimic the outline of the continent of Africa – one that has filtered into every aspect of my life – and the scene is also not unlike something one may find in the Cape. I love the relaxed atmosphere here with a perfect mix of colour splashes and scribbles, gosh, I can almost here the music playing too! A fabulous page!

I’m always attracted to pages with a little bit of glitz and glamour, just like The Dress by OKate. Classic layering against a softly patterned backdrop and the vintage style photo frames add so much grace that compliments the fabulous story – one that I was intrigued to read about and told so beautifully by the journaling! A simple title and a little word art complete the story. Love this!

I couldn’t pass by Enjoy by margote05 without admiring the clean and simple style and Oh, be still my heart! A super fun black and white photo, a few triangular pieces of pretty paper, a tiddy arrow and a printed label, a little word art and some paint splatters go a long, long way here. Totally neat!

Having some young grandchildren who don’t keep still for a nano second, I have what seems like a zillion photo’s of them, one little livewire having moved just a smidging since the shot before. So much so, that if I quickly flick through my previews, I have my very own action movie of them! I love how Pam Baldwin has made use of similar shots in a super fun way on her page entitled Love Story. A great combination of pinks and grey work beautifully and I love the numerics that fill their frames so boldly. The little circled hearts create a visual triangle that lead the eye beautifully around the layout and over to the oh so sweet journaling. Way too adorable!

I hope you’re inspired by my picks for today. When you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists, I know they’ll appreciate it! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll see you in the galleries! Take care and happy scrapping, bye bye!